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Full text of "Williams' Cincinnati directory, city guide and business mirror"

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:n county public library 

3 1833 02279 6657 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


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^ v L^ 1 ;18o6 ; ||.l;|l|;Ji;i85G;||. 1l |ll;| ._;^ 

v ^ : l^\ t] !*jidl£EiJiji lild! Li! f Ym } 

<f-'H\i) 1 J -* :; - i J J l ~ 3 ;\A'< JULY ! J J i ; ■} . 4 -,.^| ,<l> -^ 

/^kS7 !■'! I7£3 - f : '" ; ,"''" ol i i! a!| auc. f"i So i ,26 i 3o ;. J1 | ij s.!| fftMl 

i^ > ^< !j -3i 4 5 6! 7: 8 SJli I 3 4 ' S 6 7: 8<. i> : i I? ^ r.t 

^.d-V#-fe-, ; -42.5^,-J7-2-21 ?i | i5-{2 ; >ffli^^i»3 W : 1^1 ^,^ N ^> 

\f-^d//"r^^ ; MAR., ; ii: sj= i ! : i : J? V-r, \ 

/ ^.'/'V/ ^ •'! :^-}:25-.; 27 -,-.;- bl -• 23 .4 25:JG -7 ; V.^; :" :, , 4 ' v\ 

' /--f4\'\ ' ! 13031 f ! ;28.25-30 ! i I \v : "\V" -'^ 

/CV^&A M 1314:35 w'lT ;&:Jd!| 12 13 W 15 16 17.13 | f £&*&& 

K#^ ^>;Vk' !| i-20 2»;22 23 24-G26i !ltf 2t;2i 2'223 •W'-.a 

i/\ ,V'V.lOV^ ;i MAY j .! j- ! T 2 3! I NOV. j j I ; ■ ; ■ 1 ' ( M\ 

ll^y/A^V '<V :: ii]2 : i3J4:i5't6ii?jl i «■ io r -j ij 12. ts?i4 15 ! />/ 

\bW )v3FjN4 U ■ U s ly.30'21 :*».23 34i; |1C 11 '■' 503-J 21 22 I Jffj/ 

rv'iW^A i list!!. II pi : Mi S>5i 

?- ■ 4 ; ^t"'J^<^\ ! JUNE 1 2; 3 4'- 5' i] rj DEC. ! I li S' 3! •*. 5- 6 ■; j . f> 
X' !\/-Ai~'^rl«\ || 8 9;iOU;12;13U41 [ 7| ?; 910 11M2 13: \v' : 

V'^v-^'W^A : ri5J617!l819 2U2li 114 1.. 1C 17 J:- 1'J 20 ' | ^r"' 

^ r^f , '' - • ;- ' -^-^y THE "7^| 

//^ T '; : ^\\ s ixrrtjorp, ^nilwai i pircu-tilu" %-i 


■-'l : i1^ THE ,.,"'-—'"_. -:Vl" "''il'-,;- " r '"' /'V^ ')l 

4:A^'X^ wm.STJNQ OFFI€K f fij j f V'j : ! j ■" ?- ' J 

-„--.- i" 'M\ Pob7CSS.?s ur.csinJ f 8 , i!i:k- 3 for do:/ iS .vork |'fc- . / ^- "■ £ .... 

.':--,-' -. \ t.TOciiTaw.&co., ,/ '■: ' j . 
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Directory Oriioa, J'^4 Wafaot stw-it- 




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Harrison, ha 9. li. Kpljht, Solicitor for PMOutJ.l'H *■>">> *■ 




c r 


Counting House Calendar, 2 General Information,... 242 

Preface ; SiPost Office Directory, I...ZI.Z. 278 

Alterations, Removals, Omissions, &e., 7|Sireet Directory,...! ' 202 

9jtndex to Advertisements, „ 31)4 

Business Mirror, liVr, i^v * -,-., 

' ly^naes, , 306 

Alphabetical Arrangement of Names,,.... 


J. jTOX£$ 

I. A. or; BOB y 

§i Si RP P-fS ffl "f $ i ra ?\ t^ o (51 @ fg lij pi si g$ ph rs ® ss f? 7 $ ssj raj ij f& % 

. _» .^ yj. ^ BBSS** tUtul 4*- N.« «i? MH.' '..^ WJ^-: lfcji>«' fc.«- W< V; k.-rttJ 'A -i i.-,._J W ■■-4» S,..' y_ i*» 2 V- ! 


beral ad 


•riicular attention paid to the purchase and sale of Flour andf ail kinds of Pro 
fanees aiade on consignments. 

|fiM |pC!ltl til III ^iJlUlMUii ^icliU, 

3*0. 840 Sytmnore $Mreet« eiminmmth 

Ho. 70 Lower Market St., north side, bat Syc. & Broadway, 



„, \Jf , 

Eatered according to the Act of Cor,grc?3, in the year eighteen hundred snd fiftj-aLs, by 

C. IS. W I 1. LI A MS, 
In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern District of Ohio. 

PKIiTKli I'.Y T. WKHiHTSOS &. CO.. il)i VVALM I' ST, 


In presenting another issue of the Directory, the publisher embraces the opportunity to 
express his thanks to that portion of the citizens, who are willing to, and do, in cry de- 
gree, help to sustain it, which, while it includes every citizen who can honestly participate 
in the benefit which may be derived from its publication as a work of reference, does not, 
probably, amount to more than the tenth part of those of them who freely use it ; the re- 
sidue without paying for its use, as they should honestly 60, even if they wish it only 
occasionally as a convenience. 

We Lave heretofore remarked that the general arrangement and utility of Directories 
were so fully understood, that very few if any prefatory remarks in that respect weie re- 
quired, not so in regard to their support. In yiew of this, while in the compilation and 
publication of the Directory, we profess to have the public benefit particularly in view, it 
does not follow that we need entirely to lose sight of our own interest, consequently we 
write the preface particularly. for that — in other words, we write tube preface for our- 
selves. A considerable portion of the preface to the 4th issue is still as applicable as ever 
— we extract in part from it. 

'* For the last five years we have devoted nearly all our ti ne to the work of establishing 
a Directory for. Cincinnati, determined not to abandon the undertaking until we could 
present one to the city, which would be surpassed by none other published ; and also one 
that would afford a profit to ourselves. This is our fourth publication, {tlie present is our 
sixth,) and we send it forth, feeling confident that after a.careful comparison of it with all 
others, whenever or wherever issued, the unanimous verdict will be, that we have attained 
the first thing proposed. We are happy, also, to sny, that with this we have succeeded in 
securing for the work, a support that will afford us a very plain, but decent living. W <• 
state this because we feel very sure that it is i\io first time it could be truly said in this city . 
Yet while we say that from the issue of this volume, we expect to derive a small profit, we 
must also state that for the five years labor which we have devoted to this work, as a 
. whole, (which includes the present,) we have not received a profit oi one single dime — we 


this, we believe we have secured the confidence of the citizens generally ; even of those who 
never have, and perhaps never will do anything for its support, so far that they ivoul ! di- 



reetly oppose any other that might he started in competition to it. From a comparison 

of past years with each other, we flatter ourselves that for the future we may rely upon 

our undertaking for something more than a simple support ; we should have it, cud we 

intend to have it, and from this very work too, not by laying an additional tax upon those 

who have heretofore aided it, hut by making it the interest of all to have it, of business 

men to insert their cards in it, and by placing such harriers as we can against the u>e of it 

by those who are unwilling to pay for the benefits they derive. Every citizen who wishes, 

even in a single instance, to use a Directory, should pay for its use. V7e are entitled to it 

from them, as much as they aie to he paid for any article they may furnish us, or for any 

service they may render us ; and those who wish to make use of our labors gratuitously, 

shall not do so, with even an implied consent on our part. As oue of the barriers, we 

have now given the work an additional name, 'Mirror/ A mirror is to reflect. We mean 

that ours shall Meet/' 

Directories are in their character local, calculated principally (we might almost soy solely) 
to benefit the particular locality which they represent, they should, therefore, depend for 
their support, upon the citizens of the locality represented ; consisting of cards of ad- 
dress and business, all properly termed advertisements, and such as should he paid for by 
[] each individual represented, (all are directly benefiited by their 'publication) they should re- 

ceive their support from that source, and not from the sale of them to the comparatively 
few, who to benefit the public, would purchase a Directory, when by so doing they would 
pay equally as much for their neighbor's advertisement and convenience as for their own ; 
yet, while each individual is at liberty to pay or not io pay for the insertion of his card, a 
' proper distinction should be made in the insertion, so that those who pay, may receive the 
full benefit of the publication, while others are allowed the privilege, (the act is their own) of 
representing to the public, in connection with their card, that they are not willing to pay 
lor that which their own individual interest and the public good requires, thus making of. 
the work A MlItB,OR in which each individual may see himself, and have a partial vie\c of 
other citizen?, according to their own representation. 

As this Directoiy is not sold, but supported only in accordance with the principles 
which have just been stated, citizens are referred to page 160 for information as to terms. 

Tlie names of streets and numbers as given in this issue, are tho<e now in Use. The al- 
terations in the names of some of them, just made by the Council wee too late to be in- 
corporated in this, and if they could have been, they would not have answered as well for 
practical purposes, as the numbering will in many eases have to bo altered before the new 
names will be of any use, and neither can be put op so that the public can become ac- 
quainted with them before the Spring and Summer months. 

- . 


IES€S-O-:Ei:0_0 c£? CO., 


lira Mm mmmwm 




35To. 127 Walnut St., bet. Third & 4th, Cia 

Direct Importations f:om Europe. Agents 
for Manufacturers. 



Kg, IS Sje&mote SSeeel, Retvreea JJraat &ai GalimMa, 





ANTEAM John W, (Hayne,-;,A. & Co.) 
13 4 Smith 


A* secy Am. S. School Unir.:i, 
J "*- 4] W 4th 

Banes H. C. a), phys, 33 W 4 

"DANXINS 1)-&J. W. (Da. 

Jf) \\ , B.; prod, and com. m 


i\ ' deal, in pig iron 

phys. 30 W 4th 

David & J< 


i 1 ; iaereh. mt tailor, s.w.e 3d and Main! IT Intel; k'eorrt n;i;.-e, 

; v ' h. 113 Fulton j w 1.33 c^rv-ore 

Clinton Jno. lab. J3J W Front A ASTEN D1CX.S0N & W LFTTW- 

AOAL EXCHANGE, It JTOBD. " (k. g., J. d./Vj. 1: W) 

II j R< M.ia.- & Pay sou. 11 W3d J U wh, hardware, 53 Peari 

| V in 0. L. & T. Co. bktg , Gerard & Crcsizy. (Dewit C. G. &. J. W. 

I COPELEX Geo. W. (Haskell & C.) 467) C.) wh, jrrocers, 44 L. Market 

A OPELO & HASKELL, ffre v m»riae. 
I / and Life ms. agts. 14 Front b Main 
..and Syo 

Bin! Xirhohs, aii.> . 292 W 5th I pi TJKTfS ALVA, 

BIRNEY. Wo. director of mer. agency,! 1 / med. phys. 50 E 3d room No. 6, 
r.'.v.c 3d and Main feds Speneerj V re.-- 37 IT \r ay 

CURTIS John, ."Roberts & C) 13* 

7 /.-.use 

!>GCEiXG l. H 
fico of l l iklea 
s.e.c Court end Maui 

unimbiae Jeremiah, trunk maxmt 215 

HALL j. (Banna & K.) f^ow 

Hall Jacob, waggon maker, 1041 W. 
Ham's M. E. elk s-e.c 4th and Main 
jf J AivriltS I- B- 

|j druggist, s.e.c 4th and ISfaia 
AJ " h58E4th 
PIOCFI k CO- pub. "isntfit^ and! Pe:irl [ TTAYSKS &NTRA¥& CO. (Ira H 

JA -]>-.'.-».rah," and book and job pria- Dickson John, elk s.e.c 4th and 3.lV.n j l~! Jno. W. A.. ;i".-" u V »-fc o. ., p 
J ' ? t,rs 43 E 3d c Sycajuore DOHERTY Charles C. (Haynes, Antram 1X Df»hcrty) wh. sillS mi^nprTtnd 

pOCKLVft A.H.T.«,ta S ypuh.Jcaiof-! &C) . fancy goods, i# Wa?nut J ' 

i\ Sax vt ludtu, R.iirden & Cursven, DUDDERIDGE James E. com. ageucy HAYNE3 [ra, (II , inteem i ^i 1 

s.e.c 3d and Walnut h 423 W 7th ! Hender Samuel, wat-hnian 72^ E Prant 
{ Duncan Andrew, carpenter and builder, liuod Das-i ' 
) w.sCutter.b Wade aad^Melancthou] jjLMt,i 
;.e.c istn and Vine J h 158 Yovk 

Besworth H. S. & Co. hook sellers and : T\FXHAM A. T^ | — 

pulilidbers^ c Sth arid Walnut JJI contractor s 61 W 4th v.\ 

l/t.^-VX TflOS. x U). ! IkU Burnet House 

]3 fmiuvrs and giW,^ :yd looking glass | T} WLNG THUS- JR. j A k f wh. dry goo-U, 3 and 10 Peari ' 

^ ware room.svSl E 4th ^ { j^ aHy.JDaion Block | 1/ LINE JOSEPH, 

wines and liquors 

ilkac.p <fc C>>) 

Glove tavern, 

B. ■--Is j-i W6th 
ion] JJUA'T-ER \V\(. 

| }J agt Union Tel. 13 W 31 
I XJ - bds 44 (larrisoa 

ip stairs WISQ, SHIPLES & CO. (J. W. k.,t. 
' ]\ C 3.. ffm. P. Pratt & H. w. R. 
_ Wh. dry L-oods, S and 10 Pearl 

7 r, Tt^r-^r - : >-n ,r* , -,^^ i JU aUy " l ,U °" BloCk ' T/ LL ^ E JOSEPH, 

1 J BAlteTRfc.BI J NO. IT. & SONS, ! 34 E 3d I \ macuf. of native w 

K (,fno. M. B., Miltou B, & Henry B)] pEE W?,{. R. & BKO. (Wo. R. F. &.' 1L 391 Walnut 

*■ mer. and law agency, 73 W 3*3 II F. W. F.) mauui'. non-gelati nous Parmerbm A. B. II0M01 

Brown A. W. prod, and com. mer. 32, * lard oil, 19 E Front • PO&IiiOV W: C (J IT S 

\ prof. ee. medical collese, 1 Art 
f Union bldg. res Covfngton 
Bundra Lewis, lab. 34(5 W'a 
Burbbayge i. U. iutelligcu 

FOSTER J. D. (J. D. F. & Co.) 103 Ca-, 199 W 4th 

tbaiine S»ld'jn J. R. \ U 107 W5th 

FOSTKR W. H. (J. D. F. &, Co.) 204 Q PARKS W.U. B. & CO [Win. B. S. .t 

C itharine < ?\ R ■-:. T ; :! ,-v) *), w'u . 

Inat ipRAXKLIN REV. EENJ- ed. and ^ IS^eaiore 

•j-e ©dice, .*7 £ j jl prop, of Amer. Christi;m review, (JO ril APP.V N , M K LLL0P & i. 0- 
i ' W 4th i 1 cum. agency, 

Calwald-~ 2 earp. n b<l S 192 Sycamore mRES'CH. WT5TNE&.CQ. (Wm.B.Fj A ie.c 3,1 and Walnut (Ha-ri-t 

CHAPMAN & GRAM, ; V J. E. W., (J. II. Christian <i C W) Tibbectn Uichard, •• .n, s.a Kemblo ! . 

book and job printers, j A srb. dry goods, 91 Peari Trbl)etts Mrs Sn&xn, 66 12th 

, 4]E .- a .. ,„. . . 1". I FT'UCLl II C importer of sUk stuffs, mi'POGRAl'ilK ttEGISTEPw. publish- 

fl &.<-. )(• 3d story I ed quarterlj by J. D.Foster i. Co. 

*- V mi. ■)■.-. 'i«r! <• * ■ «... » r»k 1 c...:»i. 

CHEEVEH J. H. (Kirk *c C.) 

s.v.-.c .ui and Smith 

To Builders ^^i^^road Com% 




Tlie Subscriber offera for sale, by-State and County 
rights, right to manufacture end use his Patent Sci- 
entific bRlCi. 

CH.iK.KiiR oV the Brick. — This improvement con- 
sists in moulding and pressing Bricks in such a. form as 
to secure the least exposure of the mortar to thetceathcr, 
which seriously injures its durability and appearance, 
end also to provide f»>r the greatest possible cohesion of 
fhe mortar to the brick internally, thereby securing the 
greatest solidity of structures. 

y ttslu layer of mortar or cement. These Bricks 

e from eight to ten per cent, less material than ordi- 
y Brick. 

very thin 1 


Bcrning of the Brick — These Brick barnt in 
kilns as usual, but owing to tlie cavities the beat circu. 
lat^s n ore freely and thoroughly than in ordinary Brick, 
;md burns the Brick more uniformly a,nd quicker than 
tne ordinary form. A saving of more than twenty *er 
*er-t. of time and fuel is cfTecied hv this 

Laving the Brick. — Thej arc laid as 
ommon Brick, and in the sam< 

mortar or cement between joints a;- it 

cement the surfaces and form a level be; 
the whole to be grouted with thin rnort 
cavities. Walls thus made are solid e 
proof, and at least one-fourth stronger i. 
same thickness, built of ordinary Brick. 

For further information 
enclosing postage 

apro^ e.mxMit. 
icpeditioiisVv as 
, witb as ii'uie 
practicable to 

tor f he courses, 
; j oured in the 
d strictly 1; ie- 
un walls of The 

sale, address. 

amp to pay ansyre; 
JOG West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O] 






C3-ESO>3F3.C3-331 SHIIL.LIT'O, 


I1MMT1II & StM etlffiEi 


ONTO. 3£5 JS'"SrO-Curw5COrt33 £3«:B7:0.:e::£3 , X\ 

? 1 W TOP sus! 

3&SI 1S3 3E& O St ^L ES" "3? , 

' : Hos. 140 .and 149 

1\ /T A. TO*P om-f N ,'nrirY~! hTxxTPT^^T A HIT A'Pi'Tr* 

fv/f n H\? h t H - s «. ' ? it TV? ?t\s ? »° n ? ? «Hi » 
Orders solicited for Direct Imcorfatioesi 



FOR 18 56. 

accct. stands for accountant. 

al alley or allopathic. 

atty attorney. 

b... be l ween. 

bds boards. 

b. h. boarding bouse. 

b. k book keeper. 

b'k book, or bvick. 

foldg building. 

bklr, builder. 

bo.... . iiiic. 

c . ..corner. 

carp carpenter. 



elk. stands for., .clerk. 

com GoiiimissTfMH 

con co n ti u untie u. 

confec confectioner. 

ec eccieclic. 


F'n Fulton. 


ho .homeopathic. 

lab laborer. 

manuf. J Manufactory, or 

M. stands for Miami. 


" (manufacturer. 





F. ?, 




I wh , 

j VV. W 






Wniie "' 





Abbott Nelson, printer, 141 Main, h, 36J 

E. 4th 
Abbot Tfeos. J. cooper, n.e.c. Laurel and] 

Cutter, h. 244 Clinton 
Abbrerht Chas- hatter, 342 Main ; 

Abees Geo. moulder, h. Mt. Adams 
Abel Frderick, groceries, 453 W. 3d 
Abe! Fritz, blk. smith, Linn nr. Liberty j 
Abel John, lab. 86 Hara. R >ad. 
Abel Sirs. Marv, b.h. 13 E. th 
Abe! tFo. J. bk. binder, 111 Main, h. 157' 

Abeiing Fraak, shoe rakr. n.e.'c Smith' 

and Augusta ! 

Abehskamp Clemens, cutter, 252 Main I 
Aber .Jacob S. (W. H. Comstoek & Co.) 

res. Lynn Mass. \ 

Abermaid John W. 205 Liberty 
Afoerraan Fred, shoe mkr. 92 W. Row j 
Aberticg Jacob, carp. h. 37 Cedar ■ 

Abernet hy R. P. machinist, h. 272 Cut- 1 

ter \ 

Abernethy Wa'i box. mkr. Hammond b.| 

3d and 4th, h. 83 W. 2d. 
Abernethy Wm. J. oik. 227 Walnut. 
Abke Henry, tailor, bus. s.e.c Broadway 

ami New 
AHett Isaac, carp. Taylor n. side 
Abraham Abraham, b.k. 433 W. 5th 
Abraham David, nedloi, 491 Vine 

atty. 21 bank biddings, 
h. 213Pium. 
Abraham M uthew, blk. smith, 71 Main 
Abrahams Abraham M. com. street swee-l 

pin<2 ;■•- ich. 68 K uible 
Abrahams Bathanin, 24 Vine 
Abraras Job,-;, p.s. Front nr. Stone, F'n 

i BitAMHJOHN & CO. (Thos. Law* 

J\ renea &. Lewis Evans,) 17th ward 

Bawmill,lath and washboard manuf-l 

s.s. Front nr. Jamestown Ferry | 


Abrahart Peter, cook, 35 Pub. Landing 
Academy Sisters of Notre Dame, s.s. <3th 

b. Sycamore and Broadway 
Ache Hy. painter, 230 Walnut 
ACHLEY Wm. E- (Tuttle Sc A.) n-W.C. 

6th and Mound 
A C KE R LAND Abraham , (G oodh eart & 

A.) 21 Centre 
ACKERMAN Conrad, (W. II. Harris & 

Co.) 91 W. Court 
Ackerman Dan., gardner, h. 627 Freeman 
Ackerman Geo. moui. 101 Bremen 
Ackerman Thee britannia, 33 Rit'house 
Acklev Her,, dray, 66 and 68 Walnut 
Ac-kley John, teamster, 530 VV. 6th 
Ackley Wm. stone cutter, 12o Kenvble 
Ackmal Rev. Francis, res. St. Xaviers 
Ackman Jos. teamster, n.s. High b. Look 

arid Ellen 
Actermana Catherine, 64 Abigail 
ACTON Clement J. (A. &. Woodmxt) res. 

CTQN & WOODyUT, (Clement J. 
A. <fo Thos. W.) wh. dry goods 
69 Pearl 
Ackra Wm. tailor, 447 Main 
Aekwell lie-rod, wood sawyer, h. 129 

ADAS Chas. F. (C F. A. & Lflfcrot,) 408 

4 DAE C. P. & LABROT, (Chas. F. 
/\ A- <fe Augustus A. L.) com. mors. 
J - JL 16 W. Front 
Adair Byers, elk. 104 Walnut, Ixls. 39 

Adair &. Bros. (Jan. W., Jos- M. & Sam- 
uel C. A.) wh. dry goods and notions 

104 Walnut 
Adair J as. VV. (A. & Bros.) h. 39 Harrison 
Adair Jno. (A. &Bro.«.) bds.39 Farriaon 
Adair Jos. M (A. & Brc) 
Adair Samuel 0- (A- & Bros.) bda. 39 

Adams Alex, foreman to II. Boyd, <:• 8th ! 

and Broadwxsy 
Adams Abraham T. elk. res. Covington i 
Adams Alonzo, chair mkr. 121 Berts 

A ( 

Adams Andrew, carp. 52 Milton 
Adams Caroline, cap mkr. 64 Pearl 
Adatas Charles, baker. 167 Eku 
Adams Chas. Saisher, 76 E- Front ' 
Adams Chas. F. printer, 83 Main, h. 129 

ADAMS Christ. T. (Howell, Gano. & 

Bro.) 137 E. 5th 
Adams Dan. stereoiyper, 15 : 2 String 
Adams David T. Salesman, 121 Walnut 
Adams E- F. western land office, 35 W. 

3d, h. 399 W. 8th 
/A Chas. Vvoodv, ard, agent, 
-^ 54 E.3d 

Adams Fwieral 0. (A. fc Peckover) Cr>7. 
A<huns Geo. mouider, h. 284 VV. Liberty 
Adams Hy. cooper, 3<)5 W. 2d 
/.daras Hy. cutter, 175 Main 
Adams Jas. 159 Everett 
Adams John. 4:3 W. 5th 
Adams John, cab. mkr. 508 W. 3d 
Adams Jno. cook, 137 Canal 
Adams John, joiner, n.e-c. Market and 

River, F'n 
Adams John, lab. 7th b. Broadway and 

Culvert, n.s. 
Adams Jnc. police, bds. Race b. Findiey 

Sc Ham. Road 
Adams John A. shoe mkr. 434 Sycamore 
Adams J. M. carp. n.s. Front b. Wash- 
ington and Libert? 
Adams Jos. engineer, 107 Fulton 
Adams Jos. S. salesman, 91 Mainj h. 121 

Adams Lawrence,shoe mkr. 344 Freeman 
Adams Martin C groceries, 133:. W. Court, 

h. 7^ Richm m\ 
Adams Mary, 473 W. 5th 
Adams Mr-. Nancy, h»69 Bank 
Adams Peter, shoe mkr. bds. 461 Wrdnut 
Adam« Philip, tailor, n-w.c 14ih and 

Adams & Peckover, (Federal C A. and 

Josiai P.) pattern nakrs. 333 W. 4th 
Adams R. painter, s- 3. Locust b. Berts 

and Clinton 








if 1 1 J [ 



jjj ' || ;::' v- || 



f • f! vV. C Li V £ R ■ A _C _ ,- . :: l i f- > ; 3 c 

f j i _ j '■' . " j - ; '*: 

X>. "VST. OXalVBS:!, 


76, 80, 85, 90, 95, & 100 pr. ct. Strength. 
Aiwaj'S on ItancS. 

.4ZZ orders from a distance promptl// attended io 


Advertising - Agency, 

Parvin Sylvester, 80 w. 4th. 


[r<j._,rJ,nAicoSiol and Pare Spirits. ' : 

Boyle & Co., 55 ana 57 e. 2d. 

Coats and Christopher, 6 College Building. 

Oliver D. W„ 68 and 70 Water. 

Pike S. N., 18 and 20 Sycamore. 

Fletcher Lowell. . - 

Apple Butter and Mince Meat WorJks, 

Hunt John. 


Hamilton & Rankin, 168 Vine. 

McClure James, n. e. c. 8th and W. Row. 

Eiy Less W. H. Walter & Wilson. 

Artificial Flower I?Iann facto rers. 

Barmestcr Cha's Ottenheimcr Ab'm 

Artificial Jjimb?. 

Daniels Drs. N. C. &, I). N., 39 w, 4th. 
Fisch J. P., 141 w. 5th. 
Marsh, Corliss & Co., 5 w. 4th. 
Richards H, C. J. Sfca s? John. 

B. F. BROWN. C. B. CROWtt. 

SiUornros at £ax», 

sm mwMmmmmM m H>i33s 3 

Nor Ho- West Cor. 3a £ Main. 

Entrance on 3d near Main St. 



M f 012JETS AT "LAW. 

ftfiicc, No. 9, East Third Street, 



i??@l iff A1\ ill 
lloto DiiMic ana €immmm 

« qp 


Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky.. Tenn- 
essee, Lousiana, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan and Iowa. 

20 12. Third Si., bet. Maisi aud Sycamore Sis., Cincinnati, OJ»io. 





com, tner. 27 w! 2d, bds. 
gurnet House 
Adam* Roil. F. constable, 14 Stone 
A dam 4 Solomon, salesman, 121 %■ 5th 
Adams Wm. fireman, Brighton engine 

house, h. 81 Bank 
Adams Wm. turning, 354 W. Row, h. £T9 

Catherine l 

Adams W. Q. b.k. 135 Barr __ ^ i 

Adjunson Rulvert, cooper, 90 "Water, h. 91 . 

W. Frsnt 
Adderiy Mrs. Sarah, 140 Kemble 
Adderiy Wm. II. druggist, n.e.c 6th and , 

m'hjjiu, h.407 George j 

Addis Wm. tailor, 52 W. 6ch, h. 422 TV. I 

Addleman Jos. P. elk. 17 Kossuth 
Addleman Mich. c.h. 86 Ham. Road 
Adelsdorfer Theodore, b.k. 84 W. Sth 
Ader Jacob, grocer , 129 Clay 
Aafcins E. carp. Front b. Rice and Wal- 
nut F'n 
Alkhvs Henry, caip. U.S. Front near 

East F'n 
Adkins Levi, elk. marine railway k. dry 

dock Co. 
Adkirts Silas, carp. Ftont b. Rice and 

Walnut F'n 
Alio Win. cik. 56 W. 3d 
Adb-r Be«j. renovator, 18 Water 
Adh-n Wtn. bar tender, 56 W. 3d 
Adler Bernard, Eagle Exchange, 56 

W. 3d 
Adlet.'i Martin, fancy store, 5-6 Main 
AdleUa Philip, pipe store, 473 Walnut 
Adriaanhnebc, lly. porter, 44 Walnut 
Aether* Mrs. Catherine, 25 Grant 
A easier Chas. carp. 323 Broadway 
A .sere Hy. lab. 98 Clay 
At !er« Herman, shoe mkr. 572 Ri.ce 
Aeruy GuUilb, stone cutter, s.s. Front nr. 

Toll Gate F'n 
I ETNA INS. CO. of Hartford, 
a J. f?. Bennett, general agent, 
* * 60 VS . 4th 
A (erg Jlarman, shoe mkr. 92 Clay 
A-fltiij? Henry, lab. 2,1 and TV. W Canal 
Aii'ad Fred, tinner, 201 Broadway 
Agan Mich, cooper, Cutter b. Wade and 

A^aiihersi II. dray, 23 Milton 
kp libey Geo. machinist, 76 E. Front 
Agin L. fireman, s.e.c Front and Walnut. 

Ack mann II. shoe store, h. 16 Milton 
A^new Jas, joiner, n.s. Front n- Vine. 

AgTi'-w Wm. cooper, gjj. Front n. James- 

'•••-'•' '•''••" r y 
Afrnew Was. hatter, 141 Main 
Agoer Nieli. chair mkr. 149 Everet 
A*u* Uflrtanon, dray, 33 Dunlap 
Ahaina Win. il. F. porter, 46' Main, h. 

Uursroyne Ars-ahnm, fin. 47 Pendleton 
A;, ma Herman, grocery, 60 Green 
Ah.;;, K 1, carp, n.w.c. 7;h and Mound 
Ahem Owen, paver, 47 Kemble 
AhcrnsJ. G. stoneyard, 3-17 Broadway, 

h. s.e.c. Woodward and Svcaraore * 
Ahl«w eonjrad (C A. & Co.) 25 E. Lib- 
Aniens Conrad &. Co. (Conrad A. &. Cttist 

Ilffinzelmann) grocery, 25 E.Liberty i 

horn Wm. shoe mkr. b. 499 John 


A hie l. 


/\ A. & John B. B.) clothing store, 
24€ M -dn and 39 Broadway 

Ah'ering A. Co. (Fredk. A. &. Barney A.) 
eititniers, 12 Landing, b. Broadway 
ami Ludlow, res. 4th and Pike 

Abterimi Herman H. b.k. 2l6 Main, Ms. 
I'.i.) Symmes 

AHLEK1NG Jno. F.(A. & Drummer) 13:- 




9 Woo 







pp. Mub>erry 
VValnnt and 

Abier^ frVc .1, ri 
2>, h. 23 Li 
Ahlers II. lab. n.e.c. Lodge and Gano 
Ahlera John F. prov. store, 679 Vine 
Aiders John It. -shoe mkr. 404 Sycamore 
Ahlcwk Job)!, lab. 179 Hopkins 
AUUleJ Fred. W. grocery, 171 Maple 

AHRENFELDT Chas. (F. Schultze dc 

Co.) res. Paris 
Ahrens Chris, n.w.c. Race and 14th 
Ahrmg Geo. stonehauler, 470 Sycamore 
Ahrns"Conrad, wagon driver, 95 12th. h. 

218 Betta 
Aiendt John, grocer, h. s.e.c. Bank and 

Aigmire Hy. lab. 96 Abigail 
Aiken Chas. music teacher, 371 John 
Aikens Elizabeth, 109 Longwor.h 
Ailaman Fred, gardener, Carr 
ALLiier Benj. salesman, 105 Woodward 
Airtmen Hens, broomer, bds. 55 W. F'nt 

Aisworch , tailor, bds. 79 TV. 3.1 

Aitchison Cornelia, .seamstress, 79 TV. 

Aitner Mich, huckster, h. Western Ave- 
nue, b. Bank and Harrison Road 
Akemever John, stereotyper, 168 Vine 
Akin Mich. lab. 314 W. Sth 
Akins R. L. elk. 74 W. 4th, h. 174 TV. Row 

Railroad contmctotor, 
h. n.e.c- Front and Liberty 
Akolofe D. lab. 297 Clinton 
Alarz Robert bar kpr. bds- 473 Vine 
Alba Geo. elk. bds. n.w.c. Water and 

Alberding H. porter, 11 Pearl, a. s.w.c. 

Front and Walnut 
Alberg Henry, lab. 183 Linn 
Alherger Lawrence, Foster Hall bldg. 
A.U>ers Fred. feth. 3" ; 4 Walnut 
Albers Fred, moulder, 94 Bremen. 
Albers H. plasterer, 48 Pleasant 
Albers Joseph, 66 Berts 
Albers J. II. moulder, 396 Walnut 
Albers Wm. al. phys. 468 E. Front 
Aibersniein Theo. grocer, 24 Woodward 
Albert Adam, stm. bt. pilot, 721 E. Front 
Albert Geo. cof. h. 4.36 Linu 
Albert Hy. lab. 624 Vine 
Albert By. sawyer, 2C2 W, Front 
Albert liy. stone mason. 50 Webster 
Albert Jacob C- yawl mkr. 149 High 
Albert John, baker, h. 136 Dayton 
Albiez Cornelius, tailor, over 518 Main 
Albrecht Emma, elk. 76 TV. 4th, res. 522 

Albrecht Max, cab. mkr. 12 Gano 
Albrinck Fred. C (F, C <fe J. H. A.) 
AlLrinck F. C it J. H. (Fred. C & Jag. 

H. A.I brokers" office, 4 Hammond 
Albrinck J as. H. (F. C & J. H. A.) 

LBR0 HENRY, veneer and maho- 
gany sawmill, n.3. Pearl, b. Eim 
and Plum, res. Covington 
Albulers Hy. polisher, VI Walnut 
Aibus John, c. h. 71 Elm 
Alcofe Geo. elk. h. 20 Ca'harine 
Alcorn M. millinerj , 443 W. 7th 
Alcorn Robert, dray, 92 Pendleton 
Alcorn Mrs. Sarah, dress mkr. 311 Elm 
Alcorn Wm. moulder, Pendleton b. Abi- 
gail and Woodward 
Alcorn Wm. lab. 384 Walnut 
Aicorn Wm. E. awnings, 115 Sycamore, 

h. 20 Carr 
Alcroft Miss A- milliner, 121 TV. 5th 
Abler John T. 390 TV. 3d 
Aldrlch Edwin R, (Thayer, A. & Co.) 165 

Aldrich Otis, res. Avondale 
Aldrlch Wm. L. 431 W. 8th 
Alear J. A. cook, 18.5 Laurel 
Alel lly. prov. store, VV. 6th b. Harriet and 

Horn, n.s. 
Aleling Hy. shoe mkr. 402 W.5th 
Alexander Amos, laundry, 3:26 Plum 
Alexander Ann Mrs. 140 E. tiberty 
Alexander C H. joiner, bds- s-s. Froutn. 

Broad, F'n 
Alexancier Hy. butcher, h. 108 Poplar 

n.s. b. John and Linu 
Alexander Jas. dry goods, 12 TV. 5th, h- 

fSii Loa<rworth 
Ajexaud'er John, al. phys. 22< Broadwajr 
Alexander John i waiter, 133 Jlosfa 
Alexander John I?, elk. 171 .Main 
Alexander Jos. gents' furnishing store, 

113 W. 3d 
Alexander Jos. lab. -279 John 
Alexander Lewis, s tlesman, 49 Pearl 
Alexander Rpbeit (llnl-Vd, A. A: Driver) 

bds. Spencer House 


I Alexander Robert H. elk. 140 Liberty 
Alexander Rosa, laundress, basement 

Zion Col'd Church, s.s. 3d b. Elm 

and Race 
Alexander Samuel, peddler, 75 14th 
Alexander Wm. can), n.s. 6th n. Culvert 
Alexander TV'm. H. salesman, 30 W. 4th. 

bds. U- S. Hotel 
Alf Bernard, shoe mkr. n.s. I'ror.t nr. 

Alf Daniel, shoes, n.s. Front nr. Market, 

Alf Harmon, lab. c. Sycamore & Webster 
Alf Harmon L. n.s. Front nr. Market, F'n 
Alf John, grocery, 9 Woodward 
Alfred Marshall, carp. n.s. Water near r.r. 

crossing, F'n 
Algoe Jas. salesman, 22 TV. 5th, bds. s.w. 

c. Elm and Longworth 
Alk John, wood sawyer, 13 Jefferson 


/\ house and sign painter, 201. Plum, 
JX - h. IK Barr 

Allan Geo. H. waiter, Woodruff House 
Allan John, millinery, 22 E. 4th 
Allan Peter. b>ot mkr. 131 Main 
Allaman Samuel, 453 TV. Sth 
Allavvay Jacob, dray, G8 Butler 
AHbright Mrs. Christiana, over 520 Main 
Ailoott Ebenezer, printer, s.s- Webb i>. 

Stone aii'l Wood 
AReroft Margaret, milliner, 121 W. 5th 
ALLEN Alfred F. (A. &c Co.) 135 W. 8th 
Allen Albert II. b k. 117 Mam, h. 255 

Allan Ambrose, elk. 29 L. Market, res. 

222 Longworth 
ALLEN Caleb, (C <fc TV. H. A.) h. 255 

Allen Chas. elk. Broadway Hotel 
Aiien Chas. C cik. 220 TV. 5th 
ALLEN Chas. H. CA. & CoO res. Glen- 
i Li. EX St CO. (Marstqn, Samuel B.. 
/\ Chas. 11. & Alfred F.) wh. drugi. 
±X - s.w. c. Main and 5th 
4 LIEN C. & W. II. (Caleb & Wm. H.) 
f-\ impts. and wh. deal, watches, jew- 
.-*■ elry and fancy goods, 117 Main 
Allen David, 343 TV. 6th. 
Allen E. lab. 354 Walnut 
Allen Edward, 63 Water 
Alien Mrs. Elizabeth, 273 Cmfer 
Allen F. F- elk. 12 E. 4th, bds. 125 W.5th 
Alien Geo. brass worker, 75 Jl. Front, res. 

Allen Geo. painter, 196 Barr 
Allen lly. mate, 19 Race 
Alien Jacob, papr. hngr. 114 -John 
Aden Jas. Augusta b- John and Smith 
Allen Jas. Lib. 92 Pendleton 
Allen Jas. pipe fitter. 3S4 Walnut. 
Allen Jas. T. b.k. 33 TV. 3d. res. CovH'u 
Alien Joel R. b.k. 13 Pearl, bds. Broad- 
way Hotel 
Allen John, (A. & Tan Emon) 
Aden Mrs. Jane. h. 56 Hopkins 
Allen Marcus D. cik. 30 Race 
ALLEN Marston, ( A. & Co.) Giendale 
Allen Mrs. b. fob 165 Walnut 
Alice Mrs. Mary, teacher St. Joseph's 

School, 141 Laurel 
Allen Robt. box maker, Hammond b. 3rd 

and 4th, h. Lock b. Symms and 4th 
Allen Reuben G. 222 Longworth 
Alien Sam'!, drav- 13 Pearl 
ALLEN Sam'IB. (A. & Co.) res. Glen- 
Allen Sarah, b. fob 167 Walnut 
Allen Selrna Mrs. washing, 63 Lvnn 
ALLEN Thos. H. C (J. N. llarrio & Cc) 
res. Mt. Auburn 
i II.EN V. R (Valentine,) 
j\ stenciller, 141 Walnut, 
xx h. 52 W. 3rd 
Allen & Van Effion, fJohn A. <fe Geo. L. 

Van E ; dentists, 9tt W. 4th 
Al'i i! Wm. cabinet mkr. 26 Moun I. 
Allen Wm. second hand store, Wu Dsa. 

ALLL.n Wm. n. (C. ^ TV. II. A-) h. 174 

W. 4th 
Allen IT. feed st. 454 Vine 

4 LJEY B. K. 

hat and cap manuf. 
41 Broadway op. B'way noteJ 







JO! A Hk m& IE III £3 a jla JL MM mm Mm 

■ JYorlh-I2ast Corner of Fourth ami Walnut Streets, 

Hj ^ as Sa a di iu fci a i a 

■rabiN*« / ' prsitn «srw ktr; k^ik f$ Iran own tW «»G<Dej5 r&"3 ra=ra x« / ma 

And Commissioner for New York, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, 

Mississippi and Michigan. 


ii rap c&. 5© sjar sp w A. . rap a a ^7 

dsfe H> .<8I lyP^life *Bl Jo * ete&) <|R • <K$ <*Hfe W g 

Notary Public & Commissioner for several States, 

No. 6 Meline Building, 99 West 3d. St., 

Opposite the Burnet House. 



- Corner cf ^h<rd and Byoamore Biresic, £ 


Attorneys at Law. ip ox & p ren ch, 3 and 4 Manchester building* 

Abraham Jos., 21 Bank Buildings. (French & Kirby, n. w. cor. 6th and Walnut. 

Applegate John W.,n. e. cor. 4th and Walnut. [Fr.eon J., n. w. cor. 8th and Main. 
Bates & Scarborough, 4, 5, 8 and 9 Law hldgs.|Gallagher &, Collins, No. 3 Hart's building 4t'i 

Bimey James, 6 Manchester Building. 
Bradstreet John M., 73 w. 3d. 
Brown & Brown, 43 Bank Buildings. 

betw. Main and Sycamore. 
Garrard Israel, 9 Hart's building. 
Gibbons Joseph G., 35 w. 3rd, 

Brvant and Crawford, s. e. cor. 3d and Walnut. Grcesbeck & Thompson, 11 Worthington's bldg. 
Burnet Jacob, 1 IS Main cor. 4th. Haines, Todd &, Lytle, 15 w. 3d, 

Caldwell & Bur owes. 379 Main. 

'Handy R. D. & J. K. Selves' built 

Chase, Ball and Skinner, 1 Chase's bldg. e. 3d .Hart well Shattuck, 4 P. Landing up stairs 

Ciemmer Jacob H., 302 Main. 
Coffin & Mitchell, 63 w. 3d. 
Collier David L., 6 Manchester Building. 
Collier & Herron, 13 Worthingtons Building 
Coiwin, Hayes & Rogers, 14 Selves' Building.' 
Corwin & Probasco, 32 w. 4th. 
Crapsey J. T., n. w. c. Court and Main. 
Cross Nelson, Law Building. 
Cutter & Covert, 36 w. 4th. 
Dengler Francis X., Lee's bldg. w. Court. 
Dennis Jacob J. 395 Main. 
Douglas Peter, w. s. Broadway betw. Lower 
Market and 3d. 

Douglass John G., 42 w. 4th. 

Dickaun. Wm. M., Chases bldg. 3d door e. Main. 

Dodd &, Huston, 11 e. 2d, up stairs. 

Button Aaron R-, Chase's bldg. n. s. 3d e. Main. 

Egly &, Dobmeyer, p. \y. c. Court and Main. 

Emerson, Wm. D., 20 e. 3d jp stairs. 

Envpson. Danie! R., 99 w. 3d. 

Ewing Thos. jr., 120 Main street upstairs. 

Ferguson & Long, 49 Bank buildings. 

I iaher Samuel S., Manchester building. 

Hartz A,. 20 w. Court. 

Hilts, Cha's 22 w. Court. 

Hubbard Edwin S.. 7 Manchester building. 

James & Jackson, Hart's bldg. 4th betw. Main 

and Sycamore. 
Johnson Edgar M., 17 Bank building. 
Johnson J. W., n. w. cor. Court and Main. 
Johnston &. Carroll, 19 w. 3d. 
Jollifle & Gitchell, 120 Main upstairs. 
Jones &. Ware, 23 w. 3d. 
Ketchum & Hcadington, Selves' building. 
Kinir. Anderson &. Sage, Worthington's bldg. 
Lee Geo. M. 10 Manchester building. 
Lewis Asahe! II. , 14S Main up stairs. 
Lincoln, Smith & Warnock, 8 e. 2d up stairs. 
Lagan Tho's A., 7 Law Building 3d e. Main, 
Lynn & Ladd, 2 Mechanics Institute. 
HfeDuusa'l Joseph, jr. 20 e. 3d up stairs. 
McGuffey Alex. H., 120 Main street un stairs. 
McLean N. C, 8 Hart's Building. 
Mailon &. McDowell, 6 Law building. 
Mills & Hoadley, 9 e. 3d. 
Miner & Oliver", 11 and 12 Manchester bldg 





Alley Sarauel 4 A. furniture, 55 Broadway, 

b. 22U W. 5th 
Allayer Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Clinton 
AUlch Adam, cook Gait House, h. 185 

Allien Richard, dray. 134 "Water 
Ai'iijan Wm. driver, 134 Water 
ALi.s Barney, turner, s. s. Augusta b. 

Smith and Rose 
Allison Amos, painter, bds. Bevis House 
AJJnott Geo, eouper, 360 W. 2nd 
AUnoU Writ, salesman, 134 Walnut 
AUnt'iuster Eaiil, tanner, Ms. 323 BVay 
Ahr.on Timothy, lab. b. CO Melanethon 
Almond Albert, currier, h. 65? Elm 
Aimontracet Mich, moulder, h. 125 Plea- 
fan t 
Alms Fred, porter, 44 "Walnut 
Alms Gerranl. eab't mkr. 115 W. Liberty 


f\ proprietor \ erandah, 
-*■*■ 27 and 29 TIT. 3d 

Alms IIv. A. dry goods, 571 Tine 
Aims Wm. Globe Hotel, 129 W. 3d 
Alois BreLver, dyer, bds. Benton House 
Alpener Morris, cigar mkr- Brown 
Alphus Joseph, lab. Anderson 
Alrtxis Pi-mI. 20 Miller 
Alter Frank, elk. bds. Gibson House 
AUhamex Wm. elk. 421 Vine 
Aif.hou*e Ily. lab- E. s. Park b. White- 
water canal and 2nd 
Airman Mich. lab. 584 Plum 
Akman Peter, rag cutter, 67 Wade 
Altshnle Solomon, p«dier, 397 Elm 
Alfcru Christ, lab, 43 VV. 4th 
Alwcs Henry, (IF & J. A.) 127 W. 2d 
Alwes IF A. J. (Henry 6c John,) mineral 

water, 127 W. 2nd 
Atwes John (IF & J. A.) bds. Belvidere 

Ama Wra. elk. s.w. c. Tine and Center 
Aman Joseph, barber, 52 Sycamore 
Amann Anth. elk. 81 L. Market 
Amsnn Martin, painter, 56 Findley 
Amarus Jno. lab. h. 42 Dublin 
Amberg Jos. clothing, 257 W. 6th 
AMBERG Sellig, (A. & Stachel,) 161 

(Sellig A.&Wm. S.) ■ 
wli. clothiers, 209 Main 
Ambrose Pat. lab. h. 40 E. 8th 
imburgh Abraham, (A. &. Bro.) res. Co- 
lumbus, Ohio 
Araburgfi Bass, clothing, h. 96 E. 3rd 
Ascburgb Henry, (A. & Bro.) 90 E. 3rd 
Axafcurgh IF 6c Dro. (Henry, Abraham 

A Samuel A.) clothing, 24 Front 
* mburg >../lu-1 (A. fc Bro.) 
Amesiicik'tJip Clemens, elk. 252 Main 

J\ S10>S, 23 W. 4th 

Rev, H. A. Tracey, Sec'y 


/I (Livingston, Fargo &. Co.) 
52 K. 3d 

tract SOCIETY, 

?pot and agenqy 
163 Walnut 
AMF.3 Henry 0. sup. C.H.tB.R.K. 

- Depot, bds. Burnet House 
Awes Fisher W. al. phys. 124 E. 4th 
Ames Ily. boatman, bds. 26 Ham Road 
Amends Dufaeter, plasterer, 6th E. of 

Amshoff Fred, shoemaker, 24 Tanner 
Atasler Was. b.k. 174 Main 
Amthauer H. 124 Linn 
Amtuor Hy. shoemaker, 8 E. Front 
Aoiyer Martin, lab. 2U7 Freeman 
Andaf Amrustus, lab. 634 Vine 
Afidekof M ireus, confec, 163 Sycamore 
Anders Louis, turner, bds. s.w. c Race 

act! 2nd 
Anderson Atex. bar. 4 Burnet House 


136 \r. 2nd, h. 20a Water 
Anderson A. R. elk. bib. U. S. Hotel 
Anderson Chamherlin, steward, E. 7th b. 

Broadway and Culvert n. a. 
ANDERSON Chas. (King A. & Sa-e,) c 

5th and Pike 
Anderson David, painter, h. 603 Elm 
AaJettoa David T. plasterer, 468 W. 6th 

A : 

Anderson David, whitewashes 125 Moses 
ANDERSON Eli D. (Stilhvell 6c A.) res. 

Mt. Harrison -.,. 
Anderson Eliza, 3C3 Water (Pluto 

Anderson Eliza M. music teacher, 146 
Anderson Enos, caulker, bds. s.w. c 

Front and Liberty 
Anderson Geo. 113 E. 3rd 
Anderson Geo. II. b.k. 152 Main 
Anderson Geo. H. messenger, 52 E. 3d 
Anderson Hy. clerl;, 3 Sycamore 
Anderson Isaac N. clerk, 74 W. 4th, h. 

17 Richmond 
Anderson Jacob painter, 27 Woodward 
Anderson Jacob, plasterer, h. 179 Fulton 
Anderson Jas. barber, 8 Plum 
Anderson Jas. chandler, h. 197 W. Li- 
Anderson Jas. locksmith, 397 Walnut 
Anderson Jas. H. cooper, 17 Richmond 
Anderson Jas. 11. elk., 12 E. 4th, boards 

U. S. Hotel 
Anderson J. J. printer, 442 George 
Anderson Mrs. Jane P. 41 Mansfield 
Anderson Jefferson, 272 W. 4th 
Anderson John, 413 W. 4th 
Anderson Jno. box iuanuf., Hammond, 

b. 3d & 4th 
Anderson John carpenter, bds. 82 W. 2d 
Anderson Jno. lab., h. 6 Harrison road 
Anderson Jno. shoemaker, 225 Clinton 
Anderson Jno. A. shoe mkr, 319 W. Row 

h. 47 Prospect 
Anderson Joseph, 31 Webb 
Anderson. Julian J. printer, 88 Main, 
boards Dennison House 
i\ attorney, 

Pike & Symmes 
Anderson L. D. second hand store, 30 

Water, h. 272 W. 4th. 
Anderson M. lab., E. 6th near Culvert 
Anderson M. S. clerk, 303 Water 
Anderson Mary, s. side Front b- Harri- 
son & Lorn; worth, F ri 
Auderson Milley,125 Moses 
Anderson Ross carp., s. side Front, b. 

Harrison &c Lon<rworth, F'n 
Anderson R. James elk., h. 244 Cutter 
Anderson Samuel, black smith, 48 E. 2d 
Anderson Saml. K. b. It, 74 W. 4th 
Anderson Sarah, Sycamore nrO. river F'n 
Anderson Wm. cis. maker, 11th & tith 
ANDERSON Wm. (Huggins,Bro. &c A.) 

h. 438 W. 4th 
Anderson Yeatman, elk., 112 Main, bds. 

83 E. 4th 
I Andley Thos. shoe mkr.-N. .side 7th, b. 
| North and Broadway 

Andrcd Andrews, shoe mkr., 25 15tfl 
Andress, cig. maker, 231 Mam 
i Andress Chas. pipe fitter, 384 WalnOt 
i ANDRFSS Chas. ,F. & C. A.) 378 W 6th 
Andress Chas O. paper hanging, 103 

Main, boards 236 W. 6th 

ANMES8 F. & C, (Frederick Sc 
Charles) paper hangings, <tc, 
179 Main 
ANDRESS Fred. (F. A; Q. A.) 134 W. 7th 
Andress Jacob, pipe fitter, 384 Walnut 
Andrew, clerk, boards 79 3d 
Andrew Gerard, finishes, @M3 Vine 
ANDREW Peter, (A. 6c Wilson) 100 

ANDREW & WIT.S0N, (F«*er A. & 
Andrew W..) com. &. for. mer., 
S. W. c. Congress &. Kilijour 
Andrews Alex. H., (Minor A. &. White, 

144 Broadway 
Andrews Bernhard, baker, 4r4 Walnut 
Andrews Chas- B. engineer, a. side High 

b. Liberty &. AVashin^ton 
Andrews Daniel salesman, 31 Pearl 
Andrews David B. jewelry, 136 W. 5th, 

residence Storrs township 
Andrews K. II., tl9 W. 8th 
Andrews Hugh, teller, 13 W. 3d 
Antlrews Jacob, boatmaa, 522 W. Front 
Andrews Jacob, moulder, h. I'JO Mohawk 
ANDREWS Jas , (Tweed &c A.) h. 256 

Andrews J. A. clerk, 111 Main, b. 154 

Andrews Jno. clt;rk, 59 Lower Market 
ANDREWS Jno. W. (Tweed & Andrews) 

bpards Broadway Hotel 

Anru-ew3 Jos., 254 Yinc 

Andrews Mark, Buchanan, near 5th 

Andrews Robert com and produce met.. 

58 W. Front, h. 333 W. 7th 
Andrews Robert, lab. 299 W. 3d 
Andrews Robt. lab., E. Front &. Wbitta- 

ANDREWS Robt. n., (Sampson Iz Co.) 

s. e. c 8th 4c Race 
Andrews It. R. tinner, 30 Y,'. 5th, house 

91 Milton 
ANDREWS Sam!., (MeOormick, Gibson 

lc A.) residence Ait. Auburn 
Andrews Thos. laborer, 134 Water 
Andrews Wm. stone cutter, boards 14 

Andrews Win. II. student-at-law,ll Wor- 

thington Bids 
Andy Jos. lab-, E. s. Sycamore, F'n 
Anest Jacob, carp-i bds. 617 Vine 
Ange Solomon watch mkr., 2U3 Elm 
Angela Sister, superior Hotel for invalids 
Angelke Fred. lab. 13 JeCFerson 
Angert "Daniel, found., 173 W. Liberty 
Amrevine Charles E., 118 Carr 
Angevins Wm., (John Bonte & Co.) 12 

Angst A dam br.rber, 458 Main 
AhkanBrock Hy. printer, 61 Per.uleton 
Ankebauer Jos. potter, 134 W. Front 
Ann Mary, teacher, ill Laurel 
Annul David, 105 Baynnlier 
Annis Hamlet, ship carp., n. side Front, 

b. Broad &c Longwbrth, F'n 
Anshutz Jacob, (Martin, A Sc Co.) 
Anahutz Wm. J., (Martin. A. «fc Co.) 
Ansiam. Mrs. Catharine, 586 Plum 
Anson Thomas, dray. 395 Race 
Anspaugh Jas. machinist, 511 W. 3d 
Ans;-au<rh Jno. engineer, 511 W. 2*1 
Anspaugh Maria, 5i.i W. 3d 
Anst<;d Adam tailor, 70 13th 
AnstetJno. A. engineer, 124 Spring 
Ante Phillip tailor, 9 Pendleton 
Antycrider Frank, lab. GO Buckeye 
Antes M. ?,. attorney, 9th &■- W. Rcw, 

bds N.E. corner Elm & 9feh 
Author, v A. G.,285 W. 6th 


clerk, 49 Main, 

bds. 285 W. Sixth 
Anthony Francis schl. teacher, 504 W. 3d 
Anthony John, boards 79 Third 
ANTHONY Jno. G., (Taylor & A.,) 40 

W. 3d. h. 285 W. 6th 
Anthony Thos. R. elk., 7 E. 3d, res. 285, 

W. 6th 
ANTRAM Aaron L., (A-, White 6c Co.,) 

resilience Harvey sburg 
ANTRAM Jas. B., (A., White A. Co.)nr. 

5rh, b. Broadway &. PiKc (Smith 

A 'tram John W. b. k., 24 Pearl, h. 114 
Antram Jos. L. b. k., 134 Walnut, h. 210 

Antram Micajah T. c!k., 35 Pearl, boarrb 

61 E.4th 
A NT&Air, WHITE & CO., (A.u-onL. 
/\ A., Julian W. and James B. A,) 
^ x \vhole--ole dry goods, 35 Pearl 
Antrim Jacob S. clerk, 222 W. 5th 
Anyan Geo. dray., Ili^h b. Lock Sc Ellen 
Aouaau Benj. cooper, 30 Bremen 


l\ boarding house, 

1 *■ 464 "Walnut 

Apfel Louis cigr maker, 033 Main, house 

" "16 Allisou 

Apjof'n Hy., 0. Sc M. R. R. depot, bds. 

172 Elm 
Apjohn John laborer, Taylor, s. side 
Apjohn Margaret, 172 Elm 
Apollo Buildings, c. 5th 6c Vv'alnut 
Apple John, 858 Western Row. 
Apptegate H. W. o«rpenter, 52 Clark 
Adpiegate Henrietta, Mre.,2U6 Kemble 

APPLl-GATH & TO., (Jas- A., Saml. 
Fliokinger, A. K- Pouosford 6z Jno. 
Ryan, booksuUera and publishers 
43 Main 
APFLFGATE James, (A. & Co.) 304 

APPLEGATE JOHN' W.. attv and 
eom., N.E. c. 4th and Walnut, h. 
N. K. c. Clark and Jobu 
Applegate Wm. A. grocer, 127 W 5>-h, 
h. 206 Kemblo 





Moormann John B,, 20 w. 9th. 

Neemith & Pugh. No. 6 Hart's bldg. 4th betw. 

Main and Sycamore. 
Newton <fe Ho'rton, 123 Main. 
Norton Eli P., 15 Selves' building. 
O'Neill John II„ Law building. 
Pender? John L., 53 v.\ 3d. 
Pendleton Edmund, 8 Manchester building. 
Pendleton George IE, 3 Worthington's bldgs 
Probasco Wm. B., s. w. cor. Court and Main. 
Riddle Adam N., 284 Main. 
Scott John L., 32 w. 4th. 
Snow & Lynd, 258 Walnut. 
Spooner & Brower, 3 and 4 Bank buildings. 
Stallo & Leake, No. 2 Debolt bldg corner Main 

and Court. 
Stewart Wm. C, Law buildings. 
Still Henry, Attorney at Law Office, 95 Walnut. 
Sullivan A. S., 6 w. 4th. 
Taft. Key & Perry, 1 and 2 Manchester bldg. 
Thompson E. A. 20 Bank buildings. 
Tilden. Rairden & Curwin, No. 5~and 6 Debolt 

Buildings, cor. Main and Court. 
Van Matre Daniel, 232 Main. 

Walker, Kcbler &, Force, Chase's building n. s. 

3d e. Main. 
White Jas. S., 258 Walnut. 
White, Oliver D., n. e. cor. 5th and Walnut. 
Willard & Williamson, n. e. c. 4th and Walnut. 
Williams Peter T., n. e. cor. 5th and Walnut. 
Woodruff & Hopkins, 6 e. 5th. 
Zinn Peter, n. e. cor. Court and Main. 

Biteman & Lowe. 
Belt Peter. 
Blackburn Jno. 
B'roa dwell Sam. J. 
Brooke Hunter. 
BrowuChn's C, 
Brown Oliver. 
Burnet Jacob jr. 
Caldwell & Pad- 
Chambers F. T. 
Champlin L. D. 
Clark Stephen. 
Cohen Melviu M. 
Colton, Fred. 
Conklin Jerome B. 
Conklin Oliver M, 
Coombs Martin B. 
Corry Wm. Iff. 
Dale A. J. 
Ebersole John W. 

Flovd Alex. C. 
Forrest Wm. T. 
G wynne L. M, 
iiagans M. B. 
Henderson T. J. 
Henry Evan J. 
Hill A If. P. 
Hilton Geo. H. 
Hopple Matthew. 
Howell H. Scott. 
Johnston Alex. 
Jones J. H. 
Jones Wm. L. 
Kimberland Wm, 
Kyle & Snyder. 
Lathrop Willi Ii. 
McClymonJ B 
.Moore Robert. 
Morse Edward. 
Murdoch Cha?s C, 
Newhall Edw, K 
Nixon John S. 

OylerGeo. VV. 
Peat Ja'3. 
Pagh Georce E. 
Quinn David. 
Kay Dau'iG. 
Renz August. 
Kiiey Ja's, 
Roster & Thilraan. 
S a frln James 
Scott Tho's W. 
Spooner Wm. L. 
Stone K. H. 
Stuart John M. 
Sullivan Peter J. 
Thomas Alfred. 
Thorpe W. C. 
VossterOUo H. 
W:\rden Wrn. W. 
Warrington W. B. 
Wririhinglon & Ma- 
W right John C. 

BHimES ? | WM. SHJEES & CO., 

€*p*M<wm, • AH fill 01 HOUSE, 

fan liiiiii ii§i f 

General Agency and 

£££>® •Main Btreei* 

«S? j« m aw *s*f n» cr, ta/sss; motj m a^tq terj *~+ ifai wr^nt^n^ raj 
ab.thi ta a ! -Jxsaeoxas \jj?" ax* ur'i Sn? taca V''** «s a'sss 1 £*zi n 

If. W. Corner Eace & West Fourth Streets, 


ryaniTDiE Mm goods, 

At. Private Sale er A ruction. 




Bbtl grte, WXinlmk §mm, fa., 

S3 and 85 Walnut Street. 



Hubbard S. G.,21 w. 5th. 


Wood Alfred, 57 Pearl. 

■Johnston Tho's. Lock wood Brothers. 


Hubbard S. J., 21 vv. 5th. 
Kellog Albert, 25 e. 3rd. 
Shirea VVm. & Co., 200 Main. 
Woodruff Jos. H., 13 e. 3d. 


Hewson & Holmes, 83 and 85 Walnut. 

Brashears G.&Co.Yorke Samuel. 

HORSE3, &C. 

Speers & McLellan, 26 e. 5th. 
Bigga & Co. .Carney Daniel. Rider & Mullina. 


Cooper James, 13 and 15 \v. 5th. 
Hickman J. L. & Co., 36 w. 3d. 
Shires VVm. n. w. c. Race end Fourth. 
Smith & Winters, 221 Vine. 

GrafT Jacob & Co, 

stocks, &c, 

Hews )n & Holmes, 83 and 85 Walnut. 
Hickman J. L. & Co., 36 w. 3d. 
Kirk &< Cheever, 38 w. 3d. 


Kissiclc&Tcernoii Phillips Silas. Reed Rob-'rt S. 

VVm, Orr, Reese George W. Weaver John G. 

Patterson Jos. A. Reed J, H, 





Arpleton Elisabeth H.,202 W. 4th 
Apress John laborer, h. 76 Mohawk 
Afe&nd Wm. stone mason, 26 Mulberry 
Aniu &.Ginochh>, (Jno. A. & Baminick 

a.) con foe. 23 E.5th 
ArriiU Jno. (A. & Ginochio) 28 E. 5th 
Arbeck Fred, lab. 02 Dunlap 
Arberry Fred, lab. 681 Elm ■ 
Arbuekle Wm. 100 Milton 
Archer Daniel, hatter, 144 Main 
Ar,-her Ceo. hatter, 141 Maju. 
Archer jas- engraver, S3 W< '3d 
Archer VilettaB, 513 W. 3d 
Archer Wm. dray. oKi W. 3d 
Archibald (3- 1), bds. F&rTow House 
Archy Ezekiel, dray. 358 W. 2d 
Ardamann Wm. lab. 132 Clinton 
Ardor Frank, ped. 600 Eain 
Are Geo. lab. Elm b. Findlay and Ham. I 

Road I 

Arcndt Daniel, grocery, 114 Lock 
Areii'lt John C. grocer, s.e.c Bank and j 

Wightman - ; 

Arey Tims, machinest, at D. Griffey's, ; 

res. Newport 
Arfeld Cnnnard, grocery, 81 Water 
Arlard Jacob, carp. e.s. al. b. 13th and 

I4 f h and Walnut and Tine 
Arteth Fred, butcher, n.s. Harrison Road ' 
Arliug Bernard, 384 Walnut 
Arfinghaua Francis 11. elk. 36 L. Market ' 
Armacost Ellis, carp, n.s. Front nr. Syc- 
amore F'n *f 
Armeth Elizabeth, h. 613 Race < 
Armistead Edwin F. fin. boots, 67 W- 7th : 
Armistead Mrs. Elsa, 11 Pierson 
Armistead John, moulder, 202 Webb 
Arm'sh'd Michael, butcher, 983 Hamilton 

Armisted Walter, 520 E. Front 
Armont Herman, lab. 98 Ham. Road | 
Armour Archibald, sofa manuf. n.s. Ca- i 

r.a! b. Race and Elm 
ArmsVy Betsy, n.w.c. Front and Long- . 

worth F'n 
AJmsfiremg Aaron D. carp. 157 Catharine 
Armstrong Albert, printer, ISO Richmond 
Armstrong A. W. reporter Enquirer, bd3. . 

2-2 E. 6th 
Armstrong 1 Arthur E. (Armstrong, Era- ', &-. Co.) 20 Richmond 
Armstrong Frances W. constable, 210 

Armstrong Geo. W. carp. 518 W. 7th 
Armstrong Gustav, bds. 16 12th ! 

Armstrong Hy. 589 John 
Arnostrn«« H. G. printer, h. 46 Richmond 
Armrtron« Jas. lab. 31 Pierson 
Armstrong Jas. tailor, 121 W. 3d 
Krmntrun^ Jas. tailor, 110 Elm 
Arc .sr.-M-.r Jas. M. (A., Krafeldt & Co.) 

35!) John 
A«rmsfreng J. 8. 2(7 W. 7th" 
Armstrong Jno. shoe mkr. h, 34 E. 8th 
Armstrong Job:/, lihosmkr. h. 8th near 

Armstrong Jno. A. printer. 366 Richmond 
Armstrong John B. chair painter, 24 

E , fjth 
Armstrong John Y. b-k. 29 E. Front, res. | 

Newport j 

A»-£BstroGg Krafeldt & Co. (Jas. M. A., 

Henry K. Ac Arthur E. A.) flour 

deal. No. 7 Ac 9 Canal 
Armstrong Leonard L. drugs, 231 Broad- 
way i 
Armstrong Mrs. 518 E. Front 
Armstrong Mrs. Mary, 319 Eim 
Armstrong Mich, teacher, bds. 181 Plum 
Armrtrong Dr. N'ath. g. al. phy. 115 W. 

C:h,l>iv 114 W. 6th 
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah, 22 E. 6th 
Armstrong Susan, washing, 147 Culvert 
Armstrong Thos. turner, 198 Fulton 
Armstrong Warwick, engineer, h. 39 

E. fth 
Armstrong Wm. bar kpr. Broadway Hotel 
Amstr< ng Win. Jab. UM Ham. Road 

Arm ..r..()-; W. IV. 16 SI i:.r 

Arndt B. cigar mkr. F23 w. Liberty i 

Arnetx Peter, cof.h, 5)5 W. Court 
Arnold Mrs. Ann, dross maker 327 W. 

A ttNOM) RT.IAS E. Sreinan, comp. ! 

/* No. 11 6th b. Carr and Harriet, 
reu. 19 Hannibal i 

Arnold Francis, trrinder, 517 W. Row 
ARNOLD Franklin E. (Dorr, A. &. Co.) 

res. N. Y. 
Arnold Jacob, cof.h. 638 Vine 
Arnold John, huckster, h. 257 Clark 
Arnol John, sawyer, s.s. Front b. Rice 

and Walnut F"n 
Arnold Lester, elk. 65 Tend 
Arnold Seymour, carp. 598 Main 
Arnold Simon, cab. mkr. 12 Gano 
Arnold Wm. (Ewing & A.) 
Arnotxi -Crist, grocery, Vine b. Ham- 

Road and Buckeye 
Arns Fred, moulder, 396 Walnut 

Arnst , finisher, bds- 55 W. Front 

Arnzen lly. b.k. 58 Laurel 

Arnzen Barney, elk. 1G1 W. Court, res. 

20 Jackson 
Aron Chas. pedler, bds. Levi's Hotel 
Aron Garret, (Dumont Ac Sons) 111 Park 
Arons Wm, boiler mkr. n.e.c- Front and 

Atxison Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 123 

Arrison "Win. caulker, Front b. Rice and 

Walnut F'n 
ArstingstaU Geo. B. (J. T. & G. B. A.) 
Arstingstall Jno. T. (G. T. &-, G. B. A.) 
ArstingstaU G- T. & G. IT. (Geo. B.Ac 

Jno. T.) stable, 116 Sycamore 
Art Bend, lal>. h.466 Linn 
Art Uy lab. 508 Plum (4th 

Art Union Building, n.w.c. Sycamore & 
Ave Union Gallery and Museum, Art 

L'aion bid,.;. <:. <idi andSyamore,Wes- 

Art-iur Johr, A AVcb/ 46 Pearl 
Arzeco Jos. eon fee. 185 Race 
Aishury 'i?hos. ico man, 92 I2th 
Anbury Wm. IT, elk. 92 12th 
AsenJAaig. compositor, Volksblatt, Tine 

b. 12th and 13th 
Ashbee David, earpi. n.s. Water nr. R. R. 

crossing F'n 
Ashbrfdge D. W. elk. btte. Pennison H. 
Ashcraft B. S. dray. h. 53 Hopkins 
Ashcraft Jesse, coal, 131 E. Front 


ft sav," mill. s.s. Front h. 
"*-*- Butler and Canal 
Ashcraft Root. C engineer, Ludlow b. 

Congress and 3d 
Ashcraft Eobt. S- dray, 53 Hopkins 
Ashcraft, McCammon Ac Co., (Samuel-, S.- 

A- & Jas. McC) fonndry, 575 Pium 
Asham Wm. turner, 8th atul Canal 
Asher Barney, t;-.ilor. 87 M irton 
Ashford Chas. S. broker, 352 W. *th 
Ashley Elisha, dray. 142 Laurel 
Ashley J. L. elk. bds. U. S. Hotel 
Ashling Hy. elk. 477 Race 
A4hman Chas. shoe mkr; 2.98 Linn 
Ashman Jas. shoes, 549 W. Row 
Ashton John, lab. 203 Catherine 
ASHTON Wm. A. iM. Sawyer 6c Co.) h. 

?34 Cutter' 
Askron Thos. c»arp. bd3. SIS V> *. 8th 
Askron Wm. cab. mkr. 318 W. 8th 
Asman Jno. lab. Pleasant b. t'inuiav aud 

Asman Hy. W. grocer, Bnrgoyne b. Main 

and Sycainore 
Aspaugh August, basfeet b. 'Western 

Avenue b. Bank and Harrison Road 
A spin wall Chauncey B. agent, c. John &: 

Assam Philipp, shoe mkr. 201 Pir.m 
Assar Alex, day goods, 120 W. 5th 
Ast Jno. H. porter, 22 Main 
Ast John A. b.k. 28 Jackson 
Aston Thos. P. elk. h. 12J Sycamore 
Astrote Fred. brk. mkr. h. 4<>- Linn 
Asztnann Ify.F. dr« gn ids, 1^:< W. Row 
Atohinson J:\i- soap mkr. h 47 Bi its 
Ath.n Ward. Eng. M- B- C c. Bth Jt Main 
Athearn V. W. iiap< r, 344 Walnut 

ATJIKARN >fc HnfflARU, ti» a. Ac 
Samuel !'■ li.) st- boat ngta and 
c.-iw. merchants, 5 V- Front. 
ATHKAKX l'-a, (A. &. Uibbard) bds. c. 

Broadway and 3.1 
Athearn S. M, elk. 61 Main, h. 69 W. %l 
Atkins A.'j. b.k. i.'">3 Main, h.264 Broad. 

Atkins Alex. W. b.k. n.e.c. Main and L. 
Market, bds. Broadway Hotel 

Atkins Benj. Prof, music, 174 W. R.ow 
Atkins Benj. R. elk. 253 Main, bds. 264 

Brood way 
Atkins Emery, carp. s.s. Water b. Rice 

and Broad F*n 
1 TKINS GEORGE, English, French 
l\ and German fancy floods andtrim- 
M *~ trimmings, 162 W. 5:h 145 Main 
Atkins lly. M. b.k. at Whetstones, Bth 

nr. Lock 
Atkins Jas. printer, Gazette office 
Atkins John, (A & Son) 
Atkins Josiah, (A. <fe Son) 
Atkins M. 337 Nine. 
Atkins &c Son, (John A. &c Josiah,) ba- 
ke, v, 205 Elm 
Atkins Susan S. elk. 205 Elm 
Atkins Thos. 307 W. 6th 
Atkins Wm. floor inspector, 23 E. 8th ' 
Atkinson Cvnthia, r -ea.mscress,h. 222 Piatt 
Atkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, h. w.s. Butler 

b. Congress arid Sy names 
Atkinson G. Gie manuf. 238 W. 7th 
Atkinson Geo. N. elk- 90 W. 5:h 
Atkinson Hy. dray. W. Row b. York and 

Atkinson Dr. J. R. 224 Broadway 
Atkinson John T. quetnsvare, 92 TV. 5tb. 

h. 34 Richmond 
Atkinson Lydia.h.h. 2G3 W. 5th 
Atkinson Mr?. Elizabeth 191 Symmei 
Attee Elizabeth, 299 W. 4th 
Attig Philip, barter, n-w.o. Front tn& 

East. F'n 


A plumber pump and hydrant mkr. 
-*-*• 321 Vine 
A.UB Abr'm (A.,B!och Ac Frenkel) 23 



oi Mam 

(Ab'm A., Lazarus B. & B'nriict F-) 

Aubery Johiv, artist. 14 E. 4:h, Y xv s r -.a T rs, 

i h. 317 Vine 

| AUBERY Wm. (Traber &. A.) 's.e.c 3d 

i and Pike 

| Aubin Simon, distiller, 18 Mercer 

■ Aubke Hy. elk. 355 Main 

l Audrian L. H. printer (Gazette) h. c 
Race and Court 

| Auel Ad un, stone mason. 17 Hickory 

! Auerbaeh Hy. elk. 433 Main 
Augh Adoiph, boatman, bds. 28 Ham 

Augur Dan. n-s. IIi ; jh nr. East, F'n 
Augur Ja.». grocer, n-s. Front n. East, F'n 
Augur Wm. n.s. High nr. Walnut, F'n 

. August David, peddler, bds. Levi's Hotel 

j August II. n.s. 3d b. Vine and Waluut 

i August Julius, 3£3 W. Row 

! Augustwinter Hy. painter, 253 Carr 

I Aulbrigh John, prov. store, 135 Carr 

! Auldegary Hy. lab. 71 Abigail 
Aull Jacob, salesman. 96 Clinton 

j Ault Jos. carp. 80S W. Front - 

! Auman John, sand dealer, 142 L''nn 

! Aupke Frank, taiior, 6 ( .I3 Main 
Anperle Al"\. locksmitb.,.26 Ham Road 
AureuderJ9hn,machinist,Welsh Church, 

i w.s. Lawrence b. 3d and 4'.h 
Aurlit Job, dray, 70 Lock 
Ansdmore Mr;. Mary, 63 Green 
Aust.ica Morgan, candy mkr. 319 W. 2d 
Austin Jas. S. groceries, 180 W. 5th, h. 
151 Elm 

; Austin John B> grocery, 62 Abigail 
Austin Prince, waiter, 155 Pearl 

; Aest n Theodore, phoe mkr. 331 Cutter 

' Autenrieth Adolp. bookbinder, 141 Main 
Autenrieth Fred, paperhanger, 513 Phua 
Autenrieth Ludwig, engraver, die sinker 

and embosser, 31 H W. 3<1 
Autler Benj. tanner. 37 Mohawk 
Avaline John, lab. 16 Milton 
Averbeck F. 410 Broadway 
Averheek Hy. brush mkr. 410 Broadway 
Avcritt Thos. c >f. h. 192 Broadway 
Avers By. chair mkr. 158 CI ty 
Avcrsou Mrs. Mary. 51 '.- W. 7;h 
Avery Chas. carp. bds. 23d Broadway 
Avery ( lids. cab. mkr. 12 Gauo, h- 233 

AVK,:V ('HAS. L 
81. pliys. 
olhce and res. 99 W. Ttli 







Smith James F., 58 w. 4 th. 

Awnings,' Tents, A:c. 

Vandvier, Win., 100 Sycamore. 

Alcorn Wm. E. ' Gordon George. Terrell C. 
Duncan Lawrence, Ruling John. 

Oeder John II., 106 Buckeye. 
Weiss John, 10G Buckeye. 

Atkins & Son. Guiraud Adolph. 
Bengel Philip. Gunkel Ed ward. 

Bennett K. 1). Haar John. 

BenneU&LittlefordHambuiger S. 
Beaslnger Christ. Han house J. B. 

Axes, See. 

Galbreath, James, 15 w. 7th. 


Belser W. C, n. e. c. 5th and Western Row. 

Bennett C. H., 89 w. Court. 

Golden Isaac, 167 Elm 

Goodwin & Cioon, 46 Public Landing. 

Luers John B., 172 Sycamore, 

Blair Joseph. 
Beiser Joseph. 
Brock J. 
Bruce Alex. 
Bruckner Wm. 
Bur beck .Aml.C, 
Bjrkhart E. S, 
L'ole James. 
Cooper James C. 
Cooper Robert A. 
Dorn Frederick, 
Dunholter Henry. 

Hart & Husley. 
Hennessy Kichard. 
Keil Juhn. 
Kessling H. J. 
Kirchhof Lud wig. 
Kfing George P. 
Kramer Frederick. 
Kulencatnp Clias. 
Lauter Adam. 
Lauthers G. 
Louder John. 

IkeFiederiok. LuJica Chris. 

Fan-el Henry. 
Field K. B. 
Fisher Christian. 
Frank Lewis, 
Frewer Anton 
Fiiedebom Aug. 
Fi'iedcbom Wm. 


Oberle John. 
Parkhill James. 
Quentin ileiowu. 
Hack Anton. 
Kath-xeber FE6& 
Roberts Hamilton, 

Gellenbeck & Dut- Roitkamp Theo. 
man. Kuffner Jno. 

Sauer A, 
Scheuiele. Jno. 
Schmidt Chaa Wm. 
Schulc Alois. 
Sedarn J. P. 
Seiter George. 
Simon Sarrmel. 
Spreeu F. W. & Co. 
Stcnger Adam. 
Ruhr J 05. <.v Alex. 
Taylor John. 
Tellers Michael. 
Topf Ottomar. 
Uhle & Warner. 
VarwalU Frank. 
Walker David. 
Wassenicb Joseph. 
Wehrmaun C. H. 
Weidinger Johu S, 
Welkrr Peter. 
Welsh John. 
Wheeler M. G. 
Wolf Conrad. 
Wolinshry Edward 
Zimmerman Joan. 

IJlIl JL - ill .1,181 J : >%j£J* J^kJLS^A^ 



jEs i sbs :o; opr 1 <o bl» & 



Hill! flit 1% iSjIiii:, f@ll, ■ 



Bishoprick's Infallible Bakino Powder is an aitiele unequalled, and which cannot be sur- 
passed for the immediate production of Light Bread, Biscuit, Buckwheat Cakes, and every de- 
scription of Pastry in the highest state of perfection, without yeas., and in less time than by any 
other process. 

North West Corner of Fifth and Walnut streets, (Apollo Building.) 

Baking' Powder, 

jDeGraw A., s. w. c. Smith and Lon? worth. 

Bishoprick Henry, n. w. c. 5th and Walnut. jHnnnaford Jno. \V., s. w. c. 6rh and Western 
Brickett, H. L., (Azumea Baking Powder) c. 6th How. 
and Vine. | 




OOOI3MilN c&3 OO., 
W$ Jk B3T S^ST W3 H3> (£2 


iM j£h, %J jkJL Ia ASi SUE JS 

r^i \^f if f n w* ts 
U J£l Jj§. Jy? JO Aii ls£ « 






A* *ry 
< v 
A retry 

*v:c > 
Av:d a 
A frtel 
/. jrcrs 
A y era 

John L. notny, 139 Sycamore 
Mr>. Lvdia, 274 Race 
UHveiycof. h. 95 W. Court 
A Seymour B- (J. C Ringwalt <fc 
.) bds. 40 Of litre 
{. J. dep. city weigher;, 5 Water 
hdipvn.w.c. 3d and Race 
Irs. Matilda, seamstress, 84 Bank 
Hiram, caulker, bda. 77 L. Market 
• t<'->. carp. <»5.'» Viae 
>•;.- Rev- Benj. P. SHi Clinton 
ue'Johri, 1> Is. 1;° .John 
A. U. . Ik. bds. Gibson ilouse 
las. ch iir mfcr. L8i Ikmgworfch 
J;,, brk. layer, 190 John 
John, tobacconist, 49 Elizabeth 
Nich. carp- 4o9 Kimball 
Stephen G. b.k- 12 Ann 
Juhn, gardener, Hopkins w. of 


Bafeb Clement E. ed. Centra] Ch. Herald, 

28 v,". ith, h. Linn n. of Catharine 
Ba>b E&tounrf, reporter (Gazette) bds. 

B.w.c. 4th and Walnut 
Rabfc J ■.»,£!, els. 38 Walnut 
15 :• N ii ibcrt, carp. 8th and Canal 
lteb&n«;ef Abraham, 18 George 
BABBITT Calvin (IS. Good <Sc Co.) 28 

i)Aiii',i"iT, GOOD & CO. (Calvin b., 
\ Jixo. G . <3c Edmund 11. Gardner) wh. j 
grocers, com. mer. and liq. dealers, 
IS and IOPub. Landing 
Ii nfcbiti Hathaway, dep. co. oik". 101 Cl'tn 
Babbitt U. & Co. (llemy B. 6c Thos. 
McCulla) Hour dealers. 19 W. Canal 
Babbitt Henry (II. B. &c Co.) 101 Clinton 
Babba John. lab. 151 Everett 
BaScork Jos. B. bookseller, 3d Parsons 

I>ABC0CK WM. S. agt. Cin. and St. 
) Louis Om. Co., 0. and M. ticket of- 
fice, 2 Burnet House, h. 168 
Baber Geo. W. boilertHlcr. n.s. Fulton b. 

Market and Harrison, F'n 
Bahir,„'er Jacob, shoe mkr. 22 Mercer 
Bacciocco John, foreign and domestic 

confec. 124 W. 5th 
V acciocco Jos-, confec- 173 Elm 
Baccioccc Jos. confec. n.e.c. 4th and 

pACciorro s. 

I \ i -r •-.!'■•.. it. saloon, 
*•* iTdYr'.Sih 
Boceus Hvbua, 45 Lodge 
Hftcheftirr John, 123 Mill 
BacbeJder Sarah, teacher, 123 Mill 
B-tcblcJ ,h'u, hostler, 25 Court 
B»"hu.iai-n CaaS.-'G. tailor, over 52C Main 
EJchBlann Cfcas. V. engineer, rear 507 

W.dnut - - 

Sac! taau Frank, lab. 8 Buckeye 
Barhman Henry, .easp. feds; 1.-J5 Y7. 2d 
h *hman Henry, lab. 103 Olav 
Bai Jiman Hernia".., lab. 28 Bahibal I 

fiaeiua in M. E. dry goods, 148 W. 5th 
» u: ijaanjohn, wagon mkr. 127 Ham Kd. 
»a< fear Adam, cab. mkr. Cas3att's Alley 
Backer ify, chair mkr. 183 Linn < 

&*rkherms Barney, lab. rear 24 W'dward I 
;^,;:, : , ;;J •.,..,. g r o Cer y 5 04 Woodward 
Hick9t«s » irney, blacksmith, 347 B>ay 
!♦*< * is Fred. lab. 20 Buckeye 
ri*rk«r<i«). elk* 69 Walnut 
Backus Jnhn, porter. 28 Buckeye 
Bv«a ,*«,«. lab. 3.84 Wain ut 
B* n Jos. D. plasterer, 427 W. 4th 
|>A ,! lUl ii \U|)S. commercial col- 

J) s ' V-' - ,wc " Gch ,Ujd Walnut, h. 34G 

w. .lh 
B»eon W; 3 ,. a. b.k. n.e.c. Walnut and 

B*ooi! U:;t. W'm, S. elk. 7G W. 4th, r^J. 

^"•'1 bu ^ Jiihn, fruit dealer, 1G] w. 2d 
B ...•!•■ m S. K. bl o ksiuith, Water b. liica 

a:.d Broad, F'n 
Bvbr r»> iij. moulder, Mary 
j v.,-t l!y. earp. 15i) W. 3d 
Bfeiircr \V rc . teamster, 45(t E- Front 
»»lglejf I). N; rL phys. 380 W. 7th 

Bady H. P. turner, n.w.c. 8th andBVay 
Bdel Cornelius, 118 Clav 
Bacn John W. elk. res. Branch Hill 
Baenninger Chas. A. elk. 430 Main 
Baenninger Solomon (Fey 6c B.) Front 

opp, L. M. R.R. depot 
Bier E/.ra, carp. 145 Hopkins 
Baer Frank, silver plateri^.'Vf'. 6th 
Baer Isaac, trader, 58 Providence 
Bacr Simon, 53G W. Bow 
Baergen Mania, dray, 13 Pearl 
Baeu Martin, b.k, 11*0 Main, bds. 22 W. 

Basjerstjarfer John, cof. h. 645 Tine 
Bagge Frank, elk. 14 E. 3d 
Baggot Albert, tailor, 187 Clark 
Baggot And. bricklayer, 9b Abigail 
Baggot JEIy. 65 Hunt 
Baggot Jos. metal roofs, bds. 183 W. 24 
Baggot John, finisher, 114 Fulton 
Baggot Thos. 114 Fulton 
Baggot Win. butcher. 01 Hopkins 

BAGLEY AAEON C. general news- 
paper agency, Art Union bldga. c. 
Sycamore and 4th, h. ID Harrison 

excliange broker, 
37 W. 3d 
Bahk Lorenzo, tailor, Bro«vn n.s. Canal 
Bahlman Albert, b.k. 389 Maim, bds. 415 

Bahlman n Bernard, furniture manuf. 529 

W. Borr 
Bahm Moses, paper hanger, 230 Elm 
Baiuner B. H- cab. mkr. 61 Abigail 
Bahmer Mrs. Mary, 3 Pleasan 
Bahner Henry, cooper, 692 Main 
Bahning Wm. elk. 4!'5 Vine 
Bahou Jas. elk. bd3.. n.w. c. Walnut and 

Bahr John , va<?on mkr. 634 Vine 
Bailey Alex. 181 Race 
Bailey Alex. cof. h. n.e. c Lock and 4th 
Bailey Alfred E. currier, 7U2 W. Row 
Bailey David H. 61 Walnut . 
Bail.y Edvv'd M. trunkmaker, 89 Main 
Bailey Frank, cooper, New n-3- b. B'way 

and Culvert 
Bail.y H . 209 Barr 
Bailer James, blacksmith^ h. Observatorv 

Bailey James, express, h. 67 E. 8th 
Bailey Jona. cab. mkr. 228 Elm 
Bailey John, cab. mkr. 133 E. Front, h. 

150 E. Liberty 
Bailey Jno. carp. 41 E. 3d 
Bailey Jno. carp. 327 Cutter 
Bailey Jno. stone mason, 36 E. £th 
Bailey Jos. potter, 164 Dayton 
Bailey Joshua, tailor, bds. 27 Center 
Bailey Mrs. Louisa, 123 Cutter 

i\ com. mer. and dealer in wool, 
**-* 59 & 61 Walnut, res. 49 W. 4th 
Bailey Martin, grocery and bakery 347 

W. 5th. 
Bailey Mary, washing, e. s.' Culvert b. 

5Ja and 6th 
Bailey Mrs. Marv, fancy store, e. s. Lock 

b. Symmes and 4th 
Bailey Moses, elk. 142 W. Court 
Bailey Peter, cooper, e. s. Culvert, h. n.e. 

c- Broadway and New 
Bailey R. B., K.B. man, 256 Vine 
Bailey Reuben, bill poster, 373 W. 7th 
Bailey Samuel, se. c. 4th and Ellen 
Bailey Samuel, lab. 52 Commerce 
Bailey Wm. cook, E. 7th n. Sycamore 
Bailey York, 7 Patterson's Alley 
l"1 bakery, 
-*- 60 E. Front 

Bailor Martin, lock mkr. 28 W. 3rd 
Bady &; Bro, (Ezra B., He^.ekiah B.) 

lurnbor dealers, n. s. Front b. Mill 

and Wood 
B aily Cyrus (Baily & Bro.) 13^ Smith 
Bally Ezra, (Bailey & Bro.) 138 Smith 
Baily Hez. B. (U. -lc Bro.) ]3d Smith 
Bain Mich. B. grocery, 139 Walnut 
Bain Thos. fruit dealer. 1 52 Walnut 
Bainard llelman, lab. 64 fc'indtay 
Baine Luther, carriage mkr. 77 Barr 
Bair Wm. cigar mkr. 11 W. 6th 
B.urd M. W, miDiner, 46 E. 4th, h. 44 E. 


Baird Wm. 16 Plum 

Baird Win. cooper, a.w. c. Linn & Bt.ttj 
Baize Hy. carp. Front b. Rice ic Wal- 
nut, F'n 
Baizin? Thos. distiller, 24 
Baker A- (Fox Sc B.) 17 Madison 



n. P i 

prof. Cin. Col. of Med. &.C 

h. 316 W. 6th 
Baker Albert, cooper, 17 Madison 
Baker Albert P.. (A. L. Scoville & Co.) 

bds. 100 W. 5th 
Baker Anna, milliner, 271 Main 
Eaker Barney, lab. e. s. Anderson b. 

Whitewater canal and 2nd 
Baker B. C (B. &c Co.) 3b6 W. 6:li 
BAKER Benj. P. (Stem, Baker & Co.) 
I 35 McFarland 
Baker Casper, tailor, 635 Pace - 
Baker Christopher, cigar mkr. 9. r ' W. 2nd 
: Baker fc-COi (Bowman C- &. Joel B., N'im- 

rod, H. Sinclair &• Jas. P. Garvey,) 

Wh. grocers, 29 Main 
Baker David, (II ait well &. B.) 153 George 
Baker David F. salesman, 144 Walnut, h. 

G3 Mclarlarid 
Baker, butcher, 230 W. Liberty 
Baker Mrs Elizabeth, cigar store, 320 

I'lurn, h. 125 Bfe'ttS 
Baker Frank, lab. 230 Walnut 
Baker Fulton, 125 C lav- 
Baker Geo. baker, 201 Piatt- 
Baker Geo. moulder, 75 E. Front, h . 

Baker G. R. salesman, 128 Walnut 
Baker Henry, 140 Freeman 
Baker Hy. painter, h. 107 High 
Baker Hy. F. Sec 0. &. Miss. R. R. omce, 

95 W. 4th « 
Baker Jacob S. elk. 40 Mansfield 
Baker Jas. brush mkr. 211 Walnut 
Baker Jane, 337 Longworth 
Baker, Mrs. Jane, 141 Spring 
Baker Joel (B. & Co.) res. Frankfort, Ky 
Baker Jno. office 39 W. 4th 
Baker Jno. lab. 20 Dun lap 
Baker Jno. watchman, s-w. c Walnut Sc 

Baker John A. river man, 56 Plum 
BAKER Jno. G. (agt. U- S. Express Co. 

11 E. 3d, res. Storrs Township 
Baker Jno. H. cof. h. 103 Carr 
Baker Jno. II. teamster, Jones b. Wade 

and Liberty 
BAKER Jno. W. (B. &. Vou Phu!.) res. 

Baker Jos. cab. mkr. 147 Smith 
Baker Jos. shoe mkr. 314 W. 5:h 
BAKER Lewis, (L. 11. B. £ Co) C3 

B/ KT.R Lewis H. (L. II. ii. 6c Co. 367 

W. 4th 

I)AKL'R L. JT. & GO. (Lewis H. B. & 
\ Levis li."> wh. hatters, furs, <s:c. 
J 144 Walnut 
Baker Lewis, lab. 5S4 Plum 
Baker Lewis, hardware. Woodward b. 

Sycamore and Broadway 
Baker Mich. mach. e. s. Anderson, b. W. 

W. caual and 2nd 
Baker N. A. printer, KK) W. 5ih 
Baker S LtUnn A. b. h. 7 College 
Baker O-viiie R. com. nu.r. 16 E. 2ad, Woodruff House 
Baker Pat. 211 Walnut 
Baker Paul, carp. Landing b. Ludlow tc 

Baker Peter A. lab. Adams b. Plum ami 

Baker Peter C monlder, 151 Qeorge 
Baker PhUip, lab. 115 Clay 
Bake- Row. block mkr. e. 8. 6th aboY* 

Baker ELobt c:\r>->. Ixls. 9. S". 6 "" '• " 
Baker*Kudolph, (B. A. Smith.; l». Cauar 

Baker & Smith, (Rud>l;>h B. A Chas, 

Smith.) firvceries, B> I .••••■ 

Baker Thoa. K. iron railing ■ 

and jail work, -'7.3 W- ■••••• : " •■»' >y - 

7th ... . 

Baker Thornton, b. k. i'^"- " ' ' , 

Baker T. T. F. (CoUins Av L.., bds. h*U- 

road Hotel 
Baker Wm. cab. mkr, 20 Hathaway 
Baker Wm. lock smith, 6.h. V me 





E. G-. BITHKHAHi & CO., 

fii^ p* 'w®> <ma> m%- m ft 

telFfcS? fr--':A\ HVvSfrl t-^'-.^V . t~»-w&| <~A : .?r> iCs^l- 

djR$%k c(tvi^ pfeitV; ^'-tf :\ ■'■/-:„ p'* : v't« eiSss. H^-Mli ^ 
^fe*g&' ^K^ft t**^v» V- ■•■-.. :■, y -•;^4y %^,- : *% ^S?>' V 



ff S£ ^ ^y ^«j ^ -s^Sia "^ -4 ^t^# \2ib>4 H£^ % hj ^^sCr *U ^ l SSh!» %» "^ fear 

E. W. CLARK; Dodge & Co., N. Y.; E. W._Clark & Co., Philadelphia ; J. W. Clark & Co , Boston. 

inderson James. 
Utig Phillip 

Buscb E. 

Bush Chas. 
Cirr Wm. 
Clark Chas. E 

Bank of Commerce, (A. G. Woodruff & Co.) 4!^^^,^ 
College Building. Harnett Wm, 

Burkam E. G. & Co., 19 w. 3d. Batfe. Wilson 

r««^t i r> i /it . ' o r i v /-^ . n Bern hard Peter 

Central bank, (Hatcn & Langoon) Court Mouse BeToe Henry 
buildinor, c. Main and Court. Bohiender Geo. 

Citizens Bank, (Smead, Coilard & Hughes) 143 gStSS^gg* 

City Bank, 21 w. 3d. 

Cones W. W. & Co., 36 e. 3d. 

Dealevy, Drake & Co., 31 w. 3d. 

Fall is, Brown & Co., 33 \v. 3d. 

Gillis, Thompson & Co., 8 and 10 w. 3d. 

Gilmore & Brotherton, n. e. c. 3d and Walnut, 

Goodman T. S. & Co. 8 and 10 w. ^d. 

Grpesbeck & Co., 14 w. 3d, 

Haire E. & Co., 34 w. 3d. 

Kinney, Espy &. Co.. 23 w\ 3d. 

Lord & Co., 17 w. 3rd. 

Meline James F. & Co., 59 w. 3d. 

Morion 1. R. & Co., 29 w. 3d. 

N'ourse C. E. & Co., 40 w. 3d. 

Ohio L. Ins. and Trust Co., c. 3d and Main. 

Paddock Wm. R. & Co., s.e. c. 3d and Walnut. jBrischo James 

Gehefer Cornelius Myers John 

Goens J Na?e] J. C. 

Goldsmith Conrad Nelson Wm. M. 

Griffin Edwin. 'Pohl C, 

Guidon An tone Bobineori Francis 

Hans Jacob. Roots Geo. W. 

Jfareftrjierg 0. Ross Jas. 

Harrison VVra. H. Schirmeister. Wm. 

Hatten Cobert Schmidt Hoiruich 
Hawkins Julius, Jr. Schomenald & Jo:- 
Herold August dan 

Hesse J. Ch. W. Sefton John 

Hctikt Jacob Ship Tkos. 

Ilovey Benj. 
Correvan Joseph Johnson Wm. 
Curtis A. L. Jadah Judah 

Barnes Wm, -Kerred Jared. 

Uarrell Albert. Knobloeh Frank 
Davis Dan"! F. Kochler Fred. 
Detzell Sfichael Kohl J no. R. 

Dickeseheid & Co. Krautwasser JohnVerhein August. 
Kiche Osrar. Lancaster Joseph We nk el man Wm 

Kppel Ferdinand Laufar Michael 
Krnst Charles J. Liverpool John 
FerrieJno. f. Lnzins Ph. 

Fieber Simon Miller Abraham 

Fox Peter Mount Henry S. 

Frankenstien Geo. Mandler C. 
Freeman John Muscler Peter 

liiiti5 Houses. 
Metropolitan House (J. Uphoff), 137 Sycamore. 

Johuson William 

Sisco Miles 
Smith & Edmonson 
Stapp & Toney 
Steward Jas. 
Sutler Fred. 
Thomas Robt. R. 
I- hi John 

Winkler 11. & J. 
Williamson Ceo. 
Williamson Geo. B. 

Zichritz J. H. 
Zaehritz Phillip J. 
Zaiity Jno. L. 

Smith & Gilbert, n. \v. c. 3d and Main. 
Tuttle & Ackiey, 40, e. 3d c. Sycamore, 
Wheeler, A. J., n. w. c. 3d and Main. 
Wood, Lea &, Co., 15 \v. 3d. 
Wright George S. & Co., 26 w. 3d. 

.Bank of Savings Exchange Bank Union Bank (Jas. 

(Alex. Van Ham) (Jer. T'.ngley) B. Ramsay) 

Burt A. G. & Co. Johnson, Brothers Walnut St. Bank ihnglisn Al fcon, 1UO C. -U. 
Christir.n C. & Co. 6: Co. ( Bussiug & Hyndmaa W. G.. 

Commercial Bank Lafayette (late) B'k Co.) 

Kedstead (Patent"* ?Iannfacturcrs, 
Boyd Henry, '261 Broadway c. 8th. 
Madge Enoch, 95 w. 2d- 

JtcUows ntsuiufactureri 

Ferguson Alex., 92 w. 3d. 
Nagle Nicholas, s. e. c. Pike & Front 
Roots Thomas E., 92 w. Third 
Uphoff Jno., 137 Sycamore 
Weaver John Q. } s. e. c. 6th & Elm. 

I \ Bell 4c lirass Founders. 

Co!?in Geor-re W., 102 and 104 e. 2d. 
Cumminga fcJam'l, n. s. Front betw Pike and 

lHanks George L., 120 and 122 e. 2d. 





Biker Wm. stone mason, Pi-am and i 

Baker Wrj. trunk mkr. n. s. Adams b. \ 

Kho and Canal 

T)AKKU & VON PHBL, (John W. j 

I I Baker and Henry Ton Phul.) | 

** mah'fifac. and imprts. of lamps j 

. jchandeliers, g as fixtures "arid fancy; 

good*, 62 W. 4th 


wh. prrocer and com. mer. 
6 W. Trout, h 143 W. Row 
Bafchaus Chas. drug store, n. w. c 7th &. . 

Main, h. 432 Broadway ) 

BaJbC J jlrn B. elk. n. e. c. Vine and 3d 
lli'carn, C L. painter, 412 John | 

B&dridge, David A. b. k. 4G Main,bds. 87 j 

Bakb idjre Alex. M. ec. pays. 169 Clinton 
B&Mridge, Jarues It- magistrate's office, I 

bi7 VrV. 3d, h. 283 George 
Baldwin Almon, artist, Art Union Bids- j 

h. 132 Court ! 

Baldwin A. teller 0. L. I. & T- Co.fc. 320 j 

W. 3d 
Bttklwin E'eazar B. cik. Auditor's office, 

bds. 252 Walnut 
Baldwin Eli C. bds, 352 Walnut. 
Baldwin F. II. elk- 25 W. 4r.h, bds. 100 

Baldwin Jas. G. elk. 74 Main, bds. 132 , 

Baldwin Jas. It. (Saunders & B.) n. s. 

Clark b. Piatt aud Freeman 
Baldwin John \V*. 387 W. Sth 


IS carpenter and builder, 

i/ 304 Elm. h. 137 W. 9th 

Baldwin Moses, saddlery 123 Linn 
Baldwin S. G. foreman Glenn's mill, s. s. I 

Front n. Ohio River, res. Pendleton j 
Bald-- in Thos. bds. 686 W. Front 
Bablwin Thos. F. 116 Main up stairs, j 

rt.s. Mr.. Auburn 
Baldwin T. V. as. teller 0. L. I. & T. Co. 

h. 13d W. Court 
Baldwin ffm. S. cab. mkr. 63 Moses 
Baldwin Wsre. iab. n. s. Front b. Wash- ' 

ington andXiberty 
Balkanoft 2ienrv,hlk smith. 66 Spring I 
BALL Flaraen, (Chase, B. &c Skinner,) : 

r<-s. Clifton 
BALL Geo. \V. (O. W. B. &. Co.) res. 

DAlTlf W. & CO. (Geo. V. B. & 

I ) Thos. It. Elliott,) manuf. of stoves ! 
hollow «are, Ace. 34 aud 36 Main ! 
r. s. s. Front, b. Washing. ! 

Ball Uy. eaalk 
1'>.U I. JA^ 

W. J. 

««}W 8th 
lUfi J.vtf. mvuL'fcr, HI Clay 
Ball Ju»eph .st.i'ie cutter, 61 Buckeye 
Ball »; U. G. c! ufuer., 12 W. ,5th, boards j 

H<yt«l Dumaa 
Ball Thos. G. d i-uer., 28 W. 4th, boards 

Buroas Hotel j 

Ball Willi una p. marble Cutter, boards 192 , 

BaS tern* Theodore shoe mkr. 523 W.7th 
BaHamw Charles, 214 W. Court I 

B&iUmfc Jno. H. tannery, 106 W. Canal. 

b- 237 JUce ' ! 

Bsllv-d Bartlett, s. s 6th, b. Harriet and ' 

Horn * j 

Safer* O. W. b. k., 34 and id Main, bds. I 

Sj '-rwr House 
RaSard Thomas laborer, 43 Mill 
Ball&uf L tauter, 10 Hickory 
fc^.v.jf Wm. city collector, V> E. Liberty 
Ba.h !'.'>-r r -f Martin cutter, 6 Main, Ir I 

'.'4 Gano 
BailenhWjj L<r*-i<, b. k:, 54 W. 3d, h. 24 

Balk-rins Th -o. *hne mafeer, 523 W. 7th • 
Bad. vr Jmin'rs b| ick smith, 22 Baum ! 

Haiku? Patrick black smith, 72 \y 2-1 
B:. UUX e* Jt-rn . pilot, 24 Webb 
1-... :■,:■„:■■ :ic:»rvdray., 8. 8. Burgoyhe,b. 

M:.:ji aad Sycamore 
Bajlnian Henry porter, 16 Walnut 
[' '■ '■■■ '.r. Henry shoe maker, 99 W. 2i 
BttjoiiTjas. stone mason, s. e. c. B;irik. 

«"'l Freeman 
ttilo«jki Jos. gun mkr, bd3. 90 W. Coun 

Balsen Shite, miller, bds- Union Hall 
Baltam Alex, driver, h. s. s. 2d, b. 

Lawrence and Pike 
Baltezer Francis, cooper,'bds. 49 Race 
Balthasar Cobigur, distiller, 480 Linn 
Baluc3 Mrs. Mary, agt, turkish fancy 

store, 14 E. 5th 
Balz. Ad.uo, cab. maker, 15 Madison 
Bamberger Aaron, clerk:, 557 Mam 
Bamberger Abraham, elk., Iu7 Main, bds. 

Sylvester nouse 
Bamberger Meyer, 24 Gano 
Bamberger Philip, clothing, 311 Main, h. 

333 Main 
Bamberger Simon, dry goods, 557 Main 
Batne Christian, tailor, 61 Buckeye 
Banagan &: Co., glass engravers and or- 

namenters, 98 Pearl 
Bancroft Geo. M. cigars, boards United 

States Hotel 
Band Mrs. II. 219 Linn 
Bandin Thomas, lab., s. e. c. North, 7th 
Baneka Wm. wood sawyer, 170 Everett 
Banco H. C. physician, 36 W. 4th 
Bange Fred, (B. & Gloss) Elm, nr. Li- 
Range & Gloss, (Fred B. ft Evorald G.) 

cigars and tobacco, 94 12th 
Bangor II. laborer, boards 481 Eira 
Bangs J. S. 266 George 
Bangs L. G. salesman, 123 Main h. 236 

Banhort Peter, shoe maker, 145 Clay 
Banhufst William, laborer, 119 Bremen 
Bank Bidgs, N.W. c 3d aud Main 
Bankhard Tab, elk., 50 Lower market 
Banks Henry, cook, -Woodruff House, 

w. s. Sycamore b. 3d and 4th 
Banks Paton, porter, 64 Pierson 
Banmann L. elk., 22 Broadway, h. 168 

Binn John, drayman, 466 Broadway 
Bannaham I), widow, 234 Broadway 
Baunan Jas. cooper, e- s. Culvert, b. 

5th and 6th 
Banan Terry, grocery, 34 e. Sth 
Banners Philip, gardner, h. s. side Li- 

bertv- b. Everett and Poplar 
BANNING Pavid, (D. and J. W. B.) res. 

BAXNIX(Tl). & J. W,, (David B. & 
Jer. W. B.) com. merchants, 32.1 
BANNING Jer. W. (D. & J. W. B-,) res. 

Banning Wm., shoe maker, 8 Tleasant 
Bannister Nathan, barber, 137 Sycamore 
Banz Ernst, shoe maker, 108 13th 
Banzai- Conrad, prov. store, 118- 15th 
Banzir.>_rer Geors-e shoe ink.-., Ms. rear 

23 Woodward 
Bonta Jacob, bar k., 2 Commercial V.ov 
Bante Frank, stone sawyer, c. Broadway 

and Apple 
Banter August, cab. maker, 168 Vine 
Panter John, baker, S4 Lower Market 
Bantiin Julius J. leather store, 421 Vino 
Bantling T. tanner, 58 13th Alfred G. n.w.c. 3d and I„ioe 
Banton Herman, saddler, 445 Vine 
Baptist John, cooper, 179 Bavmdlcr 
Barager Jolm, butcher, 650 Vine 
Barb Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 65 George 
Barb Mrs. Eliza, 147 Smith 
Barbarie John, cof. h. 70 E. Front 
Barbaro Damo. S. importer of cigars, 10 

BVay, res. Newport 
Barber Arch, dray. 5 W. 5th, h. 475 W. 4th 
Barber Fred, lab. 3^4 Walnut 
Barbara Stinely, 112 Moses 
BAKllont Goodrich H. (Shaw, Buell j 

& B.) 461 Race 
Barbour John, engineer, 32 Eanrel 
BARBOUR L^.cius, (Shaw, Buell ic B.) J 

Hartford, Conn. 
Barbour 0. P. agt. druggist, n.w.c- Cath- 
erine and Fulton 
Barby Jas. sil. plater, 7.2 W. 6th 
B .."i!.;.," Jno. lab., w.s. bhh above Baum 
Barclougn Jacob, 34 Providence 
Bard, elk. 130 Linn 
Bard FraticH, butcher, w.s. Lebanon Pike 

nr. Corporation line 
Bard James II. rife. 3.'»3 Longworth 
B:u-d Sylvester W. liv. stable, 42 Clinton 
Bardes Heury, butcher, 670 Vine 

Bardes Jacob, meat shop, 530 Vine 
Bar-des Louis C. bookbinder, 36 W. 41:,, 

h. w.s. Elm nr. Findley Market 
Barding CaspUr, cabt. mkr. bds. 147 Smith 
Bardo Jno. cof. h. 290 Ham. road 
Bardaley Wm. C. hatmaker, n.w.c. Pvarl 

and Main, res. Newport 
Bare Ann, c^ip maker, til p. trl 
Bare Mrs. Barbary ? 50 Findli ■■■ 
BARE Martin (B. & West) n:3. Covin -ton 

I)A11E & WEST. (Martin B. 6c Henry 
) F. W.) ware and (rlosa ware 
dealers, n.w.c. Pearl ami Walt) n't 
Bareger Theodore, shoe mkr. 433 \V. 5lh 
Br.rcn John, lab. n.s. 6th nr. Cu'.vrt 
Bares Chas. machinist, 14 Congress, b. 

Barewaod Richd. moulder, 54 Laurel 
Bar fell llenrv, grocery, 93 Spring 
Barfbot Edward, dray., 366 Liberty 
Bargatze VLxton, marble carver, 27 Ma- 
Bargelt Geo. elk. s.w.c. 5th and Ra?e 
Bargelt John, bds. 136 W. 8th 

BAEGEN OTTO G. charter oak man, 
ranee company and exchange office, 
Front and BVay, r >s. Cov. Ky. 
Barker Augustus, engineer, s.s. New nr. 

Bargmah Frederick, cabt. mkr. P6 W. 2<1 
Barger M. J. miUiner and dress maker, 

'250 W. 5tb 
Barger Philip, lab. 70 High 
Eargess Sophia, s-s. Front nr. Stone, Fhi 
Bargin Pat, lab. Abigail, b. Pendleton 

and Lebanon Pike 
Barzman Conrad, lab. 96 Buckeye 
Barhorse Henry, tailor, 9i> W . 2d 
Barkalow Wm. T. <fc Co. soap ;md candle 

factorv, 78 Ponlar, store 2 15 M tin 
BARKALOW Wm. V. (J. W. Ellis and 
Co.) res. Philadelphia 
Barker Daniel F. (B.,Hart t Co.) 102 

E. 3d 
Barker "Dedrick, shoe mkr. 83 Spring 
Barker Geo. b. binder. Ill Main 
Barker Harry H". book binder, 56 and 59 

Main, h. New E. B'way 
Barket, Hart &; Co. (Daniel F. B. Jona- 
than and Matthew II.) boat stores, 

20 B'way 
Barker James, brk. layer, n.s. Clark, b. 

Freeman and Carr (Walnut 

Barker J. B. (Barker, Hart aud Co-) 3 ! -<2 
Barker J- N. carp. 250 W. Sth 
Barker Jonathan (B-, Hart & Co.) 2tJ 

Barker Margaret, laundress, w.s. Plwiu b. 

Pearl and 31 
Barker Nvrarod, cigar mkr. Cooper b. E;m 

and Dunlap 
Barker Robt. prop* St. Nicholas, ±20 

Walnut, h. 184 Barr 
Barker Wm. 344 George 
Barker Wm. mach. 384 Walnnt 
Barker.len II> . shoe mkr. bds. L- Market 
BARKHAUS Jukus (Goldsmith & !■■) 

224 W. 5th 
Bark ling Hy. tailor, Gl Abigail 
Barkman John, tailor, 61 Abijrail 
Barkman John, tailor, h. fi'i R:ttenho.1S4 
Barkus John, lab. 3-4 Walnut 
Bwlage Cioim-nts. oiga* n.M-. c. A'-..-..i 

sud Broadway (•'■ hn 

BAR.LAGE Geo. (B. &. Stoinman) +'2 
"DAKLAGE & STKIXMA.V, ' = • - »• 
l\ & Lewis E. S.) csib. infers. 211 iiud 
XJ 213 W. 5th 
Borland Hy. porter, 28 Ifoaibal 
Barlen Wm. tinish.a-, 3 High . 
Barlow Hy. cooper, 56 11 one 
Bartow John, mach. tluirt 
Baribw John S: real esttrte ag 

W. 3d, res. Newport, Ky. 
BARLOW Joe! J. (L». K. Oly * »• ■ 

Barlow Wm. boot mkr. w *• » uDt »• 

Bro ulway an I ?ycu 
Barlow W. S. bd*..B> ■ - I '- ; 
Barman H. B. cutter, I. ' '• '-* 
BarmierAdolph,carp. 0U\ Iuic« 
Barmon Anton, &•»• r'i 

kteeot, 31 ; 

Barnard Chas. coop 

XM \,\ r h 

i A Br& Albert T.D.) ft. ft- eontraet- 

J ors, e.w.c Kh and Main 

., :. 


Holabird & Shelley, 466 w. 6th. 
Hume James, 65 Lodge. 
Kirkup Win. & Son, 250 e. Front. 
Powell Wra. & Co., 247 and 249 w. 5th. 
Robson, Clinton & Co., 154 e. Front. 

Reynolds, Kite & Tatum, 271 Water. 
Shield Edward M., 75 e. Front. 
Guiou Peter Stanley Wm. K. 

Bird Cages. 
Bromwell & Melish, 181 Walnut. 

h-&^ylr *&*>>**'■'<** *--'--< 3> >-'-* C: '&* ^•'•■^ W^"!^ e£.-w:=*»-* id**:v,r^? 

^rJT Vie--,; i 6a-^<xJ 


i&ieoit waaasif seii t s 

jSl tear, -x? C3 ikl -a. w :esl © 9 



No. X2S Columbia, 


exusrexiararATx, ghxo. 


iiiiii iiiiiiiif it 

277 West Front Street, Cincinnati, 0. 

[Abel Mrs. Mary 
| Baker Nathan A 
.Bell Eliza, 
i Bennett Jos. 
E'.ndliammer P, 
- [Bingley Henry 
Bortt Isaac 
JBostwick Julia 
t^T'All kinds of Blach--mithing executed u/ith dis-l&otts J 
patch, on reasonable terms. 


Hesasel &. Co. Ruthman George Phiiipp Ryan & Wasney 
Kami) P. Sheahon Daitiel 

Kraemberg John Shore J. G. 
McCormick James Stevens J. T. 

Sweet Ben on" 
Weber Wm. 

^ ?^ - BlacKsiaiitlAS, 


Bog-g-s Sam'l, 126 e. 2nd. 
Graham &. Bro., 277 w. Front. 
Purser John, 43 e. 2d. 

Bell Thomas 
Brandel Peter 
Bplash Joseph 
Brown John L. 
Crowder Ju's 
Dobenrer Michael 
Dorrmann Fred. 
Ktiggen P. 
Freyer P. H. 
Gal via Maurice 
Gilbert J. 
Hamilton & White 

15 lock and Pump manufacturers. 

{See Pump Manufacturers.) 

Boarding Houses. 

Apfel Jacob, 464 Walnut. 

Binlein George, 611 Main. 

Gerson Wolf, 15 and 17 Lodge. 

Howe David K., SO e. 5th. 

MUJgley Richard, 57 Broadway. 

Milton Edwin S., 170 w, 5th. 

Robinson Thomas, s. w. c. Front and Liberty. 

"flitter Chas. G., 87 e. 4th. 

Steel Joseph, 83 Longwortb. 

Thrall & Son, 125 w. 5th. 

(Bowers Mrs. M 
! Ann 
Brickley Margaret Kir 

Hays Euphemia P^ndery Alex. 
Hoiberdiug U. Phillips Mrs.Esth.B 

Huesrnann Henry K?ud I'. 
Iglebart A. R. Penning Mrs. 

Jackson Francis E.Rief Adam 
Jackson John Rithie Mar?*ret 

James Alrs.T. Roberts Mrs Cath. 

Keating Mrs. MaryRoberts Mary 
Keck Leonidas Ruche Marg. 
ryKeown Pheobe Rork Rachel 
Kessinger Antony Row Thomas. 

.Mrs. Lvdia 

*-jj7-^;-/ Cartv E. B. 


£$ Con ley P. \ 

Malony Murtia 
Menke J B. 
Niehaus J. B. 
>'orris John 
O'Donnell weu 
Roots William 

Cregari Sam'l P. 
Dains Mrs. P. 
Daniels Elizabeth 
Davenport Eliza 
Davidson John 
Davis Mrs. Wm. 
Deveney James 
Devitt Patrick 
Dim Mrs. Elleu 
Donaldson W, 
Drake Solomou 
l.t urrah Wm. 

Lane Mary 
Laven Sarah 
Lewis Mrs. E. 
Lmebaugh Samuel 
Longshore Mary . 
Lowry Virginia 
McCay Thomas 
McCurdy Samuel 
McCruire Sarah 
Mc Mill in W.T. 
McPherson Sarah 

Ruckle J- G. 

Sauter Joseph 

Schinder Louis 

Schols Wm. 

Schutler Wm. 
i.Schwarz George 

Sipley Mrs. 

Skaats Catharine 
- Smith Mrs, Mary 

Smith William 

Spense Mrs. 

S 10 wart Mrs. Marg. 

Sullivan Patrick 

McSorley MissF.lizaSulmont Jane 

Wendt H. <k Fred. Dyer John 
Western Henry 
Win a 11 J. ft*. 
Winarts George 

Manser Rebecca 
Mains John 
Martin Francis B. 

EdwardsMrs. Cath. Martin John 
Finn Hannah Martin Juo. 

Folger Mrs. Esther Miller H. 

Fox Thomas 
Gardener Robert 
Gam-hell Louisa 
Gieen .Miss Eliz. 
GrifTlths Samuel 
Haniiniies Eliza 
Haskell George 
Haveley F.liza 

.Miller Mrs. Jane 
Montgomery Wm. 
Mullen Theresa 
Muiiov Thomas 
Muvduck Marg. 
Pieedteam Wm. 
O'Brien Mary E. 
Osman Kve C. 

Hayden.Mrs. Bsther Palmer Silas D. 

Sutkamp John EL 
Thomas P. .M. 
Tierney Jane 
W^it. Mrs. Alice 
Wall Jno. 
White Mrs. Ann 
Whiteside James R. 
XVhittington iN'ata. 
Wildy Jane 
Williamson Jno. 
Winton Ellen 
Wltait Jesse 
WrlgM John 

IS oat Stores. 

Dodge O. S. & Co., 23 Public Landing bet. 

Sycamore and Broadway. 
Leidy, Baird & Cassilly, 44 Front bet. Sycamore 

and Broadway. 
3arker, HartA: Co. lsham. dc Fisher 





jWtjird >'• painter, s-w.c Walnut and 

■ot ird 0eo. elk. at Cin. Type Foundry 
fciRNAKD Wm. C (B. & Dunham) 339 
." iv'nh 
fearne* Mrs. Ami, 148 Catharine 
,.; «, Cbrts. bds. 123 W. 5th 
parnc* Ify. pontt:r, 88 Main, bds. 166 

W- 5tb 
Marcos Juo. printer, 88 Main, bds. 100 

SV. 5 th 
Barnes Mrs. Julia. 476 W. 4t.h 
«4n! -s Rachel, seamstress, 45 E. 3d 
V .\RSKS Richd. G. (Saris & B.) 476 W. 

Barnes Sarah, tailoress, 45 E. 3d 
fUriies W. carriage nikr. 5.5 E. 5th 
Barnes Win. carp. n.s. Water nr. Mar- 
ket, F'n 
ih s&cnet J as. confec 60 Mound 
B gmfitt Jas. barber, 24 W. 3d, h. Union 
Burnett Jno. mate, s.3. Front nr. Vine, 

Harnett Win. barber shop, 280 W. Row 
}•; irnette Jacob, cooper, bds. 790 Tine 
Barney II- H. sup. schools, 193 George 
B -.rrey Hy. lab- 242 Hopkins 
Barney Roderick D. satesm&a, 145 Main, 

(■ds. s.e-c George and Smith 
B tfney Win. moulder, bds. 555 W. 5th 
fc.'-rnhJirt Nicholas, turner, 40^ P. Land'g 
Barn horn C cof. h. 56 W, Court 
Barnhorn liy. trunk and box mkr. n.s. 
W. W. b. Race and Elm,h. 90 Abigail 
Barahurst Hy. lab. 172 E. 5:h 
Barner Entral, cab. mkr. 24 Catharine 
RarniLz Mack R. subscrip. book pub. 
manuf. and dealer in maps, 40 W. 
4th h. 2V2 W. 4th 
Bamum Edwd. E. b.k. 123 Main, h. 171 

W. 3d 
Barol Geo. tailor, 28 ilam Road 
Bar©! John B. cof. h- 23 Ham Road 
Baron Wm. butcher, 275 W. 3d 
Ban fc Austin (Sarnl. B. &Hy. A.) lum- 
beryard, sis. Front nr. Lumber, F'n 
Ban- Baldwin, carp. 101 Betts 
Bsrr Eliza, manrua mkr. 80 W. Row 
Burr H. elk. 236 Kembie 
Barr liy. carp. s.s. Front nr. Lumber, F'n 
Barr Hugh (II. C E. «fe B.) res. Cov'ton 
Barr Jas. carp. n.s. Front nr. toll-gt. F'n j 
Barr Jas. elk. e.s. Sycamore, b. 9th and 

B aar Jane, mautua mkr. 80 W. Row 
Barr John, bds. s.s. Front nr. Jamestown 

Barr Jn.o. fum. grocery, 246 Elm, h. 32 

Birr John (John B- &. Co.) n.e.c. Elm 

and Georsre 
Barr John & Co. (John B. Sc J. TV. Pat. 
'. nek) wh. grocery, 24 Sycamore 
Wat John R. elk. e.s. W. Row b. Perry 

and 5th 
Barr Jos. earn, shop, 120 W. Row 
Barr L. V. (Laws. Barr & Co.) bds. Wal- 
„ tut Street House 
Ban- Rachel, SOW. Row 
Bin-ill Is tie, bowling saloon, 133 Syca- 
more, h. 151 Sycamore 
Barrett Dav. harness mkr. bds. 137 W. 5th 
Ban»ui Jno. currier, 8 Main, h. 3 Linn 
Barrett Samuel, gymnasium. 91 E. 3d 
DAJULETT SLI AS M. wood and willow 
£) ware, n e.c Walnut and Front, res. 
T Avoudale 
Barrett Samuel F. Jr. salesman, 126 Wal- 

nut. h. 91 E. 3d 
Barrett Theodore, caulker, n.s. High b. 

Ephgivorth and Broad, F'n 
MtKttWm. baker, 176 Water 
wrrett Rev. Waa. w.s. Sycamore b. 5th 

and 6ib 
Barrlcfc Wm. carp. 147 High 
K irrinjrer Jacob, roofer, 12 Canal 
Hamilton Wm. elk. Merch. Exch. h. 260 

'' •' r t \nd. M. printer, bds. 27 Centre 
i|tfrr>wf, Rev. l.D.261 Georfce 
"'■ ,)r >^ Ira F. wheelwright, 21 W. 7th . 
lurry ( 


Barry John, lab. 6 Elrri. 
Barry Richd. blacksmith, 55 12th 
Barry Sarah A- dry goods, 31 Race 
Barry Thos.., Gano b. Vine and Walnut 
Barry Thos. agent for Old Dominion Coal I 

Co. 31 Bace 
Barry Wm. steamboatman, 429 TV. 2d 
Barry Wm. B- (B. £c Hid) 238 W. 3d I 

BART Edwin R. (B- &c Hickcox)20E- 4th ! 
A&T & MLCKUOX (Edwin 11. B. & 

TV m. C II.) india rubber goods, &.C- ] 

28 E- 4th 
Bartal Patrick, nailer, 77 TV. Row 
Bartels August, lab. 540 Walnut 
Barter T. grocer, 204 Linn ( 

Earth E. engraver, 382 Vine 
Barth Hy. finisher, Cin. Type Foundry I 
Bartholt Randolph, blacksmith, 22 Tanner 
Bartlz Jno. prov. st. n.s. 6th w. of Horn 
Bartlett Ado'phus, tanner, 23 Dunlap 

1) ARTI.ETX B. & CO. (B. B. & H. A. ; 
* Bieknell, com. and forward, mers. 
' 23 TV. Front 
BARTLETT Brewer (B. B- & Co.) res- j 

Springfield To 
Eartlect Harmony*, 67 TV. 6th 
Bartleit Nath. elk. 93 Main, h. 119 W. 9th 
Bartlett Phipps TV. dealer in prov. prod, 
and com. mer. 38 Walnut, bds C'ton 
Banlett Reed, b.k. 55 Pearl 

ercial college, ! 

"pAli'IUTf &M commer 
\\ n.e.c 3d and V. alnut, 
JJ res; Stores Tp 




Bartlett Sols, boatman, 58 E. 7th 
Barton Jos. carp. 70 Catharine 
Barton Julius V. carp. 327 Longworth 
ART0N R. S. & CO. (Robt. s. B. & 

Morton £. Turner) hides, oil leather 
and findings. 9 Main 
BARTON RoK. S- (ft. S. B. Sc Co.) res. 

junc Reddine and Lebanon pikes 
Barton Wm. elk. 2D TV. 5th 
Barton Wm. C. b.k. Hammond b. 3d and 

4 th 
Barticher Arnold, bk- binder, 74 W. 3d, 

h. Vine b. 14th and 15th 
Barwick , cigar mkr. bds. 55 W. 



I \ trunk manuf. 
XJ 128 TV alnut 

I) AR T >\ ISj 
< J.,s. K 
J 156 Ma 

>VISf"i & KIKGF (Luther T. B. & 

B A f 

Se, blacksmith, w.s. 15th b. 
Vine and Bremen 
■anrrfclim (Wm. B. B. & Richd. H.) 
U. 8. claim agents, 24.v 3 g. 4th 

***•'?? John, carter, 338 TV. 8th 

K.) Oak Hall clothing depot, 
BARWISE Luther T. (B. & King) 3r^ 

TV. 7th 
Barwaska John, varnisher, bds. 55 W. 

Barus Chas. prof, music, n.s. Oliver b. 
TV. Row and John 

ASC0)[ & BIRD (Silas B. & IraH. 
, _ ) exch. ottice, 
±J 28 E. 3d 
j BASCOM Silas (B. & Bird) 295 LVorth 
I BashFrank, tinner, s-e.c. Vine and 14th 
! Baska Fred, moulder, 3fHJ Walnut 
i Basker Mildred, laundress, 119 \V. 2d 
! Bas^i Thos. Bass Fxoii. 175 TV. 5th 
' Basselt Darid H. 94J TV. 4th 
Bassett Gerbart, saddler, 415 Sycamore 
Bassett Jason, sawyer, s-3. Front nr. 

River, F'n 
Bassett Joel R. pattern mkr. 110 E. Lib- 
BASSETT Luke A. (Copen & B.) 155 

Bassett-Mary, 448 W. 4th 
Bassett Polly, Sycamore nr. river, F'n 
Bassett Solon P. compos. 25 TV. 4th, h. 

448 W. 4th 
Bassfprd II. T. trader, bds. "Dennison lis. 
Bassford Th >s. atty. bds. 454 W. 5th 
Bast John, basket mkr. n.s. Front b. liar- 

r.srm and Market. F'n 
Bast John, carp. 125 Hopkins 
Bascian Fred, pewterer, Canal b. Vine and 

Batchelder Geo. (Cutair &. B.) 2/4 W.7th 
Batcholder Geo. II. (It. & Co.) 275 W. Sth 
Batcheider Gtibeft, barkeeper, S5 W. Row 
Batchelder J. L. 421 W.8th 
Batcher Jno. barber, Pleasant b. Findley 

and II:un. Ro.ul 
Bateman Clement, watchman, Clinton 

Bateman Henry, lab. 109 Poplar 

Bateman &. Lowe, (Warner M. B. ts. Da- 
vid P. L.) attys. 30 TV. 4th 

Bateman Mrs. 72 W. 2d 

Bateman Thos. (Taft, Wise &. Co.) 55 

Batc-man Thos. shoe mkr. 6 Kembie 

Batenian Warner M. (B. £c Lowe). 132 

Bateman Williani,clk. on river, 183Wa*er 

Bates Caleb, salesman, 70 Walnut, h. 137 

Bates Caroline, 270 TV. 3d 
Bates Mrs. Elizabeth T. 137 W. 8th 
Bates Jas. W. brk. layer, 116 Kembie 
pATliS J0IIX, 
\\ National Theater, 
x ' 94 Sycamore 
Bates Jos. 377 TV. Gth 
Bates Jos- elk. 60 TV. 4th, res Covington 
BATES Joshua H. (B. & Scarborough) 

E. Walnut Hills 
Bates Robt. butcher, 144 Livingston 
Bates Samuel, salesman, 20 Pearl, h. e.s. 


BATES & SCAHBOllOlTGn, (Joshua 
11. B. &l TV rn. S. S.)at^ s. at law, 4 
5, 8 & 9, law bklg. 
Bates Thos. river man, 122 Catharine 
Bates Wilson, barber shop, 343 W. 5th 
Bath Nicholas, cooper, bds. n-w.c. Ham. 

Road and Walnut 
Bathiany Jacob, Dunkirk Exchange, 64 

Bafctersby Albert G. elk. h-,h. 22 Perry 
Battest Mary, washing, 71 Kembie 
Battle Daniel, huckster, 34G \V. Sth 
Batty Wm. moulder. 209 TV. 3d 
Baude Wm. tailor. 351? M;iin 

ho. physician, 
100 \V. 9t'h 
Bauer Christian, shoe mkr. 161 Liberty 
Bauer F. car trim. 21 TV. 7th 
Bauer Geo. plow smith, 17 TV. 7th 
Bauer J. moulder, 386 Walnut 
Bauer John J. cof, h. 681 Vine 
Bauer John TV. grocer, 53 TV. Court 
| BAUERLE Chas. (Lo vie & B.)w.s. Vine b. 

Canal and 12th 
I Bauers John, boiler mkr. Spring 
i Baughman Isaac, b.k. 38 Walnut, res. 
Baughman Jacob, painter and glaz. 51 

Baughman Label, tailor, 719 Elm 
Baughman Nicholas, huckster, Pleasant 
b. Findlay and Elder" 
1 Baughman Peter, shoe mkr. 434 Linn 

Bankneght Francis, tailor, 110 Bremen ! 
i Baud Hy. blk. smith, bds- Columbia 

Baud 1 John, cab. mkr- ~l'*o Laurel 
; Ban) ug Richard A. artist, bds. e.s. Vine 

b. 3d and 4th 
! Baulman Godfried, carp. 133 Poplar 
\ Baum Adam, lab. 563 Vine 
I Baum Geo. car smith, 21 TV. 7th 
j Baum Geo. pine cooper, shop Ham. road 
j Baum Mrs. Hannah, res. Mt. Auburn 
j Bauni Jacob, butcher, 709 Elm 

BAUM JOHN 0. Mohawk chemical 
laharatory, s. ofdlam. Road b. Canal 
ant! Dunlap, h. 53 Dunlap 
Bauman Barney, lab. at Cfonlon &; Co. 
Bauman Christian, rear 67 TV. Liberty 
Baumann Eli a.-,, shoe mkr. 580 Main 
Bauman n Jacob, barber, w.s. Vine b. 14th 

and 15th 
Bauman John, St. Louis c.h. 17 Landing 
b. Broadway and Ludlow 

scale manuf. 65 E. 3d, 
h. n-w.s. Race b. 3d and 4th 
Bauman Peter P. b.k. 13 TV. 31 

1)AL r .UKlS['[;;i: WM. C. furni. manuf. 
\ and store. 66 Sycamore, h. 100 15. 
J Liberty 
Battmer Harm in, shoe mkr. 300 W. 8lh 
B.iuiner Henry, cutti r. 07 Green 
Baum'.'ardner Mrs. Louiau,375 Sycamore 
Baumgartmr Ch a.>. prov. store, s.s. 6Lh 

l>. Harriet and Horn 
Baum^armer Jos. bonnet mkr. 536 Vine 
Bauraistur B. varnish er, a MLelancthon 
Baur Adolph, printer, 21 E. 3d, h. 1S2 

Baur Theo. cl'c 1^2. Milton 


$y) %# ^^? ^^ 4j>-^ *&M> z&i& Mm «S& <£$& ^^ 


SEOOHB 3EC-.A:'3B!5r.3p BOIIsEHS, 

Sast silt Pi&$ &i; 9 b@l Gongxess & Front, 


I®~ Constantly on hand an assortment of new and secondhand Boilers, which 
they will sell low or exchange for old ones. 

toiler Manufacturers, 
Dumont &■ Sons, c. 2d and Plum- 
McLean Washington & Co.. Congress 1 door e 

of Ludlow. 
'West & Dumont, 56 Pike. 

Holabird&Dumont McLean & Shaddinger 
Zloltinsr Clatlxs. 

Soae mack. * 
iButler Thos. C. jr., 51 Water. 

ISoisinct Bleaciicxs and Prc¥scrs a 
Milson James, 213 Vine. 

Diamond Thomas Smith John F. Winter Thomara 
(See Mill S'on* and Portable Mill Manufacturers.) [Milson Joseph Weston Simon 


COver the Bookstore of Apple-gate <$- Co.) 

No. 43 Main Street, beloAY Second, Cincinnati, 



Hflrittittor # Slaiiontr, 

g.W. Cor . -Walnut & 13th Sts., Cin., 0. 

ISook liindLcrs, 

De Forest & Son, 74 w. 3d. 

Ernst Jacob, 112 Main. 

Eckert Lawrence, u. w. c. Walnut & 13th. 

Methodist Book Concern (Swormstedt & Poe, 

Agents), c. Main and 8th. 
Moore Wiistach, Keys & Co., 25 w. 4th. 
Morgan E. & Co., Ill Main. 
Pu-_'h Achilles, 120 Main. 
Smith W. B. & Co., 56 and 53 Main. 
Tindall Jackson IL, 227 Kemble. 
Tumy J. C. &H. L., 43 Main. 
Wrightson T. & Co., rear of 167 Walnut. 

fiardes Louis C. Hlhltfe A. H- & Co.Smith W. P. & Co. 
Cropper Cyrus JdeyeriSicholas 

3E3C- 3E6. ^ 3 23^^^I.E5<OX^T, 


And Stationery Dealers, 


XT. 3=». «T jfik 2VSC 313 «3 , 


l<i7 Walnut Stiver. 



ISo. 170 Sycamore Street, 


ec. physician, 
5!rf Vine 
Baurle Chas. artist, bds. 393 Tine 
Baurle Wxft. Cifrl*. 393 Vine 
Hiutel Louis, tailor, 100 Buckeye 
Bavis Levi, cab. mkr. 458 Kerchle 
Bawcr Alow, cloth, store, 105 Kara, road 
Baxter A. J. elk. n.w.c. Main and 2d, h. 

39 1 W. 6th 
&SXl#v •& Davis, (Wm. T>. B. & Frank P. 
P.) T,-h. stove manaf. n.w.c Main 
■and 2d 
Baxter John, harness mkr. w.s. North b- 

New ami 6th 
Baxter Mrs. washwoman, 21 W. Gth 
Baxter YV. D. (B. & Daniel) 391 W. 6th 
Bay Mich, cooper, 87 W. Front 
Bayless Pally, n.s. Front b. Harrison and 

Lone worth F'n 
Bayless Win. II. architect, office 136 W. 

* 9ch, res. Fair mount 
Bayment John, carp, s.e.c. Front and 

Lumber * 

Baytis J03. cook, 52 W. 2d 
BaVward Godfried, potter, 90 W. 2d 
Basing Thomas, distil. 24 Rittenhouse 
Baaotte Anthony, sculptor, 5-14 Walnut 
Beach Ed. E. drugs. n-e.c.6th and Free- 
Beach Isaac C elk. n.e.c 7th and Free- 
Beach John, baker, 637 W. Row 
Beach Thos. arty. bds. Gibson House 
Beach Thos.(MeBride & B.)h. 264 W.Tth 
Beach Wm. 67 Cutter 
Beachii,' Chas. barber, 343 BVay 
Beal Wm. B. hatter. 487 V.'. 7th 
Beale John, carp- 75 Pendleton 
BE ALE Jnn. (Jno. B. & Co.) 313 W. 4ch 
T)£ALE JNO. & CO. 
\\ (Jno. B. & Jas. B. Smith,) wh. 
x/ fancy goods, 26 Pearl 

BEAEEK, CORNELIUS, importer of 
wines, liquors, etc. 18 Broadway, 
Ms Revere House 
Bcall Chas. W. trunk mkr. 133 Betts 
BEALL Jno. jr. (Christopher &• B.) 15a 

Beal! Geo. carp. 124 and 126 Tine, bds. 

5th b. Vine and Race 
Bead Geo. II. elk. s.e.c. 6th and W. Row 
Bcall John, huckster, 42 Chestnut 
Beal) John, stove store, 155 Richmond 
Bead Peter, b.k. at Lyon and Bells, h. 

114 YV. 5th 
BcaU Peter, elk. 114 Symme3 
Beali S. 288 Everett 
Beam Alex, ship carp. n.s. High near 

Longvvoith F'n 
Beam J-din, ship carp. n.s. Front near 

Longworth F'n 
Beam Wrn. cai-p. n.s. High near Long- 
worth F'n 
Beaman Wm. H. trunk mkr. 196 W. 7th 
Beaa Henry, potter, 28 Mohawk 
Bean Jc soph, carp. 41 E. 3.1 
Beanhart j, moul. 3S4 Walnut 
B« mhs Dick, lab. 226 Water 
Bearbaum Ernst, dray. 35*3 B'way 
Beard E. 289 YV. Sth 
Beard J as. .artist:. 24 W. 4th 
Beard W. A. b.k. 384 Walnut 
Beasd Wm. H. elk. n.w.c. Canal and Wal- 

.out, h. 62 Webster 
Beardon Mich. lab. 59 Rice 
Bearbour John, finisherer, 14 Mercer 
Bearing Margaret, dry goods, 418 Walnut 
Bearly Geo. carp. 127 Maple 
Bears Johts P.. foreman, 70 W. 5th, h. 18 

Beasea. Christian, lab. 165 Liberty 
Season Harriet, laund. 162 W. 2d 
Beattie it Fraaier, (John B. &. P. K. F.) 

flour and whiskey mer. 51 W. Front 
»cattie John, (is. &. Frazier,) 25 Water 
gently Eheneezer, soap mkr. 71 R. 8th 
*^«yj. wood dealer^ 493 Plum (dale 
IJATTY Jas (Ja*. B'. fc Co,)re». Spring- 
l)?ATTf JAS. & CO. 

1) Was. B. ti Ira J. Anderson,) 

pork packers., 375 Race 
B*atty Thos. tab. 97 Sycamore 
* -My Wrn. II. ghear mkr. 37 W. 7th 
neatly Wm. carp. Front b. Rice and Wal- 
uut F'n 


Beatty Wm. R. n.s. Front nr: Walnut F'n 
Beatson Geo. wire manuf. c. 8th and Ca- 

na!, res. Newport 
Beatson Wm. lab. 62 Accommodation 
Beat us H. (11. B. &. Co.) 328 George 
BeatusH. & Co. (Henry B. & Henry 

Franklin,) jeweler, 53 Pub. Landing 
Beaver S. 11. lab. 193 Everett 
Beatjm Bernard, chair mkr. 56 13lh 
Beaupre Eiiza, seams, n.s. Union b. Elm 

and Race 
Eebb Robe- E. carp. 57 Kossuth 
Becht Chas. printer, 21 E. 3d, h. 170 

Ham. Road 
Becht Edward, printer, 21 E. 3d, h. 170 

Ham. Road 
Becht Fred. J. shoe mkr. 457 Walnut 
Becht Fred, trunk mkr. 170 Ham. Road 
Becht Larz. cutter, 178 Walnut 
Becht Phillip, dray. 64 Abigail 
Bechtold John, boil. mkr. at McLean and 

Bechtolt Lewis, barkpr. 73 W. 6th 
Beck Andrew, (A. B. &. Co.) res. near 

. House of Refuge 
Beck A. & Co. prov. store, 218^ W. 6th 
Beck Casper, groc 719 Elm 
Beck Chas. lab. 512 Walnut 
Beck Christ. Gold. House. 72 B'way 
Beck Christian, lab. 35 E. 3d, h. Canal 

b. 5th and Cth 
Beck Geo. Butcher, 53 Rittenhouse 
Beck Geo. pastry cook, 2-1 Mercer 
Beck Fred, wagon mkr. 190 Linn 
Beck Henry, inspector and gauger, 6 W. 

Front, h. 16 Catharine. 
Beck Henry, lab. 50 Elm 
Beck Jacob, carpet weaver, 399 W. B.O'W 
Beck Joseph E. bk. binder, 56 and 58 

Main, h. 434 George 
Beck Louis, currier, 20 Logan 
Beck Mich. Jab. 98 Ham. Road 
Beck Mich, brewer, s. s. Harrison Road 

b. Riddle and Division 
Beck Nicholas, elk. 80 L. Market 
Beck Peter, carp. 554 Vine 
Beck Rurnalt, shoe mkr. bds. 50 Ham. 

Beck Sam'l, lab. 2G Dublin 
Beck Wm. mach. 76 E. Front 
Beck Wm. tailor, 116 Dudley 
Beckenhauster Philip, cab. mkr. n.W. c 

cth and Broadway 
Beckett Arthur, plumber, 321 Vine, h. 

134 George 
Beckett Thos S. elk. 1-1 E- 4th, bds. 310 

Becker Catherine, seams. 56 13th 
BECKER Chris. F. (B. 6c Feblemann,) 

90 W. 2nd 
Becker Elizabeth, 93 Clay 
Becker Ceo. moulder, n-w c. 14th and 

Becker Hy. painter, 118 Clay 
Becker Jacob, blk. smith, n. s. Front n. 

Becker Jno. carriage mkr. 56 Bank 
Becker Jno. elk. bds. 480 Main 
Becker J. B. mer. tailor, 188 Linn 
Becker, J. C- painter, 90 Bremen 
Becker Jos. 717 Elm 
Becker Jos. blk. smith, 278 Ham. Road 
Becker Mat. tailor, Canal b. Liberty and 


(Chris. F. B. &. Jno. T.) 
cigars and tobacco, 123 W. 5th 
Becker Theo. currier. 349 Main 
Becker Victor, lab. 55 Milton 
Becker Wm. tailor, Pleasant b. Findlay &; 

Becker Wm. lab. 48 Ham. Road 
Beckheger Fred, moulder, 693 Main 
Beckhening Ohrintena, 28 13th 
Beckler Jacobj 22 Allison 
Reekie/ Jesse, cornp. roofer, 90 Pearl, h. 

36'iW. 3d 
Bockley Jno. shingler, 2-35 w. 3d 
Beckley Wm. huckster, 134 W. 3d 
Becklof Louis, lab. 1 J2 Clay 
Beckman Augustin, shop. ;">66 Vine 
Beckmann 3. II. elk. 1<6 Clay 
Beckman Fred, foreman SwdtttCo. h. 

130 Bufeter 
Beckmann Frit/, shoe mkr. bds. 461 Syc- 

BEI 23 

Beckman Geo. lab. 362 Broadway 
Beekman H. lab. 170 Everett 
Bccltinau Henry blk. smith, 10 W. 2nd 
Bookman Henry, cof. h. s-w. c. Hunt 

and Broadway 
Beckmann Hy. grocer, 106 Clay 
Beckman Hy. lab. 587 Main 
Beckman Uy. tanner, 134 Butler 
Beckman Herman, carp. 56-J Mien 
Beckman Herman, grocer, 109 W. F-ont 
Beckman John H. boots and shoes, 512 

Beckman Justin, mer. tailor, 1020 Ham 

Beckman Louis, tinner, 461 Main 
Beckman Michael, lab. 678 Main 
Beckman Theo. cooper, lc'.i Linn 
Beckman Wm. 21 David Hy. tanner at Swift & Co. Canal 

b. 5th and Gth 
Becks Henry, s. s. New b. Broadway an.' 

Becksmith Francis, bar kpr. 326 Main 


K White Hail Tavern, ' 
*-*■ 326 Main 

Bedclcatnp, Fred, dray, 405 W. Ro^ 
Bedford \V in. baker, 619 W. Row 
Bedford Wm. cook, 21 Everett 
Bedgood Carrol, caulker, 655 W. Front 
Bedgoe*3 Mrs; B. 2<;7 W. Row 
Bedley Leonard, laund. 6."> E. 8th. Chaa. tailor, lo-^ Clay 
Bcebe Sam'l, dray. 148 Livingston 
Beech Eiiza, dress mkr. 47 W. 2nd 
Beech Julia, seams. 47 W. 2nd 
Beecher Herman, moulder, 60 Green 
Beecher Wm. cof. h. 619 Elm 
Beechmg, Jno. dray. 171 Catharine 
BeererGeo. tailor. 99 Findley 
Beerink Peter, lab. Hanover fr. Woodward 

and Franklin 
Beerman Fred, painter, n. s. 6th b. Can- 
ami Freeman 
Beers & Co- (Chas. B. & Wm. Leonard.) 
prov. store, 6 Landing b. Broadway 
and Lud!o-,v • 
Beers Chas. II. (B. & Co.) h. 136 Liberty 
Bees Daaiel, printer, bds. s.w. c- Vine 

ami Third 
Beese Jno. W. 90 Van Horn 
Beesley Jas. sawyer, 123 Betts 

mer. tailor, 
105 Main. h. 353 W. 5th 
Beffa lL : \iry, finisher, bds. 5.3 W. Front 
Begley Trial, youth's cloth. 164 Vine 
Beggs H. W. plumber, s.w. c. 7iii and 

) coffee hods*, 
n.w. c- Ludlow an. I Front 

BEGGS Jos. P. tB. &, Smith,) res. Wal- 
nut Hills 

T)D.GS & SltlTII, (Jos. P. B. &z Har- 

{> '">' p - ^-) impfcs- o- f watches and jew. 

•^ e!ry, 6 W. 4th 

Behagan L. cigar mkr. 51 14th 

Beheimer Thus. blk. smith, n. s. Front a. 
Stone, F'n 

Behl Jno. cal). mkr. 707 Kim 

Belden Chaa. car. mkr. 74 Court 

Behler Jno. blk. smith, s.w. c- Front anJ 

Behlen. Theo. stonecut. bds. 27 W. Front 

Behley Fred, confec. lfc'9 Clinton 

Bear Conrad,, 561 Vine 

Behrcns Henry, box mkr. Hammond b. 
3rd and 4ch, h. 49 Pleasant 

Behrie Jos. cooper, G.'t) Main 

Behymer Thos. blk. smith, s.e. c Front 
and Walnut, F'n 

Beiarleia Frank, finish**. 321 Wamut 
I Beicer Jno. cik. 74 Broadway 

Beidenbender, A- hats and caps, .5v-?!J W. 

i Beidenger P. paper mer. 5-!- w 'rii'Q _ 
I Beierlein Francis, prov. store, 96 Bremen 

BtahdultJno. boiler mkr. bda. n.w c. Cow 

\;:-:'H and Ludlow 

Better Adam, tailor, 51-3 R. Front 
Beilwiti Chas. tanner, :':-7 Ham. Bojvl 
Beineal Geo. foreman Ilochwajchter, n.w. 

c- Court and Main 
Beirut Phiiiji, gardener, w. s. Arenuc 

b- Poplar and Llxrty 

j i 




S B j AFFLEG-ATE <k CO., &£Hw B ' 

§aokelkr^ |p'rfrll|as & §»fa&ra, 1 




We have one of the largest and best assorted stocks in 
the West. Our stock embraces the best works on Theology, 
■■_ Medicine, Law, Mechanics, Agriculture, History, Me- 
§ mojks, travels, Tales, Philosophy, cYc, and a complete as- 
r. sortment of pll the most desirable MISCELLANEOUS 
l/BOOKS published. Our stock of SCHOOL BOOKS em- 
^.braces all books of merit used in the West, from the Spel- 
ling Book to the Lexicon. Our stock of STATIONERY 
-^embraces every variety of Blank Books, from the small Me- 
gjjraorandum Book to the large super-royal Ledger, including 
jhi'Very article used in the com 'ting- room 

!f| We have for the Country Merchant, a full variety of Let- 
liter, Cap and Note Paper, Envelopes, Wrapping Paper, Bon- 
llrtet Boards, Ink, &c, &,c. 

j§ Our own Publications are too well known as works cf 
;*r.he highest merit, to require more than an enumeration of 
ggthe most prominent, which are Clarke's Commentary, Dr. 
: :| Dick's Complete Works, Rolun's Ancient Historv, Plu- 
TrARCu's Lives, Spectator, Jo-eriius, Mosheih's Chdrck 
j§ History, Gathered Treasures, Notes on xxv Articles &c. 
We invite all who deal in, or purchase Books, to give as a 
.^call, as we are confident we can ofi'er them such induce- 
^ments as shall be mutually beneficial. 

Booksellers, Stationers, Publishers &c, 

Applepate & Co., 43 Main. 
Clark W. A., 141 Main- 
Derby Henry W., 145 Main. 
Eckert Lawrance, n. w. c. Walnut and 13th. 
lagers I. &, Co., 127 Walnut. 
Eggers & Wilde, 317 Main. 
Ernst Jacob, 112 Main. 
Howe Henry,! 11 Main. 
James Uriah P., 167 Walnut. 
Kile G. W. s 43 e. 3rd. 
Kreuzburor & Nurre, 395 Main. 
Meis A. 501 Main. 
Mendenhall E., 3 College Hall. 
Methodist Book Concern, s. w. c. 8 &. Main. 

Moore. Wilstach, Kevs& Co., 25 w. 4th. 

Pearson H. B., 34 w. "4th. 

Pease S. W. & Co., 28 vv. 6th. 

Smith W. B. & Co., 56 & 5S Main. 

Steiner Andrew, 198 Linn. 

Theobald & Theurkauf, 41 w. Court. 

Walsh John P., 170 Sycamore. 

Barclay & Co. 

Barnitz Mack R. 

Ely Fred. 

Denis Lewis 

bietz FrederickV 

Evans & Scrivea 

Findley Samuel 

GillardWm. Sprlndte Charles 

fla'i'ham S. Titcomb Rufus 

Hartwetl W. D. Turner Siunusl 
Mc Arthur Andrew Warrington 0?w. 

. Mahon< y John B. Weed George L. cfc 
O'HeaJohn Scott 

Schultz Mar-. Mrs. Weil Max 

Book Trade Sales. 

Hubbard Sherman G.. 21 w. 5th. 

fh 5* »• ft €L CH^THMI, tsSS 

mm 1 1 SIOl M iMWJ t Ml 4mm 


North side, between Main and Sycamore, Cincinnati, 0, 

&3M good assortment of Fashionable Boots and Shoes, for Ladies, Gentlemen and Children, alway* 
On hand. Orders promptly attended to. 




Beirpek Jno. cof. h. 68 E. Front 

Bess Fred, shoe mkr. 315 W. 3rd 

Bviic A- cof. h. 452 Plum 

Beisheia Geo, stone cut. bds. G17 Viae 

Beiiler Jos. S. 137 Pearl 

Beitmaa Cha.-s. leather dealer, 8 W. 6th, 

h. 24 Orchard 
BeiUer Louis, carp. 590 Main 
Bekray Henry, tanner, 477 Broadway 
Beiehtold Geo. lab, 63 13th 
BeJcker Simon, Lib- GSQ Maui 
Belkamp Hy. lab. 171 Clay 
Bci&imeir Alex, pedler, 3". 6 Broadway- 
Led David, boat bldr. w. s- 6th b. Lcko 

and Baum 
Bell David M. sergeant-at-arms, city 

council. 63 Pleasant 
Bell Mrs. Eliza, b, h. '252 Walnut 
Bell FountaiUe, brk. layer, 5 Providence 
Bell Fred. elk. 64 Catharine 
Bell George, prov. store, 031 Vine 
Bell George, steward, 157 Pearl 
Bell G. W. teamster, 144 Laurel [W.4th 
Bell Btebert, b. k. 7 P. Landing, bds. 138 
Bell Jas. B. surveyor, 153 Richmond 
Bel! J as.' B. wh. grocer, n.w.c. Main and 

Gth. h. 08 W.'Gih 

i&e spring 

Bell John, brick lay* 

Bel! Jno. salesman, 317 Vine 

Bell Jos. IS "Grant 

Bell Jos. jr. (& and Lyons) 16 Grant 

Bell Lewis, dray. 66 and 68 Walnut 

}} ELL MAX merchant tailor, 
\ 161.' Main, 

h. 3(3 Harrison, 
Bell Peter- attj . 99 Clinton 
Bell Robt. 63 Cutter 
Bell Robt. lab. 258 Kemble 
Bell Mrs. Robert, washerwoman, 4 New 
Bell SatoL moulder, 396 Walnut 
Bell This. blk. smith shop, 150 W. Court, 

h. 7U W. Canal 
Bell Thoa. M. b. k., 249 Main,b«L>. Wash- 
ington House 
BeH Trios, plasterer, bd3. 108 E. Liberty 
Bell Peter, attv. and not. pub., 38 

W. Court, h. 99 Clinton 
Bell Wiliiam, lab. 13 Pearl St. Market 
Bell Wm. L. shoe mkr. 6i Catherine 
Bellam Jos. pipe litter, 384 Walnut 
Bellendine Joseph, grocer. 95 £. 5th 
Bellinger 0. (J. and C B.) 81 Kemble 
Bellinger J. (J. & C B.) 81 Kemble 
Bellinger J. C- grocery, 8! Kemble 
Bellman Henry, lab. 128 Pleasant 
Bellman J. C local ed. (Gazette) h. 5th, 

b. Mound and Pike 
Bell-mar Caspar, prov- storey 612 Race 
Beliout Edward, boatman, 339 W. 4th 
Bellows Wm. (Agt. E. and T. Fairbanks 
and Co-) 7 Public Landing, boards 
Walnut St. House 
Bellwood Wm. lab. 24 Jetlerson 
Bf-ioe Hy. barber. Winne "House 
Belsear Chas. C elk. 1U2 W. 5th 
Beiser Terry, elk. n.e.c 5fch and W. B,ow 
I) ELSE It W". C. 

ty bakery and confectionary, 

n.e.c. 5th and W. Row 
Belalafcer John, confec 2 E. Front 
Belskeft John, lab. 67 Pendleton 
Belt Ph.V.p, blind maker, w.s. Sycamore, 

b. 5th and <>th. h. 90 Woodward 
Belter B. lab. 299 Linn 
Belbaan John, varnisher, 297 W. 2d 
BellYiUe Mrs. Amanda, h. 124 Laurel 
BeHville Saml. S. carp. 228 Linn 
Lellvi'de Wm. W. <rroc 5J Laurel 
Beman Henry, trank mkr. 196 W. 7th 
Bemelmans Mrs. Fanny, 134 W. 6th 

1>EUIS SfAETilf, 
i printer, 

244 Catherine 

Benalde Christian, printer. 557 Vine 
Beaasee Bernard, lab. 94 Dudley 
Benijrofernann Jno. lab. 120 Abigail 
Ben^r Anthony, r,e 

£_) hardware store, 

395 Vine 
Bender .John, plow mkr. 10 W. 7th 
Bender Mrs. Mary, 60 Retta 
.Sender Win. bin. 60 Letts 

Vy wines and liqaor*, 
582 W. Bow 


10! Dudley 

Bender Wm. elk. bds. 395 Vine 
Bendle Miss J. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Bendorf A. plater, 396 Walnut 
Bene C 11. tailor, 64 14th 
Bene J. 1L cutter, 205 Walnut 
Benedict Alex. carp. 4r, Elizabeth 
Benedict Annan, lab. 64 12th 
Benedict Bfasey, shoe mkr. 320 Freeman 
Benedict Dominick, baker, 109 W. Canal 
Benedict E. pedler, 581 W. Row 
Benedict Ed. whitt washer, 75 Pleasant 
Benedict Jsaac A. constable 7th ward, 20 

w. 6th, h. 2 1 Grant 
Benedict S. W. salesman, n.e.c. Pearl 

and Walnut, bds. 141 Sycamore 
Benedict Wm. broom mkr. bds. Evens 

j Beneka John, distiilei, 55 W. Front 

| Bengel Philip, baker, 655 Vine 
Benighaus George, lab. 50 M'Farland 

I Benham Edward F. S. mess. U. S- Ex. 

I Co. bds. BVav Hotel 

I Benhart Jno. lab. 41 Mohawk 

i Benhart Powell, tailor, 582 Elm 

j Beninger Jacob, stone cutter, 46 Mohawk 
Benjamin Jacob, pettier, So Elizabeth 
Benjamin Joseph, cap mkr. 61 Pearl 
Benjamin Michael, tuiJor and scourer, 07 

Benken Theodore, shoes. 26 13th 
Bennaa Owen, srocery, 251 EVay 
Bennenger, 16 E. Front 
Bennett^ lithographer, e-s. North, b. New 

and 7th 
Bennett Mrs. Ann, 477 Plum 
Bennett Ben. moulder, bds. Ill Elm 
Bennett B. S- salesman, 90 Main, h. 106 
Lou s worth 

J) lx:\ LIT C. It 

K baker, 

JJ 89 W. Court 

Bennett Mrs. Charlotte, house keeper, 
Walnut St. House 

Bennet David, carp. s.s. Fulton, b. Har- 
rison and Market, F'n ■ 

Bennett Edwd. D. baker, 19 W. 5th, bds. 
' 89 Court 

Bennett Mrs. Elizabeth P. 341 Plum 

Bennett Fred. C agt. 60 W. 4th, h. 139 

Bennett Geo. S. depty. TJ. S. marsh ail, 
bds. Burnet House 

Bennett Harvey T. bds. 110 W. 6th 

Bennett Jas. tinner, s.e-c 6th and Carr 

Bennett Jno. 703 Kim 
I Bennett Jno. lab. Water nr- Reed, F'n 


• { J &?*■• Etna insurance co. 
> JJ 60 W. 4th, h. 297 Elm 
: Bennett Jos. b. h. 113 Sycamore 
: Bennett Kate, 61 Gano 
j Bennett aud Lhtlef.-rd, (Thos. D. B. and 
; Jno. L-) bakery, 30 L. Market 

) Bennett Lucas, hth. print. 121 Main 
j Bennett Margarett, 99 Clay 
I Bennett P. lab. 192 Hopkins 
Bennett Robert, agt, 199 Lon -worth 
Bennett Susan, school, 154 W. 4th 
Bennett Thos. D. (B. &. Littleford) 30 L. 

Bennet Wm, stone cutter, 175 Spring 
! Benney Henry, teamster, 55 Pendleton 
j Bennig August, tailor, 25 Abigail 
| Beoninger S, cof, h, 2,"> E, Front 
' Bennington James, shoe mkr, s.s, New, 
nr, BVay 
Bense James, printing office, 24 E. 4th 
Bense Peter, tailor,s.s, Congress b, Canal 

and Kilgour 
Bensero Ander, butcher, 085 Ham, roa/1 
Bensing Jacob, turner, s,s, York, b, Piatt 

aad Linn 
Bensing Jno, turner, s,s, York, b, Piatt 

and Linn 
Bensinger Ghrist, bakery, 169 Court 
Bensoler Bernard, a u-dner, w,s. Avenue, 

b, Liberty and Poplar 
Benson Benjamin, engineer, 500 77, 4th 
Benson Coniey, bar keeper, n,e,c, 7th 

and W, Row 
Benso:: Jeremiah, grocer, s,e,c, Batler 

am! 5th 
Benson J no, brie* L yer, 510 Vine 
Benson J. S. atty. and not. 6^ W. 3d 
Benson Martin, U- S. patent as:U;. Man- 
chester bldj. h- Sfi"* Loagworth 

Benson Mrs. Sarah, ta!lo rt <?s, 45 Wade 
Rente Hy. grocer, s.e.c Lock and 4th 
Bentel Augats. elk. 42 Main, h. 483 Race 
Bentel Wm. grocery, n.e.c. Elder and Eim 
Renter Bennett, pewterer, 249 Courf 
Benter Bernard, bds. Court b. W. Row 

and Plum 
Benter Conrad, carp. 97 lf.->m. Koail 
Benter Wm. pewterer, 249 Court 
Benton Durett, bricklayer, 124 EvereW 
Benton Fred. elk. 62 L. Market 
Bentley Geo. bds. 182 W. 4th 
BeutleyGeo. B. printer, c. ethand Waut 
Bentl.'y Jacob, math, n.w.c. lien and 

Bentley John, moulder, 583 W. 5th 
Bentley M.. white wshr. e.s. Locust b. 

Betts and Clinton 
Bentley Mary Ann, gold cutter, 181 


j j 93 Laurel ' 

Benz Geo. carp. bd.s. 630 Vine 


i\ fiqubrs and cigars, 
■^ 350 Main 

FcpTer Jacrob,clk. 3^0 Main 
BeragOn Jas. lab. n. s . Fp-ut b. Long- 

v,orth and Broad, P?a 
Bcrandcl Peter, blacksmith, Monroo b* 

Elm and Plum 
BERCIBR Oscar (Wm. S. Wright fcCc) 

res. New Grleaii3 
Berckemeir Gerard, finisher, bds. 125 

V.*. 2d 
Berckhemer Chas. manuf. of malt kilnsj 

531 Main 
Berckman Fred. lab. 16 Cherry 
Berding Peter, lab. 18 Woodward 
Beregeh Catharine, e.s. Division b. Hani. 

Road and Bank 
Rer.-ms T. grocer, 201 Water 
Bresford Fr;'.ncts, bui.ciier, t,-.s. Lebanon 

Pike b. Boal and Corporation 
Beresford Francis, jr. boot mkr. 57 

Berg John, tailor* 3(16 W. 5th 
Berg Patrick, lab. s.s. Clark b. Freeman 

and Carr 
Bergen Jos. elk. 49 Main, h. c. Ah'g^l 

and Broadway 
Bergen Michael, mattress mkr. 126 Lock 
Btrgen R. watchman, n-s. Front nr.\ L-.e, 

BergeUi* Joseph, tanner, 33 Providence 
Berger Frank, taiW, 25 ^\'. 13th 
Berger Geonre, barber, 17 Commerce 
Bsrger fc H«bUa (Peter B. ii lly. H.) 

patters mkr3. 173 Pearl 
Berger Herman H. shoe mkr. Observa- 
tory, Mt. Adams 
Berger Jacob, blacksmith. Cooper b. Kim 

and Dun lap 
B?rs«-r Jno. shoe mkr. 275 Main 
Berger Peter (Berger <L iUUin) rsi. 


DEftftBR WM. 

\\ depot of foreign music, 
±f 30 W. 4th, h. 22 Webster 
Bergerding Frank, porter, K< Pearl, h. 
n.s. 7th b. Sycamore and Ihr i sdway 
Berghud Gcot striker, 19 Franl an 
Bergin Mchacl, upholsterer, n.w.c Pth 

and Dublin 
Bergler John, stone cutter. 510 Race 
Sergman John F- cutter 236 ^\ olnut, b. 
00 Rittenhouse 
I Bergnian Hy. drayman, n.s. 6ih, b. Har- 
I riec and Horn 

' Bergroyer Joseph, lab. 3»53 W. 2d 
Berg . ker Fred, varnisher, Cossctn 

BHey „- , , 

Bernhard John, shoe mkr. 460 .v..rui 
Bemhard Peter, barber eho\ , ^-- >!,-" . 
Berkemier Fred, chair painter, II 1 wvi- 
i BerkerMrs.Mtay.24 AbjgalJ . 

Berkidink Herman, brick mkr. 173 fiver 
i Berkidink Rudolph, brick mkr- ! - v« 
. BerkimerCh M .black.<»it ! \h 
'Berkley Antony, 5hc* mkr. ,^.U|l.»wll 
Berklev Martin, cof. n. • ■ MonawK 

Sycamore and L-.-rty 
Berkman liy- hvb. n.w.c 2d *nd Plum 



fx^b^^f' 1 7«/»rt >?€* iar«^o* «£?;/■>.*!» *:**.•>.«/ 

•7V\>. 5Q If *est Sixth Street, 

North, side, between Walnut and Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

{gjT'Constantly on hand a large assortment of French Calf Skin 
Qj Boots and Shoes, also Patent Leather Congress Boots and Oxford Ties, 
and will make the same to order at the shortest notice. 

Boot and Slioe Blacking 1 . 

Bntler Thomas S., factory 39 Vine, office 232 

lioots and Shoes Wholesale. 

Brooks Moses, 22 Pearl. 

Burton & Hu£hart, 32 Pearl. 

Comstock W.'H. & Co., 14 and 16 Pearl. 

Gates John, 54 Pearl. 

Hart Web. & Sons, 16 and 18 w. 5th. 

Hudson James, 221 Walnut. 

King Wm. H., 67 w. 6th. 

M'Kiernan Mich., n. s. Front bet. Washington 

and Liberty. 
NefF Ambrose W; & Co., 99 Pearl. 
Neff, Brother & Co., 45 Main, c. 2d. 
Phares, Taylor & Co., 49 Pearl. 
Reeves & Co., 121 Walnut. 
Robbins & Pomerov, 9 Pearl and 71 Main. 
Webster E. G. 63 Pearl. 

Beadle? & Wescctt Hopper M. S. Simpkinson J & A 
Thome Wm. F. 

Hoots and Shoes. 

Bohl John, 10 Sycamore. 

Bohl Peter, 8 Svcamore. .- - 

Brodfuehrer C. H., 52 w. 6th. 

Deters John H., 131 Main. 

Eshelby James, 10 and 12 w. 6th. 

Eveslase O. & H.. 171 w. 5th. 

Giesting J. D. & G. 38 e. 5th. 

Halley W. G., 190 w. 5th. 

Hart Wm. & Sons, 18 w. 5th. 

Hatley Henry, 33 Race. 

Hewes Jno. H., 34 w. 5th. 

Hollenbeck M., 188 Everett. 

James Robert, 170 w. 5th. 

Lewis Wm., 81. w. 4th. 

Rott J. H. W., 254 w. 5th. 

Snyder Jos. Y., 206 Elm. 

Thome & Collins, 74 Lower Market. 

Wallwork Jer. W., 214 w. 6th. 

Frankelberry Miss Lamping J. H. 

Gerdink John G. 
Glese Joseph 
Gradel John 
Green John 
Green Russel 

Lange Anion J. 
Lauer Marti M 
Leininger John ($■. 
Linnert John 
Lobker G. H. 
Lubrrcnhn H. W, 

Griffin Mrs. Peter Luhring William 

Grosardt G. 
Hafuer George 
Hahn Jacob 
Ha Idee Fred. 
Haltmer Phillip 
Hahner C. 
Flagged orn T.. 
Hanueing Henry 
Heich George 
He!!mai:n Fred. H- 
Hempel Nicholas 
Hersenrother F. 
Herlihy Daniel 
Hinnen Emanuel 
Hocker Frank 
Hocker George 
Hocker.Herman B. 
Hocker Martin 
Hoffmann Henry 
Hoffman Jacob 
HoUhaus Bern. H- 
Hopster Henry 

Wood Alfred, 

Abeling Henry 
AH Daniel 
Amtaur Henry 
Ashman James 
Baughman Peter 
Becht Fred G. 

11^ Lower Merket. 

Buhrmann G. L. 
Burger Phillip H. 
Cahill John 
Carter James 
Callifl George O. 
Clellman Herman 

Dicks David 
D'ckseid John 
Doerrer Ctorge W 
Draub Albt. 
Duffel Casper 
Eckelmann H. B. 

Beckmann John H.Cohorst Herman H.Eha D. 

f* Benken Theodore Collins Henry EliisJohn 

I Eertlett F. Crooks & Goodall Em.'esser Matthew 

( Betz Fred. Darlace J. H. Eppinger H. 

t Bodine E. «Sc Son. DavisJ. R. & Son Evans C. S. 

Bollinger Peter l^sraan Frank Evans Wm. F. 

? Borger Fred. Dell A. Evens CM. 

BreweA.F. ])e;ers Henry A. Everett J. S, 

Brooks H. J5eremo Isaac Ewell Wm. 

Brown John H. Desmond Humph- Felton Henry 
Buelter John- rey Frae Ba-idas 

Horstschneider Jos. Meters George 

HuetteH H 
Hughes Martin 
Hurreil Wm F. 
Ichler David 
Joyce Edmocd 
Kalmeier Geo. fl. 
Kalmeier G. 
Kalmeyer Louis 

Lyon Abram 
M'Cann & Buck- 
McCulioush Hugh 
McGrath John 
McHu?h J, H. 
Mann Wm. H. 
Manss Louis 
Martin John 
Martin Samuel 
Mass f,eouard A. 
Meake Alexander 
Meyer >"ichchis 
Miller Fred. 
Miller John H. 
Moorhaust August 
Moorman B. J. 
Moorman J* J. 
Muller Fred. 
Muller Charles 
Myer Frederick 
>'ehiea Joseph 

iiordhans J. 
Otke John H. 
Palmer George V? 
Paul Henry 
Ptlester Fred. 
Pistner John 
PoiiL Barney 
Quante Henry 

Kamp Gerliard H, Hanson Charles 
Kary William Rawe Joseph 

Kentrop Henry Kechlin B. H. 
Kirman Edward Rehe Henry 
Kleanow J. • Reiring H. H. 

Klentunk Antonio Remme [ferry W, 
Klusmann H. G. Rcnneker Jacob 
KluteJohnH. Ric<^ Aaron 

K/iostman C. 
Koeble P. 
Koehler Chris. 
Kramer Charles 

Rice Joseph 
Riordin James 
Robertson Alex. 
Robertson W. C. 

KuhlmannMrs. M. Kogers Wm. G. 
Kuhlmier Fred. Scheeve John D. 
Kurtz John A. SchifJ Isaac 
Lamb John W. Schliech George 
Lamp© Fred. Schmees Barney 

Lampe John B. 

Schnake Fred. 
Schriver John 
Schuh Daniel 
Schwer Louis 
ScorTrtr Heury 
Scott J M. 
Segars Gsorse 
Shiete'.meier J. H. 
Shults Gerrard 
Shuinan John 
Sitter-jing H. 
Shker V. 
Stephan George 
Stiegier Antou 
Strauss Hermann 
Strauss Henry 
Straus Moses 
Strause Samuel 
Str-if Thomas 
Streithwrst Fred. 
Sullivan Thos. 
Sutlv A. 
Swift J. & C. 
Tapkinz Henry W. 
Thiaius" F. H. 
Thole Henr/ 
Taomann H. Henry 
Thompson J. D. 
Tie man C. 
Tiemanc W. 
Treasure J. 
Trickner Bernard 
Troy Samu-.'l 
Turner Theodore 

Ut'.ey H. 

Vehr G"o<-ge 
W"achter John H. 

Waldmann Jacob 

W a !l man Hern. J. 

Walirainn Fred. 

Walrra:i K. 8. 

Weist Genrge 

Webh William 

Wertheirn D. 

Wes;-e!n Lambert 

Westcott John 

Westendorf John J. 

Westerkamp F. H. n Anna 

Whimple Wm. 

Wirthliu >'icho!aa 

Witt Wm. 

Wittrock E. 

Worth Sylvester 

Zurleine Henry 

Boy: Manufacturers. 


IJordan Chas. W., n. e. p. 5th &, Walnut. 
Jordan Dan'l B., 1 e. 5th, upstairs, c. Main. 
jVornholt John F., 315 Main. 
Bookbinder Sigm. Burmester Charles Grobe Charles - 


Johnston J. & J. M., 219 &l 221 vr. 3d. 
Rice S. G., Agent, s. w. c. 8th & Canal. 
Anderson John Brooks Thomaj Theake John 

»*t«un Tly. wearer, 62 13th 
■ r«r.»Aii l(--rmrui, box inkr. 154 Oliver 
fc.vicyer Hy. tailor, 363 W. 2d [Koad 
frf^us H-nnan IJ. shoe mkr. 917 Ham. 
^atUnKhtiuse ^ ichJ - Perfumer, 15 Carr 
$^nn*nn B. cl-thing store. 5 Broadway 
B/*ta*na David, c! othin? store, 49 \V. 2d 
Jcmirr A inert, painter, G:ui Race 
iwu-nt Eifcttl- pedier, 6 Walnut 
B -rnar.1 Jas. elk. bds. 25 Commerce 
BontM J.-hQ, teamster, s.s. front nr. 

Jaroi-ttowa Ferry 
(^vd U- roy S- barkeeper, 324 W. Row 
llrmard Mrs. Mary, 96 George 
l^-Tiarl Moses, elk. 27 Broadway 
&*mcck Fred, finishes, 118 15th 
t<n>t J. J- b.k. 20 Peari, h. 145 John 
Berne Wm. J. painter, 90 W. Front, h. 

113 John 
Bem«*ns John, blacksmith, shop w.s. 

Lodge b. 5th and 6th, h. 4S2 W. 5th 
Hcnrr John, cooper. 31 Dunlap 
Beruhard 3lrs-_Wirtwa, rear 67 W. Liberty 
Btmheim S.2.. Walnut 
B-Toing Caspar, shoe mkr. 374 W. 5th 
Btrnit Jos. rag dlr. 6 Walnut 
B«rnstein 31ra. Fanny, 549 W. Row 
Ikraitein Seiigman, elk. 299 Main, h. 566 

W. Row 
Ceroid John, music tchr. over 513 Main 
Brrraur J. turner, 384 Walnut 
Jkrrijran Jas. <lriver, Front b. Rice and 

Walnut, F'n 
B«ri^er Joseph, n-w.c. 3d and Race 
Berrill Michael, Lib. 412 W. Front 
Berry Ciayborne, lab. 500 W. Front 
U.-rry H. widow. 56 E. 7th - - . —"- 
P.^rry James, 48 C en ere 
Berry John, butcher, 131 Bank 
B^rry Jos. barber, Broadway Hotel 
Berry Luke, moulder, n.w.c- Canal and 

B-irry Kichd. blacksmith, 384 Walnut 
berry Thos. counry collector, e.s. B'way 

b. 8th and 9th 

s.e.c. New and North 
Berry Wm. W. student at law, 13 Worth- 
incrton"sbdj3. bds. 3-e.c RaceandGth 
Berryhitl A. S. elk. bds- Dennb»on House 
B^rtenshaw James, tailor, bds. 14 Baum 
Benhoel Julian, billiard saloon, 276 Mam 
Br.rtholf Mrs. Sarah 141 Spring 
B-r.kin D. cof. h. s.wc. R ace and 2d 
Br-tiett F. shoe mkr. 191 Linn 
fc^rtUnjr Ernst, jewelry, 426 Walnut 
BLRTRAM A. (Canneld & B.) s.e.c 

Symmes and Butler 
Brtrara B. elk. n.e.c Congress and Pike 
Bertram Wm. dray, s.3. Symmes b. But- 
ler and Canal 
fcertrand Benj. porter, Y. 31. M. L. A. h. 

52 15th 
Bftrand Benno, b.k. bds. Watson Housa 
B«rh Gabriel, lab. h. s.s. Harrison Road 

h. Coleman and Riddle 
B-*»cher Philip, grocery, 436 Linn 
»<*«• John, wa„'on mkr. s-3. Sth b. Broad- 

»ay and Sycamore 
B*sh. OiWph, cooper, 2^ Buckeye 
K^«ieker Mr3. Mar.-aret. 407 Sycamore 
*r* >11 G «». baker, 642 .Main 
Bot Jas. tanner, Pleasant b. Ham. Road 

B*n-1 Her. ry 
china, ctlass and queensware, 
538 Main 
•"rtman Barney, lab.w.s. 6th abv. Banm 
■-•««n Jo*, carp. 717 Elm 
"™*<ten Fred, cirar mkr. s.3. L. Market 

Bb, Sycamore and Broadway 
HM' S , HEXRY, tobacconist, 
*» Walnut, 
Bbc«.**?; 0ur lt Creek, Ham. county 
^uDEN HElttLLtf, 
Cof. 3.uv, n , 

- ■ M L. Market 
«•*! Th.v-d ,re, lab. 643 Race 
.£ a ;i^^» Tarter, 21 L. Market, 
_ N «• •>• S.eaasore 
£**-h- d,. T n,. nry , taji,^., 410 g 7camore 

"t Andrew, tail..r, 679 Race 
r~ !, * w Matius, pattern mkr. 14 Milton 

Bettman Ab'm, at. phvs. 119 W. Court 

of all kinds hosiery and gloves, 
SO W. 5th 
Bettman Bernhard, elk. 1R3 Main 
Betts Addison, c!k. 461 W. Row, h. 16 

Betts Chas. S. 0S3 Richmond 
Betta Isaac, 16 Clark 
Betts Smith, n.e.c. John and Hopkins 
Bett.-,he;mer Mrs. seamstress, 47 E. 3d 
Bettv Kdwd. b.k. lt>0 Walnut 

J. M. W.) staple and fancy dry 
pond*, 100 W. 5th 
BETTY Wm. (B. & Williamson) 125 MiU 

BETZ CHAS. French and Germ, fancy 
goods and perfumery, 121 Main, 
bds. Burnet House 
Betz Fred, shoe shop, 546 Walnut 
Betzhorlts Joseph, moulder, 678 Main 
Beutteumieller Chas. F. teacher, 50o Linn 
BE VAX JOHN (B. ic Co.) res. Mount 

BEVAN' J. & CO. (John B., John H. 
Ewing) Washington Foundry* 
n.w.c. Vine and Centre 
BEVIS HOUSE (Bevis & Ridenour, 

props.) s.w.c. Walnut and Court 
Bevins John, pedler, s.s. Clark b- Free- 
man and Carr 
BEVIS Martin (B. &. Ridenour) s.w.c 
Walnut and Court 

(Martin B. <Sc Wm. H. R.) hotel, 
s.e.c. Walnut and Court 
Bewhohhoby- Matthias, cof. h. n-w.c. 14th 

and Bremen 
Bewley Geo. b.k. 20 and 22 W. 2d, bds. 

54 Franklin 
Bewley Thos. family grocer, 42 E. 5:h,h. 

54 Franklin 
Beyer Earney, cigar mkr. 116 W. hiberty 
Beyer Francis, lab. 6 Logan 
Beyerle John P. prov. store,. 308 Long- 
Biarry Jame3, moulder, bds. a.w.c. Race 

and 2d 
Biaslerk Fred. 516 Walnut 
Bice Mis- Eliza, milliner, 35 Baymiller 
Bice George, tab. 185 Water . . 
Bicher Peter (Rancher. B. &. Co.) e.s.Vine 

b. 12th and 13th 
Bichmine Wm. grocer, 491 3d 
Bick Barnard, ginger pop manuf. 430 

Bick Chris, lab. Canal b. 5th and 6th 
Bick John, shoe mkr. 73 Spring 
Bick John, tailor, 136 Mohawk 

s.e.c. Elm and Centre 
Biekanhauser Phil. cab. mkr. bds. New 

nr. Broad wav 
Biekelbenrer Jac lab. 681 Elm 
Bickenbeck N. tailor, 49 14th 
Bickenhlser Phillip, cab. mkr. 366 BVay 
Bickle Geo. lab. Canal nr. Mohawk 
Bickmer Fred. lab. liW Clay; 
Bicknell Ber.j. planin? mill, h. 415 Elm 
Bicknell E. M., R. R. Hotel, n.e.c. Front 

and Broadway 
Bicknell Henry A. (B. Bartlett 4: Co.) 

bds. Walnut St. House 
Bridle Mra He" en, 30 Mound 
Biddle Stephen, 3D Mound 
Bider Mr. cab. mkr. 447 W. 3d 
Bieckerhouse P. cab. mkr. n.w.c. 8th and I 

Broadway" • j 

Biedenbender Jacob, hats and caps, 212 

Main | 

B'edke Wm. lab. 491 Rare 
Bielenl>erg A. lab. 3^4 Walnut | 

Bier Andv, blk. smith, n-s. 6th b. Harriet \ 

ami Hr-rn j 

Bier Emanuel, cutter, bds. 197 Elm 
Bier Frank, lab. 150 Pleasant 
Bier Peter, match manuf 69 Mohawk 
Bier Valentine, porter, 232 Walnut 
Bierbanm Henry, pi-rter, 245 Main 
B.erbaura lly. bis. Clay b. 14th and Lib- 
Bierbaum Peter, painter, 612 Elm 
Bierke ' Krum, cooper, bds. 790 W. Row 
Bierman August, cutter, 14 L. Market, h. ! 

2S5 Main 

Bierman Jno. lab. 71 Green 
Bier.rirth Frank, tailor, 366 Broadway 

83 Sycamore 
Biesenthal Sol. R. jeweller and watch 

mkr. 25-.J W. 5th, h. -J4-J W. 6th 
Bietz Bernard, tailor, 561 Vine 
Bige^an John, 121 Pro\idence 
Bigelow H. G. collector wes. dist. city 

water works, h. 44.i W. 3<l 
Bigelow John A. res. ill. Auburn 
Bigelow Moses, day watch, 29 Hathaway 
Bigger A. al. phys. h. Id Ann 
Bigger Henry, cof.h. 21 E. 5th, h. 25 

Biggins Patrick, mould. Mt. Adams 
Biggs ic Co. (Jno. S. B. & Jo:h. nard- 

esty.) horse auc 24 E. Sth 
Biggs George, river man, n.s. alley b. 7th 

and Sth and BVay and Svcamore 
Biggs Jno. S. (B. & Co.) res. Delhi 
Big^s Jos. A. salesman, s.w.c. Main and 

2d, h. 332 Vine 
B'ggs Thos. J. Pastor 5th Presbyterian 

332 Vine 
Biggs Thos. J.. jr. elk. 7 Pub. Land. h. 

Church, 332 Vine 
BIGGS Thos. R. (Miller & Co.) res. near 

Bigham David L. elk. 40 Walnut, h. s.w. 

c. 9th and Race 
Bigham Wm. D. caa. mkr. 21 W. 7th, h. 

c. 9th and Race 
Bigle Geo. second hand store, cor. Bank 

and W. Row 

BIGLER & CO. (Daniel M. B., Elbert 
F. B- «k Jacob A. B.) prod, dealers, 
153 W. 5:h 
BIGLER Daniel M. (Bigler & Co.) 155 

W. 5ch 
BIGLER Elbert F. (B. & Co.) 155 W. 

ho. physician, 
108 W. 6:h 
BIGLER Jacob A. Jr (B. &. Co.) 155 
W. 5th 

coal dealer, 
n.w.c. Sth and Mound"* 
Bile Geo. lab. 112 Abigail 
Bile Wm. cartman, 371 W. 2d 
Bies Chas. painter, n-s. Front nr. Broad 

Biles Geo. butcher, 142 H Betts 
Bill John, rope mkr. 4v>3 W. 3d 

\ coffee house, 
' lr9 Con-ress 


B 1 

52G Elm 

Billiam Mich. mer. tailor. 531 Main 
BILLItaiEIMEU Jos. (March, Elsoa it. 

Co.) Home b. 4ch and Sth 
Billingham Benj. shoe mkr. 117 W. Canal 
Billinstine Juo. lab. Elm b. Fiodlay and 

Ham. Road 
Billiods Fred., Lavfavette Brewry, 184 

Ham. Road, h. 719 Vine 
Biltz Chas. blk. smith, h. Newport 
Binckinstein Chris, gard. n.s Harrison 

Road b. Brighton and Division 
Bindhammer Powell, b.h. 4^3 Vine 
Bindlev Edward, elk. mercaxitile Agency 

carp. 155 E. Front, 
h. 395 W. 3d 
Biuehart Phillip, gartlner, Liberty W of 

Binemier Uy. porter, 99 W. 2d 
Bing Jno. lab. e.'s. Accommodation above 

Bin? Moses, cloth, store, 268 W. Row 
Bing S. elk. 276 W. Sth 
Einsrer Louis, copper, 31 Pierson 
Binlrley Hy. b.h. s.e.c. Lock and 4th 
Binker Cha*. lab. Pendleton b. Ab.gail it 

Binnegan Mrs. Maty. H49 Ftm 
Bmiiv (;eo. mould. 31* UaJnut 
Bins Chas. b<ls. 5U3 Walnut 
Binsea Man", seamstress, n.s. W. W. C*- 

nal b. Mill and Rose 
Biora John R- 18 Elkabeth 

i \ 




Drum Thomas, (Canal Brewery) 51 & 54 Smith. 

Harries David, 100 Sycamore. 

Jonte Peter, s. e. c. Sycamore Sl Abigal. 

Monh&ffcr & Webber, 572 W. Row. 

Mueller & Go^reve, s. w. c. Congress &, Pike. 

Schaller & SchifF, 295 w. 4th. 

Walker's Brewery, w. s. Syc. b. Hunt &; Abigal. 

Deck Michael Kleiner M. & F. Moerlcin & VJin- 

Billiod Frederick KloUtsr Geuige & disch 

Hare John Co. Schneider Levis 

Iloi.eiileitner Jos. Koehlcr Gottfried Schuliz C <x Bro. 

Bridge Builders. 

McCallum, Lruniage & Co., 130 Vine. 

Moselcy T. W. H. 


"W. M. MI3LLER. 

3B£ O XIE jBx 3B5f d3 <D €> «,, 

/ft.-, v r o#w 


mm gpilto, 



He. 211 West Fifth street, corner of Heme. 
Silver Hating done on all kinds of metal. Old Ware re-plated to look and wear as well as nev>. 




6&i Wfi7 r^s\ C- • 


fin fla!^ Shafting anir grtjurs' Cnp^r, §W Sin, Shut grim, Sine, 

IBM! WIRE, TIMERS' TOOLS, ffift£H!»ESi &E., 
S1.4 M.min Street, between Mf?h 3* Sixth, €meimmt§, Ohio. 


Britannia Ware* 

Roman & Co., 2. VI w. 5th. 
Sellew & Co., 214 Mam 1 . 
Stailkamp J. II. & Co., 247 w. 5th. 
Brush. Plarmiacturers. 

Boyus Jas. & Co., 211 Walnut. 

C'aassen Wiibert James Nathaniel Mintzer W. D. 
Herbert Gharles Jutzler Henry 

Bung" fliaiiafacturer. 
Kirby Josiah 

Burial Case (Metallic) Manufacturers. 

'For Dealers see 1 Undertakers.) 

Crane, Breed & Co.. 230 Walnut. 

Butter and Egg-s. 

Gould Geo. W.„ s. s. 9th b. Syc. & Main. 

Footc Joseph W. Lawrence T. M. & Worstell Wm 

Holt AniM Co. 

Jiolt & Clark: Van Wormer Asa 

EStlllT IIKIES 9 mOLb 


No. 217 Walnut St., botween Fifth and Sixth, 


Gi@t@!aaati, Giuo. 

JACOB X>X3SS3BCXj, Agent. 

ETManufacturer of Bedsteads, Sofas, Chain?, Bureaus, and all other kinds of Furniture. 





Bitch Peter, bk. bind. 25 W. 4th, bds. 
Centre b* Vine and Race 

Mttfe Burrows, (Ily. B. &-Geo. B.) 
,.v U ' tnanuf. 20 E. 3d, up stairs 

l\W\ &J- (B. &- Bureowes) Richmond nr. 

Bird II- N r - cha'r mkr. 174 Richmond 

hl'Au trail. (Bascon & R.) ITS Long- 

B;->I Jas. turner, n.w.c. 8th & Broadway 

\Vv.\ Michael H. elk-. 95 and 97 Pearl 

Bin) Mary, 132 W. 3d 

Bird Fat. express, 27 Catherine 

Bird Richard, 7G W. 4th 

Birch Richard, tanner* 91 Woodward 

Bird Stephen, elk. 12 Elizabeth 

BIRBSALL Fred. (F. B. & Co.) Ms. 
Madison House 

I) LRDSATJ. P. & CO. (Fred. B. & Ai- 

I v 0. Tyler, ) brooms, wood and willow 

** ware, 10 Main 

Bir<?e Jonathan, finisher, 2G1 W. 3d 

Birk Andrew, lab. bds. 6G7 Vine 

Birk John, lab. bds. 667 Vine 

Birkett Marsf. cot", b. 563 B. Front 

Blrkle Jos. lab. 3S4 Walnut 

Bimbaum Jo?, elk. 139 Main 

BIRXEV JAM1& attorney and corn. 
of deeds, G Manchester building, 
res. Mt: Auburn 
Bimey Jas. elk. 14 W. 5th, h. 279 W. 7th 
Biron John, jeweler, bds. 159 W. 5th 
Birrei Jas. upholsterer, 138 Sycamore 
Bisack Adam, bk. binder, 7S Buckeye 
Bischop Casper, shoe mkr. bds'. 9 Frank- 
Biscler Frank, 55 High 
Bisech Thos. ma? nxter. 432 Plum 
Bishop Chas. H. 120 Plum 
BlsherFred. works roilin** rnilLh. 171Ii?h 
BISHOP Geo. W. (B., We'us St Co.) 103 

W. 8th 
Bishop Grlfhn, printer, 120 Plnrn 
Bishop Jas. waiter Woodruff House, w.s. 

Sycamore b. 3d and 4th 
Bishop Jonathan, fiat boat dealer, 211 

Bishop Jno. W. elk. 3 Pub. Land. bds. 
133 W. Sth 

20 E. 4th 
Bishop N. J. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
BISHOP Richard M- (B., Wells & Co.) 

104 Elm 
BISHOP S. P- cashier O. L. & T. Co. h. 

9 Harrison 
Bishop T. B. horse infirm. 152 W. Court, 
h. 26 Richmond 

1)18110? WELLS & CO. (Richard M. 
} B., Wm. W. Wells Geo. W. Bish- 
op,) wh. ?rocerscom- and ford. mer. 
9 Pub. Landing 
Bishop Wm. porter, 21 E. 2d 
ELi hop Wra. waiter, Woodruff House, w. 

s. Sycamore b. 3d and 4th 
Bishop Wm. T. elk. 9 Pub. Landing bds- 
161 Elm 

BISH0?EIC¥ HENRY, manufacturS 
bilking powder and dealer in dru~s, 
n.w. c 5th and Walnut, res. Glen- 
Glen dale 
Euhtelor Chris, ra-; picker, h. e. s. Av- 

enne b. Harrison Road and Bank 
Biased! Amos, elk. 12 Pearl, bds. Broad- 
way Hotel 
Biaseli Mrs. Elizabeth, 89 W. 7th 
Bissell II. B. note teller O. L- I. Sc T. Co- 

bds. Broadway Hotrfl 
"Usher Fred, cooper, bds. 9 Orchard 
Uitin^er Jacob, cab. mkr. 5G Liberty 
Bitner Clemance, cof. h. 50 13th 
k-Her C. tailor, s.e. c. John and Me- 

Bitter Peter, mer. tailor, 210 W. 6th 
B'tzer Geo. prov. store, 6G4 Main 
jjlahann Chas. plasterer, 103 Clay 
Blahstolk Bernard, 68 13th 
Blachfard P. cof. h. 12 E. Front 
BLACHLEY Jos. W. (B. & Simpson,) 

Bres. New York 
LAC 11 LEY &SHJP50N, (Jos. W. B. 
ic Jno. A. S.) wh. dry goods, 
11 Pearl 
Black Bear Tavern, s.w. c. Syc and Sth, 
Isaac Merchant, prop. 

Black Daniel, bds. Bevis House . 

Black David, driver, w. s. Market nr. 

river, F'n . 
Black Edward, lab. Mt. Adams 
Black Geo. dray. 45 Wood 
Black Jno. fam. grocery, 493 Sycamore 
Black Lizzie, bk. folder, 107 Walnut 
Bla:k Patrick, bds. 196 Race 
Black Peter, b. k. 03 Hopkins 
Black Peter, horse auctioneer, 17 E. 5th, 

53 Mansfield 
Black Hint. B. magistrates, office, s.e. c. 

Ninth and W. Row, res. 303 W. flth 
Black Sam'l, 250 W. 5th 
Black Sam'l, 373.^ W. 7th 
Black Stenhen, iab. G50 W. Front 
Blackall W. 193 W. Court Benj. wood dlr. n.e. c. Mill 

and W. W. canal, h. 502 Front 
Blackburn C. C daguer. 28 W. 4th, h. 1 

Smith, Court 
Blackburn Geo. al. phys. office 79 W. 4th 
BlackHurn David W. brick mkr. s. s. 6th 

b. Harriet and Horn 
Blackburn Jno. atty. 42 W. 4th 
Blackburn Julius, piano mkr. 253 Main, 

h. 71 Laurel 
Blackburn SanTl, lab. 77 Kemble 
j Blackburn Thus. R. piano manufac. 283 
I Main (up stairs,) h. 71 Laurel 

Blacker Th \s. J. shoe mkr. s.e. c. Carr 

and W. 8th. 
Blackhead Julius, tailor. 12 Abigail 
Blackhourn J. b.k. 14 Harrison 
Blackman Chas. 53 Ritfcenhouse 
Biackman Fred. dray. 70 12th. 
Blackruan Henry, driver, 289 Water 
Biackman Jno. II. dray. 90 Dudley 
B'ackmore Miss J. milliner, 121 W. Sth 
Blackrnore Jan.ii, cik. 274 W. Sth ' 
BLACKWELL II. B. (Coombs, Ryiand 

&. B.> res. Walnut Hills 
BLACKWELL S. C (Coombs, Ryland 

& B.) re3. Walnut Hills 
Blads Mrs. Louisa, se-ims. Hogarth^ al'y 
Rdagbuaq Frances, dre-=s mkr. 421 W. 3d 
Bladge Ily. brass moulder, 75 E. Front, 

h. Newport 
Blair Ch-s. b.k. 52 Walnut, h. IS W. 8th 
Blair F. cutter, 105 Main, res. 203 W. 4th 
Blair Jno. stove moulder, 3 a 4 Walnut 
Biair Jno. M. bricklayer, IS W. Sth 
Blair Jos. 13 Linn 
Blair Jos. bakery, 453 John 
Blair Jos. D- bk. layer, 11 Plum 
Blair M. J. 143 Svmmes 
Blair Sam'l, ice dlr. 559 Plum, h. 90 12th 
Blair Thos. carp, at B. P. Finch, h. 2'Ju 

Elair Wm. H. elk. n.e. c Sycamore and 
L. Market 

I Blaisdell P.ev. Jas. J. 201 Longworth 

j Biaisee Sam '1, gardener, Avenue b. Pop- 

! lar ?.nd York 

I Blake Jas. cutter, S4 Main, h. 209 W. 3rd 

I Blakeley Agnes, 444 W. 4th 
Blakely Eliza, type rub. 10S Vine 
Biakemore Francis, pipe fitter, 3^4 Waln*t 
Blakemore Jno. it. japanner, 14 David 


\\ de iter tn clocks, 
XJ 229 Main, h. 411 Broadway 
Blakeslee Geo. B. daguer. 11 W. 5th, h. 

444 Broadway 
Blakes!ee Lyman W. elk. 229 Main, h. 

441 Broadway 
Bleak Alfred, hatter, 20 Betts 
Bleaks Wm. ship carp. 105 W. Front 
Bleaks Dorcas, s'-a-us. 217 Wafer 
Biecher Ileurv W. (Curford ic B.) Ms. 

267 W. Row 
Bleckman J. F. blind factory, 403 Walnut 
B'eistertier Jno. 555 VTne 
Bfaker Ileary, savyer, 4^ Elm 
Bli-.nen August, shoe m!cr. F3 L. M irket 
Blam-ir, Biirney, plasterer, H« Clay 
Blanohenheim, Jno. taih>r, 1" ." LilH»rty 
Blind Jno. dray. s.e. ■'■ Fiftft nntl BVay 
Btane.v & M -rgan", (Win. B. ."* Geo. K. 
Mir,"in.) pattern makers and carp. 
217 W. 5th 
Blanev Wm. (B. & Mxgaa,) 130 Bay- 


wood dealer, 

103 Water, h. 1.00 Water 

Blangy Wm. teamster, 124 LauJel 
Blank Anthocy. G13 W. Sth 
Blank Jno. sh »e mkr. 149 Can- 
Blank Fred, porter, 12 and 14 E. Canal, 

h. Vine street hill 
Bias II. tanner, 3ol W. Liberty 
Blaise Matthias, Bhoe mkr. over 51? Main 
F.Iattan Peter, prov. store, 61S Vine 
Blatter Jno. i;un smith, bds. 00 13ih 
Blattener Theo. tailor. 177 Liberty 
Blazen Ily. lah. s. s. Front nr. Svcamore 
Blazer Lawrence, cof. h. 71 Elm 
Blemeknapp Matthew, furn. car, 104 

BlendkvgeJ.Jno. lab. 94 Buckeye 
Blettner A. (Reis & B.) 45i> Mam 
Bieuler Adolph, paper hngr. 455 Main 
Bley Fred, chair mkr. bds. 42 Elm 
Bliezer Herman, carp. (y^.O Main 
Blinn <fc Brun?.'(0. B. & J. B. B.) fura 

store, 49 E. 3rd 
Blinn Geo. B. bar kpr. 413 Main 
Blinn Jas. fun;- 101 W. 5ch 
Blinn Osias, (li. & Bruns.) res. Newport 
Blinn Wm. A. 161 W. Sth 
Bliss Asa, butcher, n. s. Taylor 
Bliss Geo. R. mate, n.w. c. Front and 

Walnut, F'n 


| \ jeweler and watchmaker, 
x * 357 Main,h. 90 W. 9lh 
Blister Andrew, brewer, 207 W. 3rd 
Biiven D. machinist^ 54 Lawreoee 
Biock A. notion and fancy goods store, 

n. c c. Sycamore and L. Market, h. 

h. So Broadway 
Block Aaron, (Levy & B.) 199 Race 
Block &c Co. pub. Israelite and Deborah, 

43 B. 3rd 
Block & Daniel, (Emil B. & Michael D-) 

leather stpre, 25G Main 
Block Elias, wli. dlr. in liquor and cigara, 

47 E. 2d, h. 51 Centre 
Block Ernil, (B. & Daniel.) 190 Sycamore 
Blofik E. Sc Bros. (Emil B-, Leopold &. 

Julius B.) wh. liquor dlrs. 3i Syca- 
Biock IT. confec. 60 E. 5th 
Block Hy. fancy store, So Broadway 
Biock Ily. cigar mkr. n. s. W. Sth b. 

Carr and Freeman 
Block Jos. elk. bds. 190 Svr-aT.ore 
Block Julius, (E. B. fc Bros.) bd3. 190 

BL0OK Lazarua, (Aub. B. &. Frenkel,) 

15 E. 6:h 
Block Leonard, lab. n.e. c. Liberty and 

Block Leopold, (E. B. Sc Bros.) bds. 130 

Sycamore [Walnut 

BLOCK Leopold (Marienthal & B.) 324 
Block Louis, fancy store, 178 Broadway 
Blockmann Chris, blacksmith, 103 Wood- 
Blockwell Chan messenger, 10 W. 3d 
Blockwell John, porter, 1Q W. 3d 
Bioerlnef Augfc. stonecutter, Hickory b. 

Dudley and Piatt 
Bh-e.iter Adam, tanner, 23 Tanner 
Bl >ester Victor, stone mason, 28 Tanner 
Bloksted Hy. cab. mkr. 24 Buckeye 
Blome John F. hds. 25 Cherry 
Blong Susan U. millinery, 96 W. 4th, h. 

Smith b. 3d and 4th 
Blonne Wra, tailor, tear 2G FraakGo 
Bloom A. G7 W. Court 

]) Cof. h. 

x 52G F. Front 

Bloom Ibmry, carp. 303 W. Front 

Bl iom Jacob, }eweler, 291 Main 

Bloom Jacob, bds. 1G3 W. 5di 

Bloom John, Willow ware. 130 Walnnt 

Blood Lewis C brass finisher, G2 Whiter 

cloth!. is manuf. 
25 W. 0th 
Bloom Samuel W. turnkey of j:iil,'Syca- 

more b. Ai : : . 1 in t lluut 
Bloom Salmon 163 W. Sth 
Bloom V. tail r, 76 E. Sth 
Bloomer Geo. ship carp, n.e.c. Market 

and River, F'n 
Bloomers John, tailor, 68 Green 
Blots Geo. M.D. associate ed. Enquirer, 
bds. Broadway nr. 3d 

■ . 







North West Corner of Broadway and 8th streets, 

ffijg-'jBest assortment of Fashionable Parlor Furniture. 




wm ff W/\ ^F W Iff WW mt IB 

Jmk ' ^^0 J\.HL ^i-¥li *:Jk /^k ^fe^ z^k.C /•^^l 
t "?*«3 ||| t^r^ fifft c-,p^\ ^f^ j*^ ^ff> #|^ ,#^ 



dk^3 £MzM# ^Ubiy ^M^ ^Q^ ^^c^C> 
If os. 23 & 25 EAST SECOND STREET/ 
Between Hum a%& SfeaMffe, QiaoiojaatL Qbm* 


aroiEEissr CHErsn&rjEt.,; 


Ho. 8 East Fourth St., (Up stairs.) 

Cabinet Ware Manufacturers «fc I^ealers 

Barlag-e & Steinman, 211 & 213 w. 5th. 
Baiimeister Wm. C.,66 Sycamore. 
Boyd Henry, n. 'v. c. Broadway and 8th. 
Cabinet Makers' Union, Augusta, b. Smith anc 

Crane L. M., 81 Sycamore. 
Diehl Jacob, (Agt, Cabinet Makers' Union,) 

217 Walnut 
Duncan M. L., 60 and 62 vv. 2nd. 
E'lerman, John, 67 w. 5th. 
Geyer John, 8 e. 4th. 
Greene Elibu, 153 w. 5th. 
Hanna & Hall, 64 Sycamore. 
John S. J., 23 e. 4th. 
Kramer H. H. & A., 535 Main. 
Header Daniel F. & Co.' 41 and 43 w. 2nd. 
Mitchell & Rammelsbernr, 23 and 25 e. 2d. 
Mullen Jonathan, 132 Sycamore. 
Smith & Hawley, 69 vv. 5th. 
Straus Alexander, 71 vv. 5th. 
Tynan Bernard, 45 \v. 5th. 

Ailey Samuel A. Carter Wm, 

Goates John P. 
Cfamsey William 
Da 11 maun Frank 
Dob.-U E. K. 

Kops Wm, 
La miners Ilenrj 
Letors Henry F. 
Levy it Block 
L-f>ns;street S. H. 
Mejs L. 
Myers Levy 

Avery Charles 
Bahlmann tt. 
Hailey John 
Blinn & Brum 
Blirin James 
Bo*s« lienry 
Cutter Josrijri 

II i gel Casper 
Hangs J. 
Hcmpel Fred. 
Heiishiw Gforjre 

Evans &. Kcrshuer H >ward H. C. 
Feidea David Kingsncrth J. W. 

Grose iibrcuk Wrn. Kuobiaugh Fr. IJ. 

Powell James P. Rim on A. 
Rancher, Bichard Springart Jacob 
& Co. Stroup Richard 

Kemmert Henry Voelker Peter 
Schergens John K. Weiderecht&Jonea 
Schmidt H K. Wolff C. 

Sharp Henry Wra-mpelraeierOitc 

Penny Richard H. Shaw Aaron &Co 

Calico Primer. 

Doeller August, 15 Mason. 

Candle ITSnntuffacfjirers. 

Barkalovv \VnL& Go. /7S Poplar, store 2 15 Main. 
Burckhardt & Co., factory 12 Hammond, office 

93 Sycamote. 
Cheever A. G. & Co., vv. s. Miami Canal bet. 

5th and 6th. 
Emery Thos. & Son, 31, 33 and 35 Water. 
Gooch Henry, 129 vv. 2d. 
Gross & Dietrich, 5 vv. Front. 
Knovvlton H. & Bro's, 13 Water. 
Koebel & Miller, 18 vv. Front. 
Ropes N. & Co., Lock bet. 4th and 5th. 
Proctor & Gamble, 24 vv. 2nd. 
ShiilUo George, 32 Sycamore. 
Werk M. & Co., 11 Main. 
Wiedemer F. X. & Co., 17 vv. Front. 

Ford Wm. Peebles A Jiro. 

Carpenters and lluiJdors. 

Baldwin Joseph, 304 Elm. 

Bindley James 165 e. Front. 

Finch B. F.. e. y. Bank Alloy, bet. 3d and 4th 

and Main and Walnut. 
HrJinlen A. S., 124 and 126 Vino. 
Hail John, n. s. Canal, bet. Race & Elm. 
Jones W.,41 e. 3d- 




| BOBHAN FEED, tobacconist, 
im Ab'v\- trimmer, bds. 161 B'way j res. Mt. Auburn 

Blessen P. lab. 491 Race I T) ODXAN PI 

Btuebchiw liy. lab. n.s. 6th nr- Freeman j JQ 2<3 Main, 

lltua Philip, baker, 30 L. Market, h. 151 : Bodman Geo. elk. 273 Main 

Preeren ! Bodman Geo. W. mer. tailor, res. Cov'fon 

Blumenstfei Geo. carriage painter, s.w.c. BOF.RINGEB A. (A. & J. B.) 4c2 Wal- 

BIttua Fred., eigars, 18 Jefferevu 

. Sycamore and 6th, bds. Levis Hous>' 

IvTXNf £ B. 
i patent kitchener maker, 
' £"■ »::. 3-.', res Mt. Auburn 

m A; carp. 3 83 Laurel 


)0EIUXCFR A. & J. (A. B. &. J. B.) 

met. tailors. 
4c2 Wain 

BOEBINGER J. (A. & J. B.) 462 Walnut 
Boebirj^r Lewis, cor", b. 10 Abigail 
iijy Fred, book store, J GO Vine j Boecking Adolphe H. b.k. 27 L. Market, 

p,!v Win. carp, n.e.c- Liberty and Dudley b. Bauru nr. tith 

Biytb" Jas- carp. 235 E. 5th Boeder Chris. Jab. 30 Buckeye 

BJae Hy. lab. 86 W. 2d j Boeder Hy. lab. 26 Mulberry 

Bo?-r:ler Jno. Napoleon House, 107 E. 2d '. Boehme Fred, paper hngr. 392 Sycamore 
Boake J. wagcu mkr. 66 W. Canal, h. 514 Boener Chas. G- watch mkr. 6 W. 4th, h. 

Boal Rev. John M. 592 W. Pth 

iOAL ROBERT, Pres. Cin. Harrison 

Band Indianapolis R.R. 
438 W. 7th 
Boalman Hy. wood sawyer, 132 Clinton 
Lobar Frank, cooper, 107 Woodward 
Bobet'g C lab. 230 Walnut 

70 Ban- 
Boer Jacob D. porter, n.e.c. Abigail and 

Boeriek Oscar, imp. French and German 

dry goods; 78 Main 
Boerner Chas. J. watch mkr. 70 Burr 
Boerner Fred, watch mkr. 78 Richmond 
RQesherg John, barher, 462 Walnut 

bVoronski L. w.s. Sycamore b. 3d and 4th j Boeteher Edwd. elk. 140 and 142 Main, 

b. 29 Jackson 
Boettger DcifhriCk, shoe mkr. g.'s. Yorkb. 

Linn and True 
Boettger Win. druggist, h. w.c "Vine and 

Findlov [W. 9th 

Bcffinger Bent, intelligence office, 167 
Bogart Edwd. machinist, 384 Walnut 
Botrart Isaac, painter, 3G W. Court, h. 

" 203 Catharine 
Bocart Thos. O. machinist, 107 Fulton 
BOGEN George (G. & P. B-) Hani. Road 

nr. Brighton House 

B0€ EX (j. & P. (George <L Peter) ham 
carers a&d man uf. lard oil and still 
and sparkling Catawba wine, 11a.m. 
Road, n. of Brighton House 
BOGEN Peter (G. & P. B.) Ham. Road 

nr.. Brighton House 
Bogert Hannah, widow, 219 Broadway 

Boch Gn- it, la'-). o:k> Elm 
Recher Stephen, !ab. n.s. High 
Bock Fred- cooper, 52 Ehn 
Beck Geo. lab. 334 Havi. Boad 
Bock Hv- dray, 52 Webster 
Bockhoit Hy. cat h. 216 Walnut 
Boekhop FkA II. lab. 12 Jefferson 
Bocking A. EL b.h. 27 L. Market, res. 

jNiewoort, Ky. 
Bocklage Geo. lab. 329 Broadway . 
Bocfciage Hy. teamster - ; 433 W. 2d 
Bockling A* editor Wahrhei;_-fr .'und,Tine 

b. Canal and 12th 
Bockman Peter, lab. 79 Spring 
Bookman Barnard, finisher, 98 Hunt 
Bockmeyer P. joiner, 43 Pleasant 
Eockob chair mkr. bd.s. 42 Elm 
Boda frank, engineer, 52 AbigaS 
Boda Hy. plow mkr. 10 W. 7i" 

Boda Win. prov. store, s.w.c Bremen ! Bogert H.- II. milliner, 121 W. 5th 

and Liberty i Bogjjidnd Mark (Zanone Sc B.) 60 W.5th 

Bodan Aug. baker, 'to Spring j Boggs Lev. John, ed. N. W. Christian 

Bodd Hy. porter, bds. 29 W. Front j Magazine, 111 Everett 

Boddbork John, shoe mkr. s.w.c Front j Boggs Patrick, auctioneer. 18 W. 2d 

and JIarket, F'n ( Boggi Uolwt, soap mkr, 25 Bett* 

Bodde L. tanner, 381 W. Liberty 
Boddenbury Eiehd. shoe mkr. 3 
b. Broadway and Ludlow 

Ii'OOGS SAMUEL, blacksmith, 
| 120 E. 2d, 
h. 123 Lmgvrorth 

BoggS Thos. pilot, 147 W. Front 
Boggs Wm. blacksmith, bds. 133 Long. 

" worth 
Bogker Christ, cab. mkr. 13 Buckeye 
Bogn Hy. brick mason, 112 Pleasant 
Bohari Jacob, moulder, 6? 13tii 

Congress, res. 

* Bokr-r Ed: mi 


Boddie J. blacksmith, 65 Pleasant 

Boddie Peter, dray, 70 Lock 

Roddy Peter, dray, 58 E. 2d 

Bode Hy. elk. 479 Main 

Bode Hy, black4mith, over 544 Main 

Bode Wis. elk. s.e.c- 5th and Race, bus. 

c. Linn and Laurel 
Bod- Vim. oik. 223 W. Front ! 

Bodecker Antonio H. btchr. 16 Maiberry j Eohin Joseph, h.k. n.w.c. 6tn and Elm 
Bodecker'.lobn JL Lib, 290 W. 2d I Bahln Patrick, lab, e-s. E. 6th, above 

£.:.Uke- F. W. salesman, 51 Main, res- I Bran: 

C«m In -rton '■ Bold Jacob, shoe mkr. 10 Sycamore 

Bod^.«r.Toht;H. china pekr. 271 W. 3d j T>0RL JuIIX, 
Bodtnhafcr Christiana, n.w.c. 5th arid j t \ boot mkr. ' 

Blum I *"' 30 Svcaioore 

Bodsnus tc Ha;saurek (Sophia B. & 

-Anna H.) miUinery, 529 Main 
Boderivts S (B. & Hassaurek.) 
Bodeiry Stephen, lab. n..s. High b. Wash- i T)0HI PBIKii & JOHN, 

in gtrvn and Liberty j K cof. h. 

Bcd?v"Ab'oi F. harnpss lllkr. 76 W. 3d I ±f 8ii Sycamore 
Bodhaer Christ painter, 3U Allison ! p,,hl Valentine, shoo mkr. 10 Sycamore 

Bo.'kck Barney, UH Clay ! Bohlcnder Geo. barher shop, 462 Walnut 

Bodih Joi. blacksmith, f-e.c Front and Boltlia? Hv. elk. 341 Main, h. r-..«. Syca- 

Walnut, b "n more h. Woodward and Franklin 

Br.d'.i.e BUsha (E. B. ic Son) 1^4 W. 6th j Bohlmann Hy. porter, 32 E. 2d, b»l5. 
V-xlint E, Sc Son (V.. Li. it Jer. M.) boots V.'al'.iut and Water 

and shoes, b-1 W. Gth ; Bohme W. connic. 424 Vine 

Bodme Jer M. (IS- B. fe S.a". 184 W. fan B6hn John, 100 Bremen 
B »dtei/ A- P. 307 v:. Sth fAdams Bohn^rt Bernard, brush mkr. 4fil Vir.e 


, ™ rv Bvcamore 

B ( 


Bo.Uc.yJa3. toachinist, Observ^rry. Mt. • DOlirlVilt MKO A 

B'iBLUY Jos. I. (Ltmo &B.) 307 W. 8th j K undertaker, 

^-••o'.-v .!. P. baJlrti r, 1-2 «:.rr ! x ' 5^0 Kim. h. ."«»«> 's E 

^.'.'Iry Thod. B- 397 iVkSch ! Bohver Oolm< Uilcr, *W Walnut 

B^dtey Thos. J. carp. Observatory, Mt. i Boilson-Mrs. Bri-L-.-t. Z'.Xi W.Q .urt 

Adusjg I Boke Hy. ial»- Brown n.s. Can .1 

Bodity Thos. M. eupt., 491 Bokedon Ab'm, cooper, n.s. Cherry b. 

Eh-n I Elrij and Plum 

« Klrcau Chas. cof. h. 32 Pub. Landing | Bokeley Geo. lab. 53 Woodward 
B'idn^au Clias. tobacco warehouse, 64 and ! Bokreis John, carp. n.s. Burgoyne b. 

*J0 Wat.r, rea, Mr. Auburn ' Main and Sycamore 

BokUS Benj. Lib. 362 Broaflway 
Bokwiok liy. lab. 142 Pleasant 
Bolander Geo. cooper, n.s. Piatt b. Bank 

and Dayton 
Bolander John, meat .-tore, 241 W. 4!h, 

h. s.s. Poplar b. John and Linn 
Bolander John 1). cooper, 310 Maple 
Bolash Joseph, blacksmith, 347 BVay 
Bolander Justis, 3ho^ mkr. 1-13 Poplar 
Bolder Fred. 57 Clay 
Bold Chas. barber, 233 Front 
Boldgalp Joseph, 57 High 
Bc-lean Christopher, stone cutter, E. R 

Alley, b. 13 i:iid 14, and Vine and 

and Walnut 
Boler Mrs. Margaret, 414 W. 4tti 
Bolger Jas. grocery, n.s. Front, b. Wash* 

ington and Liberty, F'n 
Bolger Maurice, elk. 8 College Hall, bds. 

s.s. Congress, b. Lawrence and Tike 
Roling Fred. 404 Main 
Rolinger Anthony, trunk mkr. C3 Ham. 

Bolinger Henry, 445 Sycamore 

j"\ marble works, 

237 Vine, res. Cummins\iile 
Bolles J. stone cutter, bds. Farlow House 
Bolies Lemuel, b. k., n.e.c. 4th and Wal- 
nut, res. Ky. 
P.nhVs Win. T. b. k. at David Bolles 
Boiling Barney, carp. 71 Greer 
Bollinger Peter, shoe rokr. 120 ClfntoTJ 
Bolrjal Valentine, cab iakr. 207 JfLemMe 
Bollman Henry, shoe mkr. s^s. 2d J'. 

Bolhuon Deitrich, fione mason, h. Ob- 
servatory, Mt. Adams 
Bollner Jno. moulder, 326 Walnut 
Bolaaar B. watch mkr. 505 Main 
Boiser Chas. tool mkr. 1 ! ( J E. 8th 
Boiser F. A. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Boiser Mrs. If. 9 Jackson 
BoLer Jos. baker, 159 W. 9th, h 6P E. 8th 
Bwbeir Miss S. M. milUner, 121 W. 5th 
Boman F. A. cooper, c Sth and Canal 
Bousan Henry, lab. 1 Accommodation 
Boman Lew. globle exchange and billiard 

saloon, 30 B'way 
Boman Mich. u.s. Front, nr 

Bonaparte Dr. Edmonds, phys 

more, h. 154 Sycamore 
Bond Ferdind, tailor, 103 W. 5th 
Pond Frank S. sec 0. H. & D. R.P. 
B«.nd Fred A. paver, 13 Ann 
j Bond Thomas, 53 12th 
i Bond Wm. K. ally. 1 14 B'way 
I Bone David, c!k. C. 3 . W. 5th 
t Bone lienvy, cigar mkr. 303 B'way 
J B >ner Jno. bds. Wajnut St. House 
j B -nor Jno. Teller, Central Bunk. 

W. 6th 
I Bonfield Robert, lab. s.w.c 6th and liai- 
Bonham Mrs. Maria, n.s. 6th b. Freeman 

and Harriet 
Bonhan J. W. elk. n.s. 6th, b. Oar* and 

BoidngerGeo. Jno. shoe mkr. 62 Mohawk 
Bonner Stephen, al- phys. 189 W. 7 th 
Boonevelelc A. 41 Cutter 
Bonsall Chas. elk. 22 W. 4th, h. 118 
W. G'.h 

surgeon dentist, 
116 w. Sixth 

\\ rnill->vriirht and m.".eh. 

^' 105' and 107 E. Bth, h. J.-' ! » W 
P.cnsall Mrs. Katura, 180 W. 4th 
Bonsall tfaral. M. b. k. Hi and 18 E. 

Canal, h. Hi) Fulton 
Bonte A. F. C 1 j rising glass ware rooms, 

100 W. 4ih. h. 135 Race 
Bontell Jacob, lab. 11 Bremen 
T>0NTE y & CO (Jolm B. ft Wra. 
J) li. isson. Jas. u. Miller t wm. An- 
L gevine) ropes and cordage, 

8 C immcrei il Bow 
BontcJ. H. waggon mkr. s.r-.c. Joba 

and Kemble 
Bonte John 135 Race 
BonteP. C paver, ISDavM 
Bontra?er Valeulme, tailur, 650 Vine 
Bon^elmire Henry, lab. Jones, b. Wade 

ai.d Liberty 


167 Syes- 




Lathrop & Joyce, 121 e. 2d. 

M'Cullounh David, 175 Plum. 

Moore William, 76 Vine. 

Parker Geo. S., n. s. Yeatman, bet. Sycamore 

and Broadway. 
Stewart W. H. & Bro., 345 Plum. 

Earr Joseph Feltkamp Bnrccy Masrill C.W. & W. 

Blaney & Morgan Filmore E. H. VV. 

B!y Wm. Gallier Edward Magheaa C. W. & 

Brooks Wm. A. Glasgow H. i£ B. 

Burhans David G. Goees Fritz Mahan John 

Center Is a S. Grohlrnnn Eve Merritt & Kempt on 

Childs Mcrdeca Grot'douse Henry Metca,lf James 

Conway Thomas Handy & Brother Mills R. 

Cook, M. H. & Co. Iaegar & Unium Moore George 

Cotleral & Golds-Kent T. H.. sen. Neil IS. B. 

worthy Lloyd David O'Brien Michael 

Crofton Edward C. Loring Alien t. Oliver & Smith 

Crone Benjamin Luhniann Geo. H. Orr James 

Duncan Andrew Lundy P. Picket Allorsius 
Eliick Joseph McGonnellTho's S. Powera Cyrus 
Evans Stephen McKinney John 

Rohan <fc Stoitc- Solar Stephen Welsh & Rich; 

breaker Sntor James Z. Weseott Thomas 

Royal & Latta Taliaferro La \vr. Wolf Samuel P. 

Sanningdi LanWclir-Tbiebo Joseph Zaiser Wru. 

Snyder John M. Warrington George 

Caudle Moulds. 

(Sec Brittannia Manufacturers.) 

Cane Manufacturers. 

(Sic Whip and Cane .Manufacturer/;.) 

Cap Manufacturers. 

{See Hats and Caps .) 

Car Axle andLocomotive X'irc Itlanufaci 

(Soe Railroad Car Builders.) 
Carding- Macliines. 
Brown A. C. 


W® M m$ 

U m 

■wm ^ m : m '*£%£» •« % -^ C : % ! # % Ha 1 % "^ ^# IdP is&& 


Carpet and Oil ClotU ^Dealers, 

(fie-:- aJso, Gil Cloth jllanufaeturcrs .) 

Falls Henry, 19 e. 4th. 

Maxwell George, 26 w. 5th. 

Ogborn W. E., & Co., s. e. c. Pearl and Walnut, 

Riagwajt J. C. & Co., 174 Main. 

Shilito John & Co., 12 e. 4th. 

Snow-den & Otte, 21 w< 4th. 

Beck Jaoob 
Buckhardt II. 

Carjjet Weavers. 

Nurre Henry. Weir Joseph 

Reed Robert 

Carriage I5oIt } Screw and I^nt .Manufac- 

Calloway Joseph, s. s. 12th bet. Race and Elm. 

Coleman S. T. J. 

< ; " 

*"■» -^-- ^(« ;5 

I. &B. BBUCE.&O0., 

to£r Carriage anb ©minks 

S. E. Cor. THIRD & VINE Streets, Opposite Burnet House, 


: =#&^~ Cincinnati, O. 

Have constantly on hand and are makiny. to order ; j^-;^ v ;_— — ;■ - 



Buggies, Omnibusses, 


Which for style, finish and durability arc unsurpassed. 

Repairing dojic at short notice. 

: j S ' 





goody Hewyj litb - r > 17 Race. 

{; . ■*. N oo if 473 Vine 

]j »okl \w\<:x Simon, box store, 117 W. 5ih 

6t,oitei J lire. Mary* 104 13th 

Booker Wm. 1*3 Walnut 

Boon Jacob, tanner, 32 Providence 

Sialic Jos. T. wood hauler, 434 Sycamore 

Booties Mrs. 135 Linn 

Steorgey Barney, carp. Piatt b. Liberty 

and Hickory 
Hood Frederick J. cooper, 112 Bremen 
Boost Adam, ganlner, Harrison road,b. 

Coleman and Riddle 
Boot,- Mrs. Deborah, 16 Rettg 
Booth Geo- salesman, res. c9 Walnut 
Booth Hiram M. elk. bds. e.s. Main, b. 

3d and 4th 

neOTB TO P. 

|\ v,h. hardware, 
17 03 Main, h. 20 Perry- 
Booth Orlando W. elk. s.s. 6th b. Walnut 

and Main [Burnet House 

BOOTH Ralph W. (R. W. B. &Co.)bda. 
1)0UTH R. W. & CO. (Ralph W. B. 
|\ &c Andrew J. Preston, wh. hard 
** ware, s.w.c. Walnut-and Pearl 
Booth "Waldo C. elk. s.s. 6th, b. Walnut 

and Main 
Bootker Heiiry, lab. 64 Hickory 
Borcherding WM. dx? goods store, 143 

Borek Alexander, copper smith, 160 

Bonis Jno* stairs mkr. 14 DunJap 

fVORUM J AS. u. 

I \ wb. srrccer, 

x ' 32 L. Market, h. 12a W. 7th 
Borden Jno. lab. h. w.s. 6th above Eaum 
Bui den Saml» prop. metropolitan bid?. 

i;.e.c. 9th and Walnut, h. 340 W. 7th 
Boredon John, blk- smith, 49 Race 
. Boremann Fred, lab. 370 B Vay 
Borgar Geo. boiler mkr. 52 Abigail 
Borger Frank, grocery, 639 Race 
Borgeding Henry, tailor, 137 Pleasant 
Borgeding Herman II. lab. 137 Pleasant 
Borgedy Frank, tailor, 612 Elm 
Bttrger Fred, boor* and shots, 452 Ma ; n, 

h. Pendleton, b, Woodrard and Li- 
Borgerding Frank, porter, 39 E. 7th 
Borgmapn Gottliebe, carp. 21 Franklin 
lorginann Henrj-tt, cutter, 285 Main, h. 

52 E. 8th 
Borgner Jno. cabt. mkr. 24 Buckeye 
Borgo Gietan, confec. 118 W. Pront 
Bork Harmann, b. k. 72 Main, bds. Bel- 

videre House 
Borlte Barney i tailor 4P2 W. 5th 
B.>rk.mann Carl. Carp. 17 High 
Borkmann Jos. lab. 22 Abiga:' 
Borland Hy. lab. 384 Walnut 
Borland Phebe, 20 Centre 
Borcaan Wru. tin shop, 241 W. Fifth, res. 

Harrison road 
Bom Henry, (B. & Stiedel) 564 Tine 
BORX Jaoh, iQetker&B.) 5.3 3*h 
Bon-. Ac Sti- del, (Henry B. & Jacob S„) 

hats and cans, 564 Vine 
Borlasheim Ed. watche3 and jewellery, 
5*4 Western Row 
C »ro Evincing, confec. w.s. B'way, b. 

3rd and Lower Market 
■**mao Jos. broker, 33 Gano 


I) plumber, 

s.w.c. 7th and Walnut 
H *tll Lodwic, lab. 605 Elm 
" 'Jrtmann Caleb, lab. 420 Sycamore 
1 »rtt Isaac, boarding b. n.e.c. 5th and 

J) Indiana Tavern, 

h 620 Main 

BMehen Robert, print, n.s. W. W. Canal, 

b. Stone and Wood 
*"*\ tailor, Ms. 66 13th 
1 ^J.^.d;av. 546 S 
I; *- f-uiH, bard war,, . 
• , /'-- Christian, plasterer, 612 Race 
. "jyT. A. paper hanger, 24 W. 4th 
^-'••|.KY Wm. K. (Sliarpless & B. bds. 

martsachusfitta House 
J2j»in T5«o 8 . &b 6 o3 ElBa 

^♦•■m Mwhael, porter, e.3. Vice, b. Ca- 
c *l and 12th 


•1 Main 

Bosquit Saml. auctioneer, 139 Pearl 
Boss C. <fc Co., (Christ B. &; G. A. B.,) 

grocery, 72 L. Market 
Boss Chris. (C B. & Co.) 125 E. 5th 
Boss Gt-o. A. (C B. & Co.) 118 E. 5th 
Boss Jacob, tailor, n. s. i'rontjb. Parsons 

and Whitfeaker 
Bosse Fr&hk, stone mason, 391 V, Vay 
Bosse Hy. furniture, 59 W, 5th, h. 59 

W. 5;h 
Bost Antony, mould. 49 Green 
Bostle John, s.s. Front 17th Ward 
Bostwick Mrs. E. 500 W. 4th 
Bosiwiefe 9nba, b.h.293 W. 5th 
Botka Conrad* cigar box mkr. 126 Spring 
Botst'ord Wm. M. b.k. 21 Sycamore, bds. 

1£2 George 
Botsford W. F. elk. 182 George 
Bottler Chas. wine mkr. 59 Webster 
Botts Arthur, teams. 187 W. Front 
! Botts Jno. S. teamster, 210 Water 
i Bouche Fidel, cof. h. 24 E. Front 
! Bouer Conrad, cof. h. 29 W. Front 
I Boalanger Louis, musical instru. mkr. 

197 Plum 
! Bou'e Mrs. 508 Vine 
I Bouliie Jno. tailor, Vine b. Buckeye and 
j Mulberry 

j Boulman Fred, baker, 579 Main 
! Boumhach Wm. cigar mkr. 224 W. 5th 
Bouner Robert, BuchannauS doors below 

Bourbrink W. lab. 95 Pleasant 
Bous John, cab. mkr. Allison 
BOUTJBN N. S. (G. W. Siser &. Co.)rea. 

Bawdar Caspar, painter, 53 Pendleton 
Bowdlel). 299 Walnut 
Bowels Robert, shoe mkr. bds. 137 W. 3d 
Bowen Darid, saddler, 89 Main 
Bov-en G. A. salesman, 12, Pearl, h. 283 

Bowen Hy. lab. 42 W. Front 
Bower Conrad, mould. 66 Dunlap 
Bower Edward, c!k. n.w.c. 7ch & Main, 

bds. C. Bakhaus 
Bower Geo. blk. smith, 30 Mohak 
Bower Godl.y, caii>. 160 Maple 
Lower Hy. bar kpr. 17 Landing b. B'way 

a;;d Ludlow 
Bower Jacobina, 107 Clay 
Bower Jacob, stone cutter, 606 Vine 
Bower Jno. brewer, 66 Mohawk 
Bower John, lab. n.s- 6th below Horn 
Bower Jno. tailor, 172 Ham. Road 
Bower John, lab. 81 Spring 
Bower John, basket mkr. bds. 95 Buckeye 
Bower Lewis, dray. Stone Alley 
Bower Michael, can. mkr. 119 Providence 
Bower Peter, dray. 107 Clay 
Bov,er Wm. barber, 4.j1 Main 
Bowers Geo. cigar mkr. bds. 65 W. 5th 
Bowers Geo. W. cigar mkr. 509 Vine 
Bowers Hy. pattern mkr. 199 Richmond ; 
Bowers Jac. lah. at Middlewood's brewery [ 
Bowers John G. lab. 22 Piersoii 
Bowers Jos. carp, w.s- 6th above Baum ] 
Bowers Jos. fin. 581 Sycamore 
Bowers Mrs. Mary Ann, b.h. 212 W. 6th [ 
Bower., Timothy, carp. n.s. Eront near 

Harrison F'n 
BowecslTeld C. 164 Everett 
Bowie Jenny, printer, 168 >» Vine 
Bow'an Hy. Lab. 31 Pierson 
Bosrtand Jno. lab. rear of 18 Cherry 
Bowlen Wm. teams, s.e.c Jones <fc Wa^le 
BOWLER Robt. B. (Carney, Swift &. Co.) I 
res. Clifton 

general engraver, 4 W. 4th 
res. Newport 
Bowman Hy. A. hrk. lay. 426 B'way 

Pleasant Ridge 
Bowman Hy. S. pew*erer, s.s. Court b. 

Plum and W- Row 
Bo-.-mar. John, hutch. 199 Catharine 
tt&wcaan John, )2" Race 
«« vTisJMi Jolin, !^miGr,39K. 7th 
Bowman Jos. Bxcs'aag-. olLce, 117 Syc- 

amoru, h. 33 Gano 
Bowman Lvdia, washwoman, 371 Rr.ce 
Bowman Peter, chair mkr. ns Moses b. 
Stone and Mill [Mills 

BOW.N Thoa. (T. B. 4c. &>.) rej. Walnut I 

BOwTf TH0S. & CO. 
looking glass manuf. 
16 E. 5th 
Bowyer John, fiu. 5th b. Wood and VT. 

W. Canal 
Bowyer Lewis, dray. 20 and 22 W. 2d, h. 

17 Stone 
Bovce Charles E. denti-t, 191 Longwortb 
Boyce Edwin, bk. binder, 43 .Main 
BOVCE Wm. (Slireve, Steele & Co.) 
BOYD Alex. (B. ic Brundreth,)bda. Hen- 
ry House 
Boyd Benj. H> Oai^eriBe 

K (Alex. B. & Root. B.) merchant 
XJ tailors, 33 E. 2d 
BoydIIenn',bk. binder, M. B. C. res. 
Walnut Hills 

BOYD }IJ:.'NKY, furniture warerooma 
and bedstead manufacturer, n.w.c. 
8th and B'way, h. s.s. New b. B'wr.y 
and Syctimore 
Boyd Jas. elk. C- H. and Bay. depot 
Boyd Jas. lab. n.s. Clark, b. Freeman and 

Boyd John, 10 Catherine 
Boyd Rachel, laund. 39 Plum 
Boyd Samuel, nu-r. tailor, 130 Walnut, h. 

w.s. JackSon h. JSthand ISSI 
Boyden Jas. C ticket agt. C- H- and 3 

Boyden John S- b.k. C. II. and 1). R. R. 
Boyden Wm. If. elk. C H. and I>. depot 
Boyer Batnel, fin. bds. 50 W. Front 
Boyer Jno. N. dray. n.a. Piatt b. Bunk & 

Boyla'n & Co. (Jas. B., Julius A. B. <fe 

John B.) silks and fancy goods and 

dealers in domestic dry goods, I2J 

Boylan James, (B.. &c Co.) res. PhjJadeL 
Boylan John, (Boylan & Co.) bds. Gib- 
son House 
Boylan Julius A. (B. <fc Co.) s.s. 9th b. 

Vine and Race 
Boylan Mrs. Kate, dr. mkr. 327 W. Rott 
Boylan T. H. 123 Walnut, bds. Winnd 


Boyle , telegraph agt bds. 79 W. 3d 

"pOIIJ & CO. (S. S. Boyle & F. 
f\ Goule,) wholesale liquor dealers &c 
x ' alcohol manuf. 55, 57 and 59 E. 2d 
Boyle Jas. lab. 586 E. Front 

j \ atty. office 9th nr. W. Row, 
*f h. 75 Baymdler 
Boyle John, contractor, 144 Linn. 
Boyle Jos. bcot uikr. s.e.c. Sycamore 

ar:i 2d 
Boyle Mary, laur.d. 123 Water 
EiyleMra. seams. 72 W. 2d 
BOYLE S. S. (Boyle i Co.) res. N. Y. 
B >yhs;, :ai';r. 146 Everett 
Boy s Thos. machinist, 467 W. 4th 
BOTCS Jas. (J. b. & Co.) 211 Walnut 
t»0'\'!> l"'AX< L CO. 


■*■* b:&"sli r anuiactorerSi 211 Walnut 
Boywvd Julius, c p. manuf. n.w.c. 4<h 

and >hvn [way 

Box Win. cik. n.w.c. Court and Broad- 
Braam Nkh. plow painter, 10 W. ?th 
Braan Jacob, cooper, e.s. Culvert b. 6th 

and Teh, h. North 
Brabson Jac. csry bds. 60 B. 5th 
Braeh Peter, engineer, 8 12th 
Bracher Chas. car:.. 295 W. Ro^ 
I \ office 5 Brachmao ; buddings, 
** h. 399 W. 5th 
Brachma;;.-; Building, 31 >, W. 3d 
Brackemeier A. shoe ciKr. 214 Catherine 
Bracken Jolm, luk. mkr. 27U H.-iikin-? 
Bracken Wm. eating hoii> ; ', 13 Landing 

b. Brotulwaj and Lu.liow 
Bracker Gerrard, blk. sudjh, 536 Walnut 
Bracket 9aoiea F. elk. 13 Lamlinc: b. 

U'way and LuiUow • i'< L '-o 

Erac ett Wm. s.3. Sec »n 1 '•. La«nu nee t 
Hrackett ThOS, hrk. mkr. 177 B lymillor . 
Brackaaun August, ci^:vr mkr. b.!s. 55 W. 

Bmckmier Geo. Wb. 11 Providence 

1)ttAl)BUAY COIlXEf-IUd S. flonr 
) corn meal and fiirina mills, 256 
' B'way, res. Walnut Uilla 



: : ii 



599 Western Eovr ? Cor. of David street, Cincinnati, Ohio 

I'lllIAM Illlll'if 11 118 I 
v So! &I4I,$1 II m M it W H H -D 41 m m 19 31 g 

Corner of Sixth and Sycamore Streets, 

m &<s i 1j & a? i «a is& ii <£$ sUs ■ I 

ilKiUKimiil tttaCJt to! feitlilill&i ^mm-iy$lJ 

Ho. 65 East Fifth St., between Sycamore and Broadway. 




Keep constantly on hand a large assortment cf Carriages, of their own manufacture, which thc-3 
will WAKKANT and sell low for CASH. 
£gL,Orders received for any kind of Carriages, and promptly executed by 


^f^w^? SBiySfO en ass 






East side of Sycamore street, bet. Seventh and Eighth, 

Carriage manufacturers and Dealers. 

Bruce I. &l B. &, Co., s. w. c. Vine and 3d. 
Butters E., s. w. c. Wade and Western Row 
Dal ton Joseph, 610 Main. 
Gooding Joseph, 889 Western Row. 
Gosling Jno. W., s. w. c. Sycamore and 6th. 
Miller Geo.C. & Sons, 19 w. 7th. 
Niemeyer H. &l Co., 536 Walnut. 
Oviatt & Sperry, 0.0 e. 5th. 
Palmer James il., 56 Rank.. 
Roberts & Curtis, 13G and 138 Pearl. 
Stevens B. R., 55 e. 5th. 
Wilts John, 253 Sycamore. 

IKinkcr & Rasso Porter Joshua A. Verkamp B. 
.Moore .Michael Pummill & PaiGe Weabtiet Adam 


'Anderson Alonzo W., 130 w. 2d. 
B i c k Ulrich, c. Elm and Centre. 
jWrisht Tillman, s. w. e. Lorwrwortfl and Plum 

jBucknell Thomas Fry Henry 

Cemetery OCfices. 

iSprinrr Grove, (P. G. A. Davenport, Scc'iary] 
j MelodeoB Building' 

Wesleyan, (Jozef Ereon, Secretary) n. \v. c 
I 8th and Main. 



1634280 mi 


JJiatiJwy Levina, dr. mkr. B'way b. 8th 

vvi 9th e.s. 
Bradbury N. 6<!s. 102 W. 34 
Bradbury Vincent C. salesin. 74 Main, h. 

i'17 Fulton 
BraJhury Win. C. b.k. 266 B'way, res. 

Walnut HiBs 
Bradenburg' Louis, lab. 496 Race 
Bradford Gerrard, cooper, H05 W, 2d 
Bradford "Fas. mill stone mkr. 403 George 
fYRAllpHRD 3 AMES &C0. millstone 
K mnnitf. River Landio* b. Walnut 
^ and Vine, voffiee 65 WaRuR, h, 389 

Bradford John, cooper, s.s. Commercial, 

b. Vibe and Race 

BRADFORD John, (J. E. <fc Co.) 393 

G eorsre 
Bradford ll>M. laili stent; mkr. 64 Walnut 

h. 53. Race 
T)RAL>i ! 0KDTFIOM'A.S & CO. (John 
\\ B., & MeOrsw David,) mill stone 
J ir,anuf. and imnorters of bolt, cloth, 

Ike. 59 & C'l Walcut 
Bra-lie ?i:amon, express, <5- ; Findlav 
i)U.iJ'LI,v I)ILV;. (L-ulsA.B., Da- 
}>. r.iuii A. B. &: Orlando B.) wh. deal. 
■■' in wt'-c'aes jew-;wy,&c. u.w.c. Main 

aad 4th 
BKUlJey Calvin. fc3 W. 9th 
B.HA.D1,.R\ C. F. & Cu.(C F. B. & Co.) 

ii« w. 3d 
nfiADLBY G. }'. & CO. (C. F. B. & 

|'i IX. V\ . Derby) stationers, printers & 
ij binders, 147 'Main 
BRADLEY Darius A. (B. Bro.) 316 Wal- 
Bradley Geo. stable kpr. 234 W, 7th 
Bradley Geo. B. b.k atGroesheck &■ Co. 

h. 25 K'emhle 
Bradley Henry, elk. 214 W. 7 th 
Bradley Hv. 233 Longworth 
Bradley Hiram, carp. 46 Milton 
Bradley Jno. groc. 5? £. Eight 
Bradley John, law librarian, 177 Spring . 
Bradley John, tube mkr. 4'-' W. 2d 
BRADLEY Lousis A.(B. Bros.) 331 Main 
Bradley Margaret, shoe mkr. 3-1 E. 7th 
Bradley Mrs. laundress, 114 W. Front 
Bradley Mrs. Marin. 5i Everett 
BRADLEY Grlando,(B. Bros.) 199 Couit 
Btadley Thos. dray. 438 Elm 
Bradley Thos. groc. 23 Accommodation 
Bradley Timothy, lab. 225 Sycamore 
Bradley W. T. b.k. L. M. R. R. Depot 


I } clerk, 
- 73 17. 3d 


|) aisr. ami l:vv a/eney, 73 W. 3d, 
bds. Burnet Hous 

■*■ v n w. 3d 

Bradley Chas. tailor, 134 Linn 

Bradi? Daniel, lab. 249 W. Front 

I'-'-j-iy Mrs. Elizabeth, washing, 2S2 Linn 

1 radyJno. lab. £3 William 

Brady Jvjhn Henry, diay. 490 W. 4th 

Brady Jos. carp. 4c6 Elm 

Brady Mrs. Duey, 490 W. 4th 

Brady M. painter, 21 W. 7th 

Brady Patrick, lab. n.s. al. b. 7th and 6th 

and BVay and Sycamore 
Brndy Hob. T. dep. elk. Police Court,n.e. 

c. John ar.d Elizabeth 
Brady Thos. lab. 30i W. 8th 

Brady Wm. currier, n. s. Canal nr. Dublin 
"'""df E. j. rarp . 84 providence 

I) coffee house, 

s. e. c. Broadway and 9th 
»n*gg Isaac Win. elk. 499 W. 4th 
BraidfeSi Rev. Fred. W. c Sycamore &. 
ft Franklin 

watnard Frank, elk. 142 Walnut, bds. 32 

'nf«»Ut Job, cotton mills, h. 54 Bams 
Sstneier. II. tailor, 510 W. Row 

« W. srrain, 330 Vine 
ir 3tnr,zotto C. con fee. 56 E. 5th 
'' Mrs. Martha, 273 -George 
Bernard., weaver, 289 Water 
*od E;iz;.;H;ch. 214 Vine 
"* r "» P. drug. ,525 Race 
"w« Francis, n.e. c. 15th and Race 

Brand Rudolph, instrument mkr. s.w. c. 

5th and Race 
Brandal Peter, blk. smith, 1 Munroe 
Eranden.siein Simon, cigar elk. 223 Wal- 
Brandes IT. lab. 43 Pleasant 
Brandhober Sebastian, scale mkr. 65 E. 

Brandif Ludwig, printer, 43 E. 3rd 
Braudnitz Fred, book bdr. 36 W. 4th, b. 

s.w. c. Yine and 15th 
Rrandle'IiOuis, baker, 51 Fiibarty 
Brandt Ch-:s. musician, 14 Orchard 
Brandt Fred, b.k. 27 and 29 W. 3d 

boots and shoes, 
h. 42 Kossuth 
BransSeld Margaret, fancy store, 191 

Branham Minerva, 72 Gano 
Branick Edward, carp. n. s. 3rd. b. Park 

ar?d Mill 
©ranker Jos. fin. 92 Woodward 
BRAXNAN B. E. (Tweed & Andrews,) 

270 W. 4th 
Brannan Hubert, porter, 27 L. Market. 

bds. 137 Walnut 
Branning Edw. carp. 429 W. 3d 
Branuock Ily. ship carp, n- s. Front nr. 

Longworth, F'n 
Branuon Jas. Ms. s. ?. Front b. Long- 
worth and Broad, Fti 
Brannon Jas. baker, 21 Clinton 
Brarmon Thos. cooper, 31 1 John 

Brant , widow, seamk. 489 Walnut 

Brant Jcs. H. lab. 53 Pendleton 
Brant Mich cof- h. 42 E. Front 
Brant Richard, teamster, 19 Tanner 
Braibridge Mrs. Marv E. 238 Catharine ■ 

\ sneriii', 
/ office Court House, h. 84 Mound 
Brashears G. & Co. (Gassaway B. &c jas. 
H Laws,) auct. and com. mrehts. 57 
and 59 31ain 
Brasher B. F. s-b. pilot, 111 W. 7th 
Brasler A. b.k. n.e. c 3d and Walnut, 




ier i 

er A. b.k. n.e. c- 3.1 
h. c. Longworth and John 
Brasser Taylor, tinman, 40 W. 2nd 
Bratmann lienry, cooper, 28 E. Liberty 

n.w. c. Lock and Front 
Braurn Herman H. 43 Woodward 
Braum Nicholas, painter, 94 Abigail 
Branm Zavier, bar kpr. 631 Vine 
Braunkamp Diedrich, S50 Main. 
BRAUNSTE.IN Frauk X CJacobElsas& 

Co.) 18 Pearl 
Braunwart Michael, baker, 30 L. Market 
Bra\-e Henry blk. smith, 5-20 Main 
Bray Geo. Richard, tinner, CG4 \Y. 5th 

junction I/am. Road am 1 Vice 
Bray Thos. mach. bds. 3!M Yv r . 5th. 
Bray Wm. printer, bds. 391 W. 5th 
Breacker Fred, cof.'h. 29.? Broadway 
Brechmijr Peter, tab. bds. 461 V, ; .lnut 
B reck el George, stone cut. 572 Race 
Bredcr Henry, lab. 71 Green 
Br-d'.' Jas. cistern bids. 31 Kernble 
BREED, A. D. (Crane, B. ic Co.) s.w. c. 

7th and Race 
Breed Wm. elk. 230 Walnut, h. a-w. c. 

7th and Race 
Breem Geo. lab. 17 E. 8th 
Breem Matthew, porter, 8 Hanover 
Breen Edward, boot mkr. IhJs. n-w. c, 

4th and Sycamore 
Breen Jas. boot mkr. 34 Court 
Breen Jas. exp. driver, e. 6. Butler L. 

Congress and Syrnmes 
Breen Jno. boot mkr. n.w- c. 4th and 

Breen Patrick, boot mkr. bds. n.w. p. 4th 

and Sycamore 
Breer Fred, wagon mkv. 1" [Iopktne 
Brees John, 3hoe inkr. Canal b 6th and 

Brees Ehos. exp. driver. 4 1 JarksOD 
Bregkner Jno. bar kpr. 82 Waluut 
Breiksner Wash. 53 filura 
Breihhg A. bakery, ISO Laurel 
Breing Joseph, moulder, 543 Sycamore 
Breeriise Juo. lab. 10 Cherry 

Breitheld Gns. elk. 538 Main 
BreRhaupt Bern hard, art depot, station- 
ery, "5-c. 2.Vi W. 5th 
Breitenbagh Clem, cigar, 2S3 Main 
Breitcnstein Lucas, stone cut. 142 Plea- 
I Breker Henry, 140 Freeman 
; I'.rekerhofi" Jno. Smitb Court b- 4th £c 5th 
] Breme Jane, washer, 106 Moses 
i Breme Peter, 1G6 Moses 
{ Bremer Louis, harness mkr. 397 Sycam'e 
Brert.ui- Patrick, porter,s.w,c. Commerce 
and Giimore 
I Brend.d Jacob, trunk manufac. 72 W. 3d 
Brendel Valentine, (It. B. & Co.) Bre- 
men b. Green and Liberty 
I Brenerman Beiij- carp. 25<» John 
j Brenkman Hy. elk. 71 L. Market 

Br en nan Jas. P. elk. 146 Main, bis. 136 
! Main 

| Brennan Thos, lab. 390 W. 8th 
j Brenner Chris, shoe mkr. 411 John 
i Brenner Gustavus, mes. teleg. onice, 7 

E. 3d 
j Brenner Mrs. Ida, 114 Letts 
Brer.-;er. Jacob, upholsterer, bdfi. 461 

Wain ut 
Prenfestop Hy. lab. 52 Elm 
Brent Armstiad, lab. w. -i. North b. NeW 

and (kl. 
Erentnall Fmma, type rubber. 168 Vine 
Brentnall Lucy, type rubber, 168 Vino 
Brenweide Bernard, shoe mkr. 165 W. 

Bressel lly. car smith, 21 W. 7th 
i Brealer Sarah, elk. 80 W. 5th 
j Bresuer Daniel, porter 79 Walnut, h. 14.2 

I Breso , chair mkr. n.w. c 8th and 

i Broadway 

! Brestei Valentine, painter, 453 Linn 

; Eretenali Wm. shoe mkr. 230 W. 5th 

Brethorst Ily- counciiman, 14 Mulberry 
; Brett Th : -s. dray. 24 State 
j Brewe A. F. shoe mkr. 2 Standing b. 

Bro.idwav and L.udlow 
i Brew Mrs. Margaret, rfE. 2d 
t "Brewer Abraham R. (B. & Carver,) 30 

i wotb 

[ Brewer & Carver, (Abraham R. B. JL 1^ 

ander R. C.) house furnish. 30 W, 5:h 

Brewer Jas. cap. Memphis packet, bds, 

204 Sycamore 
I Brewer J, W. janitor, 3.e. c 5th and 


i IS pottery, 

, s. s. York b. T -V. Row and Linn 

i Brey John, hatter, 124 Clark 

i Brey Lewis, student 5 Law BMg. Ids. 

j Mill nr. 5:h 

j Breyan Ja3. stone cut. 195 Canal 

j Brian Edw. hatter, 144 Main, bds. Globe 

! Hotel 

i Brian Harvey, dray. 19 Accommodation 

j Brian T. O. grocery store, 55 E- 8th 

Brice Cornelius, cof. h. 39 Smith 
I Price Patrick. 422 W. 3d 
j Brice Thos. J. printer, s.w. c Pearl and 
i Pace 

• Brichler Geo. cof. h. 580 Elm 
,' Bricker D.ivid, caulker, n.s. Front b. 

Washington snd"Liberty 
I Bricker Geo. works in Foiling mill, 716 R» 


Bricker 1\ 

works in rolling mill, 713 

ipRIChtdT n. L. 

J ) grocery and having powder, 
j n.e.c. 6th and Vine, h. Iki5 Ehn 

: Brickett Erad, grocer, 305 Elm 
[(diricklacher Geo. carpet weaver, 218 John 
; Brick ley Margaret, b.h. 104 VV. 3d 
, Brickman Barney, cooper, 243 Clark 
. Brickuer John "P. marble cutter, 519 
J Sycamore 

i Brickor Go<ifr«d, cooper. Pleasant b. tm- 
dhy and flam. Bead 

Bride - m a ■!. huckster, ')< ; ^ r:;n: 

Bridenbaugh Antony, lah. W3 Sycamore 
I Bride il u.h Mrs. Margaret, n.w.c Liir 

fcrtj and Walnut 
I Bridenhcck ire!, lab. 110 Clinton 
J Bridge Chas bds. Bth and Broad«ray 

Bridgman J- C elk. 25 W. 4th, Uli. 
) n.w.c Pituu and Cherry 

: • 






1 * 


3 I- 

1 t^^ES 

|| } . 

■ '<■■■]■ i -i | ' 





Wholesale Manufacturers 



JSfi j£k. Xb 33 JS? » jEC. o o && SS» , 

41 & 43 Columbia Street, 


Cincinnati, (CHjia. 

■LCTThe attention of Dealer? is invited to the large 
and varied assortment of Chains always to be found 
in our.Wara-rooms. 

Cliair Makers, 

[Mullen Jonathan, 132 Sycamore, 
Naber Win., 535 Main. 

Ciostermann Henry s. w c. Smith and Ai3gusta.| B!rd & Earrowa Jone? Thoms r> Lafoataiae Se Hm 
Cook Authony, Hopkins bet. Piatt and r reeman.JBowman Peter Kaiupmeyer J. H. Messmate* Joseph 
Johnston C. I). & Co., 41 and 43 w. 2d. CJiarcoal (liectii'ying) Manufacturers. 

Mitchell John, 289 W. 2d. 'Coats & Christopher Loder W. & B. 





Oil Vitroly 

Pure do. 

Pure Nitric Acid, 

Aqua Fortis, 

Muriatic Acid, 

Pure do. 

Pure Uydriodate of Potash, 


Alcohol, 76 to 95 per cent., 

Sulpliuric Ether, 

Acetic Hither, 

Nitrous Ethrr, 

Aqua Amonia, 

Aromatic Mustard, fic 7 $c. 

A Xa X* !H3 X*0~ cfo 0>., Agents, 

South-West Cor. Main and Fifth stseets. 
Sfi&*AU Orders promptly attended to. 

Chemical Laboratories. 

Baum John C, bet. Miami Canal and Dunlap, 

n, of Findley. 
Grasselli Eugene, e. Front, e. of junction with 


HarWood A. Marsh 

Chimney Tops, 

Fairclough Thomas 





Brien Wo:. dray, n.s. High b. Lock and Broadweil Cha«. G 

dealer, 5 Water 
Brier Hermann, carp. 114 Betts 
Brier J«,cob, 383 Vine 
Briggs John Y. kpr. 209 Water 
Briggs ffm. II. bar kpr. 29 W. 5th, h. 

211 George 
Brigham Jfi C assist, teller 0. L. I. and 

T. Co. h. 416 W. 5th 
Brigham Mrs. S. 265 W. 7th 
Brightdeld Aug. potter, 13 Main 
Brightaolt Chris, poster, 145 Linn 





B 1 

produce and grain , Bromley Wm. potter, s. 3. Bank b. Piatt 
h. 450 Plum and Freeman 

jiOAEWELL J. L. BromweB Chaa. wire worker, 11 Race 

and sheet iron worker, Bromweli Elizabeth, 164 Plum 

s.s. Front nr. Toll-gate, F'n j BromweR Hy. hose akr. 4< 6 W. 8th 

Broadweil J. 1'. ApcDo bldgs. I Bromweli Jos. wire worker, 11 Race 

! Broadweii Samuel J. atty. Columbian ' T)K0MWEFX & MEiJSH (Wo. B. <fc 

bldgs. bds. n-.wc. 3d and Broadway 


n.e.c Hill and Front, F'n 
Broadweil ffm. weaver, 70 Mel'arland 


Brighton House, jane. Coierain and Har- ! Broadweil Wm. H. city weigher, oiiice 5 

risen Pikes, Anthony Hansel, prop. 
Brigman Hj . lab. 192 Hopkins 
Brigman Hy. lab. 23l) Walnut 

Brigman Jos. shoe cikr. 13 Pendleton . 
Brilcy Frank, carp. 107 Oliver 
Brill Geo. porter at P. 0. 
Brill John, porter at P. 0-. 
Briltz Peter, lab. 584 Plum 
Bringlenau Hy. cac'p. 3o5 W. Liberty 
Bringmeyec Barney, lab. 109 Clay 
Brintrmeyer Geo. lab. 109 Clay 
Brinintr Bridget Elizabeth, servant, 502 

w. sth 

Broady Mrs. 
Sj camore 

Elizabeth, laundress, 115 

Broady Rufus, barber, 67 W. 3d 

Brock Jacob, steamboat bakery, 43 P. 

L an (ling 
Brockamp Hy. b.h. 114 Hunt 
Brockemeyer Chas. 49 Kitten house 
Brockenbrough John, teller, 373 George 
Brooke* Hy. lab. n.s. Front nr. Kellcry, 

Brockerhoff Anton, grocery, 519 Main 
Brockmeyer Chas. bar kyr. 65 W. 5th 

Ihos. J. M.) manuf. of iron wire 
and wire products. 181 Walnut 
I Bromweli Robt. wire worker, 199 Kemble 
I Bromweli Solon C b.k. 48 Elizabeth 
IBROMWELL Wm. (B. & MehsM 13 
! Walnut 
; Btonson Daniels painter, 10 Chesnut, h. 

117 Sopking 
Brooga Andrew, tailor, 74 Abigail 
i Brookbank A. K. n.s. Front nr. Walnut, 
Brookbank Jas. sawyer, n.s. Front b. 

Rice and Walnut, F'a 
j Brooke Chfta. F. elk. 3sH Linn 
j Brooke Chas. F. elk. 33S Glitter 
' Brooke Hunter, atty. 8 Manchester tlrig. 
I h. 8 Harrison 

Brink Benedick, painter, n.s 

Bvcintkbre and Broadway 
Brink. Hy. ftiS Clay 
Brink Jos. sash mkr. Clay b. 13th andi 

Allison . j 

Brink Mrs. Josephine, seamstress, 233 • 

Brinker Barney, lab. 593 Elm 
Blinker Benj. hatter, 77 Abigail j 

Brinker Geo. dray, 30 Walnut, h. 482 Elm ] 
Breakers Frank, taller, 615 Race 
Brlnkers John B. porter, 144 Main, h. | 

Abigail b. Sycamore and Broadway i 
Brinkfield Chaa. meat store, 446 Main 
Bri'.ikham Fred, wood sawyer, 189 Cl'ton I 

Abigail b. j Brockhaua Bernard, prov. store, n.e.c. 

Longworth and Mound 
Brockin/ton John, fancy dry uroods, 272 

W. 5 th 
Brockmann Barney, lab. 41 E. 7th 
Brockrr.anu Chris. F. watch mkr. 309 

Brockmann Hy. cooper, 28 Tanner 
Brockmann Hy. grocer, s.e.c Elm and 


tailor, w.s. Vine b. 2d 

T>R00KEJ. H. 

\\ manuf. yout 

\'rr ing.TOW. 

h3 and children's Ciofibe 
5th, res. JS'ewport 
ustus, raerl le cutter, 48i 




Brlnkham Geo. varnisher 

and Broadway 
Brinkmann Christ. 16 Abigail 
Brinkmann Frank, lab. 28" W. 13lh 
Brinkmann Fred, wood sawyer 

Brinkmann Fred, dray, 97 Milton 
Brinkmann Fred. lab. 17 Jefferson 
Brinkmann Hy. tailor, bds. 12 Hanover 
Brinkmann Hy. driver, 289 Water 
Brinkmann lly. lab. 95 W. Canal 
Brinkmann Hy. shoe mkr. s.w.c. Mound 

and longworth 
Brinkmann Herman, stone mason, 370 

Brinkmann John, wood sawyer, 19 

Brinkmann John. cof. h. 556 Walnut 
Brinkmann Rodolph, elk. rear 522 Vine 
Brinkmeyer Fred. carp. 130 Betts 
Brinkmeyer Hy. lab. 3^1 Walnut 
Brinkmeyer Hy. lab. 158 Clay 
Brinkmeyer Wm. prov. store, 491 W. 3d 
Brinkmier Wm. porter, 63 W. Front 
Brinkmier Wm. tailor, s.s. Burgoyne b. 

Main and-Sycamore 
Briseho Claw, barber, :*5 W. 5th 
Briseho Jas. mechanics' dressing and 

bathing saloon, 95 W. 5th 
Brisco Michael, carp. 2f'2 Linn 
Briscoe Hy. baker, 34 E. 4th 
Briscoe Ihos. printer, 25 W. 4th 
Bristow Whiston, h.k. 44 Wains*, h. 444 

G feorge 
Britling J. piano tuner, 74 Canal 
Britten Jas. dray, c. Broadway and Hunt 
Brifcman John, lab. 57 Wade 
Brut Elizabeth, seamstress, 230 Sycamore 
Britt Harvey, cUc. n.s. Front b. John and 

W. Row 
Britt Lary. currier, B Main, h. 3 Linn 

ikBiXT NELSON A. tin and copper 
\ smith, 40>a P. Landing, 
h. 291 W. Front 
Britt Oliver, elk. 4»>a P. Landing 
Britt Peter., elk. 40, l j P. Landing 
Britten Jos. dray, Wilson b- Liberfv and 

Britz Jacob, prov. store, 18 Ham. Road 
Britzhold Chris, porter, 23 W- 2d 
driver Hy. blacksmith, 520 Main 
Brizolora John, confec. 2d E. 4th 


jfy s.e.c-. 2d and Broadway, 
*.o.i. Ju. CromweU, prop. 

Brockmann Hy. 

and Front 
Brockmann Hy. 
Brockmann Hy. 
Brockmann Hy. 

cooper. 91 Woodward 
tailor, 91 Woodward 
bedstead mkr. 289 Water 
Brockmann Herman, dray, 494 Linn 
Brockmann Herman, engineer, Peudle. 

ton b. Abigail and Woodward 
Brockmann John, tailor, 66 Rittenhouse 
Brockmann John, blacksmith, 528 Free- 
Brockmann J. II. grocery, 145 Linn 
Brockmann John II. cooper, 22 Orchard 
Brockmann Jos. foreman, 230 Walnut 

(Wm. B. & Son,) 

m) in-. 

l\ salopn, 
Xi 73 W. 6tl 


Brockmann Wm. shoe mkr. 17 Tanner 
Brockbff Julius, paper carrier, 81 "Spring 
Brocks Elbert, grocery, 334 Ham. Road 
Brocks Francis, cab, 108 Moses 

BrockGeld A 

W. 4 th 
Bn.okfield Ed vard V 

5U7 \V . 5th 
Brookfield Elizabeth, 507 W. 5ih 
Brookfield Wm. (V/m. B. & S 


Brookfield Wm. & Son, (Wm. B. & Ed- 
ward V. B.) marble works, s.e.c. 8th 
and Plum 
Brookman Chris, elk. 321 Jlain 
Brookman Herman, lab. 367 U'way 
Brookman Jas. lab. 12H Clay 
) K00E.S & BKEEil, (Frederick F. B. 
Abel I>. Id.) Queen ciry varuisn 
!0. 43 Vine 
j Brooks Cynthia, 211 Longworth 
; Brooks Mrs. Elizabeth, L;0 Kemble 

moks EEEN. b. 

select school, 
60 E. 4th 
BROOKS Frederick F. (B. & Breed,) 149 

Brooks H. boots and shoes, 298 Elm 
Brooks Jas. W. barber, 4 Burnet House 
Bror.ks Laura, 14i> Longworth 
Brooks Mary, press feeder, 167 Walnut 
t)' fiOO'KS M0SE5*. 

j\ wh. boot and shoes, 



B 1 

| Brockschmidt H. 3«S i Walnut 
Bcocksehmidt Hy. W- cigar mkr. 247 W. 

Brocksmith C. lab. Ill Woodward I 

Brocksmith C lock mkr. 28 VY. 3d 
Brocksmith Uy. cooper, 8 River Landing j 
Brodbeck S. tailor, 2«>2 Linn \ Brook 

Broderson Hy. elk. bds. s.w.c. Vine 

and 3d 
Brodfuehrer Mrs. Catharine, 163 R'hmond 

K fashionable boot mkr. 
, ** 52 W. 6th, bds, 163 Richmond 
I Brodhagen John, cleak, 7u Main 
j Brodrick M. lab. 242 Barr 
! Brodwolf John, cab. mkr. K»7 Carr 
i Brody Rufus, barber, 4 Burnet House 
| Broekamith Christopher, shoe mkr. S3 
! W. Front 

! Brogan Thos. lab. 591 W. Pth 
! Broiuly Thos. poster, 1,072 Ham. Road 
j Brokamp Barney (B. &l Lake) 401 Syoa- 
| mere 

I Brokamp Barney, lab. n.e.c. 4th and Vine 
i Broiamp Frank, stone cer. 4bl Sycamore 
' Brokamp llv. porter, s.w.c. Main and 2d 
Brokamp John H. porter, 19 Abigail 
Brokamp Sc Lake (Barney B- i: Barney 
Like) mer. tailors, 4el Sycamore 
! Brokel Chris, baker, B33 Elm 
I Brokeman lludolph, t:>Uor, 13H Pleasant 
Broker John, river pilot) 175 Vf. 9th 
Brokhoff Hy. taihir, h. s.s. Congress b. 

Pike and Butler 
Brokrink Wm. cal». mkr. 176 W. Liberty 
Brokros Barney, dairymin, w.s. Riddle 

b. Harrison Road and B;\rk 
Bromley Stephen, painter, 'Whitiaker b. 
Front aud High 

22 Pearl, h. Ht. Auburn 

BROOKS 0- A. (Huntington 5; Brooks) 

res. Cleveland, Q. 
Brooks 5. A. eik. i-ls. C Sth and B'wsy 
Brooks Sarah A. I'll Clinton 
Brooks ihos. B. b. k. 39 W. 4th, h. 170 


Wm. A. carp. Hammond, bis. 

rik. n.e.c Walnut end 
M. M. L. A., 

63 W. 5th 

Brooks Wm. M. 

2d, h. 313 Race 
Brooks Wm. W. as. lib 

h. 211 Longworth 
Broome Geo. comb mkr. 326 Linn 
Broomer J. machinist, 76 E. Front 
Broomer Jno. 13>; ¥.. 4th 
Brophy Michael, lab. h. n.e.c Fulton and 

Brosnahan Patrick, boot mkr. 3fH BVay 
Brotake Wm. found. 522 M in 
Brother Geo. carp. 51U Plum 
Brotherick Michael, lab. 4".' W. Front 
Brothers Albert, barber, 7 Congress 
| Brothertaa Henry, salesman, 19 Pearl, 

bds. 44 W. 7th 
j Erotherten J. G. b. k. 0. L. I. <k T. Co. 

res. Mr. Auburn 
BROTHJSKTOS J. H. (Qitaiore &■ B.) 

res. Columbia 
Brothy Patrick, stone cutter, 3 M'uilerry 
Brough Peter, tailor, 106 Hunt 
Brouner J.oscph, lab. 11 Bremen 

:ie fcrancis, IS Arch 
Broush Peter, waggon mkr. 643 Race 
BROWER Abrum (Spooner fie B.) i; ^ 

Brower Aug. tobacconist. 43 RlttenheUM 
Brown Mr. "watchman, W;. ?.*.c. Front 

and Liberty 
Brown Alex. dray. 204 Hopiina 




Canal Market, South side, Mo. 55, fonr doors West of Walnut, 


§Mt iutofe Site § ke& & |rffen« ®aMe k %m $$wm, gritnnuxii Stow, fa. 

CI&ii*fa, 3 Glass and Q,i?eeiisware, 

Bare &- West, n. w. c. Pearl and Walnut. 
"Beste Henry A., 538 Main. 
Dickson &LeBetter, 217 Main. 
Esrnann Henry, 55 Court. 
Hock Fred. C." $ Co., 321 Main. 
Huggins Ero. & Anderson, 91 Main. 
Hunnewell, Hill & Co., 87 Main, 
Hnnti.ngton &• Brooks, 47 PearL 
Huntington J. C. & Co., 21 e. 4th. 
Kistner& Co., 60 Lower Market. 
Kistner Edward, 341 Main. 
Sampson & Co., 92 Main. 
Wieser Isaac, 116 w. 5th. 
Wieser & Mohlenhoff, 44 w. 5th. 

Atkinson J. V. Funke Flenry Prior & Huentke 

Creutz Jacob Hacknian John F. Rintz Sebastian 

C3s ocoliite filan^facturers. 

Lamb & Co., 130 w. 2d. 

WernertJ. B. & Goettlieim, 596 Main, and n. 
s. 6th, w. of Main. 


y Sce also Tobacco.) 

Bealer Cornelius, 18 Broadway. 

Bepler Edward, 350 Main. 

Bod man Ferd.,273 Main. 

Davis N. H. & G. H. 69 Walnut. 

Hofer Charles, 39 w. 2d. 

Hoffheimer H. & A., 23 Broadway. 

Levi S. & Bro. 228 Main. 

Lewis & Denny, 22 Broadway. 

Nordrnann Charles, 226 w. 5th. 

Nuelsen Francis, 233 Main. 

Pfau J. & J. M. 

Racine & Constant, SG and S8 e. 2d. 

Vetterlein B. &. Trumbower, n. w. c. 2d and 

Cutaiar J. -.v But- Hill S. V. & Son Martin H. & Co. 

chekler Loui^ Adolph JNathanM. 

Fa una n A, ^ Co. 


•Becker & Tebehnann. J23 w. 5th. 
Besuden Henry, 93 Walnut 
Fuhrman Valentine, 38 w. Court. 
Holldorb John C. CO, vv. 6th. 

■Menzel Jacob, 10 Walnut.. 
Mosler Gustav, 223 Walnut. 
IRemly Jacob A., 586 Western Row. 
jStark'B., 247 w. 6th. 

AiB&t.'B. Hutst^inei KuvrardOilen Henry 

iBaker Mrs. Eiizab. Johnson Frnuk Pipher George. 
[Ranged, Gloss K robe I C. F. \\\ Haywood Fred. 

JKarbaro Dora. S. Kramer Henry Reinieke Fred. 
|B!um Fred, Lampe Kenrj Rheinberger J. A. 

Bruckland Henry, Laiiam Hei;ry RiUweper Phillip 

Byrn.> George W. Lehman & Bro. Rochenkemper H. 
'Caffrey W'itiam A. Leler Geo?ge Sefcafstal! Chas. F. 

Cooper \\"rn. Logan Peter Siebe Hermann 

Cutlet John Jflarthena Alb. Vv T . Spitziier Cha's Ef. 

Dickey Hen rv Metzti.&E. Siromberg FhHIip 

Drefi'er NJcholfs Meyenn Anthony Tangernann George 
Duwelius Christ, Meyer George Tewes Charles T. 

Faehr Henry Meyer He>iry Thanssea F. 

Fischer Fred. Miller Baldus Tilliner Hcrntz 

Fowler J. n.& Co. Miller Char'.es A. Wedeking Julius 
Gerlaml W, Muhl George VVeis L. & Co. 

Gronewig Phillip Muhrmsnn John P.Vv'oif Michal 
Herwig lier.ry ruil?erH\c.Me/snianinVoiff Samuel 

Holznnm Martin Oriopp Max A. Zeihusen demerits 
Ilinemsnu G. H. 


&ji& exclusive* Ikatae la 

Ko. 73 West Fourth Street, 

erass mim & fixers riAi^o hall 

Cloaks and ^lantillas. 

(See also Dry Gcods.) 

Lewis George, 78 w. 4th, under Smith and 
Nixon's Piano Hall. 



Verdin Michael. 

(Sec also Jcwrlry.) 

Blakeslee Edward K., 229 Main. 
Huntington v\: Laboyteaux, 119 3Iain. 
Kent Luke, 234 Main. 
Parks George D., 78 w. 5th. 
Pickering Uco. M. Smith Thadcua. 






Brown Alf. elk. n.s. Canal 
Brown Anthnnv, tailor, 624 Race 
Brovrn Mrs. Ann, washing, 96 Pendleton 
Brovrn A. C mach. 40 W. Front, h. 37 

Brown Alonzo C. carp. 323 Kcmble 
Brown F. Barney, bile, smith, 20i 

Brown Burner, lab. 91 Spring 
BROWN Benj. F. (B. and Brown) bds. 

MOWK e?BR0TN, (Chas. b. b. & 

I> Benj. F. B.) atty3.-at-law, 

- ^ 48 bk.bidgs 

Brown & Bro. (Jfno. S. <fc Thompson, 
wh. grocery. 238 Main 

BROWN & BUGS. (Richard, Geo & 
Jno.) livery and sale stable, s.s. 6th 
b. Main and Sycamore 
BROWN Chas. (Spinning <fc 

BROWN Chas. B. (B & B.) Ids. at Ma- 
dison House 
Brown Chas. C atty. 20 bank bldgs. bds. 

Winne House 
Brown 6feaa. R. hat, cap anrl fur dealer, 

185 Slain, bds. 109 W. 5th 
Brown Clara A. laundry, 109 W. 6th 
Brown C. W. S. agt. Baltimore & Ohio 

R.R. s.e.c. B'wav and Front, h. 459 

\V\ Sth 
BROWN Hani. (D. & R. B) h. 132 E. 

Brown M. B- salesman, s.w.c Main and 

Pearl, h. 237 W. 7th 

BROWN D. & R. (Daniel & Robt.) 
hosicrv and notions, 
253 Main 
Brow-n Mrs. Ellen, rear 537 Wolnut 

Brown Mrs. Eiu:a, n.w.c Kilgour and 

Brown Mrs. Eliza L. 85 E. 5th 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 60 William 
Brown Eisbaeh &z Co. (Max B., Mar. E. 

BROW!^ J. M. (Fallis, B. & C.) s.w.c. 4th 

and Smith 
Brown J. R. tinner, 34 and 3G Main, h. t2 

Brown Joseph, dray. 49 Water 
Brown Joseph, waggon mkr. bds. 401 

Brown Junius H. 146 W. 3d 
Brown Leonard W. coal yard, s.w.c. 

Court and Plum,h. G7(5 W. front 
Brown Levi, lab. n. s. 6th- b., BVay and 

Brown Lewis, (B., Elatach & Co.) 161 

W. 3d 
Brown Lewis, monl. 3fM3 Walnut 
Brown Mrs. (widow) 473 W. 4th 
Brown M. clothing store, s.w.c. New and j 

■ Brown M. grocery, 418 George 
B.) 307 Brown M. lab. 431 George 

j Brown Manasses, engineer, bds. 14 Com- 1 

Brown Marsraret, seamstress, 2:32 Kcmble i 
Brown Mary, 83 W. 4th 
Brown Mrs. Mary S. 130 W. 7th 
Brown Matthew, 167 Catherine 
Brown Max. (B., Eis'oach &. Co.) New 
Brown Morton, lab. 133 W. Canal 
Brown M. L. S5 E. 5th 
Brown Oliver, atty. s.w.c. Court Sc Main 
Brovm Uram,'420£- W. 7th 
Brown Oscar, 142 Clay 
Brown Pat. lab. rear 537 Walnut 
Brown Peter, boatman, s.s. C;h b. Harriet 

and Horn 
Brown Peter, lab. 35 B-urdap 
Brown Peter, lab. river Landing b. Tine 

and Walnut 
BROWN Peter H. (Jos. C Butler & Co.) 

res. Covington 
| Brown P. Y. cite. 39*5 Walnut.h. 65 Clinton 
, Brown Robert, lab. 122 Lock 
i BROWN" Richard, (B. & Bros.) bds. Gait 
• m Rouse 
& Lewis B.) star clothing store, 98 j BROWN Robt.(Miiler & B.)bds. 87 E.-lth 

Brown Fred. elk. 476 Walnut 
Brown Fred, shoe rnkr. 37 Chestnut 
Brown Geo. shoe mkr. 355 W. 3d 
Brown Goo. cotton dyer, 183 Clay 

Ludlow b. Congress 

Brown Robt. lab. e 
and 3d 
j BROWN Robt. (D. &c R. B.) bds. 132 E. 
I Liberty 

1 Brown Robt. brass finisher, 137 Walnut 
BROWN Geo. (B. & Bros.) res. country j Brown Robert, bds. 137 Walnut 
Brown Geo. brash mkr. 762 W. Kow i Brown Robert H. b.k. bds. 240 B "way 
Blown Geo. P. (Geo. P. B. <k Co.) 15 , Brown Sa-aud, shoe mkr. 264 W. 8th 

Kossuth | Brown Rev. Samuel J. n.s. Canal above 

Brown Geo. P. & Co. (Geo. P. B. & I Mohawk Bridge 

Thos.-B..) coal yard, n.w.c. 7th and! Brown Samuel C al. phys. 84 Congress 
Vine j Brown Solon C. b.k 4rf Elizabeth 

Brown Gottlieb, grocer. 475 Walnut Brown Thos. agt. 240 B 'way 

Brown Hy. eoruec 1PJ Walnut. ! Brown Thos. dray, n.w.c. 12th and Elm 

Brown By, lab. s.e.c. Court and Syca- Brown Thos. elk, s.e.c. Court and Syca- 
more more. 
Brown Hy. ?.l 76 E. Front, res. country j Brown Tiios. (Geo. P. B. & Co.( bds. 15 
Brown H&ury B. pros. atty. police court! Kossuth 

office city bldgs. h. 189 Fulton j Brown Thos. lab. rear 580 E. Front 

BROWN If. W. CSprigman & B.) 286 j Brown Thos. type caste., 105 W. Canal 

Longworth j BROWN Thos. S. (Pulian, Hatfield &. B) 

Brown Ira. ( Powell & B.) 260 W. 7th I hd«. 2^0 Race 

Brown Isaac C t.arm-ss mkr. 103 W. 3d 

Brown Israel, 9,- Laurel 
Brown J. L. salesman, 27 Main 
DROWN J. M. drng and dental, 
I \ depot n.w r .c. W alnut and 4th, 

h. s.w.c. Smith and 4th 
Brown Jaa. paper carrier, 49 Chestnut 
pROYV'JN', JAjFLSL. coai.andfor. men \ 
1 \ e.s.' Ss camore S. of 10th, h. 145 i 
X Race 

Brown Jas. W. carp. Augusta b. John &. 

Brown John, safe mkr. bds. 164 W. 3d 
Brown Jno. 420 W. 8th 
Brown Jno. lab. 151 Culvert 
Brown Jno. groc. s.w.c. 7th and Culvert | 
Brown Jno. awning mkr. 115 Sycamore j 
Brown Jno. lab. s.s. Fulton b. Market &. j 

Harrison, F'n 
Brown Jno. (0. & Bro.) res. Ky ! 

Brown Jno. blk. smith, 29 Parsons 

b.k. 8 Main, h. 420 % 
<fc Bro.) 136 

Brown Thos. T 

W. 7th 
Brown Thompson X. (B 

W. 7th 
Brown Troilus, solicitor for E. R. C. Sc 
M. Co. bds. w. s. Elm b. 3d & Pearl 
Brown Warren H. carp. 150 Vi. 3d 
Brown W. C al. phys. 148 E. 2d junc 

Brown Wm. Belview House, IOCS Ham. 

Brown Wm. elk. 371 W. Bow 
Brown Win. confee. n.s. fith nr. Culvert 
Brown Wm. carp. w.s. Vine b. 3d and 

Brown Wm. printer, 14 Commerce 
Brown Wm. H. river mate, 103 i(i:h 
Brown W'in. tailor, 1 Burnet House, h. 

78 3d 
Brown Wm. teams, e.s. Ludlow b. Con- 
gress and 3d 

Brown Jr.o. lab. n.e.c. V\ . Row &. Water' Brown Wilson \. stock jobber, 25 W. 3d, 
Brown Jno. carp. 26 Charles, bds. 78 12th | h. 1 Id W. 3d 

Brown Jno. carp. 650 \V. Front j BrOwneeker John, oof. h. 128 Sycamore 

Brown Jno. H. shoe mkr. 3 Landing, b. j Brownfield Catherine, seams. 213 Water 
BVay and Ludlow, bds. L. Market Brownneld Chas. E. nmuldcr. 213 Water 
lirewn Jno. L. bile, smith., w.s. Lebanon ( Brownfield Wm. teamster, 215 Water 

Pike. b. Boal and Corporation 
BROWN Jno. S. (B. & Bro.) 135 W. 


Brownick Samuel, 63 Cutter 
Browurigg Samuel, sales. 137 Pearl 

Brownson Geo. agt. 5 E. 7th 
Broxtimer Harry, 13". W. Front 
Bruce Alex, bakery, 552 W. Row 
BRUCE Benj. (I. & B. Bruce <fc Co.) 278 

BRICK Isaac, (I. & B. B. &, Co.) 175 

W. 4th 

T>kTTE [. & E. & CO. 

j ) carriage warerooms, 
s.e.c. Vine and 3d 
Bruce Justin, cook, n.e.c. John and 

Briice Henry. Jones b. Evc,ett & Wade 
Bruce Miss Maria, dr. mkr. 110 Pulton' 
BRTCE Wm S. (I. &. B. B. & Co.) res. 

Bruch Hy, tailor, 623 3Blm 
Bruch John, tailor, 5G9 Vine 
Brucker Chas. 490 Walnut 
Brucker Ford 400 Walnut 
Brucker Regena, 400 Walnut 
Bruckhorst Antony, lab. 137 Pleasant 
Bruekland Hy. cigars, 6IU Main 
Bruckman lly. cooper, 151 Pleasant 
Buckner Wm. N. baker, 1031 J[; ira Road 
Bruehl It. A. W. mailer M. B.C. res* Co- 
Bruen Jon, groc. 134 Water 
Bruen J. C. eng. 15 W. 3d. bds. 2o Perry 
BRUEN L. B. (Cin. (layette Co.) n.e.c 

4th and Viae* bds. Bwrnet Flouse 
Brewening Hermon, lab. w. 6th b. Carr 

and Harriett n. side 
Buenker Hy. lab. 225 Plum 
Brugjramann Sathan, lab. C-iurt E. of 
1 Brugge B. II. J. tailor, 347 W. Row 
j Bruggeiuann Anton, lab. 154 Oliver 
; BiTiirgman Bernard, n.s. Front near Kel- 
j lv F'n 


| li ui - Physician, 
j XJ 146 Laurel 

i Bruhmer Fred. cof. h. s.w.c John and 

; groland Philip, tailor. ITfj Clay 
| Brum Geo. dray. Green b. Pleasant and 

j Brum Mrs. Margaret, 144 Pleasant 
j Bruman Hy. yarnHsher, 75 Abigail 
I Brumelkarnp Henry, : carp. bis. 25 Fraik- 
I lin 

! Brenner Almon. 45 Rlttenhouse 
! Brumro->r Bernard, tailor, 51 Itittenhou.w 
! Brunmer Frances M. seamstress, c Abi- 
j trad and Pendleton 

. BRUMMFR Jno. B. (Ahlering <Sc B.) 130 
I E. 4th 

j Brummer Mrs^ Phoehe, 1?0L:rn 
I Brumstrunip Phillip, moulder, 27 Wood- 
l v ard 

Bru »ce Jos. lab. 138 Slohawk [Smith 
j Bcund Barney, weaver. Water b. John Jc 
! BRBKDB1T? R,.l,t. (Boyd & B.I bd*. 
! Henry House 

Brundt FrM,553 Main 

Bruner Mrs. Ma'rdaline, 104 Bremen 

Bruner Piukucl, lab. 2.1 l.'iLh 

Bruner Win. tailor, 636 \ : i,i; 

Bruning Vrcd. di-aj . 26 W. I3t!i 
j Bruriing Ifarmat! C. elk. 3? L. Market 

Brunlier 15. box mkr. 577 Main 
■ Brunner Alphonso, prof, of the French 
i language, n.w.c. 4th and Race 

Brunner Alphonse, school teacher n.w.a 

Brunock .Mrs. Margaret, 30 Dublin 
| Brun< Anthony, (B «k Luken) 6*3 Lower 
j Market 

Brans Cad, painter, 11 Hanover 

Brun; Geo. lab. 141 Cl;<y 
I Bruus [larmun, lah. 9£ Clay 
I Bruns Jno. elk. 15 Arch 
i Bruns Jos. mould. 3!« Walnut 

Brun < J. B. (Blim fc B.) 15 Arch 
j Bruns L. ci.'. mkr. 23t 

Brun- . l c Luken, ( \n!h"-\ B.& Jo?. L.) 
! cot and l».»aril. h. 66 L. Market 

Bruns Mary, 91 Clay 
; Brunsman Geo. instrument mkr. s.w.c. 
5th and Race 

Bruhsman II. elk. 10 L. Market, 74 Caoo 

BrunsMian .lac.b, 1 \\ 121 Mob iwk 
i Brunst Peter, baker shop, 554 Vino 

Brunst Wm, lab. W. Row, b. York »nd 
I Pay ton 


C e 

o o 

o __ 

« O o 

* "o £ 

£ c « 

o 2 p 

« 2 c 





















Ertmstrop Philip, mould. 384 Walnut 
Brnrtsteop Ruben, !ah. 8^ Bremen 
Brunstrop Wm. carp. 164 Clay 

Brunswick Henry, salesman, s.w.c. Vine 

and 3d 
Brunt vick. Chas. elk. 64 Main, h 87. 

BRUNSWICK Jno. M. (J. M- & Bro.) 

79 George 

T) RUNS WICK J. 3J". & BRO. 

K Billiard table fetanuf. 

- tJ ■ n.'w.c. Canal & Walnut . 

WrtJNS WICK Joseph, J. M. & Bro.,) 

n.w.c. Canal and Walnut 
Brunzen IIv. dray. 399 Kim 
Bruscl Jacob, millwright, bds. 66 13th 
Brust C. print, s.w.c. Vine and Center 
Brizzolara Jno. B. confec. 2 Pub. Land. 
Bry Thos. J. 394 TV. 5th 
Btyan Denny, lab. 365 W. 2d 
Bryan Jas. porter, 227 Walnut 
Bryan Win. at Farins Mill, Lock 
Bryant Alf. b. k. 76 Main, h. 332 W. 6th 
BRYANT Chas. S. (B. & Crawford,) res. 


(C. B. &c S. T. CO attys. 
s.ex. 3<1 and Walnut 

Bryant Geo. A. elk'. 252 Everett 

Bryant Isaac, w.s. Harriet, b. Kimball &c 

Bryant Jno. 21 Kossuth 

Bryant?, shin carp. n.s. Front, nr. Long- 
wort h, F"n 

Bryant Saml. M. finisher, Observatory, 
Mt> Adams 

Bryant Wm. reach. 76 Pike 

Bryariy Era. Eliza, 204 Elm 

Bryee Duncan shoe nikr. 318 B'way 

Bryen Jas. ens. 49! W. 4th 

Erven Jas. iah. s.e. 6th, b. Elm and Plum 

Bryer; Mrs. Mary A. 494 W. 4;h 

Brysou Ambrose, GO E. 4th 

Bryson Jas. \V. salesman, n.w.c. Front 
and B'wav 

coal and coke dealer, 

331' TV. Front, bds. Spencer H. 
Buchanan Chas. M. salesman, 26 E. 2d, 
res. Clifton 

prof. ec. med.' col. 
5 Art rnion bid*, res. Coring on 
vcom. mer. 
26 E. 2d, res. Clifton 
Buchanan Wm. salesman, 26 E. 2d, bds. 
53 Sycamore 

n. e. c. Congress and Pike 
Buchev Jno, weaver. 413 Main 
Buchert Geo. groc. 411 TV. Row 
Buchert Peter, tinner, 62 13th 
Euchholz Frederick, stable. 349 W. 6th 
Buchholz .Geo. (G. & H. B.) 216 W. 7th 
Buchholz G. &IT. (Geo. & Henry) stable 

215 M . 7th 
B,;chholz ily. (G. & H- B.) 216 W. 7th 
Buchman Alexander, elk. 117 W. 3d 
Bueh'man Nicholas, tailor, h. 60 Green 
Bnchman Raphael, (Rindskonf, Bros. &. 

Co. 117 TV. 3d 
Buchter Hy. stone mason, 29 Dunlap 
BarkAlf. river man. 5 New 
Buck Elisha A. elk. C. II. T». depot 
Buck Frederick, carp. 74 Ham. road 
Buck Jno. agent, bds. 153 W. 3d 
Backer C. car. mkr. 21 W. 7th 
Backer Clemence, Lib. 9 Pendleton 
Bqekfer Gerard, shoe mkr. 5.">9 Elm 
Sucker John, shoe mkr. 382 Race 
Buck'er John, stone sawyer, 55 Milton 
Buckhart II. weaver, 542 T.Ira 
Buckingham E. G. (McCain <fc B.) 343 

W. Row 
Buck in err. ain E- Jeff. dtp. sheriff, 171 
B W.flth 

ouckmeham Geo. printer, TOW. 4th 
Back'ir Jno. stone cut. .">o Milton 
Bucklauger Hv. shoe mkr. id Mulberry 
DUCKIES J. C. & CO. (John C B.<k 
\) Wm. M. Smith) forwarding merch. 
_ 37 E. Front 

■Cackles Jane, n. s. Front b. Broad and 

Long worth, F'a 

(15. & Co.) 
res. iNewpor} 
Buckley Beni. feed store, 75 Mill 
Buckley A. C milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Buckley Edw. shoe mkr. 67 TV. 6th 
Buckle v Frank, stove mounter, 162 K 

TV. 6th 
Buckley Fred, stove mounter, 384 Wal. 

Buckl-y Jas. lab. 36? TV. 2d 
Buckley Jere. lab. s. s. Taylor 
Buckley John, blk. smith, 134 Water 
Buckley John, cooper, 42 Dublin 
Buckley Mich, tailor, n. s. Gano b. Vine 

and Walnut (John 

Buckley Patrick, s. s. 3d b. W. Row and 
Buckley Stephen, lab. 58 Kossuth 
Buckley Thos. lab. 54 Kossuth 
Buckley Wm. 6 Harrison Road 
Bucklev Wm. feed store, 114 Ham- road 
Bucklit John, grocery, 113 Mohawk 
Buckman Anthony, tailor, 81 Abigail 
Buckciann F. grocer, 32 12th 

BUCHNEE & HALL, (II. M. b. & B. 
¥,. II.) wh. trocers, 
34 Walnut 
BUCKNER Henry M. (B. & Hall,) res. 

Buckner D. P. salesman, 29 Peari, bds. 

Broadway Hotel 
Buckspark U- mach. Lock 
Backton Abraham cooper, 37 Vine 
Buekton Wm. lab. n.w. c. 7th and Plum 
Budd Isaac, prop. Levi's Hotel, n e. c. 

Sycamore and 5 th 
Budd John, fab. n. s. Fremont b. Harriet 

a'ni Hern 
Budd Wm. 637 W. 8th 
Bt&rta Harmon., cooper, 337 Ham. Road 
Bald, n Edw. R. engrav. 121 Main, res. 

Waimu Hills 
Buddendeck H. moulder, 384 Walnut 
Budenbattgh Mary, can maker, 64 Pearl 
En dicker Hy. porter at 47 Pearl 
Budka EH/.aVth, 228 Water 
Buecker Joe. hatter, 123 Main 
Buehler Chris. 310 Linn 
Buerkle John G. glove manufac. 16 TV. 

8th. res. Cumminsville Road 
BUELT, Lucius C (Shaw, B. & Barbour) 

325 Long worth. 
Buei'er Richard, telegraph mes. bds. 125 

TV . 5th 
Bneoemann Hy. bds. 29 TV. Front 
Buerm&n Hy. dray. 487 Walnut 
Eueshea Anthony, cutter. 391 Main 
Buesinger Michael, tailor. 19 Abigail 
Buesman IIv. confec. 18-1 W.7th 
Bnesm&n Richard, elk. 184 TV. 7th" 
Buetter Jno. boots and shoes. 144 E. 

Buff J ttcob, tailor, 118 Vine 
BtifitngtoE Roht. carp. 629 W. Front 
Rttgart Conrad, Jab. n.s. Front, or. Vine 

Bnggman Barney, lab. 19 Cherry 
Eaggman George, lab. 19 Cherry 
Buhei Herman, btls. 30 E. 0th 
Bur ert Jacob, mould- 02 W. 13th 
Buhert Peter, tinner. 00 W. 13th 
Bujhlec Fred, shoe mkr. 241 Clark 
Bidder Jno. cof. h. 34 Liberty- 
Buhrna Fred, tanner, s.s. Woodward, b. 

Spring and B'way 
Buhn Mrs. Eli/.., seamstress. 18 Spring 
Buhner Jno. II. tailor, 12 Abigail 
Buhrlag H. (B. & Stonecamp,) 15 Plea- 
Buhrlag ic Stonecamp, (H. B. & Jno. S.) 

coopeta, 13 Pleasant 
Buhrman G. L. si toe store, 023 W. Row 
KulVrman Jno. lab. 17"3 Maple 
Buker War. Iah. ^.e.c. t'nm & Walnut F'n 
Bular Herman, cooper, 664 Main 
Buler Jno. lab. h. 52 Mohawk 
Bull Arthur, blk. smith, cm. Pulton 
Bu1lar<! If. v. ?hoe mkr.fO W '. 2d 
BL LLOCK A. D- (A. 1». B. & Co-) 140 

T>t ; I.L0CK A. D- & CO. (A. T). B. k. 

K Henry Lewis, & W. B. 15.) wool 
XJ merchant-i, 12 an<l 1 '. W. 2d 

Bullow Hy. 551 Sycamore 
Bull's Head House, 302 Hani, road, Fredk 
Tribcr, prop. 

hardware store, 
364 Main, h. 39 Jackson 
Bultman Louis, bov mkr. [Hi TV. 2d 
Bultob Jno. F. lab. 6S0 Main 
Bnmbarger Jno. baker, (142 Main 
Bumbery Eliza, 1(53 W. 3d 
Bumcrartner Julius, tailor, G2 Buckeye 
Bumister Chas. band box manuf. 228 

W. 2d 
Bunce Wm. butcher, s.e.c. Harrison road 

and Kiddle 
Puncc Jas. W. lib. 33 McFar'.ir.d 
Bundj B. K. salesman, 121 Walnut, re* 

Bit. Pleasant 
Bunghorst Hermann. II. cab mkr. 419 

Si cam ore 
Buning Antonv. groe. u'8 Green 
Bunker Qhas. 3d 1 Smith 
Bunker Ricliard, fireman, Water 

and Plum 
Bunkum Hy. blk. smith, n.s. Front, nr. 

Kelley, F'n 
Buns B-ed. mill stone mkr. 64 Walnut 
Bunyun Ky. lab. s.s. Front, nr. James- 
town ferry 
Bunyan Morris, shoe mkr. 182 Sycamore 
Bnrbbagge I. B. general intelligenoe a- 

gency, 3S E. 4th, cpn. P. 6. 
Burbeck An dr. C baker, 149 Caiuefme 
Bufbeck Waiter F. bttker. 149 Ca-uxiue 
Burchard Jno. printer, 16S| Vine 
BorchSeld Jas. printer, 88 Main, h. 3-1 

E. 6th 
Burck Chas; bar k. 428" Main 
Burckhardfc Christian, e.s. Vine, b. 5th 

and 6th 

"DEfiCKHARDT & CO. (X.eopof<i & 

\\ Fred B.) groc. and com. mer. and 
-*■-' lard oil manuf. 103 Sycamore, Lird 

oil fact iry 12 Hammond 
BUCKHARHT Fred. (B. &; Co.; 9 W. 0i^\ 
BUCKHARBT Leopold, (B & Co.; hdi. 

9 W. 9th 
Burckle Fred- cof. h. 137 Ham. road 
Burdge Miss S. mi'liner,- 121 \v. 5jh 
Burdge Sarah, dress mkr. 447 "H". 4:h 
Burdiek Franz, lab. 480 W. 5th 
Bunliek Hy. lab. 486 W. 3th 

DUKDSAL & MOTftES, (H. w. e. 

\\ & J. S. B. wh. drusgist, 
XJ 1 Main 

Burdsal Elifa, b. k. bds. Bank Exchange 
BURBSALHy. W- (B. a. Brother) 17 

E- 6m 
Burdsal Hesta, raOilner, n.w.c. 5to and 

BURDSAL Jas, S. (B. & Brother) Ellen. 

E. of Lock 
Burdsal Melaar F. c'k.bds. 448 B'vvav 
3 'urtfsal Sand, druggist, 409 Main, h. 443 

Burdsal Saml.L. elk. bds. 448 B'vray 
Burdsal Ttjos. C tik. 416 BVay 
Burford & Belcher, R. H. B. k II. TV. 

B.) mer. tailors, 2C6 TV. Bow 
Baaford Robfc. g. (B. <fc Belcher) 100 

Long\vo*th Niiicy, junction Race and Ham- 
BurgellJno. lab. 74 Dmilev 
Burger Fred, shoe -ere. 49 Pendleton 
Burger Louis, carpet weaver, 41iligh 
Burger. Philip H. boots shoes, 3S4 ^t un 
BuFgert Paul, match manufac. K Dudtey 
Biutjess I-', messenger, 5i E. 3d 
Burgess Geo. H. salesman, s.e.c. 2d and 

Burgess Stephen, 92 Lon&wovth 
Bu»g».'3s Stephen, white washer, 1"1 W. 

Burgess Wm. shoe mkr. 401 W. Row. 
Bur.-.-! Daniel, lab. 1«> U*. >ch 
Burget Hy. dk. 129 W. 4th 
Burjs. agar II. IW Kverett 
Bnrgoyne John, dud^re Probate C^ur*., 

59J1 Syc;uni ■ 
Burgi yav. Jolm,jt. elk. 4! Ma\ R - 1 
B;.rj ij a ■ Wm. clt. ■-' L. U fl '•• '■ 22 

BurgOj ne w m. M. elk. 593 Sj c unote 
Burpund Ily. yia-s suu:itr, 45 K. 3d, h. 

64 B.i:t 
Burhans David <t. ciup. Lawson'a Alley, 

h. 4o Everett 
Borlage II. shoo mkr. 378 Broadway 



Cioiiiiers Wholesale. 

Amberg & Stachel, 209 Main. 

Ahlering & Brummer, 245 Main. 

Arb. Bioch & Frenkel, 54 Mam. 

Childs & Bro. 184 Main. 

Cohen, Guitermann & Co., 60 Pearl. 

Elsas Jacob & Co., 18 Pearl. 

Fishel & Bro., 60 Main. 

Glaser &, Bro., n. w. c. 5th and Main. 

Good heart & Ackerland, 66 Pearl. 

Heidelbach, Seasongood & Co., 96 Main. 

Heidelbach, Wertheimer & Kiaw, 56 Pearl. 

Ilymann, Bro. &• Co., 6 Main. 

Komblith J. & M., 138 Main. 

Kuhn, Netter & Co., 34 Pearl. . 

Mack & Brothers, 61 Pearl. 

March, Elsas & Co., 50-3, Pearl. 

Marienthal &. Block, 236 Walnut. 

Marks L. & Co., 84 Mem, up stairs. 

Menderson & Frohrnann, 37 Pearl. 

Monheiraer, Friedman & Co., 14 L. Market. 

Simon G. &, Sons, 69 Main. 

Cohen Abram, 194 Main. 

Glaser & Bro., n. vv. c. Main and 5th. 

Hyman, Bro. & Co., 6 Main. 

Loos George, 601 Vine. 

Oak Hall (Barvrise & King), 156 Main. 

Sprague T. W. & Co., 10 e. 4th. 

Springer & Fries, 4 Main. 

Sliens A. H., 46 Sycamore. 

Topie & Hugo, 213 Walnut. 

Varwig & Klocke, 176 Main. 

jWalker Robert, 78 Lower Market. 

Wolf A. & I. & Co., 76 Main. 

Able'ing & Co. Hyams Abraham Kauh, Guitercian 
Amberg Joseph Isaacs Mark <k Co. 

Bamberger Phillip Jacob F. Reese Hans 

Hermann B. Kaufmann S.d Bo.Kice Jacob 

Bin? Moses KathmariClemeuceKice L. & Co. 

grown, Elsbach & Kl'eine F. & Co. Roll-wages Loufa 

Co. Klein Henry H. Ronshein E. & 3. 

De Wolf Hyman Koke Joseph FJoseback Alex. 

De Young Benja Koblhof Joseph Rosenfeld Leopold 
Enneking J. B. Kramer & JLruger Rosenthal Emanuel 
Fisher George & Krone HefmagTlL Samuels* Holzman 

Co. Lamm & Bro. 

Ffciscfitheii Moses Laridbwer Aaron 

Flohr Isaac Lunnintr S. 

Simon B. & M. & Co.. c. L. Market and Main. Frey Joseph Lehman & Bro. 

S T v p u, ' -p, , Fneaenheid'Cr, Lohmar & Cordis 

tl.X, Krouse & Co., 27 Pearl. Frietlatider Herm. Liebensfeio Isaac 

Trounstine A. & J. & Co., S. e. C. Pearl and FTiedmann&MillerLoweastein Most 
y, np jGoodman Soioman & Son 

Wertheimer, Marks & Co., 231 Main. 

Wolf A. & J. & Co., 76 Main. 

Goodman & Vorn- Mann & Strauss 

holt. Marks Eli as 

Graulmann Henry Manes FrederictC 
Guinderman Win. Mayer 6c Coba 
Goldberg&Lowen- Katzenberger Sol. Rice Jacob JGuiterman Marcus Mette Henry 

stein KaufmanS. & Bro Stadier, Bro. & Co. Harris Abraham Meyer Martin 

Harmon, Mack & Leopold & Good- Symonds, Bro. &:Heidkamp&GveverMeyer \Veroer 
Co. heart Co Henderson W. Monan Thomas 

Heinsheimer J, H. Mayer & Cobn U'ald Henry Henoch E. & J. H 

Co. Morifz & Bro. "Weiler & Schlosa Heurie Simon ' 

Herrmann G. 

& Co. 
Schra.lski M.& 7. 
Scbradzki, Isaac <Sc 

Schumacher J.H. 
ScbTvegrmann H. 
Simon Joseph 
Siiermann Edn ard 
Straus I. P. 
Tburnauer& Mack. 
T.onnis Bernard 
'frame & Mayer 
Trame Win. 
Weaver George 
Weiler Mich. 
Wertheimer I. J. 

Cloiiiiiig- Stores. 
Ahlerinrr & Brummer, 246 Main. 
Amburgh K. & Brothers, n. e. c. Front and 

Bioom Moses, 25 w, 9th. 
Brusrge B. H. J., 347 Western Row. 
Childs & Bros., 184 Main. 

Morgenthil Samp. Wertheimer He;:r 
Moss Hen-ry Wise L. 

>"ewl:ouse G. Wolf Nicholas 

Pistor Conrad Workum Levi J. 

Hess Moses 
Hirschberg Jacob 

Youths ClotLiing-. 
Brooke J. H.. 70 w. 5th. 
Gothic Arcade, 154 Main. 
Sprague T. W. & Co., 10 e. 4th. 

Begley Trial. 

J as. BUS FN 


iati. S 

dan'l bushnell.^ *>-** x. 

JAMES J. GSA.Y. ) s 



11111s ii mm. mb mm, 

On hand at all times a superior article of 





■ >rcaev I 


yi«»rkr» lactg xn«a eotai ^osety ^^ofc^ obts ^t-.ti 


€g)\ Third and John Streets, 

E. MORGAN, A rent. 





Burtev Kliza J. s, teacher 1st Dirt. h. 42 

Barley Chas. elk. 42 2ffan$field 
Barley Chas. messenger, 23 W. 3 J, Mb. 

TOP.. 4th 
Bnrtey Thos. elk. bds. 70 E. 4th 
Barley Wm. finisher, 42 Mansfield 
Buriintre-r Martin, carp. 721) W. Bow 
Burk David, printer, 189 Congress 
Bark Christopher, grocery, 12] Lock 
Burk J&s. printer, 55 Observatory Road 
Burk Mich, lab. 2fi5 Plum 
Burk Pa!, lab 289 Linn 
Burk Ferry, lab, 12 Park 
Burl: Thos. grocery, 46S W. Front 
Burk Thos. iab. 362 W. Front 
Burk Thos. works in rolling mill, 585 E. 

Burk Win. carp, rear 9 S. Liberty 
BURHAM E.'G. (E G. B. & Co.) 19 

W. 3d 

BURKAM E. G. & CO. (E. G. B. & 
Jos. H. B.) bankers, 
in W. 3d 
BUBKAM Jos, K. (E. G. B. & Co.) 19 

W. 3d 
Burkard Joseph, gardener, S29 Carr 

Burke . machihist,l)d3. 192 Sycamore 

Burke Anson L b.k. 217 Plum 
Burke Bernard, tailor, 480 W, 5th 
Burke Mrs. Catharine, seaaastresSj 497 

Burke Ed. hod-barrier, 157 Laurel 
Burke F. N.. M.B., 177 W. Front, bds. 

1?3 W. 2d 
Burke Hannah, cap mkr. 64 Pearl 
Burke Herman, cof.h. 1122 Ham. Road 
Burke John, lab. 21 E. 7th 
Burke Jos. W. elk. 152 Main 
Burke Mich. lab. s.e.c. Front and Walnut, 

Burke Rich i. lab. 94 Butler 
Burke Pichd. lab. s.s. 7th nr. Culvert 
Burk". Eichd. shoe mkr. n.s. Front nr. 

Kelley, F'u 
Burke Stephen, lab. 65 Water 
Burke Wrn. 291 Vine 
Burker Frank, lab. 473 Walnut 
Burkett Christian, 2-20 Vine 
Burkert Fred, cab! mkr. 12 Gano 
Bark halt Jos. plow mkr. 10 W. 7th 
Barkhammer Geo. capt. steamboat, 237 

W. 8th 
Btrkhard F. printer, s.wc. Vine and 

Burkhardt Frank, brass moulding, s.e.c. 

10th and Vine 
Burkhardt David, burnisher, e.s. Cutter 

b. Catharine and Chirk 
Burk hart , fouOdryman, h. 101. 

W. Court 
Burkhart Andrew, vinegar factory, 430 

Burk hart B. S. baker, 590 W. Row 
Barkhajri prod., moulder, Cbservatory, 

it:. Adams. 
Burks Geo. st. boat -apt. 230 Longworth 
Bunnaa Barnard* oil mill, 71 Abigail 
Barman Thos. l,rick ru.i-son, 191 i'opiar 
Bunneater Chas. band box and artificial 

u^wer manuf. 1G1 W. 6th 
Burne3 Brum, lab. Adams b. F.lm and 

Barnes Mrs. Margaret, Beer Creek 
Bt'KXF/f HOUSE, nw.c 3d and Vine, 

A. B. Coleman, prop. 

BVKXKT Oi-0. w. 
150 W. 7th 

Burnet Goo. moulder, 23 High 
pL'It^ET JACnB, atty. at law, 
I } 14s J! on, up stairs, 

h. 77 W. 4th 
Burnet Jacob, jr atty. at law, 2 Worth. 
bids- h.. 292 Walnut 


ai ,1 Ki 
Burne! M •■ 
Burnett Aii 
Born-u P 


ii:.;h b. Parsons 

1 W. 7 th 
54 W. 5th 
ond-httnu store, 

Burney Alex. A. shoe mkr. n.s. Kimball 
h. Harriet 

Burnham John W. jeweler, 72 W. 5th, 
h. n.w.c. Freeman and Kemble 

Burnop Philip, bds. 203 \V. 5th 

Burns Mrs. Patterson's AbVy 

Burns A. stone cutter, e.s. Race nr. C^nal 

Burns Ann, laundress, 51 Raee 

Burns Barney, tailor. 111 Woodward 

Burns Chas. H. elk. 47 W. 2d 

Burns Miss C. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
j Burns Kate, milliner, 274 W. 5th 
' Burns das. machinist, 69 Park 

Burns John,, boot mkr- s.w.c. Sycamore 
and 2d 

Burns John, carp, 36 Longworth's bldgs. 

Burns John, carp. 14:? John 

Burns Joseph, dray, §08 John 

Burns Mrs. Mary, widow,: a. s. 6th b. 
Broadwjay and Culvert 

Burns Mich. lab. 344 W. 8th 

Burns Mich s.s. 6th b. Broadway and 
; Culvea-t 

I Bums Patrick, tailor, 52 W. 2d 
> Burns Bauson, barber, Macalister 
J Burns Miss R. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
I Burns & Sidabattoms, coopers, 523 Plum 
! Burns T. cooper, s.s. 15th b. Race and 
| Fin 

I Burns Theo. (B. & Sidebottorus.) n.s. 15th 
b. Elm and Race 

Burns Thos. lab. e.s. Carr (F'n 

Burns Thos. lab. w.s. Market nr. River, 

Burns Win. ciear mkr. 11 W. 6th 
j Burns Wm. lab. 20 E. 8th 

Burn sides A. A. ice d!r. 465 Plum 
J Bnrastein Chas, shoe mkr. 254 W. 5th 
j Bun-hood D.. elk. 38 Chesnut 
[Burringc-r John, lab. 103 Clay 
I Burriss Robv. plasterer, 57 Kossuth 
j Barritt Danl. atty. s.e.c. 4th and Walnut 

Burroughs John, n.s. High nr. Walnut, 
| F ? n 

B0RR0WE3 THOS. A. young ladies' 
sem. s.w.c. 7th and Mound, 
h. 358 W. 6th 
BURROWES Wm. S. (Caldwell &- B.) 

bds. U. 3. Hotel 
P.urrowes Enoch, moujder, 35D Elm 
Burrows Geo. (Bird <fc B.) 312 Plum 
Burrows Jas. B. elk. 177 W. 3d 
! pURiiOW'S J. If. & GO. (J- H. B. & 
i i\ A. Kimball) foundry and finishing 
. shop, n.s. 2d b. Elm and Plum, op- 

posite 27 Front 
Burrows John, moulder, 350 Elm 
I BURROWS Jos. H. (J. JL, B. & Co.) 177 
! W. 3d 

' Burrows Mrs. Mary, 359 Elm 
! Burs Eva, 22 Piers- m 
! Bursiug Bernard, lab. 26 Mohawk 
Burst John. carp. 16 Madison 
j Bursta Geo. teamster, 5'JO Eim 
! Burt Andrew G. (A. G. B. & Co.) h. 338 

W. 4th 
j Burt A. G. &. Co. (A. O. B. &. John T. 

Hooper) bankers, lol Main 
i Bun J. S. G. .172 Rice 
j Bart Moses, gilder and manuf. of portrait, 
picture and looking-glass frames, El'J 
W. 5th, h. 65 Clark 
Burt Mrs. Nancy, 65 Provid- ,-nce 
j Burt Samuel, carp, s.e.c. Front and Lum- 
Burt Samuel, T. carp. s.s. Front nr. 
I Jamestown Ferry 
• Burte Mary, n.s. Front nr. Kelley, F*n 
I Earth Mrs. Harriet J. 116 Webb 
! Burthod Mrs. Harriet, 152 Civ.^r 
! Burtiner Peter, carp. 272 Hopkins 
[Burton Abigail, wsh. woman, 141 Culvert 
Burton Anthuny B. elk. 33 W. 5th, res. 

Burton Geo. Wm. cooper, c. 6th anr> 
| Canal, h. 241 W. Court 

BtFRION Gkleon (B. & Hughart) 16G 

JO \v. I'. 

|J U ;»* , « emma. 164 W. 5th 
«urr»;ti Jtrs. Lizzie, 260 George 
Burnett S. G. dep. co. elk. 47 Cedar 
J;-"' i'-tt Thos. N. eonfee. 412 W. 5th 
SOraett P^ui, moalier. 31 IJwh 

! I) TU.T0X& mOU ART (Cifeo»B.& 
|- « \ Juh-i II.) wh. boots tuul shoes, 
J/ iv2 Pearl 

Barton .las. u. salesman, i"9 W. 5th 
BCKXON 3. H. (3. 11., B. & Co.; res. 

BUltTON S. H. &C0. fS. H. P.. Miles 
Greenwood and J:u. G. Clarke) rh. 
Stove dlM. 13 and 15 W. 2d 

Burwinkel Anthony, tAilor, 55 Woodw'd 
Buscnnr Chas. tailor, 471 Walnut 
Bosch E. barber, 53 W. Court 
Busch Harman, elk. bds. 472 M;iin 
Busch Wm. teamster. \b Tanner 
BUSCHEil C. (Stum'pel, B. &■ B.) s.w.c. 

Plum and 6c h 
Boschla Geo. cab. mkr. 9G Ham. Road 
Bush Chas. barber shop, 232 W. 6th, h. 

205 Piatt 
Bush Chas. blacksmith, 617 Elm- 
Bush Ephraim F. teaclwr Bacon's Col. 

330 W. 7th 
Bush Fred, stone mason, 52 Webster 
Bush Henry, carriage painter, w. 3 . Main 

b. 12th ami 13th 

Bush John, conk, Buchanan nr. 5th 
Bush John, tailor, bds. 28 Ham. Road 
BUSH Obadiah N. (Chamberlain & Co.) 

E52 E. 4th 
Bushe Hy. carpet veaawx, 6i.^ E. Front 
Bushean Hy. carp. 76 Spring 
Busheeig II. grocer. 99 Parr 
Bushkuup Jos. family groc. 223 Plum 
Bushia Talar, SG Ham road 
Bushman n Fred, painter, 17 Tnnner 
Bushmann Hy. pasnter, bus. 65 W. 5ii 
BUSHKELL Daniel, (J- R- & Co.) res. 

pU>iiVi!fj: J. & TO. (Jos. V.., Daniel 

|~\ B. <Jc James J. G'r;;y. co;t! .-.t.d ecke 
J> yanl, Sve.c. W. ltow and Water 
BUSHNELL Joscnh, (.). B. iz Co.) 188 

Bushon George, weaver, s.e.c. li'th and 

Busken Geo. H. cltEI 2M W. 6th 
Busken Jno. 11. di y goods, 234 W. 6:h 
Buskirk If. ^m> elk. 31 and 33 Pe vrl h. 

Bailey '« CiXut 
Busman JiaVriey, cof. b. 30.5 W. Front 
Buss Chas. printer, 62 W. 3d, h. 5] Al- 
lison (and6i.h 
Buss Geo. tm-ner, w.s. Culvert, b. 5tr> 
Buss J:n-ob. elk. 51 Allison 
Bussa Michael, 400 B'way 
Busscan Caroiine, seamstress, Spring, b. 

Abigail and Woodward 
Busse J. (Myers & B.J 1*5 Hopkins 

edge tool manuf. 16 
h.Abi-mljb. B'way and Sprirg 
Busser \\ tu. grocery, o.'i B. 6tli 
Busscy Herman, tailor, C!« Mniu 
Buesey Bichd. shoe mkr. ii'. W. 6th 
Bussc.v Lutlitrrland, blind and s.>sh mkr 

464 W. 4th 
Bussing Clemance, groc. stor>\ 156 Elm 
Bussing Geo^ 11. banker, n.w.c; 3d aui 

W.dnut, h. 137 John 
B rasing Jno. taUor, 612 Elm 

j"j Meeluinic's Hall, 
^ 305 VV. front 
Bu sman Conrad, taflor, 50 Webster 
Bustiird Anibella, servant, 5 ,; 2 W. 5th 
Bustle Fred, s* rakr. I d*. 015 M un 
Buccht.TS ec th'OverS) stock yard co. at 

Brighton House. 
Butcher Henry K. salesman, 34 E. 4th 
Butseber Jacob, c!k. 224 W. Itow 
Butcher Jno. 515 K. Front 
Butcher Joseph, brakeman, bds. s.e.c. 

New and North 
Butchers Melting Association Factory, 

c. Maple and W. Row 

But ilfehies Jno. cof. h. Pleasant, b. Find- 
l<y and Eider 

But rOharlottc, 1! ( 5 W. 3d 

Butholt Jos. lab. s.s. throat, nr. rirer, F'n 

ButkeJno II. I >ck mkr. 27 W. 3d 

Batk< Wm. 49] Race 

Butker }ly. lab. 171 Clay 

Bu :l i i- Wm, porter, 3U0 Linn 

Butler VxthurT. atty. 104 VV".6th 

Butler i{. lab. ii-l Walnut 

Bntlcr Barney, lab. l'-7 Wood»-ard 

Butler Chas. I>. ei g. n.e.c. 4th u d Wal- 
nut, h. 98 W. 5th 

| mid, carp. n.s. AU ' b. 
Rtb and Pyc.-unore and G'-- iy 

Butter Bnvid, -; tu • i»nu< r, 26 Dublin 

j.,-! >c I>. C. h. k. 1«3 Pearl 

Butler ikivv. s. it id pipe agency, and agt 
for Franeis 1 Me bouts ; m E. 2a, h. j3 
W. 4th 




Si IS. Corner of Second street & Western Bow. 


WHOLESALE and retail 

Orders by the Cargo or at Retail, respectfully solicited. 
EZTFreeni ati's Fire Brick and Clay constantly on hand. 

\z..\i* i.-,* k,.. 

C .ALfPJSD BUCHANAN, f> i| Bl| : jj 0T| 

&$ DEALER IN j. % # f 1 ^ I i • 

&J 333 West Front St., f# | 1 I ' | '; j j j ■: M \ \ | 

333 West Front St., 

|p ^Sf Cincinnati, O. ^ 

r^ Xiffir >k£/ fy&23&££3 S 


7 ^f?t77 ^fJ7 ^;HV ^^Lvt WW Wr^Pti >FW "^fcL/l ^BS 3 ^ W^HV K>£v7 

kj ^/ is j© n ® a» m n c^ t 


n i 






P'.ounvi .. } » iff 


No. 517 







|ou^ioij|)mi) "ditiiljiidfori) $h €m\ 

0C7"Civstorners may depend upen a pure article. All orders left at either yard promptly 
attended to. 







Butler Geo. lab. Front, b- Rice <k Walnut j Byrne Jno. cooper, 12 Canal 
F'n j Byrne Matthias, b. k. 64 Bauia 

Butler Geo. carp. bds. s.s. Front, nr. Fos- i Byrne Michael, drav. 125 Betts 

tcr, F'n j Byrne M. W. elk."' 46 Walnut, h. 107 

steward, ~ 

north, b. 
Front, b. Broad and 

Butler Harrison 

New and 6th 
Bailer Jas. Lib. n. s. 
Longworth, F'n 

agt. Butler's writing fluid, 
39 Vine. h.503W. 7th 

Butler Jno. carrier, 1 RaynaiHer 
BUGLER Jos. C- (Jos. C. B. & Co.) 115 

T>UTLeI JOS. C. & CO. (Jos. C B. 
K Peter L. Brown & Jiy. if. Stout.) 
iJ wh. groc. * 
Butler Jos', blk. sm 

Butler Mrs. 19 Miller 

Butler Mary, dry goods, n-e-c 3d & Ehn 

Butler Nicholas, taiior, 111) Barr - 

Butler Nicholas lab. 369 W. -2d 

Butler Patrick, Jab. e.s. 6th, above Ba 

Cutler Pat. lab. 3S4 Walnut 

Btttler Pat. Lib. s.e.c Front and Lon 

worth, F'n 
Butler Richd. A. elk. 44 Walnut 
Butler Robt elk. 13 E. 4th 
Butler Thos. entry elk. 8 and 

bds. Walnut St. House 
Butler Thos. 0- jr. 104 W. 6th 

Byrne Pat, lab. rear 660 E. Front 
Byrnes Geo. W. ciz. and tobacco, 69 Sy- 
camore, res. Newport 
Byrnes Jno. paint. 34 E. 4th 
Byrns Edward, groc. 126 W. Rotv 
Byrns Patrick, lab. rear 578 E. Front 
Byron Jas. eof. h. 16 E. Front 
Byron Jno. oyster dealer. 107 W. 2d 
Byron Strodard, carp. 536 W. 8th 
Byron W. II. tinner, 38 L. Market, re?. 
om. mer. 44 Walnut. Byiurn Jno. oyster dealer, 2 66 Walnut, h. 
, Hayes, Alley s.e.c. Race and L'd 


Diehl, agent, 217 Walnut, factory 
n.s. Augusta b. Smith and Rose 
Cable Geo. finisher, 665 Vine 
Cackner Barney, tanner, 703 Elm 
I Cadanyy John S. shoe mkr. n.e.c. Betta 
10 Pearl, j and John 

I A lam, cab. mk 


XS blaekinc manuf, 30 Tine. 
*-* office 332 Walnut, h. 453 W. 7th 
Butler Wm. blk. smith. 8 Patterson Alie 
Butler Wm. carp. s.s. Front, nr. Broa 

BUTLER W. H. (B. W. H. & Parr) 55 

W. 5th 

|| n-muf. writing fluid, 
** 554 W. 5th 

Butler Z. dray. Water, nr. Reed. F'n 

Butwink F. tanner, 297 Linn 

Butt James cooper, 248 Liberty, h. 

Butt Geo. cooper, 48 Clark 
Buttemier Rudolph, tailor. 158 Oliver 
Butto.niller House, 40 W. Court 

Buttemiller, prop. 
Butten Thos. cooper, 149 Culvert 
Buttemiller Jno. hotel keep. 40 W. Court 
Butter Alonzo, lab. 161 W. 2d 
ButterivThos. eng. 85 Race 

\ saddle and harness rnanuf. 
7 242 Main, h. 102 Longworth 
Butterfield Cummings, 95 Race 
Butterfiekl Jonas, (Jennings B. is. Clark, 

33 George 
■pUTims EMUNB. 

-vv.c. John and 

■s t^er 

j Augusta 

| Caden John, eof. h. s.e.c. Tin 
| Cadwalader M. elk. in P. O. 
j Cadwalader Ic. elk. in P. O. 

Cadwalader S. cutter. 60 Pearl 
1 Cadweil Humphrej W. saddler, 317 Tine 
- Cadwell John, carp,. 169 High 
CADY Bavid K. (0. & Barlow) 74 W. 8th 
\11)Y D. K. & BARLOW (David K. 
C & Joel J. Barlow) fancy store, 
n.e.c. 5th and Walnut 
Cady John, lab. 4 Elm 
| Caemoltz Bernard, tinner, 201 Broadway 
I Cafferty Jas. blacksmith, 81 Commerce 
48 i CaSrey Capt. B. J. 454 W 3d 

I Caffirey M : ss S. W. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
j Cafirey Wm. A. cigar store. 338 W. 5th 
Cage Wm. carp, n.e.c. John and Ehza- 
Jno. j beth 

) Gahaney Jas. lab. 56 Elm 

! Cahill Carroll, cooper, 55 River Landing 



ill P. R. al. phys. w.s. Broadway b. 
3d and L. Market, bd.s. Madison Hs. 
and shoes, 325 W. 

I Cahill John, boots 

s.w.c Wade- and W. Row 
Butterworth Joseph, brk. layer, s.s. Clark ! 

b. Freeman and Oa.-r 
Butterworth Sirs. A. 9J$ Is "way 
Butterworth Thos. brk. layer, s.s. Clark, | 

b. Freeman and Carr 
Buttle Geo. boat cha-uUer, 62 E. 7th 
Butts Robt. Hy. hat Bnish. 35 Plura 
Buiti! Saml. H. eras collector, 35 Plum 
Butts Saml. S- 35 Plum 
Butts Valentine, lab. 72 Bunlap 
Buxton Jno. M. elk. 40 Elizabeth 
Byas Nicholas, mould, res. Newport 
Byer Louis, bar k. 465 Tine 
Byers Chas. carp. n.s. High, b. East ic 

Walnut, F'n 

Cahill Joseph, cooper, e.s. Culvert b. 6th 

and 7 th 
Cahill Thos. cooper, e.s. 6th above Baum 
Cahill John, bds. Longworth b. Elm and 

Caho John, lab. n.s. Front and Harrison, 

Cain Alfred, tailor. 237 Main 
Cain Edwd. I), elk. 146 Main, h. 123 W. 

7 th 
Cam Mich, basket mkr n.s. Front b. 

Harrison and Market, Fm 
j Cain Mich, finisher, 58 Baum 
Cain Peter, teamster, e.s. Ludlow b 

and 3d 
Cain Thos. n.s. Front b. Harrison and 

Longworth, F'n 
j Cain Thos. jr. lab. Front b. Rice and Wal- 
j nut. F'n 

Cain Thos. sen. lab. Front b. Rice and 

Walnut, F'n 
I Caine John H. elk. 56 and 53 Main, h. 

128 Laurel 


BYERS Wm. J. (Jas. Dualap & Co.) 344 j Calahan John, lab. 60 Water 

Byington Saml. elk. 52 E. 3d 
Byiirrton Sand. Z. bds. n.s. Front, b. 

Washington and Liberty 
Byunrton Wm. II. elk. n.s. Front b. 

Washington and Liberty Win'. L- carp. 47-2 BVav 
Byle Mrs. \!.v;t. groc. Ill Sycamore;,:. M 1 Clay 
Byrd Jas. lab. 2tW C'way 
Byrn Jas. carp. e.s. Harriet 
Byrn Jno. meat sture, 179 W. 5:h 
Byrn Patrick, lab. bds. River Landing, b. 

Main and Walnut 
Byrna Juo. fam. groc. 306 Elm 
Byroad Mrs. Elkn, rear 5^0 E. Frout 
Byrne Jas.. bar k. 250 Water 

Calahan Ellen, Farlow Hon- 

Calahan Perry, lab. n.s. Alley b. 7th and 

8th and Broadway and Sycamore 
Calahan Mich, tobacco trader, 239 BVay 
Calahan John, lab. s.s. 2d b. Vine and 

Race (Water 

Calljenbach 5Lu*y, n.w.c Walnut and 

iAlJ-'JOW v/.\r. 

fancy and staple dry poods, 
DtJ U". ath, 'u. '"•- !'•■■ ' i 
AAT.DWJlLL & Bi:UllO\V£S (John 
I j VV. C. & VT. 8. B.) atcys. 
^ 379 Main 

Caldwell Chas. L. elk. 93 Pearl 
Caklwell Ellen, cloaks, res. Newport 
Caldwell G. J, a.-ent Amer Transp. Co. . 
6 W. 3d 


I i (Mathews & C) 
^ res. Walnut Hills 
Caldwell John 1). tinner, shop 1003 Ham. 
Road, h. 4 13 Piatt 


I i elk. com. schools, 

yj 5-2 (,'entre 

Caldwell John D. 25 Ellen 

Caldwell John H. i/<ls. Farlow IIou3e 

CALDWELL John W. (C. ec B>n-rowes) 

College HiU 
Caldwell Joseph H. b.k. Farlow House 
Caldwell & Paddock (Wm. B. C &l Alex. 
P.) attys. at law, 1 Worthington's 
Caldwell Samuel, atty. 370 Main, res. 

College Hill- 
Calherman Eib.abeth, eof. h. 420 \- r . 2d 
Calhoun Crawropd, team ster, 264 Ri ;1 ni'd 
Calhoun Jas. b.k- 230 Walnut, b. 293 W. 

7 th 
Calhoun John, teamster, w.s. Butler b. 

front and Ooneress 
Calin J. C.b.k. 17 Harrison 
Calls Mich. elk. Com- Hospital 
Call Mrs. Angeline, 550 Race 
Call Joel, bake-. R37 Elm 
Call Mich. l..h. 160 Pleasant 
Galla^haa Mich, janitor Manchester bldg. 
j Caynghan Patrick, tailor, 3c7 \j T . 2d 
I Callahan Alouzb F. law stud, at Johnson 
I & O.mtoU's, h. 14 Ann 

| Callahan Jas. lab. Hogarth's Alley b. 

Richmond and Catharine 
' Callahan, Barney, draj-, n.s. W. W. 

Canal. 0. P.a-k and Rose 
; Callahan Barney, lab. 340 W. Pth 
: Calliihan Edwd. pipe fitter, 3-4 Walnut 
' Callahan Geo. 14 Ann 
j Callahan Jas. lab. s.s. W. W. Canal b. 
! Rose and Park 
■ Callahan J(»bn, plasterer. 114 Webb 

i Callahan Mrs. ■ — , 123 Betts 

| Caliahun Owen, grocery, 132 W. Bow 
i Callahan Peter, lab. Jones b. Everett and 
j Wade 

I Callahan T. tailor. 349 W. Row 
j CaHan <fc Co. (Jas. C. tc J. Sinclair) 
druggists, w.s. Broadway b. 2d and 
: Callan Jas. fC- <fc Co.) w.s. Broadway b. 

2d and Congress 
' Callan Mis. Mary, 23 E.7r.h 
f Callan Tim. stucco wrkr. 'S<.r2 Plum 


; I ; carriage bt It mkr. 

: ^ s.s. 12th b. Elm and Baca 

Callendiue G. V.-bd*. U. S. Hotel 
' Caller. h.r John, 166 W. 5th 

Callender Win., b.k., 1 4i VYalnnt 

Callinan, Peter M r . grocer, n.s. 7th b. 
I Broadway and Culvert 

! Calloway Thos. cab- mkr. 246 Clinton 
I Calm J- C enamel cloth ba ' mauuf. 
I Manchester bldg. 

j Calm Jas. C. b.k. 14 L. Market, h. 17 

Calmartin Hubert, painte-, a.s. W. W. 
| Canal b. Park and Rose 

Calpestein Jas. 160 Freeman 

(iALVKRT GEO I!, hop. an i w%. 
> ih aler in mncy goo»ls and nwiouf. 
, J of combs, hosiery and cigars, 63 

and 05 W. 6th 
ICalvertlT. insp. &; ganger, 6 '■>'■ Front 
Calvert W;n. II. b.k. 03 and 05 \V. 5fa 
j Calvin Mich, shoe mkr. 40 E. 8th 
Calvin Robt elk. 1-' E. 4th 
C .una John, lab. 16 Walnut 
Cameron All s. dry goods, G^ W.5:h,.bds. 

Wa.lnr.t Street HoUSO 
Cameron Eliza 45 C\-\y 
Cameron Mr.-». Hester, 3P9Ji hn 
Cameron John, bds. Walnut StreetUs. 
Cameron .'• hn, draj . 260 W I t 
Gamerau J. W. al. phy«. '■■' 

n Joseph, elk. 211 •'• • •' 'rt 

CAMERON Jos. (S. -'1 

n AMi.ii".\. Sl'O IX i 

I (\v. c. j. ii. a 6 

^ Creek Saw-alill. Si rr ? s Pp. 
Cameron Wm. planing nnll, ^..-.c. W. 

Row and CI irk, h. 9 Clark 
Cameron W. M. ran', and bldr. n.w.c 

J^hn and Laurel, h. 301 Jotia 






7? .i5 7 _4£.r, .TV-vr* .4 superior article of 


OFFICES AND YARD?,— Xorth-west corner Fifth and Mound streets, and north side White 
Water Canal Basin, Cincinnati, Ohio, and on West side Madison, bet. 4th and 5th Sts., Covington, Ky. 

C«al Yards. 
Bigley Nicholas, n. w. c. 5th and Mound- 
Buchanan Alfred, 333 w. Front. 

Peach Orchard Coal Co.. (R, L. Mulford Sec'y) 

s. e. c. Butler and Front. 
Ross A. & G. W.. 358 W. Row. and 517 w. 7th. 

Bushnell J. fe Co.. s. e. c. W. Row and Water. j Walker Win., n. w. c. Race and Court. 
Canfield & Bertr am, 243 e. Front. (West Columbia Mining and Manufacturing Co., 

Cincinnati Fuel Co., s. w. c. 3d and Ludlow, s.j (H. Van Bergen, Agent), Office 13 w. 3d, 

e, c. 5th and Park. (N. S. Huhbel!, Agent).! Yard 601 \v. 5th. 
Cole c. r - Smith, s. e, c. Pearl and W. Row. jWinifrede Coal Company (Wm. B. Newbery, 
Dodsworth T. & M., s. e. c. Front and Ludlow, Agent), 15 w. 3d. 

and n. w. c. Liberty mid Logan. Lhcraft J. Brown Leon: W. Gosiger & Wessel 

Graff, Hook & Co... s. e. C. 2d and \V . Row. Brown Geo. P. & Gochnowr John Marshall Geo. VV. 

Nye John &, Co. 

155 w. 3d, 


Gordon Robert 

Coffee Mouses. 

Arnold Elias E., s. w. c. Carr and fith, 
Bank Exchange (Dill & Taylor), 15 w. 3rd. 
Ban-man John, St. Louis House. 17 Landing bet. 

Broadway and Ludlow. 
Beggs John, n. w. c. Ludlow and Front. 
Berry Wm. T.,s. e. c. Xew and North. 
Besuden Herman, 59 Lower Market, 
Billerbeck C. A. 1S9 Congress, 
Bloom Frederick, 526 E. Front. 
Bohl Peter & John, Sh Sycamore. 
Braecker Frederick, 292 Broadway. 
Bratzier Charles, n. w, c. Front and Lock. 
Broekaaan Theodore, 73 w. 6th. 
Bussman Barney, 305 w. Front. 
Baum Michael, 14 e. Front. 
Daiimann Henry, 131 Hamilton Road. 
Delta House, (Sum. A. Sherrick) s. w. c. W. 

Row and 3rd. 
Dunker*John, 142 Hamilton Road. 
Ehlmann Bernard, 600 Main. 
Eve?dage Henry, 169 w. 5th. 
Flannagan John, n. e. c. Ludlow and Congress. 
Frey John (Schweitzer Halle), 42S Main. 
Gibbons John, 15 Water. 
Harrington Henry, 59 e. Front. 
Hehemann Wm. s. e. c. 5th and Vine. 
Honkomp Fred. (2d Ward House), s. s. 5th 

bet. Race and Elm. 
Huber Joseph (Wm. Tell House), 225 w. 6th. 
Hullmann J. H.' .137 e. Front. 
Ineze Francis, 125 Main. 
Kaiser William, 277 Broadway. 
Kendall Charles M., 203 w. 5th. 
Lutz John, 453 Main. 

Morscher George (Fireman's Hall), 65 w. 5th. 
Nolker J. Fred. (15th Ward House), n. s. 6th, 

near Hamilton and Dayton Depot. 

(Oregon House (S. Hexter), 202 Walnut. 

iRhinehart Stephen, 419 e. Frunt. 

il* oil Chris. (Union Exchange), 173 e. Front. 
JRothert Francis II.. s. w. c. 3rd and Vine. 

Schwegman B., 31 Public Landing. 

Simms Robert (Metropolitan Exchange), 199 

Sorgel Geo., n. w. e. Congress and Pike. 

Speears & McClellan (Grey Eagle), 23 e. 5th. 

Stanley Jas. J., 146 Walnut. 

Thomson Wm. (Produce Exchange), 418 Main. 

Vanzile A. T., 278 W. Row. 

Yoll Caspar, 79 w. 5th. 

Walker's Exchange (W. F. Walker).. 7 Syca- 

Walsh Richard (Daniel C/Connel House), 21 
Cassilly's Row. 

Zumdresch F., 2 12th. 

jZumstein John (Excelsior) s. w. c. 5th and 

At bus Jnbn 

lAiilcman Nich. 

lAdler Bernard 

! Albert George 

{Alms William 
Arnctz Peter 
Averitt Thomas 
Avery Oliver 
Bailey Alexander 
Baker John H. 
Barnai ie John 

jHardo John 
Barker Hubert 

ilJarnhorn C. 

Ilj.iroi Jwhn B. 

1 Bass Thomas 
Bathianj Jacob 

[Bauer ibl n .>. 
Baversdnfer John 
Beck Christ. 

[Beckman Henry 

IBeedier Wm. 

iHeirsek John 

{Beiser A. 

JBeuuingerS. < 

Berkley Martin 
Befikin 1). 
Bettin^cr Mich. 
Beuhobz Matthia: 
B ; ?^c-r Henry 
Kirkett Mrs. '.Mar: 
Bitner Clemeuce 
Blackford P. 
Boae John H. 
Boegler John 
Bod man Charles 
Boebiniier Lewis 
Bowman l.i'w. 
Douche Fidel 
Bauer Cor: .'.J 
Braut Michael 
B rice Cornelius 
Brtchler Ge irge 
Brink man John 
m own Wm. 
Brownecker J. 
Bruhmer Fred. 
Brans & Lukea 
Buckholt Henry 
Bonier Jobu 

Bnrckle Fred. 
Burk Herman 
Buteifchies John 

: Byrne James 
Byron James 

. Caden John 
Calhernaan E'izab. 
Carnes Alouzo 
Carnev James- 
Carrol! Michael 
Carregsa Phillip 
Carroll J. 
Chiappe Andrew 
Clark Samuel H. 
Clary Pali ick 
Class Charles 
Cliger August 
Clostermaa John 
Cole John 
Collet Josepa 
Comer Martin 
Connelly Coleman 

Cook John 
Corkin Kilwaid 
Corts Henry 


Cammack W. N. house and sisn painter, 

131 Raee 
Camruan Fred, grocery, s.e.c Elm and 

Cammer Mathiv-. teamster, e.g. Avenue 

b. Harrison feoad and Bank 

CAMP C. B. & CO. (Calvin I?- C, 
grank T. Lockwood & VT. D. Yo- 
cum) wh. and ret. hate, caps and 
furs, 123 Main 
CAMP Calvin B. (C B. C. & Co.) junc- 
tion Ludlow, Lawrence and 4th 
Campbe 1 !.—-— ■?— , currier, bdi. 1'..'- Syca- 
Campbell Alex. carp. 54 Everett 
Campbell Alex, moulder, bds. 154 W. 9th 
Campbell Ansalom, pork packer, 23 Wil- 
Campbell Asbury, 50 Centre 
Campbell Chas. moulder., bds. 154 W. 9th 
Campbell Conrad, porter. 05 Jegerson 
Campbell Conrad, elk. 360 Main 
CAMPBELL Donald (C. Russell & Co.) 

3 E. Front 
Campbell EUza, h.h, 353 W. Gch 
Campbell Elizabeth, n.s. Front b. Waslv 

ingt m and Liberty 
1 / C-, Win. lb. David T. Woodrow, 
^ Hiram Campbell & Robt. Scott,) 
■iron, stoves,-- hollow wore. Sec. 21 
- E. 2d . 
Campbell Daniel, huckster, 301 John 
Campbell Geo. plumber, bds. 202 W. 5th 
CampbeiJ Hy. pork mer. 15-1 W. 9th 
Campbell lly. pork packer, S.WC, John 

and Chesnut 
Campbell H. B. printer, 90 E. Front 
CAMPBELL Hiram (C Eliison & Co.) 

res. fronton 
Campbell Jacob, currier, IWj Main 
Campbell Ja;. n.s. Front nr. Svoamore, 

Campbell Jas. lab. 63 E. 8th 
Campbell Jas. police* 11 E. 8th 
Campbell Jas. L. printer, 88 Main h. s.s. 

Court b. Main and Walnut 
CAMPBELL John (C Ellison 4c Co.) 

res. Irbnton 
Campbell John & Go. esfib. ^fice, ii ; 20 

W. Row 
Campbell John L. commercial house., 

n.e.c. W. Row and 7th 
Campbell J. 0. Scioto Eofinig Mill Co. 

tiis. Portsmouth 
Campbell Lemuel, cooper, c. Linn and 

Camr.hell Mary, 151 Lontrworth 

forwd'jr and com. mer. 
Campbell Samuel, mate, 15 Hannibal 
Campbell Samuel \ lock mkr. 38 W. 6th, 

]■. U Everett 
Campbell Wake:-, shoe mkr. bds. 170 W. 

Cs-mpbell Wk. dray, 192 Everett 
Campbell Wm. lL(Lbomis & C.) Vine 

c;t. 51 ill 
Campbell Win. II. seller, 31 W. 3.1, res. 

Walnut kims 
Ossapo Gen-. W. stove mkr. 61 Clay 
Canada Pat. lab. 592 E, Fr tut 
Cafcatty Mich. lab. rear 297 John 
Canamn John, la»». I3i W. Front 
CattLrro >. U. icilKrwr. 1S1 W. 5th 
Camitgr Eavd. coulee. 233 Sycamore 
Cane tab. e-a. L-'.ck b. Syinxaes 

CA5?Ih7 I) & BERTftAM i&. w. C. 
& A. B.} coal sealers 
242 E' Front 
CAN-FIELD G.W. (C. -fcBeitram) res. 

res. Pittsburg 
CANFIELD Jas. C- (John C. Nye &. 

Co.) n.w.c Tine and 9th 
CAS FIELD Jas. TV. £C. &. Moffett) 32* 

ti ■ 8 JM P p & MOFFETT (J&3 w. c 

I ( & Jas. S- M.j ir& grocer*, 
'V TO Walnut 

Canida Jas. O. river friiftt, 221 Eiehmond 
Car'.;,; Dunl. lab. n.s. Alley, K. 7tu and 

8tb and B'way and 3ycaraore 
Cani) Jan. cab mkr. 267 Catherine 
Cannon a. J. gardner,-l7 David 




Cannon Catherine, 464 W. Eront 
Cannon C- E. dress mkr. 288 John 
Cannon Dennis, lab. p> Smith 
Cannon Jas. J. polisher, 252 John 
Canton Pat. Lib. vr.s. Culvert, nr. 5th 
Capelen Lewis, cab. mkr. E17 Laurel 
Capp Geo. carp. 342 George 
Caragan Parrell, lab. 56 Elm 
Canto Thos. 31 Chestnut 
Carber Thos. b. k. s.w.c. Smith and 3d 
Car-berry Joseph P. prov, store, 103 

Card Jas. bds. 169 W. 5th 
Cardhan Richard, boatman, Webb, b. - 

Stone and Wood 
Carey Geo. barber, Macalister 
Carey Jno. lab. bds. c. BVay and Read- 
ing Pike 
Carey Jno. 704 W. Row 
Carey Jno. groc. n.e.c. 6th and Culvert 
Carey Martin, hatter, Hopkins, b. Piatt 

and Freeman 
Carey Michal, pedlar, 249 W. Front 
Carey M. T. al. phvs. 375 W. Row 
Carey M. W. foreman, 123 Main 
Carey Sarnl. b. k. s.e.c. "Walnut and 2d 
Carey Sand. P. b. k. 166 Bart- 
Carey Thos. N. 361 M tin 
Carey Wm. steward, n.s. 7 th, b. B'way &. 

Carhee Mrs. Mary, 53 Hunt 
Carl Jas. 82 12th 

Carl S mil. pedler, 475 John (ben-v 

Carl WUhelm. paper box mkr. 26 BIul- 
Carless Wm. elk. 70 Lock 
Carleton Chas. H. elk. 29 Pearl, res. 

Carlev Michael, lab. 26 Orchard 


1 1 manuf. jeweler, 

w s.w.c. 4tb & Main, res. Mt. Auburn 

Carley Thos. 323 John" 

Carlin Hy. lab. 1-10 Ham. road 

Carlin Jos. candv manuf. 32 E. 5th 

Carlisle Geo. banker. 119 W. 4th 

Carlisle Jno. 119 W. 4th 

CARLISLE Wm. T. (-Stedman, Maynard 

& Go.) bds. Spencer House 
Carll Mrs. Jane, *Q 12th 
Carbn Enyart, tinner, 474 W. 3d 
Carls Jno. carp. 118 Laurel 
Carkjn Jno. W. elk. auditors office, h. 

162 Georze 
Carlton Thos. hackman, 146 Water 
Carmichael Robert, b. k. n.s. 3d b. B'way 

Sc , 
Caraahan Miss Kate, fancy goods, 194 

W. 5 th 
Caraahan Jno. 455 W. 5th 
Carnahau Robt. Celestial, Mt. Adams 
Carnal Hv. waz. mkr. n.e.c. Sycamore 4c 

Hunt " . 
Corneal Lewis; (L. C. & Go.) 36 Pibe 
Oarneal L. >L Co. (Lewis C. & Townsend 

Hills) white lead manuf. 8th, below 

Carr, office 3-i Main 
Carnel Caleb, 265 Cutter 
Carrier Jas. w.s. 6th above B&irra 
Carnes Adolphus. fan-., zroc. SJ38 W. 6th 
Carnes Alonzo. cof. b. and bil. saluou, 15 

and IS W. Court 
Carnes Augustus A. elk. 238 W.6th 
Carney Danl. horse auction. 19 E. 5th, h. 

96 Barr 
Carney Ed. 105 Cutter 
Carney Edward, huckster. 25 E. 7th 
Carney Edward, tailor, n.s. Front, nr. 

tollzate. Fn 
Carney Hannah, lab. Farlow House 
Garney Ja^. cof. h. river land. b. Main Ic 

Carney John, n.e.c. Bar and Freeman 
Caruev Jno. prov. str»re. 45-.* W. 5;'u 
CARNEY Ler-v S. .Carney Swift Jc Co.) 

bds. Pennison Kou-se. 
Carney Miss M. adlliaer, 121 W. 5th 
Carney M ; f.bae\, groc n-s. :>. vs. Culvert 
Carney Michael, tab. n.s. W. W. Cau:d b. 

V.\ik and U »se 
Carney Rosanna, type setter, hi- Vine 

5 • Lot P. S. K .ht. B. D ale- Leroy, 

V 3. C.OUvar Posey, J. Ilebard, and 

Lazo Ni>ble) wl>. dry [roods, 25 Pearl 

CARNfcli' Tims. (C. Swift &- Co.) 106 


Carney Tho«. bds. 459 W. 5th 
Carnighan Wm. W. b. k. 137 Barr 
Carola n Edward, lab. 653 W. Front 
Carothers Chas. plow mkr. Court, b. W. 

Row and Plum 
Carothers P. ediretoal mkr. 255 Court 
Carpenter Abel B. 322 Linn 
Carpenter Chas. elk. s. w. c Oliver and 

W. P.ov. 
Carpenter & Ford, (J. B. C. & S. R. F.) 

tonacee manuf. 14 W. Front 
Carpenter Isaac B. (C. <fc Ford} 4G W. 9th 
Carpenter Mrs. Maiy seamstress, 117 F'n 
Carpenter Nancy, washavoimm, 157 W. 

Carpe iter S. S. atty. and com. Worthing- 

ton's ol'las. res. E. Wulaut HUia 
Carpenter Wm. window shade uianuf. 21 

W. 4th, h. 31 W. 7th 
Carpenter Win. II. paper hanger, 117 F'n 
CARR Alfred S. (Coo\j & C) 140 Fan 
Carr Chas., huckster, 268 Ctttter 
Can Geo. b.b. 56 Mohawk 
( T a-r Jas. mach, 292 Linn 
Carr Jno. lab. 60 Water 
Carr Jno. lab. 54 Water 
Carr Jno. superintendent nt Nixon and 

Goodwin's paper mills, h. c. tith and 

Carr Jno. tin and sheet iron worker, 44 

St, 003 

Carr Jno. cooper, n.s. Oliver, b. W. Row 

and J,»hn 
Carr Jno. W. brk. layer, 462 John 
Carr S. ec. phvs. 223 Linn 
CarrTios. -J-r. W. 4th 
Carr Wm. barber, 405 Main 
Carrsns .las. bds. 137 Walnut 
C HTitra Jos. sculptor, 544 Walnut 
Gane«ran Philip, cof. h. n.s. 0th b. Canal 

and Culvert 
Carrick Jno. lab. n.e.c. Brown and Ham. 

Carrick Dr. Anthony L. al. phys. 25 



irness and trunk manuf. 
3d, h. 301 BoErgwerth 
j Carrier Chas. D. confec. s.e.c Soiidi and 


; Carriran Andrew, mill stone mkr. 64 

j Cairigan Jno. tailor, a.s. Front, b. Hac- 

i risoa and Lomrworth, Fn 

Carrisrain Mich, porter, 34 Peari 

' CarrUvn I'lniin", cof. h. n.s. 6th. b. Ca- 
nal and Culvert 

1 Carroll Alynvham, commissioner, 478 V>'. 

i/NARitoa Arcrsxrs m. 

1 ; gsu ami • t-am pipe atter, 
I ^ 285 W. 5th, h. 41 1 ? Slain 
! Carroll Chas. b. k. s.e.c Pearl & Walnut 
Carroll Edw. pi inc. bds. 146 W. 5th 
Carroll Hamilt >n, dray. 274 Richmond 
. CiUTolt in Hugh, lab. 52:> Race 
j CatToll Jas. elk. 58 and 53 W. 5th 
! AAM0LJ, JNO. ?. 

I / Groat W. <k S. R.R. furnish, depot, 
^ 99 W. 3d 

i Carroll Johana, cof. h. 97 W. Row 
Garr-.ll Mrs. Mary, 375 W. 7th 
Carroll Mrs. Margaret, 32 Dublin 
Carroll Matthew, portac, 21 E. 2d 

i Carroll Mich. lah. J--4 Walnut 
Can-oil Michael, lah. 207 W. 2d 
Carroll Michael, cef. h. 42 I)uh! ; n 
Carroll Miles J. gaa titter. 91 Mill 
Cwrroll Mrs. Nancy, 478 W. 4th 
Carroll P it. errac. -J> Water 
Carroll Pat. lah. n.s. Front, b. Lonorworth 

and Broad, F n 
Carroll Can.! -Iph, enjf. 2-«'J W. Front 
CARROLL K bu VV. (Johnston ^ Co.) 
It. n.e.c. Georae and Plum 

al. physici »n, 

CARROLL Wm. ^Hall, *odd & Co.) rw. 
1 CarroH V?£«i »c. M. 3d, b. W. Row and 

Jo'; a 

Carroll Winfred, seamstress, n^.. >r. \y 

Canal. K Park ic Roue 
Carruthers Wm. Cutter, b. Malanc-.on ft 
* Libext>- 



Coulter David Fricke Frani 

Cramer Gilb-NC Fricker Aug. 
Crawley Mary A. Freidlcin Gei 
Crean Miclnei Friedleiu J. 

Crossmau Joan W. Gabriel Jo lej 
CuBBingtiaroAnth. Gaiser Jircob 

Ciiiiriiii.. Pat. 
Puttes Gerard 
Daily John 
Dannahy John 
Dasher George 
Deik Abraham 
De' John 
©llg Petei 
Dcprez John 
De young Benj. 
Dick John 
DiobI August 
Distel Conrad 
Disz Louis 
Boberer Michael 
Docksmaker W. 
Doeir Phillip 
Doll George 
Dnrne C. 

Gallech. Phillip 

Gums Co-;-?: 
Garney Donnell 
Gass John 
e Gas-tnr Benjamin 
Gearkardt Lewis 
Gcerhart Conrad 
Gephart Ant. 
Ginari George 
Ginandt George 
Glaser Jacob 
Goblin John 
Goliuser Fred. 
Covert J. H. 
Grannari James 
Greek Mrs. Mary 
Greiss A. 
Grimmelsann F. 
Groeniger Chas. 
Gruhier Jat_ob 

Douaherty Edward Grunthal Henry 

Druck Fr< 
Duncan H. D. 
Dan i ay J. 
Dunlocker John 
Durain Cha'.s 
Eisin A. 
Flitch John 
Elk Antonio 
Elm ere Joseph 
English John 
Risen Anthony 
Erd Francis T. 
Eslinger John 
Esinan Joseph 
Esterlie John ; 
Evan's John P. 
Eversiield John 
Faessler Louis 
Faller & PfettiveTt 
Fardo Josiah 
Farrell James 
Feeny Mich. 
Felix Geo. M. 
Felix M. 
Fey ^ich. 
Fey Sebastian 
Fientbel Philip 
Finigan Patrick 
Finny John 


Gu'den Carl 
Haas Churles 
Eaders John 
Hallinan John 
Haly Thomas 
Hainan Lombard 
Hammer John 
Hanhart John 
Eans Jacob 
Hans John - 
Harnold Jacob 
Harrington Tim. 
Harrison & I 
Harrison John 
Hartleb Charles 
Hartling John 
Hawk Bernard 
Hauser Matthias 
Haver John 
Hecker Fred. 
Heckle Joseph 
Heiler Christ. 
Helmstaffer Fred. 
Hemmer Louis 
Henry Andrew 
Hess Casper 
Hetersmer Geo. 
Hey Jacob 
Hey Mrs, Marg 

Firr.kaess MattiriasHinzmann Sebarz 
Fischer Barney Hock Lawrence 

Fisterer Charles 
Fitzgerald Oliver 
Flauuery Martin 
Fleck Francis 
Flesh David 
Fletcher James 
Fogte Michael 
Falhiga Steve. 
Foote Ciemence 
Forbeck Mich. 
Foy Mich. 
France Martin - 
Franey Pat. 

Hoeft Henry 
HoehingJ. C. Geo. P. 
Hoffman Jacob 
Hoffman Jobn 
Hofroege John G. 
Hohneek John ■ 
Hoi tors Benjamin 
Horn ami F. 
Hopp Geo. 

Horn George 
Hornberser Peter 
Huesmann Louis 
Hulfmanii Louis 
Huithaus Bernard 
Huver Anthony 
Herd August 
1mm Chas. 
Ineriede Anton 
Junker Henry 
Jacobs Peter 
Jackson O.-F. 
Jonas John 
Jojies Charles 
Kah Jacob 
Kah Louis 
Kaper Charles 
Kef for Daniel ' 
Keegan Mathew 
K< rcb George 
Kiefer Jacob 
Kinney Michael 
Riser F. 
Klefot Fred. 
Klein Fred." 
Klossmeyer Aug.' 
Kneeper Andrew 
Knight Jacob 
Knohe Benjamin 
Koehier John 
Koenigstein Dan. 
Kblhug Fred. 
Kopp And. 
Korte Fred, 
Korzenborn Fred. 
Kra**hi Tneod W. 
Krausef John 
Kuchler Casper 
Landerwescht A. 
Landfreit Adam 
Landhefr R. 
LampiuH Bernard 
Laughton Pat. 
Lauth Jacob 
Laux Joseph 
Lechner Simon 
Lebatt J;>nies 
Lefceder Jac. 
Livingston Nath. 
Lewis John L. 
LibaM Peter 
Lichner Fred. 
Ligiroinn Henry 
Linke F"ram. 
L tzolberger Jac. 
Lock John M. 
Lockuer Fred. 
Lehman Henry 
Loehty Anthony 
Lohrer Kasimir 
Lohwatter Henry 
Long Christian 
Long John 
Longenbaen Chas. 
Lontzer Henry 
Loth George - ' 
Loth Michael 
Lots Otto 
Lowery Marg. ' 
Luning A Co. 
Lusby & Co. 

McCarthy Mrs. 
M'Cartv Chas. 
MeCullen O. M. 
McCnne Mrs. M. 
M' Henry James 
McLane Wm. 
McLaughlin Chas. 
SlcNul'ty Peter 
Maileben Phil. 
Malontiy 2'hos. 
Manison Wm. S. 
M&xch Joseph 
Mark David 
M arran F. 
Mayer Christ. 
Mayerrose FTed. 
Metzer Jos. 
Meurer Henry ' 
Meziger Edward 
Miller Barney 
Miller Henry 
Miller Matthias 
Miller Russell 
Mogger Ma the w 
Moonev John 
Moonty U'ni. 

Montgomery Ja's 
More-hart Geoige- 
Moritz VVeih t 
Morne Pat. 
Mome Thomas . 
M at i lev Henry 
3Hili.aM-.-r Ulrich 
Mulholland Rob't 
Munch tr'.orire 
Murphv J. noes 
Murphv Wm. 
Murray John 
Murray Pat. 
Myers George 
Myers Mich. 
Nairn Dominick 
Keimaun H. 
Is'eniger iv.irl 
Kibling Francis 
Nimsgern Peter 
Solt Curisf. 
Norton Peter 
O'Brien Edmund 
O 'Conner Wm. 
O'iVeiil C. 
O'.NeiM Peter 
Pal rim u tee r A. 
Patien George H. 
Peres Joseph. 
Peter Amund 
Plau Ph. 
Pf.tutsch John 
Fleitfer L. 
Piiilipp George 
Planz An<b - ew 
Powell Casper 
P'epenlaing F. 
Price H. 1). 
Qucnschle Lorenz 
Que tan Aitoin Anthony 
Quinn Patrick' 
La be Henry 

Rapert Mich. 
Rexd Geo 
Rf rose Jacob 
Re if Franz 
Reinhard Fred. 
Weiiihart John 
Reirhert John 
Keiths Charles 

Steinmetz Mich. 
Stein koenig Adam 
Stephan CJarl 
Stibir John 
Stoll WHB. 
Straub w. F. 
Straus John 

Keitzenberger Jos. Strom John 
Reuther Geo. Struve H. \V. 

Hhain Jacob Suffert Gotiieb 

Lhinebolt Rudolph Sullivan Jerem. 

Rhodes Henry 
Rieger John 
ItcbiHfron A.B. 
Koch John 
Roer Phillip 
Rolfes Henry 
Roller John G. 
Rongge.r Martin 
Rosenfelter Fran! 
Ryland Wm. F. 

Sumhill Geo 

Sutton ij>ac 
Sw'mey Morris 
Swank Christoph. 
Swope Ciiarles 
TeL; r el Joseph 
Thomson Saudy 
Tuffiie Chris. 
Tunny Ann 
Twohig Pat. 

Sacksteder Francis Vanbonnel Perm. 

Pamyon A. 
Snnd Joseph 
Sander H. 
Saner Fred. J. 
ScheTl Lorenz 
Schiciherg John 
SehilleT rAugust 
ScbuTtz Peter 
Schlenkei- John 
Schmidt George 
Schmidt Henry 
So urn in eke Louid 
Schneider Jobn 
Scbroder August 
Schuster John'her Barn. 
Seeswolf George 
Sehloe Henry 
Reigler Henry 
Shaben Lore:./ 
Sharp Henry 
Shaw Ellen 
Shay Timothy 
Shea John 

Vandvck H H. 

Vocke H. li. 
Voeke K.j-imer 
Waber Mich. 
Waekcr u ciei 
Walse Cfea!s 
Waneberg Ant. 
Watt William 
Weaman Fred. 
vVeavea John L, 

V, ci>cr George 
^"eirer Henry 
Weber John A. 
Wcbar '.Via. 
VVeichemar J. C. 
Weia Ciiarles 
Weisbeck Casper 
Weishaupt Hei.ry 
Weiss Job. 
V/eisz Christian 
Welch Anthony 
"Welch Mary 
Wells John A. 

ShoenbergerHenry Wenzel Lewis 
Schrekle Theodore Wenzler M?:tnias 
Shwarz Wm. Werie Joseph 

Sieglitz Franz Wesling H. 

Simon Adam Wilk Phillip 

Smith Henry Will Valentine 

Vv'ilkersou Wm. 
Windeler Jacob 
Woe?sr,er John 
Vrorthiniton J. M- 
Wuest Mich. 
Wust. John 
Wyle Andrew 
Ya'ger Jacob 
Yenc George 
Zapf John 
Zech Frank X. 
geltaerJno. H. 
y-mroermau Frank 
yiiis Jacob 
Zoller J. 

Smith Jacob 
Smith John 
Smith Michael 
Smith Oliver B. 
Smith Patrick 
Snelier Andrei? 
Snider Enos- 
Snider Henry- 
Snyder Charles 
Snyder Herman 
Sp.ide Phillip 
Spankc-ch Casper 
Spies Robert 
Spissman George 
Stehl Frank 
Steidel Jacob 

O. E. bixo::. 





A ITU OBfPI? Mil I Ci 

■ ■ M 







Cai-sh?. Anthony, pedlar, 544 Walnut 
Cirsbe Vincent, sculptor, 544 Walnut 
Catsen, st&ne cutter, 81 Commerce 
0s«&m ( '^yf elk. bds. 4. t Vv . 4th 
CarsOn Ellen, nurse, 479 W. 5ch 
Carson Enoch T. dep. sheriff office, Court 

Carson Geo. mill stone mkr. 64 Walafit, 

h. Chary Alley 
Carson Hy. C elk. C- II. & D. depot 
-Carson Isaac, brk. layer, bds. 405 Mill 
Carson Ju*. 4< C G W. Front 
Carson Jas. (J. 0. & Co.} -i51 Freeman 
Casson Jas. hC-o. (J. C & C. Wright,) 

lumber* dealers. 44 h Freeman 
Carson Robert, elk. Mi. 477 W . 4th 
Carson Robert G. elk. C H. & D. depot 
Carson Wm. al. phys- office 82 E. 3d, h. 

95 E. 4th 
Carson Wm. carp. n.s. Clark, b. Freeman 

and Can- 
Carson Wm. paper carrier, 355 Elm 
Carstairs David, elk. 5b" and 58 W. 5th 
-Carstaio Edw. lab. 44 E. 8th 
Carstner Peter, lab. 13 Pendleton 
Carter A, G. W. Judge, 15 W. 9th 
Carter Mrs. Ann, matron Orphan Asy- 
lum, v.-.s. Elm b. Grant and 14th 
Carter Cha.?. auctioneer, 50 Catherine 
'Carter Chas. salesman, 227 Main, h. 52 

Catherine " 
Carter Chas G. elk. in P. 0. 
Carter E; Henry, (-iec. Wash. ins. Co.) 

167 Walnut 
Carter Eliza, bk. folder, 167 Walnut 
Carter E. S. (E. S C. & Co.) res. New- 
Carter E. S. & Co. (E. S. C. & J. C Me- 

Ke-: .) Wholesale grocer, 86 E. Market 
Carter Geo. W. steward, 150 Pearl 
Carter Mrs. Harriet, millinery, 2d E. 4xh 
Carter I(y. engineer, 70 Lock 
Carter Henry, lab. 63 Green 
Carter Jas. ladies shoe and boot mkr. 230 

W. 5th 
Carter Jas. H. ins. acreni, 40 Main, h. SO 

W. 8th „ 

Carter JV>bn, painter, 161 Richmond ' 

Carter Join S. w&g. mkr. Pine b. Ced. r 

and Clark- 
Carter Jos. 28 E. 4th 
Carter Jos. fttrn'itttme store, 130 Syca- 
Carter Mary, Ph. W. 4th 
Carter Myers, steward, n.s. Ola b. BVaj 

and Culvert 
Carter Mrs. M. H.-28 W. 7th 
, Carter Dr. Restore C. 112 Gerge 

Carter Richard X. printer, 464 W. 4th 
Carter Samuel R. (asst. Seo'y Firenian's 

Ins. Co.) 361 W. Pth 
Carter Wm. sec. hand deal. 300 W. 5th : 
Carter Wm. fur. store, 34 E.5th 
Carter Wm. lab. Ill Sycamore 
Carter Wm. porter, 18 and 19 Pub. Land. 
I • h. e.s. Elm b. 14th and 15th 

Carter W. Byron, elk. 40 M.un,h. W.7th 
\ CarUi ight Catherine, 533 W. 3d 

Cartv.-T:.-r.tChe s ter, R. R- conduc 513 

W, 3d , 

Cartwright Jos. elk. h. 84 Pike 
Cartman Tnomas, groc. & liq. 587 W. 

Carty E. B., b. h. 202 W. 5th. 
Carver Christopher, tailor. 365 W. 5th. ' 
Carver Henry, cab. mkr., 399 W. 4th. 
Carver Leander It., (Brewer &. C,' h. 30 

Carver W. II., hat block manaf.,65'£. 3d. j 
Carving Chas. lab. al. b, Elm and Canal, 

and Liberty and Findlay 
Caaala Poster, elk. 31 W.5th 
Case E. C- &eeiicy,9 W. 5th 
Case Doniinicfe, porter, e.s. al. b. 13th &. Vine and Walnut 
Case John, efear mkr. 422 Walnut 
! ■•-■ Juo. foumtryman, 15 Madison 
Ctws Lewis, cr.< per, bds. L38 Baiuu 
1 -yi", 51. 349 W. 7th 
Casey Jas. cooper, s-s. Symmea b. Eil- ! 
. pour and L ck 

,^'V J. B. (C&. Withers. )-o-i.C'>vim.rtAn : 
vasty Jno. lab. n.s. Canal' b< Dublin and , 

,^ey John, Lib. n.s. Front nr. KeUy F'n J 
*■> fc*y Joshua, shoe mkr. 82 W. 3d I 

Casey Louis', elk. res. Covington 

Casey Mrs. Maria, 101 Park 

Casey Mary J. bk. sever, s.e.c 6th and 

Casey Michael. 38 Dublin 
Casey Pat. lab. n.s. Front nr. Foster F'n. 
Casey Pat. mould. 3% Walnut 
Casey Fat. car. driv. 175 W. 6th 
Casey Pat. tab. s.s. Front nr. Longworth 

Casey Pat. lab, w s.6th above Baum 
; Casey ilebt. lab; ^53 W.3d 
Casey Spencer, cook, n.s« 6th b. B*way 

and Culver.. 
Casey Thes. for, man, at r hreve, Steele & 

Co. rotting mill, 578 Front 
Casey Win. pox ter, s.w.c. 6th and Syca- 

■ more 

Casey & Withers, (J. B. C & J. E. W.) 

com. &c ford. mer. 63 Walnut 
Cashen Wm. fam. groc. 208 W. 7th 
Casbman Pat. shoe mkr. 24 Catherine 
Cashman Ihos. blk. smith, lo W. 2d, h. 

353 Race 
Cassinelli John, confec. 2-^9 W. Row 
Casket Joseph, watchman, w.s. Canal b. 

(5th and 8th 
Cass Adam, mattrass mkr. 173 Clay 
Cwsadv &■! 

Caylor Wm. fireman, bds. e.s. Sycamore 

b, 7th and 8th 
geahi] Felix, oik. 207 Main 

Cdi.u Anthony, bedstead mkr. Webb b. 

Stone and Mill 
Dellcruies Henry, elk. 69 L. Market 
Ccslar Fred, butcher, 525 W. 8th 
C« ate Ira S. carp. 300 W. 8th, b. 53 

Centner Frank, lab. s.e.c. John and. Me- 

Centre H. 65 Cutter 
Chnbel Chas. 203Walxwt 
Chadwick Dorwin H. trader, 3 IS Water 
Chaffer, John, moulder, Mt. Adams 
CHAFFIN .1. H'y. (Evl-i & C) 423 Main 
Chahoe Bdward, butcher. Deer Creek 
CiiALVANT Robe. (Foster, Thompson 

fc Co.) 118 E. 2d 
Chalmers Wm. W. b.k. 179 W. 2d 

CoUepe HaU 

Chambers Robt. joiner, n.s. Front b. Rice 
and Walnut, F'n 
j Chambers Wm. sawyer, s.s. Front, near 
j river 

j Chambers C- elk. 77 Lower Market 
d.{M. C. & Chas. S.)lin- | Chambers F. T. atty. 14 law bkhj. h. 286 
seed &il umu uf.- Ceurt and Sfvc- . W. 4th 

amore ." ChambersiJ. W. 128 Cafhertce 

Cas^uiy Jno. L. 12 Clinton j Chambers Jas. M. eng. 289 John 

Cassaday Hy. police, c 8th & Canal I Charabers Jane, 22 Fen r 

Cassady M. (C- c.-. Steward.) res. Mi 

1 X 

■<;- j C':»mbers Mrs. (widow of John T.,} 2"J 

burg j Perry 

Cassard Frank W.pork mer. bds. Denni- | Chambers L. 174 W. 3d 

son House j Cluxmbera Pius, mach. 187 Longworth 

Cassard Lewi?, beef <fc pork packer, 284 j Chambers Robt. joiner, s.s. Hrjhj near 

-Sycamore, bds. Dennison House East, F'n 

Cassedj- Jae. Lieut. Wash. Fire Co. cs. ' Chambers T. cotton mill. h. 187 Lot 

Elm b. Fj 
Css-eny Lee. 

W. W. Canal. hi -260 George . 
Cassiday Jas. A. bk. binder,^h &. 

;ie a, n.»:.c. SiaiJJs &. 

Cas&My Jas. vrarehman, 44 Elm 

Cassidy Jas. lab. Augusta b. John and 

Cassidy Pat. mad ast. 72 Water 

Cassidy Wm. lab. 181 Oiirer 

Cas-silly Bin-net, tinner, 11 E. Front, res, 

Cassilly C'nas. P. G5 E- 4th 

Cassilly Mich, tavern, 128 W. Row 

Cassilly Thos. A- salesman, 20 Pub.. Land, 
bds. 100 Congress 

Cassnmli. gardner,s;s. Front near Lum- 

C as ten Le\vis, elk. Xoung b. Roal and 

Chambers Theo. mach. 209 Smith 
CHAMBERLAIN Addis E. (C <k Co.) 
21 K enable 

niiAii]u:RT.Aix & co. (Addis e. c 

i 1 Jno. Mhhcheil &. Obadiah N. Bush) 

^ iron and stoves, holiow ware, &.c. 

found. Hunt st. store, n.e.c Main <fc 9th. 

Chamherlain Wm. G. pressman, at T. 

Wrigbt3on's, 107 Walnut, h 153 John 
Chamberlain Wm. R. b. k. 132 Barr 
Chamley Ephraim, 136 Linn 
Champlln C- C. b.k. 330 Race 
Cliamplin L. D. atty. s.s. Court, W. 

Main, h.330JSace 
Cliamplin Matthew F. 330 Race 
Chandler, chemist, kls. 131 Svcamore 
Chandler Mrs. E< b. h. 47 E. 4th 
Chandler E. A. salesman, 57 Main. bd3. 

Jno. Woods. SveamoF* above 4th 

Caster Elfeabeth. widow, n.s. 7th b. nHANBIJR 1H&MI5, 

B'way & Culvert | | / drugstore, 

Casting Hy. carp. 11.1 Woodward ^ 463 W. 5th 

Castle Marv. washerwoman, 112 Moses I Chandler Joseph, 170 I.onsworth 
Cathcart Robt. Brachmnu's bldgs. 31>i Chandler Lewis, elk. 222 Barr 

W. 3d, bds. Verandah " ' j Ch.mey Benj, 469 "\>'. 8th 

Cathell John, carp. Ciu. Type Foundry Chanly Albert, c;i.-p. n.w.c Main and 
CatUn Edward L. elk. 5 L. Market, res. ) Allison 

Covington Channing E. bds. 125 W. 5th 

Catlin Geo. O. bonis and shoes, 5 L. : Chaplin Hy. prov. store, 3.w.c. Cotter fc 

Market and c H V, . Sth^ces. Covington j Barr 
Cathm Robert, watjphmau, 183Clay Chapman By. carp. Fulton car works, 

Catsenber Eliza, s.s. Oh E. uf .Sycamore- | Fulton 

Catspur Mrs. 33 Pnvidenoe | Chapman Jno. C. eup. Franklin factory, 

Cattu-lin S«>lomon, 1 13 Longworth h. 3D3 W. 3d 

Cattle Jno. lab. 144 Calvert Chapman J. M. agt. 0. &a Miss. R.R. 2 

Catton Jas. moulder, .5^ Flm Burnetii. Bart. fam. groc. &. bakery, 31 Chapman Mrs. La/ata, plain seiving, 1S8 

W. 5th Sprine 

Cayagna Peter, elk. 31 W. 5th \ CHA P.MAN Orlando B. (Porter Thrall fe 

CAVAIXI LOLiIS, Spencer ITonse Fa- C.) res. Covinston 

loon, n.w.c. Front and Broadway, Chapman Stephen G. b. k. C6 and 53 
h. 220 Vine i Walnut, res. Newport 

Cavanaehlh>minick,23P>maduay ' AIIAP.MAX \V. ?>. 

Cavanau.-h Catherine, s.s. 4 in b. Wood I 1 pharmaceutist, 

and Stone ^ s.w.c. Gth and Vine, h. P6 W. 8th 

Cavanaxtgh DmniV, pilot, S»s. -.lib. «'l r.pman W,-i. N. n.w..-. I'ear" A >! dn 

W< n.i! land S'ton ■ Chapman Wiu. S. carri to shaft t - 1 r. 

Cavanau-h-Mrs.r k osc,wa.dung,71 [Jich- . 125 Main, res. Linw,»od 

• mond Cn.Mi'LLL \Yu\. P.(Wm. C ^ C....107 

Caveuer Jas. lab. n.s. Symmes l). Canal Race 

and Butler 1-riHAPPEU W1I. P. & CO «'m, P. 

Caviriish Christ, mer. tailor, 1112 11am. I ; r. ('. fc K. N. Fuller.! manuf. of 

Road i engineers, oils, etc. 15 E. Front eman, bds. e.s. Sycamore Charbanno F. C. boot mkr. s.e.c. Syca- 
b. 7th and 8th ' more and v:d 

r I 




— --n- 

it *° 



£rj| * 

«K rt 


are an i . & 



o q 


. I L. 


\ .-■• 

A : 'l 

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1 1 

^ fefi «J §5 £» 



1 § fill P 

S 4> 


;l , I 1 *H (i - " c ^ * s- t 

1 '9j3f?gf|£3 

OB iS H 

h 4 a . 

I 9 a ^ *"* 3 £ I I '5 ** 

g 3 ~ « o » a "5 £22S* 

l&Sl |f«| I 3 Ipl'1 

■° o o 3 ~ 5 'a "H "- " S < - 2 

-3 •» .a « £ 5 f 2 £.3 <u i -? o j 

- - ** " * 5 9 « £ « s •■* 

3 "~ 3 

S J f«au 2 

;2 ~ sa 5 = 2 ^ ^ -» c Jo =j i> ».S • £ _ 3 3 £• J "3 t-:5 g v 
SS|2g |3.,S.25 |sfo-3 £g&3 .1 'VI s * S 

~ r- 5 "" a 2 > ** g rs * ! • g ^ ~ § - fa 

— 3 <n _ 

^3 " *t jr . 5 w 7 5 a 

v ' ^ > _-; 

> -j 3 ' .c a .3 

.5 gos-o 
fi 5 > — 7: 3f ^ 

5^I«j||l-3i^2tI'f«5llc! , iI (1 ,.§^ 2^^-iZH s 

o J ^ u .a - ^ -^ * - ao *-- , l_ r, o ° ^5 = "^ - Bfi a r - .-3 •— • -- 1 - 

*-S - » , *5 S ffl, 3 5 a «« " ^- 2 -o S? 3 - 3 ^ -3 «>: 5 ■ r ^ = = =.S ».S 

h g; * H c r : = "3 3 < a * £ -1 H ■ -•- - J o i S 5 < i- 2 - 2 a . -"I 3 


• CO 

J 10 



5 ° 

c _ 



; !i 7} 

aj S 

< 3 


~" <*- 

1 w 


C -T 



l! M 

: . il w 



'' If! rK 

!j V 
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c 2 


'3 . 

O. cj 

= "^ 


.i t-j 

C3 «> 


| f1|] 

1 b 


CQ — 

o * 

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; n 
1 1 

"■' :J O 
3 ^ ci 



1 1 

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'-'• ! p^ 

« a 3 : 

o S 


1 U ;: : 

. : i,il QQ 


"r: o 




i s 

1 ^ « 

1 i -2 



-', H 

w ■ C" - 

5 3 


"*' j 

(/ ^'^' 

l|S -y- 1 

u-. a: " 5 


.;.';!jJ -H 

iji w 

M °T3 c 




r V I ; - 

-'. ^ ^ 

c '^2 — 




|-;| W 

o5« Cec 

-3 3 



-.'ii' r 1 ' 

tr =''3 " 

- 5 






Chark Panil. carp. bds. 235 and 237 W. 

- Chart ?onnet A- W6 Park 
Chard C W. painter', 141 Hopkins 
Chiles Hannah, 1,69 vV. 3d 
Charles Jno. lal). Hickory, b. Freeman & 

CLwt-3. Win. lab. n.g. 8th, b. Harriet and 

Charter Geo. b. k. n.s. Front, nr. Kelly, 

A-KA^E, BALL&STOCTl,(Sata«ai 

f i P. C. Flarnen B., RaistOB rj.'lattys.- 
vy afe-Iaw, 1 E. 3d, Chase. 1 * bidg. 
Chase'* bniidinjr, n.s. 3d E. Minn 
CHASE Gov-. Salmon P. (C- Bali&Skrn- 

ser? bdsi Burnet II. 
Chase Wm. n.w.c. North and Xew 
Chafc£ejd Wm. H. elk. 333 Race 
Cha:.ncey Saml. currier, lliGi Main 
Cfceatwy Joe, porter. 22 Pearl, h. 612 

Cheeck Jno. F. ft. agt, I. & C. JIM. res. 

Lawrencebunr, Ind. 
Cheeek Edward, elk. I. &. C. R.R. res. 2d 

door from Harriet, south Canal 
Cheesernan Wm. pork mer. 14"Elrzabeth 
CHEEVEK Ariel G- (A.G.C & Co.) 134 

AKEKVEE A. G. & CO. (Ariel G. C. &c 
3 ; Chas. Harkness) star candle.-; & lard 
^ oil raanuf. w.s» &X. Canal, b. 5;h 

and 6th 
Cheaper Chas. X. elk. 152 Bauin 
Cheidue Jno. \. ine Utter, 364 Walnut 
Cheney Jno. (J. A. Fay & Co.) 
Chenier Martin, 019 W. Row 
CHEXOWETH Jno. S. 101 E. 4th 
CHEXOWETH Jno. S. (C. k. Co.) h. 3d 

b. Walnut and Tine 
Chenoweth Joseph, 1.01 E. 4th 
CHEXOWETH J. M. (j. S. C. & Co.) 

23 E. Front 

(John S. & 3. M.) com. nier. 
2- r > E. Front 
Cherry Ellas V. elk. 138 Walnut, bds Far- 
ton- H , 
CHESTER Ira. (Moore & C.) bds. n.w,a 

W. Row and 6 th 
Cheseldine Gerard R. res. Mt. Auburn 
Cheseldine S. P. elk. Mt. Auburn 
Cheseldine SamL P. 46f)"V\ . 6th 
Chettinger Jno. brk. mason, s.s. Bank, b. 

W. How and Wightmaa 
Cheviot Thos. pork mer. bds. 27& W. Row 
Chiappe Andrew, cof. h. 3 E. Front 

j u.5. of pence, 
n.v.c. Miller & 6th, h. 232 Richmond 
Chick J as. 762 f feenian 
CHILD Jno. R. (J. R. C. & Co.) s.9. 8th 
b. Main and Wain at 

CHILI) J.\0. R. & CO. (John JR. C. 
& Jos. Rawson,) pork h. e.s. Syca- 
more, fo: 9th and lUth ■ ■ 
Child Jno. R. jr. b. k. 52 W. 9th 
Child j. 8. lab. 440 George 
Childice Mich, pipe Liter, 3-34 Walnut 
I j (Sol & Jos. C.J 

Gothic Arcade, 18-1 Main 
Childs & Co. John R. C & Jas. Roat,- 

maehine shop, 8th and Canal 
Child* Eliz. 228 W. 3d 
Chads F. A. driver U. S. express co. 11 

E. 3d. bds. Rail R. Hotel 
Childs Jacob, 126 W. 9th 
Childs Jno. R. (C. & Co.) c. 8th <fc Canal 
CHILDS ,los. (C. Bros.) res. 200 Court 
Childs Mordecai, carp. 1U2 Pearl, res. 

Covin a: ton 
Childs Nathan. 200 W. Court 
CHILDS So!, (C. Bros.) bds. 200 Court 
Childs Wm. E. stove deal, and manuf. 13 

and 15 W. 5th,.h. J44 W. 4th 
Childs Wm. M. 62 Richmond 
Chillis Mr.. 25 Chestnut 
-Chippendale Thos. boat. l82JHgh 

*-nn man h. d. (h. d. c. & Co.) loi 

Lino ■ 
PHlPKAN IT. D. & CO. (Horace D. 
\j & Wm. D ) com. mer. n.s. W. W. 
,.„„ . Canal basin 
C^II'Man Win. D. (H. D. C & Co.) 157 


CIT-Y INS. CO., E. S. Haines, pre?. 
N. Gregory, secy. 8 Public Land- 
ing, up stairs 

Chisholler Benj. groc. e.s. Accoinmoda- City Auditor's off. city bldgs. Saml. S. 

uon, above State j 3IcGi>hons, bds. 138 W. 8th 

Chisholna Geo. carp. 42-1 W. 8th I /^ \'[\ 15 \NK , 

Choate Jno.-B. carp. c. Sch unci Canal, h. I ; . 8. Roberts, 
„. jG Betts |v prest. 21W. 3d 

Ciwiate A. B. carp. 16 Betts ; City Civil Engineer, S-unl. W. Irwin, off. 

Choate Mrs. Ann, 37:2 W. 6t!i j c jty bjrtgs. h. Sfc Uarr 

Chois Cluistian, groc. store, 489 Walnut City Cleifka Office, city b!dg3. Stephen 
Cnaui-eri A u-ULt, candy rak-r. io Main | I! uK, h. 66 Clinton 

Chnsman P. P. groc. 200 Fulton !li Office, 

I Christian C. & Co. (Charles H. V. C.) J city bldgs- 
p jankers and bro, 34 W. 3d, h. OS 8 f\Wi INS. CO., E. S. 

E. lui 
J Christian Geo. car driver, 3 High 

l Christian Geo. It. b. k. n.w.c. i'earl and City Treasurer, bldgs. Ja3. John- 
Mam, res. Mt. Auburn j son; -143 AV'alnut 

Christian Haa-, finish. a-. L07 Bremen 

Christian Peter, lab. 55 12th 

Christian Wm. type castor, Cincinnati 
type foundry 

Christie Chapel, M. E. Church, 112 Ca- 

Christmann Dan!, carp. 16 Jefferson 

Chrutman Jacob, bar k. n.e.c. Sycamore 
and' 5th 

Chn-,!.ina:in Jacob, bik. smith, 4; l 5 Elm 

Christman Peter, cooper, 14 Jefiferson 

Christin J. O. teacher, 51 Che ;tnut 

CHRIS-COPHER Alex. C. (Coats & C) 
57- Hopkins .- . 


( / (Wra. L. C. <fc.lnu.B- jr.) 

v/ stove store, 382 Main 

CHRISTOPHER Wm. L. (C. & Beall,) ' Clair Ann, cO Mill 

112 Liberty Clair John, tailor, 86 Mill 

Oluasfc's Church, Rev. M/Mahon pastor, Clancy Jas. lab. 3 Jackson 

n.s. Fulton, b. Market and Harrison, Clancy John F. tailor, 179 W. Front 
• J ''' 1} j Clapnet John, lab. 1C3 Ham. Road 

Hy. hack driver, 102 Water Clapp Adam, cooper, e.s. Brighton, b. 

Harrison Road & Bank 


I i office s.e.c. 

V Center fc Race 


brush rukr. 
bds.57c Main 

s.s. Front, b. Kilgorn & Spring 
of. Medical College 


Claassen Wilbart, brush manuf. 575 Main 

I j (Geo. D. C & Erastus E.) 

^^ paper warehouse, 142 Walnut 

CLAFLIN Geo. J). (C. £c Ells,) bd& 32 

■ McFarland 
Clagstone L. H. (C Ward & Co.) bds. 
Walnut st. House 

Chrpich Wm. dray. 403 W. 3d 
Chubcat .Inc.. lab. 128 Mohawk 
Chulse Chas. pipe mkr. 44i J-Jrh 
Chumley David, plasterer, .-'3 Chnton 
Chuioley, 81 Clinton " 
Church Wm. dray. 463 W. 3o 

Clapp W. Y. R. R. bds. Gibson House 
Clapper Wm. carp, alley b. Parson Sc 

Whittaker, and. Front 8c High 
Clare Au<!re.v, lab. n s. 8th b. Broadway 

and Culvert 

Churchill A. W. cirj- guager, 33 W. Canal Clare John, tailor, 86 Mil! 

h - J'5 F'n Clare John, tailor. 26'/ W. Rovr 

Churchill Benj. dep. marshal, bdd. 83 Clarey Danh lab. 327 W. 2d 
■ Bongworth . Clarey Pat. cooper, 13 Dublin 

Churchill Geo. 488 W. 7th j Claridge Uenrv. n.w.c. 7th and Mound 

Cnurchill Geo. \T. elk. G. If. &c D. depot Clark , b.k'. 30 Walnut. 

Chen G. M. jeweler. 2*9 Water riark Asa A. elk. Times office 46 Pearl 

Culey Curran D. lumber de;der, 4(13 W. (.lark Benj. wood turner, 150 W. 6th 

Fourth Giark C. foreman 17th ward sawmill, S.S. 

A 15. & CHICAGO Hit CO. I Front, nr. Jamestown ferry 

\J office, Clark Caleb, (CClark &: Co. Ben Frank- 

33 W . Third b'n print, office,) 494 W. 5th 

Pi I^CDi.N ATI FUEL CO. ! Clark C & Co. (Caleb C Times office,) 

\j coal yard, j a> Walnut. 

s.e.c. 5:h and Pa.k Clark C itharine Mrs. 522 Svcomore 

(V^€1XXAII GAS LIOIIT & Coke ClarkCias.- shoe mkr. e*. Accommoda- 
i Co. Works, n.-v.c. Fronl it Gas A J- tin 

ley. office 267 Viae. b. fith i 7th Clark Chas. mate, G9 Pike 
CINCINNATI (rA/.KTTL CO. | Clark Chas. W. driver, 52 E. 3d 

n. e. c-. -Fourth and Clark Chas. E. barber shop, b:\sement 

Vine : Dennison House, h. 28 Harrison 

nix. & mm vnapolis straight n lakkchestek m 

\i office. 13 W. 3d ili paint shop, 65 W. 3d. 

^ Robt. Boal, pres. ! <v/ h. llfiJohn 

/^IN. INS. CO. -'no. W. Bartvetti pres. Clark Christopher, (C & Self,) "42 W. 

I i Geo. W. Williams, secretary ^ Front 

^ 4 Public Landing ' Clark Mrs. P. J. 23 W. 6th 

Cincinnati & Kansas land cu. J. J. Davis, Clark Rev. D- W. 370 Jolin 

pres. 33 W. 3d , ' Clarke E. agt. M. R. R. 47 Ellen 

Cincinnati Orphan Asylum, w.s. Elm. h. ! Clark tehjah, b.k. bds. HI l'-'th 

Grant and 14th, Mis. A an Caatr, (lark FJiia Jane, seamstress, 173 Webb 
matron Clarke Elizabeth, laundress. 40 E. 6th 

CINCINNATI WILMINGTON AND Clark E. B, carp. 328 Cutter 
ZANESVI LLE R. R. CO. Chirk E. F. b.k. Ill Main, h. 81 12th 

office, 31 W. 3d , CLA KK Frank, agt Am. Ev. Co. 52 E. 

^IN. HAM. AND DAY ION It R. CO. | 3d, res. Newport 

depot, froni 5th to 6th nr. Clark Q^orjre, lard oil fac 15 Buckeye 
ana! \ (^ LARK GEO. 

IN, WES. K. R. CO. 

Ut j Clark Geo. c apt. s-b. 127 Spring 

Cinnamon Jno. com. ^ier. 40 Walant, h. ['-c Geo. W. e\. ofSce,fl Broadway, ros. 

A IN. HAM. i 

I i office and 
^ W. W. Ca 

niN. WES. It. li. 

f i office s-e.c. 

V 3d and WaJni 


\ i nrer. hiilor, 6 Pearl, 

v h. 113 Fulton 

5i45 Plum 
Cirnn JacoJ>, butch. 63 Sycamore 
CistChrts. E. atty. 126 Main 
Cist Francis., elk bib. Colh-ge Hill 

nill/hNS' BANK, 

I i Smead, Collard &■ Hughes, prop. 

V 143 Main 

Citook D. carp. 33 Providence 

t B ut 
Clark Henry, 56 W. 4th 

CLu-k Henry, hucKs. n.s. Front, nr. Kel- 
!ev r'*n 

Clark H. 8. bar. mkr. n.e.c 5th and Wal- 
nut, h. 155 John 

Clark Horatio W. Justice Peace, 30 W. 
Court., bus. Buttermiller'J Hotel 








5 ££ /-y 

The. thirty-seventh Annual Course of Lectures will commence on the first Monday in November, 
under the following arrangement, and close on the last of February. 


THOMAS WOOD, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. 

JOHN A. WARDER, M. D-, Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology. 

JAMES GRAHAM, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 

GEORGE C. BLACKM AN, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clinical 

JOHN U. TATE, M. D., Professor of Physiology, Hygiene, and Medical Jurisprudence. 
N. T. MARSHALL, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases cf Women and Children. 
S. G. ARMOR, M. D., Professor of Pathology and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine. 

The Dissecting Rooms will be opened on the first of October, under the care of the Demonstrator of 
Anatomy, and students may rely on a full supply of materiel throughout the session. 

Clinical Lectures, by the Professors of the Practice of Medicine and Surgery, will be delivered regu- 
larly throughout the Sessiou, at the Commercial Hospital. In addition to this, a College Clinic will 
be established, which will afford a large amount of clinical instruction. 

Preliminary Lectures will be delivered during the mouth of October, by the members of the Faculty. 
Thii course (which will be free,) will embrace Lectures at the Hospital and College. It will nel in- 
fringe on the regular course. 

The New College edifice is an ample and convenient building, and is well adapted to the comforts of 

FEES.— For the whole course, including the Dissecting Ticket, $100 ; Matriculation Ticket $5 ; 
Hospital Ticket ga ; Graduation Fee, $23. 

Good Board, including fuel and lights, will average about s>2 50 per week. 

S. C. ARMOR, M. D., Dean, 

87 West Seventh 





\ I 

CJark Hujfh, lab. 2114th 

CLARK Israel, (6. Cooper & Co.) fed; 

Basnet Liouse 
GISTS: Jas?. chair rnkr. 448 W. 8th 
Chirk J u.?. dray. 33 Observatory Road 
Clark .Ti3. pattern mkr. 268 George 
Clark Jas. pattern rnkr. 265 W. 8ih 
Clark Jus. porter, 12 E. 6th 
CLARK Jas. G. (S. K. Burton ic 

134 Longworth 

CLAKii JaS. L. wholesale deal 
oysters, fresh fish, game 
W. 5th 

Clark James M. sales; 69 Pearl 
Clark Jas. S. b.k, 1=0 Main, h. 321 Wal- 
Clark Jas. W. cash. 30 W. 4th, h. 162 

Clark Jerome, carp. s.s. Front, b. Har- 
rison andLongworth, F'n 
Clark Jerome M. cik. 1G2 Main, bds. 49 

Clark John, engineer at Ropes Cb-'s lard 


&c. 78 

! Clarkson Jas. b.k. 62 Clinton 

i Clarkson John B. en*. 73 Pike 

j Clairkson Jno. D. dep. marshal, 294 Linn 

i Ciarmann John G. joiner, Augusta, b. 

j Smith and Rose 

j Claron John, 3 Linn 

Clart Win. raaeh. Spring 
I Clary John, shoe rnkr. 71 E. 8th 
J Clary Patrick, cof. h. e.s. 6th, above Baum 
: Clary Rob. carp, n.w.c. Kemper & Front 
! Clary Rodger, tab, 29 Catharine 
j Ciaser Martin, lab. ■n.s.-Iiarrison Road,b. 

Division and Riddle 
! CLASON Lewis, (See'. Firemens' Ins. 
| Co.) 2o7 W . 7th 

j Class Charles, cot', h. 465 Tine 
j Class Ferdinand, elk. 515 Vine 

Class Lawrence, groc. 183 W. Front 
i Claw-son Saml. 143 Hopkins 
j C I 359 

^ W. 7th 
1 Clay Ralph, liq. store, 294 W. 7th . 


Lock, b. 4th and 5th I Claybraker John, lab. 50 "Webster 

Clark Jno. (Jennings, Butteriield & Co.) 

Ids. Gait House 
Clark Jno. silver plater, 481 Race 
Ciark John, plaster, s.s. Front, nr. Lum- 
ber . .. 

shoe mkr. 11 Observatory 


•Clark Jn< 

Clark John A. (Holt & CO 74 Center 
Clark Jno. 0. b.k. St. Charles Ex. bds. 

102 W. gth 
Clark Jno. W. ex. brok. 4 W. 3d. b- n.s. 

George, b. Smith and Mound 
Clark Jos. n.s. Front, b. Parsons and 

Clark Joseph, 402 Race 
Clark Joseph, 372 W. 4th 
Ciark J, carp. s.s. Kcmble, below 

Clark Josh. sales. 223 Main, h. CO Court 
1 i feed store, 489 John _ - - 

^ h. s.e.c John and Everett 
Clark Mah&la, 494 W. 5th 
Clark Mrs- 403 W. Row 
Clark Mrs!. M. L. 194 Barr 
Clark Owen, lab. 649 W. Front 
Clark Patrick, lab. 79 W. Row 
Clark Pat. painter, Hogarths alley, b. 

Richmond and Catharine 
Clark Mrs. Phebo, dress rnkr. s.w.c Smith 

and Longworth 
Clark Reuben, carp. High, nr. Sycamore, 

Clark S. 361 W. 8th 

Claak Saml. (S- & S. S. C) 331 Walnut 
Clark Samuel H. cof-h. 41 W. Front, h. 

231 W. 5th 
Ciark & Self, (Chris. C. William SO wh. 

liquor dealers, 11 Walnut p\ LEil UE! 

Clark S. & S. S. (Saml. & Sidney S.) I j atry, 3r 

imp. of saddlery and -hard ward, leO v 

Clayhe John, carp. 288 Broadway 
Claypoole Jos- (corn meal and feed mill,) 

Hunt, b. Main and Sycamore, h. 

Broadway, nr. Woodward 
Clayton Henry, tin. 40j Public Landing 
A LAYIOXMUi ff lED, imp. erf watch- 

anore and 2d, res. 

•dward, let) 
145 Long- 


Clark Sidney S.'(S. &. 

Clark Stephen, atty. s.s. Court, w. of 

Main, bds. Walnut st. Houso 
Clark Stephen, elk. 13 E. 7t!» 
Clark Stephen, harness rnkr. 79 W r . Front 
Clark .Tareb, printer. 494 W. 5th 
Clark Theophilaa, carp. 143 Pearl 
Clark Thos, carp. 245 Cutter 
Clark Thos. 538 W. Bow 
Clork Walter, boat agt 72 Dudley 
Clark Wm. rmU cutter. 85~High 

bk. seller, 141 Main, 
h. 81 12th 
Clark Wm. Y. sales. Ill Walnut 
Clark Wm. Y. elk. bds. Gibson House 

Clarke John, groc and prod. 19 Congress j CUger Aug. cof. h 
Clarke Jno. C. finisher, 117 W. Canal i Clul'ord J;>hn, dr! 
CWke Peter, engraver, 23 y z W. 3d, h. ! Clifford Mrs. C 7, 
124 Y.. Liberty : Clifford H. M. J. 

ptrko Peter If. bh. MacaKsfer nr. 5th I Clifton S. I •: Gc 
t'LAUKE Robert, (Patterson 4c C.) 145 j ClihosserGeo. tai 

es, s.e.c. hy 
Ludlow, Kv 
Clearwater Henry. 391 Piatt 
CLEARWATER Hiram, Pre*. Board of 

Trus. of city W. W. 1 Med, Col. h. 

s.w.c. Bank and Piatt 
Cleveland Chas- II. ec phy. 139 W. 7th, 

h. 334 W. 8th 
Cleveland J. W. elk. 320 W. Row 
Cleveland Wm. bk. agt. 273 Catharine 
(.'leaver Jno. coop. 140 Dayton 
Ck-.ary Mich. b.k. 5 E. Front, h.20 Plum 
Clear* Pat. W. 22 B 1 way, h. 108 Water 
Clcecy. Tim. fin. 20 Plum 
Cieland Eliza, cloaks, n.s. Clinton b. John 

and Cutter 
Cleiand Mrs. Ann, 74 Clinton 
CJelisnan Herman, shoe rnkr. 10 Landing 

b. Broadway and Ludtow 
Clemen Kobt. tin. 11 E. Front 
Cieraence John, elk. s.e.c. Broadway 

and 5th 
Clement Root. M. b.k. 14 and 16 Pearl, h. 

16 Jackson 
Clemen'. Truman B. elk. (Cin. Ins. Co.) 

bds. Watson House 
Clements Jos. sheet iron worker, USE. 

front, res. Covington 
Clemer Ellen, bk. fold. 167 Walnut 
Ctemingiinger Ferd. tail. 652 Vine 
Clemens John, dray. 4 Pleasant 
Clement W. 11. supt. L. M. &. R. 


h. 370 W. 6th 
Clemiaons A. engineer., 11 Jackson 
Clendenin Wm. al. phys. 243 Plum 
L leneay Ch:>s. P. elk bds. 143 W. 4th 
CLENEAY Frances G. (C.& Sons,) bds. 

143 W. 4th 
Cleneay Thos. bis. 143 W. 4th 
CLEXEAY W:n. (W. C &. Sods,) 113 

^LEXKAY WM. r & S0> T , (Win. £ 

F. GO wholesale groc. .t com. mer. 
51 Walnut 
Clenney Jos. dry goods, 169 Race 
Clepfor Henry, piano tuner, e.s. al. b. 
13th and 14th and Vine and Walnut 
Clerias Louis, bk. bind. 121 Maiu, res. 
j Cleverkamp Jo*. L'ib. 71 Abig-ail 
i Ciieman Joseph, cik. 39 L. Market 

drug; 223 W. Front 

is. carp. 58 Plum 
•n, shoe rnkr. 105 Clinton 
coffin rnkr. 131 Pearl 
shoe nikr. Hi3 Clinton 

Richmond and 

e Robt. Supt. Walker's Brewery 


Cl.»ke W. watch nikr. 240 W. 5th 

Clarke Wm. L. sec of Ci.u. Gas Co. 133 

W. Pth 
Ckrke Wm. M. elk. 155 W. 8th 
v^rkin John, elk. b«L>. 65 W. 5th 

708 W. Row 

-. 28 Jackson 

'I liner, 121 W. 5t! 

?£, 155 Pleasant 
63 J >hn 

i n 5-2 W. Row 

! Climer Hy. Ciirp. 4t 
; Climer J. &. Co. cai 

-,l;>e a i. ex. 

36 Butter 

Cline Mrs. Catherinttj shoe binder, 36 

Cline Carl, lab. 496 Race 

Cline Daniel E. cab. mkr. 320 W. 4th 

Cline Geo. butch. Oliver 

Cline John, planing mill, 161 E. Front 

Cline John, lab. 98 Hun. Road 

Cline John H. ale bottler, 94 Woodward 

Cline Nicholas, tanner, 94-' Ham. Road 

Ciiner Bernard, lab. 299 W. 2d 

dinger Jno. currier, GO Eauui 

Clinton Buildings, n.w.c. Clinton and W. 

Clinton Jas. IT. 17 and 19 2d, his. Lcnni- 

son House 
Clinton J:jhn, mach. 75 E. Front 
Clishy T. W. c!k. 9 W. Front 
Clive G. teach. 2G4 W. 7fh 
Clockers John, bJk. smith, 442 John 
CLOON Phillip B. (Goodwin & C.) res. 

A von dale 
Clooney Maria, 34 E. 4th 
Clopp John, peddler, (33 Kossufh 
Closing John, lab. 103 W: Front 
Closink Jos. blk. smith. 209 W. Front 
Closrider Hy. cooper, 73 Buckeye 
Closs Hy. n.w.c. 5ch and Race 
Gloss John, or::an builder, 13 Elizabeth 
Closs Wm. lab. s.s. Fulton b. Market and 

Harrison F'n 

ALOSTlEMAX eenry, 

y^j chair the.e. .Smith and Augusta . ; 

Cloud, Francis. 

(jlouhe August 

Clouser Ja 


Clowser J< 

Cloy er Andrew., dray, 

Cluck John, music teach. 615 Vine 
Ciuff.Tohn, k-G Catherine 
Clnke John, 19 Ann 
Ciutch Jno. elk. 19 College 
Clutter Philip, Iab.66 Mohawk 
Clyde Mrs Ssirah, 11 Mason 
Clyer Bernanl, carp. 14S Clinton 
Clynch l. v '.t: pain. 202 Water 
Coakiy Thos. Lib. 544 W. 3th 
Coalscott Thos. Henry 
Goalston Thos. j reservi 
Coan Jno. paper car. I 
Coates Jno. F. uphoM< 

b. 20 Grant 
Coetes Thos. gun mkr. 279 Main, bds. w. 

s. Walnut b. Gth and 7th 
Coates Wm. cik, 74 W. 4th, h. n.s. 5th b. 

John and W. Row 
Coats Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 32 

Coats Eunice, b.h. 306 W. 5th 
I , e..& Alex. U. G.) burning fluid «: 
v lamp deal. 6 College Hall bid-. 
Coats Uy. lab. e.s. Park b. 2d and W. W. 

Coats Jno. F. upho!;. IS Grant 
Coates Jas, porter, 17 W.5th, h. n.s. 12th 

b. Main -^rul Walnut 
Cones >f. H. elk. 12 E 4th, res. E. Wal- 
nut Hills 
COATS l'axson, (C. Be Christopher,) h. 

290 W. Front 
Cobb ('has-. 13 Centre 
Cobb Lewis, tinner, 13 and 15 W. 2d, h. 

22 Commerce 
Cobb Mrs. N ' goods, 515 W. otti 

t\0m SAAtUUL, 

I j undertaker, 

^^ 143 Sycamore 

Cobb 7. B. clock mkr. 315 W. 5th 

C" Leonard, en,'. 11 Logan 

Cobley Owen. eng. 431 W. Raw 

Cob] ■>■ l'hhin, mach. c. Chestnut and W. 

Ro y 
COUlRN" John A. (Hunter C, Evlmcs 

ton &. Ban-,; G7 E. 3d 
Cochnow.T John, coal yard, c Sth and 

Mound, h. 2-3 Water 
A0i HEC IE X!:V 
I / deiigiler and engraver, 
v ' 25bankbldgA 
Cochlin i'im. bds. 130 W. Row 
Cochran Christ. 923 Ham. B i id 
Cochran Geo. Vv'. agt. O. ^ M. R. R. 2S0 

W. 7th 
Cochran Jai. cclledor, 59 Obaervatory 

Kjad ^ 

dray. 510 W. 3d 
•mkr. 84 W. 2d 

3 Kem'ole 

cer, 148 W. Sth, 



Coffee Jxii;5 Spice ^Sills* 

Dixon G. R. & Co., 243 & 245 Sycamore. 
Harrison, Eaton & Co,, 99 & 101 Walnut. 
Collect«rs and Agents. 

I)ouL r las Feter, w. s. Broadway between Lower 
" Market and 3d. 

Hyatt John T., 131 Main. 
Robinson win,, 361 John. 
Lowry Samuel, 31 w. 3rd. 
James Charles W., 2 Harrison. 
Forbush J. H., 173 Fulton. 

m m:ii p t|.I # Pj i IS fe'.H PB 1 1 L 6 to #is Safe SiS # 
Apollo Building, If. W. Cor. Fifth, and "Walnut Streets. 

This institution qualifies individuals in a thorough practical manner, for the Counting House, ami 
for business pursuits generally. The collegiate course includes a complete system of practical in- 
struction in I>0tlf»l<S-I3i»try Boolc-Mccpissg". as pursued in the various departments of 
trade and commerce: — Business Penmanship, Calculations, Mercantile Letter Writing, and daily 
Lectures on Commercial Law and Political Economy, in their different relations to commerce. 

£@f°The course can be completed in from eight to twelve weeks. Terms, $40. 

Instruction being given individually, applicants can enter at any time. For further particulars 
call at the College Rooms, or address the Principal. 

'3TKO. GfftflMOT, Principal. 



Bacon's Commercial College, (R. S. Bacon,) n. 

w. c. 6th and Walnut; (Bacon's Building.) 
Bartlett's Commercial College, (R. M. Bart- 

Ictt,) n, e. c. 3rd & Walnut, (Masonic Hall.) 
Gundry's Mercantile College, (John Gundry.) 

n. w. c. Walnut & 5th, (Apollo Building:,) 
Smith's Mercantile College, (Ephraim \V. 

Smith,) 74 w. 4th. 


Ohio College of Dental Surgery, (James Tay- 
lor, M. D., Dean,) College -St 


Law Department of Cincinnati College, 28 w* 
4th, opp. U. S. Court Room, M. E. Curwen, 
Dean of Faculty. 


St. Xavier's College, w. s. Sycamore, b. 6th & 

7th, Rev. J. J. Boudreaux, President. 
Wesleyan Female College, (Rev. T. B. Wil-jSheppard John. W., 20 w. 4th. 

bur, President,) 349 Vine. 


American Medical College, (T. J. Wright, M. 

D., Dean.) No. 6 College building, (over Y. 

M. Mercantile Library.) 
Cincinnati College of Medicine & Surgery, s. w. 

c. Longworth & W. Row, A. H. "Baker, M. 

D. President. 
Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, n. w. 

c. Court & Plum, Jos. R. Buchanan M. D., 

Medical College of Ohio, s. s. 6th b. Vine and 

Race, Sam*] G. Armor, Dean. 
Miami Medical College, n. w. c. W. Row and 

5th, Geo. Mendenhall, M. D. 3 Dean. 
Physio Medical College, College building, Wal- 
nut, between 4th and Fifth., W. H. Cook, 


Combs, Manufacturers and Dealers* 
(See also Notions and Fancy Goods.) 

Calvert G. H., 63 & 65 w. 9th. 


•7V#. S6 Columbia Street, Cincinnati. Q. 

And for several FURNACES & F0HGE3 in Tennessee & Georgia. 

" " (Successor to B. & D. Egcleston.) 

|)to|rictar nf Sggiesifnt's *$m of toil ^oais on gpami & civic (ft) 


C^T'Cash advances made on property for sale in this Market, Toledo, Buffalo, or Detroit, 






Cochran Jerry r lab. 31 Dublin 

Cochran Jno. A. (Gets & Bro.) bds. 516 
W. 4th 

COCHRAN" Kob. (R. C.& Co.) res. Cov- 

Richard Roubtara,) nail manm. 44 
\V. Front 

Cochran Thos. warehouseman, n.s. 9th 
b. Main and Sycamore 

Cock Hy. blk. smith, 4 48 Main, h. Wood- 
ward nr. Spring 

Cockland M.^ry, washerwoman, e.s. Pace 
b. 2d Pe=id 

Cockrell F. M. elk. Spencer House 

Coddington Mrs. S. 60 14th 

Coddington Wm. chair mk. 19 Jackson 

Codling. Peter, 148 Maple 


I | wh. groccer and coin, merchant, 

^ y 17'&; 19 Water, h. 05 McFarland 

Cody Wm II. tel. ooer. 7 E. 3d 

Coe'Mrs. Mary, n.s. 6th b. Harriet and 

C'OE E. P. (Hoots & C.) 419 W. 7th 

Coe S. W. b.k. 480 W. 8th 

Coe Win. b.k. 480 W. 8th 

(*,:Isr Hy. fam. jrroe. 383 E!m 

Qpetjalac Jos. notary pub. 383 Elm 

CoffJas.'L. elk. 90 W. 4th 

Coff John, lab. Heading Pike nr Broad- 
way n .s. 

Coffee -Ta,'. lab. 45 E. 8th 

Coffee John, mould, bds. 10 Race 

Coffee Mary, seams- 4-27 W. 2d 

Coffield Jas. lab. 327 W. 2d 

Coflield John, lab. 3 Jackson 

Coftli John, mill stone mkr. e.s. Plata b. 
Front and 2d 

COFFIN C. D.(C. fe Mitchell.)178 W. 7th 

Coffin p. H. B. wh. and ret. groc. 20 L. 
Market, res. Newport 

CWFl'S GEORGE W. bell and brass 
foundry, 102 and 104 E. 2d, h. 113 
W. 4ih 
Coffin Uiram F. chk. 32 W. 5th, bds. 170 

W. 5th 
Coffin Levi, wh. and ret. gro-. and j.rod. 
store, n.w.c. 6th and Elm, h. 41 

f( 0PPIN& M1TC1TELL. (CD. o. & T. 

ii G. M.) attys. and counsellors, n.s. 

v/ 3db. Tine and Walnut 

Coffin Moses, 390 W. 5th 

Coffin Win. G. b.k. 178 Main, fc. 326 W. 

Coffin Zebulon B. grocer, 32 W. 5th, res. 

Coff man Daniel, cooper, 41 Dublin 
Cofiman Hy. driver, 548 W. 31 
Cogel Chris, cigar mkr. 233 Main, h. ISO 

Coggeshall Wm. T. pub. Genius of the 

West, 233 -Ketrble 
Cohen , 63 W. Front 


\ | clothing storo, 194 Main, 

h. 2-55 Svcamore 
1/ C, Wm. & Joseph G.) dealers in 
• ^ clothine, 60 Pearl - - 

COHEN TIeory, (C.,Guiterman & Co.) 

h. 127 E. 5th 
Cohen Louis, glazier, 205 W. Fmnt 
Cohen Louis, trunk mkr. 47 E. 2d 
Cohen Melvin M v -atty. 21 Bank bldgs. h. 

1G2 Plum 
Cohen Mendle A. lead pencil manuf. 59 

C hen Samuel A. com. mer. 30 E. 2d 
C«feen Woif, (C. & Fogle.) 310 Vine 
tokens Isaac, cloth, store- 1C0 W. Front 
'"'m A: jeweler. C3 W. Front 
'-' <hn Abraiu, tailor, s.w.c. Wade and W. 

Cohn Benj. elk. 63 W. F. 

Coles Abraham, fin. 136 Kemble 
Coles das. V. coaldtsal. 201 W. Front 
Coles Robt, painter, s.s. Front b. Lon£- 

I worth and Broad F 1 n 

C<Mes Stephen, not. pub. 120 Main 
CORLISS Daniel G. (Marsh C. & Co.) 
bds. 100 B'way 

i Colkerlly. carp. 78 Betts 
Colgan Thos. B. elk. 31 Sycamore, res 

Cohoon, Perrin & Gould, (Robt. C., Oli- 
ver P. &; John G.) com. mer. 31 and 
33 Walnut 

Cohorst H. elk. 67 Clay 

Cohorst Herman H. boots 4: shoes, 509 

Cchrs Herman F. dry goods s'ore, 501 

Coin Owen, coop. 124 Lock 

Coiner Paul W. pat mkr. 139 Linn 

Cokel Christian, carp. 148 Maple 

Coicord Wm. elk. 68 Broadway, res. New- 

Colbert Stephen B. (Doebler &. C.) 102 
W. 6th 

Colburn Chas. dry goods mer. 183 W. 3d 

COLBURN Chas. L. (Latimer, C <gc Lap- 
ten.) 183 W. 3d 

Colburn Geo. carp. ids. 78 12th 


I i music and pianos, 78 W. 4th, 

KJ h. 280 Long worth 

Colby Daniel, 246 Vine 

Colby Geo. W. printer^ 151 Richmond 

Colby J. tailor 28 12ch 

Colby Samuel, Market Master, 18 William 

Colder Fred, dairy man, h. e.s. Avenue j A OILIER DAVID E., 

b. Harrison Eoad and Bank | \ > law office, 

COLE Edward C.(E. C.C &-. Co.)res.Mil- j ^ B Manc&eSfeSr Building 

ford ■:.. ! Collier Mrs. Eiiz. 38 Barr 

COLE E. C. & CO, (Edward C. C. & i Collier Hamilton, k. k. 371 John 
Jno. McTlvai-n.) manuf. and jobbers : Collier Jno. J. cik. 423 W. 5th 
in jewelry, 11533 Main I CoRIere L. Corrodi, 55 W. 4th 

Cole France?, washer, 214 Walnut \ Collin Ed. cord birder, 51 Cedar 

Cole Hy. (Steavens <>c C-) 210 Sycamore j Collin Jacob, 41b W. Row 
Cole Hy. teams. 228 Water j Coliingwood Thos. porter, 54 Pearl 

Cole Jac. F. dry goods mer. 125 W. 9th I Collins, elk. bds. 50 W. Front 
Cole Jas. bak. 104 W. 6ch j Collins Andy, dray. 460 Elm 

Cole Jas. 150 Lo^gworth Collins &. Baker, (0. If. C & T. 

Walnut Hills 
Calguhoi*a Marg. bk. sewer, 498 W. 34 
Coll Lewis, brk. mason, 80 Mohawk 
Collahan Jas. caip. n.s. o. Park 

and Rose 
Collard Newton B. elk. 44 Walnut 
COLLAItU W. A. (SmeadjC. &. Hughes) 

420 W. 6th 
Collars Eilen. 47 Pace 
College Hall, e.s. Walnut b. 3d and 4th 
Collen Jas. ice man, l>ls. Evens Hotel 
Collet Jos. cof. h. 620 Vine 
COLLIEK Allen, (Jno. Swasey & Co.) 

21 W. Fth 
Ccllier Chas. B. atty. 11 and" 12 Man- 
chester bll-s. bus. Spencer ILouse 
Collier Daniel, boatman, 423 W. 5th 



Loois, salesman, 42 Maiij, h. 63 

'- iui Marcus, (Mayer & C) 187 Srca- 

r '""re 

<- >hn Marcus, elk. 2 Main, bds. 187 Syc- 

am >re 
J; '| ! n >Ux,clk. bds. 187 Sycamore 
^' i>a rhos., 165 Laurel 

«J2 >lrd - widow of Robert, 424 W. 

C. F. 

Cole J. F. (G<-o. M. Wood,) 125 W. 9th 

COLE JAMIS C umbrella, parasol & 
cane manuf. 107 Main, h. 150 Long- 
COLE Jas. V. (C & Smith.) 201 Front 
Cole John, cof. h. n.e.c. Mason and W. 

Cole John H. broom mkr- 113 W. Front 
Cole Mary, dr. mkr. e.s. Race b. 2d and 

COLE & S1IITI, (James V. C & R- 
B- S.) coal dealers, s.e.c. Pearl and 
W. Row 
Cole Walter, coop. bds. 155 W. Front 
Cole Wm. M. elk. bds. 76 Walnut 

prop. Burnet IJouse, 
n.w.c. 3d and Vine 
Coleman Adbeel, plas. 142 John 
Coleman Andrew, lab. 702 W. Front 
Coleman Benj. F. marble works, 393 Elm, 

.h. 05 Vfebster 
Coleman Chas. elk. C. H. and D. depot 
Coleman Chas. bar kpr. n.s. Avery b. 
Wood and W. W. Canal 

COLEMAN & CO. (Jas. C. &-S. M. 
Barret,) plough handle manuf. 57 
Water, office n.e.c Walnut and 
Coleman Daniel, mould. 314 W. 7th 
Coleman Mrs. Elizabeth, seams. Hmno- 

nover b. Woodward and Franklin 
Ccl?man Emma S. select school, n.w.c 

W. Row and 4>:h. h. 176 Fearl 
Coleman Fred. lab. 113 E. 3d 
Coleman Geo. butch, a.s. Poplar b. John 

and Linn 
Coisher Geo A. bar kpr. 220 Walnut 
Coleman Hy. shoe mkr. 689 W. Front Hy. J. carp. 60 Findtay 
COLEMAN Jas. (C &. Co.) 76 Pari 
Coleman John, lab. 605 Walnut 
Coleman John, mould. 314 W. 7th 




Coleman John, mould. 7<i Dudley 
Coleman Jno. boat. 423 8vcamore 
Coleman John, tailor:, 00 W. Front 
Coleman John, lab> 412 Sveamore 
Coleman Jno. W. pork rai r.'s.s.CourtTV. 

of Main, h. UUW.4th 
Coleman Mich. lab. bds. 162 W. 3d 
Coleman Richard, lab. Jit. Adams 
Coleman S. T. J. manuf. niach. bolts, 537 

W. Row 
Coleman Thos. boat bds. 154 Morgan 
Coleman T. dray. 44 Walnut 
Coleman Wm. carp. Mt Adams 
Coler Anton, lab. o2 Mohawk 

B.) meat store, 44 P. Landing 
Collins Catherine, e.s. North, b. New and 
( Collins Chas. H. (C & Baker) 
j Spencer II. 

Collins Chns. cab mkr. 2 New 


n.e.c. 3d and Pace 
Collins Dual. lab. 1034 Hani, road 
COLLINS B.C. (Pallia Brown & 

res. Covington 
Collins Dennis, gas fitter, e.s. North b. 

New and 7th 
Collins Edw. printer, 25 W. 4th, h. n.e.c. 

Young and Liberty 
Collins Rev. Edw. T. s.3. 8th, b. W. Row 

and IMum 
Collins Edwin, eng. s.e-c. Front and 

Collins Geo. carp. n.s. 7th, b. B'way and 

Collins Hy. found, bds. 41 Ludlow 
Collins lly. shoe and boot store, 278 W. 

COLLINS Hy. E. (Tborne & C) 74 L. 

Market - 

C0L.LJN.S & TIERRON, (Isaac C C 
& Jno. \\ . II.') attorneys, 
13 Worthimrton Bides. 
COLLINS Isaac C (C &c iienronj res. 

K. Walnut Hills 
Collins Jas. carp, 427 Sycamore 
Collins Jas. carp. 35 Pierson 
Collins Jas. j5roc. n.s. 6th, nr. Culvert 
Collina Jesse, boat 15 Webb (Lock 

Collins Jno. dray. 23 W. Ot.Yh. Oth above 
Collins Jno. car. trim. bds. 12 Race 
Collins Jno. C. chair mkr. 9 Cedar 
Collins Jno. P.b. binder, 141 Main 
Ooliins Joshua, wbicewasher, 131 W. 


Reveille Louse, 

.240 VV. 6th 


c : 


.-.2d. b. Plara and W 


Coiling M,orris. tal - L42 Spring 

Colhna Patrick, elk. e.s. North, "a. new 

and 7th 

Collins Sami. D. brk. hvyer, 443 Syca- 

Collins Tho3. harness mkr. n.s Front, 
nr. Stnne, V'a 

Collins Wash M. b. k. n-3- Front, b. Vine 
and Walnut 






mJ»tom ^T 


mMmmmBf wmmmm & mm®m 

JTos. 17 and 19 Water Street, 



' ',» 

€ «> 

Ho, 26 West Front Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
S9> iEasi Front Street, between ISromUvay &. JLuAlow, 

SgTPaTticular attention paid to the sale of LEAF TOBACCO, and all Kinds of Produce. 



-*37 I US. IB 3: "3? T @ cfe IBE^Gf JE%. I INT , 



Dealer in Salt, Flour, Groceries and Produce, 


Coal gftge fait Company, anb HJasoii Cifg Coal Company, 

No. 33 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 





C&V&W Wm. A. (Gallacrhcr & C 1 -,) bds. 

Coffins Wm. J. bds. 160 W. 3d 

Cullman Mrs. N. milliner, 121 W.5th 
Collopy Joseph, bds. loi W. 3d 
Collot Fred, blk. smith, 52 Abigail 
Colpaia Angelo, ponfec. 207 Walnut 
Colored id Asy.iu.ra, s.s, Oth, b. E. 09 

and Pium, Joo. Hubbard, prin 
Colpfiash Ori^c, cooper, -J ■{ B. 2d 
Colquhoua Jr : porter 498 W. 3d 
Colt Clas, cik. h.'-TtJS Fe.Ron • 
Colter Aie'x pr>*k raer. 23 lUciuaciid 

I j wh. End ret. groceries; 
+* g$6 Main, h. B'way 


| i pork packer, 

v/ 19 Jefferson ■ 

Colter SaaiL groc 230 Sycamore 

Colter Taos. A. b. k. 147 Main h. 23 

Coltan Fred, atty. 3 Law bldg. bds B'way 

Colton Wm. C. elk. 120 John 

Colty Wrn. carp, 265 George 

Columbian Buildings, n.s. il, b. Walnut. 
ar;i Vine 

C0LY1LLE A. B. (T. W. Wright & Co.) 
h. Long worth and Plum 

CoiiviUe Hugh, elk. com. bank, res. Co- 

CoRville Thos. elk. 15 Pearl, res. Coving- 
Calvin Jas. at Ropes & Co., Lock 
Colrin Wm. b. k. 205 Court 
Colweil J. A. print. Columbian o:nc3 
Colweil Thos. W. tin shp. 89 W. 5th 
Comafort Mrs. Margaret, 37 Kembie John, lab. 107 Clay 
Comb;r Jno. teams. alley, b. Elm and 

Canal, and Liberty and Fmdiay 
Gcmba -J as. W- elk. 146 Main 
Coau^ys Dr.- Cornelius G» al. phy. 253 

Comeiras.Dr. Jules, 145 W- 7th 
Comer Martin, cof. h. river landing, b. 

Vine and Walnut 
Comes John G-. washboard mkr. n.s. 7th, 

b. Broadway and North. 
Comfot John, lab. 238 Water 
Comiaer Peter, lab. n.s. Piatt, b. Bank 

and Dayton 
COMMERCIAL Hospital n.s. 12th, b. 

Plum tc W. Row, Chas. Lyle stew art 

Isaac C- Gopelan, Pros. J. A- Town- 
ley, SSeo'y* n.w-c Front & Main 
Commons Ann, tailoress, 1«3 W. Front 
Commons Mrs. Bridget, 67 E. Q th 
Comstock Miss Ellen, 23 W. c h 
A Oil STOCK W. If. &C0. (w*. H. C. 
Ii & Jacob Aber,) \vh. deals, bootj 
v and shoes, 14 and 15 Pearl 
COMSTOCK W. H. (W. H. C & Co.) 

. 32G Race 
Corstan Andrew, finisher, n.s- Gano, b. 

Vine and Walnut 
Coaahan Ches. remittances to Great Bri- 
tain and Ireland, 31, b. Vine and 

Walnut, h. 86* Laurel 
Cohahaa Jas. sterreotyper, 168 Vine 
Coaafaan Patrick, bk. bind. 122 Betts 
Con&han Philip, dray. 40 Walnut, h. 175 

Cocahan Mrs, (widow of Daniel,) 214 


Conant , bds. 73 E. 3d 

Con. ml Barney, c!k. 576 W. Front 
Canard John, cook, 245 Broadway 
Couaway Mason, pointer, 2"68 P.ichmond 
Coabliet Jacob, clothie., 113 Elai 
Coacannon Jno. lab. 43 Hi^-h 
Couclin George, 218 Longworta 
Conclin William, 274 W. 4th 
( ; ndan Wm. lab, 49 W. 5th" 
Coadeii John 11. carp. w.s. Broadway, b. 

CsinderGeo. lab, 13 Pendleton 
C ■":•■€ Ban!, brk. layer, 65 12th 
Conakln Chas. willow waie manuf. 130 

"Bo Chas. arroc 9-w.c Race and river 




way and North 

bds. a.a. 7th, b. Broad- 

Cones Jas. dry goods, 261 W. 6th 

Conaa Wm. M. 17-J W. 4tk 

CON ES Wm. W. (W. W. C & Co.) res. 

CONOSX W". &C0. 
(Wm. W. C & Heaton Thos.) 
bankers, 38 -B. 3d 
Coney John. Tab; 79 W. Row 

CONKLIN Amos, (C &. Hubbard,) 04 

Conklin Chas. 8. elk. 113 Everet 
/YONK'l iNtfc iil'KnAiiD, (Amos C~ 
1 i & Rufas ii.) com. mer. and broom 
w ma?!jf. 21 Walnut 
Conklin Jerry C. c!k. 21 Walnut 
Conklin Jeremiah, lab. 235 Cur/., r 
Cocklin Jerome B. atty. of. 2 E. Cth, h. 

233 Catharine 
Conklin Oliver M. atty. 11 W. 4th, bdi. 

Freeman* Opp. Poplar 
Conklin Pierson, (W. II. & F. C) res. 

.Conklin Truman, arty. h. 295-George 
Conklin Wm. II. (W. H. & P. 0.) 170 

Conklin W. H. & P. (Wm. H. & Pierson 

0.) wood yard c. Elm and Canal 
Conklin Wm. M. mach. 10 Cor^m'/atlo-n 

ally, in rear 128 E. Liberty 
©oakling Edear, agt. Texas- Vv est. - R. R. 

Co. 'of. Ifi6 W. 4th 
Conklin? Isaac V. 45 Harrison 
Con khn 2 Jo.?ebh L. lard oil, 109 E-. 5th 

h. 21 Harrison 
Confcling Richard, (R. C <Sc Sons,) ree. 

In diar- Hills 
Conkling R- Sc Sons, white lead rnanuf. 

330 Broadway 
Conlarey Cornelius, river man, n.s. 7th, 

b. Broadway ami Norch 
Conley Thos. lab. 3G8 W. 2d 
Conley James, lab. 405 Vine 
Conley Jeff. lab. 136 Linn 
Conley John, stair bldr. 20 Richmond 
Conley John, lab. 384 Walnut 
Conley Johns blk. smith, bds. n.s 8th, b. 

Linn and Freeman 
Conley Mich. bds. 181 Plum 
| Conley Mrs. 101 Race 
Conlev P. W. b. h. 553 W. 5th 
Conley Pat. lab. 26i Kossuth 
I Conlin Mrs. Bridget, 113 W. Canal 
I Conlin Michael, cooper, n.s. 7th, b. North 

and Sycamore 
j Conlin Mich. brk. mason, n.s. Bank, b. 

Freeman and Piatt 
| Conlon Chas. lab. s.s. High, b. Washing- 
! ton and Liberty 

j Conly Adam, bik. smith, s-e.c. Vine and 

l Conly Jane, lab. Fariow House 
i Conly John, 4th en?, city W- W 
j Conmier Chas. tailor, Vine above Mul- 

. berry 
! Conn P. A. seams. 85 W. Row 
j Conn Wui.-A. lumber man, h. 77 Hop- 
| kb 13 

j Conn Sylvester, printer, h. 63 Pike 
i Conn ibie L. groc. s.e.c. 8th and Linn 
j Connahle Ralph, s.e-c 8th and Linn 
j Connaiton Andrew, fin. 249 Sycamoro 

Connaugh Jer. LaV 142 Spring 
I Connaugaton Tho3. moulder, 23 Frank- 
lin " 
Oonnsughty James, lab. s-s. Cherry, b. 

Elm and Plum 
Connaughty Patrick, lab. s.s. Cherry, b. 

Elm and Plum 
Connedy Patrick, lab. 136 W. Front 
Connell Mrs. Ellon, 164 W. 8th 
Conned Jno. sexton St. Tauls church, 35 

W. 4th 
Cornell S. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Connelly Andrew, painter, bds. n.e.c. 

Ludlow and CongresB 
Connelly Mrs. Ann, Augusta, b. J >hn 

and Smith 
Connelly Ann,scams. s.e.c. North arid 

Com. 'iv Col-rnan, 3 Cherry 

nOXS'ill.IY EDWAiU), 

I i merchant tailor, 

^ 162 Walnut 

Connelly Hugh, sugar refiner, bds. 137 

Connelly J. R. b.k. Ma Broadway Hotel 

23.^ Longworth 
les'senger" O. L. I. b. 

Connelly Ja=. lab. 113 E. 3d 

Connolly Jas. 20 Charles 

Con;;- :.\ James, cooper, Lock, b. 5th 

a: d 6th 
Coc:r •■!!/ Ja3. printer, 83 Main, h. 16 

Connelly .las. H. newspaper reporter, 20 

ConnoHj John, porter, 112 W.2d 
Connelly Mich. dray. n.s. Cherry, b. Elm 

and Pium 
Connelly Mrs, M. dres3 mkr. n.w.c 33 

and Lmllow 
ConnLlly Owen, Lab. 35 Catharine 
Connelly Pat. carp. Fulton car W. F'n 
Connelly Patrick, sheet iron W . Front, b. 

Lud'ow and Lawrence, res. 155 W. 

Connelly Pat- wa?..mkr. 65 Ahi.Tsl 
Conndiy Thos. dray. bdi. 2(12 W. 3d 
Connelly Thos. painter, 76 Catharine 
Connelly Waiter, cooper, 103 Lock 
Conner Benj. mach. 384 Walnut 
Connors John, carp. 315 W. 2d 
Conners John', g«KN 130 W. Row 
Conner John, c, ;tehraan,71 W. 4th 
Conner Martin, driver, 15U W. 3d 
Conner \. W. elk. •_':> Congresg 
Conner Thos. lab. 2f.l W. Front 
•Conner Timothy, lab-427 W. 2d 
0onn«r Wmfi-ed, seams. 77 W. Row 
Coanerty Andrew, mach* li Q 4 Walnut 
Connor Benj. finish, 206 Parr 
Connor James, lab-. 23 l.ongworths bWg 
Connor Jno. bds Bev5s House 
Connor Jno. sales. 30 W. 4th, bds. Mm. 

Connor John, porter, w.s. Race, b. Pearl 

and 2d 
Connor John, shoe mkr. 13 W. 8th 

Acaderny of B-.-siL'n, 74 W. 4th 
res. GaUipoiis " 
Connor S. b: 
Connor Wai 

Connors Jas. 448 George 
Conolly Jno. lab. 40 E. 8th 
Conover Wm. plasterer, 57 Kossuth 
Conrad A. shoe- mkr. 83 L. Market 
Conrad Conrad, lab. 9-i Bremen 
Conrad Chris, bucks. 17 Clinton 
Conrad Const, porter, 273 M:iin 
Conrad Geonre, trunk mkr. 95 Freem&Q 
Conrad Gustav, elk. 3R1 Main 
Conrad John, tailor, 458 Walnut 
Conrad Nicholas, lab. bds. 00d Vino 
Conrad P. hucks. 44 Jackson 
Conrad Peter, shoe mkr. 50 Ham. Road 
Corrrad Valentine, shoe mkr. 1? Clinton 
CONRAD Fred. (N. ic Co.) 53^3 Wuluu* 
ConradtChas. G. 101 E. 3d 
Conraide Cans, cooper. bds 1G9 W.2d 
Conray Rev. J. F. 280 Richmond 
Con - ay James, carp. 40 Pierson 
Courey Dennis, lab. Kossuth, b. _Catha-. 

rir.e and Clark 
Conroy Chas. elk. 52 E. Front, bds. c 3-1 

and Ludlow 
Conroy Patrick, steward, 2^ Catharine 
Cor.rv Andrw, lab. e.a. Horn 
CONSTANT II. (Racine & C.) oO Vina 
Constantin. Kileu, b. fold. 107 Walnut 
Con nine Hy. 13 Arch 
Con-tine Jas. lab. e.s. Culvert, b. 5th 

and Cth 
Conway C. C lab. e.3. Sycamore, 17th 

Conway Larry, lab. Hi^h, b. Parsons and 

Conway Lawrence, porter, s.w.c Rac» 

and I'earl 
Conway .t no. cab. mkr. oil Accommodation 
Conway John, lab. 171 Water 
Conway Johu, purb r, 59 Pi irl 
Conwav Mrs. Mary, LU E. i',rh 
Couwaj- -: i'cluM 1. ib. i,u. 4-^ Vfotot 
Conway M [.stow, «•■• 

Elm, b. Front iud2d T h. e.*. l^c-r, 

b. Pearlan.i-l . . 

Conway Thos. cup. 18S Cutter, b. ••> 


Conway Thos, bar. 30 tnridio^ 

Conway Thos. dray. -33 E»efwt 
Conway Thos, dray. 41 Dublin 
Conway W. A. lam. mer. 33i Gcorgi 






L I o .a>„ W 
i» %:-\ v«j ; w «^ « w m mt W W IS n ^ 

H H Mi Mm Jk %m mm Ik Mi mt 

Walnut Street, 


Se&sions of 18*5 5 and IS*?®- 7 07. 

The sixth Course of Lectures will commence on the third Monday in February, and 
continue fourteen weeks ; and the seventh Course of Lectures will commence on Oiq first 
Monday in November, and continue sixteen weeks. 

3P j&. o XT x* n? -*sr . 

J. S. GALLOWAY, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy. 

E. H. STOCXWELL, ffi. D., Professor of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. 

E.C. COCHRAN, IS. B-, Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 

S. H. POTTER, M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of .Medicine. 

A. H. BALDRIDGE.M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. 

W. B. WITT, M. D., Professor of Practical Surgery. 

T. J. WRIGHT, M. I)., Professor of Special Anatomy and Operative Surgery. 

Preliminary Lectures will be delivered during the month of October, bv the members of 
the Faculty. 

Dissecting Rooms will be opened early in October. 

y? £ 3S S . 

For the College Course, X $20 

Dissecting Ticket, 5 

Hospital Ticker, 5 

Graduation Fee,... * 25 

T. J. WEIGHT, M. D., Dean, 

No. 8 George street. 




rj.e.c. 4th arid 

i Coon Geo. (Eaton, McCay &l Co. ) 111 Corbit Mich, printer, 1G7 Walnut 

i ,>, :n.-._ /-i__i • ic„ _ n-< ir.i. 



Conway Wrn. C. cam. 416 W. 3d I Coombs Marcus S. print* 


plumber. 157 W. 5th, ■ Coombs Martin P.. a'ty. Law bit 

h. 1U1 Lougworth I Broadwav Hotel 

CXHffWSUD Jas. 31. (Holmes & C-) 400 ! n 0OM"BS,RYLAXD& BE VCKWELI S 

W. 4th ! i (J. Ii. C, J. A. R. & ii. R. B. & 

Coawell Mich. lab. 113 E. 3d I ^ S. C. B.) wholesale hardware, 

Coiitee Tobias, white washer, n.e.c. 6th i 90 Main 

and Culvert j Coon Adam, driver, 1015 Ham, Hoad 

Coogan P. it. lab. 53 Hunt 

Cook Adam, mould,-.-, 28 14th 

Cook Dr. A. L- 1113 Broadway 

Cook Alfred M. (C- & Bro.) 363 W. 4th 

C>OK Anthony, (A. & B. C) Hopkins, 
b. Fiatt and Freeman 

Cook Augustus, dray. 125 Bremen. 
I00K A. & B. (Anthony & Bernard,) 
irmkrs. Hopkins, b. Linn and 

Cook B. bds. 606 W. Row 

Cook Barney^ lab. 365 Linn 

Cook Barney, 593 W. Bow 

COOK Barney, (A. & B. C) 240 Hop- 

Cook Sc Brother, (Milton H. C & Alfred 
M. CA builders, 366 W. 4th 

AOOK & CARR, (Cornelius O. C & 

U Alfred C-) produce store 130 Ful- 
Cook Carter, tin and stove store, 361 W. 

COOK Cornelius G. (C & Carr,) grocery 

125 Fulton 
Cook Chss. elk. 169 Main, h. 4$3 Vine 
Cook Charles, painter, bds. 192 W. 3d 
Cook Edward, 533 W. 5th 
Cook Edward, b-k. at G. W. Hill's 
Cook E. M. 162 Elm 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, "365 \y. 4th 
Cook Ernst, lab. 24 14th 
Cook Frank, shoe mkr. s-e.c 


Corbet Jas. stone, 48-2 W. 3d 
Corbet J no. lab. ns. fith, b. Harriet and 

Cbrbin Jas. 324 Longwortb 
Corbin Jas. 21& Kichm md 
Corbin Miss Julia, n-s. Lock, b. C-h and 

Corbin Jno. H. auc. 01 Plum 
Corbin Jno. S. watchman, 67 Plurr.b 

Goon George, lab c. Bank aud 1 

Coon Geo. M. shoe mkr. 6, , Elm 
Coon Oscar, musician, bds. 73 W. 6th 
Coon W. tanner, 381 W. Liberty 
Coonan Cornelius, lab. 407 Walnut 
Eooney Pat. groc. n.s. Front, b. Long- 
worth and Harrison, F'n 
Coone-v Patrick, lab. Augusta, b. John 

and Smith 
Coons M. 212 Clinton 
Coons Win. 212 Clinton 
Cooper Abner, chain pump manuf. 128 

W. 2d, h. n.w.c..Mose3.and Mill 
Cooper Adam, chair rakr. 115 Mill 
Cooper Alex. bk. binder, 25 \Y". 4th, h. 

66 W. 3d 

Cooper Anna, 06 TV. 4th 
Cooper. Casper, carp, w.s, Harri 

river. F'n 
Cooper: Catharine, 66 W. 4th 
Cooper D. iah. 286 W. Front 
Cooper Eliza Jane, 96 W. 4th 

COOPER Geo. (G. C. & C) h- EVay, Corel! Lc 
opp. Franklin i Corevont Ji 

Corbin Wm. porter, 27 Webb 

CcrblyJF. M. (Morton & C) 

Corbley Owen* pipe fitter, 3M Walnut 

CorbleyThilip. pipe fit 384 Walnut 


I i r. r. chair and spike work*, 201 & 

^ 263 W. Front,o©ce99W.3d,b. 

215 Longwortb. 
Corcoran E. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Cordbecker Jno. oil c! >th mkr. s.s. Ring- 
gold, b. Price and Sycamore 
Cordeley Jno. L. Kk.. smith, 69 Pike 
Cord, n Herman , teamster, 2<J5 W. Liberty 
Gbrdenbrock Hy. lock rakr. 28 W. 3d 
Cornerman Jno. Vv . mason, h. 11 Chest- 
Cordes C 289 Math 

Cordes Diedrich, Jackson 11. n.e.c. 12th 
ami Walnut 
nr. Cordry Jacob, joiner, s.s. Front, nr. 
Longwortb, F'n " -' ' 

Cordry Mich. M. Rice, nr. river, F'n 
! Cordv AboriHa, press f^i\^ } IB7 Walnut 
Corel! Jno. body mkr. 21 W. 7th 

3 Ellen 
barber, 6 

j Cooper Geo. wks. rolling null, 05 nish 
j AOOPER GEO. & CO. (Geo. C &T Is- 
; f i rae! Clark"* wh. dry good, s-e.c. 
| V Walnut and 6th 
th and Cooper II inry, n.s. Front, nr. Kellv. F'n 
• Cooper H. Ccab. mkr. bds. 158 W. 3d 

t, nr. Janfcatovs 

Corey L. II. mac 
Corey O. lab. s:s. 

Cork Conrad, lab. 515 E. Front 
Corkern Pat, draj -s.s. \t w, nr. B'vrny 
Corkill Phillip, variety store, 07 Pcuole- 


P. tab. 384 Walnut 
, river man, 3'.' E. 7th 
Dermis, porter, 39 E. 7th 
Edw. cot h. 39 K. 7th 

v. uuji-.a .i i.-i'o e. vcuvcr, to 

anct 13 4:15 W. 5th, 
h. 365 John 
Cooper Joseph, baker, 50 W. I'ront 
Cooper Joseph M. (L. & J. M. C) 440 

W. 5th 
Cooper L- (L- & J. M. C) 440 W. 5th 
. phys. 
r alnut 

:r, 270 B>way 

oper, n.s. Lock, b. Clh 

Cook Fredk, brk. mason, 727 Elm j Cooper Jas. canal collector 7 W. Canal 

Cook Geo. lab. 31 Mill 1 h. w.s. Sycamore, n. of Webster 

Cook Harriet, 16 Miller Cooper Jas. Supt. City W. W. 1 Med. 

Cook Henry, pro v. store, 369 W. 5*:h j Col. h. 4 C 5 Sycamorfi 

Cook Henry, blk. smith, 107 Woodward' Cooper James C. bakery, n.e.c. Walnut 

Cook Hv. lab. 130 Ham. Road j and Water 

Cook Jas. W. brk. l:\ve. 273 Catherine ■. Cooper James F. carver, 43H George 

Cook Jas. W. brk. layer, 103 Fulton 

Cook Jno. elk. n.e.c" 3d and Walnut 

Cook John, bank teller, h. e.s. Mill, b. 

4th and 5th 
Cook John, elk. 118 Mill 
Cook John, elk. 174 W. Front 
Cook John, 77 E. Front, res. Buckeye 

Cook Jno. cof.h. 9 Harrison Road ! Cooper L. &"J. M. ai. phys. 440 AY. 5th j Corravant Leonard, barber, c. Sycamore 

Cooke John T. elk. 74 W. 4th, h. 174 ■ Cooper Martin. 167 Walnut and Abigail 

Front I Cooper Mary, bk. fold. '167 Walnut J A0RRY WM. 

Cool: Jonah, drav. 91 K cm ble j Cooper Mary E. 309 W. 4th I I ; cashi< r at C. II. &: Bayton^jpot 

Corkin Jno. co< 
Corkin Patrick, 

and Sth 

Corkrey Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 20 Or- 
Coriey Jno. porter, 53 Sycamore 
Corliss L. V. dress mkr. 81 V. 4th 
Corravant Frank, surg. dent, and briber, 
447 W. 2d 

Corry Wm. M. atty. metrop. bldg. n-c.i 
9th and Wahiut, r^s. Correyville 

I Correns. Tim. lab. 124 Lock 
Correvant R. barber, 148 Clinton 

Cook Louis,dray. 57 Ever * ; Cooper Robert, groc aad bakery, L. | h- n.s. F.-ecmont.b. Freeman A; Carr 

Cook Michael, boot mkr. ' is- 8.5. 2d, b. | ket, b. B'way and Syoamore, h. 304 '. Corry Tho.s. F. 223 ^.V. 4th 

Broadway and Ludlow j W 4th 

Cooi Milton H. (C. & Brother,) res. 361 , Cooper R. W. (C- <fc W T oodru(T) 

W. 4th | Cooper Robert A. baker, 84 L. .Market, h. I Gorrem 

Cook M-,ses. lab. 230 Longworth 309 W. 4th 

Cook Peter, lab. 3c4 Walnut ! Cooper Laraantha, 115 Mill I Correva.n Joseph, barber, 343 B'way 

Ccok Oliver H. P. saddl'J, c. Baum and Cotper S. S. 136 Longworth | Cornish Eliz. b. sewer,' junction 6tia and 

Sth I Gooper Wm. cigar manuf. s.e.c. Front ' Front 

Cook Richard, carp. Hammond, b. 3d. and Ludlow, res. Newport Cormock Jas. shoe mkr» 8.3. 2d, t. Vint 

and 4th, res. Covington ' Cooper W. W. 77 Laurel and Race 

Cook S. H. printer, bds. 5th, b. Race and Cooper <k Woodruff, (it. W. C. <fc S. W. ' Corneau Mrs. Rebecca H. 454 W.8tb 

Elm W.) confec. s.e.c. BayndJler and- Cornelius Jas. pedler, s.e^c. 5tU aud Blm 

Cook Theodore, (Davis 4: C.) bds Bpen- 7th I Cornelius Francis, wood saw. 101 W. Li- 

cer House ; Coors B\ shoe mkr. 132 E. Front I berty 

Cook Tboa. engineer, e.s. Liberty, nr. I Cop John, blk. smith, bds. 200 W. Front Cornelius Lawrence, l^b. s.w.c Walnut 

Front ; Cope John. brk. layer, n.*. 6th, b. Free- ; and Allison 

Cook Th,,s. messenger, 21 W. 3d, h. 535 '• man and Harriet I Cornell Ceo. R. lab. 62 Wiliiam 

W. 5th j Cope Mrs. Mar>-, s.s. York, b. Linn and Corney Tim. sales. 237 BVaj 

Cook Webster H. elk. bds 365 W. 4tb \v. Row ' Cornigin Michael, chandler, m)4 W. Row 

COOK Win. H. Physio. Med. College, ' COPKLEN Geo. W. (C. <Sc Haskill,) B Cornor D. L. F. elk. 257 Main. bds. 101 

B'JE. 3d ; Linn 5th 

Cook Wm. J. cutter, 52 Main, h. 226 f\ QPELEN & K AS KET J,, Fire, Marine j Cornwell Cordelia, mattrass mkr. 212 W. 

Ban- \l and Life Iu», sweats, 7 P. Landing, W. Front 

Cookraire Henry, paper mkr. 71 Abigail ^^ up stairs Corp Adam, tailor, 3H Ritten H. 

Cootey Jacob, Stewart. 4G3 W. 3d j COTKLF-N Isaac C. Pres. Com. Ins. Co. Corson T. B. mach- Cin. tj pe found. 

Coolidge C'^vi U. 12 W. 8th up stairs r<-<. Walnut Hills j Cortes Jane, rap mkr. 64 iVarl 

: ElishaT. b.k. 3 Gc.rge ' COPFN Alfred P. (C 4: Sasaett,) » Coartman Theodore, carp. elk. b. J?totl « 

Coolid re Win. II. druggist s.e.c W. Row • Cammerce ' b'reem in 

Corts Hv. cof. b. 70 Byoamoro 

C< ■'-. Mrs. M xry, 815 Riico 

CORWIN D- W. (King, C ft Co..) 151 

W. 4th 
Corwin F. pros. C W. A% Z- R.R. r«. 

Corv. Is Ily. shoe mkr. lio Hopkins 

C0PEN& BASSBTT, (Attred P. C. & 
Luke A. Ii.) boon pole yard Oil 

and Sth 
CooUnan Henry, porter, 39 E. 7th 
Ceoiman tiudwig, tanher, 17 i Piatt 

Coombe Elyah, cutter, 73 Parr | Copineer Rev. Tho«. s.s. 8lh, b. W. Row 

Cooba David, rope mkr. i'4 Kveret | ami Plum 

Toombs Mrs. Emily, 110 Park (well) Coplin B. lab. 213 Water 

COOMBS J. G. (C. Ryland and Black- Coppia Jos. carp. 201 R?-c« 




g ill I i 


lliiliM l©iiii lllilllli III lllllllj 

Soutii-west Corner ofWesterti How and I^osijjworiii ssrects. 

A. H. BAKER, M. X)., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. 

B. S. LAWSON, M. P., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. * 

PLINY M. CKEME, M. P., Professor of Obstetrics nud Diseases of Women and Children. 

^pruden ce. 

JAMES S. EARIUSON. M. D., Professor of Materia Madioa*- Therapeutics & M-0'ci' Jr 

WILLIAM W. DAWSON, M. D,, Professorof General and Special Anatotity 

GEO. M. MACLEAN, M. B., Professes of Medical Chemistry and Toxicology. 

J. WATSON TULLI8, M. D., Professor of Physiology and Pathological and Surgical Anatomv. 

FEES.— Professor's Tickets $90; Matriculation Ticket, f5 : Demonstrator's Ticket SS- Grachia- 
tion Fee, $25; Hospital Ticket, $5. .. * 

The regular course of Lectures commences on the first Monday or November and continues 
elxtecn weeks. A preliminary course of Lectures is delivered during toe month of October free of 
charge. By an arrangement with the Directors of the City Infirmary, the students of this'Colleo-e 
are admitted to Clinical instruction in the Commercial Hospital. Ey the addition to the College of 
very superior advantages are possessed, and Clinical Medicine will be socially attended to 
throughout the Session, and every possible facility afforded the student for personal observation 
and improvement. 

Persons visiting the city for the purpose of receiving medical or surgical advice will find that 
tho Invalid's Retreat possesses superior advantages, both in reference to comfort and economy. 
Our accommodations are admirably adapted to the wants of the sick, the house is well ventilated 
and located in the most elevated and healthy part of the city. 

The kindest and best qualified nurses only are employed, who attend day and night upon the 
eick. Our charges will be such as to lessen much the expenses under other circumstances' and a 
studied attention paid by us unitedly, to the comfort and relief of ail those who will entrust theui- 
Eelves to our care. 

g@TFor further particulars, address by letter or otherwise, 

B.-S. EA.WSON, PI.D., Registrar, 

No. 333 ffa 

A. U. BAKER, 3Sf. !>,, President. 

&o. 31G West Sixth street. 
Sixth St. 


South-West Cor. of Seventh and Mound streets. 






(Tho-s. C. & Jno. P..) attys. 
S3 W. Fourth 
Corwln Sand, b. and siju painter, 169 

COBWIN Thos. (C. & Proba.sco; bds, 

Corwin Wm. n. atty. 32 W. 4ft, bds. 

Winae H- 
I » (Richd. M. C. <fc II- B- H. fc Wm. 
^ K. Rogers,) attys. rooms A. and 

14 Selves' t-ldgs. 
CORWTNE R. ST. (C. Hayes & Bogeag 

379 W. 6th 
Cosgrave Jas. 2d hand store, 242 % W 

Cosgurve Of way, currier, 405 W. Row, 

h. life George 
Cosgrove Jno. currier, 193 Fulton 
Cosgrove Mrs. 135 George 
Cosgrove Peter, express driver, n.s. 7tb, 

b. Broadway and North 
Cosgrove Thos. 'carp. 5 Gest 
Cosgrove Wm. boot mkr. G7 W. 6ch ■ 
Cosfor Antony, dray. 38 Pierson 
Cosper Jas- carp. 158 Barr 
Cost Geo. coop. 3' 2 5 W. Liberty 
Cost II v. 142 Clinton 
Cost Riohd. II. hatter, 123 Main 
Cost Virginia, taiioress, s.w.c. Oliver and 

W. Row 
Costello due. blk. smith, 48 Phi-son 
Costell Jno. confec. 17 9 W- 9th 
Costello Mich. dray. 36 Pierson 
Costelio Thog. dry goods, 138' W. 5th 
GosteUo Jiio. .aroi\ 71 Catherine 
Coster ^-op-hen, elk. 31 W. 5th 
Coiti'rov- Jas. l'.:b. 27 Accommodation 
Cost; lie Anthony, dv.xy. 38 Pierson 
Castillo Mica- dray. 36 Pierson 
Costte Pat. lab. 431 George 
Cotman Jnv.. lab. s.s Symmes, b. Kilgour 

and Lock 
C o fetal J as . cab. rnkr. 4 10 B 'way 
Cotsenbroke By. (B. Pettmer & Co.) w.s. 

Main, b. 6th and 7th 
Cotter Hy.blk. smith, 67 Pendl- ton 
Cotter P. tailor, 1U5 Main, res. Covington 
Cotteral & Goldsworthy, carp. (J. W. C. 

& T. G.) 328 Elm 
Cotteral Jos. W, (C & Goldsworthy} 315 

W. 8th 
Cottman T. 340 Vine 
Cottman Thos. (Garrett fc C.1 340 Tine 
Cotter Jno. lab. 297 W. Front 
Cotferal Geo. lab. 32 E. 6th 
Cottle Geo. elk. 460 B'way 
Cottle Jas. chair paint. 28! Richmond 
Cottle R. IT. 395 W. 8th 
Cottle Rodman, brk. layer, 48 Gest 
Cottle We. cistern builder, 214 Slaple 
Cougbiin Thomas expressman. 5o7 W. 

. Coulcher Laeinda, 392 W. 7th 
CcuitcT Andrew, bd3. 164 W. 3d 
Coulter David, c ?f. h. 38 E. Front 
Cousius Francis, 380 W. front 
Cousins Jno. print. 167 Walnut, bda. c. 

5th and Walnut 
Cars Widow, 466 W. 8th 
Cove a Mrs. A. M. mantua mkr. 107 W. 

Cove!>> Jno butcher, 28 Bank 
Cover Chester, sales. 30 W. 4th, bds. U.S. 

Cayer Jasper, carp. Front, b. Rice and 

Walnut, F'n 
COVERT 3D. S. (Cutter &; C.) bds. Gibson 

Covert Minna, bds. U. S. Hecel 
Covington N. If 5 W. 3d 
Cowan Jno. tailor, 161 W. Row 
Cowan'dti Jao«b,riyer mam, n.s. 7th, b. 

BVay and Culvert 
Cow« riy. carp. 53 Vf. 3d 
Cowford Jno. iab. 28 Mercer 
Cowjiulii Madison, coir., and prod. met. 
■■ -• P. Landing, h. 497 Elm 
Cowkr Jacob, Jab. e.s. Avenue, b. Har- 
rison road and Bank 
Cowsley Andrew, lab. 297 W. 2d 
£<>x A*»en. lab. New, nr. Culvert 
Cox I'-lw.b. k.23E. 4th 
Ijox beo. carp. i243 Cutter 
<-"& tlruiio, v.- bite- washer, 518 Elm 

Cox Hv. ladies 1 shoe mkr. 49 E. 8th 

Cox Ily. sales. 21 Pearl 

Cox Hiram, al. p&ys. s.e.c. Race and 12th 

Cox J..B. mould. 384 Walnut 

Cox J no. 8, drug. 410 Race 



office Court House 
] Cox Abiel. macb. Cin. type found. 
Cox Mich. blk. smith, his. 181 Plum 
Cox -R. K. coal mer. 23 K. 7th 
Cox Richd. K. jr. elk. 265 Richmond 
Cox Capt. Robt. M. 399 Walnut 
COX i'. S. wh. groc. 624 W. Row 
Cox Win. painter. 469 W. 3d 
Covad Frank, elk. 181 George 
Coyle Edward, carp. bds. 245 W. 6th 
Coyle Jas. II, salesman, 74 Main, bd3. 

136 Main 
Covle Mich, violin plaver, 198 Cutter 
Coyle PhD, fruit deal, n.e.c 5th and Wal- 
Coyle Robt. E. sales. 127 Walnut, bda. 

136 Main 
Coyle Sirs. Rosanna, 23 Franklin 
Coyle Y- B. elk. 192 Ban- 
Coyne Pat. lab. 50McFarl:md . 
Cozine Abraham, tanner, 80 Bank 
Cozine P. A. printer, 80 Bank 
Gozzens Marshall, nverman,s.s. New nr. 

Cozzens Wm. barber, Hammond b. 3d M 

Crager Barnard, carp. 356 B'way 
Grace Wm. confec. 358 W, 5th 
Cr afford Mrs. Kate, 68 Betts 
I I ford, and corn. rner. 48 Walnut, 
w bds. Carlisle House 
Craft Thos. cur. 74 Laurel 
Cragsr Hv. elk. 11 Pearl 
Crag| Richard, porter, 11 Pearl 
Crai'/ Alex. bak. e-s. Ludlow b. Symmes 
and 4th 
1 RAIG EPa[U>TD, agricultural seed 
^12 W. 6th, res. Cheviot 

CiilAlG Mi 
i store, S 
f Garden 

Craig Hy.jr. 192 W. 3d 
Craig Jas. C. brk, layer, 485 B'way 
Crai? Jas. II. millwright, 42 Plum 
Craig John, lab. n.s. W. W. Ca:ialb.Park 

and Rose 
Craig Thos. bk. bind. s.s. New near 

Craig Wm. bk. bind. s.s. New nr. Broad- 
Crail Milton, sales. 87 Main 
Crail Milton, jr. elk. 90 Main 
Grain John, lab. Abigail b. Pendleton and 

Leb. Pike 
Craling Aug. lab. 106 Clay 
Crail Lav id, porter, 111 W, Canal 
Crallin Hy. boot mkr. bds. n.w-c Cth &. 

Harriet . .. 
Cramer Frank, lab. 4*2 W. 5ch 
Cramer Geo. R. Maguer. 374 W. Row, 

h. 118 Everett 
C.-amer Gilbert, eof. h- 026 Ham. Road 
Cramer Hy. coop. 62 Mohawk 
Cramer Ily. mould. 113 Hitch 
Cramer Hy. st/me cut. 554 Race 
Cramer Herman P. bk. hind. 141 Main 
Cramer Jno. II. lab. 564 Elm 
Cramer Nicholas, lab. 367 Lynn 
Cramer Sc Watsons Hall, n.e.c Court and 

W. Row 
Cramsey Wm. fur. 125 W. 5th 
Cramsey Wm. J. elk. 141 Mound' 
Cranbert Mary, bk. fold. 155 Walnut E. P. dep. co. elk. res.E. Walnut 

Cranch John, confec. 631 W. Row, 
Crandall E. naint. 385 W. Liberty 
C ran dull Solomon, shoe mkr. 177 Oliver 
Crane Aaron, h;u - . mkr. 76 W. 3d 
Crane Aurelia F. Uaoh. 1st dist. 196 W. 

EuWBRBEDft-eO. (M-H.CA. 

. bt 

nRAN: ; VBi;E^.vC0. w 
S ; D. B. & Jno. Mills,') met 
v> manuf. 230 W'onut 
Crane David, rvoc. 27 E. Liberty 
Crane E. M. type Gja. Cin. Type Foundry 
Crane Geo. cut. Ci Pearl 
Crane George, type finish. Cin. Type 
Foundry (ondalc 

CRANE Henry, (C & Leavitt,) res. At- 

Cran" Hy. L. elk. 121 Walnut, h. 121 

Crane Jas. C. (Sanford &. C) res. lit. 

Cr; ne John, Lab. 161 W. Row 
Crane Jno. II. elk, 81 Sycamore, h. 203 

A KANE & LEA\1TT, (Hy. C. & Jos. 

i i P. L.) hosiery and gloves, n.w-c 

KJ Vine and 5th, 


I / cab. ware maouf. 81 Sycamore 

^ h. 208 Sycamore 

Crane Mich. 14k. smith, n.s. Augusta h. 

Smith and John 
Crane Pat. lab. Augusta b. John and 

Crane Rufns, 469 W. 7:h 
Crane Stephen M. sales. 147 Main,h. 7l 

W. 7th 
Crane Thos. lab. 161 W. 2d 
Crane Thurston, not. pub. 145 Main, res. 

E. Walnut Hiiis 
Crane Wm. E. cik. 74 Main, bds. 459 W. 

.7 th 
CRANE M. II. (C, Breed & Co.) 7 

W. 9th 
Craner Adolf, cloth, s.s. New nr. Broad- 

way •'"■. . . 

Cranly John, fireman, 30 Commerce 
Cranston Wm. Front b. Rice and Yfalnot 

Craper Hy. lab, 231 Eembie 
Crapsey J. G.bds. Farlow House 

n-w.c. Courts Main 
Crarey Mrs. -Nancy, 55 Clinton 
CRARY Silas,agL Wes. Far. In«. Co. o?. 

24 E. 4ih,h. 17 2 Maple 
Craten Pet. carp. 58 Clark 
Craway Jolm, cot. mills, h.oih b. Lock &■ 

Crawfelt Jno. shoe mkr. 52 lUum 
Crawford Betvj -.sawyer, 1a> Laowl 
Crawford Benj- groc. 135 Laarel 
Crawford Geo. ronf. 126 Mosea 
Crawford Geo. fireman, 97 Bant 
Crawford J;-s. dray. 55 Honkin* 
Crawford Jas. A. elk. 10 W. 5th, b. 2« 

Crawford Jas. E. shoe store, h. e.s- StonJ 

b. 4th and 5th 

ClSAWJOItDJOlESr, dealer in stapla 
l and fancy dry goods, bonnets, rib- 
bons, &c- £2 W. 5th, a; 293 Leng- 
Crawford Levis-S. b.t. 15 P,b- Band. 
Crawford Mary .Tan^, 11*9 VF. Freut 
Crawford RoH. dk. 37 SCerable 
Crawford K. if, elk. 46 Pub. Land. 
Crawford Rossanna, .seams. 126 Moses 
CRAWFOR© Samuel T. (Brant & C-) 

bds. n.e.c. 5th and B'way 
Crawford Win, chaw mkr 126 Moses 
Crawford Wm. dr.'.y. n.e.c. Pearl and 

Walnut, h. CS. Home 
Crawford Wm. A. Bales. 12 Tearl, h. 411 

W. 7th 
Crawford Vv'm.B. lalj. Mansfield b. Milton 

ami Liberty 
CRAWLEY E- A . Pre.ii wcs. Colmin.& 

manuf. Co. rorf- College Hill 
Crawley Mary A. cof. h.Ji49 W. Front 

Crawley , printer, 101) Vf. 3d 

Crawley Wm. carp. n-a.. Front nr. Broad, 

Crawley B. bk. bind. 25 W. 4th, h. c 2d 

and Elm 
Crawley Wm. lab. Front b. Rice and Wal- 
nut, F'n 
Craven Q .Thos. elk. 25 W. 4ch, Wi. 2i^ 

Craven Gershun, elk- 30 L. Market 
Craven Hy. mould. 2W Walnut 
Craven Pat. booterirnp«r,M«.-« &** 
Craven Thos. I ib. CO Baum 
Craven Wm. c ty marahaU, off. citybWgfc 

h. 271 Rich] 
Crayheeker Tony, lab. s.s. Augusta o- 

Smith and Rone 
Creager Jno. carp. 208 Ban- 
Creager Theo. cab. v-^-. bds. 293 Yv^tU 
CreaghJohn V- 11? Clinton 
Creain Geo. gta. keep., rid. acuocl bldj. 

W- 6th, h. 357 W- 7th 





»Vos. 17 a*t£ 10 Water Street, 



MUBLMT MvMJjL 4' 00., 

No. 26 West Front Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 




mmmsm & mmmmm wmmsst 

80 .JEast Front Street, between Xlroadway & J^iullow, 

ggTParticular attention paid to the sale of LEAF TOBACCO, and all kinds of Produce. 







Dealer in Salt, Flour, Groceries and Produce, 


Coal Jptyt Salt €m$m%, rob Ulason City Coal (Tcuipaair, 

No. 38 Walnut Street, Ciueiiinati, Ohio. 







Creamer John, mould- 03 F.remen 
Creua STieh. cof. h. 327 Jviva.- 
Cregan &&*• ] - b - h - 64 E. 6th 
Crdgtiton R. iura. deal. n.s. Congress E. 

CreUjhtonRobt.bds. 203 W. 5th 

Creld.Ben. shoe mkr. 23 Jackson 

Crene Hannah, 126 Mill 

Crene Hy. elk. 126 Mill 

Ceenc^aacy, 126 Mill 

Creppel Fred, meat store, s.s. Front; near 
Jamestown Ferry 

Cresap Dan. J. cutter, s.e.e. 4th & Walr 
nut, h. U.S. Clinton b. W. BjW and 

Cress Geo. W. 94 Can- 
Cress Lewis, tailor, 153 Oliver 

Creutz Jac. china and queeusware, 190 
W. 8th 

Crichton David, drug. 15+3 B 'way 

Crickler Hy. 9 Ann 

Crider Chas, lab. e.s. Avenue b. Bank <&c 
Harrison Bead 

Crigiaud Chas. paint. 56 Bank, res. Cov- 

Crigler Moses F. drv goods, 15 L. Market 
bds. Madison House 

Crigler P.obt. L. elk. 15 L. Market, bds. 
Watson Mouse 

Crigler Silas J. elk. 15 L. Market, bds. 
Evans Hotel 

Crightoa Wm. elk. 90 & OSBVay 

Crillen, lab. 381 W. 2d 

Crime Mrs. Ann Morgan, b. 3d & 4th 

Crirume Hy. wood saw. 70 Abigail 

Crimon Chas. musician, over 538 Main 

Cripp Mrs. Mary, s.w.c. Clark and Pine 

Gripped Francis C finisher, bds. 25 E. 
* Seventh 

Crippen Jesse, eat. h. 212>a W. 6di 

Crippen J. W. 81 Mound 

Crippen Wm. blk. smith, 25 E- 7th 

Crippen Wm.G. rep. Times office, h. 148 

Cripple Mrs. Ellon, 19 Melanothon 

Crips Fred, shoe mkr. bds. 37 Ludlow 

Crips Tojrie, shoe mkr. bds. Brookville h. 

Criseman Geo. lab. 207 Fre^rnan 

Cri3man Bernard, lab. 120 Pleasant 

Crist, car man, 130 Beits 

Crist Jno. P. taniu r, Findley. b. Elm & 
Canal Buoimus, cooper, e.s. Division, b. 
Harrison road and Bank 

Cristian Jno. lab. 117 Lock 

Cristian Wm. cotton mills, h. 93 Lock 

Cxistopher Miller, rope mkr. Webb, p. 
Scone and Mid 

Cristopher Valentine, tailor, n.w.c. Find- 
ley and Race 

Croak Wm. lab. 427 W. 2d 

Crobe Mich, tailor, 6S1 Bace 

Crocker Val. B. painter, Observatory, Mt. 

Croelin Chas. en?. 20 W. 4th 

CroffFred. tailor,' 59 Allison 

Crofton Edw. C ca-p. 150 W. 3d, bds. 
293 W. 5th 

Crogan Jas. lab. n.e.c. Front and Par- 

Croger Benj. tailor, 20 Baum 

Croger Hy. carp. 18 Baum 

Croleu't Frank, chair mkr. 17 Mercer 

Crolen Mrs. Mary. 23 Catherine 

Crolley Matdiew, b. k. 173 Longworth 

Cralvin Jo*. 289 W. Front 

Grornble Eliza, s-s. Front, b. Harrison & 
Longworth, F'n 

GromdicK Fred. wag. mkr. bds. 1031 
Ham. road 

Cromis Gc >. dray. 103 High 

Crommer lly. team, e.s. Anderson, b. W. 
W. Canal and 2d 


I i pp.p. Broad av Hotel, 
^ S-^e-C. B'way aad2d 

Cromwed Peter, stone cut. 66 Wllliato 

Cronan Pat. l;..b. rear 403 Secaojot'e 

Cronbach Max. hat. 226 W.«th 

Crone Benj. carp. Cutter, b. Betta and 
Clinton, h. 12.1 Clinton 

Crone k. Co. groc 5<»9 W. 7th 

Oroser W. carp. 462 Elm 
Cronln M. shoe mkr. 23 Jackson 

Cronin T. & Co. (T. CI lard oil and lea- 
ther dealer, 23 Water, h. Ill Front 

Croning Enos, lab. 14 Dublin 
Cronnin Datfl. shoe mkr. 53 Clay 
Cronty Mrs. Mary, n.e.c. Fulton and Ca- 
Crook Andrew, elk. bds. 125 W. 5th 
Crook Gebhart, finisher, 33 Madison 
Crooker Peter, Lib. 21 Hatubal 
Crooks Andrew M. elk. 12 E.4th 
Crooks Presley, bds. 219 Walnut 
Crooks Geo. carp. w.s. William, b. 3d &c 

Crooks iz. Goodall, (Jno. C k. Geo. O.) 
boots and shoes, 268 Main 

; 263 Main 
Uh, bds. Far- 

Crooks .ioo. (Cf. & Goodtd 
Crookson Jas. sales. 30 W. 

low H. 
Cropper Div-Chas. ec. phys. 108 W. 6th 
Cropper Cyras, blank book inanuf. and 

bindery-, 167 Walnut 
Crosbin Jas. tras works, 114 Moses 
Grbsbin Marv, tailoress, 114 Moses 
Crosby Ellen, lids. 73 W. 6th 



41 W, 4th, bds. 156 W. 5th 4 

Crosby 0. B. b. k. bds. 304 B'way 
Croscit Wm. 593 Svcamore 
Qrosgrove Bridgett, 140 Water 
Croshy Jno. Ccarp., c. Chestnut &. W. 

Crosiey Rostcen' F. E. painter, s. w. c. 

Sycamore and 6th 
Crosiey Ruben, elk. 551 W. Row 
Cress Antony, cooper, 125 Pleasant 
Cr<\=.s Edw. E. rep. daily Times, n.e.c. 

Elm and 4th 
Cross Eleanor, b. h. 203 W. 6th 
Cross Chas. print, bds. s.w.c. Tine & 3d 
Cross Mrs. Hannah, 253 Catherine 
Cross Julia, widow, 438 W. Front 
Cross Mich. blk. smith, 72 Butts 


1 ) attv.-at-law, 

w Law bldgs. 

Cross Wm. print, s.w.c. Tine and 3d 

Crosset Jos. lab. Mansfield, b. Milton and 

Crossgood Jlelman. earn. 56 Findley 
Crossley Jno. W. sroc.*312 W, 0th 
Crossly Sarah, bk." folder, 167 Walnut 
Grossman Jno. hat. 450 W. 5th 
Grossman Jno. W . cof. h. 514 Walnut 
CR08SMAN Wm. director city infirmary, 

s.w.c. Centre & Bace, h. 309 W. 6th 
Crosson Peter, B- 446 W. 7th 
Crota Bernard, potter, 209 W. Front 
Crothers Wm. janitor 1st Pres. Church 
Croty Jno. porter. 35 Pearl 
Crouse S. N. bds. Winne TI. 
Crouch Jno. D. cooper, 329 Cutter 
Crouse Aug. blk. smith, 119 Fulton 
Crouse Chas. tauner,Eiia, b. Elder and 

Crouse Jacob 8. horse auc. bds. Winne 

Crow Geo. dray. Freeman, b. Hopkins &; 

Crow Jno. frame mkr. 435 W. 5th 
Crow Pat. dray. 24 Catherine 
Crow Peter, huckster, 16 Jefferson 
Cro.wder .las. blk. smith, s.s. Front, b. 

Ludlow and Pike 
Crowed Jno. cab. mkr. 92 Hopkins 
Crowell S ami. 47 Elizabeth 
Crowley C J. print. Columbian office 
Crown Anthony, tailor, 302 Plum 
Crowther E. W. cik. 26G W. 6th ' 
Crowther Frek. elk. 405 W. 5th 
CROWTHER Geo. H. (Morrisaon & C) 

2?1) Kemble 
Crowther Hy. engraver, 280 Kembia 
Croxen Win. carp, Front, b. Bice and 

Walnut, F'n 
Crozens Jno. pain. 230 Walnut 
Cruet Liston, en-. 450 W. -tth 
Cruder August, paint. 471 Walnut 
Cmfea Kliza, ISO W. 5th 
Gruikahanli: Martha, Bchool teacher, 70 

W. 8th 
Crutnhine Jeremiah, trunk manuf. 215 

Crumps Root eng. 15 W. 3d, h. 100 W. 

dealer in tin ware and biitUuiia 
260 W. 5 th 

Crnmpy Wm. car. mkr. bds. 14 Vine 
Cruse Hunt, elk. 40 Sycamore Wm. constable, 287 Vine 
Crusmeyer Harrpan, lab, 92 Clay 
Crusoe Geo. fireman, e.s. Sycamore, b. 

7th and 8th 
Cryer Thos. willow ware deal. 36 W. 5th 

h. 213 Elm 
Crynharden Chris, drover, c. Freeman &.-. 

Liberty . 
Cryspop Thos. carp. n.s. 6th, b. B'waj & 

" Culvert 
Cuber Jacob, much. 76 E. Front 
Cuddy Thos. print, bds. 112 W.fith 
Cuhlman Joseph, prov. store n.s. 6th b. 

Harriet and Horn 
Cullx rtson bds. s.c.w. Front and Llb-erty 
CULBEP-TSON Jno- C (Groesl)«ck & 

Co.) h. 386 W. 6£h 
Culbertson JohnM. 386 W. 6th 
Cullan Jas. lab. rear 5.50 E. Front 
Cullen Jame-s, ice house, 9 E. Front, Ixls. 

Evans Hotel 
Cullen Thos. groc. 1 Accommodation 
Gullen Wm. engineer, 228 Ban- 
Culiet Jnor tobacconist, 1005 Ham. P.o*d 
Culligan Pat. shoe mkr. 201 John 
Ca'.Uo »kry A. teacher, 141 W. 6th 
Cullin Robert, sterrfiotype?, 168 Vine 
GuTloh Jacob, confec. 47 E. 3d 
CuHot« Sarr.l. elk. 148 W.5th 
Cullum David P. printer, 191 W. 3d 
Culium Mrs. Emzy, seams. 487 John 
Cullum Jas. (shoe enttef, 140 Vine, h. 

Barr, b- Cutter and L'nn 
Culver Frank, carp. p.s. Fiont, nr. Tin* 

Culver Henry, carp. s.s. Front, nr. Vine 

Culver >fargaret, s.s. Front, nr. Vine F'a 
■Gumhne Satlian, Inis. 99 Freeman 
Gumming Fred, blk. smith, 52o Syca- 
Cummin E s E'len, 163 Front 

nuinnNo^s Hamilton^ honseand 

\ i sisrn palnreri 120 Walnut, n-s. Cot- 
V ington 

Ctimmi'.i'.'s Jas. painter, 18 Everet 
CummingaJos. D- b.k. 32 Walnut, h. 

Baum. head of 5th 
Cumraiu/s P. 1 ah. 189 Consrress 
Cummings Patrick, cuf.h. 53 E. 8th 
A L'MMlNliS SAML. brass founder,Rnd 
{ i fire eiirir.' 1 ha! !r. n.s. Front, b. 
^ ' Pike ami Butler 
Cummin-; And. shoe mkr. Jones, b. Wile 

and Liberty 
Cummins Dominick, cab. mkr. 34* Trco- 
I Cummins Geo. carp. Baum, b. Observa- 
' fcory Road and Symmes 

: Cummins Geo. rar patherer, 2 40 Evere* 
CumntinsGeo. W. Baum, b. High and 
I Cummin* Henry, painter, 124 Walnui, 
re-. Covington . 
Cummins Jno. paper mkr. n.s. Canal, b- 

Dubl'm and Broadway 
Cummins Jos. D.b.k. 32 Walnut, h. 103 
I Pa ira 

j Cummins Michael, cooper, bd3. 49 B\^« 
j Cummins Tlu>a. u>ol mkr. re,s. 63 P. n«h 
Cummins Wm. L. saddler, 353 ftaCe 
Gunahan Thomas, lab. n.n.e. 2 1 anji 

Cune Ferdinand, tailor. 66 Findlay 
Cunen Barney, lab. 671 W. Front 
Cunigan Stephen, teams. 130 W. 6Bi 
Cunniirum Francis, laij. n.s. High, nr. 

Stoi !. F'n 
Cunning Jas. turning shop, t^WsoU ally- 

h. 4'.'-3 \Y. 5th 
Cunningham Anthony, Penn. House, It 

Land ng,b. BVuy and L«dl m 
Cunningham andrew, edRC tool manu/. 

11 K.Mh. h. ~1 Qopli tw 
Cunnin [hiun Eliz iLc-th, : ■ iu IreM, r.t. 
Cherry, b. Kim nndPlum 

igham Krs. E ' '^ 7: « 
; Cuniuu ;' im Jas. I ' ! • -' ! 
: Cunninnhara Jas. lab. 503 Plrnn 
| Cunninsham James, lab. IIoj;artha aflVi 
b. Richmond and Catharine 
Cuwninphara Jas. F. iC Williams t 
Co.) 150 Sycamore 
I Cunningham Jane, 162 ^\. 3d 





fflfliSSll IBBWMf, 


5g %2t4m> w 

r a *r» jji 

No. SO West Front Street, between Main and Walnut, Cin'ti, O. 




0fi!ce3 at Campbell, Russell & Co.'s, East Front Street 


Brady &. Davies, Louisville, Ky.; R. F. Sass, St. Louis, Mo.; Brady, Gorman & Co., New Orleans ; 

James Eider, Esq., Planters' Bank, Memphis, Tenn. 

Commission ITIercIianSs 


•Keck Geo. & Co., 5,7 & 9 e. Canal. 
Adae C. F. & Labrot, 1(5 w. Front. IKennett, Dudley & Co., 12 Public Landing. 

Adams Robert, 27 w. 2nd. |Lang!ey & Kinkead, 25 & 27 w. Front. 

Andrew & Wilson, s. \v. c. Congress & KilgourLehmer James I). & Co., s. w. c. Walnut & 2d. 

Athearn & Hibberd, 5 e. Front. 

Bailey M., 59 & 61 Walnut. 

Banning D. & J. W., 32 Walnut 

Bartlett, B., 2S w. Front. 

Brown James L.. e. s. Sycamore, s. of Court. 

Buchanan Robt.,26 e. 2nd. 

Buckles & Co., 37 e. Front. 

Campbell, Russell & Co., 3 e. Front. 

Chenoweth J. S. & Co., 25 e. Front. 

Chipman H. D. & Co., s. s. W. W. C. Basin. 

Cleneay & Son, 51 Walnut. 

Conklin & LIubbard, 21 Walnut. 

Copen & Bassett, 69 Water. ' ' 

Craft Jas. W., 43 Walnut. 

Dean & Hale, 51 e. 2nd. 

Dickey A. & Co., 19 e. Canal. 

Dominick Geo. & Bro., 25 & 27 Water. 

Eggleston Darius, 85 w. Canal, 

Emmerson Henrv, 47 Walnut. 

Emmerson N. W". & Co., 47 Walnut, 

Fenton A. B. & B., 13 Walnut. 

Fosdick &l Foulds, 46 Walnut, & C., H. & D. 

Railroad Depot. 
Fuller E. N. & Co., 15 e. Front. 
Gilbert, Jones & Ogborn, s. e. c. 5th & W. W. 

Canal, (opp. C, H. & D. R. R. Depot.) 
Gray &. Thomas, 361 Walnut. 
Hall Dudley & Co., 26 w. Front. 
Harding L. L., 28 & 30 e 2nd. 
Hau^hton Samuel M., n. e. c. 4th & Vine. 
Hazard R. F. & W. S., 65 w. Canal. 
Holmes & Conwell,54 Walnut. 
Rosea Robert & Co.. 1 w. Front. 
Hull Julius, .Canal b. Main & Sycamore. 
Hunt Sl McCane, IS w. Front. 
Irwin & Co., 22 Broadway. 
Johnson L. B., 3 e. 2nd. 

jMeBride & Hammar,52 Walnut. 

jMcComas H.G. & Co,, 3 Sycamore. 

[Moore Robert, 30 w. Front. 

MuJlins, Shrock & Johnston, 32 Main. 

Nye Henry, 329 Broadway. 

Odiorne & Pratt, 43 Walnut. 

Paul & Murdock, 13 Water. 

PratherJ. Q.&. Co., 39 e. Front. 

Rawson, Wiiby & Co., 8 w. Front. 

Ray C. M., s. e. c. Court &. Sycamore. 

Rhodes, Higan & Co., 30 Sycamore. 

Roots & Coe, s. s. W. W. Canal Bajsin. 

Ross& Co., 19 Sycamore. 

Sargent Lemuel 1L, 33 Walnut. 

Shaw W. M.,48 Public Landing. 

Sherlock Thos., 16 Broadway. 

Skirl" J. A., 30 Walnut. 

Skinner &, Franklin, 9 w. Front. 

Sprigman &. Brown, 46 Public Landing, near 

Stem, Baker &Co. f 49 Walnut. 
Stilwell & Anderson, 39 Walnut. 
jStraight, Doming & Co., 31 Sycamore. 
Taylor & Brother, 45 Walnut. 
Taylor Geo. H. & Co., 50 Walnut. 
Tibbitts & Hurin, 6th., near C, H. & D. R. R. 

Torrence James F., s. s. Canal, b. Walnut and 

Vine, and C, H. & D. R. R. Depot. 
Wann & McRirney, 116 w. 3rd. 
IWayne Clifford G., 15 Sycamore. 
Wilson las. & Co., 2\ w. Canal. 
Wright Wm. S. &Co., office 15 Syc.up stairs. 

';,,! . ,- Orvillo R. Cowguill Madison Warren, PortT& 

Bartlett P. W. EUUT.&H. Co. 

Casey &. Withers Pcrio L. <S. Co. Westdl McDougal 

Cohen Samuel A. Summons Wa. B. 






s.s. Clark, b. 

Cunningham John, can 

Cunningham John, carp. 

Fn-emni and Carr 
Cunningham John, car drive--, --04 B:tt§ 
Cunningham,. John, prov. store, s.e.c 

Cth and John 
Cunningham John V. carp. 400 George 
Cunningham Miss, dress nikr. s.w.c 

Pearl and Race 
(Jasucagbam Pat. boiler mkr. 47 Con- 
CKanm^tgham Terry, !ab. 45E. Sth 
Cuxmiflgham Thos. furnaure earj Jones, 

b. Wade and Liberty '. 

Cunningham Thos. cik- GS W. 2d J 

Cunningham TLmy. boiler inkr. 47 Con- J 

gress, h. Butler 
Cunningham Wm. lab- 31 Poplar j 

Cunningham Wm. printer, 477 W. 5th i 
Cunnir.nrham W. A- b.k. 30 W. Front 
Cunningham ic Williams & Co. (.Jas. J. 

C. & "Miles W.) wh. grocers, com- & 

ford, mer. 13 P. Landing 
Cunrada Wm" bik. smith, 55 E. 5tb j 

Cuntz Conrad, cooper, 30 Mercer 
Cunz William, elk. 54 L. Market 
Curd Thomas., constable", 9G Water 
Curethers Patrick^ bik. smith, s.w.c. j 

Court and W. Row " 
Curley Luke, shoe mkr. e.s. 6th, above 

Cfurrah Wm. F. H& smith, G44 E. front 
Curran Pat. lab. 237 Cutter 

Currey , bds. 1G0 Sycamore 

Currey James. 168 Barr 

Carrey Martin, finish. 33 Kembie 

Currier Geo. C cik- 134 Slain, bis. 135 

Curr others — -, bds. 160 Sycamore 
Curry Alex. P. printer, bds. Butler, b. 

3d and 4 th 
Curry Martin, brass fin. 32 Kernels 
Curry Robert, n-s> oth, b. Harriet and 

Curry Thos. mach. Ms. 70 William 
Curtin Francis, lab. 102 Freeman 

ical College, office and res. 67 E. 
Curtis A. L. barber. 555 W. 5th 
Curtis Chas. A; tinr. 21 E 2d 
Curtis Delia., 7 Miller 
Curtis Mrs. Eliza, Supt. H. of Employ of 

Baught. of Tem. 188 W. 5th 
Curtis Henry, n.s. 7th, b. Broadway and 

Curtis Mrs. H. B. 247 Elm 
Curtis Jacob, 413 W. 5th - ] 

? i elk'. 179 W. 5th. bds. 5th, b. 
w Park and Monnd ' (ington 

CURTIS John, (Roberta & C.) res. Cov- 
Curtis John, lab. High, b. Elm and 

Curtis J, G. local ed. Enquirer office 
Cart; Mrs. Julia. 30 Baum 
Curtis P.. printer, 25 W. 4th, res. Ludlow 
Curtis Richard B. dy,- h. 244 Elm 
Curtis Thos. n.s. 7th, b. Broadway and 

C uivert 
Curtaer II. elk. n.w.c 2d and Main, r. 

17 Harts bldsrs 
CCRWEN Masked E. (TUden, Rairdon 

C) 140 Elm 
Cuaack - — , tailor, 8 W- 6th 
Gashing Aaron P. R.R. conductor, 22 

Cashing Jas. T. ho. phys. 92 W. 7th 
Cushion John, lab, 5 Burnet House 
Custard David C. finisher, 64 E. 5ch 


\j carpenter 

w 64 E. 5th 

Cnsdard John, thy eood*. 64 E. 5th 

Custard Lane R. finisher, bds. 64 E. 5th j 

Custer Jean, lab. 47 Pendleton 

Caatom House U.S., S. B. W. McLean] 
surveyor »f the port, s.w.c 4th and ' 
Walnut, tem. office Selves 1 bids. j 

Ctttair <fc Batchfilder, (Jos. C tc Geo. j 
B.) tobacconists, 247 Main (rth j 

Cataiar Jos. (C & Batchelder) 212 W 

I stable keener, 73 W. Cth 
h. 138 W. 7th 

AUnEE&COYEET, (Geo. w. c. <fc 

I i D- S. C) attty3. 3d W. 4th, b. Wal- 
w nut and Main 
Cutter Erekiel, bucks. 447Lin» 
CUTTEK Geo. W. (C & Covert,) bds. 

Burnet House 
Cutter Gerrard, cof.h. 78 W. Row 
Cutter Henry, brk. mkr. 157 Everet 
Cutter James, lock smith, bus. 193 Syca- 
Cutter Jos. ctrr). mkr. c 8th and Canal 
Cutter Mrs. tailuress, 433 VV, Row 
Cutter Sophia, milliner, 109 ?7. 5th 
Cutseiber Wm. brass fin. e.w.c Wednut 
and Allison 

Label Christ. -woodVaws 13 Webster 
Babinski Caspar, bds. Baltimore Ex. 
Dackenberg John, stove mould. 384 Wal- 
Bachlaner Martin, lab; bds. 615 Main 
Daditl Martin, river man, bds. river Lan- 
ding b. Main and Walnut 
Dady Mich. lab. s.s. Tayior Conrad, dray. 395 Walnut 
Lagan Jno. cooper, e.s. Avenue b. Bank 

and Harrison Road .-- ■■■■ • 
Dagart Samuel, carp. 5:»'3 Sycamore 
Bagge t Hy. J. edge tooi grind. Lcck b. 

5th & 6th 
Daguet Aimee, 4S9 Sycamore 
Dagguet Alfred, stove mould. 384 Walnut 
Daguet Alphonso C mould. 11 Orchard 
Dagner Hy. 223 Maple 
Daguet Lewis, finisher, 11 Orchard 
Dagner Lesyis, dray. 1G2 Poplar 
Duhley John, lab. Culvert 
Dahimann Fred. groc. 578 Main 
Bailey Jas. rtone saw. s.w.c. 3d & Broad- 
Daily John. lab. 34 B. 7th 
Dailey Jos. bik. smith, 172 Park 
Dailey Michael, ale bottler, 200 Long- 
Daily Adv .415 Sycamore 
Daily John, cof. h. river Land. b. Tine &. 

Daily John, bik. smith, 47 Race 
Daily Jno. lab. 14 Dublin 
Daily Jno. shoe mkr. 142 Everet 
Daily Mich. V. groc 294 Sycamore 
Daily Pat. lab. 'n.s. Front nr. Kelly F'n 
Dains Mrs. Pheobe, b.h. 204 Sycamore 
DAIR Jno. F- (J. F. D. & Co.) 62 W. 

DAIR JXO. F. & CO. (Jno. F. D. & 
TV m. Scorns,) seed store and agri. 
warehouse, 40 and 42 L- Market 
Dake? Hy. J. shoe mkr. 44 Harrison 
Bakes R. II. cik. c B'way and 8th 
Dalden Jos- 43 Everet 
Daleham Jacob, tailor, 220 Linn 
Dale And. J. atty. 9 Worthington's bldg. 

h. 43 Mansfield 
DALE B.T. (B. T. Dale & Son,) 43 Mans- 

DALE B. T. & SON, 
(Ben. T. <t Jas.) orua. plas. 
43 Mansfield 

DALE James, (B. T. Dale & Son,) 

Dale Jno. paint, s.s. Oliver b. W. Row <Sc 

Dale Jno. W. asst. city Auditor, 43 Mans- 

Daley Jas. lab. s.w.c. 12th and Vine 

Daley Jas. marb. cut. 25 E. 8th 

Daley Mike, bar kpr. 21 Land. b. B 1 way 
&; Ludlow 

Daley U. police, s.s. New near Broad- 

Baling Wm. lab. 172 E. 5th 

Da 11 Francis, 389 Vine 

Dallas Fred. b.k. 31 Pearl 

Bailas Step h. dray. 479 W. 3d 

Bailer Jno. jewel. 389 Vine 

Dallinghause Mrs, CatherineM. 23 Grant 

DitNinghaitse Hy. ch.urcaner, 22 Grant 

Ballman Frank, fur. 4"'2 ltace 

Bailsman Frank,(Raucber,Bechard t Co.) 
n.e.c. 13th and Bremen 

Dalluiann Herman, brush mkr. 18 Web- 

Balton Elisha, coop. 427 Sycamore 

dry goods, 
212 W. 5th 
DAXTON JOSEPH, Jr. carriage mak<r, 
CIO Main, h. Everet b. W. Ror and 
— John 
Balton Richard J. sales. 3 and 10 Pearl, 

tds. Madison House 
Balton W. I', cik. 575 Eace 
Daly Adw. lai>. s.s. Front nr- Lumber 
Daly Arm, 162 W.3-1 
Daly Dennis, d\->\y. 71 Plum 
Daly John, gas fitter, 191 Linn 
Daly John, groc 71 Plum 
Dai/ At. dry goods, 2139 W. Row 
Daly Mich. lab. .i.s. Front nr. Lumber 
DALY Mich. V. (King & D.) 494 Syce- 
Damai in C. A. M. (Scioto roll, mill Co.) 
res. Portsmouth 

physician, n.e.c. Broadway and 3d, 
n. 96 Broadway 
Damer Barnard, carp. 50 Mohawk 

Bauer Wm. 11 15th 

Damcrt Win. river man, 19 Abigail 

Bammann Hy. cigar mkr. 94 12th 

BammerHy. lab. Iti Madisoq 

Dana CKasf. agt.289 VV. Gth 

Dtuic.e Walter B- car. mkr. s.v-.c. Syc»- 

moreanddth, bds. Farlow House 
Dane Jas. lab. n.s. W. VV. Caaal b. Park 

and Rose 
Daneuirnvtr John W. b.k. 2G2 Hopkins 
TiaNL'JRTII, WiiiGHT &C0. Bank 
II aote engravers, Saml.B. Munson, 
J - / act. s.e.c. 3d and Walnut 
Daniar G. J. 712 W. Row 
Daniel Hy. lab. 185 Hopkins 
Daniel Mich. (Block &. D.) 100 Long- 

DAMEf S 11 N. & N. C. (Bewitt N. 
& Nelson C) manuf. truss, artif. 
limb &c. 39 W. 4th 
Daniels <k Di»>ble, (Jas. A. D. & Geo. D.) 

hatters, 28 W. 4th 
Daniels Elizabeth, b.b.297 W. Cth 
DANIELS Hector L- bk. seller, 112 Mai» 

h. 17J George 
Daniels II. bds. 104 E. 3d 
Daniels H. L. mer. 171 Georgo 

I saddles and harness, 
' 205 W. Gth 
Daniels Jas. A. (D. & Dibble.) 
Daniels L. B. mach. 14 Gongresa, res. 

DANIELS -Nelson C. (D. N. fcN.C I>.) 

30 W, 4th 
Danker Barney, sign paint. 410 Broad- 
Bank worth. Jno. upholster, 19 E. 4th, b. 

s.f.c.4r';i and Mill 
Bankv Mrs. Dora, seams, 30 Parsons 
Dankv Margaret, bk. told. 107 Walnut J 
D irtky Philip bk- binder, 167 Wulnut 
I Dann Jos. carp. 5-13 ^v". 3d 
Dana Jno. V. I is. 282 W. 4th 
Dannahy John, cof. h. 11 1 \Y. 3d 
Dannemann Jos. shoe mkr. beb. 401 Syc- 

gas fittinjr, 14 W. Court 
~ h. 15-' s W.9ih 
Darby. Thos. lock mkr. 28 W. 3d 
Darcksen Theo. Hoi. Ex. 432 Main and 

Dan] Mrs. school. 30 Elizabeth 
Dare Clement, civil ermi. 365 W. 3d 
Dare Mrs. Mat ! la. 27 Elizabeth 
D;u-ey Jno. dray. bds. 438 W. 3d 
Darkar Kichard, naould. 45 Woo 1 
Darlage J- II. shoe store. 2lfl p""- : *7„ 

Burl .■ , pi -no mkr. bds. 7. 1 W. 3d 

DarUng hi. G. (D. if Jones,) P- ! w. Btl 
Darweld Jac. St me cut. bd*. 0. 6 \ bae 
Baiitng Jertnniidx, m.u-h. 3AI V\ . utn 
I) irling Jno. drug. -' ' i- 
[)iu ; - Jno. dru ; elk. SIM Main 
DarUng fc Jones, tEm< -- <: - °: et wf4> 

E. J.) dentists, 120 M. Oth 
Darmant Jno. lab. a-w.c bth an UlanM 
Darmcdav Jas. lab. :^ Ac-nm 
Darmor Wm. chair mkr. • I t .'/ 
J)arn Frederick, l»>«O*»2«»0 1 ••man 
Barn Geo. printer] Ub- 4/ L.AUx 



Commissioners of £»ccd.s, fee. 

iCasinclli John. 

appointed by th« authority of other Stales to take acknowl- Col On a An 

Kocks Henry 
Ledger Benj. 

cagmetrt and proof of Deeds and other Instruments vn- Cooper & . Woodrufl Lewis Jacob 
dtr seal to be used or recorded in said states; avd to ad- Co- olio J no. Llttlebury Tho- 

minister oaths and take 
respective courts. 
Tnii list, we are atvi 


to be read in tlieirC T * ce W 

Livilari John B. 

far from bo 

full, and 

ire, lS"\ery ur uuiu ucing mil, ana r)p VO t Q Annfiln 

L» not arranged as we hope, to bo able hereafter to have it, n on ., lt j™ 

provided out efforts in that direction are properly re- n ', r.i' " 

spo'jied to. hrtA--. t 

* Doran Jane 

App'.egate John W., corner 4th and Walnut. FiestJohn 

Mrney James, Manchester Buildings. f2»t?s\»« 

Brown & Brown, n. w. c. 3d and Main. (Garibaldi & Co. 

Carpenter S. S., Worthington's Buildings. 

Demand Leopold Longmiatti .A nth'y 
Demand Math' 


ini Jno. • 
io J no. B. 
rd Jas. 
Haly Martin 
Hanschev fienry 
Hedger Robt. 
Uelruig Henry 
Help Kosanna 
Her herding Prank 
Hirsch Jonas 

McDourral Joseph, 20 e. 3d. (see Card page IGOiHoSsVVV ft " v 
McGulT'ey A. H., 120 Main. JaciSon m. M. 

Moormann J. B., 18 w. 9th. Johnson Wm. J. 

. , !-.«-• ,t> i t.i j \ ilvanfmati Lewis 

>d and Main (Bank blags.) Keiley H 

Kelley Thos. 
Kennedy Iia^h 

Bacciocco S., 176 w. 5th. 
Biesenbach Adulph, 82 Sycamore. 
Dick Geo., 189 Vine. 
Fischer Win., 80 w. 6th. 

Douglass John G., corn. 4th and Walnut. C$eeJGodt 

Card page 12.) 
Handy R/D., Selves' Building. 
Jones &, Ware, Worthington's Building. 
Lewis A. II., 148 Main corner 4th. 
Lytle W. H., 15 vv. 3d. 

Thompson E. A., c. 
Todd A., 15 w. 3d. 


io: to 

sphen, 20S Elm. 

Louderback Jacob P., 332 w. 5th. 
Richeimer Michael, 293 Main. 
Vonderheide Herman, 12 Sycamore. 

Alley Sam'} A. Be h ley Fred. Brizolara Jno. 

Andekof Marcus, Kelslater John Brown Henry 

Arata & Ginochio.Beu.*roan Henry. Burnett Alfred 

Arzerio Jos; Blocb H- Burnett. Thos. N. 

Bacciocco John Borgo Cretan Candler Perdinani 

BaccioccoJos. Boro Vincent Cariin Jos. 

Barnef Jas. Btamonoz/.otto B. Carrier Charles D. 

Louie Edward 
Louderback M.J. 
Luetticke H. 

Lyon Ja«. 
McCarty John 
McHale Martin 
Marina Peter. 

Marshall John 

Masa ?iic!i. 

Milban Geojge 

Miller I. H. 

Mingeld S. 

Morris Nich. 

Moseley Jas. 

MarilloJno. -• 

Myer Aug. 

Myers & Co. 

Myers Jno K. 

Nicholson Daniel 

Niedel Fred. 

Noonan M. 

Odom John. 

O'Grady Tim'hy 

Oneto Jcs. 

Ornetii James. 

Pahls John 

Painano Stephen 
Gilson & Replogle, 12 Canal. 
Jonte Peter N.,484 Race. 
Prows Samuel, n, e. c. Liberty 
Richards John, 204 Sycamore. 
Adams Henry Durrell Friend 

Adamson Robert FennJohn 
Bokedon AbrahamForster Wm. L. 

ButcJUon A bra! 

I camp 
Barns & 

& Stone- 

j ton: 

Connely James 
Pagan Jno. 
Den ham &. Shaffer 
Dobler Crist 

Fox & Baker 
Gerdt & Hoberg 
Hagley Jno. 
Hannafih.1 Kv. 
Harding Chas. 
Hemmelgarn By. 
Hoffman Adam ct 

O'Donald Hugh 

Perrica Jno. 
Podesta Jas. 
Podesta John 
Quenlin Geo. 
Ratli Francis 
Rose lewis 
Soiutti Mich. 
Bchlott R. 
Schmidt Ferd. 
Sehwegman C. 
Sehwegman P'r^nX 
Sheeuan Je-ern. 
Shepard Chas. J. 
SiStiaijro Thus. 
Smith Dan'l J. 
Smith Geo. 
S ii eider Peter 
Sols era James. 
Staffer Constantino 
Stebrieo Jno. J. 
Stevens J.; a & Co. 
Stookey Isaac 
Tomasszn C. 
Vergenne Peter 
Verhage Henry 
Walker Wm. 
Williams Wm. 
Wis by Lewis 
Wittman Nich. A. 
Wiua II. 
Zanottf &■ BoggL 
ZanonL John 

& Front. 

Profeter Micb. 
Rosebraugh Jno. R. 
Seele August. 
Stevenson Ry. 
Templeton Nicb, 
Thomas By. 
Turner Jno. 
Vabibbrier A. J. 
Videll Francis 
Westing George 



m to m m w v kb TOf 

v^ b*£& w% *$■-% Item IV IH8I 

8t) &k*£i) &&3Jn $ZJJ ft»5*M ©Ste MS) m*M 

y @m. $M) ^M£i) $ti%3 $^S } ®&M& t-S® MD ^^ 
No, 171 Gourt street South side, between Race and Elm 9 



Dedkebach Henry, 171 Court. 
Lape, Hopple & Co., 11 e. Front. 
Moody W. H.,21 e. Front. 
Robson W. & G. W., 156 e. Front. 
Shaddinger G. A., 35 Congress* 
Thomas & Hendricks, 7 e. Front. 

horrocks J. R. Kiersted & Hoffman 

Cork iTIaiiufacturers. 

Cotton Ulanufactu/tr^. 

Buchanan R. At?ent for Covington and Cooper 

Factories, yarns, 20 e. 2nd 
Harkness, Strader *S>: Fosdick, (Franklin cotton 

factory,) c. 3d &i Smith, piece goods. 
Stearns \l Foster, c. Clay and Liberty, glazed 


Gould, Pearce & <'o. 

Counterfeit r>etectors. 

Lord's Detector, [Thos. VV. Lord,] 17 w. 3d. 

Fischer d: Feinthel, n. s. Hunt, bet Main and Paddock Wm. R. & Co.,[U. S. Hunk Mirror,] 
Sycamore. s. c. c. 3d and Walnut. 





Barii U. printer, bds. 47 E. 4th 

Dames Wm. barber, 14 E. 8ta 

Bateliei Geo. bk. bind. e.s. Race b. Lib- 
erty and Green 

D.up'Mr. cut. 3-SElm 

Parr Anthony, bk. binder, 141 Main 

Darr Chas. -243 Broadway 

parr Francis, elk. 5 W. Front 

Parr Jus. jr. not. pub. Selves bldg. h. 243 

P.irr Jos. ST.. 272 Eacs 

parrel! Albert,barb, s.s. Court W. of Main, 
h 48 Race 

Parro , T Geo. P. foreman foundry, 89 E. 

Part Geo. stud. 496 W. 3d 

Part J- ho. phys. 496 W. 3d . 

Pasher Geo. saloon, s.e.c 6th and W. 

Da-vine Mich, huckster, 70 Spring 
Davis, (D. Sc Fry) 

Davi3 Alonzo, lab. Front, b. Kice & Wal- 
nut, F'n 
David Andrew J. tin. 99 W. 5th 
Davi^ A. Jutlsou, elk. 11 Sycamore, bds. 

158 W. Front 
Davis Benj.ensr. bds. n.s. Torrence, nr. 

Lumber, F'n 
Davis B. F. broker, bds. 2% vV. 6th 
DAVT3 C jr. (Jones, Bros. & Co.) 
DAVIS Cbas. (Chas. Pavia &c Co.) 57 W. 

CHAS. &C0. (Chas. D.J. H. 




Davis Sc Cook, (Jno. B. D. & Theodore 
C) boat store, 44 P. Landing 

DiHS CHAS. & CO. (Chas. D. J 
Porter & Nat. Goldsmith) pork- 
beef packers, 278, 2c>0 and 

Dashney Finley, tailor, 92 Baymlller J Davis Cornelia, b. fold. 167 Walnut 

passeliA. jeweller, s.e.c. Sycamore arid j Davis C. £. K. 82 Hopkins 

2d I Davis Daniel, works rolling mill, w. s. 

Pater Adam, dray. 1-15 Poplar WhiUaker, b. Front and High 

Pater By. watch, bds. Butternilier's Ho- Davis Daniel C. carp, bds. 164 W. Row 

tel i Davis Dank F, dep. sheriff, 2 Clinton 

Paters Fred, cigar jakr. bds. 277 B%ay i Court 

Sateel Antonio; tail. 601 Vine Davis Dr.r.l. F. barber shop. 3*0 W. Row 

PaaMabas Fred. lab. 68 12th \ Davis Dan!. S. eng. bds. 1*34 W. 3d 

Dauerhanerlly. vara. Adams nr-Plma j Davij David, dray. 55 Kemble 
Dauet Fred. lab. 21 Mercer j Davis DM -nab, seam. 281 W. Front 

Bsugherty Anthony, river man, bis. river i Davis I'd"/. T. paper hanger, 85 Main 

LtEdding b. Walnut L. Main re?. Covington 

Daugherty FM-.v. lab. 25 Accommodation , Davis Emanuel B. butcher, e.s. Brighten 
Daugherty Jas. porter, 33 Sycamore, h. ! b. Hamson road and Bank 

ilar.-ison j Davis E. ii. mer. 133 Barr 

Dau^hcrtv Jas. elk. 131 E. 5th I Davis Eliza, mill wright, 243 E. 5th 

Dougherty Juo. lab. 55 E. 5th j Davis Eiiz. 472 W. 3d 

Daiv/hTtv Mich. lab. al.b. Elm. and Canal j Davis E., elk. 02 W. 5th 

296 W. 

I Davis Flora, elk. 6 r J W. 6th 
Davis Frances, 312 W. 5th 
Davis Frank S. cik. 30 W. 3 

Davis Frank P. (Baxter & P.) s.s. 9th. b. 

Main and Walnut 
Bavi. Fred, lab. 25 Franklin 
Davis & Fry, car. manuf. Vine, Ham 

road and Buckeye 

am' Liberfcv and Fivni'ey 
Dsaghcrty Pa ". dray. 134 Waterl 
Baugherty Tim. finis, bds. 106 Elm 
Daugherty Wm. bds. 79 W. 3d 

Dai;m hichajbl, 
coffee house, 
14 £. Front 
Pave John, chair mkr. 60S Tine 
BavelHy. paint, rear 23 Woodward 
Baven Tkos, lab. n.s. Front nr. tod pie i Psvis G. paint. 270 Ge< 

F'n ' Davis Mrs. Geo. C. 7 W. 9th 

Davealr ok Rudolph, wood saw. Spring ! DAVIS Geo. F. (G F. D. 5c Co.) bds. 

b. Abigail & Woodward Walnut St. H. 

DAVENPORT Chas. manager, Nat- Tel. T\AYIS GEO. P. & CO, (Geo. F. D.) 
7 E. 3d I I pork park, and ham curersj 

D&.T1HP0RT GYRUS, sec of Sprin- I ^ 11 Sycamore, res. Mt. Auburn 
Grove Cemetery, n.w.c. 4th and j DAVIS Geo. H. (N. H. & G- II. l>.) 53 
Walnut, h. 235 Longwotth. j W. 8ch 

Davenport I). G. 276 George J Davis Harvey, elk. 51 W. 3d 

Davenport D. G. A. auditor L- S£. B. R. Davis Harvey,. bar k. 61 Plum 

Depot ' j Davis Hy. {D. 6c Taylor) bds. Wannt St. 

Davenport Eliza, b.h. 127 W. 5th j House 

Davenport Eliza. 125 Carr j Davis K. F. salesman, n.w.c. Pearl and 

Davenport Jas. filer, n.s. Front near toll i Main, h. 317 George 

gate F'n | Davis Hy. L. b. k. National Tel 7 E. 3d, 

Davenport J. L. saw filer, s.s. Front nr- ! bds. Woodruff House 

River Fn j Davis H. L. elk. 34 W. 3d, bds. 233 W. 

Davenport Jno. engrav. 22 W. 4th ' Fourth 

Davenpr.. t John P, i nffrav. 12.5 Can* •■ Davis Jacob, bar k. 305 W. Front 

Dayenport -John F. 125 Carr | Davis das. dray. 72 L. Market 

David Antony, lab. Augusta b. 'John \ Davis Jas. hat. 144 Mam, b. 310 Loj-g- 

and Smith worth 

David Daniel K. paint. 90 Everet j Davis Jas. porter, n.e.c. 5th and Park 

David Hy. manuf. fan. 165 soap, &c. Davis Jas. H3. brk. layer, 2SS Linn 

Mam, h. 2-J W. 7th | Davis Jas. H. elk. n.w.c. Longwor** and • 

David Jacob, elk. 22 W. 7th 
David Jno. lab. 40 Pierson 
Davids Jackson, blk. smith, bds. 152 Sy 

Davidson J:ls. S. drag. 438 W. 7th 
Davidson Jas. silver plater, 202 W. 3d 
Davidson Jno. sadler, 34 Stone 
Davidson Jno. B. print, bds. 183 Race 
Davidson Margaret, 405 W. 5:h 
DAVIDSON Tyler, (T. D. £ Co.) 

ins. agt. 

33 W. 3d,h 36-2 W. Cth 
D:ivis Jos. pilot, hds, 158 W. 3d 
Davis Joseph 6. 129 Symmes 
Davis Joseph II. eng. 2(>4 VV. Frotit 
Davis J. B. (D. &: Cook) res. Covington 
Davis J.B. 80 Hopkins 
Davis J. H. (J. B. D. & Son) h. 227 

PAT r ? J". J. ins. agt. 31 K W. 3d, h. 363 

W. 6th 
Davis J. Job, dray. 650 E. Front 
Davis J. R. (J. B. D. & Son) 22 W. 5th 
Davis J. H. i; Son, boots and she'.?, 23 

W. 5th 
Davis J. W. (Sc.otio rolling; co.) res. Porta' 

Davis Joshua, elk. 43 Mansfield 
Davis Kate, b. folder, 167 Walnut 
Davis L. 352 W. 7th 
Davis Mich. G. cnn>. w.s. Whittaker, b. 

Front and High 
DAVIS Nathan, (N. H. & G. IL D-) 21 

W. 0th 

DAVIS N. H-. & G. E. 
liquor dealers, 
69 Walnut 
Davis Oliver, finfehe?, 26 George 
Davis P. E. agt. 3ewing uxacldnes, 4 VT. 

4th, res. country 
Davis Pat. lab. n.s. K-.ont, nr. Kelley, F'n 
Davis R. tailor 7G E. 5th 
Davis Rield, trauk uikr. 65 Catherine 
Davis Robt. ! tb. hnpt r i,t church, BarnsoQ 
Davis Sum!. i5 Cutte" 
Davis Mrs. Sar-aan 6. 12tb 
Davis S. W. mason, 304 \Y. Liberty- 
Davis S.W. i75 W. rth 
DAVIS S. S. (E. ii & Co.) 
D X.VIS S. S, broke?, bds.296 W. 6th 

r\AVIS S. s' & 00. 
| brokers and bankers, 
31) W. 3d 
DAVIS Saml. jr. (S. D. jr & Oo.) *j W. 

VVISS JR £ CO. (Samuel B, jr. & DO iwef and pork packers, 


1 t} way 

d & Phun 


Plum . i 

Davis Jno. stair builder, 82 W. W 
Davis Jno. works rolling mill, " s - ™ Jji; " j 

taker, b. Front and High 
Davis Jno, shoe mkr. bds. 2r v> • R ™ I 

all. phys. | 

office 435 Tine, b« d ^f m t 
Davis Jno. cistern builde l ~ pnestnat , 
Davis Jno. m.iiler M. B.j- ^V 'i' y 
A\ IDSOV TYLER & CO (Tyler D. , Davis Jno. C.b. hind. S " ' 4th ' L - 3 - w - c | 
Ilenry t*robasco, Caleb, P. Marsh, I Symraes and Lock 


Wm. If. p 

pen. in 5. a'_ - t. 
101 Court 
Da vies J, us. elk. 86 BVay 

L40& 142 51 tin 

t. bus. 1-U R 

i D.ivN Jno. G. carp. 5 


! DAVIS Jno. H. (J 

.11. L 4 Co.) 384 

D\VH J II & & (Jo,ia U *S Chas ' ' 

sec R'w" ' uui Courl 
r,...:. T ;; e V ,. *1.„;rh. s.s. Front,.,.. I 

DaViea Jno. miller, s.s. New, nr. Culvert ; Davis Jno. L. bli B 

Davies Jno. starch mkr. Baum ! Broad, F'n . ,., 

Davies M. A. select school, 86 Longworth ] Davis Jno. \\\ dentist, D-w-C Kim am 

David John, cig. mkr. 104 Bremen j r -ongworU w* tt.oui 

Dvivin >Lch. lab. 7<J Commerce Pavis jc^ %r -^>" 

i Davis S ^P hen ?^ r '^ ear 

■Svis.4,'Tavi^Hy-i>'*"'Wm. C. T) 
j wh rai ,uiflrv goods, 100 Walnut 
i Davis Th<v.'*H WlSth 
Pavia X>° 5 - f -' un ' L ~ 3 College 
Davis "bos. mach. Sew } - doors t-'jca 

Pavi'Thos. sttlesman r 93 Pearl, h. 40; 
,v. 6th 

| pa-is Timothy, car. mkr. 627 E!m 

! pivis Vi r.i ii:U posterj Y34. Clark 

| ravisWm. 104 George 

I 5a Y is »'». B. al. phys. 435 Vine, bl*. 

32? Elm 
I pavis rt'm. B. elk 333 Cutter 

D \ \iS Wm. Hy. (S, Pavis, jr. &; Co.) S3 
I v'-'. 9tib 

Paris Wm. M. cik. 20 E. 4th, bd.^. 29 W. 

! j I beef packer; 

,jl - 40 w. Front, h. 158 VT. Front 

Davis Mrs. Wm. b. h. 257 W. Bow 
Duvis Mrs. L. A. 62 W.5tb 
Davison Benjamin, elk. 4<5 Pearl 
Davison Jas. silver plater, 72 W. 6th 
Davison James M. cjurp. aJ9W.3d . 
Pumon John, eng. H5 Provid n • 
Davison John, hlk. smith, 21 Clinton 


I I silver plating, 79 W.6th, 

*■* h. 15 George _ 

Davison >\ m. Oscar, conchm.ui, law " • 

Davys John, dk. 180 Civ . .-, 

Dawson &enj. tinner, 289 W. Gth,a. ^' 

Daw .on fid vd. A. b.k. 20 W. 3d, b- 310 

Dawson Mrs. Eliza. 319 Elm 
Dawson Jas. drj ■: ods, &c 5r.1 v, Row 
Dawsou Jas. J. paper tarrier, 15-1 u.;u- 

Dawson William V. printer, 93 walnut 
Dawson W. W. al. phy. w.s. Bri/au\Ta/ r 
b. 3d and L. Mx-ket 




^^TFfP^rvN ®2p 

^^ v* gin *^*>-". 

ISJ^" •» JlL «§■ 

B^O^CSI-jilir <rfb <00 


Manufacture and keep constantly on hand a full supply of 

Suitable for tie use of Upholsterers, Bhrniiture Manufacturers, Car Builders, Carriage Makers 
and Saddlers, &c. JOBBERS SOLICITED.. 

No. 17, 19 & 21\Teb$terSt., bet, Main, and Sycamore,! 



Cracklings 5 [Furclkaser of,) 
Smith A., 21 Webster, b. Main & Sycamore. 

Curled Hair manufacturers, 
Forgey J. P. & Co., 12 & 14 w. 2nd. 

Bender Henry, 3£>5 Vine, 
Luther John, 16 *. 5th. 

Dagucrrt^n Apparatus. 

Smith Ptter 

*Jagi*erreotypes, Ifeotograpns, &c. 

Ball J. P., 28 w. 4th. 

Bishop Justin R., 20 e. 4th. 

Faris Thos.j n. w. c. 4th anl Walnut. 

BaJl KoM. G. James H. Smith S. J. N. 

CramerGeo. K. Porter Wen. S. Woodbridge J. J. 
HcaglVK. SchaferG. F. 

J3ental Uepo;, 

Brown J. M-, n. vv. c. 4th tnd Walnut. 


•opt* "Qfa ">\t Ifvn; i 5s (S! ssuRS 


Bonsall Chas., US w. Sixth. 

Duncan & Cameron, 186 vv. 6th. 

Hamlin S. L. ; 3 \v. Fourth. 

Hardy Jno. C, s. e. cor. Walnut & Fourth. 

Leslie A. M., n. e. cor. 7th & John. 

Richardson Jos., 158 W. Sixth. 

Taylor J. & J. 59 W. Fourth. 

Wardie Saml., 271 Walnut. 

Allen & Van EmonMeridith Philip. Sexton Chaa. 
Darling & Jones. Owen J. Wheeler Benj. D. 

Hunter & Kendall. Richards Hen. C. J.Wiusiow H.. S. 
Kendall M. W. S. 

I>entist?s Foil. 

Leslie James. 

Resigning and Perspective Urav.ittg. 

Academy of Design, (Root. Conner), 74 w. 4th. 

Aubin S., (Swiss Absinthe and Cordials), 18 

Coats & Christopher, s. w. c. John & w. w. 

Ingram & Co., Storrs' Township. 
Skaata & Coon, (Pl'k Road Distillery), Storrs' 
g-j Township. 

271 Walnut St., 0pp. WalllUt St. Iijuse. lEaton, McCoy & Co Fletcher L. Tucker Wm. 




S. W. Corner of Sixt* ana ttfoeterii l Ci ^ v ? Ciiicinnatit O. 





Day Andrew J. elk. n.e.c. Walnut and i 

" 9th 
paj? B. trader, 324 John 
D<ay E. 2?'.> Walnut l 

Daymen Fritz, brk. mkr. 367 Linn 
Day Oot-.ce W. (Day &. Matlaok,) res. 

Philadelphia ; 

Bay Jacob, shoe mkr, 14th era 

pay & Matlack, (G. W. D. & Bowen ; 

M.) -vb. deal. M dry eOods, 89 Pearl ! 
Day Mike, 16 Patterson alley I 

Day Nathan, conductor C H- fc I). R.R ; 
Day Nathaniel, shoe mkr. n.s. Cth, below j 

of. JC6 W. 4th 
J. D. Thorpe Sec 

Doyall Thos. lab. 161 W. 2d 

DeahlA. "\Y. c!k. 4 E. 4th, bds. Wash- 
ington House 

Beakers John D. miller, 97 Milton 

Deakins Root, wks. rolling mill, 593 E. j 

Beakmann Henry, potter 120 Abigail 

Deal Adam, tailor, 140 Pleasant 

Deal Crist, lab. w.s. E. 6th 

Deal David, (Stephenson & D. 47:} W. 

Deal Jno. lab. 170 Tine 

Deal M. 239 E. 5th 

Deal Mrs. shoe binder, 57 Wood 

Deal Nicholas, lime mkr. Tine, b. Buck- 
eye ami Mulberrv 

Dean Daniel W. b.k. 136 W. Sih 

Dllh & HALE, (Thompson D. & 
•Sam. J. H.) com. mer. and liauor 
dealers 51 E. 2d 
Dean Jas. frame mkr. 333 Cutter 
Dean Jas. T. turner", c 8tfa and Canal, h. 

33b Butler 
Bean John, stone mason, 12'/' Eembie 
Dear, Jno. 11. sales. 17 Pcari, bds. Madi- 
son House 
Dean M^s. elk. bis. Evans Hotel 
Dean Mich, waggon mkr. n.e.c Con-! 

press and Lawrence 
Dean Philip N. barber, E. 7th, or. Syco- ! 

Dean Sarah, b. folder, 167 Walnut 
Dean Tins. carp. 32 George 
DEAN Thompson, (D. & Hate y ) 200 W. j 

Deappa Jno. finisher* 19 Observatory 

Deurrriiller Joseph, carp. 155 Laurel 
Bearkiss Hy. tailor, 371 Broadway 
Dearkiss John, carp. 72 Abigail 
Bearstoek Barney, lab. 384 Walnut 
Dear-water Jas. cooper, 130 Clark 
Season Cornelius, mach. Dublin 
Beaty Charles, cab. mkr. 169 V>\ 3d 
Death Absolum, elk. S4 Belt 3 
Deatrich Morris, 115 Clinton 
Beatirah Jacob, tailor, 56 13th 
DeavesJldwin, artist, room i4 and 15 

Foster Hall 
BeBuy Win. V. 7i Center 
Bebe Yernal, boot mkr. 526 Sycamore 
BeBeck B. M. Principal 1st Inter, schl. 

b. 57 Clinton 
BeBeck W. Loomis, b.k, 12 W. 6th, h. 

r.z w, 4th 

BeBeck William, b.k. 475 "W. 4th- 
Bebold John, dray. 660 Main 
Behold Mrs. Mary, 5C2 Race 
Deboie Charles, Uk. smith, 365 W. 3d 

£ naffer &. Flack, prop 
Be" c t J. piow smith, 17 W. 7th 
BeBunneviile A. B. cik. 56 and 58 W. 

Bebanty Martin, bark. 26 E. 5th 
Debater Win. elk. bds. 192 W* 3d 

/ stills, tubs, cisterns soap curbs, 
fcc. 167 \V. 2d 
D C:vmp D. season, 2-4 Elizabeth 
D Camp Danu I, carp, 316 L mgwortb. 
DeCamp Ji. (B. <fc Hand,) n. s. 5th, b. 

John.*; W. Hour 
DeCamp & Hand, carp, and builders, 72 

DECAMP Harvey, (Kiibreth D. C- &. 

Co.) 304 W* 5th 
DeCamp Hu-aa, brk. jay. 268 W. 7th 

DeCamp Jas. plasterer, 306 George 
DeCamp J03. carp. 262 George 
DeCamp Joseph, plasterer', 7h>; Laurel 
Deck Abm. cof.h. 919 Ham. Road 
Deck Henry, stone mason, 473 Linn 
Deck Jno. butch, w.s. Riddle, b. Harri- 
son Road and Bank 
Deckeback Fred C. copper smith, bds. 
171 Court 

copper smith. 
171 Court 
Becker Fred, carp. 34 Pleasant 

Decker Henry, cooper, 2-1 Abigail 
Decker Jacob, groc. s.s. ILirrison Road, 

b. Brighton and Avenue 
Becker John, groc. 91 Hopkins 
Decker J. C. printer, 40 Stone 
DecnrvcrHy. tailor, Ringgold, b. Price 

and Sycamore 

varnisher, 67 W. 5tb, 
h. 77 Hunt 

D ! 

Becy Jno lab, w.s. 6th above Baum 
pedeskaLeon,.confec, 47 E. 3d 
Dedrick David, carp. 119 Clinton 
Dedrick John, janitor Woodward College 

47 Franklin 
Bee David, groc 375 W. 2d 
Beecker Frank, lab. 137 Laurel 
Beeds-Baniel, butch. 703 Elm 
Deeds Stephen, car. mkr. bds. 159 W. 5th 
Beehl Ludwig, tailor, 612 Elm - . 
Deepe Henry", chair mkr. 407 Elm 
Deer George-, lab. Go2 Tine 
Deer Wm. lab, 1015 Ham. Road 
Beering Lewi--, shoe mkr. 205 Webb 
Beering Tims, lab, 307 W. 3d 
Deery Jas. buck 281 John 
Dees Fred, watch nk. 440 Main, h. 14th 

nr. Elm 
Dees A. watch mkr. s.e-c Sycamore and 


Dcikman Henry, cooper, e.s. Avenue, b. 

Bank; and Harrison Road 
Beikman Henry, teams. 40 Logan 
Deim Jac. lab. 545 Main 
Deim Jos. tailor, J cues b Everett and 



boarding lion^r*, 
on Main. 
Deiny Bryan, iron worker, Front, b. 305 

W- 2d 
Deirick W. butcher, 113 Pleasant 
Das Andrew, lab. al. b. Elm and Can&I 

and Liberty and Findlay 
Beis Herman, baker, al. Elm and Canal 

and Liberty and Fmdley 
Deitch John,-.weaver, 413 Main 
Beitch Julius, I0o Longwortb 
Beiters Bernard, chair mkr, bds. 42 Elm 
Deiirick Morris, soap and candle m.xuuf. 

Ill Clinton 
Dtritrich Peter, dray. 76 High 
Beitsch Juhus, (ll/.eki<.-! <k D.) 105 Lon^- 

Deits John, stocking weaver, 522 W^I* 

De:<i»s Mrs. Eliza S. 47 High 
Dekker Fred. coop. bis. 9 orchard . 

Delaban- , lab. 17J Watex 

Dfhthan^i.r. Jkmk Alley 
Beiahanty John, mason, 53 Cbry 
BelandHy. peunj post, 1^0 W.'fitb 
Belaney C groc store, n.w.c. North and 

BeLaney Cornelius, driver, 175 W. 6th 
Belaney Daniel, porter, bds. n."»Y.c. 5-^ 
and F.lai 

Defflev Ja?. lab. 58 Kossuth BelanyHy. barber, 107 Tine 

Defile- BanU lab. 160 Cutter Beianj J'nol (hay. 11 Logan 

Deford Merchand, patent roof. 182 W. | Belany Wm. gn c. ~~ I'lum 

4th i Dolup Jos. mou'.b 4W W. 5ib 

BEFOREST Delauzun, (BeF. & Sun,} BeJaphune Jos. 25'6utter 

A98 Svcamo'-e DeleandJobn 5b car. mkr 20 Pearl 

DEFOREST Geo. (DoF. & Son,) 493 VBetteBdohl Jno. cof. h. llj Webster 
Svcamore j Belg Peter, cofi h. 478 Vine 

DEFOREST & S0ITi,(Belau7an BeFi J Belheita Geo. tail. 178 Waln«t 
& Georse DeF.) bk. binders, 74 W. ! D »ll F. shoe mkr, 22 Clinton 
3d "" jBefianey , engrav. Ws. 192 W. 3d 

Begen Philip, glue manuf. 31^7 Ham. ! Beller Fred, paint, al. b. Elm and Canal 

Eoad ! and Liberty and Pindlay 

Begenhart Aucrnst, sadder, n-s. 6th, b, j . Belter Jno. hinder, 45 Main 

Harriet and Horn j Deifet jac. Gsh mong. 154 'Event 

Begman Frank, shoe store, n-s. 6th. b. . B«?llich iw A,.-r. 1-N. 65 W. 5th 

' Canal and Culvert ! Bollock Jas. b<ld. Bevia House 

BeGoiver Sami. varoisb )nkr. bds. 255 Belorac :J:*s. R. >Jc.A.'92 M:un 

Walnut, b. 6th and 7th | Btlorac Mi< h. T. elk. 180 Linn 

DeGclyerWai.cs. varnish mkr. bds W.S. Delbriek >'. T. 10" L'v.:\ 

Baymiller, b.Sth and Richmond Deters ly. A.shoerakr.4Lond.b.BV«j 

"FkEGJiAW A.BKMIAdi, proc. and! a* Lmliow 
J j manuf. bak. powr, s:w.c.'3nuth& Dcl/.-l .M-h. i. 9 Jackson 
-M Longworth ! Bem;uid Le »u.ild, conf, 181 Court 

DeGraw Banl. n.s. Front, nr. Long- | Demand 3L«bias, candy manuf. 224 Wal- 
worth, F'n ' nut 
DeGrawDanl. groc. s.s. Front, nr. B:-.^i D-.itmr;\st G. 1,. b.k. 115 .Main, h. V ». 
F'n Linn fctoi « 7th 

DEGIIAW JOHN.noon'ng, sash, doer Bemcrman flj . stone cut. G5-I Main 
and blind manuf- s.s.' Front, nr- BwniiU Jas. b.k. 13 W. 3d 
toll irate, re-. Spencer Township i Dsmiag Wm. H. (Straight, P.<k Co.) r'fl. 
Behan P. dray! 405 Race New Lyme, O. 

Deal Aaron, lab. 605 Tine BemmltrJ im A tobacco. 153 Everet 

Behler Fndl, lab. 441 Sycamore j Denunon Chas* IL j-riut^r, Columbian 

Behn Peter, butch, 177 Liberty Odice 

Deho Wm. hats & caps, 190 Linn ! Bemplewolf CIns, stew. 25 Kossuth 

Beible Jno. G. brk. mason, s.e.c. Free- Bempsey Kwd. hutch. s-s. Harrison Boad 

man and Maple I b. Kiddle and Division 

Dfiickmann William, groc store, a. W^c Bcmpaey John, grocer, s.c.c. Broadway 

Walnut and Allison I and 7th 

Beidemer Hv. porter, 17 Sycamore, h. c. Dempsey Midi. dray. .707 Sycamore 

Raceand Cherry Alley p.-,-.,- y Thus. elk. 140 and 142 9d kin, b. 

Deierkui Fred, h. painter, dec. 460 Tine f>.-< Barr 

Beigman Henry, lab. 91 Wo,,,(.-v,i Deropwolf Geo^ boat 91 I2:h 

Beigmer Louis, elk. r.w.c. 2.1 .v. 1'lum Demzer John, driv. bds. Evans I! tel 
Bei«mer Martin, groc. u.w.c. 1'ium and Benart Mrs. P. 99 R. 5th 

2d T\£NGI Li: PttAXCfSX a!-- '■• Ir.o- 

Deih Frank, stone saw, Race, b, Grean \j tary public, 4 Lee's huljfs.n. * »rt 

aod Liberty ' A '' h. 12U Bit i 

Deihl Barney, stone saw. c. Green and Bcnha.n Bohcrt. M. (D. « 5 

Rare Dcuham& S -■» *■ "*•«»« 

Deihl Harrison P. pyrotechnist pyro S.) coop. 75 V. Court 

garden, Alt. Adam.-:, res. 239 E. 5th Denn Cnrl, 59H VV. B« » 
Beik Jno. lab. n.e.c. Liberty and Pleas- Benn Mrs. Elizi l* -h. 13 H illfam 

ant jDenner Hy. at U'jrdvU it- Co. h. 392 

Delker Henry W. porter, 13 E. Liberty ' BrOadffay 



' vgJM ^ g r ifr 

J~J3 ^iu:^ JL*IR JL«fl J^3 JKTfL 9- 

fill ®| J? 

y ^ p. 


No. 41 Walnut, between Columbia and Front Streets, 


©ssMmsjiSa, @, 

Drug-gists (Wholesale.) 

Allen & Co., 193 Main c. Fifth. 
Bishoprick H., n. \\ r . c. Filth and Walnut. 
Burdsall &■ Bro., I Main. 
Dixon Geo. M., n. e. cor. Fifth and Main. 
Eckstein Fred., Jr., 152 and 154 Main. 
Fletcher Robert, n. e. c. Sycamore &. L. M'kt. 
Mac-ready Rob., s. w. cor. Front and Walnut. 
Merrell W. S. & Co., 74 Pearl. 
Moody Jno. B., 282 Mam. 
Reakirt J. &C.,21 Pearl. - 
Reed, Rowers & Co., 51 Main. 
Zeller Abia, 41 Walnut. 

Druggists stud Ai>otIiecaries« 

Brown John M., n. w. c. Fourth and Walnut. 

Chandler Herman, 265 w. Fifth. 

Chapman W. B-, s. w. c. Sixth and Vine. 

Collins Chas., n. e. c. 3d and Race. 

Dixon Geo. M., 204 Main c. 5th. 

Eckstein Fred. Jr., 152 and 154 Main c. 4th. 

Emerson E. S., s. e. c. Broadway & L. MarJrt. 

Fifield D. E., c. Elm and 12th. 

Fletcher Robert, n. e. c. L. Market &. Syc. 

Gordon Wm. J. M. 320 W. Row c. Eighth. 

Griffith &Co., 51 Broadway. 

Hahiraford, John ffl., s. w. c.«6th and W. Row. 

Hill F. D. s. e. c. 5th and Race. 

Hiller Gustavus A., 76 Broadway. 

Junghanus Charles A., n. w. c. 3d and 31111. 

Moody Jno. B., 2S2 Main. 

Mueller Geo., 95 Bering c. Abigal. 

Parr John C, 554 w, 5th. 

Ronayne Justin, 435 W. Row c. Chesnut. 

Scan Ian Ed wd, s. s. Front nr. R. R. Crossing, 

Stevens A. M., n. w. c. Fourth and Vine. 
Weisrmmn Adolph 58 c. Front. 
White J., Karshner & Pattee, (Cin. Med. In.) 

84 Broadway. 
Whitmore Dr. .las. R., 8G Broadway. 
Wilson Israel, 225 Main. 

Art-Jerly "Wm. II. 
Armstrong L. L. 
Backhads Chas. 
Barbour O. P., Agt 
Beach Edward E. 
Bcettger W. 
Brand F. 
Burdsall Sarn. 
Call, in d: Co. 
Clow! Francis 
Cdolidge Wm. H. 
Criohton David 
Davidson Jas. S. 
Iihlen A. 

Glen'ny Wm. 
Greene Caleb B. 
Ha'leobeefc H. G. 
Hooper Thos- 
Huebner August. 
Ernst John A. 
Karrman W. 
Keeshan John 
Kent Asbury 
Kinzback Fred. 
Koerblitz Emit 
Kuhn August 
Light Geo. S. 
Langenbeek A. 

David L.Marsb Theodore 

Parks. Jno. B& 
Parvin Dorpey A. 
Eeinlein Paul. 
Renz Theodore 
Salpius August 
Schmidt Charles 
Scott John 
Spach Gustav. 
Spamer H 
Tafet Albert 
Tafe) C. 
Thorp Tabor C. 
Tower Ed. C. 
Vey August 
Wagner August 


Fibich S. Massard & Brollier Whetstone Jacob V. 

Fccrtmeyer Adolp'sMuh'.berg M. White John P. 

Drug Mill. 

Merrill Wm. S. &. Co., 94 Pearl. 
Shroyer Jas. C. &. Co. (Phoenix Drug Mills), 19 
and 21 Home. 

Dry Dock. 

Marine Railway & Dry Dock Co. s. s. Front b. 
Rice and Walnut, (F'n.) 



Ko. II Walaut St., bet. Peart k Gakmbla, {Siactauati, 0. 

John JD. Jones. Caleb Jones. Geo. W. Jones. Jno. J. Jones. C. Davis Jones. F. G. Huntington. 


successors to J. D. & C. JON ES & Co., 

£M£V/V / 






Dennis Lewis, bk. store, 375 W. ith 
Itarni&JUoQZO, shoe mkr. 1 HI "Berts 
DenoL'; A-nton, stove mkr. Walnut above j 

Allison . i 

D»>nnN Mrr. Caroline, variety store, 110 . 

W. Grh 
DENNIS Chas. II. (D. Sc Hazleton,) 203 j 

DENSiS & HAZlTO^, CChas. H. I 
D- lc Inns. M. H.) hatters, 364 W. 

|j atiy.395.Mam, 
u b.272 Richmond 
Dennis Jno. coal deal. e.s. Avenue b. 

Harrison Road and B ink 
Dennis Jno. carp. 128 Mohawk 
Dennis Jos. coop. e.s. Culvert b. 6th and 

7th, h. Hani. Road 
Dennis J. S. letter car. 
Dennis Julian C- letter car. 82 12th 
Dennis Martin, 384 Walnut 
DENNIS Warden B. (D. Sc Welter ,( 203 

DWm & WEI, IE?,, (Warden B. 
Dennis <fc James M, Welter,) real 
estate and gen. agts. office, s.e.c. 
4th and Plum 
DENNISONE. B. (D. &: Son,}Denni?on 

Dcnoisou Emily, milliner, n.w.c. 5th and 

Dermison Geo. carp. 81 Clinton 
DESK IRON HOUSE, Dennison &z Son, 
prop. s.s. 5th b. Main and Sycamore j 

DENNIS05 & SON, (Wm.D. sr.-, & j 
E. B. 1).) Dennison House, s.s. 5th j 
b. Main and Sycamore 

Dennison Thos. lab. s.s. Avery b. Wood 
and W. W. Canal 

BENNIsOX Wm. Sr. CD. & Son.) Den- . 
nison Kou e 

Dennfston Alex. bds. 232 W. 4th 

Denny Jas. c!k. 172 Elm 8 

Denny Thee. lab. 2G Grant 

Denser Fledel. lab. n.s. Freemontb. Free- 
iuan ami II an let 

Denslena M^itin, lab. 46 Dunlap 

Densler Jm 4 Hamburg 

Densworth Dan. boot mkr. s.e.c. 6ih and 

Denton Wm. teach. ICO Milton 

Denvier Jas. blkl smith, 23 Franklin. 

Denin Jas. coop. 429 W. 3d 

Depenbrock Barney, shoe mkr. 45? Main 

DePinaUohn H. elk. 47 W. 5th, h. 462 

Depka Philip, stone cut. s.s. Burgoyneb. 
Main and Sycamore 

Depker Mrs. WiftwA, 19 Franklin 

Deppe Augustus, SLiiixhmkr.bds. c.Lock 
and Symmos 

Deppe John 11. dry goods, 101 Wood- 

Deppe Anton, 68 Wade 

Deppel A. painter, 53 Cedar 

Depperi Theo. carp, n .s. Front nr. Corp. 
Line F*n 

Depperman , 97 W. Conrt 

Depney Fly. ex- mkr. 11 W.6£h 

Depress 151 Clay 

Deprey Daniel, lab. 126 Ham. Road 

Deprev John, cof. h. 1028 Ham. Road 

DBPCY Wm. V. (Lewis Sc D.) 71 Cen- 

Deray Peter, bar.k. 199 W. 6th 

Derby A. C. b.k. n.w.c. 3d and Main, h. 
n.w.c. 4th and Race 

bookseller and pub. 145 Main, 
re=. Clifton 
Derbyshire Geo. carp, s.e.c. Front and 

Walnut F'n 
Dexe Sar;ih, Pleasant b. Findlay and 

Ham. R>ad 
D^rer.o Isaic, shoe store, 1029 Ham. 

Derenkamp Conrad, tailor 78 Dudley 
Beruinger Francis, carp. 217 W. 3.1 
Dcrivan Marthaj n.s. Front b. Harrison & 

I-'ti.ta >rth, F"n 
Derivan John. tab q.w.c. Front and Long- 
worth F'n 
Derix CU.i.-. tinman. 61 Canal Market 
Dtrrell Jos. watch. 69 Providence 
DurrusjtDont Alexis, brewer ,721 Vine 


Desax P. S. eating house, 82 Walnut 
Deshelhouse Harmon, porter, 21 E. 2d I 
Deshmare II y. 172 E. 5th 
Desilver Francis, sales. 276 W. 7th 
Desilver John F. wh. trroc. Sc com. mer. 

H)W. Front, h. 325 W. 4th 
Desmond Humphrey, shoe mkr. n.w.c 

8th and Main.h. Millcreek tp. 
Desmond Jno. lab. 30 Dublin 
Desmond Jno. J. 2d hand etorc, 330 W. 

Desmond Mich, engineer,*. s. York b-Liuu 

and W. Row 
Desrens Hy. 71 Clinton 
Dessar J. B. b.k: 199 W. 5th 
Dessar Julius II. prof, of languages, 199 

W. 5th 
Dessauer Aaron, elk. 139 Pearl 
Beech Geo. coop. n.s. 2d b. John and 

Detchen Hy.carp. 293 Elm 
Deter Hy. II. 223 Plum 
Determan Hy. varnisher,e.s. Clay b. Main 

and Walnut 
Deters Mrs. Catherine, 24 Abigail 

fash, boot and shoe mkr. 
131 .Main, h. 300 Walnut 
Detker Herman, coop. 14 Dunlap 
Detmann Wm. flour store, 63 Pendleton 
Delmer Hy. lab. 392 Broadway 
Detmer Hermann, lab. 19 Woodward 
Detmerarg Fred, cotton dyer, 153 Clay 
Destmering Hy. wadding mkr. 183 Clay 
Betmyer Detrick,'3foneiaa3otJ, 28 Tanner | 
Deton Chas. H. agt. bds. Winnc House i 
Pettmer B. (13. D. &. Co.) n.s. 5th b. Pike j 

and Butler . I 

DettmerB. & Co. (Bernard, D. & Henry j Dick Martin, la 

C..uenbrcke,) mer. tailors, 15 Broad- j Riddle 

way j Dick as Fred, ts 

Dettm&n Jno. carp. al. b. Elm and Canal 

and Liberty and Findlay 
Detzel Mich, barber, cupper and leech. 28 

E. Front 
Deubet Jos. coop, c 8 th and Canal 
Deueriich Adelbert, elk. 39 W. 2d 
Beur&g John, music teach. 120 W. 6:h 
D-vaning Pat. lab. 131 W. Front 
Deyeney Jaa. b.h. 103 W. 5th 
Devenbrook Geo. express, 108 Hunt 
Davenport Nelly, 73 W. 6th 
Devin Wm. D. v Pearson & D.) res. North j 

Bend. O. 
Devine Mrs. Ellen, 95 Observatory R 

De Wolf Hyman, cloth, store, 202 W. 6th 

De W r .->lfSaml. 2(2 W. Gth 

Dexte.r import, of liq. fee. 49 
fc 51 Sycamore, h. 128 Broadway 

Dca.'ter Edmnnd, jr. elk. 49 & 51 Syca- 
more, l>ds. lv>8 Broadway. 

DexterChas. elk. 51 Sycamore, h. l-:8 

DEXTER Harrison, (H. D. & Co.) 1CS 


(Harrison D. &; Boswell M. W'hite,) 
luia. yard, 42,' W. Row 
Deyman Antony, blk. smith, .Abigail 
De Young Benj. cloth, store, 188 W. 6th 
De Young Benj. cof. h. 113 Sycamore, h. 

188 W. 6th 
Do Young Surah A. tailor, 24 Plum 
Diamond Thos. hat press. 133 W. Row 
Diamond Riemond, tailor, 553 Elm 
Diamond Wm. dray. bds. 478 W 3d 
Diasui Win. iab. Canal b. 5th and 0th 
Dibble Ann, 405 Lonjcworth 
Dibble Geo. (Daniels & L.) n.e.c. Baker 

and Vine 
Dibble Jno. 174 Liberty 
Dick- A.hv. eigar mkr. 630 Tine 
Dick Mrs. Catherine, 630-Yme 
Diek Chas. carp. 169 W. 3d 
Dick Fred. 384 Walnut 

1CK frEOlt&g. 
confec. <fcc. 
189 Vine 
Dick Geo. boot mkr. 254 W. 5& 
Dick John, cigar mkr. 03i> Vine 
Dick Jno. cof. b. 1080 Ham. Road 
Diek Jno. II. elk. 6 law bldg. bds. Black 

B?ar Tavern 

s.e.c. Harrison Road &. 


DICKEY Adam, (. 
veriy House 

118 Abigail 

l. D. & Co.) bds. Wa- 

DICKEI A. & CO. (Adam D. & Jac 
Suank) commission merchants, 
E. Canal 

iman, 4.7'.) Sycamore 
s roll, mill. n.s. E. 
ter and Washington 

anuf. 11 W. 6ch, h. 

Devine 1 Hen, mattress mkr. McAl- 
lister b, 4th and 5th 

Devine Christian, lab. 5*57 Vine 

Devine Fred. 15} Oieorge 

Devinnj' Jas. tailor, 6 Pearl 

Devlin Jas. sales. 35 Pearl, bds. Gibson 

Deviin John, lab. 370 W. 2d 

Devitr. Pat. b.h. 186 Race 

Devitt Thos. lab. 30 Commerce 

1\ EVOKE & CO. (David G. D-, N. A. 
} D. LambertjNowland and Phil Jelly) 
7 wholesale groc 82 and 84 E. 2d 
DEVORE David G. (Devore Sc. Co,) res. 

Georgetown O. 
DEVORE N. A. (D. G. D. &. Co.) 
Devoto Angela, conf. 6 W. 5th, h. s.e.c. 

4th and W. Row 
Devou Mrs. Alice, C. 314 W. 7th 
Devou Jas. A. elk. U. S. Custom House 

h. 173 KemWe 
DEVOU W P. (W. P. D. & Rockwood,) 
. 96 Richmond 

D. it C. A. R.) deal, in silk Sc straw 
goods, 48 and 50 Pearl 

Dickey Jas. P. wad 
Dickey Jos. R. wor 

Front b. Whitt: 
Dickey Wdk cigar i 

88 L-.ngv--. rtb 
Dickerscherd &c Co. (Vim. D. fc H.armrn 

Schuchardt,) barbers, 9 W. 6ch 
DtckeschiedWm. (D. & Co.) 9 W. 6th 
Dieksite Peter, shoe mkr. bds. 2o W. 


Diekhaus Fred, cutter, 205 Walnut 
Dickinson Darius L. prod. 30 Walnut, 

h. 26 W. 9th 
Dickinson Ellen, bds. 164 Elm 
Dickinson I-.tiidi, teams. 331 John 
Dickinson Jefferson, lumb. mer. bd?. 

E ens Hotel 
Dickinson Jos. binder, 236 W.7th] 

[GKIX-SON \V. s. 

upholsterer, 45 E. 3d 
h. s.e.c. 7th an.'. Vine 

Dickman , (Eckert Sc D.) 

Dickman Anthony, mould, 410 ir-.v?.y 
Dickman Barney, porter, 21 E. Front, b. 

45 Pleswiat 
Dickman Rarnard, cooper, 77 Ahirail 
Dickman Christ, tin shop, 167 Court 
Dickman E M. lab. U-- Clay 
Dickman Fred. lab. 16 Dunlap 
! Dickman Gerard, -' 18 Walnut 
1 Kckman Fly. (D. & Steins,) 158Pleaaan* 
| Dickman .1 sawyer, a. s. Front nr. James- 
town Ferry 
; Dickman & Steins, (ITy.D. Sc Francis £.) 
undertakers and liven', 627 Race 


DewaUl Christopher, stone cut. 626 Vine Dicks David, shoe mkr. 121 W. Front, h. 

hut store, 
626 Vine 
Dewald Jac. st.ineo.ut. 626 Vine 
Dewalc! Mich. elk. 120 W. 6th 
D :wal PdhUip, hatter, B26 Vine 
Dew in John N r . groc. 537 FJ. Front 
Dewire Jerry, lab'. 42 Acconunodat 
Desvire Pat. carp. e.s. Accommodation 

above State 
De.Witt Garret. V;m Horn, h. 116 E. 4th 
Dewitt Geo. II. hatter, bds. 14 Commerce 
Dcwl°r Geo. binder, 56 and 58 Main, h. 
101 Ham. Road I 

123 IV. Front 
Dicks Jacob,9hbe mkr. 123 W. Front 
Dicks Mrs. Sophia, 9-6 Ham. R*w»l 
Dickseid John, shoe mkr. 1-" Barr 
Dickson J;iS. elk. 21 Melanethon 
Dickson Jno. elk. 152 and 151 Main, h. I 

Ilarr - n 
Dickson Jos.C. paint, r, hds. IP II 
Dicksi n Jos. II. bk. b!n I M. K. ' rn 

DICKSON Joshu:i f}. (D. »v b>- B ...) 
. . Walnnt Wills 

ICKS0N & I.K BCTTERi (J»*h 0. 

&l Danl, l.e It-) wh.juidrcia I rlilna 

glass and queeuswarcj 217 Mxn 





j\ t O. 70 PEAE,L STREET, 

BOllIf 16 gOlllllIOl 1IMHA1I I 





Cincinnati Referrence, JONES BROTHERS & CO. 

JStj Goods (Wli©lesale.) / 

Acton & Woodnutt, 69 Pearl. 

Antrum, White & Co., 35 Pearl. 

Blachly & Simpson, II Pearl. 

Carney, Swift & Co., 25 Pearl. 

Cooper Geo. & Co., s. e, c. Walnut and 6th. 

Devon \V. P. & Rockwocd, 43 Pearl. 

Ellis Jno. W. & Co., 23 Pearl. 

Peehheimer Marcus, 71 Walnut. 

Goodhart & Grabfield, 21 L. Market. 

Goodie art & Ackerland, 66 Per.rl. 

ileidelbacii Seasongood, & Co., 96 Main c. 3d. 

Johnston Brothers. 70 and 72 PearL 

Jones Bros, fe Co., 19 Pearl. 

King, Convin & Co., S and 10 Pearl. 

Kuhn, Netter & Co., 34 Pearl. 

Marks Henry'& Co., 12 Pearl. 

O'Connor & Bro., 81 Pearl. 

Oifborn W.E. & Co., s. e. c. Pearl & Walnut. 

Sharp, Thos. fc Co., 10 L. Market. 

Shaw, Buel & Barbour, 55 PearL 

Shipley Murray, 28 Pearl. 

Simon B. & Co., n. e. c. Main & L. Maaket. 

Slevin J. & J,., 146 Main. 

S ted man, Maynard & Co., 17 Pearl. 

Taylor, French & Wynne, s. w. c. Pearl and 

Thayer, Aldrich & Co., 24 Pearl. 
Wentworth & Bros., s. vv. c. Pearl and Vine. 
Winston & Co., 29 Pearl. 
Wynne, Haines &l Co., 30 Pearl. 

Boe-rick Oscar • Lauer Eros. Hubhell Alexander 

Boy Ian & Co. Moses Hvman&Co 6c Driver 

Day ft Hatlack Orth Jos. S. 

Hopper M.S. Stix Louis & Co. 

!>ry Goods I5ealers» 

Betty & Williamson, 100 w 5th. 

Caldow Wm., 96 w. 5th. 

Crawford John, 82 w. 5th. 

Dalton J as., 212 w. 5th. 

Dougherty & Haramet, 80 Main. 

Duh me Hy. H., 74 w. 5th. 

Eveslage Jos.. 465 and 467 Main. 

Fobes Jovian. 5,") 1 VV. Row, . 

Foster, Thompson & Co., 73 and 75 L. Market. 

Given It. H., 210 w. 5th. 

Henso'n & Reinke, 473 Main. 

Kruse John F., 506 Walnut. 

Le BoutUlier J. & Bros., 30 w. 4th. 

Lee Wro. & Co., 74 w. 4th 

Lewis & Moore, n. e. c. 4th and Sycamore. 

Maxwell Geo , 26 w. 5th. 

Nold J. C, 77 L. Market. 

O'Connor & Bro., 22 w. 5th. 

Ritchie C. & J., 69 and 71 L. Market. 

Roberts & Moflet, 58 vv. 4th. 

Shiliiio Jno. & Co., 12 e. 4th. 

Sterrott Robt., 9 L. Market. 

Ubsdel, Pierson & Lake, 66 and 58 w. 5th. 

Voruholdt F, 315 Main. 

Wood, Geo. M .n. e. c 5th and Vine. 

Hart Isaac Hcoman Lambert Rideman John 

Alexander Jas. Hettick F. RisiingH. 

Aims H. A. -fiewe Fred. Rcrshe Jno. H. 

Asseriilex. Hobby J. Baiter Mrs. Eliza 

Aszmann H. F. Hotrnian Mrs. J. Sampson Ja.-\ B. 

Bachniau M. E. Horctzki L ft Co.Schomaker B.. B. 

: !.im'. 

er Simon Huriev aliss Catue-SchutterleM. 

Barry Sarah A 
Bauer Aloes 
Bering Maragaret 
Huskeii Jno 
Busaa Mich. 
Batler Mary 
Cameron Ales. 
Cob Mrs* Nancy 
Cohrs Herman F 
Co n^ Jas 
Costello Tnos. 
Crisler Moses F. 
Daly M. 
Dawson Jas. 
Deppe John H. 
Dopbe Fred. 
DouslaS Matilda 

Jennings FT. 
Karaman H. W. 

Wm Kirn bali M. S. 

H. Kohl Anthony 

Kroger I. EI. 

Kcirwarz Isaac 
Shroer H. F. 
Sommer A. 
Steinman Fred. 
Stewart Alex. 
Strabley ft Htidts 

Krumberg & Vogt Sadler Jo.v F 

Kurtz Harmann Sullivan Wm 

LutkershofF Jno. 

McComaa K. P. 

McDougal Flias 

McGroarty S. J. 

M«nft Gerard 

Montr I Henry 

Millei Richard 

Taylor £. B. 
Theissen II. A. 
Thompson W. W. 
Tolbert M. ft Co. 
Trum ft Meyer 
Turner Mrs. S. 
i: Inch A. C. 

Mills, Wright ft CoWaldron J. E. 
Moning Francis Walker J. H.ft S. 
Moorman Bernd H. Walter Jno. C. 
M >senmeirBernardWaU;ice Goo. 

Dowuurd Mary A.Mosea Hynaan&SouWeizeneeteer A. 

Fbner Conrad 
Epply Adam 
Estep Joshua 
FaJrcbild W. 

duh! B. ti. Wellmann F. H. 

Neihoase CatbrincWellmann Hy, B. 

Kevins J. B 

Ocsper Peter 

Fechheimer Wolf Patterson Sam. 
Fisher Fred. C. Phillips Bernard 

Piaher Rv 
(Jartrell Chas, II. 
Glalz Paaline 
Gohs K. ft Co. 
Haab Adam 
{lagan & Weber 
Hauler Mrs. 

Pinney S. A. 
Plant M. 
Ho-ue ft Jones 
Kambo Francis 
RamsholT Nathan 
Regan Mich. 
Reckel Wm. 

Weliman L. B. 
VVellman ft Son 
Wentworth R. P. 
West Geo. 

Williams J. B. 
Winter Thos. 
Wright Wm. H. 
Zimmerman Catha- 

Djirs, Iteaiova.tors> Arc. 

Ilarmier John, 101 w. 5th. 

Peal & Sons, 257 and '274 Walnut. 

Walker Robt.. 73 L. Market. 


l,i.v 1 Alex. 
Jubo Hannah 

Smith Jas. F 

Jott Wm. 
F.Kinnel Daniel 
Knodel Ernst 
Kuhlmann Geo 

IVTe^Tiinns Jos. 
Pit to n ' 
'i c-.i a lie Wm. 
Weitzol Henry, 

,53 w. Fourth. 



; I 

Dickson Mrs. Martha, 43 Milton 
Dickson Wm. 73 W. 7th 

DICKSCJK WM. M attorney. Chase's ' 1 USE 'd LNS ]'{!! 
bldg, 3 doors E. of Mak, h. 321 I if prop. Km, T 
Lon-worth X res. Delhi t< 

Pick son Wm. B. paint shop, 177 Plum, 

h. 22 Hathaway 
Piears Fred, tailor, 141 E^eiet 
piecldey Mrs. lichen, 1BJ Bremen 
Diecl; John, stone saw. e.s. Pleasant b. 

Liberty and Green 
Dieckman Ily. tailor, roar 26 Franklin 
Diederlea Andrew, porter, 28 L. Market 
Die! August, cof. h, 930 liana Road 
Diehl Frank, saddler, 445 Vine 

agt. cab. mkrs. Union, 
217 Walnut, h. 444 Walnut 
Piekhans Ily. porter, 24 W. 2d, h. s-s. 

Friendship al. b. Pike and Butler 
piekl Geo. W. tailor, bds. s.e.c. B'way & 

Piekman &• Eckert, (Gerhard D. & Mich. 

E.) leather deal. 34-3 Main 
Diekman Frank, porter ,Wall St. House 
Piekman G. (D. & Eckert.) e.s. Walnut 

b. 12th and 13th 
Diekir.efer Ily. F. lab. 9 Jefferson 
Diehnan Hy. lab. 689 W. Front 

Dlsharoom Theo. cof. h.2S9 W. 5th 
Dishe Jno. stone mason, 556 Vint} 

ell Ex. 
. Delhi township 
Diserens 11 v- bar. k. 21) W. 5th 
Disney Payid T. 142 W. Pth 
Disney T. Bishop, bds. 333 Race 
Disney Wm. atty. Chase's bldg. n.s. 3d E. 

of Main, bds, 142 VY,8th 
Distal Konrad, cof. h. a.w.c Cth and 

Pistil Win. L. paint. 13 Hickory 
Distler Jno. huckster, 15 Duolap 
Disz Louis, cof. h. and grocery 542 E. 

Ditch Michael, pewterer, res. Covincrton 
Ditschler T. D. printer, 3 Pub. Land. h. 

Main b. 7th and 8th 
Ditterman Hy. watchman, 05 Clay I 

Dltimire Fred. blk. smitn, 410 Sycamore I 
©ittmers Isaac, cutter, 62 Pearl 
Divel .John, lab. 96 Ham. Road 
Divine Edw. lab. 435 W. 3d 
Divine James. lab. C. H. and D. Depot 
Divine Ja.s. 475 W. Sth 
Dix Mary Ann, milliner; 124 W. 3d 
Dixtuon Wm. cab. mkr. e.s. Race b. 15th 

and Liberty 

DON 73 

Dodson Edw. N. boat. 514 W. 3d 

Dodson Chns. pilot, 300 Linn 

Dodson Chos. A. elk. Ml W. 5th 

l.\0i)S0fl OSCAR C. 

8 f furnishing store, 

-^ 144 W: 5th, h. 38 W. 6th 

Podson Wm. 15. boat. 514 W. 3d 

POPSWORTH M. (X. &c M. D.) 52 Law- 

Dodsworth Martin, sales. 103 Main. h. 38 

DODSWOltTHThos. (T. fc M. D.) 50 

D0DSW0KTH T- & % coal yard, 
n w.c Liberty and Logan, 
and s.e.c. Front and Ludlow 
Dodt Barnard, wag. mkr. 100 Hunt 
Dodt Barney, wag. nikr. shop, 165 Hunt 
Doebler and Colbert, (Ily. D. & Sieph. 

B. C.) men tailors, 162 V. . 6th 
Poebler Ily. cooper, c~'3 W. Bow 
Doebler Hy. (D. & Colbert) 70 KetaMe 
Doeksmaker Wm. cof. h. Pike and 


Dielt/. Fred, tailor, n.w.c. 2d and Plumb TUX' 'X CfKOKGE M. 
Pieskers Mrs. E. (J. K. Naeel & Co.) 97 ] / dru " lsU ~ ui yid[n 
Alston h. 150 Sycamore 


Isaac W 
nu.Ua «J 

Pierker ily. H. sh.oemkr.bds-210 B'way 
Pierkes Bernard; porter, S3 Main, h. 27 

Pierks Barney, painter, n, w.c. Liberty & 


Dieriin Mrs. Margaret, 553 Elm 
Piers ily. chair mkr. 517 W. Row 
Dietch Fred. elk. 46 W. 7th 
DIETRICH Clement, (Gross & D.) res. 

Dietrich Herman, body mkr. 21 W 7th 
Dietrich J. 0. elk. 5 W. Front 
Ditterieh Mich, elk. 3Sfl Main 
Pietricks 6has. silver plater, 57 14th 
Dietz Frederick W. book store, 513 Tine 
Biggie Jas. lab. 1S4 Congress 
Digmah Casper, baker, 378 B'way 
Pigmau Francis, shoe mkr. n.s. 6th b. 

Canal and Culvert 
Digman Patrick, lab. n.s- 6th b. Harriet & 

Dignan Mich. lab. 20 Longworth's bldg. 
Dilhm F. carp. 17 Hickory 
Ddks John, carrier, 39 Main 

bant exchange, 
Selves bldg. 
DILL Jos. 8. (Taylor & D.) h. 88 

E. 4ih 
Puie Lucinda, physio-med. pract. 299 

DUIey S. carp. 280 John 
BUtmanChas. atty. 19 Jefferson 
BilLman H. add wright, 53U Elm 
Pillman Mrs. Mary, cooper, b. Elm and 

Dun lap 
Dillman Peter, shoe mkr. 5S2 Main, bds. 

Main b. Liberty and Orchard 
Dillon Chas. brush mkr. 148 Everett 
Dillon Etoa, iaund. 8 Pearl St. Market 
Dillon Edward A. salesman, 22 W. 5ch, 

bis 232 W. 6th 
Dillon Jas. lab. Front b. Rice and Wal- 
nut F'n 
Dillon Mich. lab. 52 Commerce 
B;!!y Jacob, drav. 308 W. Liberty 
Ditaond Jno. lab. 55 E. Sth 
Diftger J oa. carp. 138 Dayton 
** henhouse Fred. carp. 10 Milton 


' IXON Geo. R. (G. R. D. &. Co.) 478 

G* G. R. & CO. (Geo. R- Dixon & 
Pai-ker.) coffee and spice 
243 and 245 Sycamore 
I Dixon II. chair mkr, 8 Clinton 
Dixon Jas. blk. smith, 150 Everett 
| Dixon Pat. tailor, 49 E. Sth 
Doan Dan!, ship carp. n.s. Front, nr. 
i Vine, F'n 

Doan Josiah. notion store, 442 W. 5th 
OfffififiEfG JNO. F. stone yard, 
.s. Court, b. Vine and Race, 
h. 502 Freeman 
Dobbins Thos. 130 W. 3d 
Dobble Facisd. carp. Fulton car works, 

Pobbs Geo. W. elk. 53 W. 4Lh 
Dobell Ed. B. furniture manuf. s.w.c. 

Smith and Augusta, h. 257 3d 
, Dobell W. T. sale.-:, c. 5th and W. Row, 
; h. 252 W. Sth 

Doberrer Michael, cof. h. 542 Vine 
. Dobler Crist, cooper, 820 W. Row, h. 819 
[ W. Row 

j Dobmeyer Jno. n.w.c. Court and Main, 
h. 40 Jackson "' 

DOBMEYFHJos. J. (Egley ic D.) 4G 
| Jackson 
Dobson Mary Ann, s.e.c. Sth and Elm 
j Dockwiler Philip, tailor, 65 Pearl 
j Dodd Edw. tailor, 5ii9 Sycamore 
I Dodd Edw. S. elk. 144 Main, h. 102 Elm 
i DODD Edwin, (D. &. Huston,) 103 Long- 


calico printer, 
15 M: 



huind. 58 Commerce 

SIS' Clinton 

ailor, 169 Oliver 
tlasterer, 0- r >0 Vine 
painter, 145 Walnut 
II. shoe mkr. 25 K.o; 

Bingle Mar 

Dink Jos. !:».',. 2 
Binkelbihter Ih 
Bmker Lenhart 
Diuker Theodoi 
I&ikennan t.«ei 

Jfcnkleman Wm. !ai>. 97 Buckeye 
Dnn Mrs. Ellen, b.h. 88 E. 4th 
wppe II. cigar mkr. 65 14th 
ihscan John, lab. Augusta b. John and 

Dischin^-r Jno- J. meat store, 602 E. 



DODD Geo. S. (Win. D. & Co.) h. 1C2 

ODD & HFSTOrL Edwin D. P. & 
A.. B. H.) law office, 14 E. 2d, 
up -stairs s 

Dodd Jno. elk, 200 W. Row 
Dodd Jno. n.s. High, nr. Walnut. F'n _ 
Dodd Jos. eng. n.s. Front, nr. Stone. h"v. 
Dodd Jos. sawyer, s.e.c. Front and Wal- 
nut, F'n 

Dodd Mich. dray, n.e.c. Pearl &: Walnut 
DODD Wm. (Wm. D. & Co.) h. Ifi2 13m 
OOD WM. & CO. OVm. D. & Geo. 
S. D.) wh. and ret. deal, in hats& 
caps, &.c. 144 Main 
Doddrid :e Philip, c!k. bds. MatliaoB H. 
Dodds David T. paint. 12 J Daymiller 
Dodds Jno. mould, lids. 106 Elm 
D >DD3 Wm. B. (II. ill it D- 1-- B'way 

uooi-; is i tA iii, & 

nl~ phys. .- • 

313 Race 
ODGE 0. S. & 00. (Oliver S. D.) 
boat store, 2S IV Landing, 
Ids. BVay Hotel 
Dod-e Wm. Bhoe mkr. 172 W. 0th 
1 Podhart Wm. lab. 20 Cherry 
i Doddkootc Chas. call ml.r. 12 Gano 
1 Podkert Franks, cab nikr. 12 Gano 

' Bod. 
i Pod. 



Doemier Hy. porter, lb?. W. Front 

Beepfce Ered. W. elk. n2 W. &tb 

Doepicr Hy". tailor, 70 hemhie 

Doer Eli-:. miHiner,520 M Lin 

Boering Jno. fundture, 17(1 ETam. road 

Doerler Jn". tin shop, 2 1 .)'. B^way 

Poerr Plnilip cof. h. 4.1 Main 

Doerrer Geo. W. shoe store, 233 W. Row 

Doescher A. candy mkr, 22 Jackson 

Dogar Frank, river man, 01 r'um 

Pohauer Mrs. Eiirabettu-aQS Plum 

Doherty C C : sabs. 30 Pearl, h. E- 7th 

Poherty (Jeo. A. al. phys. 223B'way 

Doheity Jas. car}). 152 Laurel 

Poheity M- cab. mkr. n.w.c. Sth and 

Dohertv Was, b. bind. 25 W. 4th h. 3'.0 

W. 4th 
Dolnu 1'cniinai..;, baker, 5">i Sycamore 
D'Oisey A lelbert, sides. 35 Pearl*. lab. 15 K. Pth 
Pokes Jar.b P. finisher, 148 Barr 
Dolan Jno. driver. Ill W. 3d 

D. lai: 1'. SO \ in Horn 

Dole Eben, elk. bds. 35 L. Market 


j » v.l\. deal, in tanner *a oil &. leather | 

*-? 393 .Main- h. 32 Qrjint 

Dole Jlariam R, i. teach. 61S W. 8(h 

r>dem!«.n Jno ev. driv. Mt. Adams 

Dolf Hy. tail, r, 20 Ahijjad 

Do>fou Jno. lab. '.'") K. 5th 

Do I Geo. cof. It. 5fi Lihetty 

I.i. iJ-Saml. lab. 466 A\ alnut 
, Doifegher Mich. dray. Pearl and M-iin 
j Poller Jacob; carp. ]<■■'* W. Liberty 
j Dollman (;..' r : : -.)', carp. 213 Catherine 
| I)-.::-. Jno. Wk. smith, bis. 4.) Race 
; 1> ,lniao Hj • lab. 20 Mulbcry 
j D '. i u Herman, lab. -<'• Mullfry 

Dolman Kndolph, lab B6 Slulhery 

D'huier llj. cab mkr. n.w.c. Mh and 

PolphHy. tailor, n.s. Abigail, b. Syca- 
more and Main 

Dalph, Bwik Alley 

1) iIhIh- Koali, Ikcil. 15 Webb 

Dolt L. Lib. s.s. Fulton, b. Harrison and 
Market, F'n 

ftnhi5 Cri^t. tan. 50 Dunl.p 

POMINICK Geo. (Geo. D. <fc Bro.) bds. 

W. 11, DO deal, in nrov. and cum. 
nuT.25.aud2? Water 
Di'MIMCKW. II. {Q. D. -i- B».J 4* 

W. 9th 
Doniney Jos. porter, T 5 W. 2d 
Domough II v. carp. " ' '• "-'. 
Donahue Danl. fruit- 0T< v • 

Donahue Franklin, la*. * »■ ' Vli: ' 

low Harriet . . , 

Donahue Geo. porter, 31 P«arl, b. 11 

W. 3d .,, , s 

Donahue Jno. mould, n.*. Abigail, b 

B'way and Sycnmons 
Donald J. lab. loop;.-.:'- 
Donald-on Alex- IO»Cft- »• • ■«••■ 






C sr.*[ V~ 

<Bil <L^i ^_^ 

I! m 


i ; :H r: J! In II I : 

i /- 





The Fifth Annual Course of Lectures will commence on the last Monday of October, 1S5G, and con- 
tinue until the ensuing March with the following : 

R. D. MUSSEY, M. D., Professor of Descriptive and Operative Surgery. 

J. P. JTTDKINS, M. D., Professor of Surgical Anatomy and Surgical Pathology. 

JOHN DAVISjM.D,, Professor of Anatomy. 

JOHN F. WHITE, M. D., Professor of the Theory end Practice of Medicine. 

GEO. MENDENHALL, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children. 

JOHN A. MURPHY, M. D.. Professor of Materia Mediea, Therapeutics aud Medical Jurisprudence. 

C. G. COMEGY3, M. D., Professor of the Institutes of Medicine. 

H. E. FOOTE, M. D., Professor of Chemistry. 

WM> CLENDENiN, M. D ., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

J. T. WEBB, M. D-, Prosector to the Professor of Anatomy. 

The room for the prosecution of Practical Anatomy is commodious, well ventilated, and supplied 
abundantly v, itK vsater and gas. 

This department w ill be under the supervision of the Professor aud Demonstrator of Anatomy, and 
will be opened on aud after the first of October for those wishing to dissect. Material can be readily 
obtained at reasonable rates. 

Clinical Instruction — Medical and Surgical — can be had at the Commercial Hospital and St. John's 
Hotel for Invalids, twice a week, and daily at the College by case3 from the City Dispensary, which 
has become an extensive charity, giving relief to about four thousand patients annually. Pationts can 
be attended at their houses by advanced students. 

Preliminary will be delivered during the month of October, by the Faculty, free of charge. 

36» 3E5 3E3 JS • 

For the whole Course, -. $9'2 00 

Matriculation Ticket, (paid once only,) 5 00 

Dissecting Ticket, 8 00 

Hospiral Ticket,..., 5 00 

Graduation Fee,.... '23 00 

Expenses incurred by students in the city may be light. Good boarding may bo procured from $ % ?50 
to $3.00 per week. 

Students on reaching the city, by calling at the college, (North-west comer of Fifth street and 
Western Row, ) will be conducted to good boarding-houses, and receive every attention* 
For further information, address 

GEO, MENDENHALL, M. D., 197 Fourth street, 

Dcanofth* Faculty. 





Donaldson Andrew, rectifier, 31 E. Front 
Donaldson Christian, 272 W. 3d 
Donaldson Wm. b. b. luO W. Court 

Donatiy Oliver C copper smith, 572 Elm 
Donait jas. candy store, 341 Eim 
Doualy Jno. F. (Haigh & D.) Newport 
Donary Patrick, haekman. 52 Elizabeth 
Dona ad August, painter, 1 14 Carr 
Donavan Bart, lab. 71 E. 8th 
Qonavin Jer, lab. 1 10 Retts 
Donesberger Anthony, 613 W. 8th 
Doncsl.-orger .Jno. 613 \V. fth 
Dunham J. C. b. bind. 83 Freeman 
Bond van Jno. lab. 651 W. Front 
Donivan Pat. britania ware mkr. bds. 102 

Donker Mich, tailor, 202. Plum 
Donker Wm, cab. mkr. 420 Liberty 
Donley Mary, box mkr. n.w.c. 5th and 

Donley Mrs. Mary, 311 John 
Donley Thos. 34 Gest 
Donlin Martin, lab. e.s. Ludlow, b, 

rrress and 3d 
©onion Jas. lab. 405 Kemble 
Doulan Peter, porter, 145 Main 
Donn Jno- confer. 547 W. How 
Bonnegaii Barney, lab. 85 E- 5th 
Donnegan Wm. dray. 396 \\ alnut - . 
Donned Jay. lib. 14 Congress 
Donnelly Aug, print. 190 IV.atk 
DonuehV Barney, porter, n.e.c .Sycamore 

and Liberty ' 
Donnely Francis, lab. 15 Cedar 
Donnelly Jno. b.k. 138 Livingston 
Donnely Cornelius, blk. smith, n.s. Cth, 

nr. Culvert 
Dtnncly Jas- elk. 1G Harrison 
Donnely Mary, wash, woman, Ludlow, 

b. Front & 2d 
Donnely Taos, brass founder, n.s. New, 

b. B'way and Culvert 
Donner Fred, coop. 31 Dunlap 
Bonnough Jno. mould. 52 Abigail 
tommy Mich. 142 Longworth 
Douoghue Pat. sergt.-at-arms, auditor'3 

office, h. Abigail 
Donohne Bridget, iauhdress,234 Water 
Donohue .Jno- lab. 52 Clay 

DONG HI' £ ,TD. W. pig iron manuf- 
and agfc. for Dupont's powder, s.e.c 
2d and Walnut, h. 4c' W. 8th 
Donohue Pat. 225 Bar. 
Donovan Mrs" Catherine, seamstress, 10 

E. 6th 
Donovan Danl. elk. 232 Main 
Donovan Jas, siereotyper, 168 Vine 
Doolan Edward, porter, 53 E- 3d 
Doolan Mien, stone cut. 52 Vine 
Doolan Pat. bik. smith. 56 Bans 
Doolan Pat. river man, 203 W. Front 
Dooley Chas. lab. w.s. Pike, nr. 3d 
Dooley Edw. lab. 620 W.8th 
Dooley Jas. lab. n.s, Clark, b. Freeman 

and Carr 
B?olev Jas. lab. n.s. 6th, b. Freeman and 

Dooley Jno. .shoe mkr- 237 B'way 
Dooley Mich, watchman C II. &; D. R.R 

Dooiittle Amos H. acct. 43 Tine 
Doorly Wm. c'.k. 216 Main 
Djpke Fred, d ; y good-, 498 E. Promt 
Dopke Fred, mer. tailor, 517 Main 
Doppes Barnard, lab. Ib7 Freeman 
Boram Jane, confee. 163 Pearl 
Doran Catherine, seamstress. 363 W. 2d 
Boron Chas. J. policeman, 49 Mill 
Doran Jno. a-sst. emr. 476 Race 
Doran Margt. ©rUiner, 04 W. Front 
Donm M:ch. porter, 1*58 and 170 Main 
Doran Mich, gas fie. e.v. North, b. New 

and 7th 
Doran Mich. lab. n.30 Mohawk 
Doran Pat. carp; Ms,. 200 W. Front 
Doran Thomas, whitewashes 102 Elm 
.O.iran.Hi. T. elk. w.s. W. BoV,b. 3d 

and 4th 
Dorbech lly. lab. 2:tt W. 2d 
Dorch Jno. coop, s.e.c. Mo Me and Free- 
Dorchester Wa'.', elk. 56 and 53 W. 5th 
BorfoeMrs. Anr=,25 IS. Sfch 
P'Orfeuiiie Jennette, 179 Longworth 
BorflerJno. groc. 1 ftltuhroe 
Dorian Hilary, widow, 37 Smith 

Dories Hy. cig. mkr. bds 468 Main 
Dovlanti Garrard T. jeweller, 117 W. Row 
Dorma.n Christopher, tailor, (578 Main 
Dormann Fred. blk. smith, 51)9 Elm, h. 

507 Elm 
Dorm an Jno. C. carp. 4G2 BVay 
Dorn Conrad, blk. smith, 16 Abigail 
Dornan W. C. carp. 69 Hopkins 
Dome C cof. h. 529 E. Front 
Dorr.ey Chad. T. brk. layer, 227 Cutter 
Dornev Ellen, lab. 59 W. 4th 
Dornseifer Hy. clock and watch mkr. w.s 

Main, b. 12th arid Canal 
DOUR Artemus K. (I). Arnold &c Co.) 35 


DORR AP.X0LD & CO. (A.K.D. F. 
E.A.,H. D. Boot, E. H. Howe.) 
deal, in fancy ^oods, 65 Pearl 
Dorr M. .157 Clinton 

Doit M. (McK.enna &. D.) office 99 W. 3d 
Dorring Hugh, tailor, 117 Smith 
Dorrington Wm. nail manuf. 369 Syca- 
more, res. country 
Dorsey Ed. tailor, 150 Everett 
Dorsey Step'n. lab 104 Cutter 
Dorst Ferd, stove mkr. "106 Bremen 
Dorst Isaac, butcher, 19 Dunlap 
Dorst Valentine, lock smith, 106 Bremen 
DosL Danl. brk. unison, s.s. York,b. Piatt 

and Freeman 
Doss Martin, groe. n. s. "Front b. Wash- 
ington and Liberty 
Doszmann Francis, b. layer, 7 Jefferson 
Dodt Clemance, wo.*, mkr. 347 B'way 
Dottman Jno. rear 27 Franklin 
Doty Geo. W. elk. 196 Mam, bds. 1C9 

Doty Jno. river man, 600 Freeman 
Doty Harriet, n.s. High, b. Long worth & 

Harrison, F'n 
Doty Wm. H. carp. 52 Wade 
Dotzauer Fred, grocery, 35 Providence 
Douce Anthony, porter, Farlow II. 
Dougherty Barnard, engrav. 223 B'wj?y 
Docgherty Charles, porter, 325 W. 4ch 
Dougherty Cornehus, lab. FindJey, b. 

Canal and E!m 
Dougherty &. Co. 299 W. Row 
Douirhertv Edw. cof. h. 564 E. Front 

B. D. & Jas. H.) fancy dry goods, 
carpets. Sec. SO Tdain 
Dougherty J. (D. & Co.) 299 W. Itow 
Ljugherty Jno. mould, bds. 5d3 "W. 5th 
Dougherty Mich. lab. 374 Svcamore 
Dougherty N. messenger, 52 E. 3d 
Dowrer Pat. carp. 36 kittenhouse 
Dougherty Pat. hatter. 67 Spring 
Doughertv Pat. lab. 381 W. 2d 
Dougherty Pierce, 325 W. 4th 
DOUGHERTY Robt. B. (D. &; Hammett) 

res. Covington 
Dougherty Saml. R. fur. car. 239 Everett 
Dougherty- Thos. M. sak-s. 80 Main, bdi. 

3d, b." Walnut and Vine 
Bouglierty W. F. bds. s.w.c Tine and 3d 

DOrOf-ASPETKR, ^iy.S. collector, 
w.s. B*-way, b. Lower Market 
and 3d, bds- 73 W. 3d 
DOUGLASS B. (B. D- & Co.) res. New 

DOUGLASS B. & CO. (B. D. & w. b. 
Pierce) merennt. ageacy, 
Bank building 
Doucrla-^ Cyrus C elk. 12 E. 4th, bds. 

bds. 162 B'way 
Douglass Mrs. Eliza Ann, 474 W. 8th 
Douglass Mrs. Elia. bds. 162 B'way 
Douglass Francis M. elk. 12 E. 4.h, bds. 

IG2 B'way 
Douglass Uy. lab. a.s. Piiebe, b. Plum &. 

and W. Row 
Douglass Jno. E. elk. 12 E. 4th, bds. 162 


42 W. 4i'i, h. 160 W. 4th 
D0Ui.daS.-i MaciMa, dry good I St. 

Dougl ws PvSilpb, river man, 61 W. Frcri' 
Douglass 3. >. 67 W. 7:1; 
Douglass Tfiorars. hatter, 111 Main, h 

97 Kemble 
Doughty Geo. E. b.k. 10 L. Market, res 

Dou^htv Joa. bds. Be?U h. 

6 5 W 

Dowd Jas. 63 Abigail 

Duwd Jno. lab. 3H F. 8th 

Dowd Pa:, team. 6 Logan 

Dowling Bernard) paper carrier, bds. 106 

Dowling Frank, (Shaw &c D.) bJs. Farlow 

Dowling Mik, policeman, 24 Harrison 
Dowly Wm. lab. n.s. 6th, b. i'l^njin ic 

Bowling Wm. boatmau, 85 W. Row * 
! Bowman Jno. lab. 61 Buckeye 
| Bwnard Mary A. dry goods, 154 W. 4'.h 
I Downey Julia, b. fold. 167 \V'aInui 
I Downs Jno. paver, "1 Richmond 
[ Downs Peter, trunk mkr. 112 Main, h. 

125 Baymiller 
Dovle Edw. lab. 253 W. Front 
Doyle Edw. la 1 .. 402 Piatt 
Doyle Christopher, cog. 455 W. 2d 
Doyle By. lab- 183 Linn 
Doyle Jas. mould, bds. s.s. Front, nr. 

Foster, F'n 
Doj le Jos. carp. 150 W. 3d 
Doyle Jos. carp. bus. 283 \V.5th 
Tkn V Jos. P. s.s. 3d, t. John and W 

Doyle Mich. Lab. a.e.c 5th and B'way 
Poyie- Owen, lab. n.s. Canal, b. Dubiin 

and Broadway 
Doyle Pete, porter,53 Main, h. 26 George 
Doyle Richard, carp, bds; &.s. Kemble, b. 

IVecman and Carr 
Tky le Thus, s.e.c. Maple and Freeman 
Doyle Thos. lab. e.s, 6th, above Baum 

II printer, 03 W. 3d . 

XJ b.iolW. 3d 
Doyle William, river man. bds. river land- 
ing, \>. Walnut and Main 
Drace Geo. brk. layer, 96 Clay 
Drace Henry, lab. e.s. Anderson, b. W- 

W. Canal and 2d " 
JJsaeh Chas. safe mkr. 517 Elm 
Drach Chas. sterreotyper, 16B Vine 
J\aga:; ;.l. h'J). 10ii Lau:v! 
Draigerlly. cisafmkr. Abigail 
Drake E. G. elk, 5 W. 5th, h. 206 Fulton 
Drake Francis, blk. smith, n.s. Front, ur. 

Foster F'n 
Drake £*.i1otooti B. b.h. 1-12 W. 6th 
Drake Wm. II. coal dealer, n.s. Front, 

nr. lull gate, F'n 
DRAKE W.' T. (Dunlevy D. &; C) r«. 

Dram John, turner. 173Wa!nut 
Drame Benjamin, bar'k. his. 1 liWtr 

Dransfield H. F. tinner, 616 W. Row 
Draper Jrts. watch mkr. and jeweler, 15 

*W..4ch,h. 316 Walnut 
Draub Albert, shoemkr. 29 W. 6th 
I Drevleu Danl. shoo mkr. s.s. >'ew,nr. 
I Broadway 

j DreiTer N ieholas, cigar store, 33-6 W. Raw 
I r«_s. Covington 
; Drier flcnrv, c;:n>. e.s. Anderson, b. W. 

V,'. Canal and 2d 
j Driefoos S unl- 1^ Center 
: Diiffus Mrs. C milliner, 128 W. 5th 
J Dreimeier Henry, ah ;e mkr. bdi. 461 
j Syoam.ure 

j Driesman Fred, shoe mkr. -'21 Walnut 
I Drepretz Mich. w.s. Clay, b. Allusua and 

' Dres Anthony, tailor, 130 PI: isint 
I Drefhack Mary, L46 Longworth 
,' Dressel F. policeman,:?! Pleasant 
1 Dressel H. butcher, 39 Pleasant 
i Dressel Wm. mould r, 33 V is ! '- 
Dresing William, cigar mkr. 7 Mvia 
I Dreyer Honry, groc To U . Front 
1 Dreyer John II. porter, 523 .>yeanor* 
Drej fooa Saml. (Pappenheuna <t D.) n. 

15 Center 
DrewCba.s. bds. 273 Wal.»ot 
Drew J.:--. ; ainter, 22 i: - Is 

■.; L. brrss nt»u 
Drier Frit/., fin-' I ■ 

DriscollKev. Chas-res. SI \ ■ 
Dr -coli John, stoue cua r, - r.c. BW 

Driver Jw. S- (BuhbeU, A eianujr & P. 

- h 



Edisre Tool Manufacturers. 
Smith C. J. & Co.,2lOMatn 

Taylor H. & J. C, e. s. Sycamore b. 7th and 

Underwood Franklin, Lock b. 5th and 6th, store 

t&ztting Houses. 

(See also licstcurats.) 

Debolt Exchange, (ShasfTer & Fiach,) c. Main 

and Canal. 
New York Eating House, (John Faulkner,) 40'" VfiT-t Main* 

\V. 5 th. Cunningham And. Phillips John. 

St. Charles Exchange, (Selves & Roth,) 30 and Raggett Hy. J. futile J no. », 

32 e. 3d- ' Civil ii«Kinecrs, 

Wm. Tell Exchange, (F. Diserens,) 29 w. 5th. Irwin Samuel W.. City Buildings. 

„„. ,.._ iKmVht Geo. H., 1.41- Maim 

American (Kie? &Cnpr>en Jesse W hitcomb Geo. B.| D , -,,• s .. v> ,u f n „ ^ a*U » n A wr»1„..* 

Co.) Desax P. S. Wheeler & Karl rttillipa Kobt. C, n. e. c 9th and Walnut. 

Bracken Wm. Gardner Chas. (Gilbert & Brother Halpin Wm. G. Ransom O. P. 

COItSEII cj walnut and canal. 

ic;, , :; . - \ u -A Jm M w & til < 

f jtemifc f ms«, pill IlteM, Suit f inp ntt gnm Irate, 

Both Plain and Ornamental, 



js "2? m j^. B/i: Eiff:.o-:i., 


frail §ass fc&p, Jptar, Sato $ ©il gjills 

Blast Furnaces and Hot Blasts; Steam-Rendering; Presses for Stearine and Lard Oils ; Steam 
Apparatus for warming Buildings, Wrought Welded Tubes; &c. Machinery made to order. 

" WAsimcTON raS & co M " 

11 11 1 1 I? 11 65**5 s^S \~~A W\ ft/i A 17 I? D v 


liiill lllillilili A^O) ii§?$ji§, 


(^Constantly on hand an assortment of new and second hand Boilers, which they will sell 
low or exchange for old ones. 

DAVID GRIFFEY, Proprietor. 


Steam (fa$m&iBtib pilb ft fka&jj Jforgings, 

Congress*, bet* Mtufflmo <ind JLatv rente Streets, Cincinnati* 





Driver Mrs'. Mary, 179 KemMe 
proN ;'.-<) Augustus, cab. mkr. s.s. Au- 
gust;!, b. Smith and Rose 
procre Charles, cigar mkr. 2 Abigail 
Droessler Andreas, painter, Race, b. 

Fir duty and Ham. Road 
Prone Burt, printer, bds. s.w.c \ine & 

Drosman Barney, lab. 150 Pleasant 
Dron Peter, lab. e.g. Ludlow, b, Symmes 

and 4th 
"Proppermann John, shoe mkr. 357 Main 
Drost Valentine, lab, 543 W. 5th 
Di-orta Henry, lab. 20 Grant 
Droste Bernard H. porter, n.s. Yeatman 

b. Sycamore and Broadway 
Droste Gerhardt, printer, n.s. Liberty, 

b. Race and Bremen 
Droste Henry H. porter, n.s. Yeatman, 

b. Sycamore and Broadway 

DEDSiEJOKS P. vinegar warehouse 
n-s. Yeatman, b. Sycamore and 
E'way, h.8l Providence 
Prosu Gaspar, lab. 86 Ham. Road 
prosten John P. groc. 674 W, Row 
Brought Mrs. Ellen, 27 14th 
Druck Frank, cof.b. and groc. 33 High 
Brum Catharine, groc. store, s.e.c North 

brewer, 51 and 53 Smith, 
h. 69 Smith 
Pruman Garriek, 2b'l Carr 
pvumaan Heiirv, c.of-h. 131 Ham. Road 
Prumner, Barney, lab. 50 MTariand 
Prummond Robt. printer, 2-5 W. 4th, h. 

w.s._ Cutter, above Catharine 
Prank Jno. lab. 16 Logan 
Prury Kate, bk. folder, 167 Walnut 
Pru-y Rose, bk. folder. 167 "Walnut 
Dryt-r Herman, carp. 145 Linr. 
Dryer Jas. C. guilder, 138 Baura 
Dryer Jno. porter, 13 W. 2d 
Pryge Peatrick, lab. 54 MansGeid 
Pub'e Jno. A. master Yorktown No. 2, 

bds. Dcnnison House 
Dubois Caroline, gold cutter, 1?1 Walnut 

flour doaler, 39 W. Canal. 
h. 357 W. 8th 
Dubois Peter,- musical instrument mkr. 
174 Broadway 

Indiana and Ohio House 
150 W. 5th 
Baseman Benj. cigar mkr. 11 W. 6ch Hour , moulder, w.s. Jew, b. 

Main and Sycamore 
Duchschen Peter, cab. mkr. 225 Everet 
Duek.erbeayer Fred, frjisher, 126 Ciay 
Dtiddy Jno. porter, IS P. Landing 
Duddefidge Jas. E. 423 W. 7th 

Dudi , blk, smith, 110 Hopkins 

Dudley Cal. C bds. 67 E. 4th 
Dudley Jas. shoe mkr. 138 George 
Dudley John, pattern mkr. at Lyon &; 

DEDi.EYJno. W. (Kennei & P.) 334 

Dudley Thos. s.e.c Baymlller and" 7th 
Duer Tly. workman, 12 Gano 
Dues Henry, n.s, 6th, b. Can- and Har- 
DuDaman Benj. cigar mkr. 13 Melanc- 

Duffee John, lab. 427 E. Front - 
Dune Nicholas, dray. 4c6 BVay 
Duffel Casper, shoe mkr. 37 Ludlow 
DurTen Tom, ship carp. 105 High 
Duffy Barney, striker, 03 High 
DufTey Judah, n.s. Front, nr. Kelly F'n 
Duffey Martin, boot mkr. 544 W. 5th 
DufTey Mike, bds. Farlow Hnus« 
DufTey Mich. lab. c. Stone and. 3d 
• Duffey Thos. |ab, n.s. Front, b. Long- 
worth and Broad, F'n 
DuSield B. C. cam. h. 109 George 
Du;'.,-| I Win. carp- 169 Genree 
Duffy Edward, blk. smith. 327 W.-4th 
Duffy Kdw. blk. smith, 416 W. 2d 
Duffy Martin, bds. Farlow House 
Dnfraue Jpseph, shoe mkr. 409 W. 7th 
»ufj John, has mkr. 5<> Water 
Dugan Catharine, river landing, b. Tine 
and Walnut (W. 4th 

DUO AN Jehu A. (T. S, D. &. Co.) 435 

Duoran Mark, boot f.tter, 47 E. 3d 
Dugan Thos, lab. 100 Baymlllcr 
Dugan Thos. moulder, lOfi Poplar 
DUGAN T. S. (X. S. P. & Co.) bds. Bur- 
net Honse 

DUGA2? T.ft ft. CO. (Thos. S. D. and 
John A. D.) wh. groC. and com. 
mer. 27 Slate 
Dugen Hy. n.s. Irort, nr. cor. line F'n 
Dugen Patrick, haekman, bds" s.w.c. 

Vine and 3d 
Dag-gan John, .lab. s.s. Front, nr. river, 

DugganP. Mk. smith, s.s. E. Front, b. 

Butler and Canal 
Duhl Robert, 572 Walnut 
I il\i){\ : , & CO. (Herman D. & L. P. 
3 j Muller) imp. and dealers in watoh- 
^ es &. fancy goods, 130 Main 
DL'HME Herman (H. D. 6j Co.) 

TiUHitEHY. If. 

I f dry goods 
■V 74 W. 5th 

Duhme Mrs. Margt. 335 Yine 

Dukkag Win. cooper, bds. 9 Orchard, John. lab. s.s- Front, nr. Lumber 

Dulev Jas. porter, 20 Dublin 

Duley Mack, bds. 162 W. 3d 

Dulls Jno. express wagon, 12 Orchard 

Pully Pat, wagoner, 441 Sycamore 

Pumas House, Macalister " 

DUMONT Chas. T. (West & D.) 132 

Dnmont Richard, engin. and boiler mkr- 

147 John 
Pumont Richard S. boiler mkr. 71 Park 
BumortierRev. Louis, res. St. Xaviers 

Dumsdorf Bernard, hostler, 20 W. 7th 
Duncan And. caip, York, b. Piatt and 

Duncan And. carp. s.s. Bank, b. Linn 

and Piatt 

& Joseph G. C.) dentists. 156 W. 
Duncan David, dray. 227 E. 5th 
Duncan David W. printer, bis. 103 Letts 
Duncan 11. D. (River St. Exchange) s.wc 

Race and River 
Duncan Jas. 103 Betts 
Duncan Jas. R. plasterer, bds. 103 Betts 
Duncan Jas. s.w.c. Mill and 5th 
Duncan John A. merchant, res. 435 W. 

Duncan John A. 213 George 
Duncan Lawrence, awning mkr. 50 

Duncan Mary, seams. 255 W. Front 

irYC\X"\r j_ juncture ^7are^oora 
) 60 and 62 W. 2d, h. 276 L >ng- 
Ducnan Mrs. Nancy, s.w.c. Mill and 5th 
Duncan Richard, 77 Plum 
Duncan Rich. A, news and periodical 

depot, 29 E. 4th, h. 304 George 
Duncan Samuel W. groc s.w.c Mill and 

Duncan Thos. II. da::uerreot3-pist, bds. 

103 Betts 
Duncan Townsend, carp. 73 Clinton 
DUNCAN W. C. (D. &c Cameron,) 156 

Duncan W. S. brk. Diason, 204 W. Front 
Duncanson Ralph, finisher, n.s. W. W. 

Canal, b. Park and Rose 
Duncanson R. S. artist, 6 W. 4th 
Danajan William, lab. 4C5 Vine 
Dundou E dmond, 299 Elm 
DUNHAM Albert T . (Lermu-.l & P.; bds. 

Burnet House 
Dunham CVcbarine, s.s. 6th, b. Ilarrict 

aud Iloun 
Dunhorst Fred W. porter, 40 Walnut 
Dunham Levi, 9(3 Carr 
Dunham Saml. S. hd«. W-d ntSt.ITousc 
Duniuiui NV en. J. elk. s.w.c. Oth 8c Mail . 

),..-. Walnut m'. if- i: 
Durihain Win. & hils. Walnut St. House 
Dunhenn Jno. porter, 36 K. 3d 
Dunholter Hy. bakery, 244 \V. Ht'i 
Dunican J-^. lab. GG9 W. Front 
UunkH M. lal • !' ! i dace 

5 cof.h. 

XJ 142 Ham. Read 


j Dunkherst Jno. porter, 40 Walnut, b. 17 
Duuknan Bernard, cigar mkr. 20 Mul- 
Dunlap Chas. sales. 254 nor,!Jns 
DUNLAP Jas. (J. D. <c Co.) res. Cedar- 

Pur. lap Jas. dray, line, b. Buckeye a:,d 

UNLAP J. VS. & CO. (Jas. D. & Win. 
Byers,) lumber yard, 531 
Dunlap .Mrs. Jane, 192 Fulton ' 

Dunlap John, waiter at Burnet ITousa 
Dunlap Robt. A. b.k. 10 L. 2d, h. 422 

W. 4th 
Dunlap R. E. broker, 422 W. 4th 
Dnnlap Thos. 265 Longworth 
Dunlap Taos, filer, 39C Walnut 
Dunlap H m. H. blk. smith, 46 E. 2d 
Dunlap Wan J. teller, n.e.c. 3d and Wal- 

mu, h. 377 W. 4th 
Dunlap W. R. engine and machine shop 

n.e.c. Lawrence and Frunt 
Dunlay Jas. cof.h. C3 Yine 
Dunhy Patriok,lab.72 W. 2d 
1 Vt'KLKVY, J)[iAKi: & CO. (Francis 
I } P., Wilsftn T. D. & Elias Fa.ssdt,) 
^ banker, 31 W. l!d 
DUNLEVY F. (B. Drake fc Co.) bib. 

Burnet House 
Dunievy W ilber, as b.k. 31 W. 3d 
Dunlockcr Jno. cof.h. P;, b. Find- 
lay ami IF on. Road 
Dunlap Robert, painter, 193 Court 
Dunn Alex, chair mkr. 170 Smith 
Dunn Conrad, lab. s.s. V.". W. Canal, b. 

Rose and Barb 
Dunn Cornelius, lab. n.s. Canal, b. Dub- 
lin and Broadway 
Dunn P. W. car).. S( 9 W. 4th 
Dunn Edward, 102 P.a3-uuiicr 
Dunn E<\\v. lab. 77 Plum 
Dunn IXenry,4ie W. Front 
Dunn'Ilughbfc. binder, 25 W. 4th, h. 

naw.c 1'i^ii:: and Columbia 
Dunn Jas. teams, rear 54 Laurel 
Dunn Jeanne* . 92 12th 
Dunn ,los. hatter, 8 W. ?th 
Dunn J. C. plumber, s.w.c. 7th and Wal- 
Dunn Mich, miller, w.^. 6th, above B&om 
Dunn Neilson. b.h. 2(.0 W. R w 
Dunn Phillip, tailor, 323 W, 2 1 
Dunn Pierce, groc. w.s. 6th, a!*jve Baum 
Dunn Thos. lib. 100 BaymiUor 
1UN.N' WM. 
s I t;n and tnetalic reefing, 
1 7a W. 3d 

Dunnawav Chas. butch. 5n Dudl 'V 
Dunning James, 394 W. 5t.i 
Dunning Robt. S. elk. 5^1 W. 7th 
Dunning Saml. H. meat store, 243 W. 

Duns • Michael, carp. 62 Mohawk . 
Dunseaf Llobt. tailor, 239 Broadway 
Dunseath II. moulder, 152 Oc.r-e 
Dunssith &. Harper, fTtt>bt.D.& M:caj;\h 

A. [I.) tailors, 193 Walnut 
Dunseith RnU. (D. Sc H.arj-er) bds. Mx«. 

11 -I m Va Cei :. r 
Dun«>tn Lnqisa, 00 W. 7th 
Dunwiddie Thos. hatter. 134 Walnut 
Dupker Henry, lab. 444 IV. 3d 
Dupell Wm. scale mkr. 6 W. 2d, h. 192 

w.:m Christian, lab- 02 Allison 
Duraiu Chas. cof.h. 788 W. Row 
Du :m v tba, 53 Clay 
Durtliihl Andy, carp. i*K 107 E. 24 
Durejvl as ; arnpy, elk. mw.c. 2 i L. Plum 
Duregin Mis. Ellen, 28 Dublin 
Durctt v, ;irncr, bar»>er. 193 Knlt-n 
Durkee Ji »sc, elk. 12rt W. 4tk 
Burkey Richanl, oioulder.- 45 W * d 
Durrah War. bvl . SIM Bha 
Durre P-::.-., elk. bds. •".«••<*• Vine ^^ 

Durrell Friend, coop,-. B0 CaaaL h. 30 

Pleasant . . 

Durrell Jas. watchman, ^'-» w. eih 
DnrrpllJohn, teams. HI CI • ■ 

Dur» f. w. tD.4 rr.»fl - >• ii.nini 

Duty t Hawku.*, (F. v . i>. ft. W. T. 

Hawkins) haniwarc. 243 >\ • Row 
Dursoc* Bivuey, toUur, 124 Cloy 


(Engine KuiMers Steam.) rjjjlea & Co ^ Congress and M. Canal. 

Greenwood Miles' (Eagle Iron Works,) c. Wal- Niles Works, (Stock Co.) Front and M. Canal. 

nut and Canal. Powell I). A., 30 Butler. 

Griffey David, s. s. Congress b. Ludlow and; Reynolds, Kite & TatUm, 264 and 271 Water. 

Lawrence. ITodd Jas. & Co., s. w. c. 7th and Smith. 

Moore & Richardson, n. s. Front b. Lawrence » lap - R> LaUa A B & E< Martin> AushijUz & 

and Ffke. |GoodiocJas. Lyon & Bell Co. 


p-JvIia' NOT* 1#C###E^ 


ganlt |fetcs, grsffii, Ctefe, Ctritfi rates jof 3 toclis, gm&s, gills si &4W> &«* 

Execute?! in Superior Style. 






llduspjicr §«l&s, 



&o„ AC, 

I?f THE 


TFi'i/t £i«'c& Despatch 

I ill® 







Burstock Hy. moulder, 124 Clay 
Purstook John, paper car. 82 Abigail 
putsch Fredk. carp, s.w.c. Walnut and 

Duscnberry S. X. IT. bis. 193 Sycamore 
Pa skin Alfred, baker, n.s. 7th, b. Syca- 
more ajki Broadway * 
Dust Mrs. Catharine. 129 Bank . 
Dust Hy. lab. 512 Walnut 
Pusteybcrg A. II. driver, s.e.c 13th and 

Rasten-feerg John IT. (Itackniaan t. D.) 

s.e.c. 13th and Walnut 
Pustiu Rev. M..66 E. 5th 
Dustin S.iml. II. 66 E. 5th 
Dutch Evang. Church, 127 Clinton 
Puttenhafer Adam, cigar mkr. bds. 461 

Dutkinhorst Charlotte, 163 Clay 
Putrnann C:isper, (Gelienheck Sc D-) L. 

93 Abi trail 
Dutmann W. (Gellenbeck & D.) 63 Pen- 
Puts L.ouis, boiler mkr. s.s. New, nr. 

DT-TIOX'aAKOM R. atty at law, 

Easterbrook Jno. elk. 07 Webster 


jh, leather and findings, 

232 Main. pes. Covimrton 

Edwards Chas. 465 Mill 

Edwards Curtis, b.k. 4(o Mill 

Edwards C. 0. b.v. 157 W. 5th, bds. s.e.c. 
5th and Mill 

Edwards David, tailor, s.s. New, b. Syca- 
more and B'way 

Batman S. G. 282 Longworth 

EATON A. B- Harrison E. & Co.) 254 

Longworth J Edwards Edwin, atty.. 89 Richmond 

E&cto B. D. M. print, bds. 112 6th ; Edwards E. A. elk. 20 W. 5th 

Eaton Chas. B. (E. McCoy A: Co.) bds. j Edwards Evan, carp. 86 E. 6th 

Brighton II. 

Edwards Evan, spoke turner. 517 Vf. 3d 

mductor C. II. fe©. R.R j } .11) WAR OS 'jAA 
s, milliner, 116 Bank Mi bricklayer, 

Co. (Chas. B. E., Jno. : X - J 138 W. 3d 

Mgs. n.s. 3d, E. of Main 

Eaton Elen, ornamental paint. 303 Linn ! Edwards Hy. bar. k. 220 Walnut 

Eaton Uy. G. elk- Winifrede coal go. Edwards iiy. 11. prin. 1st dia. school, 
n.e.c. W. W. Canal and 3d, h. 315 \ Brown, nr. Mohawk bridge 

George | Edwards Isaac, elk. 25 William 

Eaton Martin, conductor C. II. & D. R.K | l^B WARDS J AS. W, 

Eaton Mrs- Jane. 

Eaton McCoy <L 

MeC: '& Geo. Coon) white mills dis- j Edwards Jno. mould. 517 W. 3d 
tiilery, Western Avenue | Edwards Jno. 338 Richmond 

Eaton Win. 254 Long-worth Edwards Jos. groc. n.s. Front, nr. toll- 

Eaton W. W. seecretary A. C. P. Rooms, j gate, Phi 

bds. 112 W. 6th ' Edwards Ludwis, works rolling mill, 23 

Ebbel Jacob, shoe mkr. 25 I4th I High 

Enters Hy. tailor, 8 W. 12th j Edwards Oliver, teamster, n.s. Front nr. 

Ebble Valentine, (■£. & Seider) Freeman, i lv-iiey, F hi 

nr, Hani. Road i Edwards Root. X. elk. s.w.c 8th <fc Main, 

h. 98 Broadway 
Duttweild^i" Jacob, lab. 14 Jefferson 
Duiz, Mrs. Catharine, seams. 22 Wood- 
JDuvaUJas. bk. binder. 25 W. 4th, bds. 

Henrie House 
Buva'dJchn, lab. 142 Carr 
Buvall Otho, engineer, 301 W. 3d 
Duvanay Mich. lab. 132 W. Front - 

Diive'neck Jos- cof.h. 100 Hunt 
Duvellms Barney, porter, 34 Walnut, h. 

s.w.c. 2d and Plum 
Duven Herman, carp- 9 Pendleton 
Da welius Chris i&n, cigar store, 107 W. 

Duweiius H. n. elk. 67 Clay 
Pawier Lawrence, lab. s.s. Avery, b. 

Wood and W. W. Canal 
DiuanWm. W. elk. 103 Main 
Dweboes Fr uik, stone cutter. Green 
It.vier Maria, lab. Farlow House 
D.v-ire Pat. lab. 160 Everet 
D.tyer Andrew, painter, 108 John 
Dwyer Mich.— lab- bds. Bediuger, nr. 

E. Broadway, n.s 
'Dye An!Vuv, bk. binder, 81 Spring 
PyeMich. lab, 11 Dublin 
Dyer Chas. pedler, 177 Maple 
Dyer Elisha, car. mk. 298 W. Front 
Dyer H-B. tobacconist, 249 W. Row, h. 

• 05 Hopkins 
Dyer John, b.h. n.'w.c. 12th and Clay 
Dyer Mrs. mu.sie teacher. 65 Hopkins 
Dyer Win. mill stone mkr 64 Walnut 
DYMOND li.jr. (Wm. Glenn & Sons,) 

' h. 323 W. 4th 
Dyson Taos, 643'W. Row 
iDzierzanowsky Mrs. Louis:?., 54 Eitten- 

hous^ ■ 

Eberhard Christian, prov. store, 080 

Eberhard Rudolph, lab. 6. r i8 Main 
Eberhart Lothus, lab. 275 Ham. Road 
Eberle C. C. bas?ber..9] Spring 
Eberle Ilv. auc. 105 Logan 
Eberle Hy. carp. 146 Clay 
Eberley Fred. mer. 4th, b. Mill & Stan« 

i ■■>.[.< 

Edwards EolUn L. 29 E. 8th 
J Edwards The?, carp. 147 Catherine 
j Edwards Rev. Thos. n.s. New, b. B'way 

and Culvert 
| Edwards Win. b.k. 160 SvcamoTfi 
j Effker Uy. \.<h. Atteyvb. Elm and Canal, 

and Liberty and Findley 
I Emiii-.'orG(.--..u'uu mkr. 279 Main, h. 90 

Ebersole Jno. W. atty. n. w.c. Court audi W. Court 

Main Ei^nger Jno. bark, 31 P. Landing 

Ebert Gottlieb, stone breaker, 11 Madison Effiray Alex. furnishing store, 162 Vine 
Ebert Uy. lab. 15 High i Ejra Mrs. Maria, dress 451 Plum 

Eberts Fred. Alfeanabra H. 555 Main j Egan Jno. b..k. 122 luum 

Ebker Hy. i;roc. 193 Linn I Egan Jno. b.k. n.s. ild, b. Vine and Wal- 

Ebley Andrew, lab. 036 Vine I nut 

Ebiier Conrad, di-y good store, 602 Wal- ! Egan Wm. watchman, s.e.c. 5:h and 

i B'way 

j lb.;an Wm. sl»j>ptng c!k-31 r^nd 3*1 Main, 
! ^ bils, !U Couipierce 

' EgelnaufChtis. waiter. St. Charles Ex. 
: E-geili :;i Wm. w:iit«r, 74 W. 3d 
I EWi-s Cha««. lab. 43 Peasant 
! ElcrtFrcd. Ma -It- J Walnut 
! Eggamever I! v. porter, 69 Ahigail 
! Kifiars iieniivd, -r-c 59 Abicail 
; Eggart Wm. ci .-. mkr. Ii W. Gth 
! Egger Chas. blic. gniith, Landing, b. Lad* 
j low and Lawrence 

-£;;*;.■* Autli >ny, lab. 107 Woodward 

Eozner Chas. lab. oSl Vine 
Ecaprote.Mt-a, Ma.w, 44*' John 
Ee.ifelder Lewis, bar k. 442 Main 
Eehert Paid, baker, 461 Elm 
Eckart Frank, tanner Observatory, M 

Eckel Geo. F. music teacher, 513 Vine 
H Boots and shoes, 
^- 6 E. 5th, h. 16 Upper Franklin 
Eekelmann Mi-s. Mary, 24 Franklin 
Eckels Arclunald, lab. 146 Carr 
Eckels C gun smith, 152 Clark 
Eckenrolt Tarleten. bik. smith, 52 W. £ 


E. f. •! a- 

ustus E. 

it. nr 

Eckerman Theo. 33 Rittenhouse 

Eckert fe Diekmans, tannery, 'J70 Ha 

Road J i, CO. (Augustus E 

Sckert Jno. S. plasterer, Piatt, b.IIopkin j Vj Geo, Ji. 

,) 158 
B. & 



book store, 
n.w.c. 13th and. vralnut 
Eckert I/'.uis, carp. 559 Walnut 


paper anu stationery . and up ilers 
in exchange on Europe, 127 
EGGERS F. (E. <fc Co.) Ms. Walnut St. 
II »u.«e 


Eans Jno. eng. n.s. Froi 

E agar Jos. carp. J3 3I=, i 

TP A(rLE IXS. CO. J-^V. Messick, pres. 

jp, J. B. Stockton, 

lij P. Landing, up-stair3 
.Ea^ie Wm. elk. n.e-c. 3d and Walnut 
Eakin D. R. eng. 17u Pniton 
Eakle Jno. P. carp. V)"i Everett 

Eckert Mich. (Diekmann & E.) 88 Bank : EGGEKS Jn<\ (J. E. 6c. Wilde) res. Ma- 
Eekert Mich, tanner, 973 Ham. Road ! f'"- M- An'. urn 

Eckert thos P. pres. Western mutual! TJ'OGEiltf J & WILDE, ((Jno. E. Be 
, P'n I ins. co. res. Cummingsville ; f'j Aug- W.) bk. sellers & rcin-.y, 

' Eckert Wm. ahoe mkr. bds. 461 Walnut and dealers fa ex. on Europe 

Eekford Jas. mach. 348 George i 317 3!.ua 

8'okhardt Hv. draughtsman in auditor's Eggert Adrian %. silesman,20 W. 2d, 

ollice. -V.M Main ' I h. 381 J ihn 

Eckh:u-dt Conrad, varnish., 120 Pleasant . EGGLESTO.N Deaj. (Jas. WHSOB ic Co.) 
Eckler Philip, barber, 242 W. 6th 285 Rim 

E ckstei n Elinor, select school, >J7 W. 7th 1.1 GO I, hiS [I ) X D A RTUS. 

Eckstein Elinor, select school, 97 W. 7th pGGLKS COX DAIIIUS, 

ECSTKIV FiJFI) \R !'■ fon* and cram. , mer. 

L wh. *md ^*u« and medicines, J ^ 35 W C u>,L 177 W. 0th - 

1.52 and 154 Main, h. W. 7tU Eggle.ston I). 8. salesman, n.e.c Walnut 

Earcot Martin, lithographer, 57 AAlisai Andrew, carp. 11 II 

Earhart Jno. plasterer, 30 C. 

E.u-hart Peter, lithogiapher, 55 Allison I Eddrincton Wm. paver &. plasterer, 146 and Front 

Eariclc Fred: soap mkr. 794 W. Kow j Pearl Egglesfrm Geo. carp. Fulton, b. Market 

Earl ilenj. A. elk. 10 W. 5th, bds. U. S< ' Eddrington Wm. B'wav. b. ?tb and 0th and Harrison, F'n . 

Hotel Eddy A iff. wire works, 2t# Walnut Eggle»ton Jaa. A. elk. 65 and m Haio, 

Earl Eber, eagle wire works, 209 Walnut j Eddy A. 11. elk. 329 Race res. <rinct m . 

Earley Ja^. Lib. Spring, b. Abigail and : Edgar Alex. c!k. 53 B"Way Eggle^toii Julia, bk. Wd. «i M « 

Woodward - E-hrley Edwia, finisher, 31 Jlittenhouse ; Eggsteiu Ercd. bark. .473 >"»« 

E arh T P. t-iior, 284 W. 8th lEDMK'SToN Wm. (Hunter, 0-J>urn E. V... it-num , -..■ t'. t ; ' 

Barr.) IC4 F'.utn 

Earley Thfis. salesman, 61 Main, h. 283 

W. Hth 
Rarly p.-.---, oik. 36 E. 5th 
F. irly P-ter. cutter, 9^ 
Eai-ly Wm. 517 W. 8th ! 

Karnist Jas. J. carp. n.s. Front, nr. Mar- ; Edwards Catherne, b.h. 302 W. "nh 

ket | Edwards Catherine, b.h. 463 Mill 

VM, Bu ' 

Edmonson Jas. (Smith it E.)^". Row, b. ; T;0! V & |)0B.\[K^ ''■■ ■■"• K ; **' * 
6thand7th (more'-fl J »*ph I- I»0 attorm-j i, n.w.c 

E imunds Theo. brlc. layer, nr. 443 8 : . ca- J ^ J Court an I Mac 
Rdmuuds Thos. coop. 364 W. 2d ; EG LY Jos. E. (», & D«J«^ •-'• ») ( - J ' 

Jackson b. 12.!« a:.d I3ih 
Egncr Fred. elk. JO Mai 



MWB91, W1!§HI 5 MIC!, & ED30N, 

, % m \ l i 

•/Vo. 148 tJflain Street, Corner of Fourth^ 

JM Illustrations, B 


— a n d — !_■:' 




PSto.0f| listers 






...:-> «CT O O XX* st ^^ ^.g 

Cincinnati, o $i im . test jyoHce. 

Successor to Frazer &• Denfiis. _ 

©gtf Address as above. 



yip j^jp- tv fw^Pvp fsi 

ETttfr -M 



p # t ft It PT 



VFor Books, Pamphlets, Newspapers and Handbills,) 

©f BailMticja, Sijipjmig* 
Eaidscapes, Machinery, Portraits, 




(Funey. In Colors,) 

e, S>„ 13 .A_£TX> 16 SHEETS! 
For H*nagerfes, Circuses and Minstrels* 


Fumi-hed &'. ihe shortest notice, 
Io die very best style, and ot .\ew York prices! 
Trr.vs EaSV. Order- sent bv Mail, Telegraph, or 
Otherwise, will be promptly attpn..i».J to 

Rawdoif, Wright, Hatch & Edson, 5. e. c. 4th 
and Main. 


Evans Piatt, 187 Walnut. 

Hall C.F., 14 w. 4th. 

Morrison & Crovvther, 80 w. fourth. 

Reed Edwin G., 155 Main. 

Shipley H. H. &, Bro., 22 w. 4th. 

Clark Peter. 


Bow ley Chns., 24 w. 4th. 
jGibson & Co., 121 Main. 
jJevvelt Chas. A., n. vv. c. Walnut and 3d. 
•Jones Geo. T. 148 Main c. 4th. 
jMiiMleton, Wallace & Co., 115 Walnut. 
jMunson Samuel 13. 39 w. 3d c. Walnut. 
Reed, Edwin O., 155 Main. 
Shipley H. H. & Bro., 22 vv. 4th. 

Archer James Jones Fitz Edwin. 


Barth Fred., 382 Vine. 

rrue B. C. 


Cocheu Renry, 25 Bank Building, c. 3d an 
Ernst Thos, J., 03 vv. 4th. 


BANK NOTE. jjones Theodore 43 W. 4th. 

D'ftnforth, Wright & Co., 39 w. 3d c. Walnut. Grosvenor II. C, n. e. c. 4th and Walnut 
Toppan, Carpenter, Casilear & Co., Odd Fel-Lovie & Bouerle, 15 w 8 

lows Hall, 119 Walnut. 

IWaggoner Wra. W., 120 Main, (up stairs.) 






EhaD.booti & shoos, 614 W. RflflT t 

Euart G. white washer, 522 Walnut 
Ehlan Christ, finisher, bus. b.w.c Kace 

and 2d ! 

Ehlbtok Bcitnck, lab. 133 Plum 
Eaten A. apothecary, s.w.c 5..h. <L Vine j 
rMir/TU. II.&IU . 

H. (Jno. II. E. <L Geo. Scheu.) _ ... 
1 - J leath. deal. 345 Main 
EHLKN Jno. If. (E. & Co.) 345 Main ! 
EhJen Jno. elk. 345 Main 
EHLEK EliasV (Horsley i E.) Front b. 

Plumb and Elm 
Ehler Martin, carp. 175 W. Front 
Ehlerdihg Fred. blk. smith, 235 Maple i 
II . coFoe house, 
XJ 600 Mai a 
Ehm A. finisher, 396 Walnut Hy. lab. 13 Jefferson | 

Ehrgott Martin, lithographic pr . 96 W. 6th j 
Ehrlick Carl, bar kpr. 559 Main 
Ehrliek Jos. elk. 333 Main 
EHRMAN Benj. (B. & F. E.) 40 W. 7th 

rpHRMAN & & P. 

11. (Be'ny. & Fred.) ho. phys. 
XJ 4'i W. 7th 

E HUMAN Fred. (B. & F. E.) 46 W. Tth 
Ei'.'he Oscai-.biu'b. shop, w.s. Vine b. 4th 

5th ■'■ 

Eieheivergh Jos. bar kpr. 4 Pub Landing 
Eichenhof Qhas. baker, W. 3d b. Vine <Sc 

ESehenlaub Fred, groc. 280 W. Liberty I 
Eichenlnub Valentine, queens ware store, 

65 i Vine 
Eichens-cber Neparaach. elk. 26 W. Court 
E.d Barnard, pedler. 929 Flam. Road 
Eiehberg Fred. (Friedman, Husch & E.), 

w.s. Walnut b„5th and 6th 
Bisraan Abraham, porter, 61 Pearl j 

Eigle.berger Mrs. .Barbara. 205 Piatt 
Eihnr Adam, maeh. 46i Walnut i 

Einhaus Christian, .elk. 480 W. 5rh 
Einhouse Frederick, (E. & Saaer,) 450 

W. 5 th i 

Einkebine Geo. mould. Abigail 
Einhause & Sager, (Frederick E.&Hy.S.) 

groc. u.w.c. Front and Tine 
Einright Mich. lab. 252 Water 
Eisaman Lawrence, lab. 158 Liberty 
Eiscle Frank, printer, w.s. Main b. 13ch 

and Allison j 

r? im\ T a., 

jij Independent Exchange, 

s. e. c. Freeman and Everett 

ELse-uhuih V. carnage paint. s.w.c 6th &. ' 

Eiser Berthold, coop. 589 Walnut 

Eiser E. mus. teach. 19 W. 6th 

Eiser J:.c. lab. Canal b. 5ch and 6th 

Eising .Fmanud, elk. n.w.c. 5th and Syc- 

Eispers Wm. eoaper, e.s. Culvert 

Eiswald Adolph. c Ik. 56 and ,58 W. 5th 

Eknauts YoiW, lab. 662 Tine 

Elbc-rdlng Frank, carp. 41] Plum 

Etble Chris, river man, 432 Walnut | 

Eible Geo. lab. n.s. Kemper near Front 
F'n I 

FIble ic Scider, (Valentine E. <fc Mich. S.) 
stone yard, Pium b. Adams and Jef- 

Etble Valentine, (E. & Scider.) e.s. Free- 
man b. Bank and Ham- Road 

Elbreg H. ttsegar fac. 395 B»way 

Fibre,- ily. carp. 25 E. 4th 

Elbreg Jro. A. shoe mkr. e.s. Freeman b 
York and Dayton 

Ellwig Hy. H. cab. mkr. bds. 25 E. 4th j 

Elbrige L. G. map pubhsher,bds. 160 Syc- 

Elckarann Rev. Bernhard, 64 Cla? 

Elder Ewd. bds. Bevis House 

.Elder Lewis, lab. s.s. Front near Walnut 

Elderson Richard, carp, bds. 2S3 V. 5th 

Dili's fly K. rik. 52 E. 3d 

Jj'lrfck S irah, Liteuy nr'. Front j 

Klerioatv Fred. parduer, w.s. Areriueb..' 
Liberty and Poplar 

Elerman Hy. gardner, Avenue b. Poplar 

_ and fork 

J J Prank", tailor. 137 Hopkins 

•iters F. A. printer, s.w.c. Vine and Cen- ; 


Eifers Ily. 17 E. Liberty 
EJfering Jos. stone mason, 526 Sycamore 
EIG' Frank, barber, w.3. Vine b. 4tb &5th 
ElfrencVi Fred, teams, n.s. 6th nr- Carr 
Elias Jly. P. v.-atch mkr. 16 W. 4th, bds. 

316 W. 1th 
Elitch Jno. eldorado cof. saloon, 36 F,.5th 
ElizurGeo. carp. 40 Banlap 
Elizur Sebastian, butch. 36 Dun'ap 
Elk Antonio cof, h. F'6 Ham Road 
ElkelsD. bail.. 400 Vine 
Biker Court, sash mkr. 265 W. Front 
EJkins Jno. porter, 23 Pearl, h. 72 Gano 
Ell Josephine, cap raki-. 64 Pearl 
Ell Peter, cartman, 25'Jrant 
Elle Bernhard, baker, 4 4 Walnut 
Eliekrose Geo. tailor, 155 Pleasant 
EUerBarney, lab. G6 Fintl'ey - 
E!!c-r Manuel, carp. 566 Race 

}?LLi;U:u r AN JOHN, sofa, chair and 
I, cab. ware rooms, 67 W. 5th, h. 30 
J liittenhouse 
ElleDhart Caspar, tanner, Canal, nr. Mo- 
EUick John, carp. 533 Sycamore 
Ellick Jos. can.. 603 Freeman 
Elliman John, 30 Rittenhonse 
Eiliiu*ham Vi'm. lab. n.w.c. Front &; Vine 

Ellington Wm. II. 491 W. 3d 

Elliott . carp. 14 Park 

Elliott Kev. Chas. 259 Catharine 
Elliott Jas. tin roofer, 32 E. 7th 
Elliott Jas. 50 Harrison 
Elliott Jas. porter, 94 George 
Elliott John, pork packer, 333 BVav 
ELLIOTT Jno. T. (E. & Thompson,; 

bds. BVay Hotel 
Elliott Jno. lab. 10 E. Tih 
Elliott 3. B. b.k.2.l W. 5th, h. 11 Frank- 
lin bldss. 
ELLIOTT Thos. T. (G. W. BaU £c Co.) 
400 W. 3d 


II, (Jno. T. E. & Abraham B. T.) 
J - J exchange brokers, 37 E. 3d 
Elliott Wm. shoe mkr. 5;) Harrison 
Eais A. I), brok. 37 W. 3d, bds. Burnet 

Ellis Mrs. Flora, 15 Accommodation 
Ellis Geo. lab. 384 Walnut 
Ellis Hy. 50 Richmond 
Ellis Jona. shoe mkr. 63 George 
Ellis John, shoe mkr. n.s. George b. W. 

Row and John 
Ellis Jno. prod. 60 McFarland 
Ellis Juo. stone cutter, bds. 195 W. 6th 
Ellis Jos. D. printer, s.w.c. 8th and Main 
ELLIS Jno. W. (J.W- E. & Co.) h. 384 

W. 6th 
TPITJS JX0. "W.&C0 (JohnW. E-, 
|i, Wm. V. Barkalow <Sc Geo. W. Mc 
JLJ Alpin,) * h. dry goods, 23 Pearl 
Ellis Richard, river man, ICG E. 6th 
Ellis Richard, 32 E. 7th 
ELLIS Robt. (Robt. E. k. Co.) 136 Syc- 
amore - 

TpXLIS ROBT, & CO. (Robt. e. w., b. 

|1 , E. & James Smith.) uphols. ware- 
house, 136 Svcamore 

Ellis Rowland, (E. & Sturges.) h. 218 
W. 4 th 

ELLIS Rowland, jr. (Wood, Lea & Co.) 
h. 312 V*'. 4th 

Ellis R. O. ship elk. 25 Pearl 

Ellis k. Sturstes (R. EUis &l Wm. S.) 
bankers. 42 W. 3d 

Ellis Thos. 581 W. 8th 

ELLIS Wm. B.(Rebt E. & Co.Jrea. Wal- 
nut Hills 

Ellison Abner, blk. smith. 516 W. 3d 

ELLISON Wm. (Campbell E. &; Co.) res. 
Manchester 0. 

EUmann Bernard, shoe mkr. 507 Main 

Ellman Wm. 174 Linn 

ELLS Erastus, ■ Clafliu it, E.1 res. Day- 

Ellsworth Rev. J. B Water b. Broad and 
Reed, F'n 

ELMER Benj. F. (E. k. Forkner.) 

ELMER Wiilard, (E, k Forkner,) 80 

ITtLJTE'IW &P0HOER, (Willord E , 
1. Benj. F. E. & Jas. F.) iron fvjand. 
a car wheel and stove mannf. 6u2 
W. 5th 

; Elmer3 Webster, atty. 1 E. 3d Chase's 

Elmenhorst Frank W. lab. 4 16 Linn 
j Elmire Jos. cof. a. 7 Landing b. B : way& 
Elms Clias. printer, 30 Woliam 
Elprink Ernst, brk. mkr. 593 Elm 

I Elf us * — , b.k. v.ii w. 3d 

i Elry H. carver, n.w.c. 8th andB'way 
j ELSAS Jac (J. E. &: Co.) res. Walnut 


!pL8A8 Jacob &ca 

11, (J. E. & Frank X. Braumstein,) 
XJ wh. clothiers, 18 Pearl 
ELSAS Jos. (March, Etas & Co.) 3d b. 

Walnut and \ r ine 
Elsbach Max, (Brown, E. Ic Co.) 
Elser Jno. coop. 160 Maple 
Elsker lly. groc. 59 Woodward 
Elsslerliy. eoop. bds. n.w.c Sycamore 

and Liberty 
Elstner John, (E. & Son,) 177 BVay 
ELSTXER Jolm,.(Wm Wood & Co.) 
Eislucr Jos.(F. &. Son,) 177B"way 

j Elstner & Son, (John & Jos. C) flour & 
oil mills, B,Vayand9th, store, 247 

I Walnut 
Ely Mrs. J. 480 ETra 
Eman Justice, groc 44 Mohawk 
Embbers Mrs. M;ug. seams. IS Wood'a.rd 

■ Embus Barney, tanner. Spring nr. Hunt 

j Emerson Alex. elk. 7b W. 4th, res. Ncw- 

| port 

i Emerson G. maeh. 138 Kemble 

i^HEliSON EDWIN s. di-uggist, s. 
11 1 e.e. Broadway and L. Market, h. 
- lJ I04Longworth 



com. mer. 47 "\\ alnut 

h.G4 E. 4th 
Emerson Jona. 84 12th 
Emerson Jona. jr. bar. mkr. 89 Main 
i Emerson N. W, <fc Co. wh. groc and com. 
j mer. 47 Walnut 
' Emerson S. W. (X. W. E. ic CoA 64 
W. 4th 
Emerson Wm. B. atty. 20 E.3d, h. 56 Mc 

Emery B. 647 W. Rcw 
| Emery Jos. city missionary, 136 Clark 
; EMERY Thos. (T. H. &Sou.) 131 W. 7th 

[friliMY Titos & son (Thos. & 

n, Thos. J. K.) lard oil and star candle 
-^ manuf. 31, 33 and 35 Water 
Emhotrif. tannor.3.-l W. Liberty 
| Eraica Hy. car thiv. 23 E. 4tli, h. 271 

W. 3d 
Euiick Alex, cicrar mkr. h. 57 Kossuth 
Bminger Jos. tur. 21ii Fulton 
Easmet Andreas, lah. 1H Ham. Road 
Emmigrati >n, Gen. fterm. Society, Wm. 

Renau. agt. 27W.2d 
17Vi]'NjN DANIEl It. 
.ft. atty. and notary public, 
iJ 99 W. 3d 
Empson Elizabeth. ll r i W.6di 
Empsoii Thos* S. 464 W. 7th 
Emerick Da- ; id L. drug, n e.c Sth and 

Emrieh Jacob, stone c\it. bds. Farmcri 

Ex. 556W. 5th ' 
Emreth Yr>.<\. L. al. pays. 523 Vine 
Emseaker Jos. wind, shades, Jogcs b. 
j Wade & Liberty 
: Emuleth Justus, cah. mkr. 616 W. Sin 
Enatling Hy. tail. 12^ Pleasant 
Endebrock Efy. c;up. rear 9 E. Liberty 
Endehrooke Wm. porter. 14 31am, h. 9 

E. Lil arty 
Enderbrock Lewis, trunk mkr 72 W. 3d 
Emlrhrock Valentine, (Reis, BrendelAS 

Co.) h. 65 Oliver 
End. stropeBennan, lab. 20 MulU-rry 
Endl'ebruck J. 11 . stoue mason, 5'J- Plea- 
Endyhrook Ilarmer, porter, 9 P. Land- 

i n 5 
En : Fred, cooper, 55 Ti: rh 
| Knv,' u: papt-r box m anuf. '•- \ '• 

Engbreng Hy. ram. groc. 109 W. I i 
En -• - Jos. a.s. Mo« » b. I' irk aud .-?j.;th 
En rer Frank, Ms. 0*i Viu« 
Eugar EKma, lah. I6J Lihprty 
Engel Geo. Kike-. 30 L. M krket 
En^el Ueo. shoe mkr. 10 Abigail 




A Joint Stock Association for the Transactai of an 


■ ^ Organized July 1, 1855, under the laws of the State of New York. Capital in 12 OOO Shares, 
divided among -some' forty Shareholder;!, residing in the States of Massachusetts, Ehod$ Island, 
Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia and Ohio, and who are individually 
liable for all the losses and contracts of the Company. 



0. W. CASS, Pres., Pitts. Wm. B. BDTSMQBE, Treas,, % Y. E. S. SABFORD, Sec, Phil 

The Company has facilities unsurpassed by those of any other Express Line in the world, for the 
safe and expeditious forwarding and prompt delivery of 

Parcels, Package Freight, &c., Also, for tlxe - 
In all the Cities, Towns & Villages in the United States, the Canadas, California 

and Europe, at the lowest remunerative rates. 

2E»'3RL X T& OX ZEP'.^. ZLs O 3? S? 1 C S S . 














Xew Market. 

New Holland. 

New Lexington, 










Union port, 

Vandal ia, 


Wells vilfe, 



T Vet.iUg, 

*Zanesvil!e. ' 



Our MESSENGERS run daily over the following Railroads, and enable us to deliver Freight' add 
Money promptly at all towns on thoir Line, or adjacent thereto: 



Adams' Mills, 




Bloom held, ► 







Circle ville, 





Cuyahoga Falls, 

Casey ville, 



Enon Valley, 








Louden ville, 

WCG« Of ?%t 





Crittenden, . 






* Evans ville, 









■ * Frankfort, 













*.\ew Albany, 


North Vernon, 















Sulphur Springs, 

*Terre Hauto, 

*St. Louis, 


•Jefferson City, 



1 lltnois, 





Baltimore and Ohio, 

•Central Ohio. 

Cincinnati, Wilmington and.Zau 

Cleveland and Piltsnufjr, 
Covington and Lexington 
Evausvilie and Crawfqrdsville, 

is Centtal, 


d Cincinnati, 



ivnighf -to wn and Sis 
Luxiil^ton and Frankrort, 
Loyi>vMle and Frankfort, 
Madison and Indianapolis, 

In ordering Goods, our friends will please give special directions to have their packages marked'' BY TAB 

New Albany and Salem, 
.Ohio and Mississippi, 
O.hio and P mnsylvanU, 
Kusbville and Snelbyyille 
Steuhenville and Indiana, 
Terra Haute and Richmond. 

Jp®r*The Cincinnati Directory is to be found at each where aetai is attached to the name. 






H v. 612 Race 
\Vm, lab. 1 Monroe 
beck Christ, porter, 12 Hanover 
It Hv, cab. mkr. 34 Smiih 


k« Fred, baker, S03 W. 8th 

. ger Hat-,, shoe mkr. 94 W. Court 
Kochcrt Mrgi Catherine, 175 W. Liberty i 
EirglardJos. finisher, 396 Walnut 
Eagle Adam, butcher, 86 Findley 
(ingle Frank, coop. e.s. Brighton b. Har* 

rison Road and Dank 
Engle Frank, fchoe mkr. 130 Ham. Road 
Bhg'.e Peter-, stone cutter, 601 Walnut I 
I'.u der C.haS. varnisher, s.e.c John an''. 

En?;!er Frank, 515 E. Front 
Englehart Conrad, groc. 157 Baymiller 1 
Engleaart Mich, wood deal. 51 Allison 
Eagles N. W. chair mkr. 148 Baymiller ; 
Kngles Thco. finisher, 14 Rittenkouse 
Kricdeston Joan, porter, 77 L. Market . 
Eneleston Mr,. 77 L. Market | 

Eaglesftofl Matthew, shoe mkr. 77 L. : 

Market ■ - 
En~! ; .:h Isaac M. hose mkr. 125 Clinton's., 
ENGLISH J&nies, (£. &. Son,) res. 

v°-.vro:-t j 

English John . cof. h . 990 B'way 
English Owe - *, ptdnt. 162 Cutter 
bmthsh Samuel, IF,. &. Son,) 57 B'way 
T^JfGEJSa &S0N, 
H- (remind E. &Chas. E.) 
* J beBoVsmnnniY166E.2d 
Eniken Barney, (F. KVjine &: Co.) res. 

Walnut Kills 
Enneking Fred, tailor. 1105 Main 
ENNEELXG Jao. B. (J. Kleine & Co.) 

40 E. 5th 
FNNEKI.XG Jno. B. cloth. 2 Cassilly's 

Row, res. E. Walnut Hill.; 
Ennis Mary, printer, 168 '; Vine 
Ennis Thos.' fab. 573 Plum 
Fnos P. lab. 3 Jackson 
Ettas Win. W. bk. binder, 173 Barr 

If. H. Robinso.n & Co., 
prop- <k editor, 83 Main 
Ensign Horion, foreman in stove found. 

n.w.c. Canal and Walnut, res. Read- 
ing Turnpike 
Fnslin Ado'uh. elk.' s.w.c. Walnut and 

Ensi'.n Fred. 543 Main 
Kntwlstle J. paint. 65 W. 3d 
Entwistle Wut. paint. 65 W. 3d 
EN l A R'J? Ciias. G. {Gardner, Phipps & 

Co.) bds. Burnet House 
Enyart Elizabeth* 3I9-W. 3a 
Enyart .lac. L. trrou. 100G Ham. Road 
Enyart Mary, 519 W. 3d 
Enyart Salem, elk. 519 W 3d 
Enyart Robt. p. elk. 906 Ham, Road 
Eon Conrad, lab. 66 Ham. Road 
Epinger Abraham, fan. store, 062 Tine 
Epling Conrad, tail. 68 Findley 
Eppet Ferdinand, barber, 451 -Slain 
Eppecg Herman, mould, 512 Fun 
Eppinger H. shoe store, 3o Broadway 
Eppins B. groc. 264 W. 8th 
Kppler Jae. cab. mkr. 12 Gano 
Epply Adam, staple and fancy dry goods, 

29 L. Market 
Epply Adam, (Geo. Fisher & Co.) SO 

Epply Jar. sales. 85 Main, b. 372 W. 8th 
Fi'l'LY Jno. P. (E. &. Patterson,) 1S7 

W. 7th 

£ J. P. D. P.) undertakers, s.w.c. 
7th Sc Plum, stable, n.w.c. 9th and 
Bpps Jessie, pedler, 524 Elm 
'•PI'S Mrs. Martha, washing, 27 David 
Kpgin Christ. -rope mkr. e.s. Anderson b. 
w W. W. Canal and 2d 
|-bC. B. porter. 9 Water 
'•■•* Peter, currier, 34ft Main 
erberle Ely. carp. s.s. Allison b. Clay and 

Kn1 Francis T. cof. h. 74 W. Court 
Enjhaus Phillip, elk. 369 Main 
"""nan Fred. 500 Linn 
=««>nGeo.csb. mkr. 275 W. 3d 
JfTmann Arnold, tailor. 12 Hannover 
r'«rt Khinger, 542 E. Front 
*-rkel By. paint. 449 Linn 


M . starch manuf. Lock b. 5th & 6th, 
Au h. 237 E. 5th 

Erkenhrecher Fred. cut. G9 Walnut 
Erker Christ, carp. 209 Catherine 
Erihert Sebastian, lab. 108 13th 
Krisleger lly. 126 Ham. Road 
Ernait Peter, coop. 120 Pleasant 
Ernest Mrs. Eliz. milliner, 271 Main 
Ernst Ferdinand, butcher, n.s. Harrison 

Road b. Brighton and Avenue 
Ernst Andrew H. jr. bk. bind. 207 Court 
Ernst Antony, tan -Canal nr. Mohawk 
Ernst CLas. J. barb. 331 W. 6th 
Ernst Franklin, 4'JW.Otu 
Ernst Geo. eroe. 6S 14lh 
11. books and stationery, 
■H 112 Main, b,lSE.0th 

Ernst lly. coop, s.e.o. Bank and Free- 
Ernst Hy. M. c. Dayton and W. Row 
Ernst Ludwig, shoe mkr. over 5 16 Main 
32ra§t i'fister, lab. Ham. Road 
Ernst Thos. designer and wood eng. 63 

W. 4th, h. 249 -Clinton 
Ernstberger Jno. lab. s.w.c. Elm and Ham 

Erte! Bernard, lieut of the watch, 5C6 

17 11 WIN JAAfES, 

\< • hats and caps, 

J " J 2»1 Main 

Erwin S. C. elk. 144 Main, h. n.w.c. 4th 

and John \ 

ESCALES Morris, (Nathan &, E.) 149 



h boots andsh^es, 

JU lOW.fch 

Eslinger Jno. cof. h. 103411am. Road 

Esman Jos. cof. h. n.w.c. Court and 


17 Sir AX HENRY, 

H, china store,. 
-*- J 53 Court . 
Espaugh Adam, tail. 71 Green 
Espensheid Jno. paver, 65 W. Li!>erty 
Esper Jno. lab. 40 Dunlap 
ESPY J. (Kinney E. & Co.) i v 9d W, 4th 
Essick Wm. baker. 68 Wade 
Essix Mrs. Eliza, wa\*her woman, 63 

Estell Daniel, wool deal. 168 W. Front 
Estep Joshua, dr> T goods, s.w.c. 5th and 

Estep Mrs. Mary, 492 W. 4th 
Estelcr Peter, lab. n.w.c. Ki)g/>ur and 

Estep Richard, finisher, 492 W. 4th 
Estep Thos. cab. mkr. 193 Catherine 
Estes Holmes G. paint. 354 W.Row 
EsterlieJohn. cof. h. 166 Bremen 
Estriker Jno. Vine opp. Mulberry 
Etenstine Jos. mach. Lock b. Symmes 

and 4th 
Etten Wm. fin. 50 Milton 
Etting Oris, blk. smith, 154 Maple 
Euchorn Johan, lab. 435 Iiinn 
Euen Sarah.n.s. Front b. Longworth and 

Broad F'n 
Eureka Eating House, 93 Sycamore, Jno 

Wilson prop. 
Eukle Phib'p, varnisher, n.w.c. 8th and 

Eustis Geo. teller. 0. L. I. & T. Co. h. 

198 Richmond 
EUSTIS Hy. (S., &H.E.&Co.) Ms. 

V. SI Hotel 

EUSTIS S. & TT- & CO. (Samuel E., Hy 
rj- E. &. Jno. A. Stacy,) plumb*'rs, 
putnp and hydrant mkrs. 244 Maui, 
and 2115 W. Row 
EUSTIS Sam!. W.(S. & H. E. & C'o.)bds. 
U. S. Hotel 

253 W. Row 

Evan* — -- . I F. &. Pa;tison,) 

Evans EJ«aj. bk. bds. Dennison Souse 

Evans-B. B. groc. S.W.C. LhuT and Bay: 

Evans Caleb B.71 Barr 
Evans Catherine L. widows 379 W. 3d 
Evans C. £. (E. & Scrivcn,) res. New 


Evans C. S. boots &. shoes,126 W. 5th, b. 

126 W. 5th 
Evans Cushnnis, carp. e.s. Brighton b. 

Harrison Read and Bank 
Evans D. G. j.v.s suiveyor,35 W. 3d, h. 62 

Evans Dud. carp. h. 39 E. 8th 
Evans David P. b.k. 534 Viae 
Evans Edw. cab. mkr. 380 George 
Evans Edw. shin carp. n.s. Fulton, b. 

Market and Harrison, Fhi 
Evans Edw. carp. e.s. BVay, b. 8th and 

Evans Edw. carp. bds. c. 5th and B'way 
Evans Ed. jr. b>i*. c. 5th and B'way 
Evans Mrs. Eliz. w.s. 6th, above Baurn 
Evans Mrs. E. 37 Jacks..n 
Evans Evan, carp. e. s. B'way, b. 8th ic 

Evans Evan, currier, s-s. New nr. B'way 
Evans E. R. grainer, 508 Walnut 
n , • hard ware merchant 
JLJ 389 Main, h. 415 Walnut. 
Evans Geo. (E. & Kershner,) 59 B'way 
Evans Herman C salesman, h. n.w.c 

Plum and Perry 
Evans Hugh, pork packer, 102 E. Li. 

Eva-ns J as. painter, 37 Jackson 
Evans Jas. G. agent, 16 Barr 
EVANS Jason, (E. & Swift.) 59 W. Fth 
Evans Jno. bk. lave-. 127 W. 9th 
Ev-acis Jno. Ash, elk. 226 Elm 
Evans Jno. 95 Longworth 
Evans Jno. hatter, 67 Pearl 
Evans .Jno. lab. n.s. Front, nr. Stone, 

Evans Jno. P. fountain, res. 324 W. Row 
Evans J. S. elk. 58 W. 4th 
Evans Jno. T. box mkr. Hammond, b. 

3d and 4th 
Evans fcKershner, (Geo. E. & A. K.) 

furniture store, 59 B'way (0th 

Evans Lewis, blk. smith, Lock, b. 5th '& - 
Evans .Mary, clear stareher, 154 W. 4th 
Evans Mrs Mary, IU5 Clinton 
Fvans Mrs. Mary J. 338 Vine 
Evans & PaUison, pork and beef packers 

office n.e.c. Court and B'way 
Evans K. C. watchmaker, 16 W. 4th 
EVAN'S Seth, (McKeehan & Ev-ius) 335 

Evans Simeon, barber, 253 W. 6th 
Evans Simeon, groc. 169Kiehmond 
Evans 6c Scrivcn, (C. S. F. & C. 14. S.,) 

commission bk. sellers, 14 Hart's 

bid*, up-staira 

E 1 VANS «!.S\V I FT, tfason E. & Brig-a 
S.) pork house, 
' n.w.c, Sycamore-& 9th 

Evans Stephen, carp.288 W. Front 
Evans Thos. elk. 314 Plum 
Evans Thos. L. elk. 601 W. 5th 
Evans Wm. 446 Elm 
Evans Win. carp. bds. 200 W. Front 

17 vans wn.r.iAAi, 

11. printer, 

XJ h. AHev, b. 4th & 5th, Elm 

T7V.VNS WM. seedsman*: 

rC agricultural ware bouse 

- Li 3 XV. 4 th 

Evans Wm. F. boots and shoes, 13 L. 

Market, h. 187 Fulton 
Evans Win. L. elk. S[»rii!^e.r &. AVhite- 

ru\n. res. Walnut Hills 
Evans Wm. M. clock mkr. 206 John 
Evans & Williams, (Evan E. ic Thos. S. 

W.) stairs bldrs. B'way and 9th 
Evelefh tsaac,b.k. 191 John 
Evens' House, s.w.c. Broadway ami L. 

Even- C. M. shoe store. 571 W. Row 

t EVEN'S PUTT, tailor & draper ' v 
li and general furnish. 1 25 Main 
res. Spring Pia«-e 

T^VENS PLAIT, Jit engraver, spal 
fi press manuf, and gen. mm • ■ ' 
XJ \Valn\it, res., Ky. 3.1, 

h. Russell and M.i - n 
Even? barK-r, 151 UaymiUcr 
Event. Wm. !•'. Id" Fulton 
Eventing Mrs- Cat;,, rim-. 24 Franklin 
Everett N. S. cab. mkr 2U1 Barr 
Everett J. S. shoe store, 267 W. Row, h. 
109 BaiT 





Tlie Proprietors of the above Company have facilities enabling tliera to forward 



Called ^niis, jgra.fls anir Juaumis, 





> t EWT0kE 

Silver Creek, 



North East, 















♦Grafton, - 


Mount Gilead, 


Kingsville, , 

London , 



* Newark, 

New London, 




Union viile, 

Upper Sandusky, 

Tan Wert, 




Yellow Springs, 


Cambridge City, 
♦Fort Wayne, 
* Indianapolis, 
Knights town, 
Michigan City, 

Richmond, - 
*Terre Haute. 




♦Ann Aarbor, 


♦Battle Creek, 








♦Grand Kapids, 





Paw Paw, 









Bloomington, , 







Huntley's Station, 

Jacksonville, " ' 



Peru and Lasalle, 




Kock Island, (bill to Chicago 







♦Fond du Lac, 








White River. 


Du Buque, 

Davenport, (bill to GMcas 
Burlington, do 

Muscatine, da 



♦St. Louis, 




St. Catharines, 


) * London, 





Order Goods marked "By the American Express Company." 

WELLS, BTJTTERFIELD & CO., 62 Broadway, New York. 

LIVINGSTON, FABGO & CO 0, U & 13 West Seneca St., Buffalo N. Y. 

P. CLABK, Agent, Cincinnati 

Office, 3d St., between Sycamore and Broadway. 

fi@^"The Cincinnati Directory is to bo found at each Office where a star is attached to the name. 





Everhart Matthias, batcher, s.e.c. Bunk 

and Freeman 
E7crhart Va!. carp. 557 Ham. road 
granger Frank. 209 
EversFred. b. bind. 25 W 

Ever* Geo. tailor, bds.' s.e.c 

Ever« Her, shoe mkr.. 335 Main 
Xversfield J no. cr.f. h. n.w.c. 


Feasder Louis, lager beer saloon, 33 W. ! Fandom Martin, 92 Clay 
3d, h. 95 W. r'ch j Fandrel Case, lab. 92 Clay 

Feas^Ier "Levis F. cook 95 W. 8th ! Fanducan Anthony, s.w.c. Clark ?.:.d 

Fagatey C tin and copper smith, 6 Com- j Fangemann Geo. cigars, 623 Main 
4th, h. 491 mercial row j- Fanker Wm. C. carriage painter, 3 Pleas- 

Fagaii M. screw cutter, 384 Walnnt ant 

B'way and Fagari Pat, carp. 52 Kossuth I Fankner Thos. HO Barr 

I Fagen John,, 101 High Faulafcen Geirard, brk. mkr. 242 Catfc- 

Fagen John, elk. 70 W. Front mine 

New and | Fagen Lewis, s.s. Symmes, b. Kilgonr Sc ' Fanu Mich. lab. s.s. Front, nr. Long- 
j Lock ■ worth Fm • 

Evershnmm Peter, chair mkr. G2 Pierson 
Everstaan Fred. elk. 382 B'wa} r 
Eversman II. H. fam. groc. 144 Eich- 

Eversole ily. lab. n.w.c. Front and Yino, 

Everson Benj. eng. n.s. Front, nr. Vine, 

Everson Jno. carp. n.s. Front, nr. East, 

Everson Jno. W. b. bind. 141 Main 
JSveslage B. elk, 4G5 and 4G7 Main 

Baltimore exchange, 
169 W. 5th 
dealers in dry eoods, * 
' 4C:> and 4lj7~~Mam -■■-•■- 
EVESLAUE Otto, (0. & H, E.) 
h. 1/1 W. 5th 

Ef JSLAfl'E 0. & 11. (OttoE. & HyE.) I 
boot and shoe store, 
171 W.oth 
En aid Jos. shoe mkr. 523 W. 7th 
Ewalt Heine:-., cabt. mkr. W. 6th, b. Har- 
riet and Horn, s.s. 
Ewet Benj. F. elk. C H. & B. depot 
Ewell Mrs. Maria, 211 Catherine 
Ev/ell V m. H. S. hoots and shoes, s.w.c 

W. Row and Catherine 
£wer Jas. paint, bds. IJ. S. Hotel 
Efflin Jno. ex. broker, s.w.c. 3d and 

Walnut, h. 95 Richmond 
gwing«& Arnold, (W..C.E.& Wat. A.) 

U. S; Hotel, s.w.c. 6th & Waiaut 
Ewing Elizabeth L. 332 W. 7t.h 
Ewing Geo. W. team. 97 Water 
Ewing Isaac dray. n.s. Front, b. Parsons 

and Whiitaker 
EWING Jno. Ill (Bevan & Co.) res. Mt. 

Ewing Jqo. S. 1G4 Richmond 
Ewing M- B. & Co. (Martin B. St IYe. 

A. Ewing) machinists. E. 8th, near 

Culvert, h. c. Lock <fe 8th 
Ewing Mrs. 50 Elisabeth 
Ewing Mrs. Mary T. e-s- Lock, b. 5th & 

Fagen Patrick, lab. s.s. Congress, 

Canal and Kilgour 
Payer George, brush mkr. 525 Sycamore 
PAGIN LEWIS, flour mil!, Lock nr. 
|"1 Symmes, h. corner. Lock and Kil- 

Fagin Theodore, b.k. Lock, b. Symmes 

" and 5th 
Fazser Saml. lab. Fulton carW. F'n 
Fahl Henry, lab. 45 W. 5th 
Fahn Andrew, lab. 106 Clay 
Fahranhotz Fred, watch mkr. n.s. Front 
"• b. Market and Harrison F'n 

b. I Fan nan Mich. bds. 137 Walnut 

| Fanning Geo. carriage mkr. 21 W. 7th 

Fanning Mich. carp. n.s. Front, b. Waab- 
j ingtbn and Liberty 

j Fanning William, blk. smith, 69 Plum 
Fanteel Wm. type caster, Ciucinti. type 
I Fant'iorp James, sexton 7th Presbyterian 

church, w. s. B "way b. 4th and 5th 
l Fantreu J alius F. elk. Ham. brewery. 

330 Ham. Road 
i Fany Pat. lab. Adams, b. Elm & Plum 
i Faoit Anthony, lab. 96 Ham Road 

Faran Jas. J. Mayor,res. n.e.c- Congress 
and Lawrence 

Fahs Mrs. Catharine, e.s. Division 

Harrison road and Bank 
Faiok John, stone cutter, bds. 617 Vine ! Farark John, shoe mkr. bds. n.s. 5th nr. 
Fairchiid Alex. elk. 449 W. 5th I Canal 

Fairchiid D. W. (D. W. F. & Co.) 134 W j Farbor Jacob, lab. High, b. Parsons and 

6th Kilgonr 

Fairchiid D. W. & Co. hatters, 134 Wal- j 

nut ' i 

Fairchiid William, dry goods, 449 W. 3th ' 

Fairclough Thos. chimney tops, 204 1 

I Richmond 

Fairfax Chas. carp, s.e.c. 4th and Walnut ; 
i Fairiey Aiex. dray. 15 Grant 


trdo J< 
ire Ma 

Fairiey Wm. dray. 15 Grant 

Fairmaut F. tanner. 381 W. Liberty 

Fairy Barnard, lab. 80 Dudley 

Fakner Lemuel, engineer Fulton, b. Mar- 
ket and Harrison F'n 

Falan Bernard, lab. 234 W. Court 

Falbay Jeremiah, porter, s.w.c. 8th and 

Falbuah Chas. elk, 45 12th 

Faldhouse Fred. 4:3 W. 8th 

Faldmann H. H. shoe mkr. 55 Pendle- 

Faldmer Frank, cooper, e.s. Culvert, b. 
6th and 7th, h. c. B'way & Hunt 

Fall: Chas. W. shoe mkr. 523 Sv cam ore 

128 Main, up-siaira 
Ewing Wm. dray. 122 Lin a 
Ewing W. C. (E. &c Arnold) s.w.c- 6th 

and Wdl nut 
fcvott Jos. boat mkr. 74 L. Market 

ffiXMSN ''JUS. 

j 'j dealer in hard ware and cutlery 

wli. and ret. 493 Main 
Eytnaan Christ, coachman, 12 Abigail 
Eymei- Andrew, car. smith, c. 12m and 

I Falkner Amelia, 

i worth F'n 

i Falkner Chas. engineer, n.s 

j Washinsrton and Liberty 

I Fall Fred. lab. 567 Sycamore 

: Fall George, moulder, bds. 583 W 
Fallen Patrick, lab. 77 W. Row 
Falteng Joseph, tinner, e.s. Clay, b. 12ih 

and 13th 
Fallent Ellen, widow, 6:2 13th 

tone mason. 248 Ham. road 
, cof.h. 444 \V. Front 
it Mrs. 363 W. 5th 
Fares Sebastian, elk, Wilson b. Liberty 

and Milton 
Farey Ann Mrs. school, 297 W. 3d 
Fa--ey Pat. lab. n.s. 6th, nr. Cuiyert 
I7-A1US TUGS, phot .graph, ami :^ yT Q 
[1 and dag. gal. n.w.c. 4th Ac V, ainuw 
-*• h. 131 Longworth 
Farick Mich, lab. n.s. High, nr. Vine, 

Pari Mich. lab. 14 Kossuth 
Farley Mass Angehina, teacher, 16fl Baet 
Farh-y Cha-.. porter,.&J R^bHiond 
Farley Baul. 14Q Catharine 
Farley Miss Helen, teacher, 160 Barr 
Farley Hugh, lab. 71 Richmond 
Farley Jas. lab. alley, b. Elm and Canal 

and Findlav and Liberty 
Farley John, 32 David 
Parley Mrs. Joanah, 160 Barr 
Front, nr. Long- I Farley Mich. lab. 460 E. Front 

- | Farley Nicholas, lab. e.s. 6th above Baum 


Front, b. I Farley Wm. coo] 
of Boal 
Farlow House 

S.e.C 6th and Elm 


s e.c. tied and FAva 
lb Farlow prop 

e.s- Sycamore hiJ!, 

Faher John (F. &. Plaitner,) c. Landing Fartnan Fred. lab. 40 Freeman 

;W A. 



ft Jcwdler, 

357 W. Row 
KzakxeJ &: Deitch, (Mode; E. Sc Julin D.) 

im]>. and dealers m liquors &■ wines, 

6 W. Front 
Ezexiel Mosely, (E. & Detach,) 196 W. 


and Lawrence 
Faller & Plettner, (John F, & Hy. Plett- ! 
ner.) Newport Exchange, c. Landing 

and Lawrence 
Falles , hatter, 51 Allison 

17 ALUS. BR0Wy-&C0. (D. J- F. Sc 

|1 J. M. B. iP. C.Collins) bankers, 

x 33 W. 3,1 

FALLIS D. J. (F. Brown & Co,) res. 

Fallis E. lard oil manuf. Canal, b. Main 

and Walnut, h. 27 Kemble 
Fa'lis <fc Hadley, (Isaac C F. & Eli II.) 

pork and beef packers, and com mer 

16 and IS E. Canal, 
icC (F. 

Farmer John, dray. 154 Cutter 

|1 Greeoup, b. Market 6c Ud 

x Cov. Ky 

F.uminton H. 1>. lab. 343 B'way 

Farney Pat. hatter, bds. n.s. New, b. 

B'way and Culvert 
Farra Adolpn, caia;ago mkr. 20 Madi* 


lab. n.e.c Freeman and 




Farrel Jame 

FanaliM. 100 Frcomon 
Fan-.. il Slaitin, fireman, 365 W. 5th 
Fanrall Lhit. plasterer, 137 Clark 
I Far-aa Jas. pedlar, 49 E. 8th 
'Falks Isaac C (F. &. Ha<l!ey,) 117 W. Farran Jas. tub 
I 9th man 

I Falion John, lab. 42 Longworths bid r 
j Fallon Pat. lab. Front, b. Rice and Wal- 
nut F'n 
] Fallon Mich. lab. Front, b. Bice, and Wal- 
I nut F'n 

: Falls Jr.o. lab. 17 Grunt 

Syca- , DALL3 HEXRY, 

J 11 Carp-t w.u-eii. 
i * h. 243 Plum 

"aber Barney engineer. 3d4 W 
^ '•>•■>• Jno. Morand, bar k. 3-!C 
racklet Oeorge, pror. store, 

P^lden Thos. lab. 22 Dublin 

j^hr l'et'.r,w. sawyer, Id Tanner t Falls Lid.iy, wid 

Fadiok Jack, sloe mkr. 30 Mohavslv i Falmaa Jnhn, cooper, c. 8t 
»achr Jno. tobacconist, 43? M iin (Main FaJmer Pud. 540 Walnut 
jaehr Henry, cigars and tobacco S3S Faiquet Alex, artist, 111 Clinton 
raerman Hy. cooper, 15d Clay | Falttriann Harman, blk. smith, 97 Wood 

rwwtein Fran/., bb. n.s- Front, b, liar- I war4 

risoa and Market F'n ' Fullmer Jno. fob. G17 Uace 

n. e.c Barr and Free* 
b. York and 
D. C room 29 

19 E. 4th 
. Hanlson 

and Canal 

Farran Eobt, lab. W. Row 

D iy ton 
Fan-;ir Jno. H, mailer, M. 

Mod. Col 
Fan-as David. 79 Barr 
Farrel Mrs. KIT Hopkins 
Fatten \irs. Cltrist. l-o Cutter 
Parrel Julia, 1-U Moses 
b\u el Pho'8. lah. l.'i Moaea 
Farrel Thus. lab. UMi Baymllfcr 

Farrel . tab. 37 Kembk 

FarreU Catharine, b. folder, I0f V -nut 
FarreHChus. Wb. n.<. IIi«jh,b. W 

ton and Liberty 
Fan-eil ily. baker, s.wr.c PearJ k. R*ca 
Fftrrell Jm cof.h. 301 W. Row 



XT W I t T B S3 IS SJTjflL^E'E® 




.1 5F .2 ^T S 1 Is JE 3P WTjfc JB JP 

HIW ¥0EE, BtllFlLa M1SI11, €L1?IMSB 

Cincinnati C|iagJJ, Si ITmtfe, gocn fslaiij), 



^r-~^?r ^T,T"i :5 £' ^rfr ; ~~-/fjr% ^V^r^T fV5fer 

>.;> \W %k 2» ;l^ fe.ti 



Jl K 

JlMi t^li^ J ,& Jklk J?M; i 

rvn ,sA e*.'af-*ii eii® O',''- 1 -. flfli6 hi; 

p Ml 

fe- s^ ||| 

^L4 Jk Dl 


Connects with the American Express Company at 




Q^rBe particu'ar and order Goods "By the United States Express Company." 



•Adrian, Mich., 

* Anderson, Ind.. 
*Al*oh, 111., 
•Butfalo, ST. Y., 
•Bellefontaine, O., 
Burr Oak, Mich., 
Bristol, Ind., 
Bollevue, O., 

* Bloom ington, III., 
♦Cleveland, O., 
Carey, •* 

Carlisle, " 

Cincinnati, '* 
Clinton, Mich., 
Cold Water," 
•Chicago, 111., 
Carlinville, 44 

* Dunkirk, N. Y., 
Dayton, Ohio, 
p Daven<iort, Iowa, 

Elyria, Ohio, 
Elmore, " 
Elkhart, la., 
Fremont, Ohio, 

Fredericktown, •' 
Grafton, " 


Greenville, '• 

Geneaeo, 111., 
Huron O.. 
•Henry, III., 
Ilunt^ville, O., 
Hamilton, " 
Hudson, Mich., 
♦Hillsdale, M 
Indianapolis, la., 
Jonesviile, Mich., 
•Joliet, III., 
Kenton, Ohio, 
•Laporte, Iu., 
La Salle and Peru, 111. 

Lacon, 111. 
Monroeville, Ohio, 
\Mt. Vernon, " 
Mkldletown, " 
Marion, •* 

•Muncie, la., 
•Monroe, Mich., 
Manchester, " 
Mishttwaka, Indiana, 
Morris, '• 

Moline, 111., 
* Muscatine, Iowa, 
*Norwalk, Ohio, 
♦Ottawa. III., 
Plymouth, Ohio, 
♦Piqua, " 

•■Peoria, Illinois, 
•Rock Island,' 4 

Shelby, Ohio, 
•Spriugfleld, " 

•Sandusky, 44 \ 
Starges, S.'ich., 
•South Bend, la., 
Sheffield, III., 
•St. Loui-s. Mo., 
*Tiftlii, Ohio, 

*Tecumseh, Mich., 
TisUilua. III., 
Urbana, Ohio. 
♦Union City, Ii., 
Vermillion, O., 
West Liberty, 44 
•Winchester, la , 
White Pigeon, Mich., 
Wilmington, Illinois. 


82 Broadway, N. Y. Cor, West Seneca & Pearl Sts., Buffalo, N, t 

JT. Gr, M&i&KISK, Jlgcnl at Cincinnati. 

E&'-The Cincinnati Directory is to be found at each Otiicc where a star is attached to the name 






FarreU Jas. grader, 94 Baymiller 
Farreij John, carp. 150 W. 3d 
Farrtd Pat. porter, 41 Wamirf 
Raw -it Peter, tailor, bds. 106 ELm 

ji prinu-i, at T. Wrizhtson &: Co.'s, 

*■ l:'-T Walnut. b,.h.'t46 George 

Fafrell Xhos, 1*6 Longworth 

FarreU Thos. seed, hand store, 46 Con- 

Farre'l William, lab.-s.s. Phoebe, b. Plum 
and W: Row 

Farreliy -fusholas, lab. s.e.c. Coo;t and 
Sy earn ore 

FarreU J as. butch, n.s. Lebanon Pike 
nr. corporation 

Fan-en Pat. carp. 156 Hopkins 

Farrenkof Mich, baker, 278 Ham Road 

I lum. dealer, 147 Carr 
h. 107 Freeman 

Farricg-ton John, dray. 231 Everet 

F arris Jas. buck. c. Kicbniond and Bay- 

Farris James, stone cutter, n.s. 6th above 

Farron "Win. carp. 376 Kace 

FARTHING B.C. (Ryan & F.; h. 48 

Faster Elizabeth, n.s. 3d, b. Vine and 

FasJg Mra, Mary, 264 George 

Faske Yi. tailor, 185 Hopkins 

Fasset Chas. shoe mkr. bds. 281 W, Row 

FASAETFJias, (Dunlevy J). & Co.} res. 
New York 

Fath Catharine, 214 Tine 

Fatman Aaron, (A. F. 6c Co.) 166 Syca- 

Fatinai? A. 6c Co. (Aaron F. & Lewi, F.) 
Leapt, of Havana and Principe.^ ci- 
gars. 12 Main 

Fatman Lewis, (A. F. &. Co.) re3. New 

Fatte Adam, cab. mkr. 934 Ham Road 

Faulk Blosse, lab. n.w.c. Logan and 

Faulk John S. cigar mkr. 123 W. 5th 

Fauik Jos. lab. n.w.c. Logan and Find- 

Faulk Lcpold, cooper, n.w.c. Logan and 

~i aulkner Chas. R. pahuter, 47 Mill 

Faulkner Isaac, lab. w.s. Mill, b. 3d and 

Faulkner Jeremiah, print. 55 Everett 

New York eat. house, 
49 W. Sth 
Faurot Mrs. Louisa," seam. .17 F'n 
Faus Uy. lab. 523 Sycamore 
FausnerMich. cooper, 23 Buckeye 
Faust Fred. lab. n.s. Gib, nr. Harriet 
Fauth Jno. binder, 43 Main 
Faw Jno. saddler, n.s. 6th, b. Harriet &. 

T'awn Jno. E. elk. e.s. Horn 
Fawcett Mrs. Miry Am;. 297 vV. 8th 
Fawcejjt Sheilin P. phot.' 297 W. 8th 
Fay A. baggage master, bds. Farlow n. 

I? AT ANTHONY, lumber yard, 
1 s.e.e B'way and Lebanon Pike, 
h. 5f> Franklin, 
Ji kettle furnace and 2rate setting 

le'GW. 4th 
Fay Crist, w.s. Advenue, b. Bank and 

Harrison road 
Fay Geo. M. bds. 180 W. 4th 
FAY J. A. (J. A. Fay & Co.) 

1?AY J. A- & CO- (J- A. Fay, John 
i Cheney &. Geo. Johnson.) man uf. 
wood working machinery, 
w.s. John. b. Front and Columbia 
F^y Pat. tab. 196 Water 
fay L. 151 P»:ut 
Fv-en Hy. dk. 222 W. Row 
p '>••:•. elk. DO \V. 2.1 
**Mi .bis. plaster statuary, 4 Art Union 

bl«]g, res. Newport 
J '■»-!>'. niinicus, iab. 76 Buckeye 
J; : ^n!ig II. i). elk. 25 VV. 4th 
* '-w.iattclJno. S. meat store, 90 Wood- 

Je*it«r Peter, shoe mkr. 146 Clay 
* -.atoertiian Mrs.^Nancy, 4G3 Kei 


Feather ly Truman, eng. n.e.c. Elm and 

Feat3 David, mach. 76 E. Front, res. 

Febieeer Geo. L. b.k. 20 P. Lading, h. 
286 W. 4th 

Fechheimer Mr.-' Abraham, h. 14 W.9ih 


|1 wh. clothing arid dry good3 mer. 

A 71 Walnut, h. 86 8th 

Feehheiaier-Lepold S« oik. 8 i> 8th. 

Fechheirner "Wolf, dry good store, C27 

Feclor Jno. tinner, 29 W. Court 

Fecner Chas. carriage trimmer, bds. Ill 

Fedder Conrad, tailor, Hanover, b. Wood- 
ward 6c Franklin 

Federle Godlip, coop. 167 Oliver 


ri lumber mer. Hunt, E. BVay, 
•*- h. s.e.c. Liberty and Price 

Fee Rev. Wm. J. 5 George 
Feed Herman, Lab. Pleasant, b. Findley 

and Ham. road 
Feeds Anthony, blind mkr. 91 Wood- 
Feehery Carran, mould, bds. 583 W. 5th 
Feeh-ry Keeron, mould. 662 W. 5th 
Feenev Pat. lab. 1G1 W. 21 ' 
Feeny Mick. cof. h. I38i W. 3d 
Feerinan B- H. groc 375 Bvvay 
Fee-hcrs Coonev, Maiy 
Feete Jos. drav. 101 Woodward 
Fegan 3Irs. Nancy, 37y W. 8th 
Fegel Wm. baker, Ixls. 53J Main 
Feharey Jas. fnm. groc. 2i2 W. 7th 
Fehr Chas. barber, 543 Vine 
Fearing Garrard, lab. 381 Sycamore 
Fehs Abraham, pedler, 371 Elm 
Feia Franz, trimmer, 191 Main 
Feiberg Isaac, elk. 115 W. 5th 
Feie Ceo. B. shoe mkr. 43 Woodward 
Feikhne Mich. 51 Providonee 
Feilding Jas. shoe mkr. 51 Catherine 
l^eiler Jno. cooper, 172 Clay 
Feirtag Carl. 612 Race 
Feist John, confec. 14 Walnut 
Feister Philip, tailor, 4% Race 
Fekang H. wood saw. 54 Providence 
Feitz Hy. mould, e.s. Alley, b. 13th and 

14th and Walnut and' Vine 
Felden Fre<4. shoe mkr. 271 Ciiutoa 
FeMhaus lly. fern. groc. 4G3 Main 
Feldmar Herman, 595 Race 
Feldman Jno. 6"J6 Race 
Feldman Hy. shoe mkr. 452 Main 
Felix Franz, tailor, 389 Vine 
Feliz Geo. M. cof. h. 999 Ham. road 
Felix Jacob, tanner. 1015 Horn, road 
Felix Mathews, cof. h. 1015 Ham. road 
Felix Mich, tailor, Plea3ar.t, b. FLndley 

and Ham. road 
Felix Peter, tailor, 99S Ham. road 
Felix Sebastian, tailor, Pleasant, b. Find- 
ley and Ham. road 
Foil J. F. (Swift& Co.) 81 Tendleton 
Fell Law.tnce, tailor, 151) Everett 
Fellman Arinon, blk. smith, c. 5th and 

Feilman Lewis, ice deal. 72 Providence 
Fells Chas. finisher, 1U1 Higfc 
Felsemh-r Jacob, pedler, 1!)9 W. Liberty 
Felters Hy. Ik. layer, e.s. Anderson, b. 

W. W. Canal and 2d 
Felter-towe L. M.b. k. 26 W. 3d, bds. 

296 W. 3d 
Felthonr-e Fred, watch mkr. n.w.c. 4th &. 

Main, h. 473 W. Sth 
Eeithouse Jno. tailor, 185 Linn 
Feltkamp Barney, carp. 25 Franklin 
Feltkamp Jno. H. D, porter, 4G Main, h. 

25 Franklin 
Feltman B. rarrier, 295 Linn 
Feltman Chris, cab. mkr. 360 Race 
Feltman Hy. dray. 4^7 Walnut 
Feltman Hy. proc. 201 Water 
Feltman Jno. If. coop. 109 Woodward 
Feltman Vai. earpet weaver, A!!.:y,J\ 
Elm and Plum and Munroo and 
Felton Geo. tailor, 207 Clinton 
1 eltou Hy- slioe store, 27!) W. 6lh 
Feltua R. G. elk. 296 W. 6th 
Fenaman <jeo. porter, 25 Main (Landing 
Fcnemaa Ilermao, ghoe aikr. 26 P. 

Fenaman Jno. A. porter, 25 Main 
Feiifeeek Jno. (.hay, 42? Svcamore 
Yuii^y Chas. driver, 151) Yi 4d 
Feney Jno. dray. 117 Kemble 
Fenelon Thos. porterj -2~> Pearl 
Fenger Jno. groc. W. junction H:l and 

Fenkamp Hy. 92 Clay 
Fenker Hy. P. carp. 61 Abigail 
Fenker Jno. mould. 154 Pleasant 
Feukler, car smith, 21 W. 7th 
Fenle?hrte Hermann, foreman, 535 Main 
Fenn Jno. coop. 44 E. 2d, res. Newport 
Fennedunker Banmrd, 2li7 Kemble 
Fenneman Hy. dray, n.e.c. Walnut and 

Fenneman Wm. dray. (Wm. Glenn it 

Fenneman Wm. brk. layer, 1?9 Laurel 
Fenner Thos. pattern mkr. 27 lhirr 
Feuneaay Ed. stone cutter, Lnhiin 
FE.NTON Aaron B. (A- B. <?c B. F.) Wal- 
I? EXXON A. B. &?>. (Aaron B. F. & 
1 Benj. F.) com. merchants, 
13 Walnut 
FENTON Benj.. (A. B. & B. P.) Walnut 
Fenton P... swell H. meat store, 218 W. 

6l>,, h. 3S3 Plum 
Fenboi Susan, widow, seam. 154 Morgan 
Fentz Jno. tailor. 54 Providence 
Fenv/ick Wm. elk. 123 Walnut, b<R Ma- 
dison H. 
Fenzel Kasper, coop. 22 Jefferson 
Ferdinand C'Ioh. hatter, n.w.c Pearl and 

Main. h.209W. 6th 
Feroinand Chas. hatter, 209 W. 6th 


h brttter, 

1 203 W. Sixth 

Ferell 3irs. Mary, h. 192 Clinton 


|1 barber, 

L fed*. Btimas 

Fergusen C. G7 Hopkins 

Ferguson ('has. river man, 23 Mercer 

FergusiOrt Daniel, dray. 145 W. Front 

Ferguson David, upholsterer, 191 Laurel 

Ferguson David J. lab. 3o7 W. 2d 

Ferguson David J. 61 E. Sth 

Ferguson B.423 W. Hh 


|l (F. ipLnng,) 

x h. 483 W. Sth 

Ferguson F. cab. mkr. d-w.c. Sth and 

F'erguson Mrs. Hester, 221 Vine 
Ferguson Jas. tanner, n.s. High nr. Syc* 

amore F'n 
Ferguson Jas. dray. 20 Orchard 
Ferguson Mrs. Jane, 4(6 Sycamore 
Fcrgnson J^hn, v, h. 6c ret. groc. s.e.c. 9th 
, and Vine, h. c. Ludlow aod Front 
T»7^ f; t'S<A\' JOHN, groceries 6c liq. 

|!EimUvS0N& LHNCr. 

}i (E. A. r. 6c A. L.lattys. 

x 49 bank bldgs 

Ferguson Mrs. Mary, 105 Fnlt-m 

Ferguson Matthew, hds. 2(« W. 4ih 

Ferguson Nathaniel, I3H W. 3d 

Ferguson Patrick, lab. 97 Svcamore 

Ferguson Robt. -hay. 4HJ W. 7th 

Ferguson Rnbt boatman, 524 W. 31 

Ferguson ttoht. carp. 3 1 15 ^\'.2d 

Ferguson Wm. 264 VV. 4th 

Ferguson Wm. elk. CVm. Bank, h. Catit- 

Ferguson Wm. 101 Laurel 
Ferguson W.J. elk. 24 Betta 
Ferytison Wm. O. shoo mkr. 42 B.irr 

11 letter currier, 
x h.24 Betts 

Perlan tty.clk.62 Main, n>* Covington 
Ferliu 3am. lab. 43 Ham. iv ■■'■ 
tVrman 11;-. cooper, hds. 9(>rchard 
r ;. rain, 66U Vf. R»w 

Fcrnc<ltna R -v.. J ... 17 V mdleton 
Fernhandort" Hy. stove mould. 384 Wil- 
li ut 
Ferr. II R. sawyer, h. s.s. SymmeJ b. Kd- 

k'our and L-u-k 
Femoisen P. B- cab- rakr. bds. 8t0 ami 


Exchange lirokcrs. 
Bagley B. 37 w. 3d. 
4 Bascorn & Bird, 28 e. 3d. 

Davis S. S. & Co., 30 w. 3d. 
Elliott & Thompson, 37 e. 3d 
Frank L., 26 P. Landing. 
Myer David 184 Vine. 
Wightmans A. P., 16 e. 3d. 

Albrenck F. C & H.Ewin John 

J. Glen Jas. K. Moses & Co, 

Bowman Jos. G-raffirt Stephen G. Murphy Lewis 

Campbell Jno & CoHenshaw C. H. Page Horatio 
Clark Geo. W. Hvams Math. Taylor A. G. 

Clark Jno. W. Kahn Mich. Taylor Frank P. 

Couahan C. Lowemstein SimonTowIe A. B. & Co 

Ellis A. -'. Martin F. K. Williams Thos. 

Eye Ini'iramry . 
Noyes J. P. 36 w. 4tli. 
Potter J. F., 36 w. 4th. 

Allen fl- 
Buckley Wm. 
Fisher J. W. 
French Jacob 
Geise B. H. 
Harmening H. 

Lawrence Jno. 
Morten & Corbly 
Nagle Thos. ' 
Is'orillohne Jno. 
Paul Thos. 
W. ScCriSt J. VV. 

Stone L.& M. 
V ; n i c y Barney 
Ware KnowitOQ 
Wolf Matthias 
Woods Geo. O. 
Woods Kobt. K. 

Johnson Edwin 

File Manufacturers. 

Parkins Bros. & Hodgkins, (Jona. Hattersly, 
j Agt.) 240 w. 7th 
ferryweatherFred. l Atl;inscn &# Morris & . Keith 

Fir««JBricJ5 and Clay. 

Bigley N. J., n. w. c. 5th and Mound, n. s., w. 
w. Canal Basin and w. s. Madison, b. 4th and 
5th, Covington, Ky. 
Buchanan A., 333 w. Front. 
Mingo Coal Yard, (GrmT, Hook & Co.) s. e. c. 

2d and Western Row. 
Cochnower John. 

Williams E., 271 Walnut. Fire Kwiues. - 

Cooper L. Johnson R. H. Waldo Fred. Aug. Cummino-s Samuel, 162 e. Front. 

. Express Companies. \Shzwk Abel, (Steam) n. s. 7 th b. Main and 

Adams Express Co., (Chas. Woodward, Agt.JI Sycamore. 

54 e ' 8d - „ * ' .. ^ ! , II.attaA>B.&K. 

American Express Co , (Frank Clark, Agt.) 52j fishing Taclcel. 

e g,j Winter John. 

U. S. Express Co., (John G. Baker, Agt.) 11 eJ , Flooring Mm. 

3 t l # iBicknell & Clyde, 485 Freeman. 

Fancy Goods (Importers and Wholesale|5?Graw Jahn > s - s, Front, nr. Toll Gate, F'n. 

Beal John. 26 Pearl. • 
Bc'tz Cbas. 121 Main. 
Calvert Geo. H.> 63 and 65 w. 6th. 
Dorr, Arnold & Co, 65 Pearl. 
Duhrne & Co., 130 Main. 
Ogborn W. E., s. e. c. Pearl and Walnut. 
Schrader Herman, 66 Main. 
ShultzF. & Co., 64 Main. 
Shipley Murray, 28 Pearl. 
Taylor, French oi, Wynne, 1 and 3 Pearl cor. 

Wagner Fred. & Kessler, 90 Main. 

Adair & Bros. Bloeh A. Jones S. H. 

Keckeler & Bros. 

Fancy Cools, Notions, Variety &e, 

Atkins Geo., 102 w. 5th. 

Cady D. K. & Barlow, n. e. c. 5th and Wal- 
Howe Mrs. Mary A., 276 w. 5th. 
Menken S>, 62 w 5th. 
Pickering Jos. M., 76 w 4th. 
Sheppard Jas. W., 20 w. 4th. 
Thompson Wm. L., 218 W. 5th. 
Weisman Wm., 214 w. 5th. 

Adleta Martin Gilbert Mrs. Geo. Marqua P. J. 

Block My. Haddix Nimrod 

Barnsfteld Marg. Hall Samuel 

Brockingtori John Held K. L. 

Cam aha ti Mlsa K. Hii^er Catharine 

Corkil! Phillip llowell Win. K. 

Dennis Mrs. L". Le'.vi=i John 

Gilpin Thos., 11 Charles. 

Minkle, Guild & Co., 365 w. Front. 

Eiorsley & Ehler, 248 w. Front. 

Hughes &. Foster, s. e. c. John and Augusta. 

Underwood Frank, 5 67 Race. 

Cliue John .Smith & WillianvTaft, Wise & Co. 

Cook M. H. & Co. son 

Morrison Jas B. Stih I Augustus Kunyan, Stiekney&Co 

Flonr and Grist Mills, 

Bradbury C. S., 266 Broadway. 
Erkenbiecker Andrew, Lock, b. 5th and 6th. 
Fagin Lewis, Lock & Symmes. 
Eistner& Son. West C. W. & Co. 

Flour Uealers, 
Dubois John 39 w. Canal. 
Fosdick & Foulds, 46 Walnut. 
Hauck John & Co., 372 Walnut. 
Lee John H., 128 w. 4ih. 
Scheid Theodore, (John H. Osborn,Agt.) 20 e. 


Schullz Ciias., 5 \v. Canal. 
Tweed & Sibley, 40 Walnut. 
Armstrong, Krafeldt Ellis T. & H. Stone, Hubbard & 

Kartan Max. 
Richter Theodore 
Rist Lenhart 
Seaman & Frcse 
Thei John 
Voll Uorothy 

Doan Josiah Lienberg 3ernhard Weigler Arnold. 

Epinger Abraham McMullen Fllen WiggeraAnna 

Fletcher Simon Magginni Jus. A. 

Farina [flauiifacturer, 

Bradbury Cornelius S., 266 Broadway, . 
Feed .Store*. 

Clark Latham, 439 John. 

Hagedorn John, 560 and 502 Walnut. 

Ripley Geo. 162 John. 

Secrist Hamilton, 7 Water. 

Secrist J: M. & H. C, 21 and 23 w. Front. 

iV: Co 

Babbitt H. & Co. 
Beattie & Frazer 

Cutter E. 

Gellei.ibeck iv But to. 

man. Tucker Henry C. 

H on uauser&Pohl- Warren, Porter &■ 

Meal J. W. & Co. 


Forge (Patent Portable.) 

[Hunt Davis S., 45 Sycamore. 

Frame Makers, Guilders, &c. 

Down Thos. & Co., 16 e. 4th. 

Wiswell Wm., 70 w. 4th. 

Honte .•> . P. C. Berth John Simon John 

Hurt STosfis Koriihlou- Wm Volkers Peter 

GestJ.C. Moo rhe ad W. Jas.Wiswell Ebon. 

Fringes, Cords, Gimps, fte, 

. . (sze aLo Fancy Qoods, S;c.) 

Atkins George, 102 w. 5th. 
Pickering J. M., 78 w. 4th. 
Pohlman Geo. W.. C3 w. 4th. 

Harabo Stephen 





Ferric John P. barbor, 4 W. 4th 

Ferris Alex- eng. 37 Pardons 

TiERRIS 1#RA H- al. pfcys. a.s. Front 

H b. Walnut and East, Pith Ward 

* Fulton 

Ferris Geo, C. elk. 465 W. 7th 

Ferris Sebast. sak% 5 W. 5th 

F-~rris Saml. elk. G W. 4th, h. Home b. 

4th and 5th Race 

Ferry Jas. porter, 21 W, 5th,h.212 W.7th ; Filton Jos. bds. 273 Walnut 
Fessenden Stephen Gr. btii. layer, 2<3 j Filuis Peter, 146 Clay 

Franklin I Finan Bernard, huck. 172 Poplar 

Festal .Leopold, pedlar, n.e.c Sycamore j Finan John, bds. 05 W. 5th 

aad-Cth Finan Matthew, fruit deal. 2 W. 5th, h. 

Festring Andy, hostler, 320 Walnut ' 172 Poplar 

Feslaer Adam, shoe mkr. IS Ilamer FINCH B. (Johnson, Morton & Co.) 

Fetridse Jas. elk. 15 E. 8th 

Filer John, Tab. 5«1 Sycamore ; Fisbeck Wm. lab. SO Bank 

Fillmore Eid. A. IX s.s. Front near Rice f "^ LISC11 JOHN P. manuf. of artificial 

F"n ! jj i legs, Tartans and hands* also trusses, 

Fillmore C. L. carp. e.s. F»ead near Front ; - t - surgical instruments &.c. 141 W. 5th 

F'n j h. 455 Vine 

Filmore E. H. carp. Landing b. Ludlow j Fischer AdoIph,b.k. 177 Sycamore 

and Lawrence, h. 20 Parsons ! Fischer Adw. baker, 4 P 4 Walnttt 

Filser Peter, taiior, n.w.c Findlay and; Fischer Barney, cof. h. 34 Abigail 

Fetsh 'Nicolas, taiior, Pleasant b. Findlay 

and Eider 
Fectal Jos. lab. 5G2 Race 
Fetter John, fireman, bds. 81 Bremen 
Fetter J. C fin. 31*6 Walnut 


[1 F. & h'rtd. J. F.) wines and 
x Hunt b. Main and Sycamore 

rry A. 


Fischer Fred, cie'ar mkr. 7 Jenvr^on 
FISCHER Ely. A. (F. fcFieuthel,) Bunt 

b. Main and Sycamore 
Fischer J alius. b.!:'. 21 Pearl, h. w.s. Main 
b. Allison and Liberty 
^LXCK B. P. carpenter, e.s. Bank al. : Fischer Valentine, al. phys. 137 Laurel 
b. 3d and 4th and Main and Walnut, ! Fischer Vah, cigar mkr. 405 W. Hth 
h. 134 Laurel i Fischer Wm. 569 Main 

Finch Geo. M. b.k. 13 L. Market, h. 88 i T^ISCB lilt WM 

. 12th 
Finch Pardon, carp. 30 Parson; 


piano maker, 
485 Elm 
Fetterspiie A. fin. 384 Walnut j Finch Tom. lab. 189 Congress I TMSCHER \\ 31. 

Fennesay Edw. -bar kpr. s e.c. 3d .and . FINCH Thos. J. (W. C. Whitcher& Co.) |t v,h. & ret. confec. Sc frui 
Mill I h. 334 W. 4th * .SOW.ikh 

Findlay Francis, glass packer, Hammond 
b. 3d and 4th 

t store. 

Penning MIehaelj dray. 140 Water 

Fevay John. wear. 253 Main 

Level B. pedler, s.w.c. Clark and Pine j Findlay Pt>oht. cab. mkr. 231 Court 

Fever John, stock, weav. Milton b. Mans- ■■ Find'ay Saml B. 160 Catherine Fischfoot Louis, lock smith, 20 W. 6>.h 

field aud B'way " I Findlay W.m. lab. 07 Sycamore | h. L. Market b. Main and Sycamore 

Fey &c Baenninger, (Geo. P. F. <fc Solo- | Findley Chapel M. E. CImrch, 97 Clin- , Fish Geo. H. cik.54 E. 3d 

* mon B.) wine merch. 430 Main I ten Fish Wm. 11. elk. bis. Farlow House 

Fey G?o* P. (F.-feBatniiinscct.) Vine nr. TlL\T?I.T,Y SAMUEL, publisher, book- j T;Ur-fU\f, & iJKO. 

Liberty' "i I H seller aod stationer, 119 VVL 5th, h. H (Morris & Edward,) 

Fey Nicholas, cof. h. n.s. Harrison Road j *~ 54 W. 7th. i A wh. clothiers, C« Main 

b. Brighton and Ayenue 'Fine Ends II. elk. 5 W. 5ch, h. 114 FISHEL Edward, (F. & Iho.) bds. Orc- 

W. 7th 

Fine-an Pa:, lab. 112 Butler 
Fing John, -663 Vine 
linicaneJas. P. at Hopes &c Go. 

Fey Sebastian, cof. h. n.w.c. Vine an 

Ffelfl'er Louis, cof. h- 201 Tine 
Fhole Henry, shoe mkr. 23 E. Liberty 
Fiander lly, gas metre setter, 2'} Frank- i Finigan Pat. cof. h. 327 W. 4th 

lin j Fink Chris, chair mkr. 451 W. 3d 

Fiantage Jos. coop. 22 Cherrv Fink Fred, mould. SOOB'way 

Fibbe II. grocer, s.w.c. 12th and Race i Fink Jac. lab. s.vr.c. Elm and Ham. Road 
Fibber Geo. lab. 102 Clay ' Fink Jas. organ mkr. 18 Milton 

Fibich S. drugs and medicines. 220 Linn ' Finke Christ, chair mkr. 451 W. 3d 
Pick T. paint & glazier, 133 Clinton ! Pinker Frank W. lab. 544 Linn 
FICKE Hy. (Kistner & Co.) 427 Walnut Pinker U. lab. bds. 464 Elm 

Ficke John, teams. 59 E. 3d I F'inkler D. stone cut. bds. s.w.c. Race • Fisher C! 

Fickieson Jno. stud, at law, lOManches- j and 2d 

ter bidg. bds. Spencer House | Finley Mrs. Mary, 233 John 

I Finley Peter, lab. 72 W. 2d 
i Finley John, printer, 107 W. 5th 
I Finley Femes*, lab. 3,9 W. 2d 
Ficken Nich. carp. Hammond b. 3d and Finley Wm. 17 Miller 

4th, bds. 28 L. Market 
Fieker Jno. lab. 223 Plum 
Fickle M. stove,mou!d. 384 Walnut 
Picks John P. 458 Walnut 

ter mug. ous. r^pencer i 


|1 groceries and liquors, 
x 28 L. -Market 

pen House (H( 

FISIiEL Morris^ (f. & Bro.)hls. Oregon 
FLdier A. shoe mi-r. 134 Linn 
Fisher Mrs. Amelia, 158 Cutter 
Fisher Aug. anish. Ms. 461 Walnut 
Fisher Benedick, bk. binder, n.w.c. .13th 

and Walnut 
Fi?h,r Bro\M,;.,v,- .printer, 25 W. 4th, bds. 
. 01 E. 4th 

Fisher C- ti (ink mkr. 37 BVay 
Fisher Cath. 137 Race 
Fisher Cluis. 26 Mnifterry 

rt. G.-J: House 
Fisher Christian, baker, 259 John 
Fisher 1) ml. 5! plas*. h. 243 Maple 


! boarding house, 
'J K Bth 

F 1 ^ 

ridler Hy, butch. 100 Logan Mrs. E!iz. 407 Elm 
Fie'oer Jno. butch. 956 Ham. Road 
Fieber Jno. lab. 26 Abigail 
Fiober Simon, barb, shop, 65 Clay 
Pieckler Jno. carp. 38 Mohawk 

E, 6th 

Finleyson A. shoe mkr. 3 Jackson |1 grocer, 22 rt . Cth, 

Finn Ann, bk. sew. 20 Mound . x ' bds. David Fisher, 3 E. 6th 

i Finn Edmond, lab. e.s. 6th above Baum : Fisher Fiorina, tio.ker. 3'.»3 Vine 
| Finn Hannah, b.h. 57 W. Front | Fisher Fred, baker, hd-a 650 Vu« 

I Finn Frank, driv. 57 W. Front ' Fisher Fred, tailor, 570 Km 

i Finn Jas. hack driv. n.s. Symmes b. Ca- j J isher .Wed. C- dry goods caer. 13 1 Carr 
! naland Butler | Fisher XJeo. crn-p^. 502 Race 

! Finn Jas"; lab. 58 Melancthon Fisher Geo. (Geo. F. <«c L\>.) 134 Uaam 

■ Finn John, lab. 95 E. 5z)i \ EisherGeo. & Co. (Geo.Fl <<c Adatri Ep- 

! Finn Jno. teach. St. Xaviers school piy.) clothiers, 29 L. Market 

Field Godlep, stone cut. wo. Biemen b. ' Finn Mary, 1G2 W. 3-1 Fisher lly. dry „• .ods, Gl L. Market 

15c'u and Liberty j Finn Pat. drover, 92 Pendleton ) Fisber 11 v. I id-r, 481 Walnut 

Fied.elelev J. 0. prod. 54 and 56 L. Mar- ! Finn Wm. lab. 17 Dublin i Fisher Hy. bc>iler mkr. 47 Congress, 

k.t ' j Finn Wm. rectifier, 31 E. Front, bds. 298 Fisher Lshoe mkr. 38 Jack- i 

Fteduein .Solomon, 182 Pace | W. 5th I Fisb< re C apt. J. * tlsh H'inne House 

FieSdd Osgood, steam pipe mki". h. 277 j Finnamann Herman, lab. Spring b. Abi- ■ Fisher Jae tulor,5Sl Sycumore 

W. 8th j gail and- Woodward [Fisher Jastl\ (lahuni &F.) ttla^VTlnrvfl 

FiokeGeo. tailor, 96 Clay ! FInnegan , stone cutter, 407 W. 3d; House 

Field Allen, river man, 58 E. 7th : Finneoian Hy. dray. 105 llichmond I Fisher Jas. YV. saddler, bds. 107 V7. 5th 

Field.s Geo-'whitewasher, 158 W. 2d I Finneran Mich. bds. 181 Plum i Fisher Jno. porter, 215 Main 

Field Jas. D. cik. 50 W. 4th ! FINN1GAN Mich. (Robinson & Co.) s.e. ! Fisher J^hn. 35 Kossuth 

Field Miss ML m.iii. 12! W. 5th i c. Park and 3d I Fisher Jno. mtter, 18 Pearl 

Field K. B. bakery, OS VV. 5th ' Finny John,ccf. h. river Landing b. Wal- Fisher Jno. I lie. smith, Liberty b. Dudley 

FlE'N'JfltEL Fred. J "(Fischer dc F.)ntmt 1 nutand Main | am 1 Vm rnan 

h. Main aud Sycamore Fintoa Wm. j ast. of the peace, n.s. Front | ttshw John, bk. binder, 155 Plea3«.nt 

Ficntiiiel Philip, cof. b. 42 12th | nr. Walnut, h. s.s. Front near Wal- ITIabci' Jno. AV.S. ear. trim. sj.c.Sj* 

Fieriio . Pnihi.,' elk. 60 W. 4fih nut I ;, n I more and 6th, h. 78 iVuil.-«.'>n 

Fieriein Pltilip F. prof. Ian ;. and mttsie, Finton Wm, grocer, s.s. Front near Wal- ! Fisher J. VV. cash. elk. I.. M. IS. U. d< p«>t 
58 W. 6th ; niitF'n ' Fisher J. TV. feed store, n.w.c. W. Kow 

Fiermau J?j6. lab. 276 Ham. Road I T^IREilEN ^3 TNS. CO. U-xay E. 8p- a- ( and H.-Us.h. 42fi John 

F.erti;- , ciparmkr.233 Main ' p c*ir, pres. Lewis GlasoiHtsccy. D.e.e. Pishcr .1 u '.:■•„ l-VUdiu 

Fifer Adam, hiiiL- 'mfcr* at McLean »ad J ' FrontandMain ! Fisher J i;lius, priuccr, M 3 

Shadd'n.-er's Firler Phlbp, ca!». mkn btli. 473 Vine I Fishw-Jorf. btetehor, s.s. U-tvo. Road*. 

|?iFii ; .l.j) [TAtin E. j Fun kae.^s Matthias, eof.h. 561 Walnut | r,.; man'und Arehuc 

*> drugitUt, 331 Kbnl 

h. 65 Laurel 
FifsWr Leonard, lab. 20 Duiil,. K 
■wantine Jos. cloth. SlUtarrison ! Wwil Fisher Ludwick, ship carp. o.s» UigDD. 


:rt, shoe niU'r. 

-- fa. V'ijo and Eace 

Front, h. w.s 

. vu ,.i;u ,; .i . i i-.^aias, co». n.-iui miuiiui, | iitxtiiuiui iir.u aycuuv 

Fkst Al-uer, lab. e.s, Sycamore, 17th Fialier Lewis, tanuer, 12 Imi.lap 

W'a.-d " ' Fisher Lewis, b!k. smith. 7t n W. Bow 

[First Samuel, engr. e.s. Sycamore, 17th j Fish'-r Lore:./, I:ib. •>- Uam. K a>l 

BVarii Fisher Ludwick, slup carp. "•-■ Hig 

1 Firth Jos. brass fin. s. e.c Broadway and | Walnut and East t'n 

Itfilton | Fisher L!w( lyn,s.-ilei'. s.w.t. Main &. 2d, 

Fh'h Thos. bri-.«s taould. 463 L'w»y 

rt£. Co»idb' tl - ,Q 





Swasey John & Co.. 23 and 25 Sycamore. 
Warren J. T. & Co., 53 Slain. 
Fearsou & Devin. 

Fruit Stores, 

(See also Covfectioners.) 

Bain Titos. Gatti Geo. Metsal Chaa IT. 

Cpyle M. Hamilton John Murray Francis H. 

Fin an Matnew Hays VV. Kieholson Kiizab'h 

Garbarcnne John Kcown H. Ra.iy Rich. 

Furnace (Mot Air) Manufacturer. 

Lotze Adolphus, 219 Walnut. 

FuruisliiKg Stores (Gentlemen's.) 

Crane & Leavitt, n. w. c. 5th & Walnut. 

Dodson Oscar C, 144 w. 5th. 

Foot Andrew, 89 \v. 6th. 

Graves Geo. M., 89, \v. 4th. 

Hill Alfred, 12S Walnut. 

Leslie Root.. 14 w. 5th. 

Ltichardson Ja3., 4 e. 4th. 

Hewitt ft. S, Smith Isaac F. Sumner Augustus 

frowman J. & BrosSmith Raymond Ward, Clogstoae & 
iJffcCrackea KalpnCStetr.herger M &Co Co. 




itaisl^, ffefe * lapnnci %m n& £tne Mare, Mater Criers an* filters, 

Wholesale and Retail. 



«f -r 


*^M»fc •«».«•« «SS;«ElCk ^tfSSJfc^ 

•. . J r; 


c._. - ,. V liJL* 

(Einrimtati, <PJ}icr. 



Plated Britannia, 

Til h WMB WMS-3, Iiam ^S> 


>r .33 vxr 


- o ast. xx Dip x xj *x* T3 jets. 

Furnishing Stores (House.) 
Maiony P.. 17 e. 4th. 
£hepard& Co., He. 4th. 

Drewer & Carver, 30 \v. 5th. 
Trench G. G. 329 W. Row. 





Fisher Marg. cap mkr. 6! Pearl 
Fisher M;o! a-l, carp. 80 Findir.y 
Fisher i' :ter, finish. 396 Walnut 
Fisher !*!-■ ; l!i,- , wc-d saw. 17 JeiTersdm 


|1 at 1 :*-. 10 Manchester bIJg. 

* bds. 13~ Race 

Fisher Key. Saml. W. 137 Race 

Fisher Then. B. elk. 127 Wahuut, h. 265 

w. 7th 

FisherTl.os. lab. n.s. Avery b. Wood and 

W. W. Canal 
Fisher Thos. cutter, 18 Pearl, re3. New- 
Fisher Toney. tailor. 243 Clark 
Fisher Wesley, n.s. Front nr. East F'n 
Fisher Win. elk. 137 Symmes 
Fisher Wm. elk. 61 L. Market . . 
Fisher Wm. cooper. 12 Canal 
Fisher Win. mer. tailor, 006 W. Row 
Fisk Amos, carp. 493 W. 4th 
Fisk Aus:. C elk. C. H. and D. 'depot 
Fisk E. "A. (F. & Co.) bds. Dencison 

Fiak Yaloris, pedler, n.s. Taylor / 
Fiske A. cik. S7 Pleasant 
Fiske Daniel A. (1). A. F. & Co.) Ms. 

Dennison House 
Fiske P. A. & Co. (Daniel A. F. & Hora- 
tio Harkness,) com. and ford. mer. 

and |;rod. brokers, 1 Sycamore 
F'ske Win. B. carp. 34 C art- 
Fuller 1 erd. porter, Gait Itous-j 
Fisler Lewis, porter, ri.w.c Pearl and 

Fister A. finish. 306 Walnut 
Ftsterer Chas. cof. b. 600 E. Front 
Fitch — — , auctioneer, feds. 192 W. 3d 
Fitch Mrs. Ann, 29 Elizabeth 
Fitch Joan, tar boiler, s.s. Chirry b. Elm 

and Plumb 
Fitch M. J. pub. C C Herald, 23 W. 4th 

h. 124 Clinton 
Fitch Morgan L. printer, 74 W. 3d. bds. 

29 Elizabeth 
Fitch Theo. bds. 29 Elizabeth 
Fitch V. S- sales. 227 Main, h. 110 W. 3d 
Fiteh Win. J- elk. I. & C R. R. depot 
Fithian Adoniram, phot'>crraphi«t, n.w.c. 

4th and Walnut, h. 2 15 Plum 
Fithian Daniel, b.k. 43 Elm 
Fithian Francis E. b.k. 168 Yine, bds. 

Winnie House 
Fithian Philip, pattern mkr. 32 
Fitten Jas. 106 Van Horn 
Fitzjrerald Jas. grocer, s.e.c. Longworth 

and W. Row 
Fitzgerald James, butcher, n.w,c. New j 

and Morth 
Fitzgerald Jas. lab. 632 Y '. 5th 
Fitzgerald J, as. painter, 124 Walnut 
Fitzgerald Jas. W. b.k. bds. 143 EVay 
Fitzgerald John, blk. smith, n.s. Cth b. 

Freeman and Carr 
Fitzgerald Lawrence, cooper, vr s 6th 

b. Look and Baum 
Fitzgerald Mrs. Mary, 71 Catharine 
FltzgeraM Michael, carp. 470 Kemble 
Fitzgerald Oliver, cof.h. w.s. Vine, b. 3d 

and Pearl 
Fitzgerald Pat. stone cutter, 23 Elizabeth 
Fitzgerald Peter, lab. 620 W. 8th 
Fitzgerald Present, c\-p. Landing, b. 

Ludlow and Lawrence 
Fitziribbon Mrs. Margaret, washing, 150 

Fitzgibbon Mrs. Mary, 150 Everet 
Fi'z-ibbon Josephine, cap mkr. Q'4 Pearl 
FitzEribbon Pat, 72 Richmond 
FU.maries Andrew, Lab. O. & Miss. R.R. 

Fitzmorri3 David, moulder, 434 Syca- 
Fitzpatrick Ed. box mkr. c. 8th & Canal 

b. 4<*2 W. 7th 
S'itzpatriok Prof. Edward, res. St.Xayiers 

Ffcispatrick John, bna'man, 834 W. Row ' 
frizpatrick John, cab. mkr. 40 Clay 
fr'Up.urick John, earn. Ms. 57 W. Front ' 
tttepatrick John, 509 W. 7th 
Pite^atrick Julia, b. folder, 105 Walnut' 
Jjtzpatrick L'llj, b. folder, 105 Walnut j 
Jhzpatrick M. lab. 470 George 
»'lU8itamon3 Jno. b.k. 70 Walnut, bdj. 

B'way Hotel 1 

Fix Adam, 401 Elm 

Fix August, elk. 10E.2d 

Fix Philin, jail watchman 

FLACK Jno. (Schaffer &. F.) 3^4 Main 

Flack Oscar, dray. s.s. Kemble, below 

Flack Kasper, dray. 61 Oliver 
Flalen Ed. s.s. Symmes, b. Kiigour and 

Flags Jno. wagoner, bds. 463 Main 
Fiagg Andreas, shoe mkr. 87 Bremen • 
Flagg J sa F. brifcania manuf. 285 W. 8th 
Flagg Benjamin, lab. 471 Vine 
Flagg Mrs. Mary B. 307 John 


P, stone yard, s.s. Symmes 

bS Kiigour and Lock 
Flagle Jacob, pate keeper, n.s. Front, nr. 

toil u'ate F'n 
Flaharty Joseph, lab. 194 Water 
Flaharty Patrick, tailor, n.w.c. Vine and 

Flaharty Thos. lab. 135 W. Front 
Flaig Mainrad, shoe mkr. 37 L. Market 
Flais Andrew, shoe rakr. n.w.c. 14th and 

Flamming Martin, n.e.c. Baum and Cth 
Flanagan Mrs. Isabella. 297 W. 2d 

wLisAGAN john:, 

p Flat Iron Exchange 

n.e.c. Ludlow &c Congress 
Flanagan Pat. bds. 186 Race 
Flanagan Pat. lab. 252 Water 
Flanagan Thos. lab. 252 Water 
Flanagan Thos. driver, bds. 14 i 3d 
H pork and beef packer 
*• David, b. Cutter and Jones 

Flanagan Ed, lab. Front, b. Longworth 

a ;: .d Broad, F'n 
Flanagan Mich. lab. h. s.s. 6th above 

Fianigan Mich. lab. 19 Catharine 
Flannegan Thos. elk. 352 Main 
Flannery ilohn, lab. 35. E. 7th 
Flannery Martin, cof.h. Landing, b. Wal- 

nnt and Main 
Flannery Mich, river man, 129 W. Front 
Flannery Patrick, police, e.s. Ludlow b. 

Congress and 3d 
Flannery Thos. 377 W. 7th 
Flas John, moulder, bds, Broadway and 

Flaspaler Hy. shoe mkr. Ill Hunt 
Flaspoler Gerhard, wood sawyer, 29 

Flattery Martin, 514 W. 7th 
Flattich Frederick, carp. bds. 473 Vine 
Flaugherty Martin, teams. 340 W. Bra 
FTarel Rosa, seamstress. 155 Water 
Floxmeyer Andrew, cigar mkr. 457 Syca- 
Flecke Clement, porter, n.s. Front, b, 

John and Smith 
Fleck Francis, cof.h. 594 Vine 
Fleck Fred, carp. Fulton car works F'n 
Fleck Hy, river man, e.s Lock b. Symmes 

and 4th 
Fleetwood Anthony, (F. & Son,) res. Mt 

Fleetwood Chas. (F. &. Son.) res. Mt. 

Fleetwood & Son, (Anthony &. Charles) 

lithographers, 230 Walnut, up stairs 
Flege Henry, porter, 18 and 19 P. Land- 
in?, 21 Cherry alley 
Fleischman S. b.k. 96 Main 
FleLschtheel Moses, clothing store, 6 Syc- 
Fleishman B. (Frank N. & Co.) b. 173 

Fleming Jno. lab. Alley, b. Elm & Canal 

and Findlay &. Liberty 
Fleming Robert, coppersmith, 154 Water 
Fleming Thos. lab. 53 E. 8th 
Flemming George, printer, Coin, office, 

bds. 7) W. 3d 
Flamming Evart. lab. n.s. Front, b-Par- 

sqns and Whitaker 
Flemming Maba'.y, widow, 25 Mercer 
Flennegan Mich. lab. 277 John 
Flennv r John, cutter, 66 Pearl 
Fleriner Joseph L. cutter, 1.30 \V. 4th 
Flesh Madame B. miUinery, 93 W. 5th 

h- 107 Eim 
Fiesh David, cof.h. 197 Elai 

Fleshman Samuel, s.s. 6th, b. Race and 

Fletcher Benj. carp. Wilson, b. Lilxjrtj- 

and Milton 
Fletcher Calvin, produce deal. 29 and 22 

W. Front, b. GO W. 4th 
Fletcher Ezra, cem. mer. h. 11 Q Hopkirn 
j Fleteber Jas. cof.h. 569 E. Front 

Fi etcher John, 99 Baum 
j Fletcher Low.,;!!, alcohol distiller. 69 &. 71 
!- Front, b. n,s. 4ch, b. Jahn & W.Row 
' Fletcher Mrs. Maria, washing, Jones, b. 

Everet and Wade 
Fletcher Raht. enrrier, ICC U Main, b. 

282 Richmond 
TYLETCirru ROBERT, wb.. drugs and 
r! medicines, and agt. fbr Landreth's 
garden seeds, n.e.c. L. Market and 
Sycamore, h. 100 E. 3d 
Fletcher Simon fancy store, 190 W. 5th 
Fletemeier Wm. shoe mkr bds. 210 

Flevellen L. C. hacks. n.s. 7th, b. B'waj 

and Culvert 
Flick Geo. machinist, 76 E. Front 
Flick Martin, s.s. Front, nr. Hii lF ; n 
FLJCK1NGER Samuel. (Applegate <fc 

Co.) 302 Richmond 
Flickner .). O. leather store, 262 W. Row, 

h. 421 W. 7th 
Flinn John, lab. Front, b. Rice and Wal- 
nut F'n 
Flinn Morris, lab. 24 Longworth^ bid; t 
Flim'an Phillip, firdgher, 41 High 
Flimmer Join:, elk. bds. 204 Svcamore 
Flinn Andrew , bar. k. 21 E. 5ih 
Flinn Jas. plumber, Pike b. Ludlow <5c 2d 
Flinn John, lab. 58 Plum 
Flinn John, lab, n.s. Front, b. Harrison 

and Longworth F'n 
Flinn Miss L. A. dress mkr. 5i'd W. 5th 
Flinn Mrs. Margaret, Congress, 
Flinn Mich. s.s. Front, nr. Stone F'n 
Flinn Patricky-dray. 140 Water 
Flinn Thos. bib Ham. Road 
Flinn Thos. carp. Fulb>n car works F'n 
Flinn Thos. dray. 1 10 Wat-:r 
Flinn William, lab. 52Vine 
Fiiiin Wm. bar. k. 13 Landing, b. B'way' 

and Ludlow 
Flitz M. machinist, 70 E. Front 
Flohr Isaac, clothing stone, 276 W. Row 
Flood Hugh, lab. e.s. 6th, above Baum 
Flooder John, lab. 181 Piatt 
Floodmash, Jos. lab. 58 Abigail 

iJUOKKli NATHAN M. pork packer 
I ant] nam curer, 9 Sycamore, h. i L7 
W. 7th 
Floto Cai-1, b.k. 26 Main 
I Floun Jno. painter, r»o:i Rare 
j Flown Prank, carp. 172 Liberty 
| Floyd Alex. Catty. 146 Main,h. 108 E. 

I Flynn Andrew, bar k. 374 Sycamore 
j Flynn Jno. tailor. il5 Dublin 

Flynn Jno. lab. Plum, b. 2d and Front 
! Flynn Pat. lab. 213 W. 3d 
FlynnThos. boat builder, 63 Abigail 
Foat Chas. salesman, 475 B'way 

dry troods, 'ice. 
551 W. Row 
Focke Jno H. porter, 32 Pearl, res. New- 
Fockef Richd. -hoe mkr. C8 W. Front 
Fock Jno. porter, 123 Main, h. 209 W. 

Foertmeyer \<\ ilphi ?, drugs and med. 

n.w.c. John a< d Clark 
Foertmeyer Chas. W. cik. 304 Main 
I Fog Cha* wab hman, 331 W. 3d 
J Fogal Herman, carp. 89 Pendleton 
! Fogarty 1070 Ham. road 
Fojjol Jno. shoe mkr. 628 Vine 
Fogelman Jno. elk. 6il and 65 W. 6th 
Foght Hv. Ia v . ")4 l .i Sycamore 
Fogle Benj :< ''-' John 
Fogle Christian, turner, s.w.c Walnut 

and Allison 
Fogle Kred. turner, «.w.c Walnut and 

Fogle Jno. t^an?. 145 Mnplc 
Fogle Jno. shoe mkr. 68 Ham. road 
Fogle Jos. teacher, 17 Pendleton 
Fogle Louis, turner, a.w.c. Allison and 



THE Ufifii 0? Tl 

Jb JUL JU Jb JL U Jldb cL U Jb ci 1 


No person is insensible to the comfort, the necessity and luxury of good light, either for domestic 
use or consumption in Stores, Warehouses, Hotels or Factories. 


3 %?f 

, V 

is the only article now used that affords sufficient light to meet the wants of the times, and it has 
become the desideratum ,of the day (nest to cheap bread,) to obtain cheap and good 

This we are prepared to furnish by 



'$rff >HV )v^ 

'•S' i? 1 .'^ 

To which was awarded the 

C3r O JLn 3E> ' H2E 222 jC 

ii^7i.'.' 4 


At their Annual Exhibition, at the Crystal Palace, in Nov., 1855'. 

It has been ordered by the Smithsonian Institute, at Washington City. 

We have thus far held back, being determined not to offer our Furnaces to the public until they had 
been fully tested by use, as well as by the most scientific rncu of the age, and every defect or objection 
remedied. We are happy to say that this has been now accomplished. 

We feci confident in offering our Furnaces to the Public, that they will meet with the reward of sur- 
passing merit. 

Such is the simplicity of this Furnace that it can be managed by any common laborer ; there is no 
danger of EXPLOSIONS, and is entirely free from the intolerable odor of the ordinary gas. In case 
any leakage should take place in the pipes, or by neglect to cut off the gas when not burning, the odor 
emitted is not injurious to either health or furniture. We have Che 

In our establishment, where parties wishing to sec it have theopportunity of so doing. We are prepared 
to erect these Furnaces at our risk, and warrant them to produce a superior Gas, and at a less cost, by 
about one half, than the COAL GAS usually furnished by the incorporated monopolies of cities. 


167 Walnut Street, Cincinnati. 


R. II. Winsxow, of Winslow, Lainer &. Co., Bankers, Wall street, New York ; E. P. Prentice, 
Esq., Mount Hope, near Albany, New York ; Frofessor Henry, of the Smithsonian Institute, Wash- 
ington, D. C.j II. Q. Eawlsy cc Co , Planing Mill, Albany, New York. 





Foj 1 a Mich. cof. h. 70 Ham. road 

1-.. ..-'.■ Vanhart, tailor, Alley, 1*. Elm and 

fianafand Liberty and Findtey • 
Foftlemann Jno. elk. 123 Laurel 
Fo£S Hy- lab, 23 Buckeye 
Foboian Fetor, 151 Clay 
Pcijrerdfty Win. lab. 31 Buckeye 
Folav Val. cig. mkr. bda. Jackson H. 
Folhert Frank, blk. smith, 474 Walnut 
Folds Geo. stone mason, 44 Letts 
FoJe.Mich. lab. 4 Harrison road . 
Foley Christian, fireman. 131 Carr 
Foley Dennis, '207 Smith 
Foley Emily, b- folder, 43 Main 
Foley Geo. ci;Kh. 16- Spring 
Foley Ily. fireman, 13 Hanib&l 
Foley Fly. lab. 134 Carr 
Foley Jas. lab. 30 Commerce 
Foley Jas. croc s-e.c 2d and Vine 
foley Jno. carp. 42 Catherine 
Foley Pat. groc. n.s. 6th, nr. Culvert 
Foley i'hoa. lab. n.s. 6th. b. Canal and 

Foler Jho. cab rakr. 20 "Mercer 
Folder Mn;. Esther, Coleman, b.. Ham. 

road and Lank 
Foigrer Geo. n.w.c. Congress and Kil- 

g our 
FOLGER. Chas. R. (Greenwood &. Co.,) 

427 B'w^y . 
Fohrer Geo. M. fin. 102 Spring 
Folger S »th W. paver, 440 W. Pth 
Folg'.r Zaebm^.earf . 270 Cutter 
FoiLi;:er Steve, cot*, h. n.w.c 2d and Law- 
Folio Littleton, carp. s.s. Front, nr. Vine, 

- F'n 
Folk Chas. shoe mkr. Al.ey, b. Elm and 

Canal and Libert-v an I Findley 
Folk Wrn. carp. 54.8 W. 3d 
Folks Jno. b. asct. Ms. 204 Sycamore 
Follno L. U. lab. Front, b Lice and Wal- 
nut, F"n 
Folsoni Gaj. (B. Kittredge &; Co.) 
Foltmann Harman, porter, 9 Sycamore, 

h. 9.1 Clay 
Fonderholl Ily. lab. 105 Clay 
Formes David, cab. mkr. 370 Walnut'' 
Fondroe H. sales. 36 Walnut, h. 96 Clay 
Fontemburg Hy. lab. bds. 29 W. Front 
Foor Jno. lab. 2?4 Linn 

}700T AND ROT, 
\ gems' furnish, goods 89 W. 6th 
h. 275 George 
Foot 1'rank II. groc. 225 Richmond 
Foote Andrew 11. dep. sheriff, 307 W, 8th 
Foote Chas. B. cashier com. bank, res. 

Vine st. Hill 
Poow Ccrn '.nee, cof. h. n. w. c. Tins <fc 

Foote F.d',y. elk. corn, bank, res. Vine st. 

Foote Hy. al. phys. 80 Richmond 
Foote H. W. elk. 11 and 16 Pearl, h. 201 

W. 4th 
FOOTE John T. (Kellogg ic F.) 121 

Foote Joseph W. butter store, 199 W. 

Low, h. l?9Georg? 
Foote Matthew, batter, 174 Cutter 
Foote Wra. II. tailor, 1 Burnet House, h. 

127 Race 
Foperuo Gretharno, elk. 150 Tine 
Foppe Jno. shoe mkr. 13 W. 6th 
Forbeck Mich. cof. h. 643 Lace 
Forber Hugh, lab. bds. Landing, b. Slain 

and Walnut 
Forbes A lex. 494 W. Front 
Forbes Geo. W. 147 W. &h 
Forbes J;r?. porter, s.w.c. Sycamore and 

6th, h. 14 Lock 
Forbes Jno. huckster, 61 Richmond 
Forbes Jno. painter, 536 Walnut 
Forbes Miles, lab. s.s. New-, nr. Culvert 
Forbes Miles- J. carriage painter, s.w.c. 

Gib and Sycamore, h. 14 L >ck 
Fortms Jno. F. morocco dresaer, BG1 Elm 



173 Fulton 
force Jonas M. batter , 26 -i W. Row 
FORCE Manning V. (Walker Keller k. 

F.) MorseH'a bldtr. . 
Force Munsoa, 31 Catherine 
ffgrchheimer Maier S. wh, hats and caps, 

29 Main, h. 80Pik8 

Ford Alex, river pilot, 271 Catherine 

Ford Chas- horse deal. 70 Bank 

Foffl Geo. T. elk. 59 V*". Court 

Ford Hiram, elk. 1 E. 5th, h. 22 E. 5th 

Ford Jas. salesman, Id Pearl, bds. Gibson 

Ford M. lab. 189 Laurel 
Ford Smith .11. (Carpenter & F.) 124 W. 

Ford Wm. caudle rectory, s.s. Front, nr- 

Bppad, Vn 
Ford Wm. cook, n.e.c. 6th and Culvert 
Ford Wm. P. lab. e.s. Culvert, b. 5ch and 

Fore Pryor, al. phys. 72 W. 7th 
Forepeck Mrs. Catherine, 162 Clark 
Foreman Peter, mould. 151 Clay 
Foreman Wm. cutter, 48 W. 4th 
Forge Wm. cig. mkr. 113 Ciay 

TMHlGrEY J. P. <fe GO. (J. P. F. & A. D. 

jl Bullock & Co. & John Iletzell,) 

mamif. of elue and curled hair, 

and dealers in bristle's, 12 and 

34 W.2d 

FORGET Jacob P. (J. P. F. & Co.) s. s. 

Dayton, b. Linn, and Freeman 
Foristall Mrs. Jane, 37 Barr 
FORKNER Jas. (Elmers & F.) res. Cen- 

trevilie, Ind. 
Forles C A. dress mkr. 92 E. 6th 
Forman Wm. tailor, bds. 127 W. 5th 
Fornis Lewis, sawyer, s.e.c Front and 

Walnut, F'a " 
Forrest Eiisha, works rolling mill, 644 E. 

Forrest Wm. T. atfcy. 20 W. Court, h. e.s. 

Elm, below 12th 
Forrester Jno. carp. 49 Wade 
Forrest, 382 Elm 
Forsha Saml. 413 W. 5th 
Forsha Saml. W. ec. phys. 352 W. 5th 
Forster Wm. L. coop. 21 Commerce 
Ferfcman Anthony, baker, bds. 172 Sy- 
Fortman Hy. grinder, 135 Clark 
Fortman Herbert, lab. Canal, b. 5th and 

Fortman Jno. lab. Canal, b. 5th and 6th. 
Fortna Hiram, caulker, n.s. Front, b. 

Washington and Liberty 
Fortna Meredith, lab. s.s. Front, b. Long- 
worm and Harrison* F'n 
Fortune Christopher, lab. 251 W. 3d 
FOSDICKChas. R. (F. Sc Foukis) 109 

W. 9th 

-nOSDICf &T0U1DS, (Chas. R. Fos- 

11 dick,Thos. F. F. & Jos. J. Slocum) 

com. and for. mere, and dealers in 

flour and prod. 40 Walnut 

F03DTCK Saml. 46 Walnut, res. Gien- 

Fosdick Sylvester U. elk. 13 P. Landing, 

bds. 156 Sycamore 
Fosdyke A- G. elk. mere, agency 
F'oss Barnard, groc. 65 Abigail 
Foss George, 367 Linn 
Foss Hy.lab. 53 Pendielon 
Foss Wm. tador, 603 Main 
Fosset Jesse, blk. smith. 15 Stone 
Fosset Jo3. blk. smith, 15 Stone 
Foster Mrs. C A. 571 Plum 
Foster David, 278 George 
Foster Eiiza, widow, S9 E. 3d 
Foster George, porter, 23 and 25 E. 2d 
Foster Geo. shoe mkr, alley, b. Elm and 

Canal, and Liberty and Fiudlay 
Foster George, porter, 39 E. 7th 
Foster Hall, s.e.c. 5th and Walnut 
Foster H. U. elk. Ms. Gibson Louse 
Foster Israel (F. Thompson & Co.) res. 

Foster J. carp. 3 Jackson 
Foster Jas. lis Catharine 
Foster Jas.s.s. Front, nr. Foster F'n 
POSTE'ft JA3fK8 D. & CO. western 
n printing pross manttf. s.w.c. itix & 

T^GSTiJIi JA^TE^i Jiy mathematical 
|i '• and [ih'Itts.ipidcal instru oeut mkr. 

an.! optician, s.w.c 5th and Race, 

h. 136 V.'.Mh 
FOSTER Joab Q. (Hughes fcF.) Water 
' w. of John 

r| marble works ou e.c. Elm ic Canal 
1 * h. 3*33 Elm 

Foster Nathaniel, al. phys. of. n ( e.c. 3.1 

and B'vvay, h. 104 B'way 
Foster II. K; bds. Gibson House 
Foster Stephen, plumber, res. Covimrtorj 
FOSTER S.C. (Stearns &c F.) h. 4% Syc- 
Foster Stephen H. b.k. 318 Race 
Foster Thos. produce store, 88 L. Market 

h. 89 W. 3d 

H W. B. T. &c R. Chaifant,) whole- 
1 - sale and retail dealers in dry goods, 

73 and 75 L. Market 
Foster M'm. 184 Richmond 
Foster Wm. S. elk. n.e.c. 3d and Vine, h. 

19 E. 3d 
Fosthotl Henry, brk. mason, Pleasant, b. 

Findlay and Elder 
Foswtef le John, lab. 4{>G Race 
Foutit Anna, 118 Clay 
FOULDS Thos. II. (Fosdick &c F.) 129 W 

Foulds Goo. stone mason, 114 Letts 
Fountain J, G. stock broker 68 W. 3d h. 

'401 W. 4th 
Fourday William, sawyer, n.s. 7th, b. 

Broadway and North 
Fowe John II. shoo mkr. bos. 10 Landing 

b. Bbvav and Ludlow 
Fovee John, shoe mkr-. 171 W. 4th 
Fowkr Mrs, Alpha, 79 Richmond 
Fowler John H. mate, 637 W. Front 
Fowler -Jno. II: (J. H.F.& Co.) 
Fowler Jno. H. & Co, (Juo,li. F. & Jao 

C. Moon:) deaiers in cigars and to- 

caceo, 115 Main 
Fowler Reuben, bucks, e.s. North, b Nerr 

and 7th 
Fowler Sand, fi lisher, 1 Q 9 Congress 
Fowler Smtth N. elk. 10 Main, bds. Madi- 
son Ifonsa 
Fowlcy James, porter, 30 Commerce 
Fox Albert^ iab. 384 Sjcamore 
Fox Aifi'od, elk. 13 IW-tts 
Fox A. F. porter, 227 Walnut 
Fox Alex. tab. P't) Burr 
Fox & Bakers, (Geo. F. & A. B.) coop3. 

474 Kim 
FOX Chas. (F. <fc French) 123 \Y. 9th 
Fox Chas. porter, 30 b. Market 
Fox Chas. bar k. 30 BVay 
Fox Chas. J. turner, bds. 493 W. 5th 
Fox Conrad, lab. 161 Vine 
Fox Edward, -roc. 198 Cutter 
Fox FretL ltulroad Hotel, c. Front and 


SI CGlM* F. & IraB. V.) rst'y'3 

x 3 &. 4 .Miinchester bldgs 

Fox ITy, tinner, 219 W:dnut 

Fo c Geo. (')'. & G. If.) 3D FinJlay 

Fox Geo. eooper, 27 Fleasarit 

Fox Geo. (F. i. Boker.) 2/ Pleasant 

Fox Ceo. dray. 495 Walnut 

F.'\ Jacob, lab. 50 Ham Road 

Fox John E. comwr, -'■■■^ W. Front 

Fox Jonas, elk. 52 Main, bds. s s. Court 

b. ILace and 
Fox Levis, butch, w.s. Division, b. Har- 
ris :m road and i'» ink 
Fox Martin imouhk-r, 375 W. 5:h 
Fox Mary J. b.luliler, 43 Main 
Fox Fat, lab. w.s. Broad, nr. Water F'n 
Fox Pat. elk. 19 8. 5th 
Fox Peter, barber and leecher, £12 Wal- 
Fox Phillip, lab. nunt, b. Main and Syc- 

F<>x Philip jr. shoe mkr. Hunt, b. Main 

and Sycamore 
F ix Thos. marble cutter, 34 William 
F.jx. Thomas, l>.b. 106 Elm 
Fox Thos. (T. & O. F.) 26 Fin«llay 
I'jx T. ic G. starch manuf. 314 Ham. 

Fox Win. F. elk. 10 E. Front 
Poxcraft John, spinner, UURaum 
Poxworthy Coleman 

3d and Plum 
Foy Ann, confeC. 49 Pierw n 

Foy Mich, cct.n. v. t '■_ % t . 

Fr:uu Jas. uphold ra. 
lei Phi 

^."> K. 3<i 

Pradel Philip, Cigar mkr. bdi. M If. 



226 Main Street, between Fifth & Sixth, Cincinnati 0, 



G-OODIW efts BJEj&jaCOXSr* 

Put up in Stores, Dwellings, Hotels, Churches and all Public Buildings. 

1 IT Ira Kw #?% 
%&) €^:^> IMS' ll# 9 

nd all Public Buildings. 


,3 ^ -a?ni 

sir "<st^ i&Ji 




If W 


mx &%ri&c>TJ&r'Z3L*i?_ x^toasr hoofs, 



N. B. Hoofs covered mtn either Slieet Iron or Slate. 


Gas Light and Coke Companies of Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Memphis, Lexington, Ky.; 
Covington, Ky.; Frankfort, Ky.; Evansviile. Ind.; Springfield, 0.; Dubuque, Iovra; Davenport, 
leva; Springfield, Ills.; Rock Island, Ills., Keokuck, Iowa; Madison, Wis.; Piqua, 0.; Xenia, 0.; 
Richmond, Jnd.; Racine, Wis.; Ottowa, Ills.; J no. Jeffrey & Co., Civil Engineers, Cincinnati. 

Gas. Glue Manufacturers. 

Cincinnati Gas Light and Coke Co., 267 Vjne; F j p _ ■ 

^ St. ; Works fi. s. front b. Smith and Park. Go? » j (] , m H _ n ^^ 

Geizler Frank 

Gas Fixi lives and Fillers. jDcgaa Phil. 

Baker & Von Puhl, 62 w. 4th. " ' ■ | Gold JLeaf Manufacturer 

Carroll Augustus M., 287 w. 5th and 46 t Main.JLcsite James 

Dannehold Bait., 14 w. Court. j- •_• , ..." '"'■' . 

Goodin & Mahon,226 Main. 

Stacey George, Ramsay b. Front aad \v< 

McDonald Jno.C. 

(Gas, Spirit Caniplicnc, Arc.) 

Coats & Christopher, 6 College Building. 
Starr Chas., Jr., &, Co., 165 Walnut. 
Fletcher L. 

Glass Zl lowers. 
Greiner & Muller 

Glass Engravers and Ornamentcrs, 

Ranagan &. Co. 

Glass Stainers. 

Burgund H. 

James D. A. & Co. 


Xortk-West Cor. Walnut <£ Fifth Sts., 


CoM Pen Manufacturers. 

Lundy William, Appollo Building, c. 5th and 

Sheppard Ceo. W., 30 w. 6th. 
[Sweetser, Lane &i Co., 30 w. 6th. 

Glassxvare Manufacturers and Dealers.! Grates (Fancy Enameled.) 

Gray & Heminijray, e. s. Hammond, factdry'Horton & Macy, s. w. c. Elm and Pearl. 

Covington, Ivy. 

Geti it Bro. 

Glove Makers. 

Kessler Hy., 278 3Iain. 

Barkle Johc G. Kice Juo. D. 

Taylor E. & Co., 271 and 273 vv. 5th. 
Grain Dealers. 

Secrist Hamilton, 7 Water street. 

Sccrist J. M. & II. C, 21 and 23 w. Front. 




Frae BaMns, shoe shop, s.w.c. Market 

8:M Front, F'n 
Fraei! Mich. lab. n.s. 6th, nr. Culvert 
Frahriteter Jos. tanner, Pendleton, near 

Fraig Henry, carp. 521 S.vcanore 
Fra : o Gt-o. plasterer, 03 kittenhouse 
Frakars Bernard, lab. G-l Abigail 
Fraker John, lab. 9 rendition 
Franr.eL.B7 printer, 25 W. 4th, h. 145 

France Martin, cof.h. s.w.c. Elm and 2d 
Francis Abraham W. blk. smith, 114 E. 

Francis Bernard, lab. 65 Woodward 
Francis Isaac, confec. s.e.c. Mound and 

Francis I'eter, lab. n.s. 6th. b. Harriet 8c 

Francisco Andrew, 327 W. 3d 
Francisco A. W. local ed. n.s. 3d b. Vine 

and Walnut 
Francisco Jacob G. mess. IT. S. Ex. Co. 

HE. 3d, bds. BVay Hotel 
Franck Wm. elk. 397 Vine 
Fraud Eli, tailor, n.s. Gth b. BVay and 

Fraud Frank, weaver, bds. s.w.c. Race 

and 2d 
Franey Patrick-, cof.h. Landing, b. Wal- 
nut and Main 
Franenkneoht Iludolph, saddler, c. Vine 

and Mercer 
Frank Abr. tailor, s.e.c. Gano and Miller 
Frank Andrew, lab. e.s. Avenue, b. Har- 
rison Road and Bank 
I^RANK A- W. wb. & retail grooer 
I n.w.c. 6th and Race, h. 265 W. 
Frank Caeharias, music teacher, 91 12th 
Frank Chas. agt-. confec. company, 141 

Frank Geo. blk. smith, 170 Poplar 
Frank Geo. blk. smith, Lock, b 5th and 

Frank G. A. groc n.w.c. W. Row and 

Frank Hy. 24 Commerce 
Frank Ily. tailor, 355 BVay 
Frank Isaac, drover, 3 '51 Cutter 
Frank Isaac, drover, 284 W. Liberty 
Frank Isaac, 21 Richmond 
Frank Isadore, al. phy. 179 Elm 
Frank Jacob B. 2c3 Raco 
Frank John, cisrar mkr. 224 W. 5th 

FRANK I,, " 
exchange otSce, 
26 P. Laadha^, Yu 53 E. 3d 
Frank L. (F. NewhotT & Co.) Baltimore 
FRANK Leo. (Hyman Bro, 6c Co.) 33 

Frank Lewis, bakery, 461 Elm (W. 5th 
Frank M. cisrars, snuff and tobacco, 110 
Frank, New hotf &. Co. (L. F., J. N. &c 

B. Fleishman) wh. clothing and dry 

goods, 173 Main 
Frank Hy. 67 Ritt-mhouse 
Frank. Peter, 1066 Ham. Road 
Frank S. <d;c. 26 P. Landing 

ti provision store 

n.w.c. Vine and Canal 

Frank S ami. salesman, 4 Main, bds. 172 
W- 3d 

Prankeiberry Miss E. shoe store, 36 E. 

Frankax Herman, shoe mkr. 556 Vine 

Franke Barney. (F. <fc Jones,) n.s. 5th, 
E. ofPiice 

Franke C. salesman, 18 Pearl, res. New- 

Franke Clemmens, 331 W. 6th 

Franke Franz, tailor, 138 Vine 

FRANK'K & JONES, (Barney F. & 
John F. J.) scroll sawyers. 128 W. 
Prankenstien Geo. Kirlier, 971 Ha.n road 
Frankenstein Jacob", barber, bds. 554 

Frankenstein Jno. artist, 14 E. 4th 
Frankland Benj. printer, n.e.c. Liberty 

and Young 
Frankland Thoa. elk. bds. n.e.c. Young 

and Liberty 
Franklin Be^J. carp. 493 W. 4th 
Franklin Rev. Bcui. 10 J Clinton 

FRANKLIN Chas. W. (Skinner & F.) 
104 Park 


h Harkness, Strader& Fosdick, 
x n.e.c. Smith and 3d 

Franklin Donald, elk. 51 L- Market 


J'1 Jno. Reeves, agt. Jno. W. Morgan 

local secy. 3 P. Lauding 
Franklin Hall, s.e.c. Sycamore and Cth 
Franklin Henry, (H. Beatus & Co.) 328 

Franklin J as. C. wood dealer, 90 Everett 
Franklin Kilman, teams. 487 W. Row 
Franklin Louis, cap mkr. 64 Bear! 
Franklin Max, Slilli. and fancy goods, Go 

- L. Market 
Franklin Milton, steward, 14 Woodward 
Franklin Stephen, blk. smith, 163 Pearl 
Franklin Wm. plane mkr. 30 Laurel 
Frauenknefht Rudolph, sadler. 480 Vine 
Frantz Jno. stabler, "J3 15th 
Franzseb J. last mkr. -112 Freeman 
Fraper John, elk. 76 BVay 
Iraser Campbell G. elk. 12 E. 4th, bds. 

1C2 BVay 
Fraser Geo. N. C. brass founder, 99 

Fraser Mrs. Geo. S. 93 Smith 


H BVay Hotel livery stable, 
x s.s. 2d b. BVay and Ludlow 

Fratz L- G. 481 W. 8th 
Fruulke Hy. driver, 158 Clay 
Frauod August, lab. 264 Ham Road 
Frazer Barnard, lab. 26 Tanner 
FRAKER Alex. (F. & Myers.) 25 Centre 
Frazier A. J. river mcr.249 W. 7th 
Frazer Andrew B. b.k. s.e.c. Sycamore 

and 2d 
Frazer Aug. B. (Frazer ic Taylor) s.w.c 

3d & Smith *^ 

h lumber dealers, 

J n.e.c. 6th & H. & "D. R.Il. depot 

Frazer E pin-aim P. engrav. bds. s.w.c. 3d 

and Smith 
Frazer Geo. b.k. n,w.c. Smith and 3d 
Frazer Geo. elk. 74 W. 4th, h. T\.s. Smith 

b. 3d and 4th 
Frazer Jas. A. wh. grocer, 66 and 68 

Walnut, h. 63 W. 8th 
Frazer John, elk. n.w.c. Front and Law- 
FRAZER John, (F. & Co.) res. c Corp. 

Line and Reading Road 
T7EAZER& MYERS, (Alex.F. & Hy, 
H M.) wh. and retail paper hangings. 
-*- 161 Walnut 

Fraser Root T. elk. C. II. & P. Depot 
Frazer & Taylor (Aug. B. F. & Benj- F. 
T.) prov. mers. s.w.c. 3d aud Smith 
Frazer Wm. much. 141 High 
Frazier Anthony S. pilot, bds. 125 

W. 5 th 
Frazier Jos. jeweler, bds. 62 L- Market 
Frazier M. watch, n.s. Front near Stone 

Frazier Mrs. Mary, 316 W. 3d 
FRAZIER P. K. (Beattte &. F.) bds. Mad- 
ison House 
Fray Hy. carp. 435 Sycamore 
Frea Barney, lab. 107 Clay 
Frea Jac mach. s.s. Front near Long- 
worth F'n 
Frea Sam. caulk, s.e.c. Front &. Market 

Freeh Jac. coop. 106 Bremen 
Freeh John C. prov. store, 106 Bremen 
Frecker Harmon, shoe mkr. 464 Main, 

bds. c. Sycamore and Abigail 
Frederick Geo. boil. mkr. at McLean &. 

Frederick Hy. porter, 14 P. Landing 
Frederick John, lab. 365 W. 5th 
Fredericks Martin, <;ikier, n.v.c. Walnut 

and Allison 
PrecOco. porter. 'J-!.' }< Loncrworth 
fr>v Watkin, (Neave k. F.) 404 W. rth 
PrceboltFred. 'an k. 43 Duntap 
Preednian L. cloth, store, 2u9 BVay 
Freelauder Wm. uprm!sterer,37 Sycamore 

res. Newport 
Freely Jos. shoe mkr. bds. s.e.c. BVay 

and New 
Freeman Ambrose,designer,bds. 80 E. 5th 

Freeman Edward,ec. phys. bds. s.e.c. 6th 

and John 
Freeman Francis, boat buiid. 468 Linn 
Freeman lly. potter, 57-2 lUcv 
Freeman John, barb. 21 Main 
Freeman John, cof.h. 440 W. Front 
Freeman John II. port. 47 Pearl 
Freeman Lewis, elk. n.w.c. 3d and Mill 
Freeman Sam. ship carp. 579 Freeman 
Freeman Wm. pninter, 177 Catherine 
Freeman Wm. dray. 56 Richmond 
Freeman Zoar.h, ec phys. s.e.c. Gth and 

oi. n 


Freemore John, elk. 13 I 

Freer Mary, 493 W.5:h 

Freese Jac. workman at Jno. D. Parks 

Fivhl Herman, lab. 459 W. 2d 

Frei Francis, steward, Debolt Ex. a.e.c. 

Main and Court 
Freda:* John, 143 Linn 
Freis Geo. gardner, 103 13th 
Frekes John, lab. 3-4 Walnut 
Frekfeig Barnard, rope mkr. 459 W. 2d 
Fremoth Jno. C. porter, n.s. Cherry b. 

Race ami Elm 
French Geo. mach, 67 E. Front, res. 

French Harrison, blk. smith, 245 W. 

French' Ira, 28 W. 5th, h. 125 Sorin^ 
FRENCH Ira B.(Fox & F.)h. 131 W.?th 
French .lac. feed store, 27 E. Front 
French. John, finish. 76 E- Front 
FRENCH J. H. (Tweed & Sibley,) res. 

TMiEXCii & KIllBYXL-wisF. & Clin- 
M ton K.) attys, aud counsellors at 

la-.v. n.w.c. 6th and Walnut 
FRENCH Lewis, (F. & Kirby.)S50 W. 6th 
French M aynard, stove rteal. 28 W. 5th, 

. res. Mt. Auburn 
French Wm. 717 Freeman 
FRENCH Wm. B. (Taylor F. & WynrjeJ 

res. Lock land Station 
Frenkamp Clemens, ci'-car mkr. 5f>5 Main 
I'itFNKliL Benedict, (Aub, Block &. F. 

23 Harrison 

1 atty. notary public, 
n.w.c. 8tii &l Main,!;. 191 But 
FrescenburtWm. J. tailor. bds. 2tS BVay 
Freese Jos. (Seaman &z F.) n.i. L. Mar- 
ket b. Sycainoreattd Hrciadway 
Freshetrberg Hy. t kilor,202 Broadwaj 1 
Frewer Anton, bakery, 579 M.iin 

Frev , trunk mkr. 101 Court 

Frey Christ, candy mkr. 22.1 Main 

TiUtKY mis. 
H Swifcier Hall, 
x 428 Main 

Frey Jos.-clv-th. store, 31 E.5th 
Frey Jos. mould. 164 K. 5ih 
Freyer Louis, caq>. Landing b. Ludlow fc 

Freyer P. II. blk. smith, 522 E. Front 
Frtarmade P-:ter, cab. mkr. s.3. York b. 

Linn and Piatt 
Friburgh Miss P. milli. 121 W. 5th 
Fricke Francis, cof. h. &; conf. 576 W. 

Flicker Aug. Union House, n.s. Front nr. 

Svcaraore F'n 
Frick.T Jac. lab. 958 Ham. Road 
Prickle F. qroc. 57 13th 
Friear Mrs. Catha. tB Barr 
Frit ideborn Aug. baker, 28 W. 5th 
Friedborn Wm. baker, 36 W. Court 
Friedel Jesse, lab. 1 .s. Clark b. Freeman 

and Carr 
Frii-denheid (). cloth, stor?, 4 Sycamore 
Frederick Martin, gilder, 507 Walnut 
Frifidlander A. J. b.k. 20 Harrisi a 
Friedlander H immond, 1TB W. 3<J 
Friedlander Moses, 151 Court 
Friedlcui John, cof. h. n.w.c. Congress 

and Ludlow 
Friedlein Jno. rook, 27 and 20 W. 3d 
Friedman D. (P., Uirscb .t Eichba .:,) h. 

250 Elm 
Friedman, Hirsch &■ Eichbenr, 'In/. F-, 

Bernard II. Sc fc'red. E.) wh- h isiery, 

laces, and silk, goods, 77 M:uU 
Friedman i- Miller, (3. F. Ac 0- M.'mloth. 

store, 42 Sycamore 
FRIEDMAN L •vi.(.Monheimer F. &. Co) 

209 Broadway 



R. M-. BfSHOP. 



3E5.. M. lOZSB^-XOI? 9 c£3 OCX, 

(Formerly Bishop, Wells $ Co.,) 

itiiiim llillis, iiif liiii, 



Ho. 9 Front St , Fast of Earn, opp. Steamboat Landing, Cin, 

: 'i : 




No, 103 Sycamore, between Third and Fourth Streets. 
Ho. 12 Hammond Street, Cincinnati, 0. 

W II O L Fi S A L E 

%Hf %Mb %£y w (>i^ gSs& feJ j) 


- Nos. 88 and 85 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, O. 

Jgigp' Agents for the celebrated Anchor Mill Sheeting. 


J. 0. SU.K.0CK. 






No. 32 Main Street, Cincinnati. 



0. S. WILLIAM3. 


©E»jFLin5TC^E3 E=iE. cfe ■W'lE&M' US MAKT, 

ci ^p <n* i?n w w> <s 



f%*Jl * >am ****** "L*~.~ * f »t?*^*«* Ti//f mm ,*,»***, 7 w ****,*» ,—■ .fffVifA^I)! 





Frit idauw S.(F. & Miller,) e.s. Race b. 

-1 h;,ud 5th 
Frfel McGuire & Co.(Pac.F. Thos. McG.) 

m< reh. tail. 25f3 Walnut 
.FHel Pat. (F. McGuire& Co.) res. Lex- 
ington Kv. 
Friend foenhart, If*. '23 Buckeye 
Frientjac. tab. 5dl 'Sycamore 
Frier Ji-hu, stone cut. 523 Sycamore 
FK1E8 Chas. (Springer & F.) res. West. 

Vri.-s Fred.' butcher. 59 Dunlap 

Fries Geo. nir. manuf. 343 Ham. Road 
Fries Herman, b.k. 4 Mainjxls. 172 W.3d 
Fries Jno. groc. CIS Maple 
Fries Jos- groc. 503 Elm 
Fries Lewis, butch. 52 Dunlap 
Fries Mich, butcher, 603 Vine 
Fries Mich. coop. e.s. Brighton -b. Harri- 
son Road and Bank 
Fries Sylvester, wharf.ttiast. 255 Plum . 
Friese Pet.Ub- n.s. Front nr. toll gateF'n 
Frietlander Herman, cloth, store, 14 Syc- 
amore, h 176 W. 3d 
Frietlander Jos. sales. 166 Harrison 
Fveitlein Geo. cof. h. 62 Buckeye 
Fright Jno. tailor, 601 Itaee 
FrmkRjan, lab. 32 Lock 
Frjntx Mich. (Ogden & F.) 57 McFarland 
Frisbie John L. foreman steam pipe shop, 

384 Walnut, h. 445 Walnut 
Frisbie Wm. barb. 230 Longwortb. 
Frisehta Francis, 16 Abigail 
Fritag "Mrs Catherine, BoLJmrel 
Fritag Hy. lab. 592 Vine 
Fritch Anthony, coop. 56 Abigail 
Fritsch Ily. elk. n.w.c W. Bow & Wade 
Fritz M,s. Bar. seams. Chiney Court b. 
Elm and Plum & Adams & Jefferson 
Fritz Hy. Mk. smith. 126 Ham. Road 
Fritz John, gard- 520 Freeman 
Fritz Jno. lab. 11 E. Liberty 
Fritz N. mould, li'3 High 
Fritz Win. turn. 517 W. R.iw 
Fritz Win. turner, 127 Bayruiiler 
Fritzyer Adam, lab. 26 Pierson 
Fritzmorris Mich, dray. 143 Catharine 
Freund Ernst, meat store, 11(6 Ham. 

FrizzUI Win. pedler, n.s. Lock b. 6th 

and 8th 
FrnLi Mich. lab. 2.34 B'way 
Froechlech Jac. brass tin. 43 12th 
Froehlich Jac lock smith, 542 Main 
FroVlking 8c Mm-met, hardware, 1023 Road 
Froemmer Geo. elk. 33 B'way 
Frohle Jos. sjMi mkr. bds. s.e-c. B'way & 

Froley ,hask. nikr. 546 W. Row 

Frohman Louis, (Menderson & F.) 37 

Froine Anton, carp. 54 Proyidence 
Frome Fred- carp- 267 Cutter 
FromeMrs. Jane, 511 W. 5th 
Fromm Conrad, tailor, 141 Everet 
Frommeyer John F. grocery 540 Syca 
Frommeyer Wm. H porter, 12 Pearl, h. 

540 Sycamore. 
Fromthemili Jas., waiter (at Groosbeck's) 

82 Abkial 
Froome Samuel,, cutter, 96 Main, h. Ill 

W. 5 th. 
Frommeyer William, prov. store, 636 W. 

Frouthoff John H., painter, 91 Wood- 
Frondohf Mrs. G., 10 Woodward. 
Froulker Henry, lah., 207 Freeman 
Froiunaller Phillip, stone cutter, 17i) W. 

Front Ceo., .shoemaker, 363 W. 2d 
fruit Valentine," binder, Front w. of 

Fromeler Thos.. stone mason, 247 Clark. 
Fratnptentan Frank, shoemaker, bds 62 

L. Market, 
fruskel B., clothier, 23 rtarnson 
Fruth Sarah, foller,45 Main 

l<7 ' (Davis Sc F) 

*rv David B.. caulker, s.s. Fulton b. Har- 

risnn and Market, F'n 
Fry Frederick, trunk maker, 101 Court. 

Fry Geo. D., (E. Jacobs & Co.) 226 Syc- 

Fry Henry, chairmaker, 307 Broadway 

Fry Hy., ornamental carving shop, 150 
W. 3d 

Fry Isaac D-, elk., 226 Sycamore 

Fry Jacob, barber, 608 Vine 

Fry Jacob, tailor, 433 Vine w . 

Fry Jos., carriasre trimmer, s?w.c. Syc. & 
Gih, h. 152 E. 5th 

Fryer Mary, i ulliner, 545 Mam. 

Fuchs Conrad. 3-16 Ham. Road 
■ Fucks Gottlieb, body uikr.,536. WaJtunt 

Fucks Jacob, bds 16 W. 12th 

Fucks John, s.e.c. Clay and Allison 

Fucks Martin, moulder, 036 Race 

Fuel^rabejt Chas., cig nikr, 60 W. 6ch 

Fuelrikamp Henry, tailor, 41 E. 7th 

Fuerlein John, meat store, 3^ Ham Road 

Fug-ate Thos., plane mkr, 467 Plum 

Fuhlmeyer Geo., cutler, 101 Main, h. 
Vine st. Hill 

Fuhrman Albert, elk, bds j51 Clay st. 


11 cigar store, 

A 38 W. Court 

Fuhrmann Andrew, trunk maker, 215 

Fuhrman n Fred., 151 Clay. 

77 ILK A K, 

21 medicine agent, 
I bus 160 Sycamore v~*- 

Fulkell Mrs. Catharine,' 940 Ham Boad 

Fulkman Henry, 147 Smith 

Fullea la Lewis, stone mason, 532 Syca. 

Fuller Edward, 175 Maple 

Fuller Edwd. F., ticket agent Little M. 

(Edwin N. F. & Mdcom McDowell) 
com. mr., 15 E. Front. 
FULLER E. N., (E. N. F. &. Co.) res. 78 

Fuller John, jr., tobacco dealer, office 21 

W. 5th, bds 286 W. 7th 
Fuller Henry, cooper, 3vu Broadway. 
Fuller Hy., cooper, c. 8:h &c Canal, h. c. 

Abigal and Hunt 
Fuller Mrs. M.iry, 9 Providence. 
Fuller M. W., 78 Pike 
Fuller Sydney, edge-tool mkr, 93 Rich- 

Fuller William, barber, bds 155 Pearl 
Fuller Mm., elk, 42 W. 4th. h. \2 Grant 
Fuller Wm. H., barber, 9-2 \V. 3*4 
Fuller Wm. F., capt. s. b , 286 W. 7th. 
Fullerton D., (Scioto Mill Co.) res. Chil- 

Fullwell Abraham, tannery, s.w.c. Court 

and Broadway 
Fully Pat. M., auctioneer, 173 Court 
Fulmer Frank, cooper, 343 Broadway 
Fulmer Wm., sil. plater, 72 W. 6th 
Fulmer W. F., silver plater r jj.w.c. George 

and W. Bow 
Fulmer Edward 141 Clay 
Fultuer John, stonemason, c. Freeman 

and Liberty 
Fulton E. J., 427 W. 2d 
Fulton Geo., lab, 73 Spring 
Fulton Jos., carp, 78 Abigal 
Fulton 1'hitiip, cis:;ir mkr, 188 Clinton 
Fulton Thomas, blk smith, 53 W. 3d 
Fuity Geo., tanner, 920 Ham Boad 
Fuwiiier Ahm., tanner, 72 Clinton 
Fulweiler John II., tailor, 279 W. Row 
Funnarex Louis, lah, n.s. Frontur.Vine, 

Fundiek John, lab, 105 Buckeye 
Funhider Henry, corifec, 391 Broadway 
Funhill Henry, 487 Walnut 
Funk B., plow etocker, 1- Wv7th (Vine 
Funk C G., elk, 57 &c .50 Main, h. M6 
Funk PL, plow smith, 17 VV. 7th 
Funk H. U., 264 Vine 
Funk Isaac B., boat buirder, n.s. Front b. 

Bice & Walnut, Fultoa 
Funk Louis, elk, bds, n.s. Front b. Broad- 
way & Ludlow 
Funk Henry, china Store,353 Vino 
fe'urniss D. il., mesdongcr, 52 II. 2d. 
Furxee Wm.M.,c:irp, 130 Livingston 
t'urrey Uy., brewer, bds 107 E. -'d 
Furst David, pawnbroker, 21m Walnut 
Furst Ferdinand, watchmaker, n.s. 6th b 
11 arrie; and Horn 

Furst Jacob, 8 Kemble 

Furst Lyon, peddler, 20 Providence 

Furst Solomon, watches & jewelry, 104 

W. 5th 
Fury John, painter, 305 "U*. 2d 
Fury Peter, grocery. 171 Water 
Fusmier August., mineral water manuf., 

457 Walnut 
Furst Geo., tailor, 243 Clark 
Fye Franl-^Iab, 540 Main 
Fyfe John, elk, 82 W. 5th, bds 208 

Fyffe W. H., 333 W. 7th 

Gabhs Chas. wks. rolling mill, rear. 614 
E. Front 

Gahel Oldorf, cab. mkr, 464 Kace 

Gaben Jacob, lab. Brown n.s. Canal 

Gaberhill James, lab, 41 Pierson 

Gable }ly. machinist, 384 Wa'nut 

Gable Jno. c»oper, e.s. Brighton b. Har- 
rison road and Bauk 

Gable Leonhart, 56 Bittenhouse 

Gable Mrs. Mary, Ol.-servatory, Mc. Ad- 

Gabriel Jnmes. elk. 41 Pierson 

Gabriel Jus. cof.h. 24 W. 6ih 

Gabriel .Mrs. Plulinda, 20 Charles 

Gabriel Bicli. lab. 17 Webb 

GaddLs Sasd. brk. layer. 13G Betts 

Gadrium Leo. 68 W. 4th 

Gaddum Madame Ida, milliner, 63 W. 

Gaetz AdiJlpTT, dab. 50 W. 4th 

G:uT Jno. sales. 31 Sycamore 

Gatleney John, b. h. 4"27 W. 3d 

Gaffeny O. B. leecher, 278 Walnut 

Gainer Titos, cooper, s.s. New, nr. 

Gaffner Peter, dray. 58 E. 2d 

GatTney Ed. S3 F- 2d 

Gail'ney Patrick, cooper, n.s. alley b. 7th 
and^rh.and BVay and Svcaumr© 

Gagan Win. b.k. 53 Kemble 

Gahagan^Retty S. wash woman, 59 Baco 

Gahe-rty Jas. lab. 115 Kemble 

Gaigus Philip, stone mason, n.s. Front, 
nr. toll ^'are F'n 

Gaines John, (G. & Robinson) New nr. 

Gaines &c Bobinson. (John G. &: Green- 
wood R.) produce 11 Landing, iv 
b. B'way and Ludlow 

Gaines Theo. atty. 'M''J Richmond 

Gaines Austin, white washing, 61 Wood- 

Gaiser Jacob, cV..h. Landing, b. Ludlow 
and Laurence 

Gai-.icr Bcnj. cap mkr. s.w.c. 13th and 

Gait her Alfred, Sunt. Adams E.x. 54 E- 

GaitherE. 50 M-mnd 

Gakemeier Hy. Jab. 13 Jefforson 

Galbf*eath J is. axe manuf. 17 \Y. 7t:>, h. 
26 W. 7 th 

Galbreth V.'m. II. b.k. n.s. Front nr. Syo- 
amore I"n 

Gale Jno. H. earn. 132 Baura 

Gale Mich. Lib. 61 Water 

Galerin Rich. lab. 34 Dublin 

G.<h> Kobe, stone carver. 26 Hathaway 

G'.le Wm. j. n>of reader, 122 Clark 

Galford Mosus, bucks, n.s- 6th b. B'way 
:'.nd Culvert 

Galfom Lewis, sroc, 691 Elm 

Gall Andrew, hutch. 505 Linn 

Gall Wm. butch. 78 Hank 

Gallncan Peter, 341 Hathaway 

Ga'.larber W, D, (Wynne, Haines 8c Co) 
- h. 414 W. 3d 

Gallagher Chas. porter. 8 and 10 Pearl, 
bis. Kelvnbre 

GAlIAGHKfe & C0T-Il>Si lT ']>*- 
■ .l.G. Sc Wm. A. C) att^a at law 
No. 3 H.ufb- bulg. ith, b. Main it 
Sv( itnore 
OallagerGeo. IF. ck.S83 W.Dd 
Gallager John, finisher. 70 E. Front 
Gall tigher Jno. D- chain nutQ. 415 V*. 

Gallagher Pa.rick, lab. 150 Water 

Gallagher Rich, dray- bdj. ."-J « • XD 






Kb. 13 West Front St., bet. Main and Walnut, 





nr t\ 

mmskii eiocE^ 



Ko» 7 Front Street, Cincinnati, Ohio* 




w U i$i m 111 IblibMu to 




S'crcvpi Dclicades,CI)oi« (QXb &ines,#c. 
N©s. 29 & 3i East 3d strict. 


N€. 5T9 Catherine Street. 


(Successors to Burrow & Thompson) 


No. 13 Pearl Street, 


Grocers (Wholesale) aaid Commission. 


; — Babbitt, Good & Co., 18 and 19 Public Land- 

Jas. M. Glenn. R. Dumond, Jr.\ Hag- 

IBakewell Thomas W., 6 w. Front. 

Wm. Glenn 


Bishop R. M. & Co., 9 Public Landing. 

Borden Jas W., 32 L. Market. 

Jill &E0€EESf "f S 3 ^l nut - 

loucknarut fit Co., 103 bvcamore. 

$irtr CtmmtssOT Ktodpmis, l But!er , J I °r £ & Co " ** w*in«. 

tt -b .a tit 7 i. « /, »■ t - « A Ai- Cantield & Moffet, 70 Walnut. 
g. S, Cor. Waln ut ce Columbia Sts., Cm. C ody P., 17 and 19 Water. 

~~ "~~ -.Colter Aaron A., -JOG Main. 

IConklin & Hubbard. 21 Walnut. 


T. R. Biaaj 

Cleneay William & Son, 51 Walnut. 

. jvexlxjex-i «to co., , Derore D , (i . & Co:i S;i Bnd S4 e . 2ll . 
Wholesale Grocers, Rwttteete;' ™- *i°- 6 *' *^ alno , 


•7W*. 30 PtlblU Landing; CiH. Glenn Win. & Sons, n. e. c. Walnut and 2d. 

Ferguson John, 5*2 and 54 c. Front. 
Frank A. W., a. w. c. Cth and Race. 






GALLAGHER Thos. J. (G. & Collins,) 

£| W. 8th 
G vl'.i'it Casper, cooper, 9 E. Liberty 
Gansch Philip, eof.h. 14 Walnut 
GaJUjJfia Peter, lab. 71 Richmond 
Collier Edward, carp. 17 Plum 
GaUlon John, cooper at West •?-: 

h. Banm 

Gallon John, brass moulder, 390 Walnut 
Gait Elizabeth, 132 Smith 
Gait house, Vi m. L. Marsh prop, 3-w.e. 

Ctii 'and Main 
Gait Matthew, machinist, at Lyon &. 


Galthoff Win. cigar rakr. 601 Main 
GalveB John, sand dealer, 296 Water 
Oslvey Mrs. 138 Culvert 
Galvin James, blk. smith, n - w.c. 2d and 

Galvin John, lab. s.s. Kemble b. Linn & 

Bay miller 
Galvin Maurice, blk. smith shop 51 Syc- 
Galvin Mrs. widow* 21 E. 7th 
Galvin Thomas, blk. smith, s.3. 8th. b, 

B'way and Sycamore '■ 
Galway Wm. eun powder asrt. s.e.c, 2d 

and Walnut, bds. Walnut St. House 
Galwin John, boot mkr-. bds. 57 W.. Front 
Galyer Lewis, butcher, h. 442 Lynn 
Gamble Andrew, butch, e.s. Brighton, b. 

Harrison Road and Bank 
GAMBLE Jas. (Proctor &. G.) n.W.C." 

York and W. Row 
Gamble James II. b.k. 34 Pike b. 3d <fc 

Gamble Jas. M. elk. 24 W. 2d, h. York 

W. of John 
Gamble Tims. lab. s.s. York, b. W. Row 

and Linn 
Gamble Wm. elk. 74 W. 4th 
Gamalian John, saddler, 9o Bremen 
Gameiilan Jno. saddler, 89 Main 
Gammal Wm. groo. M6 W. 3d 
Gams Caspar, cof.h. 117 15th 
Gander Conrad, dairyman, 129 Mohawk 
Gandolfo Augustus 375 Ehu 

n mmi£D muz, 

fi ANDot.P() n STEPHEN, 

1 T confec, & ice cream 

™ 2«'.8 Elm 

Ganger Johu.L. carp, bds. 170 W.5th 

Gannon Win. bds. 181 Plum 

Gano Adam, stone mason, 219 Everet 

Ga>TO Gazzam, (II. Gano &Bro.)250 

Gano Geo. b-k. 133 Walnut, bds. 139 W. 

4 th 
GANO Howell, (IT. G. & Bro.) resj. Clif- 

n a'xo howell & bro, ch. g. & 

IT Gazzavo. G. <fc Christ T. Adams.) 
*" hardware dealers, 133 Walnut 
Gano Jno. pork nier. 117 W. Court 
Gano W. G. W. Cashier Lafayette Bank, 

res. Clifton 
G-.non Mich. 3 Lon^worQi's bid* 
Gtnon Richard, lab. 34 E. 7th 
G.uis G. seed, hand store, 596 W. Bow Peter C- sales. 36 Pearl, bds. 

U. S. Hotel 
G miner Franz, brush mkr. 453 Walnut, porter, 40 W. Court 
Garavao Michael porter, 26 Commerce 
Oarbarenne John, fruit store, 172 H'wcy 
Gu-barini Jno. confec- 150 Vine 
jwrber Jacob, hutch. 25 Brown 
Q/amvjrej" George, tobacconist, bds. 27 , 

W. bVont ' i 

Qarey Bieh. teamster, s.e.c. Jones and ! 

Owdner Adam, carp. 64 Dunlap 
Gardner Carlisle D. plumber,' Ms. 141 

tonjr worth | 

Ovlner Chas. eating bouse, 33 E. 5th ! 
BMUMKRJMmiMd B. (Babbitt, Good 

& Cp,>437 W.oth 
««rdner James, river man, 423 U' 3d. | 
« wlner Jas. p. tailor. 59 Webster 
WAnlner John, lab. 393 W. 2d 
Uiatlnct John, lab. n.s. Fremont, b. Ear- 

rietand Horn I 

<™iner John. lab. 31 Ham Road 
■MKiacr Robt. brick layer, 09 Woodward I 

Gardner Sebastian, tinner, 375 Main, h. 

127 Clay 
Gardner Thos. raach. 76 E. Front 
Gardiner Robt. b.h. 192 Sycamere 
Garibaldi Sc Co. (James G. &: John B. 

G.) confec. n.w.e. 5th and Elm 
Garibaldi Jas. (G. &. Co.) n.w.c 5th and 

Garity John A. elk. bds. 18a Race 
GarkeJ Ernst, carp, s.w.c. Clark & Pine 
Garten Chris'-var 1 , shop mkr. 540 E. Front 
Garland Mrs". H. 155 Clinton 
GarlickJIy. S. b.k. res. Newport 
GARLi:KS Geo. BE. (Egujcra tc Co.) 

rooms in Union Block 
Garter Peter, cooper, 589 Walnut 
Garmhansen Bernard, groc and cof.h, 

513 and 515 Main 
Garner Hy. lab. 76 Buckeye 
Garner Hy. 106 Carr 
Garner Peter, lab. Denman n. of Hop- 
Games Ed. 173 Linn 
Carney Dmneil, cof,h. n.s. 9th, b. North 

and Sycamore 
Garnitz Jos. C i-ar mkr. 11 W. 6th 

atty. at iaw 
9 Hart's bldg 
Garrard Thos. boxes, bds. 104 W. 3d 
Garratz Jos- cigar mkr. 61 Abigail 
Garre Bernard, 591 Main 
Garretson Jesse, ho. phy. 175 Tine 
Garrett & Cottman, (Cyrus G. & Thos. 

C.) plow manuf. 9 W. 7th 
Garrett Cyrus, (G. &. Cottman.) h. 19 W. 

Garrett Gustav. elk. n.e.c. Symmes and 

Garrett Jane, teacher, 1st List. 9 Har- 
Garrett Nathan, auct. 97 Congress 
Garrett Nathan, s.s. 2d, b. Lawrence and 

Garrett Saml. 11 Harrison 
Garrett Saml. blk. smith, 2-16 B'way 
Garrettson Mrs. S. A, 31 Hathaway 
Carrey Mrs. 61 Ban* 
Garrigan Miss A. inillin er, 121 W. 5th 
Garrigan Bridget, 201 W. Front 
Garrigan Geo. 76 Abigail 
Garrigan Patrick, lab. 223 W. Front 
Gatting Herman, lab. 101 Woodward 
Garringer Jno. porter, 90 Main 
Garrison Davenport L. b.k. 143 Clinton 
Garrison David, printer, 109 W. Court 
Garrison Ellen, 124 W. 3d 
Garrison Jas, elk. 73 Hopkins 
Garrison Jas. A. oik. 15 L. Market, bds. 

Madison House 
Garrison J. C. printer, E.w.c. 8th and 

Madison House 
21 Main 
Garrison -Mrs. Mary J. 75 Hopkins 
Garrity Pat. hatter, 15 W. 6th 
GWrity Thos. hostler, 15 W. 6th 
Garside Joshua, painter, 142 Catharine 
Garten Francis, shoe. mkr. 655 Vine 
Gartner John, finisher, iilS Walnut 
Gartner L. groo. 127 Congress 
Gartner Sebastian, 127 Clay 
Gartrell Chas. 11. dry goods. 8 W,5fch 

bds. Dennison House 
Garvey Jas. 291 W. 6th 
Garver John, tailor, 624 Vine 
Garvey J. P. (Baker & Co.) 291 W. 6th 
G:irwe John, cooper. 420 W. 3d 
Gary Wm. family groc. 372 W. Row 
Goskill Wm. tailor, 74 Wade 
Gasney Morris, carp. 37 Parsons 
Gaspohl Barnard, tub. 69 Spring 
Gass Hy. turner, 40 Everett 
Gass 1 1 v - coop. 176 Clay 
Gass John, cof. h. 650 Vine 
G L3S Jno. lab. 13 High 
G issac Benj cof. h. 643 W. Front 
Gassert Adam, 514 Vine 
G is linger Frank, chair mkr. 223 Water 

n ±>'U : S m>< JANE, 

IT milhnery, 
VJ 7 E. 4th 

F0KD, (Robt. G., Jolm D. &■ John 
A. W.) imps. hai-d>vare, 109 Walnut 

GASTEN Robt. bis. Gibson House 
G istinger Robert, tail. 112 Bremen 
Gaston N. B. steam boat carp. Front b. 

Rice and Walnut P'n 
Gastreich Fred, shing. Augusta b. Jolm 

and Smith 
Gate Mary Julia, 70 W. 3d 
Gatetey Bernard, dray. 229 Sycamore 
Gates Dank machinist. 4o Wade 
Gates David, turner, 247 W. front 
Gates D. W. C- gen. b.k. 23 W. 3d, reft, 

Gates Ed vard, pfest- Gl Woodward 
Gates Jas. sales. 76 Richmond 
Gates Jos. bds. 150 4ih 
Gates Jos. lab. n.w.c. Liberty and Piea#* 

Gates John, pat. mkr. 401 Kemble 


It deal, in boots &■ shoes, 5-1 Pearl, 

^ h. 259 Longworth 

Gates Jos. elk. 152 W; 4:h 

GATES Nelson, (Greenwood & Co. ) b. 

44 1 Elm 
Gates Tobey S. tailor. 33 Bunlap 
Gates Wm.. mould. 396 Walnut 
GattiGeo. fruit store, SO B'way 
Gaucklev lly. stew. 27 atid 20 W. 3d 
Gault Edmund, finish, bds. 720 E. Front 
Gauit John li. school -teach. 404 Broad.. 

Gault Lemuel, pattern mkr. 720 E. Front 
GauU, Sural, rail. 53 Webster 
Gault Saul. elk. 247 Walnut 
Cans Chas. carp. 315 W.3d 
Gau-epohl J. B. elk. 205 Walnut 
Gausepold J. B. grocer, 303 George 
Gausepohl John G. elk. 67 W. 5sh, h."48 

Gaushell Louisa, b.h, 256 Longworth 
Gausseu Thos. L. bds. Whine House 
Gaussen Win. b.k. s.e.c. Vine &r. 3d 
Gavel Geo. finish. 70 K. Front 
Gavin David K. carp. s.s. 6ch b. Harriott 

and Horn 
Gavin Slick, -mc.05 Water 
Gavin Wm. lab. l"/7 AVater 
Gay Jos. W. elk. 70 E. 4th 
Gay Merv. wasiicrwomau, n.s. New nr. 

Gayel Leonard, blk. smith, 602 Vine 
GayieWm. H. sales, s.e.c. Sycamore and 

Gayler Hv. hatter. 103 Providence 
GAYLORI) Benj. B. (G., Son & Co.) 

GAY-LORD & CO- (Thos. G. G. 
&c V m. F. Gay lord.) iron railing 
manuf*.. SS B'way 
r Sr..Thus. G. G. jr. & Benj. B. Gay- 
' lord,) iron and nailmanufs. 88, .90 
& 92 B'way 
GAi'LOKl) Thos. G. jr. (G., Son <fc Co.) 

h. Hit* E. 4th 
GATLOKD Thos. G. sr. (G., Son & Co.) 

h. 1U0 K. 4th 
Gaylord Wm. saw. Liberty b. Bremen & 

Gaze Wm. porter, bis. 192 Sycamere 
Gdits Benj. coop. c. 8th and Canal 
Geagen John, hatter. 261 W. ?th 
Gearhart Lewis, cof. h. 238 E. Front 
Gearn Matthew, tailor, 4-J Dublin 
Geason Mlchaeljab. s.s. Fungoid b.Pricc 
\ and Sycamore Hill 
Gebbc .In,.. H. var. mkr. IG7 W. Liberty 
Gebcl II v. lab. 4>2 W. 5th 
GeheuHlehen Rudolph, Clinton 
EkbUanh Edward, bk. bindr, 41 14th 
Gtrbhart Frank, paint. 70 Findkvy 
GebreehtJno. D. cab. mkr. 419 Syca- 
Geddis John, 99 W. 4th 
Gediis Ar.toiic. porter, 17 Front 
Gcenrod Hy. stone cut. rear It Rich- 

Go. -hart Conrad, cof h. 112 M-havk 
GetTs !.y. st •.'■ cut. 91 Br 
C'Y'w Richard B. elk. Walnut St. 

Ge<;er Jno. blk. smith, 377 Ham. Road 
Qegner Jnd. baker, 3« L. Market 
GcheerThos. Inb. 315 Hair. R»m«J 
Gehefer Cornelius, barb. shop. 575 Main 
Gi hner T. W. cof. h. :127 W. 6th 
GehxJose, lab. 430 Plum 



Harding L. L., 28 and 30 e. 2(1. 

Harrison & Hooper, 61 Main. 

Hewson & Holmes, 83 and 85 Walnut. 

Holmes & Comvel!,54 Walnut. 

Hosea Robert & Co., 1 vv. Front. 

Kattenhorrj And., 3S1 aiain. 

Johns Jus C, s. s. 9th b. Sycamore and Main 

McGo.;hin & Hamilton, 243 Main, s. e. c 
and Main. 

McKee Jas. M. & Co., 14 Main. 

Miller & Co., 20 Public Landing. 

Mills & Kline, 245 Main. 

Mix George & Co., 25 Congress. 

Montgomery J. Cort, 2S4 Main. 

Mullins, Shrock & Johnston, 32 Main. 

.Obeihue E. & F., 112 vv. Court. 

Owen Allison, 29 and 31 e. 3d. 

Poland & Henry, 38 and 40 Sycamore cor 2d. 

Pullan, Hatfield & Brown, 19 e. 2d. 

Ronnebaum Jno. H., 38 Lower Market. 

Siebem John M. & Bro., 8 L.- Market. 

Skinner & Franklin, 9 w. Front. 

Smith J. W. & Son* n. s. 9th b. Main and Syc- 

Spilling & Brown, 215 Main. 

Springer & Whiteman, 1Q and 18 \v. 2d. 

Stall & Mever, 35 Sycamore. 

Stem, Baker & Co., 49 Walnut. 

Swasey Jno., & Co., 23 & 25 Sycamore. 

Swasey & Wise, s. w. c. 2d and Broadway. 

Tait Geo., 195 vv. 6th. 

Tavlor Jno. &, Co., 13 vv. Front. 

Thirkield, Thompson & Co., 16 and 17 Public 

Thompson & Taaffe, 13 Pearl. 

Traber & Auberv, 7 Public Landing. 

Tweed & Andrews, 31 and 33 Pearl. ' 

Wells, White & Co., 63 Pearl. 

Baker & Co. Gerard D. W. C. McDonogh Thos. 

Barr John & Co. Graham VVm, 31. i&ltfanning Samuel 

Bell Jas. B. Co. Mehner Louis 

Brown & Bro. - Grlesc & Marshall-Minor, Andrew* 


Carter E. S. & Co.Harper & 'Win all White. 
Cox R. S. Holt <£ Clark. Mouiimer & Row- 

Clark & Self Jenniugs, Butter- land 

Cunningham, Wit- field & Clark Sheeha:i Pierce 

Uams& Co. Keys, Mailby &CoSomme: & Meyer 

Besilver J. F. Lesb &. Brothers Stone B. T. & Co. 

Frazer JA. . Poor & Co. 

Ciroceries (Family.) 

Brickett H. L., n. e. c. 6th and Vine. 
Broadweli M. L., n. e. c. Hill and Front, F'n, 
Buchanan Wm. R., n. e. c. Congress & Pike. 
Buckhardt & Co., n. e. c. Walnut and 6th. 
Cline Alex., 36 Butler. 

Collins Michael H., s. s, 2d,b. Plum and West- 
ern Row. 
Cook & Carr, 130 Fulton. 

D.-, , , . _ . . , T Battels Jno. 

etxr&w Abraham, s. w. c. Smith and Long- Bau&r J. \v. 

worth. Baaing rriner C. 

Ferguson John, 52 and 54 e. Front c. Ludlow '* 

arid c. 9th and Vine. 
Picfcen Jno., 28 L. Slarkct. 
Frank A. W., n. vv. c. Gth and Race. 
Frank Samuel H., n. vv. c. Vine and Canal. 
George D. H. & Co.. 63 Broadway. 
Germann J. B., n. w.c. 12th and Main. 
Gold Peter, 111 e. 2d. 
Golden Isaac, IG7 Elm. 

Groger T. W., 411 w. 8th. 

Grothaus &l G inter, n. vv. c. Race and 14th. 

Harris W. H. & Co., 9 1 w. Court. 

Hazten Peter, n. w. c. Carr and 8th. 

Heidecker Wm. 544 Race. 

Hoff Valentine, 166 e. Front. 

Hopperton Jno., 254 and 258 vv. Gth. 
6th|Habrin<r J. W., 452 w. Front. 

Joyce Mirnael, 58 Water. 

Joyce Mich,, n. s. Front b. Harrison and Mar- 
ket, Fulton. 

Kattenhorn Arnd., 381 Main. 

Konerman Henry, 202 vv. Front. 

Kruse C. &. Co., 57 Pleasant. 

Kruthaup J. II. Henry, n. e. c. Congress and 

Kusgoerd IT. & Co., 410 w. 3d. 

Lacey J. H. fe W. B., n. e. c. Broadway & 5th. 

Mackentepe Bernard, n. vv. c. Vine and 2d. 

Miller Andrew, 7S Buckeye. 

Mitchell Samuel K., 250\v. 3d c. XV. Row. 

Rechtin G. II., 70 Lower Market. 

Rennecamp Aug-- s. e. c. Butler and Congress. 

Robben Henrv, 50 Abigail. 

RulTner S. & H.,.86 W. Row. 

Scheid Theo., s. e. c. Clark & Linn. 

Schlltzberger Ferdinand, 114 Carr. 

Secrist Jos. II., 344 Richmond. 

Shafer Jno., 360 W. Row. 

Smith P., 113Baymiller. 

Smith J. W. & Son, n. s. 9th b. Main and Syc- 

Telthoster & Katler, 434 Elm. 

West Wrn. P., n. vv, c. 5th & Park. 

Wolcott Albert G., s. e. c. Plum and 6th. 

Carney John 
Carrol Pit. 
Carrol VV. 
Carter F. S. & Co. 
C.ivagna Hart. 
Chaplin Fly. 
C/hisshulter B. 
Cohrs C. 
Chrisman P. F. 
Clarke John 
Class E. 
Coenzler H. 
Co tan D. H. B. 
Coffin Levi 
Coffin Z. B. 
Collins Jas. 
Colter Sara. 
Cone Cbas. 
Conn able L. 
Conn era Jno. 
Gaol; flv. 
CoateUo John 
Crane David 
Crawford Benj. 
Crone & Co. 
Cuhlraann J09. 
OnUeu Thos. 
Cunningh tra J. 
Datilmarin Fred. 
Daly Jului 
Dee'tteT J»o, 
Decker John 
Dee David 
i'-'Gmv Danl. 
Deickman VV. 
Deigmer -Uartia 

JM.t,M-y 15. 
P«l;;n> VV. 

Dewin J .V. 
Dodd E. D. 
Durfler Jno. 
Duss .Martin 

Abel Frederick 
Adams Martin C 
Adcr Jacob 
Ahaus Heruva'n 
A biers i 
Ahlers Fredk. 
Aiders John F. - 
A Mitel Fred W. 
A lei Henry 
Alt' Jno. Daniel 
Urfeld Conrad 
lAruurd Ciuist. 
Armarm H. VV. 
Augur Jas. 
Aulbiigh John 
Austin Jas. S. 
Au.-tin John B. 
Babbitt David 
Back henna-Jos. 
Baity Martin 
Cain Mica. K. 
Bakor iV SmiLh 
Bannon Terry 
Banzigcr Conrad 
Baifdli Henry 
Ban John 

»j B.-ck Casper 
iBeckmaii 11 y. 
Bet hi in F _•! ;nan 
lieers^tJo. . 
Hi leri-citi Francis 

Rente Hy- 
Bade! Win. 
Bescher Ph 
onrad&CoBewley Thos. 
Beyerle J. P. 
Brcltiw.ine Wm. 
Bltzer George 
BiarA Jno. 
B'aiUin Petec 
Boda V\ r ra. 
Bolger Jas. 
Borger Frank. 
3oss C. & Co. 
Bradicv Jno. 
Brad ly "Thos. 
Brian T. O. 
Brmkinyr VV. 
Brock Elbert 
Broekerhoff a. 
Biockhaua B. 
Brockman Hv. 
Brockmai] J.*H. 
Brown G >ttiieb 
Brown Joiin 
Bruea Joiin 
Buckert Geo. 
Bncklit Jno 
Buclcmm F. 
Buning Anthone 
B irk Ctoristopte 
Busheeig II. 
Bushkiinp Jos. 
lv.sser V\ m. 
Biding C. 
r,,;e Mrs. Margt. 
Byrna Jno. 
i;\ rna Edward 

C' C). 
CaUiimu P. \V. 
Cammann Fred. 
.Caahen Wm. 

BeUeudiHe Jos. 
Bullin i r J ev. C. 
Bellnjar C. 
BollviUe Wm. V 
Ben nan Owen 
Bensuu i. 

Carnerry Joseph P D.»t/. tuei Fred. 
Carusa A. Dreyer H. 





G ] 

Gerger A. much. 76 E. front 
Gerhan Mrs. Mary, 15 Jefferson 
Gerhard Geo. shoe tukr.G E. Canal 
Gerhard John C. druggist, 88 Clinton 
Gerhart Jos. paint. 544 Race 
Gerhart Thos. II. carp. 100 Bremen 
Gerkark Jno. cab. rukr. Monroe b. Elm 

ami Plum 
Gerke Hy. 587 Main 
Gcrkhi Ily. shoe mkr. hds. 170 W. 5th 
Gerlach Louis, port 12G M 
Gerlach Geo. upfaols. 67 W. 5th, h. 4G4 

Gerlach Phillip, cigar mkr. 18 Jefferson, 

h. 144 Bremen 
Gerland F. lab. 384 Walnut 
.Garland II. lib. 384 Walnut 
Gerland W. cigars, 146 E. Front 

Gehring Geo. ctk. 80 W. 6th 

Gehrim-er J. tailor, s.s. 15th b. Race and 

Gehrke Aug. riser, tail. 550 Vine 

Geier David, tailor, n. s. 2d near Law- 

Geiger Adam, bds. 502 Walnut 

Geiger Albert, pat. mkr. 54 Allison 

Geiger Chas. c an. mkr. 535 Main 

Geiger Jac. printer, 3b" Hani. Road 

Geiger Jacob, b. binder, 3d Ham. Road 

Geiger Jacob, mason, To Glay 

Geiier John, mason, *3 Clay 

Geinch Wm. tailor, 00 Green 

m mm, 

upholsterer, 214 v Jne, 

h. 20 Ilatner . .. . 
Geis Jos. upholsterer, 20 Earner 
Geise B. II. feed store, 73 Hunt 
Geise Z. M. bik. smith, 71 13th 
Geise Peter, lab- 71 14th 
Geise Pet. jr. mould 69 14th 
Geiseler Valentine, carp. Elm b. Elder <fc 

Geisler Herman, car fcrim. 21 W. 7th 
Gcist Cu«per,earp. 17 Tanner 
Geiszler Frank, glue manuf. 110 Flnd- 

Geldreich Heifhnn, barber, 333 Tine 
Gel! Ew& 8. teolteo. 21 E. 3d, bds. 110 

W. 6th 
- Gelland Bernard, peach dealer. 161 

W. 2d j Gerriotta Denj. tail. 61 Pendl 

Gellenbeck Bernhard, (G. & Dutmann,} j Gerrers Jos. finish. 1*4 Hook 

51 Milton j Gerrety John, elk. 12 W. 5th 

Geslenbeck & Dntman, (Geo. G. & Cas- i Gerson Bernard, bds. Levi's Hotel 

per.D.) bakers, 93 Abigail p\ ERS0N WOLF, 

Gellenbeck & Dutmann, (Bernhard G. k. 

Wm. D.) Sour store, 128 Main 
Ge!lenbe.;k Geo. (G. & Putrnan) 93 Abi- 
Gcllenheck Gerhard, deal, in cigars and 

tobacco, 5'. '3 Main 
Gellespie Sarah, 190 John 
Oelkvpie Woj. elk. Ms. 3?9 W.4th 
Oemt'er Peter, lab. 582 Elm 
Gender Andrew, cab. mkr. 114 Clinton 
Gens & Immegart, groc. n.e.c. Hickory 

and Dudley 
Gens Wm. (G. & Immegart,) groc. n.e.c 

Hickory &. Dudley 
Gentrap Hy. bds, 258 W. 5th 
Gentsch Louis, si >ne cut. 18 Ham. Road 

hmiiiiYA). bv&co. 

It (Danl. B. G. & J. W- Eain.) 

groes. Gd Broadway 
GEORGE Daniel B. (G. & Co.) S7 Pike 
George. Qnas. .S. printer, 229 Kemble 

George Geo,-?,', brk. mkr. 588 W. *-rh 

Geyerjonn dancing master, aasemMy" 
Qba Anthony, Is*, s.9. 2d, b. Race and 

GMimger Patrick, dray. 171 W. Front 
unenng aicnoias, trimmer, 61 Pearl 
Ghio John B. (G. & Co.) n.w.c. 5th and 

Gholson V. 
VV. 741 

nwsmm. jos. 

IT sculptors' studio, 

U IC6 W. 4th, h. 173 Elm 

Gibbons David, bik. smith, 8 Patterson 

j Gibbons Hannah, seam. 60 Water 

V. judge superior court, 122 

German Emigration Society, Wm. Re- Gibbons Jas. kb. 131 W. Front 
nausrht, 27 W. 2d Gibb ms Jeffrey, lab. 187 Water 

German John, bk. binder, 167 Walnut I fi 1 WKiXS JOIIJj 

GERMAN J. & produce, groes. and] It cof. house, ' 
manuf. of cider, and wine vinegar, i river landing, b. "Walnut & V 

&c. n.w.c. 12th and Allison Gibbons John, coop. Calvert, b. 5t 

German John B. engin. 39 B'way 
German Mary, bds. 165 Race 

21 E. Third, 
Chas. F. gclim.idt,prk). & pub. 

German Theatre, n.e.c. Mercer and Vine ] Gibbons Jno. K. elk. 414 BVi/ 
GERMAN Wm. (Lee & Co.) 31 McFar- ! /"I IJilJOXS J US G 



tit uud 


|y boarding hoi 
M 15 and 17 


Gerstnan Albert, baker, 461 Elm 

Gerty Bernard, 32 Kossuth 

Gerty Mrs. Catherine, laund. 64 Rich- 

GorverJtobt. lab. 175 Canal 

Gsrvers John, n.w.c Pine and Cedar 

Gervers Jos. mach. at- D- Griffeys, res. 
Hopkins nr. BaymiUer 

Gerwe Fred. A. W. al.phys. n.e.c. Long- 
worth and Park 

Gerwe Jos. dairy, w.s. Riddle, b. Harri- 

It attoii, 

^ 35 \\~. 3, 

h L. :M2 W. 7th 

ck, b. k. 54 \ralnut, bd3. 

Gibbons Pa 
Gibbcins Thos. lab. CO Water 
Gibbs David, steward, VA7 W. Canal 
Gibb.; Ii. Cm. die house, 212 Pluui 
Gibbs Lsa P. elk. 140 and 142 Main, res. 

Gibbs Joseph, lab. bds. c. 7th and B way 
Gibbs Mrs. Mary, 43 Mill 
Gibler Jno. tailor, C22 Vine 
I Gibun Jno. lab. 13 Cathersae 
I Gibner James, fiat boatman, 312 Wcter 
! Gibner'Jos. coal deal. 314 Water 
Gibson A. coop. e.s. Culvert, b. 6:h and 

Gibson Chas. elk. s.s. Moses, b. Mill and 

IliSON & CO. (Stephen G. & Robert 
& lith. 

son road and Bank f\ IUSU.N & CO (Stephen G. t 

leselbracbt Wm. tailor, 22 Madison iy U. G- «5c Jno. G.) engraver 

iesner J., R. R. conduc. bds. U.S.Hotel ; ^^ and lal el pub. 121 Main 

271 John i Gibson Laid. \V. porter, 9 Pearl 
j Gibson Diuil. lab. \Xi Kaee 
Gibson Geo. W. salesman, 80 M 
Pearl, bds. ' Covington 

w.s. Wahnrt, b. 4th and 5th 


Gesner j., k. a. eonauc. Das. u.s.uotei ; _ - am: iai ei l 

Cesser Anthony, basket mkr. 271 John i Gibson Laid. W. porter, 9 Pearl 

Gessert lly. elk. 105 Bremen j Gibson Diuil. lab. \Xi Kaee 

Gessie M. bds. Winne H. Gibson Geo. W. s;ilcsman,80 Main, rc3. 

Gessie R. J. salesman, 11 Pearl, bds. ' Covington 

Winne H. j fU!!SlL\ HOUSE 

GEST E. chief eng. Dayton & 

12G E. 4th 

George Ily. vr. elk. 9 P. L;u ling, h. 5S8 

VV. 8th j Gest J. C. wh. deal, in looking glasses, ! Gibson H. II. salesman^ 61 Mam, h. 370 

George Hugh M. pilot, bds. n.w.c. Wal- &c. 9 Wi 4th, h. 376 W. 6th j \Y. 6th 

nut and Water Gest Joseph J. b.k. 27 Main, bds. 126 E. ' Gibson Hugh, weaver, res. Covio«ton 

George Jos. pat. mkr. 384 Walnut | Fourth I Gibson Jno. pluml er, 17 Elizabeth 

George Wm. bik, smith, 145 Bremen | Gestler Jno. watch mkr. s.e.c Sycamore ' ' GJjSori Jno. piutefcer, s- w. c. 7th and 

Geoghegan Mich, porter, 20 Pearl, h. 53 j and 2d 

Kemble i Gestner Paul, grocery, 283 Linn 

Geoghegan Wm. b.k. 26 Pearl, h. 53 ] p JKXKER & R0RN,(n. G. &. Jacob B.) 

Kemble | \f ale <fc mineral water bottles, 56 

Georgia Aug. turner, 55 W. Front 
Gepnart Antony, cof. h. 37 Dunlap 
C<a>per Leopold, tan. 689 Elm 
Geppert Mich. elk. 55 Findlay 

v W. 13th 

GetkerHy. (G. & Bovn) 56 W. 13th 
Getky Ily. lab. 522 W. Front 
Gettier Geo. 351 Elm 

Gerard Clinton, (G. & Crosely,) 159 ! Gettier Thos- J. (Moitow &. G.) h 373 W. 

Court j Seventh 

Gerard D. W. C. wh. groc. 44 L. Market, ! Gettier Wm. paint. 371 Elm 

h. Court b. Race and Elm j Getty Frank, elk. 44 P. Landing 

GERARD Jno. If. (J. II. G. & Co.) 34 : Getty Thos. tailor, 130 Walnut, res. Cov- 

W.9th incton 

GERAJU) JO J]N II. & CO. )J- II. G., ! Getty Wm. 8. elk. 22 BVay 
D. A. Huston & S. C G.) pork j Gettz Phillip, tanner, 114 Bank 
packers, -205 arid 297 Broadway j Get?. & Bro. (Jno. G. & Jno. A. Cbcfc- 
Gerard Wm. H. elk. 44 L. Market, h. 84 | rai) srlass ware, 5 Sycamore 

W. 9th Get;: paperhauger, bds. 217 George 

GERARD S. C. (Jno. H. G. is. Co.) bds. ! Gefz Christopher, lab. bds. HG7 Vine 
ti4 v,*. 9th j Getz Geo. elk. 47 P. Landini? 

er P.,;.,-. tailor, 634 Vino | G( tt Jno. (Getz & Bro.) 416 W. 4th 


Getz Jno. yvhitewashe., 415 Sycaim ro 

Gurdes Jol-.n; o lb. mkr. bds. 125 W. 24 

Gcnh'S j i; y , „i„- a mVr. 47,^ Main ' Gct/c August, flyer, 514 Viuc 

Gcrdmg Jao. G. boots and shoes 464 / -, H/.K.N 0A.N N Kit JACUl). II. 

Mihv (Vine ! i r justice of the pesiee, 

Jfwrlaon Herman II. prov. store, 519 ^ office 47 E. 3d, h. 135 Smith 
weedt Ernst, (Q. &Hoberg,) Cutter b. Da- ! Geurwy Thos. 188 b.arr 

Tianmi wade I n libit JUIl.N c.h. war. ror. 

,Jf ' f ' -< Iiob-sr-. (Ernst G. & Henry II.) It c- John and Augusta sales 
eoop Cutter b. David ic Wade ' ** ■ 8 E- 4th, h. 78 W. 8th 


GIBSGIS Jno. (G <k Co.) bds. 10 Harri- 

, Gibson 'ho. 15. pi am i .,-. jog w*alnut 
Gibson Jhoi H. -.,'..• tukx. a.s. Water, b. 

W. Bow iin.l Plum 
Gibson Joshua, elk. (V IcsHaT. Mt Adams 
Gibsnn Joshua It. elk. res. 1U. Adams 
Gibjon !'■')•, 1:19 Kace 
GIBSON Robt. (G. ^ Co.) bds. 10 Tlar- 

GIBSON Stephen, (G. & Co.) bds. 257 

W llo . 
Gibson Thos. pluisher, 2i;l tomrw nrth 
GIBSON Wm. (McCormick </. &. Co.) 

it; w. eth 

Gibson Wm. plum.her, Longv.ortb, b. 

John and Smith 
Gidding3 James, vesetable store, 29 P« 

Landing, b. 119 Water 
Gicr August, ca p. n.s. bt!i, I. U tfrtot &. 

Gi ry Jno. lab. 22 I Water 
Gies Fred, porter, 1" E. 4th 
Giese Ferdern aud,-shoe store, 63 Lowe* 

Giese Jos. shoe mkr. 67 L. Market 
Giese Joseph shoe mkr. 10 Landing, b. 

KVay and. Ludlow 

Gteser Wm. meat store, 400 ^ ulnut (9th 
Qiesler Edw. teacher of music, 12o W. 



Drostcns J. D. 

Drum (J. 

Duncan Sam. 

DiHiu Pierce 

Kberhard Ch. 

Fbkcr Hy. 

Edwards Jos. 

Eggert S3. 

Kinhaus Fred. 

Eitlhause & Sager 

fclsker H. 

Eman J. 

Eugbreng Hy. 

Englchart C. 

Enyait J. L. 

Eppens B. 

Ernst Geo. 

Evans B. B. 

Evuns Simeon 

Everyman H. II. 

Fackler Geo. 

Feerman B. H. 

Fell are v Jas. 

Ecldnaus Hy. 

Feitman Fly. 

Fonder Jno. 

Fib be Ei 

F'iedeidev J. C. 

Fin ton Wm. 

Fisher IX W. 

Fitzgerald Jas. 
. Fogsrty Jas. 

Foley Jas. 

Foley Pat. 

Foot Frank H. 

Foss Bernard 

Fox Ed. 

Frank G. A. 

Freeh J. U. 
Frieke F. 
Fries Jno. 
Fries Jos. 
Frommeyer J. F. 
FYcuneyer W. 
Fuch;j Conrad 
Fury P. 
Galfous Lew4s 
Gammal Wra. 
Garmhausen B. 
Gartner L. 
Gary Wrn. 
Gau'sepohl J. B. 
Gasin Mich. 
Gens <Sc Immegart 
Gevsden PI H. 
Gestner Paul 
Geddengs Jr.s. 
Goetz Jno. 
Goidan Jas. 
Golden & Randall 
GoLdrick E, 
Graver Hy. 
Graveson Wm. 
Grawe. B. 
Green John 
Greens Caleb 
G reive Geo. 
Greivve H. J. 
G reive Hy. 
Griffith Saml. 
Groueweg H. 
Grosardt Hy. 
Guirm R. 
Hagen H.P. 
Hager Jno. 
Harbinson P. 
Hag arty Pat. 
Hartye & Ravens 

Haslet.! John 


Hayes W. 

Hdeuk R. 


Heit .Anthony 


Helwy Herman 

Hempelnian B. 


Henuington Suiry 

Herbsireit M. 

Hespihg H. 

Heft B.'G. 

Hicker J. C. 

Higher Wm. 

Hill Arthur 

Hill Jno. 

Hiip Jacob 

Himm'er Jno. 

Hofflin Jos. 

Hot! man H. 

Hoffman Jno. 

Began Mich. 

Hohnstedt Hy. 

Holmes Hy. 
Holt Jas.. M. 

Hoppe D. 
Hornberscer F. 

Hortoian P. A. 
Honk Jccob 
Hude-pah ! Louis 
liunnemann S 
lmvvall Hy. 
Inott Wm. 
Jackson Hugh 
Jenner Peter 
Johannins H. 
Johnson Jac. 
Johnston M. 
Jones C. M. 
Jones Jos. ( 

Jordan C. H. 
Kattenluru J 
Karll Hy. 
Kasha n Catherine 
Keesfaan K. & Co. 
K-;iiey John 
Eepy Matthew 
Kemps Barney 
Kennav.ay Fred. 
Kennedy Jas. 
Kerney Hy. 
K refer Andrew 
Kilduff Peter 
KUkarv Mrs. Mary 
King Jas. J. 
Kin- John 
King John H. 
Kinney Ellen. 
KiHtners Cto. F. 
Kite Jos. 
Kiabia Geo. 
Klayer Hy. 
Klein Jacob 
Kieine Phillip 
Kluebex John 
Knapka Fred. 
Kheadsell Geo. 
Knemeicr Hy. 
Koch Jl?. 
Kccb J. H. 
Koch Wm. 
Kohlmeyer H. 
Konfog H. H. 
Koop Herman 
Korte Jno. A. 
Kramer John 


Kramer C. 
Kramer Fred. 
Kramer Jos. 
Krie-er J. H. 
Kroger Anton 
Kro^inan H. H. 
Kronl*ge Hy. 
Krusa H. 
Kruse Fred. II. 
Kruse Jno. B. 
Labold John 
Ltiddeiikotter Jos 
Lamber H. 
Lambert Anton 
Lamping H. H. 
Lane Samuel 
Lang Robt. 
Laat C. 
Lavin Peter 
Layman D. H. 
Lehmkuhler E. II. 
Le.mweber Hy.j 
Leming Paul 
Leun J.S. 
Leonard Mrs. 
Levi Samuel 
Lewis Chas. 
Li m man Hy. 
Loeb. Moritz. 
Loheyde R. 
Loh man J. G. 
Lubbermanh G. 
Lutz Pet. 
Lvden M. B. 
Lynch M. D. 
McCa Hester M. 
McCarney M. 
McCarty M. 
McConviile J. 
McDermott Mich. 
McDoneiifirb P. 
McGraw Jas. 
McGregor Kliz. 
McN.air Alex. 
McNamara J. C. 
JVicNaUy Mary. 
Maescher J. V. 
Mann Mrs. Ellen. 
Mann Hiram 
Manning J. 
Markee Crist. 
Marqua P.J. 
Marshall Wrn. 
Martemy P. 
Martin Sam'l 
Bfartischang Jos. 
Marty Jos. F. 
Mathews Wm. R. 
Meader N. R. 
Menke Jos. 
Messmnnn Lewis 
Meyer F. W. & Co 
Meyer H. 
Midekiod Hv. 
Miller F. &. Co. 
Mahony Eliza. 
Mohrhaus Barney 
Molloy P. 
Mondbrf Jno. 
Moore Wm. 
Moorman Gen. 
Moran Mrs. F.llen 
Moran Pat. 
Morran Hughes. 

MouTster C. Rootman Geo. 

Mmdlr-r Jacob Rosenstine Jno. 

Muhihauser Mr3. C.Ross & Webster 

Mulby Michael 
Muller Jno. 
Muilcr J. D. 
Muller J. H. 
Mulvey Pat. 
Mulvie Jno. 
Murphy Mich. 
.Murray H. 
Murray Jno. 
Muse Hy. 
Mutbert J. C. 
Myex Christopher 
Myers Anthony 
Myers Wrn. 
Nail or Wm. 
Natel Hy. 
Sled derm an Hy- 
Nicholas !.ev 
Kipper Anton 
NobbeJ. H. 
NqIcb Pat. 
Nolle Hv 
Nolle J. B. H. 
Not J man Geo. 
Nower By. 
Oberkieiiie Geo. 
O'Brien Jno. 
O'llrieii I'hosp. 
O'Ctmnell D. 
'Con net Jas. 
O'Dev Pat. 
O'Donnell Marg. 
Oeh Jno. C. 
Q'Keefe Jas. 
O^born Jno. 

Roth Grezory 
Rctert Hv. 
Roun W. B. 
Rabbes J. 

Ruff Alex. 
Ruhrcusli Hy. 
Rushcenbeck" F. 
Ryan Jno. 
Ryan Mich. 
Sand Jos. 
Sandman H. 
Samimann Hv. 
Schaetfer <Sc Eyf 
Scheve Jos. 
Schibley Fred, 
Schleich Jos. 
Schmidz Lewi3 
& Co. Schmitger J ohn 


Schotsman Jac 
Schottelkotte J. 
Schranho:>>t H. 
Schriber Louis 
Schroder- J. D. 
Schroenbick H. 
Sen rode Anion 
Schroth j.rto. 
Schulte E. H.W. 
Schulz Jno. 

Taylor Jro. 

Taylor Wm. 

Tearney Jno. 

Tehben Hv 

Teeters ily. 

Th,.rp E'lmmid 

Theobald P. 

To'om Mrs. Ros 

Tonnes B. H. 

Tunnies C. F. 


Tracy P. 

Tramp Jno. A, 

Trenchard E. 

Treachard E. P, 

Trentmann F. 
ngTrimbur Geo. 

Trirap J. a. 

Trimpe J. B. 

Tufca Jno. 

Turner I). 

Clam Jos. 
H.Umherger C 

Vuneda. Ph. 

Vedder H. & R 
L.VibbarI T. 

Voide Jos. 

Voll M^ch. 

VovihiiT B-»nj. 

Voogt. Fred. 

Waber Wrn. 

Wagner Jac. 

Wagoner F. 

K-UH01 Cr. H. 


Schuiey J .. 

Seidle Jos. 
Seifert Francis 
Shen John S. 
Patlerson Sarah A.Snai'er Jacob 

Schultz & Scheffel Watpert Fred. 

Paul Geo D. 
Peebles J. R. 
Pee pa ugh Ann 
P'engemann J. T. 
Pater Mrs. 1., A. 
Peterman Geo. 
Pettis S. 
Pilkington Jno. 
Plaspohl Frank. 
Plaspo'hl H. E. 
Pomeroy C. VV. 
Powers IJ. 
Prows J. A. 
Pruse Harney 
Pagh Hugh 
Quauby Airs. Ann 
Uuii.ui i'bos. 
Ralakamp L. 
Rapp Peter 
Kauermetn B. 
Rfiuth F. 
Ravinand R. 
Heabcl Geo. 
Reeptin Br. 
.Regan John 
Keis & UlettRCr 
Renegert Hy. 
ReniJcer Hy. 
R inch art P. 
Riordan M. R. 
Bitten house F. 
Roch Tlios. 
Roehm <). 
Rohm Martin 
Rolls Wm. 
Romer Jno II. 

Shaffer Win 
Shaw & Dowlinj 
Shaw Sam. 
Shifley Hugh 
Siekels Sam. 
Siekman D. 
Shinier J r ;o. 
Sleggemann Jno. 
Sleight Hy. 
Sinielan Jno. 
Smith Geo. W. 
Smith Spencer. 
Smith N. 
Smith Wm. 
Snider Mrs. Eliz. 
Slider Fred. 
Snyder M. 
Snyder Wrn. 
Stall J. f: 
Stiedel Geo. 
Sterrett D. B 

Wash Mich. 
Webb H. 
V/ebster Jno. 
WeidiiigerJ. G. 
Welch And. 
Welch Pat. 
WenJei Fred. 
Wesling 1). 
Wesling Hy. 
West Jno. B. 
Westendorf Jos. 
Westendorf P. i 

Westerman J. 
Westeeman T. 
Wetterer Jno. 
Wheeling Thos. 
Wickersham C. 
Wiecher Hy. 
Wiecher H. F. 
Wilbers Herman 
Wilkics J. D. 
Wilkymacky Hv. 
Willenborg Jos. 
WiJlinbrinck J. Wm. 
IViihnann Wm. 
Wilson A. B. 

Stewart & Harvey Wilson-" & Holford 

Stone L. & M. 
Straukamp J. W. 
Straus Jno. 
Strauss S. 
Sireeter J. 
Strcitelmcir H. 
Sti iff Marg. 
Rtrubbe G. H 

Wilson J03. 
Wiuegartner L. 
Wines Chas. 
Winter Henry 
Witte Casper. 
Wolf Jno. 
Wolf Lewis 
Woodruff W. K. 

Stiunek Mrs. M. A.Wortman T 

Sutton C. 
Swan Chris. 
Tangemann B. 
Tangeman H. H 
Taylor it Frazer 

Yocum Jos. 
Zaukel Geo. 
Zens Wm. 
Zerhusen H. H. 
Ziegler Ph. 





W[ M*& IS iw uiOkJu mjL Jul. EmMM WM Jk& EjlM& f 

398 Walnut Street. 





GIEFTIVG Gerhard, (J. D. & G. G.) 33 

K. 5th 
OIF STING Jno. D- (J. P. fe G. G.) 

Gi IESTING J. 1). & G. (John i>. & 
r Gerhard G.) boots and shoes, 
5 S3 E. 5th 

Gifxin Andw. 20 Rittenh.~>use 
Gifforfi C- J- cashier, I8G W, 5th 
GifTord Geo. painter, 230 Linn 
Giger Ily. wood deal. 70 Brown 
Gig us Geo. lar.. s.g. Front, rir. ri^er, F'n 
Gilbert Alfred W. (G. & Bro.) 125 Rich- 
Gilbert & Brother, (Alfred W. G. & Jos. 
W. G.) civil nrgfeeers and surveyors 
mechanic's in-titute 
Gilbert Mrs. Geo. fancy store, 303 W. 5th 
Gilbert IT. A. elk. n.w.c. 6th and "Walnut 
GILBERT Ily. 0. (Smith <k G.,) h. 37 

Gilbert J. blk. smith, 234 W. 7th 
Gilbert J. blk. smith, 35 Barr 
GILBERT J. W. (G. Jones & O'zborn) 
Gilbert Jos. W. (G. & Brother) 156 LiV- 
in^stOB " ' 

Gll/JiERT,J0NE3 & OGBORN, (J- W. 
G., J.. J. & J. O.) com. merchs 
s. e. c W. W. Canal and 5ih 
Gilbert M. 235 W. 7th 
Gilbert Mrs. nurse, 2i W. Gth 
Gilbert Richd. painter. 13 Betts 
Gilhert Mrs. Sarah, 43 Chestnut 
Gilchiis John. carp. 84 W. Row 
Gilcrist Alex, carp. 112 Laurel 
Gilcrist Jas. lab. 1C0 High 
Gilday Michael, lab. 135" W. Front 
Gjldea Catherine, dress rfikr. 46. E. 6th 
Gilding Jno. roach; 76 L. Front 
Gildings M. mould. 70 E. Front 
Gilegan Jas. lab. 58 Elm 
Giles Wm. elk. 2(5 E. 5th 
Gufoy Mich, butcher, w.s. Mill, b. 3d and ■ 

Gilfoy Pat. lab. 259 Freeman 
Gilfus Wm. elk. in P. O. 
Gilfy Jno. lab. h. Ill Maple 
GUhran Dominick, boot mkr. bds. n.e.c. 

7th and Main 
Ciil Caleb B. elk. 16 P. Landing, h. 93 

GiiiChas. lab. 59 "Wafer 
Gill J. cab mkr. 220 Catherine 
GiU das. IS E. 4th 
Gill J no. lab. 150 Everett 
Gill Bobt. currier, n.s. 7th, b. BVay and 

Gfllagan Jas- shoe mkr. 17 Elm 
Gillard Wm. elk. 21 Pearl 
Gillard Wm. 2d hand- bk. store, 152 W. 

Gillard Wm. carp. 52 Everett 
Giile Curt, sales. 5«J0 Main 
Gillegan Edw. police, S4 Butler 
Gillespie Wm. J. elk. 56 and 53 W. 5th 
Giliian Jacob, pilot, 29 Chestnut 
Gillian Jno. lab. 300 John 
Giliiard Wm. carp. 4d Everett 
GiUiece Mich. lab. 329 W. 2d 
Gillignn Bar. porter, 211 "Walnut h. 65 

Gilligan Jno. shoe mkr. 299 W. Row 
Gillespie Jas. currier, 503 Sycamore 
Gilhnan Benj. brk. layer, 163 Smith 
GHlman Bernard, tailor, 42 W. Front 
Gillon A If. c>am. 157 W. Front 
GiUon Pat. lah. n.w.c Front and Long- 

worth, FV 
Gills David O. lab. 43 Mill 
Oilman Alic.% milliner, 271 Main 
G.lmau Hy. B. elk. 24 W. 2d 
Oilman Wm. carp. 141 Barr 
Gilmore Alfred, steward, 267 W. 8th 


\r .(Jas. G. Jas. H. B.) bankers, 
n.e.c. 3d and Walnut 

Gilmore Clara, washerwoman, 159 Cul- 

Gilmore G. 173 George 

Gttroo*e lfy. mess, n.e.c 3d and Walnut, 
h. 173 George 

GILMORE Jas. (G. &. Brotherton,) bds. 
Burnet House 

Ulbnore Jno. river man, e.s. Ludlow b. 
Congress and 3d 

UDmore Ily. John, river man, e.g. Lud- 
low b. Congress aud 3d 

Gihnore Patrick, lab. 702 W. Front 

Gilp Sand. lab. 537 E. Front 

Gilpin (.'has. elk. bds. United States 

Gilpin Jos. hop. mer.P4 Catharine 
Gilpin Jos. IT. trader, 44U B'way 
Gilpin & Sherlock, (Wm. 11. G. k. Jno. 

S.) com. mers. 17 E. Canal 

GILPIN THOS. flooring mill, sash 
blind and door manuf. Canal b. 
Titan and Elm, h. 398 Race 
Gilpin Wm. II. (G. St Sherlock.) 427 

Gttroy Jas. lab. Culvert nr. 6th 
Gilroy John, lib. Landing b. Vine and 

GILS0N A. J. (G. &. Replogle,) h. 470 

fj (A. J. G. & John It.) 
^ coop. 12 Canal 

GtltnerM. cigar mkr. 4G2 Elm 
Ginan Geo. cof. h. 11 Jackson 
Ginandt Geo. lager beer saloon, 319 Wal- 
Giney Mich. lab. n.s al. b. 7th and 8th k. 

Sycamore and B'way 
Ginochio Dominick, (Arata <fe G.) 24 

E. 3d 
Ginoccbio Jno. B. confec, 250 Walnut 
GTNTER John, (Groth&us & G.) n.w.c. 

Race and 14th 
G'prsr Ceo. lab. 145 Linn 
Oinard Prosi-er, harpist, 230Svcainore 
Girtz Chas. leaker, 65 Allison 
Girty Chas, dray. 74 Betts 
Gisburg Edward, paint, 230 Wahrat 
Gisler Augustus, lab. 553 Vine 
Gisler Herman, car. trim. 11 Bremen 

I / 1 1ST, THOMPSON & CO. 

1 T bankers. 8 lank bldgs. 

>* 8 W. 3d 

Gistings J. D. 400 Georcre 

GITCHELL Jas. M. (Jolliffe 8c G.) res. 

Gib'.einlier Frank G. shoe mkr. bds. 40 E. 

Given Jas. mould. 4(36 W. 5!h 

ti I YEN K. II. wholesale and retail 
r dealer in foreign and domestic dry 
" goods, 210 W. Sfch 
Givin J as. survey, WUson b. Liberty and 

mi ton 
Givins Mrs. Mary,seams. bds. 30 William 
Givvens John, lab. 65 Water 
GiuszGeo. M. blk. smith, c. 5th and Pike, 

h. 76 14th 
Gizer Jno. bds. 510 Vine 
Gladden Barney, con. smith, Observatory 

Mt. Adams 
Gladden Anton B. elk. bds. 472 Main 
Glancy Harvey If. elk. 29 if. Market, 79 

Glancy Wm. 502 E. Front 
Glare John, lab. 102 Clay 
Glartv Ily. team.-. 40 Logan 
Glascoe Jas. S. drug. 536 W. 5th 

fi LASER &BB0. 

ly (Sami. & Lewis,) clothiers, 

■ n.w.c. Mam and 5th 

Glaser Jac cof. h. 82 W. Court 
GLASER Lewis, (G. & Bro.) 6 E. 6th 
GLASER Saml. (G. &, Bro.) 6 E. 6th 
Glas.rov,- J,is. S. b.k. kpr. 74 Pearl, h. 

536 W. 5th 
Glasgow Hugh, carp. 353 Elm 

Glass , 14 Rittenhouse 

Glass Elizabeth, b.h. 192 W. 2d 
GLASS Geo. C (G. S- Wright & Co.) h. 

110 Richmond 
Glass John, cab. mkr. 453 W. 2d 
Gtaas Mrs. s. 13 George 
Glass Thos. P. shoe manuf. 217 Rich- 
Glass Wm. boi. mkr. 192 W. 3d 
Glass WnJ. mould. 205 W. Front 
Glass Wm. II. capL Washin-t-n Fre Co. 

s.s. Front !). W. Rowiind John 
Glassmann Ily. lab. s.w.c. MiHou and 

\\ .Ison 
Glassbn Jno. meat store, 3 llarrjson 

Qlathaar Frank, cab. mkr. 275 W. 3d 
Glatz Paulina, dry goods 490 Walnut 
Glatzen Andrew, lab. 7i>2 W. Row 
GLuer — -^-, river man, 24 Mercer 

Glazer Frederick, meat store, 498 Vin*> 
Glazier Chas. A. elk. 54 E. 3d, h. 303 

Gleason J no. Ilk. smith, 59 Observatory 

Gleason Jno. lab. 151 W. Canal 
Gleason Mrs. Marg. 211 Freeman 
Gleason R'.'.hard, lab. w.s. Cth b. Lock & 

Glcich b, 59 Clay 

Gleich Mrs. Catherine, mus. teach. 23 
' W. 9th 


\f musical instru.mkr. 

^ 2d W. 9ih 

Gleick L. tailor, 633 W. Row 

Gleiner Christ, lab. 69 Ham. Road 

Glenburgh John II. shoe mkr. 222 W. 

Glenn Mrs. Eliza, seams. 30 William 

Glenn Jas. blk. smith, n.s. Oliver b. W. 
Row and John 

GLENN Jas. M. (Wm. G. & Sons,) 338 
W. 4 th 

Glenn Jas. K. brok. 57 W. 3d, h. 3S5 
W. Cth 

Glenn John, 123 E. 4th 

Glenn Lewis, luinb. deal. n.s. 6th b. Har- 
riet and Horn 

Glenn Louis, n.s. Front nr. Stone F'n 

GLENN Milton, (M. G. & Co.) h. s-3, 
Front nr. 'JV<1 Gate 

GLENN MILTON & CO. (Milton G. & 
- Jas, Mack,) Iuaib. deal. s.s. Front 
nr. River F'n 
Glenn Peter, lab. 1130 Ham. Road 
Glenn 0. T. elk. n.e.c. Walnut and 2d, 

h. 328 \V.4th 
GLEES Win. (Wm. G- & Sons.) 323 

GLEM WM. & SOXS, (Wm. O., Jas. 
" M. G. and Richard Dymond, jr. wb. 
grocers and com. mers. n.e.c Wal- 
nut and 2d 
Glenny Wm-drugs and med. 373 W. Low 
h. SS'Ckitk 

GLII/DL'N DANIEL A. manuf. and 
dealer in pig iron, 19 E. 2d, res. Co- 
Glievey Jos. lab. 45 Mill 
GHnn Lewis, stone mas. 118 Mohawk 
Giissan Wm. G. elk. 42 E. 5th 
Gloor Casper, eandy mkr. 40 Mriin. 
Gloss Ewald, (Range & G.) 01 I2th ' 
Glott Jno. paint. U30 Walnut 
Glover John, lab. Fulton car works, F*n 
Glover Jos. lai.i. 56 C ominerce 
Glover Mary, chair can. SGCommerce 
Glynn Wm. me-s.-r. ;er, at Groesbecfc & 
Co. h. 70 Kciuble 

glue manuX. 
11 Dunlap 
Goblich Adolph, shoe mkr. 164 Catha- 
Goble J. (J. G. & Son,) 207 Fulton 
Goble J. & Sot.. (Jeremiah ic Wm.) stair 

builders, 191 Fulton 
Goble RichiUtJ, cwp. 53 Everett 
Gobi.- Wm. (J. G. & Sou.) 46S Kemble 
Goddard Jas. confec. 303 Eun 
Godfried Jno., n.e.c. Brown and 

Ham. Uoaii 
Godman Clement Jab. Hickory b. Dudley 

and Piatt 
Gocbel II. bird care mkr. 4«4 W. 5th 
Goees Fritz, house and furn. caJi>. 4-SO 

G<>ekl': Wm. cab. mkr. 17 Richmond 
Go. 'us j. »,;,,•!,. 502 Elm 
GOEfTIIEiai Francis, (Wernert k G.) 

Race or. Find'oiy Market 
Goetj! Jno. ptqc, ir.'i W. Court 
G -forth N. F. elk. 3-3 W. lww, h. 269 

Goft Win. inach. 3.-4 Walnut 
GOGREVE C. II. (Mn:!-ri.G.;rei. »Cf' 

\ ort 
Go* irman Wm. l.'>. 30 Buckye 
Gohler ilj . lab. 525 Svcauioce 
G«ldin John, cof. U. 9:1 Il«u.R»«d 
Gohiiii in Eve, carp. 533 VV • I'. ,,,f 
Golmian Jos- foundry man, 400 Ma n 
Gobs KlizalHHh, 'K. G. &. C«0 •**" ™*« 
Gobs E. &. Go. (Elisabeth O- ^ lianuanu 

Strotegir,) dry gOOdB, 180 Main 




Late of New York. 


Late of* Maysville, Ky. Late with Tyler Davidson & Co. 




No. 2 Church Building, Walnut St., between Third and Fourth, Cin. 

iffii ft i p p 1 1 . p it 1 1 ttfif i n p 

I? A \ 1 1 h % 1 1 N 11-11 Km ^ iMi h 

if llUlJJJlJilJLIJLI IlliliU II llJLill.i 





I 1 F^S 


r. wilson, Cincinnati. p. hayden, JK» FJarJfe. 


Importers and Manufacturers of 

ja.ia"x> coao: 



biwiJL^ i ^&o, iiul? oJUWo, &U f coo 

•V£.v* 2& «wrf 24 Jtlain Street, 

ciscasi&f s, ©sit. 





Going Trod. dray. 149 Pleasant 
Going Henry, teams. 44 Findiay 
Goihga Jus. white wash. 131 Muses 
Coke Htaftiy, (-Wright & G.) 480 W. 6th 
Goke Jos. turn, shop, s.s. Orchard b. I 
M bin and Sycamore, h. -24 Abigail i 
n 010 PL FELL | 

It rope manuf. 417 Elm 

U b. hie. 2a 

Goldberg Jac rner. tailor, bds. Evens i 

Hotel ! 

Goldberg Jacob, sales, vr.s. Sycamore b. \ 

5tb and Gch 
Goldberg Jos. (G. & Lowenstein,) 323 ; 

Tine I 

Goldberg &. Lowenstien, (,Jos. G. &. V. ! 

H. L.) wh. cloth, deal. 52 Pearl 
Golddate John, dray, n.w.c. Clinton and ! 

W. Row 
Golden Chas. shoe mkr. 49 W. 7th 
Golden David, tailor, 122 Lock 


I T bakery and grocery, 
*-* 107 Elm 

Golden Jas. groc s.w.c 8th Sc B'way 

Golden John, lab. bds. 162 W. 3d 

Golden & Randall, (Sceohen G. & Thos. I 

IS. R.) pror. store, 180 W. Gch 
Golden Saml. carp. s.s. Yeatman b. Syc- ; 

ateore :mil B'way 
Golden Stephen, (G. & Randall.) 163 I 

W. 8th 
Golden Stephen, hack. 289 W. 8th 
Golden Thos. porter, bds. 15 Water 
Golden Warren, pilot, bds. Evens E 
Goldenberg Mrs. Emetine, 5-0 W. 4th 
Goldeziberg Richard, uphqlst. 81 iSvca- '" 

Gold merger John , 25 Lodge 
Golder Geo. port. 641 Elm 
Golding John, carp. bds. 555 W. 5th j 

Goldman Flora, 199 W. 5th 
Goldman Lewis, cik. 21 L. Market, b. 50 i 

GoldrioV- E-tJ. .p-roT. store, s.e-c. Mound \ 

and 6th j 

Goldrick O. elk. 25 W. 4th 
Goldsmith Albert, lab. 512 Walnut 
pOLDSMTfl ■& TiAKHAUS, (Jacob ' 

It G- &; Julius R.) jewelry, watches 
^ and clocks; 224 W- 5th 
Goldsmith Conrad, bavb. 162 W. Front 
Goldsmith Edward, foundryman, n.w.c. j 

Kemble and John 
Goldsmith Hy. 2U Gano ■ j 

Gold smith Israel, jewelry, wctches and I 

clocks 162 W. 5th 
GOLi^MITil JncA, (G. & Barkhaus,) \ 


as, watel 2S and jewelry, 

GOLDSMITH Nathaniel, (Chas. Davis &. 

Co.) 55 W. 9th 
Goldsmith Soahia. 170 Race ' 
Geldson Geo, harness mkr. 103 W. 3d 
Gol.l5.tien, glazi2r,6el l3r.h 
Gol&nrorthy Thos. (Cotferal &. G.) 52 

Goiihger Fred, cof. h. 032 Vine 
Gollis Jno. la 1 ;. 882 W. B.ow 
Gomiager Jacob, carp. 714 E. Front 
Gommel Fred. elk. 60 L. Market 
Gonderman Jno. stone cutter, % Bremen 
Gonglack Adam, varnish. 12 Gano 
Gonmg Ernguft, lab. 464 Walnut 
Gooch Chas. C. cik. 124 Main, bds. 36 


C*00CH FIT. 
I" lard <il manuf. 

129 & 130 W. 2d, h. 36 Centre 

Gooch Laura S. teacher n.w.c. 7:h and 

Good Mrs. Elizabeth, taltoress, n.w.c. 
Clark and Cutter 

Good Ja<?. elk. 18 & 19 P. Landing, res. 

GOOD Jno. (Babbitt G. & Co.) Ellen, b. 
3d and 5th 

»od Jno. Lock, b. High & 5th 

Uood Root. carp, s.e.c. Front and Wal- 
nut F'n 

Good Matthias, 460 Bace 

OooOall George (Crooks & G.) bds. 682 

„ M 'dn (W. 3d 

GocdaU Hy. W. elk. 21 3. front, h. 179 

Goodall Thos. stone cutter, 121 Everett 
Goodall Win. drav. 119 Evcret 

r stone yard. 
* 244 W. Court 
Goodbrad Jno. eng. 221 Linn 
Good. led Rjchd. eng. n.s. Fulton, nr. R. 

R. Grossing, F'n 
Goode B. W. b.k. 121 Walnut 
GOODS Francis C (Reeves Sz. Co.) bds. 

162 B'waj 
Goodettough E. P. b.k. s.w.c.5th & Main 
GoodhartEiias, tador, 170 Vine 
rV0Oi)HAR'i & GKABflE .D, (Julius 
6 f H. G. & Philip Gi) wh. dry goods 
^ and clothuJg,21 L. Market 

GOODH 1RT Julius 11. (G. & Grabfield) 

139 W. 4th 
GOODHEAET Jacob, (G. &: Ackerland) 

107 B'way 

(Jacob G. <fc Abraham A ) 
manuf. clothing, 66 Pearl 
Goodheart Wm. (Leopold & G.) res. Chi- 
cago (Front 
Goodhue Mrs. Cornelia, b. h. 631 W. 
Goodhue D. F. {¥.. Vance & Co.) 
Goodhue Frank, bds. Farlovp U. 
Goodhue Wm. 19 Richmond 
Good'in Jas. sen. 15 W. Court 
j GOODIN Jas. jr. (G. &; Mahou,) 15 W. 
I Court 
ft. 00: d v & JTAHON, (Jas- G. jr. & 
f-| Stephen M.) gas fixtures, 
' "'• 22o Mam 
I tioodin «ib». cab. mkr. 138 Clark 
4 Gooditi Wm. J. bds. 15 W. Court 
■ piOQDiSQ JU:5. 
! 1T ciuvifge waiter, 
; ^ 889 V.'. Row 
j G'oodling M:ch. brass mould, w. 3. Race, 
8. of Fhidiey 
Goodioe Jas. mach. 14 Congress 
Goodioe Biarg. widow, 381 W. 3d 
Goodman Abratiam, (G- & VouholO h. 

307 Main 
GOODMAN Chas. (T. S. G. & Co.) h. 

:-i2 W. 4th 
Goodman C. B. elk. bds. Evens' Hotel 
GOODMAN E. O. (NLxon & G.) 391 W. 

Goodman Frank, 273 W. 7th 
Goodman H. 2d hand store, 328 Main 
Goodman Hy. weaver, 4-15 Main 
Goodman Moses, b.k. res. 117 \v\ 4th 
Goodman Solomon, tailor, 156 YT. Front 

aO'J'D.MAX T. S. & CO. (Timothy s. 
Chas. & Wm. A. G.) bankers, 
8 and 10 W. 3d 
GOODMAN Timothy S. (T. S. G. Sc ).) 

h. 117 \V.4ch 
Goodman Vornholt, (Abraham G. 2c Hy. 

V.) clothiers. 3U7 Main 
Goodman Waiter, 2d hand clothing store' 
433 Main 

pres. Washington ins. co. 
ofttee 41 Main, h. 33-) W. 4th 
GOODMAN Wm. A. (T. S. G. & Co.) 95 

Goodrich Chas. cik. bds. 131 Sycamore 
Goodrich Geo. c ! k. bds. 131 Sycamore 
Goodrich Chas. T. salesman, 95 and 97 

GOODWIN Alex. (G. <fc Cloon), 212 W. 

Goodwin Chas. B. b.k. res. Mt. Ciwrnel 

G\ GODWIN & CL00N, (Alex. G. I'hil- 
r lip B.C.) bakery, 

' 46 P. Landing 

Goodwin Edw. overseer chain gang, 191 

Goodwin Jos. mach. 75 E. Front 
Goodwin Martin, carp. bds. 293 W. 5th 
Goodwin Saml. bds. 46 Front - 
Goosmann Fred, min-ral n-:u :r flvctoty, 

n. e. c. Gano and Lodge 
Gootrj r it. lab 38 Dul»hn 
Goram Hy. drar. 12 Cherry 
Gordey Jas. lab. 40 Kossiith 
Gordon A. s.s. High, nr. Vine, F'n 
Gordon & Co. (Jas. G. &. 0. S. LoveH), 
linscod oil nulls Lock h. 4th and 5th 
Gordon Mrs. Ebaa, seam. 00 Catherine 
Gordon G«.o. Atmings, tents. &c. 31 E. 

Gordon Jas. (G. t Co.) bds. Winne II. 

Gordon .Jas. trainer, n.s. 7th, b. B'way 
<fc Culvert 

Gordon Jonathan B. s.s. Front, nr. Hill 

Gordon Jno. publisher, bds. 150 Syca- 

Gordon Jno. lab. Culvert 

Gordon Jno. pipe fitter, 384 WaTnnt 

Gordon Jno. printer, Gazette, h. Stone, 
b. 5th and 6th 

Gordon Jno. paper carrier, 317 Kemble 

Gordou Lewis, carp. n.s. Front, nr. Long- 
worth, F'n 

Gordon Lizzie, cloaks, Stone, b. 5th and 


Gordon Nathan, porter, s.-w.c. Main aud 

Gordon Kobt, coal yard, c. Cth and Canal 

h. 19 E. 8th 
Gordon Robt. works rolling mill, rear 573 

E. Front 
Gordon Wm. carpi 272 W. Liberty 
Gordon Wm. painter, e.s. Anderson, b. 

>V . \v . Canal and 2d 
/M0KD0N W. J. M. drugs and med. 
\ V n.e.c 8th and W. Row 
h. 345 W. 6th ' 

GorisCost, lab. 4(» Mohawk 
Gorman !!-•> ant, lab. 620 VV. 8th 
Gorman E. J. oai-p. 97 Bett$ 
Gornian ilugli, shoemlcr. 194 Cutter 
Corn, ly Jno.- stime rnhbvr. Sycamore, b. 

rvoodward and Fnmkim 
GonuauJos. lab. 38-1 Walrtnt 
Gorman Lawrence, tailor, 19 Manchester 
• Building 
Gorman Pat. 13 Providence 
Gorman Pierce, b.k. 68 Richmond 
Gorman Thos. lab. 39 Hathaway 
Gornian Thos. lab. 170 W. Fixm"t 
G ..-.such L. F. hatter, 129 Spring 
Gtfshorn Andrew, cooper. J2 Canal 
Goshoro A. T. atty. 382 W. 8th 
Goshorn C. T. elk. 382 W.8th 
Goshorn Na-h. salesman, 11 Pearl, h. 380 

■ W. 8th 
Goshorn Seth C. 382 W. 8th 
Goshorn Taylor, elk. 11 Pearl, h. 380 W. 

G >siger &. Weasel (J. F. G. & B. H. W..1 

coal dealers, 536 \% 3d 
Gosling Jas. bds. bo Lougworth 
1 T -carriage m..u uf. s. w.c. 6th & 
Sycamore, h. 253'Walnat 
G Kiing .lus. mack 10 Cherry 
GoPllng Thos. I.Ik, .smith. 71 Hunt 
Go-dyn J. J. elk. 8'.i W. 5th 

><.i Dud. W. v,.k. 243 and 245 Syca- 

more, h. 1 Clinton 
Gossensmead M. blk. smith, 462 Elm 
Gossiri Jacob, 26 ELizaK*th 
Goth Hy. elk. P. 0. h. s.e-c. 8th and Sy- 
\ O-uker H/.56 W. 13th 
! G -ft Hy. elk. 389 Main 

G-.itt Hy. A. cik. in P. O. 
! GOTT ll-rman J. (11. Schrader & Co.) 

h. i ; 2 Clinton 
I G »tt Jno. F. lock smith, 93 Ciintnn 
Gottbuhoeden Bernard, jiorter, 35 Syca- 
GottwmiUer 6. 47 Pleasant 
I GOTTHEIM, (Weruetft G.) 
: Gotcinger, lab. bds. 66 13th 
Gottman Barney 11. tailor, s.e.c E. Li- 
berty and Price 

norniANN ririrjp, 

1 r imp. Ac -manuf. of paper hanging*, 
^ 455 M iip. ' 

Gottman Sophia, 53d Walnut 

GiOlW.W,!) GtO. A. 
|- a!, phys. 

14 Congress 
GoD-.el Wm. porter, 10S Main, h. 110 L^y- 

G Jneh Jno. C. 77 Q • rg ■ 
Gould 0. H. (Q. Pierce & Co.) Wa. Den- 
nis .n ir. v 

GOULD GK0. W. butter and <»?«, 
s.s. 9th b. Srcamore Mid Main, 
h. 61 Webster 

Gould Her.r>". eoopei 

lii C^n.-n- rws 

Fr.i/*, Aud 

Gould Jas. ship carp, s.e.c 

Walnut F'n 
Gould John, (Pvrin tG.) 407 W. 7th 




T*ll I lit -■ ' : ' M kVW^ &Tfl MlftC S if AM* » I I ' ?s 


£}&& &&£U><& g tij£&&&£t &!&&&*? ?&&&0&&£> ir£^£i»»i 

Carpenfers and Machinists' Tools and Hlfdware generally 


CpTeS&iis Ziowsr S&ie of Fifth, Cincinnati. 



Wholesale & Retail Dealers in 

HABBWltl, 1E-01, 

North-Bast Cor. Western Row & Court St. 

fiutx Powder C Wholesale.) 

Donohue John W., (Agent Diroont's Powder,) 

s. e. c. 2d and Walnut. 
Loomis & Campbell, (Agents Hazard Powder 
Co.,) 23 Main. 

Guns, • -Pistols, <f»:e. 
(See also Hardware.) 

'Powell & Brown, 160 Main. 

Griffiths John 
Hudson Wen. L. 

Kittreilge B. & Co Seibert Kcnry L. 
Rife Chas. 

Hardware, Cutlery, &cc. 

Bender Henry, 395 Vine. 

Booth Jno. P., 93 Main. 

Booth" R. W. & Co., s. w. c. Walnut & Pearl. 

Baltman Christian F., 364 Main. 

Coombs. Ryland & Blackwells, 90 Mali*. 

Davidson Tyler & Co., 140 and 142 Main. 

Eymaim Charles, 493 Main. 

Gano, Howel & Bro., 133 Walnut. 

Gaston, Dickson & Wallin^ford, 102 Walnut. 

Greenwood M. & Co., (Manufacturers,) 390 

Harris N. & Co., 207 Main. 
tLatirner, Colburn & Lupton, 74 Main. 
NefF, Bro. & Co., s. w. c. Main and 2d. 
Neff Peter & Sons, 93 Pearl. 
Rohrer & Guiou, n. e. c. Court and W. Row. 
"Rohrkasse Hy. & Co., 373 Main. 
Rothert J. H* & Sons, 640 and 642 YV 
Smith C. J. & Co., 210 Main. 
Underwood P., 224 3Iain. 
Wayne Jacob L., 124 Main. 
Wayne Jos. W.., 190- 3Inin. 
Young &, Pomeroy, 15 Pearl. 
Aapperle .ilexr. Kruse- Louis 
Bose Loaie LaiUC! 

Diary 6t Hawki«sJ Lawtpn J. 
Evans Francis L. Lender & Lowhx 
Frffilkins; &Marmet>e,ive<S: Froe 
Herder GuaUv. NeaveT.&Sona Th lesing G?o. H 
JHolenshideii New-Oppenheimer S. S. Werner Christ. 

haU FcppeiWjeimer Ci Wolff J. C. 

Hollidaj & Smith Dreyfeos 

Marti Avar e (Saddlers and f'oaelx IKCakers.) 

Greenwood M. & Co., 396 Walnut. 
Hunter, Coburn &, Edmeston, 2 Church Build- 
ings, Walnut b, 3d and 4th. » 
Wenning & Co.. 360 Main. 
Wilson & Hayden, 22 and 24 Main. 
Clark S. & S. S. Starr & KeUar 

£2 air f Si-aiding' a»{L OiMameiital Hair 


Zwick Joanna, 24 w. 4th. 

Mats, Caps, Furs , cVc. (Wholesale Oni'}'.) 
Isaacs L., 64 Pearl. 

Meyberg &. Hellman, n. e, c. Pearl and Wal- 
Sherwood & Co., 67 Pearl. 
Thompson. M. P. & Co., 71 Pearl. 
WMtcher Win. C. & Co., n. w. c. Pearl & Ma to 



OT? SMS mm $*§ n fp% m <%f§ m> 

.riiif 4 - {* frft t^M 

3S7 Western Row, Cor. Kemble St., Ciu. 

»J i.UiOJJ 


Kite Chnp. 
8obrka«se Pred. 
Schrtchten ci. 
Stagaman P. 
Slarr & Kellar 

Cor. Court & Main, opp. New Court House, 
N. B. Hats made to order. 

lints. Caps, i'ur>., «.vc. 

•Alley B. R., 41 Broadway. 

[Baker L. H. & Co., Mi'Walnut. 

JCump C. B. & Co., 123 Main. 

Dennis Charles H., n. e. c., Plum and Long- 

i worth. 

Dennis & Hazelton, 364 W. Row. 

jDev.ald Jacob Jr., 626 Vine. 

jDodd Wtn & Co., 144 Main. 

Erwiri Jas., 236 Main. 

|Ferdinand Hcnrv, 209 \v. 6th. 

illvnt &l Hopkins, 139 Main. ' 

IMuson E. cV Co., 62 w. 5th. 

Moore Jesse A., 312 Main. 

jPlasj)oiil John H., 433 Main. 

Rieger Charles, 461 Main b. Canal & 12th. 

Scheer W. H., 337 W. Row. 

jWasem Jacob, 401 Main c. Court. 





G' BA3SELLI EUGENE, chemical lab- 
ratory, n.s. Front, nr. Spring 

Gould John, c&rp. s-e.c. Front and Wal- \ Graham W. D. R. b.k. n.w.c. 3d &c Main 

c-jr Fha i"ei. Covington 

Gould Jno. P. b.k. 22 Pearl, res Mb. An- Graham frm. M. (Win. M. G. & Co.) 128 

barn I W. 8th 

Gould. Peirce & Co. (C.H. G-. Jas, P. j Graham Win. M. & Co. ','»Vra M. G-, N. 

& tjy. Pearce.) cotton factors, n.w.c j 3mitti, and D. A. G.) v,h. grroc. and 

5th and Lock com. mer. 4 and 5 Commercial Row 

C.-uli Wm. 419 W. Bow Grain Geo. 201 Plum 

Gould Wm. TI. elk. VM Kemble j Grain John, shoe mkr. 20] Plum 

Gould fm. S. 28 12th I GraiweEdwd. tailor, 353 Mala, h, 280 

Golden Chas. N. studt. at law 3G W. 4lh ! BVay 

h. s.s. 7*.h. b. Walnut and Vine Graks Geo. tailor, 1 1 Orchard 

GOl'LK Frederiek, (Boyle. & Co.) 118 • Graman Mrs. Caroline, 94 Bremen 

W. 7th Gramarm B. printer, s.w.c Vine and 

Grouse Chas. carp. s,$. Gth. b. Harriet & Center 

Horn j Grampp Mich, shoe mkr. 429 Vine 

Gova' Elvira, seamstress. 24 Plum Grandbeck l>anL -watch and clock mkr. 

Gow Walter, b.k. 129 Spring 43 Sycamore, res. Newport 

Gawdy Jasen. lab. s.s. front, b. Wash- ' Grandin A. Brpaitway Exchange 

ington and Liberty j Grandin Phfllip, n. of Sportmans' Hall 

Goyer Jno. J. ec. phy. 201 Pr.rdar | nr. cor. line, F'n 

G-oyertJ. H. cof.h. 678 W. Row | Granger C. painter, res. Walnut Hills 

Graber Christ, rope xnlic. 88 13ch | Grander G- W. shoe mkr. n.s. Front nr. 

GRABVIELD Phiihp (Goodhart & G.) ' Stone F'n 

bds. 139 W. 4th j Grahnan Jas. cof.h. 348.W. Row, h. 336 

Gr&ble Jno. butch, u.s. Harrison Road, V.". Raw 

b-Brightoa and Avenue Grannan Herman, lab. bds. s.s. Liberty 

Srabham Mrs. Elizabeth, 232 W. Court b. Main and Clay 

Grace Mrs. Catharine, 83 Barr Grant Alexander, carp. 77 L. Market 

Grace Mrs. John W. 376 W. 7th | Grant Chas. ;>. binder. bds. 273 Walnut 

Grade! John, shoe mkr. 60 Allison | Grant John, printer, 74 W. 3d 

Gradruan Hv. tailor. 17 Commerce ! Grant Mary, 526 W. 3d 

Grady Bryant, lab. 5.:;. Phosbe, b. Plum Grant Pat. lab. 17 W. Eow 

and W How j Grant Wm. broker, Ids. United States 

Grady M. moulder. 396 Walnut j Hotel 

Grid,- Miss M. miliLner, 121 W. Gth | Grant Wm. dray. 520 W. 3d 

Gradv Mich, kb. 384 Walnut j Gra.">t Francis, river mate, 146 High 

Gredy Mi;h. lab. s.e-c. Front and Long- Grapevine Hudson, 29 Hi;.:h 

worth F'n 
Grady Patrick, lab. e.s. North b. New & 

7::t ^ I 

Givrrel John. carp. bds. s.w.e. Race and Grattel. Andreas, shoe mkr. 634 Tine 

2d Graiiff Chas. brush mkr. 211 Walnut 

Gra£" Chas. tailor, 47 Wade Grauff Ernst, baker, 23 W. 5th 

Graff Frank, lab; 105 Bremen Graupv Fred, lab. Augusta, b. John &. 

GRAFF H. 1''. Hook & Co) Smith 

GEAr'F- }D»QK & CO. (H. G., John Granrmrm Fred, hair bags mannf. LS E. 
" A. H. <fc Alex. Wilson) coal dealers Liberty 

S.e.c 2d and. W, Ro w Graatman idy. clothing store, 7 Landing 

Graft Jacob, (J..C. & Co.) 301 Vine b. Main and Walnut 

Graff Jacob & Co. auetrs. 168 and 170 Grava T. 128 Clay 

Main Gravav John, elk. 229 E. 5th 

Graft" Jos. elk. 1C6 Main Graver Ed- clothing store, 373 B'way 

Graffens John C. lab. 215 Front Gravensilen Chas. upholster, luUE.Lib- 

f 1 KaFFLIN & NORTEL!,, (Sienh.D. erty 

IT G. & Saml. G. 3.) tobacco agency Grayer Chris, buck. 109 Hunt 
v - 37 Main Graver Hv-groc. 380 B'Way 

GRAFFLLS Stephen D. (G. <Sc Norveil) Graver John. lab. 120 Abigail 

C '■, injUm - n RAVES GEORGE M gents furnish. 

GRAF FXIN 8c.-f.hen D. exch. office, 14 It er and shirt mamrf. 82 W. 4th. bd*. 

K.3.1. res. CovinrAon M Main b. 3d and 4th 

Gfafffc Jos. -lah. 60 Fmdiay Graves J. II. patent ri,:ht, bds Gibson 

Graf sborg Henry, earn. 432 Plum J House 

Gragson Cecliey. matress mkr. w.s. 6th Graves Lewis D. frame joiner, College b-. 

h Sycamore and B "way i 6th and 7th 

Graham A. P, 14 New ' Graves Mrs. washer woman, 3 Patterson 

Graham Barthbi, lab. 53 Plara Alley 

fi iC VH \ft t BR0- (Chas G. A: Robfe. Graves Thomas II. real estate a-t. £07 W. 
!j G: ) blacksmiths 277 West How, h. 124 Kemble 

Fr.-.nt Graveson Isaac, stone yard. c Itiohmond 

Graham Chas. shoe mkr. Gd Betts and Linn, h.286 Itichm uid 

Gralm Chas, gilder, 5o5 Wajnnt ' Gravcon Wm. groc. 270 Kemble 

Graham Chas. (G. & Bro.) s.s. Gta b. Graw Joseph, wagon mkr. 347 BVay 

Freeman andPierson Grawe Bernard, proy. score, n.e.c. 12th 

Graham Par.;, mer. 172 Kim and Race 

Graham Daniel A. (W. M. G. i. Co.) bds Gray Geo. 413 W. 8th 

Madis,.n House Gray Mrs. Gertrude, w.s. Piatt, b. D*y- 

Graham George, 351 W. 4th i ton and York 

Graham ft. car painter, 21 W. 7th ' n K A T 1% IIEHINOUATi (R^ph G. 

Graham Henry J. elk. 13 Pearl, h. 88 E. It & IVjbt. II.) flint fltm manuf. 

4th w Hammond, l>. 3d and 4th 

Graham Hiram, symke turner, Stone alley Gray Jas. dray. 172 W. Front 

b. Webb and 4th .GRAY das. ,T."(J. Bushneil &. Co.) res. 

Graham Jacob, huclc. 54 1 Vine : Pittsburgh 

Graham Dr. Jas.aU phy. M7 Vine, bds Gray John, elk. 37 E. Front, h. c. Long- 

345Viha worth and Smith 

Grahau John, well digger. 434 Syca- . Gray John, tinner, 120 Hopkins 

more G<-,\~y John, pilot, 277 W. 7a. 

GRAHAM Robert. (Graham & Bro.) 61 Gray H.213 Kcral le 

Cathiirine 'Gray John N. tin and copper smith 6 

Graham Pat. boot mkr. 71 Pike j Commercial Row, h. 263 Richmond 

Graham Peter, wks. robing roili reajScib Gray John R. elk. 161 George 

K- Front i Gray Oliver M- sales, n.e.c. Yoang and 

Graham Wm. tab. 177 Watef Liberty 

Graham Wm. tailor, 10 Manchester bldgs , GRAY 0- P. (Turner &c Gray) res. Law- 

h 13Ui, b. Vine and Walnut I renceburgh 

Gray Mrs. Rachel, 7 Kemble 

GRAY Ralph (G. & Hemlngroy,) r^ 

Gray Thos. drover, w.s. Avenue, b. Bank 

and Harrison Road 
?T (Wm. G. & Caleb W. T.) v 
^ com. mer. 30 1 Walnut 

GRAY Wm. (G. & Thomas,) bda. Butter- 
miller's Hotel 
Grazer H. W. elk. 74 W. 4th 
Gready Pat porter, 20 p. Landing. IxK 

51 Pendleton 
Grear Robt. buck. 64 Rittenhouse 
GreiHonborprer Mrs. Frederica, 5D3 F!m 
Greaser Dargis, iab. n.vv.e, l-,rh and Bi > 

Greatliatch Ilamhck, (Skinner &. G.^ l'oc'3 

Ham Road 
Grebie Joseph R. cooper. 404 Race 
Grebuer Wm. jeweler, 433 Vine 
Grecah John, carp. 137 Linn (moro 

Grebenrstein Chas. upliolster, GO Syca- 
Greeble Louis, elk. 307 M.-dn, w.o. W. 

Row. b. hthandSth 
Greei lie Mich. lab. 72 Punlap 
Greece Martin, lab. Division', b. Harrison 

Road and Bank 
Greek Mrs. Mary, Avenue Ilou-r. c. Av- 

enue hxh\ Harris m R<^a»l 
Greeley Sfary, \>. foidt:c, 167 WalaiU fa 

Ci.c-o.b. I'uimand W. R. v 
GreetherDavl<i, elk. 1 J7 Belts 

Green , teious. i3^f \\\ b'ront 

Green Albert, blk. smith, Front, b. Rice 

and Walnut, Khi 
Green Alfred t. plasterer, cs. Culvert, b. 

5th and Gth 
Green Mrs. Ana M. 213 Geor -•> 
Green C S. (J. B. G. & bro.) h. 379 

Greer: C. W. lab, 313 Liberty 
Green Daniel, dray. 24 Cherry 
Green 1). P. pat. mkr. e.s Sycamore 17th 

Green Miss Elizabeth, b.h. 30.7 Race 
Green K'ranktiu, p->r'.er, "U K. 7th 
Green F. C. (Keith &: Q'.) 53 W. 5th 
Green Jas. elk. ^J BVay 
Green Jerry K. sheet iron work. Front b. 

Ludlow and Lawrence 
Green Jno. boots and shoes, 1 f0 M'.7i!> 
Green John, n.a. High nr. R « F'n 
Green John, grocer, n.s. Vice 

Green John, hostler, in Patterson Alley 
Greco John K. lumb. mercli. c, I tvnti 

and Frecmao, red. MillCreek dp. 
GBEKN J. B. (J. j:. G. &> Bro.) 375 

i (\ L-'i.l-N J. t. cl'IiPO. (J. B.& C R.) 

. \ r rail-w-ay chair works, 9.3. Cou^rcia 

i V -' E. of Canal - 

! Green Mrs. Martha, seams, tfl Richmond 

J Green Martin, dray. 151 Bayniiller 

1 Green Mosc«, coOp.57 K. v t.h 

j Green Nathan B. lock strath, 27 K. 4lh, 

bds. Farbnv House 
I Green o. 3,3, Front or. Jamestown Perry 
i Grcvn J'at. Lib, s.s. From ; 1. !■' igfcr F'n 
; Green Robt. B. stew. :\:6 Eim 
I Green Russell, shoe shop n..<. Front nr. 
! Tel! Cafe Fhl 

Green Richanl B. foreman Connelly's 
Bheetiron shop. Front b, Ludlow A. 
Lawrence, re-.«>rt 
' Green Sylvester, 326 Ekii 

' ft MEN S I, 
lr al. physician, 

^ off. S.3. Front 17th W:ird toll -ate 

Green Theo. rhss blower, h. B ink Al. 

Green \\',-n. news paper a/:, uj Milton 

n RKKN W.\f. 

I T printer, at T- Wrightson ^ Co. 

w bds. Ill W. tith 

Green Win. shoe mkr. n.s. Front nr. TVI 

Gate F'n 
Grev-it Caleb R. dra.'.'ist, 22 L. *. 

h. 1 George 
Greene David, oys. depot, l'xi Walnut, 

rr-. \ von dale 

2d hand furniture dealer, 
;-,.< \v. 5th, b. 3ii BUtaheth 
Greene J »el C C 5. pens. u-t. 34 £. 3d 
up »t;iir3, h. 3o5 iUcc 




BeiilenbenuVr A. Faircbild D. W. diKoldbrand Fred G 
Bieden bender J. Co. Otle & ScIiKEr 

Bor n & Stiedet Force Jones M. P>e J. R. 

Brown Chvs. R. Forchheimer M, S.Kiclag Fred. 

Boy wood Julius fiendley C. \V. TdBias Harris, Sen., 

Cronhach Max. Hqvmsh B. Uimer Fred. 

Daniels & Dibbles Heir Geo. Variant oL- Hlbbei 

Dt.o Wru. K«bliiig Jacob Williams Tbb'i. J. 

Dunn Jos. Kling & Theia Yurgant Louis 

*5at Blocks. 

Carver W H. 

S2u:tcrs' StocJr 

(See Wholesale JIats and Caps.) 

Hoisting Wheels and Capstans. 

Weeks Jolm 

I2omeo»<it5»ic riiarmacy. 
Parka Dr. Jno. M. 

Hoop 1*0103. 

Copen & Bassett, 69 Water. 

Steel man Hosea. 

Hose (KLavetted) and Beit I»SautiffactBircrs a 

Seymour Jeffrey, 65 Walnut. 
Thomson J as., ISi Front. 

Keuoei G.& Co. 




ex^GX]f fear atx, e :ec x e 


Hosiery, Gloves, etc. 

BettmanBernhard, SO w. 5th. 

Brown D. & R., 253 Main. 

Calvert Geo. H., 63 and 65 w. 6th. 

Crane & Leavitt, n. w. c. 5th and Vine. 

Huie, Vv r allace & Co., 21 w. 6th. 

Leslie Robt., 14 w. 5th. 

Ogborn W. F., s. e. c. Pearl and Walnut. 

Perry Geo. B., 1S6 w. 5th. 

Taylor, French & Wynne. 1 and 3 Pearl. 

Webb &l Son, 152 and 166 w. 5th. 

jCanal Hotel, (Jacob Henry,} Main b. Canal. 
and 12th. 

Dennison House, (Dennison & Son,) 5th e. of 

! Main. 

Evens Hotel (J. S. McCuliough,) s. w. c. Broad- 
way a id L. Market. 

Farlbw Hou's3, (B. Farlow.) s. e. c. 6th and. 

Gibson House, (A. Weatherbee,) w. s. Walnut 
j b. 4th and 5lh. 

{Firemen'* Hal!, (George Morscher,) 65 w. 5th. 
Hospitals. jGluhe Tavern, (Simon Buhl,) s. e. c. 12th and 

Cincinnati Dispensary and Invalid's retreat, e.|_ ** ne ' 

LoncTworih and Western Row. jHamikon House, (Sam. King,) 235 and 237 vv. 

City Infirmary, Oitice s. w. c. Rice and Center eta - 
Commercial Hospital, n. s. 12th b, Pium and Howard Boose, (Jolin Howard.) 206 w. 5th. 

W. Row ; Andrew Lyle, Steward. (Indiana Tavern, (Bernard Boschert.) 620 3Iain. 

Newton's " Clinical Institute," c. 7th & John. Indiana and Ohio House, (Wm. S. Dubois,) 159 
St. John's Hotel for Invalids, n. w. c. 3d and, w - 5th - 

Kentucky Hotel, (J. B. Ketchum,) s. e. c. W. 

Row and Front. 
Madron House, (J. W. Garrison & Co.,) 21 

Main. . 
Oreiron House, (S. Hexter,) 202 Walnut. 


Hot Air Furnaces. 

Lotze Adolpbus, 319 Walnut. 

Motel* aad Taverns. 

Andrew House, (A. Husmann,) 1S5 Vine. 

Bevis House, (Devis & Ridenour),s-. e. G. Wai-' ; ^ »;, \™">) »*o .nam. 

nut an.<! Court. .Pennsylvania Hotel (H. J.IIullman,)137e 5 Front 

Brighton House, (Anthony Hummel,) junc. W.l cor " Pik ^ 

tow and Harrison Road. Phoenix Hotel [W. P. Stewart,] n.s. Front nr. 

Broadway Hotel (Jos. H.Cromwell,) s. e. c. Green.Fulton. 

2d and Broadway. Railroad House [Chas. Bratzler.] 236 e. Front 

Burnet House, (A. B. Coleman,) n. w. c 3d nr. L. 31. R. R. Depot. 

and Vine. IReville House, [Josjah Collins,] 249 w. 6th. 




@reene Lewis II. 1 George 

Gr\'n M i II. urg, printer, 25 W. 4th, h. 20 

Greene R. C c!k. s,s. Symmes b. Butler 

and Pike 
Greene Wm. secy. O. L. I. <fc T. Co. h. 

165 W. <th 
Greene ft'm.Tf. elk. 153 V,". 5:h 
Greener John, lab. Congress b, Butler & 

Greener II. cab- mkr. 110 Everett 
Greener Thos. artist, 16 E. 4th 
Greeideaf P. H. rector St. Pauls cburch, 

bds. B'way Hotel, office vestry 
Greanless Arch, sexton 5th Presbyte. ch. 

Elm b. George an rl Tth 
Grosnless Wm. elk. 68 W. 5th 
Gceenlus John, carp. 420 John 

n u.eexoigii renjasixf. 

\ J bu ni in g t! uid m an nf. 

M €9 Front, res. Bradford 

Green? Caleb, groc. 49 Woodivard 

GreeasJacte , finish. bd3. 79 W. 3d 

Greer, wald , mach. h. Mitchell Mr. 


iron founder and inachinest, 
c. 5th and Lock. h. 483 W. 4th 
Green-aid Jno. al. phys. 903 Ham. Road 
Greenwood Hy. biz. smith, n.s. Front nr. 

Corp. Line F'n 
Gremvood Hall, s.w-.c. Tine and 6th 

GREENWOOD Ml im. eagle foundry, 
u.e.c. Walnut & Canal, res. Avon- 

G RE EX WOOD M- & CO. 'Mile? 0.. 
Chas, 11. Folger, Nelson Gates & 
"Wax. Jlubbell,) roanuf. sadiery, 
hardware and maleable iron, 395 
Wain ut 

Greenwood Wm. cotton mills, res. New- 

Greer David, (Patterson & G.) res. Cali- 
fornia 0. 

Greer Win. foreman, Shreve & Go's roll, 
mill, 5 High 

Greece Ceo. H. lab. s.s. Abigail b. Syca- 
more and B'way 

Greeser Gotfried. tail. bds. 615 Main 

Greeves Wm. cot. mills, Mt. Adams 

Gregg Elias C. -car. smith, s.vr.c. Syca- 
more and 6th, h. 4'25 Sycamore * 

Greg;,' Mrs. Harriet E. seams. 33 Dun- 

G R EG fj & II A RYEY, (Jno. M. G. & 
Joshua H.) real estate & stock brck. 
19 W. 3d 

GREGG Jno. M. (G. &-. Harvey,) 168 
W. 4th 

Greg- Oscar 0. elk. 17 Pearl, fa. 188 W. 
4th . . 

Gregg Theo. E. sales, s.-w.c. Pearl and 
Main,h. 188 W. 4th 

Gregg Wm. II, foreman, 5 W. 5th 

Gregg Theodore E,. elk. 188 W.4th 

Gregg Thos. H. bds. 188 W. 4th 

Greg- Wm. shoe mkr. n.s. Front nr. toll 
gate F 1 n 

Gregg Williamson R. bds. 188 W. 4th 

Gregory , carp. £47 Clark 

Gregory Abrara J. 298 W. 7th 

Gregory Edgar M. office 13 W. 3d, h. 293 
W. 7vh 

Gregory E. T. actor, bds. 47 E. 4th 

Gregory- Frank H. 13 W. 3d, h. 293 W. 
7 th 

Gregory Mrs. Martha, 9 Richmond 

GRJEGOftT N. secy. City ins. Co. res. 
Green Tp. 

Gregory X. jr. asst. secy. City ins. Co. h. 
s.s. 6th b. Race and Elm 

Gre 3; ,ry Sander*, carp. w.s. Broad b. 
Front ami Water F'n 

Gregory- Thos. lab. n.s. New b. Sycamore 
and UVay 

Qtegery Thomas, teams, n.s. Front near 
Green K'n 

Gregory Walter, HOBVav 

wegson Thos. elk. 70 W. 5th 

<;reimm Jos. 79 Sprine 

«remed & Miller, (T. G. <fc L. M ) class 

rt Wow. Main ' K 

Qremed T. (Q, & Muller,) fa. 123 Wal- 

Greip a. cof. h. 1 Jackson (Row 

Wwser Louis, harness manuf. 621 W. 



__ GUI 

Greive Geo. prov. store, 665 Tine 
Griewe If. v. J. croc. 382 B'way 
Grern John, fireman. 93 Bremen 
Grefifeld Chas.bds. Gerson's Hotel 

Greser Geo. shoe mkr. bds. 528 Main! Grimmer Thos. 31) W. 6th 
Gresting Jno. D. (J. D. & G. G-) 4U0 j Grimn Hy. paper hanger, n.vr.c. Clark 
George and Cutter 

Grinnie Hy. chair mkr. 62 Laurel 
Grimm Hugo, cigar mkr. 33 W. 6th 
Grimme B. lab. 187 Linn 
Griminelsaiin Frank, cuf. h. 671 W. Front 

GriswellH. M. 162 W. 4th 

Groat David B. conductor C. H. ir. D. 

R. R. 
Grobe Ghas. paper bo:: mkr. s.w.c* Court 

and Main, 3d story, h. c. Locust and 

Grocrett Mary, 925 Ham. road 
Grodlesur liy. porter, 571 Vine 
Grodzicki Anton, elk. n.e.c. Sycamore Ic 

L. Market 
Greenland Hy. elk. 590 Main 
Greenland 11. M. artjst,250 Walnut 
Groesl*ok & Co. (Jno II. G. Jno. Kijgour 
, lc . I n o C . C ulhertso n ) Fran k din ban k , 
" 14 W. 3d » 
Groesbeck Jno. H. (G. Sz Go.) 71 W. 4th 


? r (Win. S, G- & S- J. T.) attys. 
v * 1 1 Worthmgton'a bldgs. 


Greve Christian, cut. 143 Pearl 

Greve John, printer, 107 Walnut 

Gieve Theo. L. A. elk. n.w.c. Plum and 

GreverFryuk, (Heidelkamp &. G.) 411 

Grevers Barney trunk box mkr. 50 Abi- 

Greves ITy. shoe mkr. 131 Spring 

Greyson Edward, shoe mkr. 192 Catha- 

Greyson Mr*. 21 Everett 

Gribbel Mason, carp. 524 Freeman 

Gribble Jos. mach. bds. Canal b. Elm and 

Grklley Francis, type mould. 1 41 Carr 

Gfidlev Ja^. H.mech. engin. 141 Ma:n,h. 
9 College 

Griese Benj. (G. & Marshall) s.s. Friend- 
ship b. Butler and Pike Groesbrck Wm. S. (G. & Thompson,) h. 

Gr'ese Jos. port. 15-2 and 154 Main | ' 163 "vV. 7th 

Griese & Mars-hak, (Eenf. G. & G. B. M.) ' Grogan Jno P. elk- 20-4 M:\io 

wh. srroc- 3 Com. Row | Grogan H ; chd. dray, rear 40 Walnut 

Greiser Geo. lab. w.s. Riddle b. Harrison | p j[lj(irJl Til hOi'OKE W. 
Road and Bank liy t-vcer, 

Grieser Marj% s <*™- w - s - K;ddle b - Har " 41 [ w - 8rh 

rison R-ad and Bank | Groh Mich. Lab. 154 Oliver 

Grieser Wendell, foundryman, over 544 Groma Geo. shoe mkr. G3 L. Market 

Main Grombower Nicholas. lab. Pleasant, t, 

Griesbaum Jno. wag. mkr. s.w.c. Bank Hani, road and lleury 

and W; Row Grotelkrcmper Hy. Cour store, 33 Tine 

Griesman Martin, weav. 168 Liberty Grona Hy. hb. -i«)4 M;,in 

Grieumar Madame E. freuch milli, k. dr. Gronetirier Ohas. cof. h. J{>2 Clinton 

mkr. 157 W. 0th j f\ R0X£ WA(f E11EDHCLC1, 

Grieve II v. groc 70 Abigail \ \J grocery, 

Griever John, printer, s.s. Augusta b. ! KA s.w.c. Walnut & AHis^ 

Smith and Rose Gronewag ITcarmanu, groc- n.w.c. Finr- 

Grieves Amsnda,^26 Lon^worth | Ley and Race 

Grieze Saml. porter, 74 Man, h. 16 Madi- i Gronewag Philip, cig. manuf. 102.3 Ham- 

son I road 

Griff John, porter, Ms. 55 W. Front j Gronnott Bernard, cutler. 61 Pendleton 

Giiff John, lab. bis. 0-22 Tine i Grosardt G. shoe mkr. 553 Race 

GRIFFEY PAVID, entnne builder, -Grosardt Hy. L. ltoc 169 Clay 
Congress b. Ludlow and Lawrence, I Grosenbrenk Wm. chair manuf. 17 Met- 
res. 110 E. 4th I cer 
Grifnn Edwin, barber shop, 1 Hammond GRU83 A. (G. & Dietrich) res. Glendale 

b. 3d and 4th ! Gross Ch-.i». lab. 27s Ham^ road 

Griffin Jas. lab. n.s. Front nr. Corp. Line ] f\ R(» & DIETKL0H, (A- G, &CD.) 

-£- n | Sy soap and candle manuf. 

Griffin Jno. lab. 385 W. 2d \ ^ ■> ^' ■ ^ont 

Griffin Joseph, mould. 251 Congress j Gr »ss Fred- watchman. &>0 M.nn 
Griffin Marv, 120 Elm , Cr,;-- J Jacob, shoe mkr. n.w.c. Court and 

Griffin Patrick, 236 Elm I Main --«■», 

Griffin Mrs. Peter, boot & shoe store, 164 ' Grossina Jno. tinner, 219 Walnut 

Tine, h. 126 Elm I Grusskopf II. shoe mkr. 414 George 

fi EI FEIN S VILAII Grossman J. tanyard, n.3. Front, nr. Sy- 

\T 304 ' i camore, F'n 

i " T>". 4th Grossmith Joe, f-reman, 134 Walnut 

! Griffin Thos. blk. smith, bds. 49 Race ! AKU^V'ENOR II. C. 
; Griffin Thos. lab. n.s. Torrence nr. Lum- 
ber F'n 
Griffin Thos. bucch. 5 Harrison Road I Grate Ernest .47 Pleasaat 
Griffith & Co. druir store r 51 BVay Grot,- Garrett, t al br, ludJle, b. Harrison 
' Griffith David, carp. 51 Barr ro;ol & Bank 

Griffith Hv. port. bds. 28 Commerce I Grote liy. lab. 69 Abigwl 

i Griffith H. C, elk. 23 Commerce ! Groteluach liy. bar k. St. Charle- Ex. 

j Griffith Jno. run mkr. 279 Main, res. GroUnkemper liy. (L. Perm & Co.) res. 

i Griffith j! P. mach. 76 E. Front I Groter II arney, teamster,20p W. Front 

1 Griffith Jno. G. river man, n.s. New b. : p ilOUIAln & (..IN i Ell, (Wa.«.* 

B'way and Culvert I IT Jobn G -> ^Pcers, 

| Griffith Robt. barb. 6 E. 2d \ ^ n.r.-.c. Rac- and 14th 

' Griffith Saml. groc. 37d W. Front ; Grothaus Mrs. Iklien,5l3 Sycamore 

' Griffith Tlu^.ca'o. mkr. 16 Eliza!>eth Grothaus Hy. carp. 457 Walnut 

Griffiths David J. al. nhys. 1">5 W.6th, h. Grothaus Herman, tanner, Abigail 
i 113 Smith GlW'TllAl.'S Wm. (t{. & Ginter.) D.w.c. 

Griffiths Fannv. elk. 76 W. 4th, bds. s.s. fcace and H f -h 

I Geor-eb. Mound and Park , Grothe G.n.t. M>. 0.1 E,m 

(jrifliths Pamt b h. Do E. 5th , Grtithena Jno. darri ige siinth, ■>■>■ » tin 

G-- ;i;i i ; hs Th*»* lab, 9H K. lith 'Grot?: Leonbawl, ttirner, w s«. Bank Alley 

i Griffiths Wm. carp. w.ft. -New b. B'way &. Grnvan Jno. watchoa '•, -' I u .;"' :; ' ' n>J 
i Culvert; (Grove Stephen, carp. s.s. Frmt, or. 

! Griffner F. at Gordon & Co. h. Baum Jamtistown fcrry 

Gris?£t Jac. carman, 28 Laurel \ Grevene.- C F. elk. bd9. G ihson 11. 

Grk'gs Harriet. 57 PUim \ Grovor Bank C c!fc. *«*. 4tt 

Gri'.in.' Wm. tailor, G£ Rttenhouse I C rover liy. al. phys. K-lMtttt 

Grimally. cab. mkr. lf-5 Linn J Grover Jno. lab. n.s. Front, nr. Syca- 

Grimes Jane, cook, 45>-< W. 4th toore, F*.» 

Grimes Richard, bkatman, 45c W. 4th ' Grover Mrs. A. ttose, -0 » . 5th 


ty engraver 

U n.e.c. 4th and Walnut, 

h. 9 College 


Sixth St. House, [Conrad Kanzer,] s. w. c. 6th' Ice I>ealers, 

and Plum. I 

Sportsman's Hali, [Jas. Slade,] s. s. Front at Gandolfo Peter > 375 Elm - 

line of Columbia Turnpike. Blair Saint & Co. Marts Isaac Weewcll Herman 

Telegraph House, [Geo. SeitZtf,] 333 W. Row. Cullen James Biioofca Harney 

Yowag America, [Isaac H. Rockenfield,] 78^' oaa Abra ^ ara Spaeth a. 

Broadway, opposite L. Market. 
Walnut St. House, ["Jacob W. Swcney,] e. s 

Walnut b. 6th ano"7ih. 
Waverly House, [Tyler & Chaffin ,] 421 Main. D^son*,' Tyler & CoTl40 and 142 Main. 
White Hall Tavern, [Henry Becksmith,] 326, 3 

Main. Ink (Printing-.) 

Winne House, [J. B. Young,] s. e. c. 3d and 


India Siwl/Lcr Goods. 
Bart & Hickox, 20 e. 4th. 

Alhambra House Farmer's Rest 
Black Bear Tavern Fulton House 
Benton House - Gait House 
Bull's HeadTavernCreen Tree 
Butiermiller Hotel'G-ustiler Fred. 
Commercial HouseJsckson House 
Dumas Hotel Henrie House 

Dunn florae TavernLi.ght House 
Farmer's Hotel Louis-town House 

Court st. Main St. Bouse 

Farmer's Hotel, Montgomery House 

Front St., Fulton Railroad Hotel 

James U. P., 167 Walnut. 
Spencer House I 1 *? & Brother, Baunrs Alley, s. of 2d b. Main 

Swefield «fe Poten I and Sycamore. 

United siatPsHoterstearn.-i &. Foster, c. Clay Sc Liberty. 

WashuigioH House J J 

Watson Hbttse I 

W.W. Canal Hotel EuIt (Writing.) 

WicLe Hv. 

VVoodriuf House j Butler J, J., 39 Vine. 

'Butler Wm. H. & Parr, 554 w. 5th. 

JGundry John, c. 5th and Walnut. 

[Titcomb Rufus 

B¥ STATE AIrI'M<>2?.rOT. ■ 



mm iisn&rei mmm 



At So, 60 West Steffi Street, CfoeJfcnaii, OMo, 

CHARTERED 1S19 Cash Assets July 1st., 1855, $345,530 23. 

± J. B. BEMETT, Ctaicnri agent. 

All business appertaining to the interests of this Company in this section and the neighboring 
states, and of the West, North-West and South-West, attended to promptly, so as to accommodate 
its large patronage wtih the greatest facility and business skill. 

odbi oxzDTOxr-:risT./3u i, z , x, 



John Bonte, John Beattie, John 11. Child, Jr.. John L. Ross, 

Benj. Urner, 


J. D. Walbridee, S. W. Smith, 

Win. Hepwortli, 

John Burgoyne, 
M, Feehheimer, 
F. X. Weidemer, 

HENRY C. URNER, Sec. PETER A. SPP.IG3IAN, Surveyor. B. TONER, Pres. 

ffOHN 33. M00131T, Age31t" 

PilfM IW1?¥ llfttil INHfMK&E eO«/OT» 

CAPITAL, $800,000. 



Office, 282 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. 





Groves Wni. J. scale mkr. 10 W. 2d, h. 

42 Chestnut 
Grubb J.'-hn, b. k. 22 BVay 
G ruber Catherine, midwife, 637 Main 
Gfttehali Barney, porter, lu Walnut 
Gruhler Jacob, en", h. 479 Vine 
Grumbncr Andreas, grinder, 45 Ham. 

Orumi Hy. b. k. 72 BVay 
Grummie Hy. s.s. Ringgold, b. Pice and 

Sycamore hill 
Gruuis Jly. cooper. 33^ Ham. road 
Gruni Geo; Shot mkr. 20 Webster 
Grunthal Hy. cof. h. 13 Buckeye 
Grass Xavier, 497 Sycamore 
Gruseel Barney, elk. 278 W. 5th 
GRYDEN II. B. (G. & Tanner) Tine St. 

p MDEN & TANNER, (H. B. G. & 

I T Chas. T. pump manuf. 

" 58E.3d 

GUckenberger Geo, shoe mkr. Division, 

b. Harrison road and Bunk 
Gudgeon Benj. n. s. Front, nr. Keiiey, 

Gudgeon Chas. carp, n.s. Front, nr. Kei- 
iey, F'n 
Gudgeon Hiram, lab. n. s. Front, near 

Stone, F'n 
Gudveon Wra. n.s. Front, nr. Kelly, F"n 
Guehaid J.os. taiijr, 499 Main 
Gueilch Jacob, c- Arch and Ludlow 1 
Guflich Lewis, elk. fire desartraeot, % 
VT.Bow (ter 

Gullong Anthony, varnish mkr. 23 Wa- 
Gueswiler Daniel, tinner, 23 Lodge 
Guer.ther Dan. boiler mkr. 47 Congress 
Guhl Ed'A-. bar keeper, 41 Sycamore 
Guib.-rt Ben. J. cashier, 12 E. 4th, h. 119 

Guild Mrs. Ann M. 354 W. Sth 
Guild Chas. c!k.3t;0 Freeman 
GUILD Jos. (Hinkle G. <fc Co) res. Wal- 
nut Hills; 
Guilder. Antone, barber, s.s. Front, b. 

Butler and Canal 
Guilfoil Fenton. lab. 273 John 
Guilford Chas. C- teacher, 7S Everett 
Guilford Harriet E. teacher, 79 Everett 

r manuf. macaroni & vermicelia 
1 23 Water 

r French & Amtr. bakery, 
' 33 W. Front 

Guilmore Thos. stucco worker. 130 Tine, 

bds, Washington H. 
Guinderman Win. clothing, 19*3 BVay 
Guinn Mrs. Haomih,s.e-e~ Wood and 4th 
Guinn Jno. lab. s.e.c. 'Wood and 4th 
Guinn Kobtrt E. groc. 419 W. 4th. 

GUIO'U DAVID B. stone yard, 
n.s. 2d, b. Race and Elm, 
h. 20d W. 5th 

GuiouMrs. Eliza, 15 i Clark 

Guiou Ptter C. lock smith & trass found- 
er, 244 W. 5th. h. Celestial 

Guiou Wealthy, 20 Perry 

Guiou Wm. elk. 93 Main, h. 20 Perry 

Guiraud Adoluh, baker,39 W. Front 

Guiraud Gustave, 120 W. 8th 

Guire Jno. boot mkr. bds. n.s. Pike, b. 
Congress and 3d 

Guiser David, teamster, 9 Pendleton 

Guilerman Alex. (Raugh, G. &c Co.) h. 
153 W. Cth (W. Stb 

QUITERMAN Jos. (Cohen G.Jc Co.) 84 

Giuterman Marcus, clothier, In Main,h. 
120 W. 6 th 

GUITERMAN Wm. (Cohen G. ic Co.) 
396 BVay 

Guitler Philip, nurse Com. nos. 

Gulden Carl, cof. h. 269 Freeman 

GuUan Bartholomew, lab. 110 Elm 

Gulick Geo. H. carriage trimmer, 90 

lolker Geo. mould, bds. 297 BVay 

■lulonJno. il. cutter, 4 Main,h. c. Or- 
chard arid Main 

4undner A no. shoe mkr. n.w.c. Congress 
and Ludlow 

mercan. col. n.w.c. Sth &. Walnut, 
bds. ICO Sycamore 
♦unclek Adam, p.disher, 2d3 Main, h- c 
Allisca iu,d Mam 

\ Guning Morris, dray. 153 Bavmilier 
| Gunkel Edw. baker, 71 E. front 

Gunkel Jno. F. Kef packer, 13'J Clinton 

Gunkerman Gustavus, teacher. Jews' 
j school, 108 Elrn 

j Gunnell Anna, widow, seam. 487 W. 5th 
j Gunnell Nancy, peam. 487 W. 5th 
j Gunner AV'rn. carp. 21 Franklin 
j Gunni«s D. C. (Spears & G.) s.w.c George 

and W. Pvow 
' Gunter Nicholas, lab. 496 Race 

Gun ter Wm. tailor, 24 Mercer 

Gnntrip Wm. cab. mkr. n.w. 5th and Ca- 

Guren Mik. lab. n.s. 6th, nr. Culvert 

Gumey T. b-k. Gibson House 

Gurwis Hy. finisher, 133 Linn 

Gusner Jno. cab mkr. s.e.c. Elm &. Li- 
berty - ( 
j Gust Hy. tailor, 4 Hamburg 
! Gustitor Fred, hotel, s.e.c. Harrison road 
1 and Brighton 
; Cusiin Thos! elk. 202.^ W. 5th 
| Gusttef Hy. butcher, 12th, b. Plum and 
' Elm 
' Gusweiler Danl. tinner. 30 W. 5th 

Guth Jack, bark, n.w.c. 2d & Lawrence 

Guthlain Jno. tailor, n.w.c. 14th and Bre- 
i man 

Guthrie? Alex. 59 Rett* 

Guthrie Wm. porter, 13 College Hall 
I Guthrie Wm. finisher, Cin. tvpe found. 

GUTHRIE Wm. W. (fhudeman & G-) 
res. Walnut Hills 

GUTHRIE Win. W. 17. S. inspector of 
j steamboat boilers, 4 Public Landing, 
j h. 491 Sycamore 

n nil an jos. 

iy ruer. tailor, cleaner and repairer, 

i ^ 123 Vine 

j Gutzweiler Jos. dray. 15 W. Canal 

: Guy Jno. ship carp. bds. s.w.c. Front and 

! Broad, F'n 

• Guys: Geo. W. oil and molasses, gauger, 
office 46 Main 
Guvsi Heienor C. teacher, 171 Mound 

! Guysi Jno. R. elk. 11 William 

; Gwin Thos. lab. 63 Moses 

I Gwynne Jno. Geo. b.k. 216 George - 
Gwynne L- M. atty. 302 Main, h. 331 

" W. 7th 
Gwynne Wm. 215 George 
Gyer Martin, lab. 128 Mohawk 
Gyld Christopher, bellows mkr. 101 Mul- 

Gylek J as. soap mkr. bds. 163 W. Liberty 
Gviln? Jno. blk. smith, n.s. Front, near 

! Stone, F'n 

Gynn Jno. mess. U. S. express co. HE. 

j 3d, bds. Rail R. House 

Haab Adam, dry goods, 930 Ham. road 
I Haack Chas. piano mkr. 5(2 Vine 
i Haack Jno. cab mkr. 5C-2 Vine 
! Kaafi Martin, lab. 554 Race 

Haas Lewis, finisher, bds. Bremen, b. 
I 13th -and 14th 

Haaka Hy. lab. 19 Woodward 
j Haar Jno. bakery, 293 VV. 6th 
' Haarmoyer August, elk. 4< y 5 Main 

Haas Chas. cof.'h. 493 Vine 

Ha;^ Ferdinand, jeweler, 60 W. 13th 

Haas Geo. 27 Ham. road 

Haas Jos. tailor, Pleasant, b. Findiey & 
j Ham. road 

Haasser Jos. dyer, 186 W. 7th 
, Habekern Chas. stone mason, 13 Jeffer- 
I Habercorn Benedict, lab. 541 Sycamore 
. Haberkarap Herman C bb. 19 Abigail 
i Hablier Herman, car man, 44 Kossuth 
j Hablin John II. (Berger it 11.) 214 W. 
i Front 

. Hack Aaron, lab. 157 W. 5th 
[Hacljenburg l#aac E. b.k. 184 Main 
; Hacker Frank, tailor, 43 fl . front 
, Hack>t Alman, chair To IMum 
i HacketGeo. W. chair niKr. 70 Plum 
' HacketJas. elk. bds. 192 Sycamore 
I 11 icket Olive, 70 Plum 
' Hacket Jas. w.s. 6th, alvire Baum 
I Hackett Peter, carp. 79 W. 3d 

Hacket Wm. elk. Ms. 192 Sycamore 
HackiBger Thos. horse dealer, 144 Day- 
Hackma Jno. tailor, 669 W. Front 
Ilackman Barney, 579 Main 
Hackman & Dustenbergj (Hy.H. k .Tno. 
II. D.) undertakers and liv. siahl-.s, 
s.e.c. 13th and Walnut 
Ilackman Fred. 394 BVay 
j Hackman Gerhard, furniture, 85 W. 

| Hackman Hamon, cig. mkr. 11 6th 

Hackman Hy. (H. & Bustenberg,) s.e.c. 
j 13th and Walnut 

• HACKMAN Hy. (II. II. & Co.A 466 W. 
I Third 

I TTAC KMAX HI- & CO- (Hy. H. Geo. 
; fi Yenaeman <k Geo. Washefort), 
; cordage manuf. 442 W. 2d 

Hackman lly. chair cainer, 550 W. 3d 

Hackman Jno. F. chinaglass and queens 
ware, 222 W. Sth 
! Hackman Jos. 559 Main 

Hackman Mrs. Mary, rear 535 Walnut 
; Hackstadt lly. carp. 591 W. Sth 
i Had Antonio, tailor. 99 Ham. Road 

Hadaka Hy. lab. 72 Hunt 

liaddix N. merch. tailor 250 Walnut, h. 
I 6th and B'way 

[ Hadeker Christopher, coop. bus. IS Luck- 
| fc. v e 

Haders Jim. cof. h. Vine, b. Buckeye ar.i 

Hadler Mrs. Mary, rear 27 Woodward 

Hadley FJi, Fallis &. II.) bds. L. S- Hotel 

Hndlock Alva, macli. Iv3 Mill 

Hadloek Sa»:ah,123 Mill 
I Haedsiak Jno. p. wood saw., 20 Mercer 

Haeg Chas. lab. 238 Front 

Haele liarney, porter, 33 Abig;ul 

Haer Wm.clk. 13 H. Front 

Haessig F. ai. phys. 649 W. Row 

Ilafacker Chris, cotton mills, h. c 6th &: 

Hafi'arniri M- 448 George 

Hafer Gt-o. bk. isasvm, 155 Pleasant 
■ Hafer Frank, gardener. 320 Freeman 
: Hafett Isaac, pedler, 716 W. Row 

llaf-y Nat. lab. 131 E. 5th 

Haflir Godlip,coop. Green, b. rieasaut &c 
: IlaCuer Adam. 411 Plum 

Ilaifner Andrew, lab. ]^} Mohawk 

HaQ'ner Friedrich, mach. 54 Allison 

Hafner Geo. boot and shoe store, s.e.c- 
12th and Clay 

Haft M uhiac, finisher, 198 liun 

Hagal Lewis, lab. KM Hunt 

Haean lh-idget, s.s. FhcLe, b. Plum and 
i ' \\'. How 
! Hasan t eo, (il. & Weber,) h. Pleasant, 

I . Hamkoad and Henry 
' Hagats .las. stable Reeptr, 254 Walnut, h. 
i 265 Walnut 

! Hagan Jno. blk. smith, a. a. Phebe, b, 

. "Plum and VV. Bow 

j Hagan Lewis, lab. 24 Tanner 

II van Mrs. -J55 Cutter 
| Hagan Pat. lab. n.s. Front, nr. KeBey, 

i Hagan Peter, lab. n.s. W. W. Canal, b. 
; "Park and Rose 

; Hagan 6c Wtber, dry good*, 2*8 Ilam. 
j ' R .ad 

• Hasans M. B. atty. Columbian bldgs. b. 
| 43S B'way 

Hagart Mich. carp. 11 Bremen 

Hagarty Davia, shoe Uikr. e. a. Scott, b. 

Hopkins and Laurel 
Hagadon Frank, plasterer, Green, b. 

Pleasant and Race 
Hagarty Jas. undertaker, 150 W 3.1. 
Hagarty Jno. ship chandler, 3-* Mam, 

! ds. Spencer II. 
Hagarty Pat. prov. store, 73 Park 

|lAG£n0RN JNO- 
. | | fee l store, 
j 1J - 5UOand562 Wahint 
: Hagel Haupai-, cab. mkr. 37rt W .nut 
. Ha« man Adam, groc. 1 ' 1 Bank 

Hageman Jno. teacher, 79 Kverat 
i Hagemeyer Herman, stone broiuer, -J 

I Hazen IIv. W. carp, 531 W . Blh 
1 Hagen lly. P- groc 23 U » . front 



mm ufe iisii&isi MMii 







E.S. BAlUm; President. 

J O H ]>" W , DO N O H U E , J 'ie s Fres id en t . 

S. \V. READER. Secretary. 

.1. SKEKN. Actuary .,\- General Agent. 




Board of Finance. 

Consulting Physician, 
M. B.WRIGHT. M. D., 
J. S.UN21CKER, M. D., 

Medical Examiners .. 

Office, Lectoriiim Building, Third street, bet. Walnut and Yi&e. 

fifiS«r««S> K£fe*.*£Sb'L v2rZ.-i",i&-u&. OSJ 



I II , ' ll t - ; v . . . . v , ,. ^ ill 





&HS £313 2 ©3333232) 0? H.MSI 

ft A.® l£? ft A IPX IP A iLfii 

A N D 


JYo. 35 If*?.'*? *7*i><I Street^ 







Batren Jacob, mould, s-w.c. Court and 

gycaindre : ^Harriet 

Ifturen Lawrence, lab- s. w. c. Cth and 
]fH;zen Mich, tyj^ecaster, 168 Vine 
i!,-;jri b Wm. elk. Ixls. 2a Commerce 
Hagcnmeiar Wm. cig. mkr. 233 Main 
Hagenstad« F- lab. 194 Hopkins 
Hague? Jas. lab. s.s. Taylor 
Hager Benedict, lab. 61 Buckeye 
Hagar Jno. prov. store. 54 Ham. road 
IJagerle J. finisher, 396 Wan: at 
Hagefmyer Wm. ciu r . mkr. Boai 
}la:.erty*Eliick. hack driver, 192 Water 
liverty Jas. boot mkr. 6? W. 6th 
llagerty John T. shoe mkr. G7 W. 6th 
Haggeity Mrs. seam. 2i. K J Sycamore 
Hagerty Pat. slioe mkr. e.s. 6th above 

Haggens Hy. b.k. n.w.c Walnut and 

' Water 
Hag ley Jno- cooper, shop s.s. Dayton, b. 

Wightman and W. Kow 
Hahm Jos. epress, Findley, b. Elm and 

Hahn Caroline, cap mkr. 64 Pearl 
Hahn Jacob, shoe mkr. 184 Hopkins 
Ilahn Mrs. Marg. 160 Liberty 
Hahn Nich. Boatman, 61 Buckeye) 
Hahn Saml. 11 Bremen 
Hahn Wm. tailor. I7i) Liberty 
Pahneuiau Charles, oaker, 549 Vine 

nAiLMi.x aaiioS s- 
car;-, and bull 
324 and 126 Vine 
Hafcft Adam, 55 IP:rh 
Haigh & Donaly, (Wm. H. & John D.) 

plumbers, 45 E. 4tb 
U&tgh Wm. (11. & Donaiy.) Newport 
Haigley Cbas. porter. 69 Walnut 
Haihn Xndred, tailor-, 170 Poplar 
Hail Leonard, cooper, 14 Duniap 
Hailey Mikl. pedlar, bds. n.e. e. Ludlow 

and Congress 
Hailman Jno. 11. team. 475 B Vay 
Kallmann Jno. M. currier, bds. 65 "W. 

Hainer Hartzel (Seanums H. & Mac- 

Knirht) res. Stbrrs to. 
HAINES E. S. (H. Todd & Lytle,) s e.c. 

4th and Lawrence 
Haines Hy. bik. smith, c 5th and Lock 
Haines Hy. grocer, s.s. 7th, b. Culvert & 

Haines Nairn basket mkr. bds. s.w.c Vine 

and 3d (Reed, F'n 

Haines Peter, watchman, Water, Rear 
HAINES Seih S. (Wynne H. & Co.) res. 



HaUenkamp Wm. organ build. 139 Plum 
Hales Cbas. city crier,6mce iRilej 'a stable 
h. 173 W. 5th 
I Hales Margaretta, embroidery, 173 W. 
| 5th 

j Halestock Robt. cook, n.s. 6th b. B'way 
I and Culvert 

j Haley Hy.carp. n.s. W. W. Canal b. Mill 
and Rose 
Haley John, bds. 186 RacS 
| Haley John, eaip. s.e.c Front and Wal- 
nut F*n 
Haley Martin, boot mkr. 48 Prospect 
Hrlfaire I ty. cab. mkr. w.s. Cth b. Lock <fc 

Alex. T. 

il. L.,; 


& W 
. lo V> 

Hair Fred, pedler, 435 W. 2d 
Hair Jas. printer, 353 George 
Haire John, merch. 207 Catherine" 
Hair Nancy, 355 George ■' 
HAIRE E. (E: H. <fc Co.) h. -233 W. 4th 
11 AiaE 2. & CO. (P. H. & S. S. i)a- 
[ I v'.s,) bankers and b.'okeis, 

34 W. 3d 
ITakaly Florentine, butcher, 72 13th 
Hakaly Mich, meat store, 72 13th 
Hakefbrd Jas. b!k- smith, n. s. Avery, b. 

Wood and W. W. Canal 
Hakel Hy. porter, bds. 55 W. Front 
II ikers Geo. chaii painter, 17 Mercer 
Halbres Hy. polisher, 4()9 Elm 
HALDEMAN Thos. J., U. S. inspector 

at steam boat hulls, 4 P. Landing, 

h. 57 E. 4th 

HALDLUAN & GlTrTRTE, (Thos. j. 
II., Wm. W. G.) U. S. steamboat 
inspectors, 4 P. Landing, up- 
Boldey Fred, boots and shoes. 291 Elm 

and 60 W. 3d. h. 81 Bremen 
"ale Alkn C stable, I#odge b.StJi & 6th 
Hale Jarote P. wag. mkr. 1U41 Ham. 

Hale Lewis, bds. 158 W. 3d 
HA Li-. Sand. J. (Dean Sc H.) 134 W. 8th 


1 1 real estate asrt. 122 Walnut, 

_ bda. 438 W. 8th 

ml^nbeck Herman G. drugjrtst, 250 

Mam, and 8b Clinton, h. 2l!5 Eve- 

Halker Deatrick, bone fac. Co Soring 
HALL A. Mitchell, (Dudley IP & Co.) 

165 Elm 
HALL B. E. (Buckner & H.) res. Cov- 

seal engrave*.. 
14 W. 4th 

Hall Chas. H. buck. 49 High 

HALL. D0DM& CO-Cios. L. H.,Wm. 
B. D. & Wm. Carroll.) fire proof 
safe manuf. sale3 room, 49 E. 2d, 
factory 27 Elm 
HALL Dudley, (D. II. & Co.) 1G5 Elm 

(Bu.Mey & A. Mitchell H.) 
com. mers. 26 W. Front 
Hall Ewd. C bk. bind. 141 Main 
IT ALL EDWIN '.R: perfumery manuf. 
j" ] . Hammond b. 3d and 4th, bds. 300 
xx George 
Hall Fred, optical and math. inst. mkr. 

law bldg. bds. 79 Sycamore 
Hall Geo. mould- 386 Liberty 
Hall Geo. ship vvright, 216 W. Front 
Pall Jas. pre?. Com. Bank, 123 Symmes 
Hall Ju ige James, res. Loveland 
Hull Jas.'C 129 E. 4th 
Hail Jas. D. elk. bds. 33 Webb 
Hall Jas. P. plast.40S E. I/berty (F'n 
Hall Jeremiah, finisher, Fulton car works 
1 ! ALL JOHN, 
H brk. layer, 
JA bds. 339 Main 
Hail John C. bar kpr. 32 Pub- Landing 
Hail John C. (H. &. Prather,) 68 Center 


H architect, 

-*-*- 107 Smith 

Hall John W. elk. s.w.c. Front and Vine 
! Hall Jos. 21 Elizabeth 
j HALL Jos. L. (H., Dodd <fc Co.) 100 

Hall Jos. W. pilot, 303 W. 6th 

Hail Lewis, al.phys. 57 E. 3d 

Hall M. lab. 75 Pleasant 

Hall Marg. bk. fold. 45 Main 

Hall Mrs. Mary, wash. 80 Bay miller 

Hall Dr. Nat. 7th nr. B'way 

Hall Perky, earn. 13 Hopkins 


n confectioner, 

xx 77 W. Front 

Hail & Prather, fJohn C 11. & Chas. B. 
P.) mattiess manuf. 51 E. 3d 

Hail Saml. fancy store, 310 W. 5th 

Hall Mrs. Sarah, 32 David 

Hall Thos. bik. smith, 3.w.c. David and 

IPiil T. C carman, 160 Linn 

Hail Wm. pbist. 153 Spring 

Hall W. Scioto roll, mill Co. res. Ports- 

Hall; m Paul, waggon mkr. 109 W. Front 

Mallam Jno. book aet. Ill Hi.-h 
j llfdlan John, tinner, 3GQ W. Tth 

Hallar Fred, mould. 1- ChesttHit 
I Hallen Jas. lab. 425 W.2d 
j Hallen Mich. elk. 75 L. Market 
j Halter C A. porter, 217 V,. 7th 
1 Hatler Jac elk. 169 and 170 Main 

Haitev Thos. J. Ms. GiJwon House 

Hal'ey VV. F. cutler, PjO W. 5th 

1 1 A 1 LEI W.G. 

j j boots and shoes, 
XA 199 W. 5th 
HallgathJos. aurt. 19 Clio con ' 
Halligan Jas. 50 Pike 
Hallinan John, cof. h. 301 W. Bth 
JLiliman Wm. 30 Elizabeth 

Hallowed Sophia B. 107 Walnut 

Hallmer PhUip, shoe mkr. (30 W. 13th 

Halmer C. boot store. 414 Vine 

Halmer Joan, varnioh. 115 Clay 

Halpin Jerry, lab. 34 .baurel 

llalpin Wm. G. civil enghi. 276 Rich- 

H&Istead Ceo. carp. bds. 570 W. 5th 

Halstead M. ed. Commercial, bds. B'way 

Halstead W. K. b.k. 123 Walnut, res, Se- 

Halstien Christ. roi>e mkr. 417 Elm 

Halterman By. elk. bds. s.w.c. Vine 
and 3d 

Halton Mich. port. 50 Walnut 

I^alwig John, 546 Walnut 

Haly Thos. cof. b. 160| W 3d 

Haly Martin, conf. n.e.c Fulton & Cath- 

Ham Chas. T. s.s. Front near Foster 

Ham G. C river man. 304 W. 6th 

Ham John, 20 Betts 

Ham John,' pan. hang. 543 W. Bow 

Ham T. C mould. 149 Linn 

llama D. brewer, 57 14th 

Hamau Lombard, cof. h. 407 Wa'nut 

Ilairianu 401 B'way 

Hambacher Jac. shoe mkr. 4S0 Vine 

Hamberg Gerhart, sadler, 508 Main 

H'amfierger J. pedler, s.s. 15th b. Pace & 

IlamblctonE, P.. elk. at saw mill, 
Front and Walnut F'n 

Hambleton Saml. T. (Vance & Co.) n.s. 
Front nr. V ine F'n 

Hambleton 8. T. &- Co. (S. T. H. k. Wm 
L. 11.) saw null and boat yard, s.e.c 
Front and Walnut F'n 

Hambleton Wm. L. n.s. Front nr. Wal- 
nut F 1 n 

Hambo Steph. fringe cord, &c. 235 Vine 

Hambroek J. H. elk. 51 Bremen 

Hambrock Jos. mil.' 4c4 Main (5th 

Hambros Arnold, elk. Lock b. 4th and 

Hamburger Simpson, baker, 417 Midn 

Hamer Hy. coop. 18 Buckeye 

Hamer Jacob, tann>r, Pleasant b. Hara 
Road and Henry 

Hamer Jac. coop. Pleasant b. Ham. Road 
and Henry 

Hamer Jno. iab. al. b. Elm and Canal ii 
Findlay and Liberty 

namer Wm. carp. 6 42 Mrun 

Hamill Jno. elk. 20 W. 5th 

L. m. it. it. Office, 
177 Walnut 
Hamilton Akx. wks. roll, mill, rear 614 

E- Front - 
Hamilton Ann, seams, e.s. 9th b. New lc 

Hamiiton Ann, bds. 172 Elm 
Hamilton Chas. weav.253 Main 
Hamilton Courtney H. elk. bds. lcS 

W. 4th 
Hamilton Elizabeth, bk. fold. 46 Pearl 
Hamilton Mrs. Francis, 120 Mil! 
II AMU-TON Harvey, (McGeciuu £' II.) 

139 John 
Hamilton Hy. port. 123 Wamat 
Hamilton Ify.elk. 13 W. 2d, h. 613E'.ra 

LS A.VII T'"'\ rf0l\SE, 
I 835 and 'S3: W. 0th 
Samuel. King, prop. 
Hamiiton Jas. n.s. High nr. Walnut F'n 
Hamilton Jas. veav. 2.i'l Main, h. n.s. 

Moses b. Mill and Stone 
Hamilton Jane, scans, e.s. Noithb. New 

and 7th 
HAMILTON' Jno. P. (H. & Rankin,) 
liamikon Jno. dray. 70 Fo.ui,h.5v5 ftfe* 

Hamilton John, fruit store, 81 W 3<1 
Hamiltoa John, i Ik. smith, u.s. Ilign b. 
l.:.-k and Kiln 

Jno. K. 1!. -^ Ja* C. R) 
urcbiteots, 1G8 Vine 
Hamilton Richard, (II. & white,] res. 

n.s. Clinton iJ doora f'-otn Johu 
Hamilton R. S- 180 Walnut 
HAMILTON Saml. tread, and genl.jAgt. 
west. Col. mln. and manuf. Co. 13 
W. 3d, res. Mt. Auburn 




mmm if iTtifii iiiiftifi wro 

ojp JPjaiJd^UDjEMtMaA 

mm sisumk mw&m 




Office, S3 Third Street, tip Stairs, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
••:' ■ '■. 7 ~ ~™"~ $10^000,000. ~~ 


CAPITAL, £2 j 00P0TsTEHLil& J $10,000,000, 

S5 a 'i/'^ i£ zM 4/ ^>^?«3£si<5 a -i x- d i' a JJ -u~\ ■& & & Ki6&& ur 4?<s1 isia Jo^ Ji 2 
Investment of ^150,000, in United States Stock, laesd t>y Trustees iiiuV. Y. 

Office, S, W. Cor. Third aad Sycamore St,, (No, 9 Second Floor,) Gin. 

Takes "Fire Risks on Buildings, Stocks, Furniture, &c, at the lowest approved rates; also Insures 
Lives with liberal privileges. Complies regularly and fully with the Ohio Law regulating Foreign In- 
surance Companies. . All claims settled here without reference. 


fib ©ISO ;fe £$ -0 «« Pj>$? W«?va /- It-ir © r '' S 2?¥ : lv '%& Q J^ <.'■ i'^ ^~ 

JL AM 111 <y» jyyuyyi fc€ jw *$* tut MA JE ^j4 Am JL 

oif" ox:isrox:3xr:Kr^. , r , x. 

eopxaese xzxr t:o::e s^ee^rB stgut e>/ daxib/s BTJXXDXisrG, 

No. 5 Front Street, between Main an<l Sycamore. 

This Company is taking Fire, Inland and Marine Risks, at current rates of Premium on the Mu- 
tual Plan, the assured thereby participating in the profits of the Company without any liability. 



Thomas F. Eckert, H. Brachman, Wm. C V\ hitchcr, II. Clearwater, George W. C 

Flamen Ball, George Keck, N. M. Florcr, Wm. Broniwell, Robt. Buchanan, 

Thos. R. Elliott, Thomas Ell 

Wm. II. Coniatock, Robert Mit 



ciamen xsaii, ueorge tsecs, in. ^j. n"iu, >> m. uruoiweii, nvoh juuunauij 

Thos. R. Elliott, Thomas Ellis, William Glenn, David Griffey, Jos: W. Wayn< 

Wm. II. Coniatock, Robert Mitchell, Seth Evans, Peter Macqueun, William S 

XIIOMAS P. ECKEKX, President. 





Hamilton Saml-dab. n.s. Front nr. Kelly 

k n 
Hamilton Sand. K. bellows mkr. 140 W. 

Hamilton Taos, -v.-hite. washer. 51 Race . 
Hamilton .Tho*. 120 MiD 
Hamilton Thos- elk-- l.">0 W. 5th 
Hamilton Thos- S. pilot, 220 Water 
Hamilton fc White, [Richard II. & An- V, .) blk. smiths. Landing b- 

LuiUoct and Lawrence 
Hamilton D:-. Win. 8 Franklin 
Hmoing David, cab. mkr. bds. 455 Mill 
Hamlin Han uibai G.'clk. 61 <Sc 03 W. 4th 

fa. 91 Tike 
ILim'.ii; Jas. lab* w.s. 6th above Banm 
Hamlin Robl. blk. smith, 45 Clinton 

HA3ILL\ S. L. 
3W. 4th 
Hamm German, cab. mkr. 3-14 Freeman 
JJammann A shoe mkr. 63 12th 
Haramann Chris, elk 353 Main 
Hammann G. lab. Fulton car works F'n 
Hammann Henry, shoe mki\ 543 Syca- 
Hanuuann John, chair mkr. bds 555 W. 

HAM MAR Francis, (McBride & H!) res 

HAM MET! jas. (Dougherty A: H.) bds 

Madison House 
Slammel C effc. 54 L. Market 
Hammel Chas. tanner, 921 Ham Road 
Hammel Conned, meat store. 552 Tine 
Hamtael Saml. 93 Hopkins 
Hammel A.K. painter, 67 W. 3d, h. 64 

Hammer Ker. C 64 Clay 
Hammer 1j&&\7 lab. 462 Race 
Hammer G. 1 IT Laurel 
Hammer John, cof.h. 402 E. Front 
Hammites Eliza, b.h. 93BVay 
Hammoa Mrs. Elizabeth, 407 W. Row 
Hammond A C. carp. n.s. Front, b W&Sh- 

inc .on .rod Liberty 
Hammond Jas. carrier, 128 Barr 
Hamniond Jas. jr. 12s Barr 
Hammond Jas. ae^, 7 E. 3d 
Hammond John, machinist, 310 George 
Hammond Maria, b.h. 293 W. 5th 
Hammond Martin, mmlder, 72 Dual in , 
Hammond Fresper, blk. smith 1C Union 
Hammond Wm. carp- w.s. Market, nr, 

river F'n 
Hampson Juo. hatter, 144 Main, res.' 
Hampton Danh deck hao&a-Thiy b. Front 

andHi.rh and Parsons &. Whjttaker 
Kamaer Hy. lab. 25 Buckeye 
Hara«er l!v. lab. n.s. 6th below fi orn 
Hand Jas. (J. H- & Co.) 141 Clinton 
Hteaherg Ciejnents, cigar mkr. bds. 468 

Mai a 
Hanazhan Martin, lab. bds. 187 Water ; 
Hanaghan Fat. lab. bds. 18? Water ; 

Ilaaandd feed, cooper, 530 Main 
Haaafild Hy\ cooper shop, Orchard 

b. Main and Sycamore, h. Main, b. 

Franklin and Woodward 
Haoaline John, black smith, 04 Betfca 
" marmanh John, stable, 364 W. 8th 

Handrahan Jer. shoe mkr. 221 George | 

Handy & Brother, builders, 72 Pendleton 

Handy H. A. treas. I. M. R.R 

Handy John. lab. 385 W.2d 

Handy J. H.(H.& Bro) 

HANDY Jin). H. (R. I). & J. II. n.) bds 

87 W. 9th 
Handy Mrs. Mary, 83 Pendleton 
Handy R. lab. n.s. Front, b. Washington 

and Liberty 

HANDY R. D.& J. H. (Root. i>. H. ; 
6.-. Juo. 11.11.) attorneys, 11 Selves j 

HANDY Robt. D. (J. n. & R. D. II.) 87 

W. 9th 
Handy Truman B.(H. & Bro) 435 Broad- 
HanelinkB. tanner, 381 W. Liberty 
Haney Martin, boot mkr. n.w.c 6th and 

Hanfbauer John, pattern mkr. 68G Main 
Hangmeirs Wm. cigar mkr. 56 Boal 
Hanhart John, cof.h. 7!<0 W. Row 
Hanhouse Bernard, baker, 61 E. 8th 
Hanhouse John, baker, 61 E. 8th 
Hanhouse J. B. baker, 61 and 63 E. 8th 
Hank Cant. Wm. 383 George 
Hanks A. 14 Catharine 
Hanks Chas. elk. bds. 55 W. Front 

HV\KS GEOIiOE L. bell and brass 
founder, 120 and 122 E. 2d, h. 33 
Hanks Lav. 89 12th 
Hankins W. T. (Dury & H.) 164 Smith 
Hanley Jas. lab. 401 W. 2d 
Hanley Jos. C- b.k. 433 W. 7th 
Hanley Margaret) laund. s.s. 2d. b. Tine 

and Race 
Hanley P. 83 Barr 
Hanley Peter, tailor, s.e.c. Jones and 

Hanlin Peter, blk. smith, 262 Water 
Hanman Anthony, carp. 118 High 
Hanman Lewis, carp. 118 High 
Harm Gustav.dyer, 10] W. 5th 
Jlann Phillip, finisher, 230 Walnut 
HANNA A. (11. & Hall) 162 George 

TJANK \ & HALL. (A. H. & j. n.) ; 

ti furniture dealers, 04 Sycu- | 

xx more 

Hanna Jno. lumber mer. 152 Clinton, h. I 

141 Clinton 
Hanna John, painter, 123 Moses 
Hahaford J. M. supt. 35 W. 5th, h. s.e.c 

5th and Sycamore 


s.w.c- W. Row and 6th 
Kannale Mary, washer. 380 W. 3d 
Hannan Edw. blk. smith, h. 6th 


Hancock John, teacher, 79 Barr 

Hand .tailor, 36 W. 6th 

Han, i B-nj. engineer, 208 Everet 

Band C. C. moulder, 396 Walnut 

M uid Ellis, brk. layer, 130 Barr 

E wd F. cooper, 133 George 


II (E- II., D. K. I. & Jas. W.J Urates 

& Mantles, 275 & -277 W5ta. 
Hand Jos. Hk. smith, 440 W. 8th 
"and S. (DfCaa-p & H.) res. Spring 

HAND S.,'(H. & Whitehouse.) 
«*od Wm. brk. mkr. 166 Linn 
w«»d Wm. G. blk. simiUi 2U7 Barr 
' let Saml. warchmtiu, 119 K. Front 
*j* idwlten A. lab. w s. 6tu ah.ive B ;u;a 
*Jan«fonl John, bds. 160 Ssjcamdre 
* l& *'mley.Jabe2, painter, s.s. Fulton nr. 

Harrison F'n 
"*n<lan Alex, pilot, 132 Berts 
;,'*-'''••-« Timothy, baker, 53 Race 
" "«dmanx> Fred, finisher, 517 Flm 
"•odoff Barnard, lab. 375 B'way 
*Uudjff Henry, moulder, 85 Spring 

TTAXyU EDWARD P. embroider. 
H iaces and hoaiery, 14 W. 4th, bds. 
xx Winnie II. 

Hannan Frank, sheet iron worker, High 
■Hannay Dennis, shoe mkr. s.s. Taylor 
Hanneing Henry, boots and shoes 588 

Main, b. 4G1 Sycamore 
Banners Abel, river cook ; 20 Patterson 

Hannes Fritz, stone mason, 240 Everet 
Banning G. F. elk. 477 Race 
Ilanning Wm. cooper. 340 Ham Road 
Hannold Martha, milliner, n.w.c. 5th ic I 

Hannum John, caulk tr, n.s. Front, nr. j 

Han-isbn, F'n. 
Hanok J. G. printer, s.w.c. Tine and ■ 

Hans Francis, lab, 12 Dnnlap 
HansJacob. cof.h. 350 Ham Roatl 
Hans Jacob. Kar. shop 4 504 Main 
Hans Jno. cof.h.. 77 Sycamore 
Hans Jno. lab. C6 Fiodlay 
Hans I'hiilip, lab. 10 Duulap 
H luacher II tnrj . confec. 4r-9 W. 7th 
Hanselman Angost, tailor, 650 Main 

ni\<l'! M \\ G. i' 1 . justice of the 
I ■; -.,.;■ 50 E. 2d. h. s.s. Syn;mes 
b. Butler and Pike 
Hanselman Henry, moolder, 22 Milton 
HaaselmanWm. V. cik. s.s. Symmes,b. 

Butler and Pike 
Hanson J. M. aast. sec. City W. W. I 

Med. Col. h. u.e.e. Plum /L Court 
Hansrien Emii, cigar mkr. 5<o Plum 
Hanatiea Fred, cigar hikr. 540 Plum 

Hantz Henry, IS Abigail 
Happ Jas. finisher. 396 Walnut 
Happenler Hy. car man. 52 Wade 
llaran Jas. iab.,348 W. 5th 
Harbaugh C. C painter, bds. 307 5th 
Harbaugh H. M. measurer, 85 W. 9th 
Harbaugh Leonard, en^. 16 Race 
Harbertnann Hy. button mkr. 112 Hunt 
Harbert Wm. stone mason, 416 Liun 
Harbeson Matthew L. 126 W. 7th 
Harbick Eli/., elk. 180 W. 5th 
Harbinson Peter, groc. n.s. 7th, b. B'way 

and Culvert 
Harbor Jno. W. elk. s.e.c Pearl and Yine 
Harbour Elisha, 9 E. 4th 
Harbrook lly. lab. 477 B'way 
Harbus Hy. porter, Mt. Adams 
Earcourt Jas. J. block and rigging mkr. 

Lauding, b. Ludlow and Lawrence, 

res. country 
Harcourt Jos. foreman carp. Landing, b. 

Ludlow and Lawrenee, h, Newport 
Hard C. P. boadstead finisher, 48 W. Row 
Hard Uv. painter, 147 Pleasant 
Harden lly. eng. 15 Eembie 
Harden Joshua, carp. 13S Freeman 
Harden Joshua,jr. cik. 337 Main,h. 133 

Harden R. W. 129 Barr 
Hardenhouse H. cik. 48 Waluut, h. 53 

H bo. phys. 

1 1 292 Race 

Harder Mrs. dry goods, 61 L. Market 

Hardestv Josli. (Bhygs & Co.) 455 W. 5th 

Hardesty N. M. 94 W 4th 

Hardesty -Susan, linen and fcimming 
store, 205 Plum 

Hardimann Wm. blk. smith, 99 Wood- 
. ward 

Harding Chas. coon, shop, 263 W. 5th 

Hardin- Jos. b. fc. Springer It, White- 
man,) res. Walnut Hills 

Harding Jno.. lab. s.s. Oliver, b. W. Row 
a ud John 

Harding J. W. entry elk. res. Covington 

Harding L. n.s. Front, nr, cor. line, F'n 


i\ wh. groc. and cum. mer. 23 and 30 
-* x E.2d, h. 194 Lougwortb. 
Harding LeousLue, brush mkr. 211 Wal- 
Hardin," Lyman, teacher, 153 W. 4th 
HARDING >'. 8. (N. S- II. <Sc Co.) Ids. 
U. 8. hotel 

nARDXXG N. S. & CO. (N. s. H. & 
• A. A. Wilson,) deaU in magazines 
and newspapers, J'i-'S Vine 
Harding Wm, watchman, 94 Longworth 
Harding M nia L. printer. Gazette, h. 

Race, b. 9th and Court 
Hardinghaus Hy. elk. .> Clay 
H.nlker Hy.shne mkr. 98 Abigail 
Hardkey if v. tailor, 51 Plum 
Harden Lewis A. elk. 11 W. 5th, bds. 

Wm. Tell 
Hardway t . prof, muflic, 20 W. 7th 
11 urdy Charlotte, s.e.c 5th A. Elm 
Hardy Ed plasterer, 159 Clark 
Hardy K>lmund, lab. 233 Water 
Hardy Mrs. Kliza,454 W. 5th 

UAKLV .1X0. C. rtcntist. 
s.e.c. lib and Walnut, 
hds. 310 Kim 
Hardy Rich. 1). <Jc Co. publisher Cin. 

business index, 05 Walnut 
Hardy ItichardHon B. 384 W. 3d 
Hardy Win. C- nail mkr. 014 K. Front 
Hare Anthony, butcher, w. s. Lebauoo 

Pike, b. Boal and Corporation 
flare Jas. C. printer, to Main, h. X>3 

George,. lab. 384 Walnut 
Hare Jno. Ohio brewery, w. 3. Lebanon 

F:i.e,h. Deal and Cerpwratioo 
Hare Win. M. at John l'aylo* fc Co.'a '3 

\Y. Front 
Hartholt Adam, stool mkr. 130 Betta 
Hai^lingers Matbiad, !t»«dmkr. BJ4Cbtfk 
H.u nlja-g C. barber, 1"'.' Linn 
Harcr .)(!•>. cab. mkr. 6U7 Race 
U •: trave Jos. KW IMum 
HarRraveWm, 31 Bliaal*th 
Hargrove Wm. lab. 10 Wli(litman 
Harjfy J. pattern mkr. 87 E. 7th 




i'm, Purine & pf* %mmum $p\xt$, 

Continue to take Risks in the most reliable 

Companies at their O&eo, Second story, 

Ho. .14 Front St., bet. Main and Sycamore, 

Merchants' & Manufacturers' Insurance Co., '>.. 

M. Scar's, President, B. B. Whitman, Sec'y, 

1 1 Public Landing, up stairs. 
Metropolitan Fire Insurance Co., S. A. Ost- 

rom, Agent, 6 w. 3d. 
Moody, J no. J]., Insurance Agent, 082 Main. 
National Insurance Company, B. Urner, Prest., 

s. w. c. Main & Front; 
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co., B. 

Urner, Agent. , s. w. c. Main and Front. 
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. of 

Boston, B. Urner, President, 1 \v. Front, up 

[New York Life Insurance Co., Sam). E. Mack, 
| Agent, 35 e.-3d. 
iNcw York Mutual Life Insurance Co., L. A. 

Insurance Companies and Agencies. 

Ashland Mutual Insurance Co., J. B. Moody, 

Agent, 282 Main. 
jEtna Insurance Co. of Hartford, J. B. Bennett,! 

Agt., 60 w. 4th. , 
Atlantic Fire and Marine Insurance Co., of. 0strofn Agentj 6 w . 3d> 

Providence, Taylor & Anthony, Agts., 40 w. North Weste ' rn Insurance Co. of Oswego, N. 

r> ' r\ n r » -n i ^ r -» Win. Goodman, Agent* 4] Main. 

Larger O G , Insurance Agent, n. e. c. Broad- OIlio Life Insurance Co.: S. W. Reeder, Secre- 

way and t ront. ^^^ '-, tary, 73 w. 3d (Lectorium Building) 

Charter Oak Insurance Co O.G.Bar 2 er,Agt. 5 | 0hio ^ ie Insur ^ ee & TrU6t C o./s. w. c. 3d 

n. e. c. Broadway and Front, J an( j jyr a j n 

Cincinnati Insurance Co. John W. Hartwell, 0strora £ X., Insurance Agent, 6 w. 3d. 
■I resident, 4 Front or Public Landing Pennsylvania Life Insurance Co. of Philadel- 

City Insurance Co., L S Raines, Present, N.j h ; B< Tj rner Agent s . w . c . Main afld 

Gregory, Secretary, 8 Public Landing. Front 

City Insurance Co." of Cleveland, Taylor & p orta g e County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of 

Anthony, Agents, 40 w. 3d Cuyahoga Falls, John B. Moody, Agent, 252 

Copelen & Haskell, Insurance Agents, 7 Pub- ^ D ". 

lie Landing. Richland Mutual Fire Insurance Co., J. B. 

Commercial Insurance .Co. of Cincinnati, Isaac ^[ 00( jv Ao-ent 282 Main 

C. Copelen, President, J A. Townley, Sec- Eoger Williams Insurance Co., Taylor & An- 

retinry, n. w.c. Minn and Front. J thonv Agents, 40 w. 3d. 

Connecticut Mutual Lire Insurance Co. of Eeliance Mutual Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, 
■ Hartford, Jos. J. Davis, Agent., %1% w. 3d. Jo3 . j DaviSj Agent5 31 i m 3d . 
Crary Silas, Insurance Agent, 24 e. 4th, glar Insurance Co ., Geo. C. Davies, Agent, n. 

l)av|sJ J.,31*w. 3d. | w . c. 4th and Race. 

ijavies Geo. C, n. w. c. 4th and Race. < Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co. of 
fragle Insurance Company, J. W. Messick., Massachusetts,, Jno. Reeves, Age nt* Jno, W. 

eretary, 3 P. Landing. 

President, J. B. Stockton, Secretary, 32 P. Morgan, Local St 

Landing/up stairs. TaylorV Anthony, Insurance Agts., 4Q~w. 3d. 

Firemen's Insurance Co., Henry E. Spencer, Washington Insurance Co., Wm. Goodman, 

President. Lewis Clason, Secretary, n. e. c.j President 41 Alain. 

Main and Front. . Washington Union Insurance Co. of Cleveland, 

Firemen's Insurance Co. cf Charleston, S. C,., G ? Copelen & Haskell, Agents, 14 Public 

Samuel E. Mack, Agent, 35 w. 3d. | Landing. 

Franklin Fire Ins. Co: of Philadelphia, John Western Farmers Insurance Co., Silas Crary, 

Reeves, Agent ; Jno. W. Morgan, Local-Sec* Ao-ent, 24 e. 4th. 

retary, 3 Public Landing, up stairs. Western Massachusetts Insurance Co. ol 

Home Insurance Co. of New York, Samuel E.| g e jj y x . 

Mack, Agent., 35 w. 3d. j 3,j # 

Lorillard Fire Insurance Co. of New York City,: Wpst ,, rn |f utua ] l nsurance Co., Thos. F. Eck- 

Asrent. 35 w. 

Copelen & Haskell, Agents, 14 P. Landing. m> p res ident, Stephen Morse, Sec y, 5 Pub 

ack Samuel E., Insurance Agent, 3o w. 3d. j ic Landing, up stairs. 

anhattan Life Insurance Co. of New i ork,. 0l|rtcr Jm H Llvetpwol ALondonSw^mrtfcJftrt. !«■ 


Taylor & Anthony, Agents, 40 w 

Equita- Fire & Life [aCo Co. 

Merchants Insurance Company of Philadelphia,!.^^*" 

Copelen & Haskell, Agents, 14 P. Land 

nil insurance 
Co. ol S. V. 

O k WOI^F 


•TVfo. SI7«f Jflain Sircetj Cincinnati* 







HARRIS Conrad, (H. &. Zoiner,) 299 Harrison W. H. & Co. (W. II. II. ic J. 

W. 8th i p. II.) paint and window glass deal 

I S3 W. 4th 

j Ilorrod An. news carrier, h- 47G Lino 
i Harsch Dorortha,54G Walnut 

n^erWB. J. 409 W. 4th 

.!,-,. ,",« |»eter. dray. 267 W. 3d 

li j KKN KB3 Anthony, (II., Strader & ! Harris David G. carp. 329 Elm 

'(:-.; •:-: } res. Gleudale | Harris D. T. B. 58 E. 4th 

{tarkhe** Uoratio, (D. A- Fiske & Co.) ! Harris Edwin, clothier, 182 B'way 

1 1- Ueiinisou II. I HARRIS Erastus 11. (Wru. S. Wright & j Harsch John, stove moulder, 384 Wal 

IT fcKO'-fcSS, STMDER&POSDICK,' Co.) res, Sewthdeans ; nut 

I j (Antii my H., Jac. S. & Saml. F.) Harris Francis A. 89 W. 8th Harsch Chris, stone cutter, 562 Race 

J-*- Franklin cotton factory* c. 3d & Harris Isaac, bds. 159 W. 5sh HART A. (Win. Hart & Sot>s) 320 W 

Smith, office 295 W. 3d I Harris Jas. silver smith, 271} Cutter 7th 

Harlan Geo. W. b.k. s.w.c. Gch and §yca- Harris Johanna, dress mkr< 86 Mill ' Hart Aug. (n. A; Hurley*) 88 Wood'ard 

more, bds. 61 Centre I Harris J no. pi lot, 39 Cutter j Hart Benj. finisher, 27 College 

Harflick P. cob. mkr. n. w. c. 8th aod " 

Harlow Jas. huckster, n. s. Gth, near 

H-vluw Wm. lab. 254 Water 
lU-man Alex. elk. 74 W. 4ch, h. 333 W. 

' Barman Barnard, meat store, 75 Spring 
Human Edwin, boiler, 61 High 
narman Hv. H. shoe rakr. 225 Plata 
Uarinan Hy. lab. 93 Woodward 
HarmanJno. chair mkr. s.s. Webb, b. 

Stone & Wood 
Barman 31. (II. & Bro.) 128 W. 6th 

j f ARMJB1EE JNO. &• CO. 

j j fancy dyer and scourer, 

X1 101 W T . 5ch 

Ranseyer Hy. porter, 9 P. Landing, h. 

83 Pleasant 
fiirmeyer J no. F. dye house, 170 Court 
Harmening Hy. W. feed store, 453 W. 

Harmon, gilder, 9 W. 4th 
Harmon J no. plow mkr. 9 W. 9:h 
Harmon J. II. instrument mkr. 
Harmon Slack 6c Co. (Peter H. 6c Alex. 

Mack&JJax J. M.) Wh. clothiers, 

191 Main 
Harmon Peter, (Hv Mack ic Co.) 45 W. 

Ban. lose 3.'ich. milkman, s. s. York, b. 

Li an and Piatt 
Ham L- 0. croc. n.s- 6th, nr. Culvert 
Buney Geo. b. bind. 141 Main 
Harney Theo. b. bind. 141 Main 
H.irnold Jacob, cot*, h. 63c Vine 
Harming Peter, ens'. ldS Ciay 
Harolds Jno. 124 W. 4th 
Harper David, 448 Race 
Harper David, prod, and com. mer. 21 

Sycamore, h. 182 Seorgl 
Harper Daniel, (H. 6c Winall)443 Race 
Harper Edw. lab. 120 High 
Harper M. A. (Dunseith & II.) bis. 202, 

W. 5th 
Harper Samuel, 16-1 Loner worth 
Harper & WinaU, (DanfelH'. & Sam!. J. 

W.) \vh. groc. and com. mer. 12 E. 

Harp ham S. book store, 254 W. Row 
Harps Jno. lab. 130 Mohawk 
Harpstreth Frank, rope mkr. 
Harregan Jno. lab. s.s. Sth, b. B'way &. 

Hamdl L. E. elk. e. s. Elm, b. 9th and 

H'.rrel! Nathan, carp. 312 33hn 
Harrier Herman, finisher, 70 Lock 

brewery office, 
100 Sycamore 
Harrigan Michael, drayman, 84 Hicrh 
Harridan Patrick,lab. 3 Mulbery 
Harrington Dennis, cutter, 6 Pearl, res. 


J j^ Li.;o Erie house, 

5J E. Front 
Harrington James 3. druggist, 218 W. 

Harrington Jer. lab. 396 B'way 
Harrington Tim. cof. h. river landing, b. 

Mae and Walnut 
Barria Ibrm, clothing, 202 Main, h. 182 

.. ?'•* 

tlarna Chas. cooper, e. 9. Culvert, h. 43 | 

Ham. r"ad 
Harris Chas. 99 W. 4th 
HARRIS Chas. P. (N\ II. & Co.) 97 W. 

H Eighth 
AJtUlS J. N. & CO. (Jonathan N. II. 
& T. H. C. Allen,) pair, killer and 
pat. med. dealers, 7 College Hall 

Harris Jno. elk. in p.o. h. 91 W. 8th Hart Bridget, widow, 363 W. 2d 

liar is Juhn, cooper, e.s- Culvert, b. 6th Havt Chas. carp. 633 Race 

and 7th Hart G. D. carp. n.s. Front, b. Washing- 

Harris Jos. tailor, 82 B'way ton and Liberty 

HARRIS J. N. (J. 2s r . H. & Co.) res. ' Hart Henry, b.k. 90 Main, h. 194 W. 

New London Conn i Front 

Harris-Morgan E.b.k. n.e.c. 3d and Wat* ' Hart & Hastings, printers, 43 E. 2d 

nut. h. 58 E. 4th ] Hart & Hns'ley , (Aug. II. & Jacob II.) 

HARRIS Nathaniel, (N. n. & Co.) ICG bakers, fed Woodward 

W. 9th Hart Isaac, nail cuttei, n.s. High 

TT ARRIS X.& CO. (Nathaniel H. & Hurt Isaac, feds. 169 W. 5th 
J ! Chas. P. II.) importers hardware &c Hart Isaac, dry goods. 637 Vine 
-*■ cutlery, 207 Main \ Hart Isaac, lab. n.s. High, b Washing- 

Harris Peter, lab. 32 Longworth's bldg ton and Liberty 

Harris Phillip, moulder, 218 Kemble : Hart Isabella, 318 W. 7th 

Harris Robt, J. agt. 37 Chestnut Hiu-t Jonathanj (Barker II. & Co.) 

Han-is thus. J. atty. Chase's bldgs.res. Hart John, dray. 28 Jackson 

Springfield township Hart J. W. engraver, 2o Block \Ad^, bda 

KARRIS W. H. (V,\ H. H. & Co.) 175 Win. Tell " 

Spring , Hart Matthew, (Barker & H.J 100 W. 7th 

1 T IK 1: IS TV. H- £ CO. | ILu-t Phillip, cop smith, 112 Clinton 

fj (W, H- H. 6c. Conrad Ackerman) i Hart Shas, plow nianuf. 4-IS 3ialii h. 4S3 
JLX groc 91 W. Court i B'way 

IJAKUIS & ZOINERi (C H. £iP. W. ■ Hart Thos. dray. B Elm 
1 Z.) stove pattern mkrs. n.w.c. Wal- Hart Thos. lab. 3^ Geat 
x nut and Canal | Hurt Wm. private watchman, 1J2 Water 

Harrison Alpe'el, steward, 161 Culvert Hart Willium, groc. store, 175 B'way 
Harrison Amos L. 131 Linn I HART Win. (Wm. H. 60 sons) h. 320 W. 

Rari-ison C painter, 449 George I 7th 

Harrison Daniel 305 W. 2d ! HART Wm. jr. (Wm. II- & Sons) 320 

'Harrison Danl. boiler rear 573 E. Front 1 W. 7th 

HARRISON 1). Y. (H. Eaton & Co.) res TTAJIT V,"3f. & 8ONS1 (Wm. H., Win. 
Oxford i fi H.#. & Abraham. B. H.) wh. & 

HAltRiSOX, EATON & CO. (D. Y. H., ! J A ret deals in boot, and shoe*, 16 & 
A. B. E. & A. L. Scoville) Coffee 1 18 W. 5th 

■ and spice dealers, 99 and 101 Wal- I Hartburn Wm. T. 96 Liberty 
cut I Hartburns, Hy. elk. 19 Congress 

Harrison Ed. bis. 1S2 W. 4th Harte Hy. (Wrauspelmejcr <ic Co.) n.s. 

Hai-rison Edwin, brk. layer, 158 Carr Pleasant, b. <.ireen andl'indlav Mar- 

Harrison Geo. caulker, bds. s w.c. Front I ket 

and Liberty ! Hartfel Mat. lab. 52 McFarland . 

Harrison Geo. potter, 164 Dayton ! HARTU Manhias, (M. 11. 6c Co.) 330 

Harrison G. D. bd». Farlow House j Maiu 

Harrison & Hills, (Point Isabel House) TJAHTIIM. & CO. (Matthias H- £c 
B.W.C. Congress and. Front (} Adam Stifel) wines & liquors, 380 

HAliRISON & HOOPER, (Learner T$, u Main 
I!. & Win. li./ wh. grocers and i Hartisch Adam, cooper. 172-CUy 
com. mer. 61 3laln I 11 Lrti'^an Rich, butch, h. w.s. Accommo- 

Harrisoa .las. stable, 159 W. 3d <J tfion, above State 

Harrison John, carp. 336 George [ Hart in g Goo. sales. s.e,c. 2d and S>ca- 

Harriscn John, cof.h. 23 Landing, b. more 

B'way and Ludlow i Harting Wm. jeweler, ?G Sycamore J 

n-arrison John. mach. 76 E. Front Hartke Geo. lab. 105 Buckeye 

Harrison John, lab. s.s. Taylor I Hartke Hy. lab. Hw Buckeye 

Harrison J, P. (W. H. 11. 6c Co.) 47 W. : Hartke Jos. carnage smith, s.w.c. Gth & 

8th j Sycamore, h. 72 Hunt 

Harrison JosephH. ticket agt. Marrietta Hartkcmeir Chas. cooper, 71 Buckeye 

and O. R/Ri 13 Race ; Hartl Anihea*. can. mkr. *1 Sycamore 

HARBISON Learner B. (H. <fc Hooper.) Hartlaub Phillip, 33 High 

236 W. 4th I Hurtlieb Jacob, carp, bds. 473 Yimi 

Harrison Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 50 ; Hartleb Chas. cof. h. s.w.c. Fro;.; and 

George | Ludlovr 

Harrison Milton D- painter, s.s. Mason Hartlieb F. cab. mkr. n.w.c. 6;h and 

b. W. Row and Plum DVay 

Harrison Samuel, engineer, bds. 55 AV. ; Hartling J. tin, cof.h. 5>2 John 

Front Hiutley li- W. carp. 99 BetU 

Harrison Sand, bds U. S. Hotel i 1! Htley Mrs. L. 49»l W. 4th 

Harrison Saudiord, lab. e.s. Liberty nr. ' Hartley Wm. horse trader,490 W. 4:h 

Front I Hivrtiuan Chas. Q. collector, 13 Waur 

Harrison Thos. bank note engraver, 143 , Uutn. in M finisher, 396Walimt 

Main j Harteian Shaffer, lab. 3<)7 Linn 

Han-is on Thos. b.k. 70 Water | HarUnan Wm. cooper, 184 Everet 

Con- ! Elartmana Conrad, stone m; 45 W. 

Harrison Wm. (II. 6c Hdl.sJ s.w.c 
(rre ; s and Front 

fur deal 
404 W. 3th 
Harrison Wm. E. mach. 95 George 
HarrisonRev. W. II. 61 Clark 


Harrison Wm. II. barber, s-e.c 

and 2d 
Harrison Wm. n. (W. II. II. & Co.) 49 

W. 8th 
Hii-rison \Vra. H. pilot, 323 W. 3d 


I HarUnann Jr.o. finisher* 538 Vine 
j llurtmeir Ueo. tailor, u-1 iRace 
j Harton Qeu. chair mkr. -> Btehmnnd 
Hart's Buildings, b.s. 4th. b. Wain and 
Ludlow Hartshorn C 8. Selves' bldgs. h. 38 Pika 
Htvrtshorh Jug. D- dk. 3U W. 5th. bd*. I 

Hartshorn Sanders W. 23- W. 4;h 
HarUunB Adolph, lob. 9 Jeflersua 

fi ^fes«| , r =~K=fl -fe\« 

(ft j>«*»s;j jjaauasy yssssss 

■j|j "i|SS2p"^SS^Q 

(I iysSE 


.-0. m X_ 


/ — 




y KiJjj 

\ . 

..-;./ LJ 

.' -'■'■'- 

■ .1 

~{> i 

t r "^ 


* r ^ ■-. 


w; .r 

»i — 





£ « 





, so *x3 


• 'ii 



£3 o 
C3 pq 





O a 



O 02 


o ^ 






feH O 








£ '8 


— 0Q 



to o 





! : 1 


6 a 



"co TJ 



£ g 


o - 1 

a a 

p5 2 




. i~ 1 


© ^ 



a o2 


g g«3 


° - .s 



P "S A 3 


fe bo ^ 





Har'well &■ Bak°r, (C. M. II. <fc 1). Baker) Hatch John, lab. Canal b. 6th and 7th 

' "mineral wM^ c inuf.2Gl W. 7th ! Hatch John B. 420 Bbvay 

' VIATOR ft : lANGD0N, 

f } (Stanley H. & Solomon L.) 

hankers, c. Court & Main 


W. Pres. Cin, Ins. 

Jas. W. paper warehouse anu 
IJOBS met, 20 Waiuut, h. GG M'Far- 
JIAIU> Eth J i 
; Co. 349 W. 4th 

l II Public Lan diner, up stairs, res Mt. 

' AX Auburn 
> ; Hartwell Winthrop D. bk. store, 192 W. 

Hartwlg David, box mkr. 553 Elm 
lliittwior The .. shoe rakr. 11 Elizabeth 
Harty Daniel, lab. e.s, Cth aboreBaum 
Hartye Hv. (H. & Havens,) h. 173 Clay 
Hartve& Havens, (Hy. II. & Herman 
It.) grocers. 173 Clay 

jj atty. SOW. Court 
■*■"■*• h. 26 Jackson 
Harvey Chas. lab. n.s. Gth nr. Culvert 
Harvey D. K. elk, 123 Walnut 
Harvey Daub elk. bds Dennison House 
| Harvey Ed. teams. 324 Elm 

Harvey J. B. elk. 340 Vine 
;. HARVEY Jos. P. (Gregg &H.) 207 

I Longworth 

Harvey Win. (Steward &H.) Mouut Car- 

narvie Arthur H. fin. 91 Milton 
Harris Chas. S. stencil, cutter 91 Milton 
t Harwood Chas. E. real estate agt-431 W 

I 5th 

HaTvvood Edward, (IT. &. Marsh) n.w.c 
I Dunlao and Ham Road 

Harwood Geo. C. elk. 33 Walnut, h.341 

W, 5th 
Harwood <fc Marsh, chemical tnanuf. 313 

Hani Road 
Harwood Thus- H. elk. 189 Main, h. 429 
I W. 5th 

1 HarzagHy. porter, s.w.c. Sycamore and 

| 6th 

Harssemeyer — — , tanner, Canal, b Fmd- 
& lay and Brown » 

Hasberrv Mar-. 54 W. Front 
HASELTINE Moses B. (S. W. H. & 

Co.) res. Walnut Hills 
HASELTINE Saml. W. (S, W. H. & 
Co.) res. Avondale 


" silk 
66 V 
Haskell Geo. b.h. 233 B'wav 
HASKELL Tru. W. (Copelen & II.) 37 

Haskett Wm. paiMer, 20 William 
Haskins John, shoe mkr. bds. 137 W. 3d 
Raskins Jos. J. 192 W. VI 
Haslem Jas. W.. printer, S3 Main 
llaslam Jas. II. printer, w.s. North, b. 

New and 7th 
Hassett John, groc. 5th b. E'way and 

Haslocher Jos. lab. 553 Main 
Hasptleld Adam, turner. 4*31 Walnut 
Hass George, blk. smith, 5c2 Walnut 
Hxssulbarsar Theo. groc. store, s.e.c. 3d 

and 1 

Hatch Samuel, elk. 130 3ialn, h. 373 

HATCH Stanley, (II. ic Langdon,) re3. 

Hatchmaker Benjamin, elk. atG. fc P. 
Bo gen's 

Hater Ottern, cioLeru build. 312 W. Lib- 
e ft v 

Hatfield Chas". S, Ms, Walnut St. House 

Hatfield Da\ id, boatman, 37 Everett 

HATFIELD G. (Pullan H. &. Brown,)96 
E. 4ch 

Hatfield J no. R. elk. 19 E. 2d, bus. 87 

Hathaway Byron II. elk. s.e.c. 5th fcPark 
h. 15 Hannibal 

Hathaway Hannibal C. brk. lay. 15 Han- 

Hathaway John A. oys. depot, 249 Wal- 

Hathe-a! Samuel, saddler, bds. 153 Carr 


ii shoemaker, 
* A 33 Race 

Hatlev Hy. lab. 86 W. 3d 

Hat ley Hy. jr. striker, 86 W. 2d 

Hatlieb Philip, carp. 171 Clay 

Hailing Geo. lab. 2G2 Piatt 

Hailin Jac cab. mkr. Vine b. 13th and 

14 th 
Hatlip Philip, cab. mkr. Abigail near Lib- 

ITAShLTLXfi 8. AY- & CO. (3.W. 
H & M. B. II.) wh. straw and 
xx goods dealer:;, 95 & 27 Pearl, 

Hatmafccr Benj. blk. smith, 114 Baum 
Hatman Anton, shoes. 172 Clay 
Hairnet Elizabeth, seams, 16 Walnut . 
Halt Jas.' M. 297 W. 5th 
HattWm. ooatman, s.s. 6th b. Harriet & 

Hattan Pat. lab. Vine b. Buckeye and 

Hatron Root. barb. 137 Sycamore 
Hattenstine Mrs. Eliza, 5(2 Race 
Hattersley Jona. steel & file warehouse, 

240 W. 7th 
Hatters'ey Saml. grind. 27 Mill 
Hattle John, frame mkr. 110 Hunt 
Hauek Geo. J. cab. mkr. £67 W. 3d 
llauck Jac. wood saw. 21 High 
HAUCKJno. (J. H. & Co.) 395 Syca- 
ri (duo. II. & Benj Peneeman,) 

prep. ' Hoehwaechtor, n 
o„ i ^r 

lour dealers, 372 Walnut 
llauck Lawrence, butch, al. b. Monroe' &: 

Adams &. Elm & Plum 
Havonschild Henry C. mer. tailor, 524 

Hauzh Geo. cab. mkr. 12 Gano 
Haulrh Thos. cutler. 2S5 W. 5th, h. 241 

Haughton Benj. 367 W. 7th 
Haughton B. (Tunnecliife & Co.) 244 Hay ily. port. 174 M 

B'way I Haycock Mrs. 43 Chestnut 

Eaaghtoa J.E. (Tunneciiffe & Co.) 244 I Haycock Mrs. Isabella, 518 Sycamore 

Hausman Anton, wood sawyer, 19 Abi- 

Hausner John, lab. n.s. Cth b. Harriei & 

Hausz Carl, meat store, 543 Elm 

Hantaan David, lab. 152 Maple 

Haveley Eliza, b.h. s.s. Front nr. Broad 

Haveling Geo. lab. Pleaaan'tb. Findlay b, 

Haven , 34 Center 

Haven Jas. L. (J. L. H. Sc Co.) res. 

Haven Jas. L. & Co.(Jas.L. II. &. Benj. 
F. Paddack.) castings, etc 319 Main 
Haven John A. lab. Front b. Rice&. Wal- 
nut F'n 
Havenhorff Chas. mould. 302 W. Front 
Havens Herrick B. b.k. 52 E. 3d 
Havens Luke. elk. 52 E. 3d 
Haver Jno. oof. h. 4-1 Findley 
Ilavercamp Clemens, port. 31 and 33 

Pearl, h. 19 Cherry al. 
Ilavercamp Martin,port.31 and 33 Pearl, 

h. 90 Dudley 
Haverkamp Jos. elk. bds. 66 L. Market 
Haverkamp John, lab. 26 Pleasant 
Haverstraw John, lab. 461 Walnut 
Havlin Ehiza, s.s. Front b. Washington 

and Liberty 
Havlin E- T. mould, n.s. Front b. Wash- 
ington and Liberty 
Havlin Hy. pat. mkr. 214 W. Front 
Havlin Saml. carp. bds. s.w.c. Front and 

Hawe Jos. finish, bds. 49 Race 
Hawkins Adelia, 124 Mill - 
Hawkins Air. turn. bds. 183 Race 
Hawkins Catharine S. teach. 112 Mill 
Hawkins Mrs. Catharine, %3 Observatory 

Hawkins Edw. elk. 42 W. 5th 
Hawkins Elizabeth, n.s. High nr. Stone 

photographic artist, 
h. 397 W. 4th 

Hawkins Hannah. 124 Mill 

Hawkins John, brk. layer, 124 Mill 

Hawkins John, lab. s.s. Front nr. Toll 
Gate F'n 

Hawkins Julia, 124 Mill 

Hawkins Julius jr. barb, shop, 73 Syca- 

Hawkins J. S. plast. s.s. Clark b. Free- 
man and Carr 

Hawkins L. 138 Fulton 

Hawkins Mary A. elk. 96 W. 4th, h. 112 

Hawkins Mrs. Sarah, 112 Kill 

HAWLEY David, (Smith &. n.) 10G 
John • 

Hawoith Owen W. horse auctioneer, 19 
E. 5th 

Hawthorn L.B.. elk. Spencer House 
Hay Hy. nphols. i"'.; Fulton 


H A L'G }!T0X SAaiUEL M 
com. mer. n.e.C. 4th aj 
h. 160 W. 8th 

editor and 

.w.c Court Haucrs J. cab. mkr. 541 Race 
and Main 
Hassaureck (II. Sc Bodenas) 31 Jackson 
U;\<<^ Wm. carp. 127 Hopkins 
Hassel Fred, meat store GU4 W. Row 
Hassel Peter, finisher, 19 Franklin 

Uassenbrook , cut. 37 Pt-arl 

liassenpfiug D. cab. cab. mkr. 192 Clin- 
Hassett Mrs. Man-, 193 Fulton 
Hassett Wm. paint. 31 Elizabeth 
Hassman Hy. Iab.467 Walnut 
Hassoa Wm. 442 W. 7th 
Haste* Mich. coop. Ms. 169 W. 2d 
E i«ings Chas.326 W. 3d 
Hastings Holnian, 124 W. 3d 
Hasting J.E 

Hatch Caroline, washerwoman, New nr. 

Hatch Geo. n.s. Bank b. Linn and Piatt 
Uau-h lbxatio N. elk. 140 and 142 Main, 
bdi. 329 W. 7th 

and Vine, 

Hauek Edward, bar kpr. St. Charles Ex- 
Hauke Anthony, tail. 530 Main 
Haul Adam. carp. bds. n.w.c. Conirrcss 

and. Ludlow 
Hauinanu Theo. baker, bds. 2 Abigail, 
Haun Christ, stone mas. bds. 615 Main 
Haun Conrad, 75 12th 
Haunhield Wm. lab. bds. 4G1 Walnut 
Haup Ew'.j. cig. mkr. 4ti.> Walnut 
llaupt Geo. found. 407 Elm 
Haupt ily. lab. 384 Walnut 
Haupt.l. pat. mkr. 384 WaHiut 
H«Qpt Morris, varnish. PI Sycamore, h. 
Race b. 15th and Liberty 
ter, 147 Main, h. 193 ! Hauseler Anton, lock mkr. 30 W. (5th 
Hauser Adw. plast. bds. B67 Vine 
Bauser Ferd. elk. 19G Main, h. 3U Jack- 
Hauser Hy. blk. smith, fids. 556 W. 5th 
Hauser Mathias, cof. h. 473 Vine 
Hauser Philip, hatter, 46 W. 5th 

Hayden Mrs. Esther, 70 E. 4th 
HAYDKN Peter, (Wilson &: II.) res. New 

Harden Samuel F. mer. 2,-. Q Longworth 
Hayden Saml. L. mach. at D. Griiley's, 

r-'s. Newport 
Haycr Mrs. Yvctwe, seams. 1 Q Woodward 
Hayes Chas. M. carp. w.3. Elm b. Court 

and 9th 
Hayes Francis, dr.. v. 56G Race 
Hayes Michael, elk. 12 E. 4di, h. 143 

Hayes Pat. stone mas. 209 Longworth 
HAVES It. 11. (Corwin H. fi^jRogert,) 

333 W. tkh 
nayes Mrs. Rebecca, 32G Elm 
Hayes Simeon, lab. s-s. Gth b. Harriet and 

Hayes Wna„ proc. s.s. Cth b. B'way and 

Hayes Winston, conf. rear of 1< < W. 3d 
Hayford Wm. teach. 'J37 Richmond 
Hayley Mich. lab. s.s. New ur. R '« .\y 
Haymaker Thos. car. mkr. 132 George 
Haymau Hy.lab. 371 F-'way 
Hayman ily. en£. Bremen b. ICth and 






0. N. BUSH. 

(Successors to W. C. JTJavis & Co.) 


m HMffp 

^-• : 




Holloa Ware, Dog Irons, Sad Irons, Tea Kettles, Cauldron, Potash and Sugar Kettles, 

And Castings in general. And dealers in, and importers of English and American Steel, Juniata 
Iron and Nails of all sizes, and of a warranted quality. 

offset mmm ahb sale rooms, i, e. corner m&m km mwm streets/ 

Foundry on Hunt Street , JSaat of Broadway, 




H lit i: « m m n n *' 1 pm ITi rer Nfii >H» 



0te, Jlolte Wm, Car, gaitaft auir all femis 0! fo&p. 

Foundry, No, 602 Fifth Street and White Water Canal, 






Corner of Seientii ami S&iiiih Streets, Ciuciianati. 

We are prepared to build to order 



And Mill Work generally; Castings of all descriptions, such as Hangers, Pulleys, Shafting, &c. 
Also, Cotton , Hay." Lard, Tobacco, Wine and ail other kinds of Screws. Also, Manufacturers of 
Xtrand's Premium Stock. H ills. 





It j.yinan Jos. 132 Elm 
lki.javer II- 83 Pleasant 
U&yavs Jas. carp. 228 Elm 

H' "'ayxi;sjuux r. 

J^ynes ISaiii 

" 1 30 Waft] 

Haywurd Jos 

IJayward Ma 


uiel, willow ware manuf. 
it, res. Pleasant Ridee 
giJder.9 W. 4th, bds. Perry 
Lha J. 500 W. 3d 
;n, auct. 311 W. 8th 
R^yward Thos. sheet iron roll. 500 TV. 3d 
llays Anii, Adams b. Elm and Plum 
Hays Christ, wks. roLi. mill, rear 578 E. 

Hays Euphomea,b.h. 160 W. 3d 
Hays Francis, teams. 53-1 Vine 
Hays Geo. tinner, 34 and 3(5 Main, h 86 

Hays Isaac, saw mkr. s.w.c, Wade and 

W. Row 
Hays J. stew.. 2?6 W. 8th 
Hays Jas. lab. 427 W. 2d 
Hays Jas. mould. 384 Walnut 
Hays Jno. lab. 1 Accommodation 
Hays John, pap. car. 414 John 
Hays John, lab. n.s. Front b. Washington 

and Liberty 
Bays John, mason, n.s. Front b. Wash- 
ington & Liberty 
Hays Joho, wash board mkr. s.s. Front 

nr. Jamestown Fe.ry 
nays John,- shoe mkr. 156 Clark 
Hays Mrs. Mary, 143 John 
'Hays' Mich. elk. 12 E. 4th, h. 143 John 
Hays Robe M. cut'.. 54 Main, h. 53 Chest- 
Hays Thos. ice man, 371 Plum 
Hays Thos. lab. bds. s.e.c. Front & Long- 
wort e F'n 
Hays Thos. port. 64 Richmond 
Hays Thos. H. hose mkr. bds. 183 Race 
Hays Wins, fruit storeal W. 3d 

HAZAIiD R. ?. & W. S. 
com. merchants, 
61 W. Canal 
HAZARD W. S. (R. p. & W. S. H.) 416 

W. 7th 
IlazelFrank, blk. smith, 40 £. 2d 
-Hazel L. M. police, 97 E. 2d 
Hte'elton Thos. at Greenwald's, Lock, b. 

4th and 5th 
HAZKLTOX Thos. M. (Dennis & H.) 30 

E. 8th 
Hazen Elias, n.s. Front, nr. Vine, F'n 
Hazea L. ship carp, n.s. Front, nr. Vine, PETER, 
prey, store, 
■ n.w.c. CarrandSt'r 
Haalett Jno. prod, and cor i deal. 13 E. 

Front, res. 27 Pike 
HAZLETT Robt. (I. Straub <fc Co.) 237 

ft atet 
Ilazlewood Jno. painter, 508 Race 

''5 J tckson 
Hut Lu&wig, Adams, nr. Plum 
Head J. K. b.k. 64 Laurel 
Head Saral. bill poster, 113 George 
HEADLNGTON Nich. (Ketchum 

bis. B'way Hotel 
Heajy A.M. b.k. U. S. 

B'way Hotel 
Heal;/ Jno. brass fln. bds- 186 Race 
Heaiey Pat. dray. 384 Walnut 
Heaty EMen, press feeder, 167 Wall 


express co. 



HEBERD J. (Carney, Swift &: Co.,) bds- 

Walnut st. II- 
Heck Anton, elk. 93 Main.b. 522 Main 
Hecke Casper, cab mkr. s. e. c. Elm and 

Heckel Mrs. Catherine, Iffi Bremen 
Heckel F. (H. & Irion,) 394 Vine 
Bfecktfl Hy. porter. 106 Bremen 
Hecker Fred. cof. h. n.w.c Vine and 15th 
Heckert Hy. F. elk. PS B'way 
Heekett Mrs. Mary, 46 E. 8th 
Heckewe'.der Thos. broker, 4 W. 3d, h. 

h. 88 VT. Front 
Heckle & Irion, (F. H. <fc T. I.,) ov3ter 

depot, 39! Vine 
Heckle Jos. cof. h. 701 E!m 
Heckman Jno. F. lab. 305 W. 5th 
Heekwetdet- Wm. driver city engine No. 8 
Hectsler Jno. tailor, 553 Main 
Header Lewis, lab. 713 W. Row 
Heddinger Martha, dress mkr. s.s. Webb, 

b. Stone and Wood 
Hedselin Amanda, seam. 508 W. 3d 
Hedgelin Jacob, team. 508 W. 3d 
Hedser Robt. candy manuf. 334 &. 23C> 

Hedges Davenport 0. b.h. 92 Can- 
Hedges E. W. asst, elk. com. schools, 52 

Centre, h. 153 W. 8th 
HEDGES J, A. (Scott & H.) res. New- 
Hedges Nat. G. 5 College Hall biugs.bds. 

Heed Harvey, brick layer, 293 W. 8th 
Heely Dar.l. lab. 24 Dublin 
Heemann Lambert, dry goods, 485 Slain, 

h. Walnut, b. 13th and Allison 
Heene Hv. elk. s.e.c. Congress and Pike 
Heerclt A. tailor, 562 W. Row 
Heermann Fred; W. sadler, 299 Ham. 

lleet Anthony, groc. 70 Hunt 
Ileet Lewis, lab. 491 Race 
Heberniehl G. shoe mkr. 452 Vine 
Hefferman Thos. carp. 10 W. 2d 
Hefferman Thos. carp. 538 Race 
Heffermas Thos. W. carp. 225 George 
HeSfman Thos. lab. 116 Butler 
Heffher Danl. lab. 6.1 Buckeve 
Hcfiey Isaac, printer, 112 Main, h 269 

W. 7th 
Hefling Jno. lab. 554 Race 
Hefter Reimend, carp. s. s. 12th, b. Vine 

ami Race 
He.'tner Albert, tinner, 38 Ham. road 
Heffartner Geo. n.s. Fiont, nr. cor. line, 

Hegsrer Fred, porter, 12 Pearl, h. 108 

Hetrsrer Jno. B. printer, bds. 90 E. 2d 
Heggins, sadler, bds. 79 W. 3d 
Hegin Hy. boot mkr. 549 Main 
Hegmao Hy. tailor, n.e.c Eim and Find- 

Hehemann Mrs. E. 297 Linn 

Tremont house, 
s.e.c. 5th anil Vine 
Kehne Rev. J. F. 17 Pendleton 
Heich Geo. shoe mkr- 457 W. 3d 
Heich Jno. B. plumber, 38 I W. Row 
Heid K. L. fancy store, 130 W. 5th 
Heidscher Peter, baker, 23 W. 5th 
Heidelbacb Ann, widow, 86 E. 3.1 
I Heideibach H. clothine store, 49 E. 5th 


Ileum Jacob, Lib. 202 W Front 
Hearn Cornelius, bk. layer, 137 Carr 
Haaratbeal Jacob, pattern mkr. 30 Mercer 
Heartley Geo. dray. 169 Catherine 
Heartley Robt. dray. 220 Kemble 
llcaael &c Co. blk. smiths, 5\.'4 W Row 
HeaSel Hy. ( H. <8c Co.) Letts, b. Piatt & 

Heath Thos. IT. brk. layer, 38 Bctts 
Ueatherington Jno. lab- Front, b. Rice. Sc 

Walnut, F'n 
HEATON Thos. (W. W. Cones & Co.,) 

re,. Mt. Auburn 
Heavirn Wm. 9 Sycamore, bds. 117 W. 

Hoavuer Andrew, baker, 30 L. Market 
UflbensbreU Peter, lab. 52 Liberty 

HEIDI". L.BAC1I Marum, (H. Scasougood 

& Co.) res. N. York 
HJEIDELBACH Phillip, (H. Seasongood 

<k Co.) 84 E. 3d 
Heideibach M. (U. Wertheimer &. Klaw,) 

(Philip H. Jacob 5. Marun II.) wh. 
clothing and dry goods, 90 Main, 
c 3.1 
Heideibach Wertheinner & Klaw, (M. n. 
A. \V. «fc M. K.) manuf. cloihuig, 36 
HeidelmaD Hy. lab. 404 Linn 
: [eWecker C. cig. mkr. k 2:!3 3i:dn (Race 
li-i I. ,..,- r-ouis, elk. 12 Pi:«rl,h. 517 


;; { prov. store, 

54 1 Race 

Heidkemp & Grever, (Jos. H. &. Frank 
G.) clothiers, 411 Main 

Heidkamp Jos. (II. & Grever,) 411 Main 
lieid.-irhO. tailor, n. s. High, b. Wash- 
ington and Lil)crty 
Heidts (ieo. (Strahley & H.) 15 nickory 
HEIEATX William (II. fc Woods) res." 
Mon corner v" 

R LIE ATT & WOODS, (Wm. H. & W. 
H. W.) pork and com. mer. 
n.e.c. Court and Sycamore 
Heiank Benarfe, groc. n.s. Front, nr. 

Kehey, F'n 
Ileierway A. E. meat store, 565 Main, h. 
2d,b. Vine and Race 


fl ai. phys. 

x J 86 W. 7th 

Highway Wm. H. 68 Allison 

Heil Philip, taiwr, s.w.c. Vine and Eldi»r 

Heiler Christopher, cof. h. 37 Ham. Road 

Heilig M. J. dress rakr. 51 W. 7th 

Heitinan Frank, lab. 612 Elm 

Heilman Jno. currier, 1(J6>2 Main, bdi. 

Fireman's Hall 
Hehu Jno. lab. 157 Pleasant 
Heim Wm. printer, lo7 Pleasant 
Heimroth Adolph, printer, 21 E. 3.1, res. 

ITeimsath Hy. grocery, 20 Milton 
IJeinback Leo M. 33 Madison 
Jleinfelt Conrad H. cooper, s. s. Cherry, 

b. E!m and Race 
Heing Jos. cur aaiith, 21 Vv'. 7th 
Heinking Chas. c!k. 61 Main 
Heinman George, tailor, 131) Ham road 
Heinrich Fred. (Reider &: 11.) 562 Vine 
Heins Jno. carp. h. 128 Walnut 
Heinshoinu r J. ]{. &. Co. (Jos. H. H. fc 
Simon Lyons,) vhr clothiers and dry 
goods, 126 Main 
Heuisheiuicr Lewis, b.k. 126 Main, h. 4 

Heiiisheimer Jacob A. elk. 126 Main, h. 

4 Harrison 
Heinsheimer Jos. H. (J. U. H. & Co.) 4 

Ilemtz Jno. C. cab mkr. n.s. Augusta, 

b. V*". Row and John 
Heinzehnaun Geo. 140 Barr 
Heirider Danl. elk. 119 Hopkins 
Heis Andy, cooper, bds. n. w. c. Ham. 

road ami Walnut 
Heis Kaufman, huckster, n.s- 6th, b. 

BVay and Culvert 
Heis Wm. cab mkr. 40? Elm 
Heisel Jno. G. carp. 266 Hopkins 
Heitipol Barnard, blk. smith, 11 Pendle- 
Heitmeyer Arnold, porter, 66 and 63 

Heitmeyer J. F. elk. 66 and 63 Walnut, 

h. 379 Vine 
Hekin Jno. boatman, 79 Mill 
Helan Jno. express, 43 K. Eighth 
Heltbinc Fred. bds. 47 12th, 
Meldaback Jos. lab. 1CI Woodward 
Helde Jacob, con Fee. h'-4 Freeman 
Helforc fly. lab. >4 Walnut 
Helker Ernst, lab. -'U Madison 
Hellebush Clements, b.k. Ci Maic,h. 43 

Heller A. blk. smith, 41 Kemble 
HELLER Francis B. (II. <t l'oung,) 71 

Holler Jno. lab. 21 Franklin 

HELLM & YOl'N'Ui (Francis P. H. 
i*. Elias Y.) stoves and ranges, 
228 Elm 
Helling Hy. "tone cutter, 142 Clay 
Hellinger Geo. lab. 1 .3 Poplar 
Uellinger Leonard, stone mason, 133 
I Poplar 

Hellnian Aliert M. elk. 9 Pearl, h. 63 
; Richmond 

Hellmahn Fred. JI. boot and shoes, 178 
I Main 
lb !im an Herman H. porter, 22 and 84 

Mam, res. Cbvinfftoii 
HKI.I.'dAN Marx, (Mej berg & B0 •> JM 

Helm Vugnston L. encraver, IV Maui 
Helm Jno. lab. e.s. Avenue, b Harrison 

ro.ul and Bank 
Heim Jno. porter, 10 Buckeye 
I Helman Adiun, lid). l^ s CIhjt 

Uelman Chaj. F. s.s. Kemble, below Dir- 
' riet 



Cflmmerrial gmm watt €mm$ 

<-© \ 

t Tfct AW liH-lttfft* 


^.ffl©Mi i©»&I¥ WIlfI2©if &®$EI$Ji»g 


Isaac Bruce, F, F. Brroks. J no. A. Skiff. L. G. E. Strong, William Wood. Abia Keller 
J. A. TOW^XEY, Secretary. ISAAC COPELEN, President. 

This Company is prepared to effect Fire, Marine and Inland Insurance at favorable rates 
Office, N, W. Cor. Main and Front Streets, Cincinnati. 





And Manufacturers of the May Flower, Old Kentucky, Crescent and Ohio Cook Stoves, and every 
description of Parlor, Sis, Seven and Ten Plate Stoves, and Hollow Ware, Wagon Boxes, Dog Irons, 
Sugar Kettles and every description of Castings; Also, wholesale dealers in all sizes of Bar, Hound, 
Square and Hoop Iron, Nails, Steel, Axes, Iron Safes, Grindstones, &c. Blacksruitbs' Tools, 
Springs and Axles, &©. All of of which arc offered at low prices and very liberal terms. 

No. 5 Front St., between Main and Sycamore, 

Keeps constantly on hand for sale a full assortment of 




Intelligence Offices, 

Shires', n. w. c. Race and 4th. 
Burbbayge I. B., 37 e. 4th. 
Steffens. Edward, 454£ Main. 

Iron, Nails, Steel, Sec, 

Campbell Eliison & Co., 21 e. 2d. 
Chamberlain & Co., n. e. c. 9th and Main. 
Gaylord, Son & Co., SS, 90 and 92 Broadway 
Patterson & Greer, 14 P. Landing. 
Phillips & Jordan, 58 & 60 e. 2d. 
Potter Luther F., 5 Public Landing. 
Shreve, Steel & Co., n. e. e. Broadway & 2d 
Wenning H. N., 360 Main. 
Worthington & Co., 42 and 44 w. 2d. 

McDowell John Shcenberger G. K. 
Neave, Free & Co & J. H. 
KeaveT. <L Sons Wolff Daniel. 
Iron (Pig Iffanutaetujrers and Uea'ers.) 

Campbell, Ellison & Co., 21 e. 2d. 

Glidden Daniel A., 19 e. 2d. 

Traber & Aubery, yard 3. s. Water e. of Vine 

store 7 Front. 
Sinton & lueaua. 

Iron Foundries. 

JAnchor Iron Works, Chamberlain & Co., Hunt 
| e. of Broadway, store n. w. c. Main & 9th. 
jCoiumbian Foundry, J. H. Burrows & Co., n. 
! s. 2d. b. Elm and Plum, office 27 w. Front. 
Eagle Iron Works, Miles Greenwood, n. e. c. 

Walnut and Canal. 
Elmers & Forkner, 602 w 5th. 
jGreenwald Isaac, c. 5th and Lock. 
Greenwood SI. & Co., 396 Walnut. 
'Fayette Works, David Griffey, Congress bet. 
} Ludlow arid Lawrence. 
Moore ec Richardson, n. s. Front b. Lawrence 

and Pike. 
Niles & Co., (J. S. & J. M.) n. s. Congress b. 

Butler and Carrol. 
Niles Works, 222 e. Front (Deer Crk. Bridge.) 
Patterson & Greer, store 14 Public Lane;;::;. 
Powell David A., 30 Butter. 
Resor Win. & Co., c. Smith & Water, store 13 
| and 15 Main. 
(Reynolds, Kite &. Tatum, 264 and 271 Water. 




Ilelman Hy. carp. 10 Duniap 
HeliDan^Ss. W§ Mosses 
Ifeiiaann Albert, elk. CO Richmond 
IL-lhuann .fuo. cooper, 372 B'w.ay 
H'eimer Jbkk Kk. mason-, 166 Lftfcrty 
Helmer Phitfp, shoe mkr. -3 15th 
Helmricfc Chas. b. hind, 25 W. 4th 
Jfehxug Hy. lab. n.^.c Eira and Finffley 
lMmig Hy. cvnfec. s-s. Front, nr. Vine, 

Helmig Jos. grocery. 10 Dunlap 
Heiruieh Wat. cig. mkr. n. s. - I>urgoyrje, 

b. Sycamore and Main 
Helmkamp Hy. elk. Ri5 Main, h. 210 

Helmke Geo. bds. 169 W. 5th 
Helmke J. bds. 1(39 W. 5th 
ifelmreich Conrad, butch. 33 and 33 Jef- 
Helms II. tail. 337 Walnut 
Hehnsink John, tanner, 93 Woodward 
Heitnstaffer Fred, cof. h. Hani. ,Road b. 

Coleman and Kiddle 
Helmsteder John, tail. 118 Vine 
Heimus Barney, lab. 65 Green 
Heimus Herman, lab. c5 Green 
Help Rosanna. conf. e.s. W. Row, b. 

Front and Water 
H-lsher Hy. lab. 356 BVay 
Kehvig Rev. Chas. Everett 
Helwig Wm. brk. layer, 67S Main 
Helvvv Herman, grofc. 381- B "way 
Heh' Ja*. bis. 23'.) W. 6th 

MEMNN JOSEPH A, ecL and prop. 
V.olksfreund, and prop, of W ahr- 
heits Freuml, s.w.c. Vice and Cen- 
ter, h. 132 Elm 
Heraherg Frank, lab. 163 Linn 
Hemhig Hy. tailor, l s 3 L : nn 

HemcQtt , oar man, 56 Rittenhouse 

ITemhoff Hv. shoe mkr. 52 Webster 
HEMIXGRAY Robt. (Gray & H.) res. 

Keminway Robt. A. elk. at Woodruff 

Hemicmrnv Saml. J. elk. Hammond b. 

3d and 4th, res. Covington 1 

Hemiiiway Sand. T. "W oodfuff House Ho« | 

tel, «'.s. Sycamore b. 3d and 4th 
Henimer Louis- ccf. h. 47 12th 
Heronet Laurence, la 1 -. 17 Tanner 
Hempa Hy. carp. 510 Plum 
Kempe Carl, lab. 33 Webster 
Hempel Fred- funji. 36 W. Court 
Hesopel Nicholas, shoe store, n.w.c. 

Findtay and Race ' 

Hempeiman Bernard, groc. c. Maple and ! 

Hamper John, tailor, 21 Mercer ! 

Hem pneld Griff, carp. n.s. Front near! 

Scone F'n 
Hemphill Edw. carp- n.s Front nr. Long- j 

worth F'n 
Hemphill das. wag. Walker's Brewery 
Hempie Nicholas, shoe mkr. 46 Buckeye 
Herasin? Richard, elk. D7 W. Court, h. 

Henchman Allen, b.k. 334 W. 3d 
Hendc-oson Geo. carp. bds. 14 Race 
Henderson Jas. lab. 186 W. Court 
Henderson J. cook, Woodruff House 
Henderson Jos. sales. 9 Sycamore, h. 272 

Henderson Jos. wood deal. 14 Rnce 
Henderson J. A. bonnets, <fcc. 204 W. 

5 th 
Henderson Jos. W. cab. mkr. 86 Hop- 
Henderson Silas, river man, n.s. 7th b. 

B'way and Culvert 
Henderson Thus. 77 E. Front, res. New- 
Henderson Thos. J. atty. 2 law bldgs. 
Henderson W. C. elk. 33 Main, bds. 

15 V iv Hotel 

TT L'.V Li !'■; ivSOX TTF.UTN'GTOX, 
j j clothing store, 111 W. 5th, 

h. 374 W. 4th 
Headley Chas. (H. &c Westcott,) res.New- 

Head ley C. W. practical hatter, 2G2 W. | 

Bradley fc Westcott, (Chas.H.& M.A. 

W.) manuf. cf boots, s.e.c. Sycamore 

and 2d 
Hecdrehan Jaa. finish. OOHnnt 

Hendres Adam, lab. S3 W. Front 
Hendrick Bernard, lab. 275 Ham. Road 
Hendricks John, boot mkr. n.s. Hopkins 

b. Clark and John 
HlBNDKICKS Jos. G. (Thomas & II.) 

Pike nr. 5th 
Hendrix Albert B. b,k. 174 Main, bds. 145 

Hendv Samuel, carp. 101 Richmond 
Henebelt Wm. h. 6U Wade 
Hener John, stone mas. 473 Race 
Hekesy W. p. bds. fttrlow House 
Hene.dey Mrs. Marv., 573 W. Raw 
Heneson M m. lab. 1U2 Clay 
Hene.-say Wax. plast. 172 Cutter 
Hetiucssy Jos. stone mas. 20 David 
Henirelein (Jeu. lab. 554 Walnut 
Henghold Wm. baker, bds. 172 Syca- 
Henhaus Andrew, 537 Main 
Hennikink Hy. tailor, 41 E. 7th 
Henin;,' Geo. lab. 1(2 Clay 
Henkan HmTaanii,. grocer, 05 Clay 
Henke Jno. tailor, 343 Main, h. 200 Syc- 
Henkel C- cab. mkr. 192 Ciinton 
Hennefeld Jno. coop, over 522 Malta 
Henneirer Arnold, tailor, 4 Pleasant 
Henneke Hy. china store, 14 .lefferson 
Henneraan H. B. shoe mkr. 108 Smith 
Hennerfeld Hy. stone saw. 121 Pleasant 
Hennes A. F. teach, n.w.c. 13th and 

nennesey Andresv.stone cutter, 33 E.7th 
Hennesey Mrs. Mary,, seams. Cutter b. 

Wade aud Melancthon 
nenness Wm. T elk. 5 E. Canal 
Mennessy John, teamster, 255 Kemble 
Henne-sv Pat. asst. city auditor, bds. 

Be vis House 
Hennessy Richard, bakery. 635 W. Row 
Hennesy Robt. dviv. 4(10 W. 3d 
HenhingGeo. cutter, 16 and 18 W, 5th, 

h. 477 Race 
Henna; g Hy. cigar mkr. 438 Main 
HeumngerHy. currier, Ci9 Main, h. 663 

He-nnington Lurry, huck. n.e.c. Walnut 

and Court 
Henuissy Jas. tailor, 6 Pearl 
Henny Anthony F. teach. 21 E. Liberty 
Henoch Elkan, (E. &I.IL II.) 184 W. 

Henoch E. & I. II. (Elkan & Israelii.) 

cloth, manuf. 184 W. Court 
Henoch Israel II. (E. & I. II. II.) res. 

Henrioler Bernard, lab. e.s. Avenue b. 

Bank and Harrison Road 
HenrlchJac. lab. 11 Bremen 
Henrich John J. porter, 388 Race 
Henrie John, elk. BVay Hotel 
Henrjech Fred. bis. n.w.c. 15th and Tine 
Henriks Jno. elk. 12 Hammond, h. 322 

Henrine John, blk. smith, h. 04 Betts 
Henry And.-ew, cof. & b.h. 401 Walnut ; 
Ilenrv Andrew, wood cutter, a I. b. P tr- i 

sons & Whittaker & High an<( Front 
Henry Andrew A. bk. bind. 141 Main 
Henry Caroline, dr. mkr. 125 M»scs 
Henry Chas. waiter, n.s. 7th b. B'.vay & 

Henry E. F. P. 104 W. 4th 
Henry Evan J. atty. G Manchester Bid?. 
Henry Frank, carp. Fulton car works F'n 
Henry Fred, bar kpr. 20 W. 5th 
Henry Geo. shoe mkr. 14 RingproM 
Henry Geo. T. sales. 10 Pearl, Ms. Spen- j 

cer House 
Hemic House, n.s. 3d b. Main & Syca- ! 

more, J. Woods prop. 
Henry Hugh, ship carp, s.e.c. Front and 

Walnut b"n 
Ilenrv Jacob, Canal Hotel, Main b. Canal 

ami 12th 
]( pork packer, 
Jl - 251 Cutter 
Hour-; John, lab. rear 265 W. fth 
ilenrv John, lab. bils. 102 W. 3d 
HENRY John,(Polaud«Sc 11.) bds. B'way 

Henry John, tailor, bds. 125 W. 2d 
Henry Josiah, carp. n.s. Front near 

Vine F'n 

nenry Mrs. Mar<raret,dr. mkr. fvj Kemhle 
Henry Martin, elk. 40 Sycamore 
Henry Philip blk. smith, s.B.Tavkw 
HEN BY Richard, (Geo. Q. Miller «Sc Co.) 

2t.3 W. 7th ; 

Henry Robt. en^'in. 125 Moses 
Henry Robt. carp. s..-,. Front nr. Market 

Henry' Ruben B carp. 97 W. Front 
Ilearie Simon, cloth, sture, 511 \ ne 
Henry Tims. bds. 239 V,'. 4:: a 
Hensel Wm. S. carp. n.s. Hi-h nr. Rred 

HEN3E5? B. (il. & Retake,) 473 Main 

ji Bernard H. & Au-. R.) 
?*;■' dry goods, 47 3 Main 
Henser Qeai mould. 3D6 Walnut 
IIcnshaH Jas. elk. 824 W. Front 
Henshavv Chas. II. broker, 40 W. 4lh 
Hcnshaw Ed. elk. to Sycamore, h. 45 

Henshaw Geo. cab. ware manuf. 85 Syc- 
amore, h. 45 Everett 
Henshaw Hy. turn. 45 Everett 
llem-diaw J. H. furniture manuf, 409 

Henshaw Samuel, elk. 85 Syc.amore.h.45 

Hensiubnnk Fred; lab. 105 Woodward 
Htmsier Jac. lock smith, 3S0- Walnut 
Hensiey E. ham. curer, res. Walnut Hals 
Henstler John, brewer, bds. 007 Vine 
Hcntz Fred. 625 W. Row 
Hentr.i Rodolph. oil. table mkr. bds. 66 

Henzler Jno. terra cotta m»uf. 23 Jef- 
Hepp Christian, bar kpr-i43 Main 
Heptiua L'.aer, shoe mkr. lids- 014 Vine 
Ilepworth Wm. leather s^ore, 3b8 Main 
Heranii- aver Cris. v:r. 12 Gano 
Herberding Frank, confec. s.w.c 9th & 

Herbert Chas. brush manuf. 470 W. Row 
He*ert Mrs. Margrefc, 2d h. Lawrence &, 

Herbert Mich, printer, F8 Mam 
Herbert U'. F. sales. 30 Pearl, bis. Madi- 
son House 
Heroes 11 v. pu-t. 31 Sycamore,h. Baem 
Herbig Fred, sad.ller. 93 W. Court 
Herb!,; J ©ha F- suM'er. 89 W. i urt 
Herbit Pat. brk. laver, 414 Sycamore ' 
Hc-brich Ke'fix, fringe mkr. 29 Jciiersoa 
Herlwt Herman, tinner,226 Linn 
lErb-rreit Frank, rope mkr. 432 Plum 
Hcrtwtreit Matdiias-prnv. store, iOl Vine 
Hercher ily. brk.rakr. 131 Even tt 
lb rchev Philliji, n^tie cot. 5~d Race 
ID t Paol, l)i_js.5i 2 Walnut 
H.-ider Gu^t'ave, hard ware store, 333 

Slain, h. 24 W. Fth 
Herdman Chas P. shoe mkr. 335 Cutter 
Herebecker Fred, thoe mkr. 4t> Plum 
IL red G .\>, W- Sciotoxoliing im'd c ). rt.-?. 

HtrfnerChas. shoemkr,69 Clay 
Here air.. Francis, boots and sheet 

Herjrner J ■ hn. Istb. 31 Hockeyo 
Ibaataee Mi>. Ano.47 E. 8th 
Heritage Jm" ph. con/cc- 302 W. 5th 
Herkes Phillip, tailor, )T9 W.Liberty 
iJ Tlihy Danl. shoe mkr. s.s. Hch E. 

Herb' Ti«. s. lal^, 218 Cutter 
Hermalt Henry, lab, bi',2 Main 
Herman ft, pedler, 57 Geortfe 
lliirmau Ceo. shoe mkr. 2S Providence 
H'rman Ibdman, team. 40 iy 
llcnna.n II. ;?. shoe irikr. 49 L'laia 
Ifennan Saml. sales. 24 R, 21 
Hermann Iked, shoe mkr. Adams nr. 

Hermann Henry, carp. 62 Backej •• 
Hermann Jacob, b. hinder. 7! W. 3 I 
Hermann Jacob, tailor, -" I 
Hermann Jno. brush mkr. Brcnwa c. 

Liberty and 15th 
Hefmis Herman, lab. e.s. Park, b. W. 7\ . 

Canal and 2d . . 

Herokl August bar. shop, '*■•■ naia 
Heron Chas. H. ■ ..:•- 81 E-^ 
Heron Mrs. Jane, H 5 Bait 
Heron John, lab. 134 >Vater 


ma* ,-p, nag 

''■'■■J) m ■■*" 1 vj-^?->"J i 1 

E-t : & ^ 

g as 

es> fc '" "*» 2 ^ 

21 15 

EH ^ ft * 

j SPu sal 






■ ■■■■'■ 








Heron 'fir;*- driver, 13J Water 
Hernethey Wm. elk. 25 Pleasant 
Hwiwasttg-John, lab. 170 Clay 
Uerpink Bernard, lab. Smith, b. Aug-jt- 

taaud '2d 
ffertald Chas. baker, bds. 27 Race 
Herring Thos. lab. 630 W. 8th 
Herrington Catharine, seams. 2.16 Water 
tea deal. 42 W. 5th 
h. 1% Richmond 
Hemnanu George, clothing store 54 Syc- 
Herrmann Jacob, elk. 51 Sycamore 
Herrmann M. hatter, 106 B'way 
Herron Andrew C land agt, 63 W. 4th 

h. 03 Water 
Herron John, en-. 105 Beits 
HERRON Jno. W. (Collins & H.) 135 

E. 5th 
Herron Mrs. S. 207 George 
Hersch Phillip, lab. 1U3 Logan 
Herschman Geo. lab. 219 Walnut 
llershmann Geo. bik. smith. 23 Abigail 
Hersman John, boot mkr, X JQ Abigail 
Herat P. real estate agt. 40 E. 2d 
Ilert Frank, shoe mkr. 686 Tine 
Herting. A-c finisher, 230 Walnut 
Beetle Law. meat store. 592 Main 
Hertson Martin, lab. 727 Elm 
Hertzveader Peter- carriage smith, 616 

Hervey Alex, s.w.c. 8th and Linn 
Hervey Alex, confec. 449 W. 7th 
Herwlg Henry, ci-ars and tobacco, 10 

Herwig Harmon, bds. 10 Woodward 
Herwugeh Hy. tailor, 75 Clay 
Heschong Jno. M. vermicelli and maca- 
roni man uf. 551 Walnut 
Heschony Jos. vermicelli mkr. 551 Wal- 
Hesehoas Michael, vermicelli mkr. 551 

Heshmann Hy. tailor, 15 -Jefferson 
Heskamp John, cooper. 3'»0 B'way 
JTesler Cornelius, lab. 161 W. Liberty 
Heshing Hernion, groc. n.w,c Liberty fe. 

Hess A. pedler. S5 Pleasant 
Hess Abram, 214 Elm 
Hess Cains, tailor, 124 Pleasant 
Hess Casper, eof.h. Pleasant, b. Findiay 

and Ham. Road 
Hess Hart, 100 Race 

Hess Henry, b.k. 379 Main, h. 17 W. 9th 
Hess Jacob W. elk. 28 and 30 E. 2d 
Hess John, butch. 106 Clinton 
II ess Horses, clothing store. 359 Main, h. 

17 W. 9th 
Hess Sam!, butch. 9 Melancthon 
Hess Thos. n.s. Front tit. Broad F'n 
Hessbaje Geo. cooper. 210 Maple 
Hessdorfer Prank, teacher. 17 Pendleton 
Hesse John, barber,- 28 W. Court 
Hesse Jos. lab. 9 Jefferson 
Hessellrock b. 13. shoe mkr. 83 Front 
Hesseler H ;n . (Wm. II. & Co.) h. c 

Pendleton and Hunt 
Hesseler Wm. & Co. (Win. H. &: Jno. F 
Thummel) Venetian blinds, 147 Sye- 
Hessen Hermon, trunk mkr. 126 Clay 
Hassing Henry, blk, smith, bds. 47 12th 
Hessing Hermon, trunk mkr. 26 Clay 
Hessler A&ton, finisher. 530 Main 
Jlmisy Jos. Lab. 103 Woodward 
Hester Adam, n.w.c. 3d and Race 
Hester David, baker, 032 W. Row 
Hester Jacob, lab. 65 Buckeye 
Hester Pat. waiter, 65 Rltrenhosfese 
Hetersimer Geo. c.f.h. 7 Buckeye 
Heiham Henry, lab. s.w.c. Mound and 

HetlirinstoD .John. lab, n.'». Fulton, b. 

Market and Harris-. n F'n 
Rett Bernard G-. prov. store, 655 Sycn- 

Hettich C. F. sales. 29 Pearl, h. 13th 

and Walnut 
Hettick F. dry goods, 449 Wainut 
Hetsier Jno. lab. e.s. Brighton, b. Harri- 
son Roa.l and Bank 
Hettslmer D. butch. 552 Elm (F'n 

Heta John, tailor, n.s. Front, nr. KeUey 
lletoeil David, bk. binder, 43 Main 

HefczeJ Jno. elk. 12 and 14 W. 2d, h. 208 

HeueiiebrandLeopld, bk. binder. 25 W. 

4th, h. n.w.c. Jackson and 12th 
Heuer Bernard, brk. layer, 293 Liberty 
Heuer Ernst, cigar mkr. 621 Main 
HECEKMAN Jno. (L, G. Sayre & 

Co.) h.n.s, 8th, b. Mound and Cutter 
Heuey Francis, pedler, 313 W. 2d 
Heun Bernard, elk. 44 W. 7th 
Heun Edward, elk. 515 Vine 
Heun Jno. lab. 34 Punlap 
Heuseker Hy. dray. 21 Gano 
Heveiin John, ex. driv. 65 W. Front 
Hewe Fred, dry goods, and millinery 571 


i I shoe store, 34 W. 5th 

XJ h. 213 Everet 

Hewett Lucinda, seams. 121 W.2d 

Hewitt Alf D. elk. 200 Walnut, bds. 160 

Plum ; 

Hewitt Amanda, b. folder, 167 Walnut, h. 

246 Richmond 
Hewit Mrs. Eliza, tailoress. 347 W. Row i 
Hewitt Henry, 162 Plum 
Hewitt lly. S. gents fnrmsning slore,200 

Walnut, h. 162 Plum 
Hewit Wm. elk. 246 Richmond 
Hewitt Wm. carp. 463 W. 3d 
Hewitt Wm. lab. 64 Moses 
Hewlett Jerry S. sales, 11 Main 
Hewsing Mary, widow, washerwoman 5S1 

T] M$m & mvsm, cw. M."k h, 

j~| k. Calvin and V. m H.) wh. grocers 

and com mcr. 83 and 85 Walnut 
Hewson J. H. teller, O, L, I. & T. Co. 

bds.BVay Hotel 
Hewson Peter maeh-76 E. Front 
HEWSON Wm. M. F. (II. & Holmes) 90 

E. 3d 
Hewston John, 140 Longworth 
I 1 Oregon House 
XI - 202 Walnut 
Hey Albion, finisher. 146 George 
Hey Jacob, cof. h. 56 Ham Road 
llty Mrs. Margaret, cof. h.~n.s. Lebanon 

Pike. b. Boal and Corporation 
Hey Thos. plasterer, 467 W. 4th 
Hay Wm. plasterer, 4b7 W. 4th 
Heylen Prof. Louis, res St. Xaviers Col. 
Heyman Louis, printer, 168 Vine 
HeyneWm. cutter, 1G6 Main 
Hezht Jacob, 6-14 Vine 
Hiaez E. blk. smith, 333 W. Row 
Hiard Charles, baker, s.s. 6th, b. Harriet 

Hibbard John, hatter. 310 George 
RIB BARD S. P. (Athaern <Sc H.) bds. 4th 

b. Sycamore and B'way 
Hibben J. II. sales. 11 Pearl 
Hibben Oliver II. elk, 4^ Pearl 
Hiber Eliza, widow, 496 Vine 
Hh>er Saml. M. atty. at law, 4W Tine 
H.bbert Jno. H. (Van Sant &. 1I-) n.s. 

George, b. Cutter and Linn 
Hibberts A If. hatter. 368 Kemble 
Hichue Geo. lab. 126 Pleasant 
Hick Bsrnhard, tailor, 477 Main 
Hickard Mrs. Mary, washing. 57 Wood- 
HICKCOX Wm. C (Bart & H.) bds 46 

Hickenlooper Andrew, elk. 63 W. 4th 

h. 108 Betts 
Hicker Herman, tab. 3f<7 Vine 
Hicker John, trimmer., 16 and 38 E. 8th 
Htckcr J. C groc 361 W.Hh 

ilickey , raftch. bds. 102 Sycamore 

Hiekfiy Alice, 12 Park 

Ilickey Dennis, driver, 139 LongWOTth 

Ilickey Jno. L. harness mkr. 102 Main 

h. 6"> Providence 
Hi-key Martin, driver, 139 Longworth 
Hiekey Martin, !ab,79 w. How 
H'ckev Mich. lab. 3d E. 8th 
Hiekey Pat, roofer, bds. 183 W. 2d 
Hiekey Rich, butch. Deer Creek 
Hickt-v Thos. coop' r, u-s. Cd b. Race fc 

Vine (231 W. 4:h 

HICKMAN Joaiah L. (J. L. H. ic Co.) 

36 W. 3d 

Hickmaas I .brush mkr 634 W. Row 
Hickox Hiram S. carp. 25S Hopkins 
Hicks Chas. E. elk. 27 Main, h. 124 W. 

Hicks Geo. B. tel. operator, 7 E. 3d bd« 

4th. b. B'way ami Sycamore 
Hicks Jas. 124 w. 4th 
Hicks Nottev. dress mkr. 161 Culvert 
IFcks v{ m . lab. 119 Dudly 
Hutden Otis, b.k. 12 Pearl, h. 290 W. 8ih 
Hidecker Il> . lab. 406 Race 
Hidieman Herman, lab. 171 Oliver 
Hidten Otis, b.k. 290 W. 8th 
Hidvcker II. carp. 567 Race, h. 67 14th 
Hiecker Chas. carp. bds. 617 Vine 
Hiecker Martin, mould. b<ls. 617 Vino 
Hielman Uy. coop. 90 W. 2d 
Hieni in August, bar k. bds. n.w.c. Ham. 

road and Liberty 
Hien Fred, butcher, 90 JJindley 
Hiensamer Lepold, bakery, 27 Race 
Hieusius Fred, type castor, Cin. type 

Hiepson, elk. bds. 79 W. 3d 
Hierman Jno. tailor, 70 13th 
Higbee Ahiasa, (H. I'. Co..) res. Green 

TTIGBKK A. & CO. (Aniasa Jf. &Jas. 
fi B. HO lumber yard, n.e.c. Water &. 
XX Kim 

Hi-bee Ira B. 420 John 
Higbee Jas. B. (A. H. & C.) 163 George 
Hi-bee Josiah J. elk. bds. 46 Plum 
Higbee Wm. wlfarf master, 45 Plum 
Higbee Win. AV. lumber yard, river land- 
in-, b. Race and \ine, h. 46 Plum 
Hi -don B. trader, 307 George 
Higdou E. tea mer. 257 W. Bow, h. 270 
" W. 8th 

]1 paver, 

xx 270 W. 8th 

3d St. Stock Exchange 
•3« r\ r 'j.i 

Ir.gdon Thos. constable, 39 Kemble 
Higgerson Michael, station house keeper, 

21 E. 7th 
Higgins Mrs. A. J. s.w-c. Gano and Wal- 
Higgins Jas. shoe mkr. 12 Walnut, h. 13 

W. 6th 
Higgins Jno. lab. 1 Accommodation 
HigginS Margaret, laundress, 170 W. 

High Geo. M. elk. 10* Everett 
Higher Wm. groc. n.e.c. Baum and 6th 
Highhek'er Geo. lab. e.s. Brighton, b. 

Hanison road and Bank 
Highland Jacob, en-. 35 Smith 
Highland Jno. eacher, bds. s. s. Front, 

" nr. Broad, F'n 
Highland I --.vie, teacher, Ms. s.s. Front, 

^ nr. Broad, F-n 
Hi-ley Jno. cooper. 24 Bank 
Hi-man Win. porter, 20 uud 22 W. Sd, 

res. Reading Pike 
IP.-on Jno. carp. 17 E. 8th 
Hilbrenner Fred. Wm.-carp. -553 Walnut 
HildebrsindJno. lab. 10S Clay 
Hildebrand Jno. store, g. s. 6th b. 

Harriet and Horn 
Hildebran«U LouiaG. C elk. s.w.c Pearl 

and Main 
Hildebrandt Wm. b.k. n.e.c. Pearl and 

Walnut Albert, yarnlsher, 553 F.Ira 
llii.i rfort Hy. porter, 2 Church buildings 
Hildreth David, dray. w. s. Freeman, N. 

of Ricluuond 
IKldreth Louis A. b.b. 100 B'way 
HUdreth Wm. J. curj). n.e.c. Ex-t k. B- 

B. F'n 
Hile Hy. cah, mkr. 12 Gano 
Hilebrun Levi, pedler, S12 Plum 
Hney Frank, blk. smith, 405 U'way 
Hilfcrt Ben.?, ci-. mkr. 113 Clay 
H:i,e Hy. lab, 22 M idisun 
HUgerman Hy. lab. n.w.c. L K-ty ai^-I 

Bilker Herman, dray. 487 Walnut 
Hihnan, 181 II 
Hilmcr Joseph, we»Ter,370M • 5ta 

1 l h. 121 w. 8th 

Hill Aif. P. atty. 49 bk. bV.cs. 
Hill Arthur farn. groc 321 Elm, D. 204 



lAshcraft S. S.& CoMartin, Anshutz & 

IDuiiUp W. R. Co. ' 

(Croodloe James Hollabird A. B. & 

Scott & Hedges, Wood b. 3d.~and 4th 

Todd Jas &Co., s. w. c. 7th and Smith. 

Tunnicliii' John & Co., e. Front b. Pike and HavenJas, h, ,~& Go Co". 

}J u f] er iLyon <ii Bell. Pollock Jr.s. S. 

I Bron mantels ;uid Grates (Enameled.) 

Washington Foundry, (Bevan & Co.)"- w. c. Hand, Inncs & Whitehouse, 265,267 and 269 

Vine and Center. | \v. 5th. 

Williamson & Co., (reor of Hall, Dodds & Co.) Horton & Macey, s. w. c. Pear] and Elm. 

w. s. Elm b. 2d and Cherry. L . f*- ^"^ 11 *^ ^^'^tui-exs. 

\*r ^(v n b^ a " in i iGayiord & Co., 88 and 92 Broadway. 

Volft C. & Co., n. e. c. Sycamore and Canal, Horton & Co., 86 Elm. 

Store 375 Main. [BakerThos; F. Jacobs E. & Co. Small wood & Cd. 

W A ff If ^(^ 1 


Constructed on a plan entirely NEW, and WARRANTED superior to anything of the kind in the 

United States, being strictly Fire, Powder and Thief Proof, and entirely free from dampness. 


19 East SeeoacL 6rt«M3S Svoaraote & Broadway; GmciauatL 

Iron Safe I?Ianufat imcrs. 
Hall, Dodds & Co., 49 e. 3d. 
Urban Charles, s. w. c. Vine and 2d. 

] Japar-ncd and Rrouzed Tin Ware. 

Smith John P., 102 Pearl. 

IWinchell Geo. D., n. w, c. Race and 2d. 


£;;■■■ j ■ . : \2 A \Jy &i to Vis) to Ji C*.Jwto to*j w^ wi:Ci $ -:£?'. r .\ 

Stlfe j?mitjj nub |cklltr, |; 



__ tf,<->cy 





Hill Bsnj. butcher, n.s. York, b. Piatt Sc j 

Hill lionj. shoe mkr. 67 W. 6th 
Hill Chas. P. printer, h. 61 E. 4th 
Hill Cvbelie, 104 W. 4th 
UiLI David, c!k. at Chad. Vance & CoAl, 

gawnwfl, h. n.s. Front, b. Longworth 

and Broad, F'n 
Hill Edw. bell hanger, 261 Piatt 
Hill Edw. b. (S. V. II. «fc Son) 373 W 

Hill Edw. H. jeweler. 155 Main, h. 382 

W. 7th 
Hill Eizzey,ship carp. w.s. Harrison, nr. 

River, F'n 
Hill Ernst, moal. 396 Walnut 

KILL P. D. drug. & apothecary, 
s. e. c. 5th and Race, 
h. n.s. 3d, b. Smith and Park 
Hill Fanny P. 469 W. 4th 
HILL Geo. H. (Hunnewell II. & Co.,) 
bds Burnet H. 


f I soap and candle manuf. 612 Plum, 

xx office 87 Main 

Hill Gustav, bds. 26 12th 

Hill Jane, 27 W. 8th 

Hill Jos. 41 Lodge 

Hill Jonathan, carp. n. s. High, nr. 

Stone, Jf'n 
Hill Jonathan, painter, n.s. York, b. Piatt 

and Freeman 
Hill Jno. b. h. 73 Dank 
Hill Jno. groc. n.w.c Baum and Obser- 
vatory road 
Hill.I.C.bds Wal. St. II. 
Hill J. L. elk. 22 Pearl, bds. Madison H. 
Hill Jno. W. workman Jno. T). Park 
HILL Jos. S. (Hunnewell H. & Co.) 123 

W. 8th 
mo M. printer, Columbia office 
Hill Milton, painter, bds. 9 Baker 
Hill Margaret, 27 W. 8th 
Hiil Mrs. Marie, 219 Longworth 
Hill Nathaniel, phys- 170 Webb 
Hill Pat. lab. e. s. Ludlow, b. Congress 

and 3d 
Hill Philip, gardner. w. s. Avenue, b. 

Poplar and Maple 
Hill Richard, atty. 27 E. 8th 
Hiil Richard ( Barry" & H.) 8th, E. Lock 
Hiil Robt. Gutter, 29 BVav 
Hiil S. Y. &c Son, (Saml. V. & Edward,) 

tobacconists, 5 Main 
Hiil Saml. liquor rner. 453 George 
Hill Sarah V. (S. V. H. & Son) 373 TV. 

Hill Thos. barber, 186 Walnut 
Hill Win. (Lusby & Co.) 21 W. Court 
Hill Win. dray. 390 B'way 
Hill W.. F. foreman hinge room, 384 

11:11 Wm. F. M. workman Jno. I). Park's 
Hill Wm. H. turner, 469 W. 4th 
HiUborger Simon, carp. 650 W. Front 
IIi!le/Wm. eng. 21 Madison 
Hillebront Henrv, lab. 7 Jefferson 
HiUes Gustav, clothina, 96 E. 3d 

76 Broadway 
Hillert Louis, upholster, 174 Main, h. 

417 Svcarnoae 
Hill-er Fn-d. lab. 623Ehn 
Iiillibrand Fred, cab mkr. Berts, b. Piatt 

and Freeman 
Hilling Mi-3 E. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
HUiajinn Theodore, chair mkr. 114 Clay 
Hi'.lough Jas. al. phy. 86 Hopkins 
Hiliyer Edw. G. elk. n.e.c. 9th and Wal- 
Hillver Wm. ladder manuf. 20 Mohawk 

stereotype foundry, 
111 Main 
HILLS David, (!.>• II. <fc Co.) 125 Cutter 
Hula J. (Harrison & II.) n.e.c. Baum & 

Observatory road 
Hills Townsend, (L. Carneai <fc Co.) 
HLUs Wm. F. foreman, n.w.c. Canal and 

Walnut, h. 24 William 
Hillsbeck Jos. lab. 384 Walnut 
Hdcns Jas. barber, B'way hotel, bds. 129 
lip Jacob, grocery, 255 John (Everett 
lipp A- taniier, bds. n.e.c. John and 

Halse Jacob, carriage mkr. 591 Main 
Hilsineer Jacob. (Raymond Roberts <fc 

Co.) 591 Main 
Hilsinger Jno. plow mkr. 591 Main 
Hi bun an Herman A. porter, 92 Ctay 
Hilton Geo. H. atty. bds. s.w.c. 3d and 

B 'way 
Hilton Jno. 265 B.ichmond 
Hilton Jno. II. trunk store, 59 W. 3d, h. 

w.s. Smith, b. 4th and 5th 
Hilton TSieo. carp. 169 Fulton 
Hilton W. elk. 3d W. 3d 
Hilts Casper, lab. 623 Race 

TTIJ.T.S ('HAS. atty. 
II 22 W. Court, - 

h. 158 Richmond 
Hiltsman L-arney, tailor, 5 Melancthon 
Hilt.'. Conrad, lab. 23 Buckeye 
Hihzhcuuer Ferd, shoe mkr. 29 W. 6th 
Hiltzmeyer Hy. lab. ever 524 Main 
Hilyer Catherine, variety store, 148 

Ililzingerlly. brush mkr. 369 Yine 
Himan Jno. carp, n.s. High 
Hiram John Bernut, lab. c. 3d and 

Himemann J. printer, s.w.c. Yine and 

Himes Isaac, cof. h. 34 E. 4th 
Himmelreich S. tailor, 265 W. Row 
HiMtater John, irroc. 245 W. 4th 
Hinlnck Pe^er, jab. 280 W. Liberty 
Hinehman Allen, b.k. 384 W.Sd 
Hinchman Allen 385 W. 8th 
Huule John 1). (Kinsey 11. & Co.) 47 

W. 2d 
Hindermash Fred. coop. 242 Hopkins 
Hindersman Hy. s.e.c. Race and Lib- 
Hindlev Elizabeth, 113 W. Front 
Hindley Geo. blk. smith, 113 W. Front 
Hindley H. B. cutter, 96 Main,h. 113 W. 

Hindman, Eliza, n.s. Front b. Harrison 

and Longworth F'n 
Hindman John, carp. s.s. High b/Wash- 

ington and Liberty 
Hinds Joseph, lab. 152 Findhy 
IiLne Pat. carp. 211 Freeman 
Hine Valentine, 456 E. Front 
Hinebach Adelaide, teach, n.e.c. Main &; 

HLnecohitt Chris, lock smith, 396 Wal- 
Hinely Hy. tail. 113 W. Front 
Hiner Capt. pilot, n.s. Oth b. Carr and 

Hiner Jno. coop. 268 Ham. Road 
Ilines Col. butcher, 6 Brown 
llines Pat. lab. 13C Linn 
Hiaes Tlios. lab. n.s. Front near Kelly 

Hinest N. cab. mkr. n.w.c. 8th and 

Hiuey Jos. finish, n.s. Front nr. Market 
Hingald Wm. baker, 76 Spring 
Hin~:sborry Conrad, coop. 122 Lock 
Hinike Fred. lab. n.s. Front near Foster 

Hinsnn Richard, nurse in Hospital, h. 22 

Hinkel Valentine, wks roll, mill, 602 E. 

Hinkhouse Wm. groc. 46 RittenhOWW 
Hinkle A. II. (A. II. H. «k Co.) 364 W. 

Hinkle A. n. &Co.bk. bin3. s.w.c. Wal- 
nut and 2d 

XT-INKLE, GuTT,T>& CO (PhiHp h., 
11 Joseph G. <fc Ewd. R. Loughead.) 
Ai planing mill, door sash, and blind 

manuf. 365 W\ Front 
HINKLE Philip. (IE, Guild Sc Co.) 311 

W. 4th 
HinmanBeui.P. elk. 124 Main 
llmn.-uiKii Hy. shoe mkr. 12» Aalnui 
, Riunen Emaunel, boots find ihoea, j12 

' TPns.y Mich, monl 1.544 W. 5th 
Kinsman Uy. mould, n.e.c. Canal and 

Htnternack Bernard, blk. smith, 20 Abi- 
Hin/mann Lebarz. cof, h. 12 W. Court 
Hipely Edward, cab. mkr. 229 Freeman 
Hipp HermpJin, elk. 496 Main 

Hipp Phillip C. W. teller, 400 Main 
Hippie Mrs., 173 Linn 
HIREMAN Jno. H. (Ware & II.) IS 

Hirsch Anthony, boot mkr. 131 Main 
HlliSCIi Aaron, (II. & Strauss,) 149 W. 

Hirsch B. (Friedman H. b. Eicddey,) bds. 

e.s. Lodge 
Hirsch Caroline, 161 W. 3 I 
Hirsch Fritz, clothier, 329 W. 9th 
Hirsch Jonas, confec. 251 W. Row 
Hirsch Meyer ,b.k. 73 and 75 Main,L. S29 

Hirsch Philip, (Hyman, Moses & Co.) h. 

329 Walnut 
Hirsch Sam!, b.k. 26 Center 

nlltSCH & STRAUSS, (Aaron H & 
Ferd. Strauss,) liquor and wine 
deal. 35 Walnut 
Hirschauer John, port. 52 E. 3d 
Hirschauer P. boil. mkr. 151 E. Front 
Hirchborg Jacob, cloth. 2:7 Main 
Hhrchmann Geo. shoe mkr. 179 Liberty 
Hirshbnra; Leopoldjail. shop, 341 W. 5th 
Hlrshed Jas. engi. 67 £. Front, h. New- 
Hirst Geo. engin. 151 High 
Hirst Jac sec. hand cloth". 237 W. 5:h 
Hirst Saml. watch. 109 High 
Hirth Philip, elk. 6-^' Svcaraore 
HiseHy. (II. k. Williams,) 239 Long- 
Hise .t Williams, (Hy. H. & Alfred B. 

W.) trunk manuf. 25 B'way 
HiselbeckFred. 44 12th 
Hiseling John, cab. mkr. 108 Moses 
H'soman Jac. citrar mkr. 441 Yine 
HiserHy. D. buss driver, bds. Evans 


Hislop Geo. cigar mkr. s.s. Front b. Race 



ITiss Andrew, tailor, 88 Woodward 
Hi.-ter John, lab. Hogarths al. b. 

. n!ond and Catharine 
Hither Martin, lab. CO Moha%vk 
Hitehell Jno. tinner, 118 5th 
Hicehens Ham. tinner, 262 Poplar 
Hitcherr Jno. tinner, 17 Stone 
Hite Mikl. lab. at Greenwald's, h. F'n 
Hit?ei Jno. A. bar k. s.e.c. ' 'Walnut and 

Eitzman Augustus, Liberty, b. Main aud 

Hirely John R. c;trp. 183 Longwoilh 
Hix Wm. lab. 3«2 W. Liberty 
HOADLEY Geo. jr. (Mills & H.) 270 

W. 3d 
Hoau' D. R. daguereotvpist, 20 W. 5th, h- 

162 B'wav 
Hoard Elijah, 532 W. 5th 
Hoban John, lab. 422 W. 3d 
Hoban Thos. lab. 45 Hitth 
Ilohart Jas. T. com. mer. 169 Plum 
flolmrt Wm. N. elk. 169 Pium 
Hobhelmann Chas. butchers hall, 61 W. 

Hobbs Mrs. Mary C teach. 479 EVay 
HobhsWm. H. confec. s.s. 6th nr. Free- 

Hobhy J. dr>" goods; 371 W. Row 
Hol>el Louis, tailor, 516 Main 
Hohen Frank, confec. 533 W. 8th 
H »ber))eclt Hy.carp. 62 W. 3d 
Iloberg Hy. (Oert. 6c 11.) Cutter b. David 

and Wade 
Hob,.,-- 11 v- 15 E.Lil>ertv 
U^n^ Hermann, elk. 176 Main 
H.ibson J.clk.46PUca « 
11"' ^t.-r Harman, carp. 99 V." ood ward 
Hntatar lly. chair mkr. 135 W. Front 
llotchstetterChas. can.. .'••;-; Elm 
HochstetterWm. b.k. 121 Main 
Hotchter Mich. lab. e.s. Anderson b. W. 

W. Canal and 2d 

uob s] iper, 
n.w.c. Court an I Main 

H.ick , sawyer, 20 Cherry 

HOCK Fred. C. (F. C H. & Co.) 331 

nOCK n pREB.C.&CO, (lMed c. II., 
Isaac Wieserfc John Mohl-nh off,) 
queecsware and cutlery , 321 Uain 
Hock Lawrence, cof. h. c W. Row and 



Fo. 117 Main Street, between Third and Fourth, Cincinnati, 

f ntprto, uf @Iatc|es, (Skits, Sfett| &k$m \ 



w y _j 'fi^oy ss*^ '« / «/ ©fes' ®&^ ess?© eg® \s 


"Wholesale and Betail. 
78 Fifth Street, "between Walnut and Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


MM €111 & J1WELEY 

Wo. 357 Western Kow. 


Ho. 157 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Jewelry Manufacturers. 

Carley S. T., s. vv. c. 4th and Main. 
Cole E. C. & Co., 115^ Main. 
Wray Henry G., 141 Main. 

Jewelry, Silver Ware, Watches, &c. 

AllenC. & W. H., 117 Main. 

Beggs & Smith, 6 w. 4th. 

Bliss Henry, 157 Main. 

Bradley Bros., n. vv. c. 4th & Main. 

Clayton R., s. e. c. Sycamore and 2d. 

Eyster Andrew A., 357 W. Row. 

Duhme & Co., 130 Main. 

Goldsmith & Backhause, 224 w. 5th. 

Haynes Jno. R., 40 w. 4th. 

Honer John B., 203 Walnut. 

Huntington & Laboyteax, 119 Main. 

Jenkins H., s. e. c. Sycamore and 2d. 

Keller Stephen, 43 Court. 

Kent Luke, 234 Main. 

Kin-ey E. & U., 24 w 5th. 

McGrew Wilson & Son, s. w. c. 4th and Main. 

Nathan & Escales, 42 Main, up stairs. 
O'Hara, W. A., Jr., 19 Main. 
Palmer & Owen, 135 Main. 
Paries Geo. D., 78 w. 5th. 
Strueve Herman R., 205 Main. 
Wilms J. Chas., 67 Sycamore. 
Qumbusch Ferdinand M., 673 Vine. 

Anue Solomon Evans "VVm. M. 
.Andrews Knvid B.Furst Solomon 
Reaius 11. &. Co. Goldsmith Israel 

Oskamp & Co. 
Sachs j)avid 
St. Julien F. 

BerUing Enist. Goldsmith MarcusSolomon Edward 

Hioenttial S. K. Gr^ndbcck Daniel Sonfield Hy. 

Bloom Jacob Grehner U'm. Trotter J. 

BonisheimJid. Mill Edwd. H. Voss J. S. 

Brockrnun C. F. i]nl!et< Stephen W.Voss Julius 

Burn ha ru John VV Heufceftfe Brother Weiler & Frost 

Cob Z. B. Ktausing Clements Weaning Wm. 

DallerJohn Koch M. Whitaker Wm. 

Dornseifer H. Korf Henry. 

Draper Jos. Oskamp Clements 

Justices of Peace. 

Bray Robert G., junction Ham. Road & Vine. 
Chidsey Win.-, 20 w. 6th. 
Getzendanner Jacob H., 47 e. 3d. 
Hanselman C F.,50 e. 2d. 
Rowecatrip Fred H., 486 Main. 
Sharrar Ludwick, Front b. Harrison and Market, 

Merchant Nathan 

Baldridee Jas. R. 

Black Kobt. B. 

Clark H. N. 

Finton Wm. 

tamps, Chaudrilicrs, A:c. 

Baker & Von Phul. 68 w. 4th. 
Carroll Augustus M., 287 w. 5th and 437 Main. 
Coats & Christopher, 6 College Building, Wal- 
nut b. 4tli and 5th. 
Danneholt] Bait., 14 w. Court. 
Gouuif; & Mahon, 226 Main. 
Starr ('has., Jr., & Co., 165 Walnut. 
Stube Frederick W. 

L.itmps (Coach.) 
AIcGowan Alexauder. 





Hook Mary, bk. binder, 1G Catherine 
Uocker Geo. boots and shoes, 343 W. 

. Row 
Ilocker Frank, shoe store, 383 Main 
Jlocker Herman B. shoe mkr. 38 Elm 
Mocker Martin, shoe mkr. 92 W. Row 
jiock'man Bernard, shoe inkr.67 L. Mar- 
Hodge Alexander, dray. 79 E. 8th 
Hodges Wesley, cenfec. 122 W. 3d 
Hodgson & Rose, (Wm. Q. II. & S. D. 
h- R.) real estate, stock and note brok. 

52 VV. 3d, 
Ho': -son Win. roach. 4? Mansfield 
I Hodgson Wm. Q (II. & Rose,)23!i W. 3d 

Hodgson Wm. H. cik. n.s. 3d b. W. Row 

and Plum 
Hoecker Jno. O, h.k. 175 Main 
Ilueokzerna Anton, bk. bind. n.s. 13th b. 

Walnut and Tine 
Hoekaback Hy. port. 407 Elm 
Hoelterman Hy. porter, 14 and 16 

Pearl, bds. Belvidere 
Hoeltz Fred. C. tin shop. 137 W. Court 
Hoer Philip, 27 13th 

Hoerner W. tailor, n.s. Front nr. Syca- 
Hoese Ernst, car. mkr. s.w.c. Sycamore 

and 6th, h. Jackson 
Hoevier Jos. 156 B'way 

HOFEli CJiAKLESr importer of wines 
liquors, £c 39 W. 2d, bds Walnut 
' St. House 
Hofer Jacob, tailor, 145 Clay 
<Hoff Conrad, mould. 28 14th 
Hoff Hy. finish. 230 Walnut 
Kuff Jacob, stone mas. 60 Mohawk 
Hoff Jac lab. 33 Findlay 
Hoff John, 332 George 
Hoffi. Martin., plast. Mohawk 
Hoff Nichalas,shoenikr. 3 Harrison Road 
Hoff Phillip P. .ope mkr. bds. Ill E. 2d 
HOFF Valentine. (II. & Co.) 160 E. Front 

ROPP V. & CO. 
(Wm. Stanmetz,). rope walk, 
s.s. Front nr. Foster F'n 
Hoffart Geo. port. 47 Pearl 
Hoffart I. port. 47 Pearl 
Hoffart Mrs. Mary A. E. Front W. of 

Hoffbauer Adolph, 123 Walnnt 
Hoffer , cab. mkr n.e.c. Linn and 

Hoffer Fred, cooper, 74 Dudley 
Hotter Wm. cooper, 74 Dudley- 
HOFFHEIMER Abraham (H. & A. H.) 

141 E. 3d 
HAFFHEIMER Herman, (H. k A. H.) 

HOFFfLEJMLR II. & A, (Herman <fc 
Abraham.) liquors and cigars, 28 
Hoffheimer Simon, 143 Symmes 
Hofiield Rodolph, elk. bds. Spencer H 
Hofilin Jos. prov. store. n,e.c. 14th and 

Hoffman Adam, 42 Kossuth 
Hoffman Adam, !ar>. rear 67 W. Libe-ty 
Hoffmann Adam, (A. !!• k Co.) rear o0 

Hoffmann Adam k Co. (Adam n. k 
I'rcd Kroder) cooper shop, 30 Web- 
Hoffman Carl, saddler, 609 Main 
Hoffman Chas. 123 Richmond 
Hoffman Chas. saddier. 609 Main 
Hoffmann Mrs. Elizabeth, 670 E. Front 
Hoflmester Ferd. 113 W. 5th 
Hoffman Frank, cotton picker, 163 Clay 
Hoffman Fred. cab. mkr." c. Sth &. Canal 

h. 35 Mulberry 
Hoffman Fritz, lib. 670 E. Front 
Hoffman Geo. butch, bd<j. 615 Main 
Hoffman Geo. carp, rear 305 Sycamore 
Hoffman Geo. (LI. k Mosher) res. Cov- 
Hoffman Geo- V. cof.h. 541 Vine 
Hoffman Herman, teams. Laurel. b. Piatt 

and Freeman 
Hoffman Hy. shoe mkr. 9 Congress 
Hoffman Henry, stonemason, s.w.c Elm 

and Him Road 
Hoffman Hy. groc. 32 Dunlap 
Hoffman Herman, al. pays. 5~9Vir«e 
Hoffman J. white washer, 3 Jackson 
Hoffman Jacob, bar. k. 71 W. 3d 

Hoffman Jacob, boot and shoe store, 486 

Hoffman Jacob, dray, n.e.c- 12th and 

Hoffmann Jacob, mat.tress mkr. 204 Elm 
Hoffman Jacob, cof. h. 275 Sycamore 
Hoffman John. groc. n.s. Front, nr. 

Ketiey F'n 
Hoffman Jno. cof.h. n.w.c. Liberty tnd 

Hoffman Jno. lab. Ill Maple 
Hoffman John P. barber, M Ham road 
Hoffman J. J . foreman, s.w.c. Vine and 

Hoffman J. S. carp, and builder, Bank 

alley, his. Indiana House 
Hoffman Kasper, shoe mkr. 622 Race 
Hoffman Lewis, (Kiersted & H.) h. 148 

Hoffman M. shoe mkr. 45 Wade 
Hoffman M. lab. n.s. Front, nr. cor. line 

Hoffmann Mrs. Margaret, seam3. 161 

W. Liberty 
Hoffman Mrs. Margt. J. dry goods. 434 

Main, h. 6 E. Canal 
Hoffman Martin, cotton dyer, 183 Clay 
Hoffman Mich. lab. 60 Brown 
Hoffrnan Mich, butch. I Brown 
Hoffman k Masher, (Geo, H. & Chas, 

M.) paints, oils &c. 222 Main 
Hoffman Peur, carp. 516 Walnut 
Hoffman Peter, ice man, 25 Grant 
Hoffman Peter, cooper, 476 Linn 
Hoffman Phillip, bds. 486 Walnut 
Hoffman Phillip, cigar mkr. 233 Main 
Hodman Phillip, lab. 670 E. Front 
Hoffman Sebas. lab. 96 Bremen 
Hoffman Wm. blk. smith, n.s. 6th b Har- 
riet and Horn 
tin k sheet iron worker 
38 L. Market 
Kofmier Geo. lab. n.e.c. John and Wa- 
Koffrogge John H. shoe mkr. 193 Syca 

Boffummer N-. pastor, 1st Lutherian 

church n.s, 13th, W. of Walnut 
Hofrage Ber. lab. 384 Sycamore 
HofreiterMrs. Kridney, 907 Ham Road 
Hofrogge Jno. G. cof.h. 10 E. Canal 
Hoftner SamI, lab. 28 14th 
Hogan Mrs. Bridget, 320 John 
Hogan Danl. boot mkr. 131 Main 
Hogan Dennis, mes. 52 E. 3d 
Hogan Jerry, huck. 251 B ; way 
Hogan J. A. cab. mkr. 306 Richard 
Hogan John, lab, s.s. 6th. b. Broadway 

and Culvert 
Hogan J'>hn, lab. 474 W, Sth 
Hogan Mrs. Margt. 30 Kossuth 
Hogun Mich, carriage trim. s.wc. Syca- 
more and 6th, Inls. 181 Plum 
Hogan Mich, groc 161 W, Row 
Hogan Mich. lab. s.w.c. 6th and Harriet 
Hogan Pat. dray. 72 Water 
Hogan Wm- boot mkr. 131 Main 
Hogeback Henry, porter, 152 and 154 

Hogedora T. shoe mkr. 8 Landing b. 

BVay and Ludlow 
Hogal John, cof.h. 6 Buckeye 
Hogelan Mrs. 40 Elizabeth 
Hogenmaker Wm. stone mason 299 Linn 
Hogerman Jos. cooper. 5c 1 Brown 
Hogersbeeker D. lab. 384 Walnut 
Hogerty Martin, marble cutter, 15 Chest- 

Hogin , lab. s.e.c. 3d ami Mill 

Ho.-ne Robt. b-k. at Shrcve, Steel k Co. 
Hbhenleitner, Jos. brewer, s.w.c. D;vii- 

ion and Har. Road 
Huh cling Hy. lab. 5">1 Race 
Hohenberger Chas, wh. liquor, 3-24 Vine 

h. 12 W. Bth 
Hohle Jno. porter, 10 Fmnklin 
Hnhn John, umbrella mkr. 9 Catharino John, umbrella mkr. 107 Clay Lewis, haker, 30 L. Market 
Hohneck John, cof.h. 4'U Vine 
HohneclS Vat. cof.h. 614 Vine 
Hohnstedt Henry, prov. store, 497 Vina 
Holabird A. B. (A. B. H. Jfc Co.) s.s. 
Front, b. Smith and Rose 

Holabird A. E. k Co. (A. B. H. k T. T. 

Swift) s.s. Front, b. Smitti and Rosa 
Holabird &. Burnout, (A. B. H. & R. S. 

D.) boiler yard, s.s. Front, b. Smith 

and Rose 
HOLABIRD L. H. (H. k Shelly) 530 

Holabird L. W. b.k. n.w.c. W. Row and 

M k Taos. SO engine builders, and 
xx brass founders, 466 W. 6th 
Holan John, lab, e.s. Sycamore, Fhi 
Holberding C b.h. 62 L. Market 
Holbrock Clements, shoe mkr. bds. 6 f ,*4 

Holcomb AI01120. ornamental plasterer, 

245 W. 6th 
Holcomb Asa, bus. 245 W.Cth 
Holcomb B. P. printer, 101 Fulton 
Holcomb Hy. engineer, 36 Pierson 
Holcomb John D. Richelieu House 245 

W. 6th 
Holcomb Richd. plasterer, 245 W. 6th 
Holden R. A. & Co. (Reuben A. II. tc 

Chas. E. Houghton) produce, 303 

Holden John, bds. Walnut St House 
Holden Reuben A. (R, A. H. & Co.) re* 

Mi. Auburn 
Holden Wm. carp. 170 Cutter 
Hotdenrither Tobias, saddier, 455 Vine 
Holder Geo. lab. 26 Moha.vk 
Holdon David., painter, 92 Front 
Hoi dridge Ami, stone mason, 102 George 
Uoid/.koin Cha3. s.s. Front, nr. James- 
town ferry F'n 
Koldzkom Wm. harness, collars & whips 

s.s. Front, nr. Jamestown ferry F'n 
KolensUade Jas. C C (II. k KewbaJl) 

res. Mt. Steading O 
Holenshade J. W. elk. 25 W. 4th. h. 110 

Holenshade & Newhall (Jas. C. C H. k 

Pliny N.) hardware dealers, n.vv-c. 

Clinton and W. Row 
Holilbrd Fred. l09Baymillef 
Hoifiner Augustus, butch, alley, b. Elm 

and Canal, and Liberty -It Findlay 

Holford , (Wilson & H.) 

Holford Mrs. Ann, 502 VV. 7th 
Holibaok George, lab. 56 Bank 
Holkar Ernst, cooper, 20 E. Liberty 
HoUcer Joseph, elk. 150 Hopkins 
Holkomb Jno. tailor, 10 Manchester bldg 

bl3. 70 Sv-c;imore 
Hollady John. wag. mkr. bds. 580 W. 

I Holladay W. J. b.k. bds. Broadway H 

I Holland , carp. bds. 193 Sycaniora 

I Holland Hy.carp. 485 Walnut 

i Holland Jesse, carp. 62 Bank 

J Holland J. R. 53d W. 8th 

J Holland Martin, n.s. High. nr. Vine F'n 

Holland ThoS. ship carp. 332 Linn 
I fiollandbeck Mrs. Dor. 66 Allison 
Hollander Adam, blind mkr. 82 W. 6th 
I Hollander Peter, blind mkr. fc2 W. 6th 
i Holhrbac John. 19 Ludlow 

nULM'UllH J01LN C. cigars, tobacco 
and snuff wh. and retail, 60 W. 6th 
h.59 tiano 
Holle Chas. (F. W. Meyer Sc Co-) bds. 

532 .Main 
Holle Theo. music. 26 W. 13th 
Hulien Stephen X7. jeweler, 367 Vine 


HOI.f.KN I'.lA 
shoe mak 
188 Ev« 


Hollondor Dr. Sainl. 130 W. 6th 
Hollengsworth Ed. T. elk. .— .Main, h. 

Holler Carl. mach. Ms. 12.'» W. 2d 
Holler Sainl. butch, bis. 123 W. 2 1 
Holleroaclt Geo. lab. 929 Ham U • 1 
Iloliay Roht. diuy. Mandfteld b. Milton Sc 

Holliday Alexander C pi 

in -t'ln K Piatt & Preeumn 
Hoilidtv J >s. tail. 201 John 
Holliday & Smith, (TU03. II. & J- « 

S.J hardware, s.w.c. 5th and 

Holliday Thos. (H. & Smith.) 200 W. 4tb 
Uolliduy Mm. paint. 132 Clari 


L : 7- 






-OF- ' 

«Sk. «- ft I r «• w - w" Jw&. JPclii JUtsa MmJk JtStss ,^rl, gh 



Checking on Few York, Philadelphia and California, 




No, 3I 3 33 3 & 35 Water street bat Mala and Walnut, 

N. a Candles sold full weight. Cask paid for Nos. 1 and 2 Lard. 

r,ard OH rcanufacturers. (Ropes N, & Co., Lock b. 3d and 5th, 

Barkalow Wm. T. & Co., 78 Poplar, store 215 Shillito George, 32 .Sycamore. 

Main. jWerk M. & Co., 11 Main. 

Buckhardt & Co., No. 12 Hammond. IWiedemer F. X. & Co., 17 w. Front 

Gheever A. G. & Co., w. s. Miami Canal, bet.'iconkiing j. L> Hurst Jacob Wright D. 

6th and Oth. 
Clark George, 15 Buckeye. 
Fee Wm. R. & Ero., 19 e. Front. 
Emery Thos. & Son. y 31, 33 and 35 Water 
Goocli Henry, 12.9 and 130 w. 2d. 
Gross & Dietrich, 5 vv. Front. 
Know lion H. & Bro., 13 Water. 
Proctor & Gamble, 24 w. 2d. 

Croniu T. & Co. Peebles & Ero. 

Xialli manufacturers. 

(Sec Saw Mils.) 
Lead Pipe JTIauuiacturers. 

Eustis S. &■ H. & Co., 244 Main. 
McCormick, Gibson & Co., s. s. 9th b. Main & 

Butler Edward S. 

C. •CHjrrrx.s. 

war. seegek. 




No. 240 Main St., Five doors below Sixth, East side, 




Kips, Black and Colored Moroccos and Kids, Bindings, Patent Leather, 

Black and colored English* French and Italian Las tings, Silk and Cotton Galloons and Laces, 
bnoe Fmdtags, Trimmings, Mens and Women's Lasts., Boot Trees, &«. 

aiMiiFACTuafias gf kip, z&w, upper, skietiks mb sole leather, 

Wholesale and IU tail. 

•^ -£. Leather bought in the rough. 





IloJUnzsbes*? Mark, 349 W. 6th 
fiOLlJ3i'£B Geo. B. (Strait & II.) res- 

ME- Aubuim 
J&Uteter &€'<>. F. elk. Ms. Gibson House 
iiolBstw Geo. S. elk. 14 Pearl, bds. Oib- 

SoUtstcr Lyman, deal, in pig Iron, &c. 

31 Walnut, res. Covington 
Hoi lister Wra. sawyer, Water nr. Broad 

II dlman Daniel, exchange brok. 32 E. 

II oilman T. paint. 373 B'way 
Hblloway Wm. R. printer, 107 W. 5th 
HOLLSTHIN Lewis, (March, Eisas <fc 

Co) 14 W. 8th 
Holly Mich. lab. 25 E. 6th' 
Holman Ed. carp. 401 George 
Ibdman F. turner, 207 Clinton 
llolman Henry R. watch mkr. 103 Main 
Holman John, elk. h. 274 W. 6th 
Holman Rachel, n.s. Front b. Harrison 

ami Loiagwdrth F'n 
Holmes Bernard, chair nikr. 42 Elm 
HOLMES Calvin, (Hewson & H.) Ms. 

Burnet House 
HOLMES Calvin, grocer, 391 W. 7th 
Holmes Chas. 436 George 
HOLMES Chas. S. (Rawson, Wilby ic 

Co.) 380 W. 4th 

(J. J. II. & Jas.M. C.) 
com. mevs. 54 Walnut 
Holmes Hy. cotton dyer, 183 Clay 
Uolroes Hy. lab. 19 E. Liberty 
Holmes John,b.k. 436 George 
HOLMES J. J. (H. fe Conwell,) 3C2 

HOLMES J. B. washboard and mould, 
manuf. n.s. 7th b. Broadway and 
Holmes Martin, rag deal. 77 WVEow 
Holmes Owen, lab. 77 Blum 
Holmes Pat. rag deal. 77 W. Row 
HOLMES S. (S. II. &. Son,) 115 W. 6th 

HOLMES S. & S02f, (S. H. & Wm. 
M. If.) manuf. and imps, paper 
hangings, 160 Main 
Holmes Wm. bds. 87 E. 4th 
HOLMES Wm. (Hewson & H.) 87 E. 

Holmes W. J. bds. Farlow House 
HOLMES Wm. W. (S. H. &. Son,) C3 

Hoist Louis, goldsmith, s.w.c Race and 

Holstead R. sexton, n.e.c. Boal and Syc- 
Holsteha A. (H. & Ilunmer.l 454 Elm 

&. Gustav H.) Wes steam mould. 
fee. 150 E. Canal o. Eim 
Holsterman Jas^ Iab-g-s. Avenue b. Bank 

and Harrison Road 
Holstlne Crist, gard. h. w.s. Avenue b. 

Liberty and" Poplar 
Holstine Jac. gard. w.s. Avenue b. Lib- 
erty^ and poplar 
Holt Amos, wh. butter and e^s^i 32 W. 

5th, h. 140 W. 7th 
Holt & Clark, (Wm. II. & J. AC) wh. 
groce. and prod, dealers, 227 Wal- 
Holt Jas. M. gro. 235 W. 5tb,bds. c. Syc- 
amore and L. Market 
Holt Jos. coop. 151) Pleasant 
Holt Thos. raarb. cutter, bds. 9 Baker 
Holt Win. (H. &. Clark.) n.s. 5th b. Main 

and Walnut 
IloHurivcriiv. lab, 65 Oliver 
Holten Phillip, moukl. bds. 5.75 W. 5th 
Holtmier Bernard, tail. 83 W. Front 
Holters Benj. cof. h. 1 River Landing 
Hotshaus Bernard II. shoe mkr. 27 Vine 
HoJtkamp Hy. teams. 42 Logan 
Iloltke Fred, shoe mkr. 371 Main 
Ho!t/m;;ii G-o. (Samuels II. &. Co.) res. 

Lexington Mo. 
Holt/.inger 'II. E.carp. 17 a Barr 
H'dUman Jos. (Samuels, II. <k Co.) 62 

E. 5th 
Holts wait Christian, lab. 56 Brown 
Holtus Bernard, cof. h. 63 W. Front 
Holut My. teams, n.s. Front uear Kelly 

Hohva Jno. furn. car, 588 Main 

Holzgrefeft Co. (Wm. II. & Gottfried 

Kiesewelter,) tailors, 43Q Main 
Holzgrefe Wm. (H. & Kiesewelter,) 25 

Holiman Martin, cigar store, 43 Ham. 

HoLruan Philip, lab. 10 Bunlap 
Hoizmann Jno. porter, 22 E. 2d, h. 64 

Ham. Road 
Holzmiller Frank, baker, 622 Main 
Ho Iz ward 2f. watch mkr. 135 Main, h. 3. 

w.c. Walnut ana' 9fch 
Humans Benj. jr. teller, 143 Main, h. 140 

E. 5:h 
He-man Bernard. 69 Abigail 
Iloman Eli, 152 High 
II oman Hy. lab- 1-2 Pleasant 
Homan Hy'. (II. &c Steemer,) 

H0MAN HENM & CO. (H. H. & 
"V\m. Miller,) selecian ware, britan. 
ware and candle moulds, 211 W. 

Homan Henry, {U. & Co.) 34 Batten- 

Homan Hy. painter, 1C9 Laurel 

Homan H. 0. compos. 25 W. 4th, h. 109 

noman Jos. enirin. 470 Elm 

Homan Jno. lab. 60 Bank 

Homan & Steemer,' (Hy. II. & Chas. S.) 
iron euamelers, 55S Main 

HomannF. cof. h. 350 Vine 

Homan n John II. wood sawyer, 69 Abi- 

Hombert Hy. stone rnas. 223 Plum 

Hamburg , al. phys. 411 Walnut 

Homer Adin A. boot mkr. 67 W. 6th 

Homes B. F. engin.56 E. 7th 

Homes W. B. city water works 

Homley John, finish. 64 W. 13th 

Homing Jno. miik man, e.3- Avenue b. 
Bank and Harrison R.oad 

Hon Patience, 3ir2 Liberty 

Hoaarkamp John, carp. 108 Hunt 

Honast Jos. Frendghlp al. 

Hone Mich, plumber, Harriet b. 6th and 

watch mkr. and jeweler, 
203 Walnut 
Hondre Ca-per, cab. mkr. 136 Pleasant 
Honglet John, carp. 198 Linn 
Eonhouser Anton, (II. <fc Pohlmeyer,) 

w.3. Main above Allison j 

Honhouser & Pohlmeyer, (Anton H. &. 

Chas. P.) flour deal. II W. Canal 
Honied Frank, skin dresser, 277 Broad- j 
way ; 

Honkomp Anton, shoe mkr. 507 Main j 


J | 2d Ward House, 

x x s.s. 5th b. Race and Elm 

Hons Hy. lab. 30 Moiiawk 

Honsberg Andrew, buss driv. bds. Evens I 

Hnober Casper, shoe mkr. 473 Walnut 
Hood A. Alex. b.k. O. L. I. &T. Co.bds. 

107 Pike 
Hood Elizabeth, 603 W. Front 
Hood David B. b.k. 0. L. I. <Sc T. Co. h. 

n.s. Chestnut E. of John 
Hood Hy. carp. Fulton car works F'n 
Hood Hy. lab. Svcamore nr. River F'n 
Hood Jno. lab. 12 E. 6th 
Hood Jno. lab. 212 W. 7th 
Hood Jno. mach. 83 High 
Hoed Jos. finish. 76 E. Front 
Hood Newman, brk. mkr. 149 Carr 
Hood Wm. E. elk. O. L. I. <Sc T. Co.bds. 

107 Pike 
Hoof Conrad, lab. 24 14th 
Hook A. la!-. 108 Clay 
Hook Fran, cigar mkr. bds. 22 Orchard 
Hook Jno. lab. 264 Ham. Road 
HOOK John A- (Grail, H. & Co.) 309 

Hook Jos. Wh. 182 (Mirer 
II --ok Mrs. Mug. 17U W. Court 
Hook It. surg. instru. n.k.r 49 14tb 
Hook Sebastian, s.w.c. Front and Syca- 
more F'n 
Hook Uudrick, lab. w.s. 6th, b. Lock and 

Ban pi 
Hooker Hy. driv. 311 W. 2d 
Hooker John J. agt. ZF.tna Ins. Co. n.s 
Front nr. Sycamore F'u 

Hoolahan Mich, boot mkr. e. s.B'way b. 

Woodward and Abigail 
Hoole liy. wag. mkr. 792 W. Row 
Hoole Jos. 44 Richmond 
Hoolchan Ornelius, 66 Mill 

ROON wi., 
Co. Record. Court House, 
h. 82 Batter. 
Hooper Hy. b.k. 101 Main, bds. 338 W. 

Hooper Jno. T. (A. G. B. & Co/- bds. 338 

W. 4th 
Hooper Thos. druggist, 530 W. R-.w 
HOOPER Wm. (Harrison 6c II.) 133 

Hooping Clemencc, lab. 37:7 BVay 
Hoover A moo, shoe mkr. 17 Ann 
Hoover Enoch, candie mkr. Observatory 

Mt. Adams 
Hoover Hy. lab. 58 Hunt 
Hoover Mich. lab. 158 Oliver 
Hoover Thos. lab. 40 Findiey 
Hoover Wm. tanner, 20 Bunlap 
Hoover Wm. H. sales, 19 Pearl, bds. Gib- 
son House 
Hopes Parker, cook, 55 E. 8th 
Hopkins Andrew, coop. e.s. Culvert b. 

6th and 7th 
HOPKINS Benj. E. (Hunt &. II.) bds. 

131 Carr 
Hopkins Catherine, 504 W. 4th 
Hopkins Edn-an!., pork house, 221, 2C3 

225 Sycamore, h. 6th E. ot Canal. 
Hopkins Edward, shoe mkr. 10 W. 6th 
Hopkins Edward II. chief of pobce, 19 

Hopkins Franklin M. C- paint, n.w.; 

Cutter and Melanrthou 
Hopkins H. dray. 70 Canal 
Hopkins Hy. dra\'.3'Ji Walnut 
Hopkins Hy. E- watch house kpr. 322 

Plum . 
Hopkins Jno. B. tin shop, 229 Sycamore 
Hopkins Jno. W. sales. M. B. C. h. 74* 

Bay miller 
Hopkins J. H. bds. Gibaon H. 
Hopkins .3 as. E. oik. 223 Vine, bis. s.e.c 

Plum and William 
HOPKINS L. C (Geo. M. Wood) c. 

Vine and Gano 
Hopkins Patrick, dray. 23 14th 
Hopkins Pat. dray. 423 George 
Hopkins Richd. engineer, 3.3. Front, nr. 

Jamestown ferry 
Hopkins Thos. lab. 504 W. 4th 
HOPKINS Wm. H. (Woodruff & 

bds. Dennison II. 
Hoplitiar Fred, baker, 592 Vine 
Hoyp G^o. cof. h. 34 % E. Front 
Hoppe Gust, cutter, 27 Pearl 
Hoppe D. grocery, 546 W. Row 
Hopperijohns'Wm. cof. h. 597 Main 
Hopper Jno. baker, 146 W. 5th, bds. 6th, 

' b- W. Row and Pi u:n 
Hopper Morris S. (wh. dry good,) 27 L. 

Market, h. n.w.c Symmes and Baum 
Hopper Saml collector, 1. Me I, Col. 
Hopper Win. brk. layer, 128 Clark 

groo. and store, 
254 & 25S \T.6tli,h. 
Hopple Haul, carp. Fulton 


Hopple Jacob, 247 Plum 
Hopple Matthew, attorney, law bldg.bds. 

Burnet H. 
Hopple Richard B. attorney, law bldg. 

bds. Burniit 11. 
Hoppler, stone cutter, 15th, b. 

Pleasant and Race 
Hoppman Jno. porter, 59G Raee 
Hoppmann Win. porter, 8 E 2d, 

Cherry Alley, b. Elm and EaCQ 
Hopster Hy. slioe mkr. 135 v,'. Yron 
Hopt F, mill stone mkr. 16 JeiTerson 
llupt I'^u-r. ol«j. mur. 4e5 SJrycaittoM 
Hoftin Pu-I. brls. Wiune H- 
Horan -bis. lab. u. .c. ' ' Preemwi 

Ib.reb Lev7ts, cuoper. 31 Dun! .;• 
Hord Oe >■ M. . 51 Msiin, uH. -.v.s. Sy- 
camore, Rhore ):!i 
Horen Jno. li. tailor, Alley, »>. Elm and 

Canal and Liberty and b'indlcy 
Horet/.ki L. fc Co. dry tfoods, SM, W.6tb 
Horetzki Louis (L. H- *w Co.) S3G W.Ott 


109 Seorge 

car works, 


No. 273 Main street, between Sixth and Seventh, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Keeps constantly on hand a general assortment of 

riinaclcltrthia €JaIf, Sya»Isfc Sole .Leather, BucKskin ftloycs, 

Fietcii " <!o. Cincinnati do. tio. no Mitts, 

ISaUiuiorc do. Backskiits, Pliiia. Morocco, &c, A:c. 


T7*rT??ff a toavnr-nf I ******* mates ana »ii. 

JUI1US A. MMLltf, Bantlin Julius A., 425 Vine. 


No. 4*25 Vine street, [palmer M. 3D., 36 Main. 

Y¥W side, between Twelfth and Thirteenth^ lor A. M. Co., 20 and 22 w. 2d. 

Block & Danifcl Dickrnan & EckertSnodgraiss ¥m, 



Wholesale r;id Retail Dealer in 


LEATHER SHOiU FIl^DlHGS i fShWtle.&Se«er,24a^in 
^ ,' ^. v «..:. ■ - Webster E.G., 63 Pearl. 

tarcw ©lis, lilies, glints, fc, 

3Vo. 8 Main Street, near- the Kiver, 


All kinds of Leather bought in the rough, for T.tmc, Plaster and Cement 

which the highest price will be paid. All Con-jtfoores Wm. B. & Son, 265 Plum, 
signinents will receh e prompt attention. ilUcGlincy Hugh Marsh & Co. 

Woolley Richard, 8 Main. 

Beitman Chas. Easton S. Flickner J. O. (Patent Enameled ) 

Claik S. & S. S. 

V I % '//■•- " , H (Successors to A. C. Porter.) 


*^H ;v; :i)x : JQ H ■-;■ :S- modern improved 

STOBf $f»© a©BS 9 

No. 29 West Sixth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Also, of P'roMoIi HVIxx»to,x-cl, 

Ho. 17 Congress Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Crimiu T. & Co. HepWorth'Wm. Walsh Michael. 
Qucbe Fved. 
Leather and Findings. 

Eh!en J. H. & Co., 3-15 Main. 
Leisl John, 313 .Main. 
[Lnmsdei S. and W., 216 Main. 






Horgnn Mrs. Mary, 69 E. 8th 

IfoiJiMMt By. (II. & Plaspohl,) 213 

Jlorlmhor*t <fc Plaspohl, (H.t. H. & 0. 

Plaspbhl,) meat store, 17 E. Trout 
Hotmail & Lake (C. H. <Sc H. L.) 76 

Horn A. lab. 1S9 Linn 
Horn Goo. cof. h. 470 W. 6th 
Ji^ru Jaa lab. n.e.c. Freeman aud Barr 
Horn J%s- painter, 24 Ann 
Horn Lewis, butcher, Vine, opp. Mul- 

Hornherger Fred, pro v. store, 644 Vine 
Harnberjger Peter, cof. h. 357 Ham. road 
Iloruhlow Wm. frame nianuf. 8 E. 6th 
llorne Danl. II. e.s. Sycamore, b. 5th & 

Home Danl. H. jr. b.k. 212 George 
Jlorner Mrs. Crynthia, dress mkr. s.w.c 

Smith and Longworth 
Horner Geo. S- bds. 186 Race 
Horner Hy. cig. mkr. 11 W. 6th 
Horner Jacob, barber shop, 231 Sycamore 
Horner J no. lab. 154 Pleasant 
Horner W. B. elk. s.e.c. 5th and Race, h. 

130 Kace 
HornertHy. cig. mkr. 617 Vine 
Horney T. F. 27 Parson3 
Horning Everhart, dray. 183 Clay 
Homing Jno. carder, 183 Clay 
Horning Peter, eng. 183 Clay Bezaleel B. hatter, 206 W. 6th 
Hornley J no. lab. 140 Water 
liornot Hv- lab. 446 Linn 
Hornsby Thos. tailor, 278 W. 8th 


Horton Tim. elk. bds. 192 W. 3d 

Horts Wm. basket mkr. 110 Mobawk 

Horz Hy. blk. smith, 170 Clay 

Hosa Wm. skin dresser, 76 Logan 

H-'sea Mrs. J. 31. 179 George 

HoSE A Roh.t, (R. 11. & Co.) -273 W. 4th 


grocs. and com. mers. 
1 V,*. Front 
: Hoakins Charles, elk. 65 Pearl 

Hoskins Wm. b.k. 32 Sycamore 

Hoskius Wm. oik. -21 Pea; I, r£S, Cov 
i Hospe Anthony, gldr-, 35 W. 6th, h. 83 
i Woodward 

Hosslebeck Peter, 209 Barr 
; Hosmann Chris, shot- mkr. 11 Tanner 

HOSTETTER David, (II. Smith fe Co.) 
I 415 V.\ 8th 

\ H0STETTER Jacob, (II. Smith & Co.) 

H0STETTKR, SMITH & CO. (Jacob & 
David II. & Geo. W. Smith,) Hos- 
tctter's bitters, 54 Walnut 
I Hostetter 0. 531 W. 8th 
' Hc-etings Miss M. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
! Boatman Hy. elk. 214 Main, h. 35 Mercer 
I Hoeft Hy. cof. h. 580 Main 
Hoehing J. C. cof. h. 52 L. Market 
Hoel Edmund, 361 W\ 7th 
Hoejterhoff Roht. F. private school, 339 

Elm, h. 22 Charles 
Hoekie Wra. tin wire manuf. 147 Linn 
Hoendorf Chas. sadier, 89 Main 
Hoendorf J. II. harness mkr. 402 Vine 
Hoes Mrs. 60 Catherine 
Hoese Jacob, carriage mkr. s. w. c. Syca- 

more and nth, h. 2.> 

HORN* UN G Adam, director city infirma- Hotehkiss Joel, caulker, 925 Maple 

mary, s.w.c. Centre and Race, h. 675 Hotchkisa Tale, salesman, s.w.c. 5th and 
Vine | Mam, bds. F. Andreas, 134 W. 7th 

HORN UNO Adam, jr. elk. board city in- I Hoichkirison Geo. bk. b. 141 Main 
C mary, s.w.c Race and Centre, h. ' Hotte Jacob, cook, 113 E. 3d 
675 Vine j Hottlieb Jno. cofhn mkr. 175 W. 6th 

Hoit Lot, painter, 31 Providence j Hothwell Hy. elk. c. Freeman and Barr 

Horrocks Hy. R. elk. 15 Race I Houck Geo. W. shoe mkr. 408 W. 8th 

Horrocks Jno. copper smith, 7 E, Front, ' Houck Hy. tinner, 219 Walnut 
h. 9 College j Houck Julia, seam. 477 B'way 

Horrocks J. R. tin, copper and sheet iron j Houg Jacob, cutter, 2k5 Walnut 
worker, 6 Commercial Row, h. 15 Hough Danl. bds. 233 B'way 
Race i II 

Horse I car, machinist, res. 47 Lock 
Horse Julia, seam. 50 13th 
Horsfail Geo. much. 179 Catherine 
Hors'ev Burton, saw. 193 W. Front 

"0ESLEY & EH L Kit, (Wm. H. 


E.J planing mill and st. boat 

nners, 248 W. Front 
HORSLEY W. (IL & Ehler.) 193 W. 

Horst Frank, finisher, 75 E. Front, h. 

ugh Wm. sash mkr. 526 Sycamore 
Houghton Chas. E. (R. A. Hoiden&Co) 

res. Mt. Auburn 
Houk Bernard, cof. h. Ham. road 
I Houk Conrad, bark'. 83 Sycamore 
Houk E. G. primer, 124 Clay 
Houk Jacob, groc 925 Ham. road 
| Houk Jacob, lab. 32 Duulap 
, Houritibrst Albert, chair mkr. 289 Water 
I Hour Geo. n.s. Front, b. Whittaker and 


Horst Jacob, lab. 84 Hai i. Road 

Horstman Christian, shoemaker, Tanner, 
b. Webster and Liberty 

HORSTMANN Rev. Francis, trea3. res. 
St Xavier'.s College 

Horstuaaan Fred, tailor, bds. 546 Main 

Horstmeier Christian, cooper, bds. 9 Or- 

Horsnr.einn Nich. carpet wear. 18 Abi- 

Homschneider Jo3. shoe shop, 165 W. 

HorswinkerHy. shoe mkr. n. ar.c. Find- 
ley and Race 

Hortman Frank, basket mkr. n. s. Kem- 
per, nr. Front, F'n 

Hortman Peter A. grocery, n.s. Kemper, I 
nr. Front, F'n | 

HORTON' Bern. (II. Sl Macy) 409 W. 6th I 

Horton Benj. J. (Newton &c 11.) h. Vine 
St. Hill 

Horton & Co. (X. T. H., G. L. Leonard 
& J. P. Walton,) railing manuf. £6 i 

norton David, 381 W. 6th 

HORTON II. V. 307 Longworth 

Horton Jno. paver, 713 Kim 

Hon -i, Levi:, V. sales. 1 19 Main, h. 327 

nCKI'llX & M \CY,(Ben. II. 6c Johr 
C. M.) enameled mantle and grate 
manuf. s.w.c. Elm and Pearl 
Horton \. T. (II. & Co.) Vine St. Hill 
Horton Thos. lab. n. s. Front, b. Long- 
worth and Broad, F'n 
norton Tim. elk. 17 Pearl, bda 119 W. 3d 

j House David, lab. 82 Ham. road 
I Honser Jno. mould. 2-9 Water 

I i op rhinoe office, 

i J I Win. Leuthstrmu agt. 

i XX 2 Col. Hall 

j .JEouaefelt Barney, plain, mill, 187 Sto-e 

! Houseraann Benj. constable^ 131 Spring 

: Housemann Hy. lab. IS Spring 

I Housemann Jos. carp. 179 Linn 

j Housertine Goodhart, tailor, 105 Ham. 

1 road 

: nousmann B. II. cof. h. 374 Sycamore 

I nousmann ChrU.. bb. 477 B'way 

! Housmann Erank^ lard wii manuf. 67 

! Houstuann Frc-d. blk. smith, 362 BVay 
| Housmann Philip, blk. smith, n.e.c. Sj- 
caaiore and Hunt 
Housten Joseph, t.m.. 144 Culvert 
Houston Geo. W. hatter, c. Elm and 31 
II: ke Abraham, 578 W. 8th 
Hoke David T. brk. layer, 580 W. Pth 
Hoke G<>o. c oopt-r, e.s. Avenue, b. Bank 

and Ilarrismi road 
Hoke Jno. watchman, 144 C:\rr 
Hoke Jno. brk. layer, bds. 5-0 W. Sth 
I'.okenberg Fr.'l. elk. 90 VV. Court 
Hovermann Kd.v 1. purler, r r.c. Main, 

26 Bnckeye 
Hover Wm. tab. CBurkeye 
Hovcrcott Vrrd. painter, 69 Milton 
Hovestatt Jno. sales. 15 B'«-av 
Hovey Benj. barber ahop, 64C 3. Fronf, 
h. 660 t). Front 
0VEY D. W. 

Hovey Jas. sawyer, 121 Hkh 

Howard , elk. bds. 79 W. 3d 

Howard Chas. elk. n.e.c 3d and Race 
Howard E. chair painter, 73 Clark 
Howard H. C. 51 and 53 Vine, h. 127 

John Howard prop 
206 W. 5th 
Howard Hugh, cab. mkr. 137 Smith 
Howard Jas. T. 315 W. *th 
ltowa/d Jno. carp. 631 Elm 
Howard Jno. woolen rnanuf. 150 High 
Howard John, engraver, 152 John 
| » Howard House 
LJ 20fi W. 5th 
Howard Olivia, 50 Lod^e 
Howard Mrs. S, 202 Betts 
Howard Wm. elk, 227 Sycamore 
Howartz Philiii>, bus. 473 Vine 
How-brink M. lab. 170 Ev^ret 
Howdan Root, moulder, 209 W. 3d 

boarding house 
SO E. 5th 
HOWE Elbridge H. (Don-, Arnold &: Co) 

35 Cetiter 
Howe Geo. seed, hand store, 528 W.Row 
Howe Hy. brk. layer. 73 BaymUler 

bo,.k pub. Ill Main 
h. 163 B ; wav 
Howe Johu, bds. 239 W. 6ch 
Howe John. lab. Front, b,Rice and Wal- 
nut F'n 


I I fancy goods & embroid 

*-*- 276 W. 5th 

Howe 3-D. art. pat. med. & coueh can- 
dy, 1 College bidirs.res. New lord 

Howe W. S. dentist, 193 BVay 

Howe! David, ensineer, bis. s.w.c. 5ch<fc 
McA lister 

Howell Jas. lab. 25 Catharine. 

Howel Stephen, n.s. Front, nr. Sycamore 

Howel! , 126 Linn 

Howell Chas. wag. mkr. 223 Richmond 

Howell Chas. painter, (Simouton &; Co.) 
223 Richmond 

Howell John H. 191 Longworth 

Howell Joshua A. cutter. 6 Peirl 

Howell II. Scott, atty. at law 6 W. 4th b. 
239 Richmond 

Howell Mary, cloaks, Cartharine, b John 
and W. Row 

HowellMiss Mary. 233 Richmond 

Howell Sam!, plasterer, 248 Kimble 

Howell Wm. F. sales, 27 L. Market, bds. 
3 E. 6th 

Howell Win. R. toys aud fancy (roods. 
14 W. 4th, res. s.-.e. 6th and Race 

Howel. s Geo, 23 ami 25 K. 2d 

Howdls Mary, teacher. Maple 

Howells T. W. elk. Springer and Whita- 
m;ai3.- h. 126 Linn 

How. Is Edw. B. elk. S3 B'way, res Wal- 
nut Hills 

Howerson Saml. peilier, 7 New 

Howland Geo. W. elk. 35 W. How 

Howler John, tailor, 128 Vine 

Howse Jfr. confec. Harrison 

H iwwecothy H. lab. :?8 Pleasant 

Hoy John F. a'ty city bldga 

Hoy David, bJa, n.s. Frout, nr. toll rat# 

| Hoyer Jacob, butch. Race. b. Flndiay *. 
Ham Road 

Hflyerbachas Henrv, finisher CO W. ljth 

Huar Louis, 128 Walnut 

Huav Geo. lab. 17'J W. Front 

I I nijrht carta 
Xi 14i>Betts 

«;torn*y 7 
Walnut St. 

al. phys. 
124 Wa: 


nmmXM) EDWIN 8. 
Manchester bldgs, bos 
Hubbuvd Jno. portex, 7 P. Landing, h. 

153 W. Ifth 
I HUBUARD lluftia, (ConkUn ic H.) re« 
Walnut IliUs 
Hubbard S. (J. trade, sale and auct room* 
21 W. 5th, h. 310 v;,„ 
I Hubbard Timothy. »>.k. 21 W. S'Ji.bui. 
ce-cSJi and B'way 


f/iglA«uiu;>- Hod Manufacturers. 

Waddeli VVm. W. & Co., 23 w. 6th. 

Pearson Abel. 
(Linseed, ©ii Manufacturers. 

Ca?sa<3y & Ste^artThomps0ft & Pen- Whetstone Rd. A. 
Gordon 6c Co. terman. 


Importer and Dealer in 

Montgomery J. Cost., 284 Main. 

Nufrel & Spreens, 559 Race. 

Neil James, 53 Broadway. 

Oberhue E. & F., 112 w. Court. 

Oliver P. \V. ; 68 and 70 Water. 

Plau J. & J. M., 258 Main. 

Pfirman Andrew, 15 and 17 w. Canal. 

Pike S. N., 18 and 20 Sycamore. 

Poland & Henry, n. e. c. Sycamore and 2d. 

Racine &, Constant, 86 and 88 e. 2d. 


No. 53 Warfnui: St. 


'J Stockman J., 53 Walnut. 
Wilshire & Co., 17 Sycamore. 
Yorke Joshua 24 e. 2d. 
Block E. & Bros. Hofer Charles Mackenzie Robt. H 

Dlock Elias Ilohenburger Chas. Nathan M, 

Dexter Edmund Kelly Danl. Puhlman John 

Dougherty* Co. Jacob Isaac Sarrah F. & Co." 

Ezekiel & Deitsch Krueskamp Frd WSmith Brothers 
Fey & BaennengerLoder W. & B. Stetter F. & L, 
Fletcher Lowe! Louis Adolph 



Liquors, Wines, Ax. 

importers, dealers and manufactcrers. 
Ada? C. F. & Labrot, 16 w. Front. 
Bealer Cornelius, 18 Broadway. 
Vender Wrn, 582 W. Rowi 
Bepler Edward, 350 Main: 
Boyle & Co., 55. 57 and 59 c. 2d. 
Davis N. H. & G. II., 69 Walnut. 
Ficken John 28 L. Market. 
Fisher & Fienthel, Hunt b. Main Ik Sycamore. 
Harth M. & Co., 3S0 Main. 
Hirsch & Strauss. 35 Walnut, '■< 
Kellogg- & Foote, 17 e. 2d. 
King & Daly, 33 Sycamore. 
Levi S. & Bros., 228 Mam. 
Lewis & Dupuy, 22 Broadway. 
Mackentepc Bernard, c. Vine and 2d. JMiddleton, Wallace & Co 

Mohr A. &, Co., 17 e. 2(\. Fleetwood & Son 


l\Fo. 115 Walnut St., Cincinnati. 

.'T^. pesv 'K?K ESh. €Si 

J.I SI* rogf raphers. 

Gibson & Co., 121 Main. 
McBrair Arch., 14 e, 4th. 
Menzel& Co., 99 w. 6th. 

115 Vv r alnut. 


*$£&%*& ^C? M*J? "MS/ i "«i ' Jt&kJ&T&my 

HYI1I a Ml If Mill, 

Ho 75 West Sixth, ana 75 Gano S.ts., 

Livery and Sale Stables. 

Brown & Brothers, s. s. 6th b. Main and Syca- 
Cutter Alfred 78 w. 6th. 
Epply & Patterson, n. w, c. 9th and Plum. 
Frazer Thos., s. s. 2d e. of Broadway. 
Johnson Isaac D., 320 Walnut. 
Mundy Freeman, 177 w. 6th. 
Rusche Frank, s. s. Allison b. Clay & Walnut. 
Suyre L. G. & Co., 15 w. 6th. 
Wietholter Hy. II., Union Stable, 13 Lod^e. 
Wood Ceo., e. s. Race b. 5th and Sycamore. 
Arslin??t.all J. S. Hust Hjr. Smith Mathsw 

& f<- B. Jenifer Boa. Rteavens iv Cole 

Bradley Geo. Mense Hy. Timperman H.&Co. 

Buchholz Fred. Meyer Bernard Uphoff Geo. H. 
' H. Ob enn oyer J. Weinke Jno. 

Buttemilter Jno. Ki-ley S. G., Williams Sam. 

C re ain George. Kocap E. Wilson & Bros. 

Hagan Jas Schafer & WormanWood Wm. 

Hurnsoia Jamca Sbepuerdson Chas. 

Locksmiths* IScll Hangers, Arc. 

Hunt Davis S., 49 Sycamore. 
Pfister & Metz^er, 30 w. 6th. 
Ritter Henry M., 110 w. 5th. 
Schroder John II. & Co., 28 w. 3d. 
Talbott J. & J. L., 270 W. Row. 

Aupperlo Alex. 
Ginou Feter C. 

Kinnan Petrv C. Schreib°r Leonard 
Lehmann Moses Wilson John J. 

Locomotive ISuildcrs. 

Moore & Richardson, Front b. Lawrence and 

Niles 6l Co., Congress street and Miami Canal. 

Locomotive Lamps. 
Winslow A. S., 9 and 11 w. 2d. 





n.w.c. Canal and 
Walnut, h. 392 W. 4th 
IXabboll tSphriam T. grocery, 47 Mansfield 
littbbeB Ely. printer, (Gazette) bds Far- j 

!)'«•,: bard Win. lab. 206 Poplar | Hugel Jno. elk. 434 Main 

iPabUik Alexander & Driver, (S. II. H, i Huges Martin, shoe mkr. 143 W. Front 
R rt A. & Jas. S. D.) wh. dry \ i UGtitNS, J.iiO. & ANDERSON (Ed- 
Is, 5* Pearl H win E. H., Howard II. & Wm. A.) 
vli 3 has. H, elk. n.w.c. Canal and imps. & deal, in china, glaas and 

Queensware, 91 Main 
HT7GGINS Edw. E. (H-, Bro. & Ander- 
son) res Mt. Auburn 
Biers' hotel ( HUGGIKS Uoward, )H., Bro. & Ander- 

HUBBELL Nath. 3. agt. Cin. Fuel Co. son,) res. Hit. Auburn 

1C3 Richmond HUG HART Jno. (Burton & H-) n. 157 

ftrifebefl S. II. (11. Alexander k Driver,) I - Elm 

'272 V ine j Hushes , lab. s.e.c. 3d and Mill 

liubbel! Thos. B. 166 W. Row | Hughes , bds. 16d Sy camera 

Ifubbcll Wakeman, sale s. 23 and 25 Syc- j Hughes Mrs. Ann, 55 George 
amore, bda B'way hotel i Hughes C. B. elk. 25 Pearl 

nuJbeii wm, 388 w. 4th it UG1IES CLARKNUE B- 

Habbell Wm. ~bt. "b.k. n.w.c. Walnuts! rj &*• phys 

HullGeo. 153 Bar* 
HULL J. (Hanna& II.) 
Hill! Jas. brk. lav. 153 Barr 
j Hull John, elk. 51 Laurel 
jHullJohn S. elk. 105 Walnut 
I] | ULL JULILS com. and ford 

in n - s . " 

. Canal h. Main and Sycamore* 
res. Covington 
Hull L. K. teller. 19 W. 3d 

! * eefiee house, 

173 W. Row 

Hughes & Co. (Israel H. St S. H- Stone- 
mets) sash and blind manuf. s,w.c 
John and Augusta 

Canal, h. 368 W. 4th 

Huhbell W. R, sales. 58 Pearl 
Hubeaer Aug. drusrglst, 497 Elm 
Ruber Chas. liquor deal, bds Buttermillers 

Huber Francis, shoe mkr- boards. 261 ; Hughes E. boiler mkr, 437 W. 2d 

W. Row j Hughes Edward J. 422 W. 3d 

Huber Franz, porter, n.e.c. Pearl and j Hu'ghos Felix, lab. s.s. Water, b. Elm ic 

Walnut ' j Blum 

Ruber I red. porter, 26 Woodward I Tl UGliLS & FOSTER- (Hudson E. H. 

Hulber Jacob,;£nishor, SfiSu&'flin [ j! & Jeab G. F.) planing mill, s.e.c 

IL'iber John, I)lk. smith, 550 Walnut I John and Augusta 

Rubor John, tailor, 6e-S Tine Hughes liy. C. carp. 401 W. Row 

HUBER JOSEPH ' HUGHES Hudson E. (Ji. & Foster.) 

William Tell House res. Stows township 

225 W. Gtb ] HUGHES II. W, (Siuead, C- k. H.) h. 

Htfber Peter, cutter, 14 Main, h. 80 12th I 347 W . 4th 
Hufcer Wm. morroco dresser, s.w-c Dun ! Hughes Israel, (II. &. Co.) 

lap. and Cooper I Hughes Jas. cik. 439 W. 4th 

Huber Wm. & Co, morrocco dressers 6G9 . Hughes Jas. chair painter, 161 Water 

Ehns j Hughes Jas. carp. 93 George 

Huber Xavier, blk. smith, n.w.c Bremen ' Hughes Jas. J. carriage repos.201 Court 

and Liberty | Hughes John, sloe mkr. 213 Everet 

Hubert Jno. G. dk. 125 Main I Hughes John, 178 Congress 

Hubi!l Thos, carriage iafcr. bds. 49 Race ; Hughes John, bib. £38 Water 
Hubing Frederick, lock mkr. 5dl Tine I Hughes Jno. W, bonnet andhat presser, 
Hnbing John, teams, e.s. Anderson b. I 674 E. Front 

W. W. Canal and 2d | TT LUIIES JOHN & CO., wh. fur. mf. 


Hmm j. w. 

SuoatES mm & co., wh.fur. 
w.s. John b. Front it Augusta,,!' 
maker, 443 W. 2d 

442 W. Front j Huhges J. W. sales, s.w-c .Pearl & Main 

Uuchins Thos- J. bds. 186 Pace h- 101 E- 3d 

Hack M. chandler, 3«3 Bhvay j Hughes Leopold F. b.k. 12 P. Landing 

Huddart Wm. scale, maiiuf. 6 W. 2d, h. I h. 107 Barr 


144 Smith 

Hughes Mich. lab. 49 E. 8th 

Hudepohl Louis, groc. 56 Abigail Hughes 0. shoe mkr. 209 Everet 

Hudiey Rich. lab. 21 Lomrworzh's bidgs ; Hughes Pat. tailor, 61 Observatory road 
Hudson Edwin, moulder, 23 Madison 'Hughes Peter, iron railing mkr, w-s. 
Hud. n Geo. M. paper carrier. 312 W< i Whittaker, b. Front a»d High 

7:h ! Hughes Bioh. 89 E. 5th 

Hu-hiDn Isaac. no:ter, 17 Woodward j Hmrhes Rob; caulker, Water, nr. Broad 
liu^,7i Jas. liw Fulton . | ,, ^F"n 

1 i CiftSON JAA1 ES, wholesale boot and ; Hughes Sarul. lab. s.s. Front, nr. Walnut 
\\ s.hoe manufacturer. 221 Wal- 1 F'n 

'"* hut i Hcghee Thos. lab. 27 Race 

HUDSON & CO. (James D. If. &. John ' H ights T. cot . smith. ?5 Con re*s, 
ZumsteiB,) patent- med depot, 1§9 j Hughes T'oos. lab. s.s. Front nr. .Long- 
Wain ut, worth F'n 
Hudson Mich. elk. 252W. ~.:li ' Hughes Wm. P. 247 Cutter 
Hudson Oralando, raonlder. 149 Soring ■ Ha^hev Sand, type' caster. 233 C'ihton 
Hudson ; P«ter*. lab. 5'~> Hmit Heg'e John, dray. 1G1 Catherine 
Uudson Phillip A. steam bx. elk. Ms, 4&4 ■ Husjle Wm. 80 Tau Horn 

Main j HUGO Fred. (Topie &; H.) 196 Main 

Ikulaoc Thos. moulder, 194 Kemble Hugo Louis, carman, 47 W. 5th 

Hudson ">Vm. Pest house, Hop- ! Huhn Jac. tailor, 570 Elm 

kin?, below Freeman \ Huie Mrs. Mary, 36 Mamsfield 

Hudson Wm. L. freneh siik and straw .i Huie Peter, (H., Wallace &. Co. )36 Maas- 

. milliaery, 64 W. 5th j field 

Hudson Wm. L. gun store, 238 Sl&iri L. : Huie, Wallace & Co.(Peter H., Robt. W. 

64 W. 5th & Wm. Huie,) wh. uotijns, hosiery, 

Hud-pit Wm. 203 W. 5th j &c. 21 W. 6th 

Huele Jno. elk. 285 Main | Huie Wm. (II., Wallace &, Co.) bds 36 

Huenker Hy. (Prior & H. 15th Mansfield 

Hae3aian J. H. cite. 82 W. 4th , Hukerbeuner Nicholas, tailor, Pleasant b. 

Huesmari A. tailor, n.e.c, Linn and i Findlay and Ham. Road 

Laurel j Hukill Anson, boat store, 40 Plum 

Hu^smanu B.y. b.h. 517 Elm j HufcUl Fred, elk; 217 Main, h, 1 13 Betts 

Hueimann Louis, cof.-h. 520 Main j Hukill Jas. dray. iS Rittenhouse 

Huston Geo. bds. 252 Walnut Hukill Johns,. n, pat. mkr. 113 Letts 

jJnetta \\y. shoe mkr. 233 Walnut ' U ilbert N ithan, 603 Freeman 

l -"-- ■■■'•■ ' H. IT. Loot and shmt store, 2,^5 UnVtet tW m. P. 605 Fre-aaan 
_, Walnut I Hullbrouhaer D. peddler, btls. Levis 

w^ferterhyde Hy. 136 Tan Horn I Hotel 

«nff.Iuo. broker, 8 E. 7th j Hull and K. M. elk. 34 W. 3d, bda. 233 

Huff Nancy, laund. 249 Broadway W. 4th 

Huffman Jacob, porter, 72 L. .Market j Huldhousc II. cam. 285 Linn 
« ll mw ^- lr .v, bk. binder, 395 W. Row ; Hulfmann Louis, cof. h. s-w.c. Mercer it 
li it;: ^mer Nicholas, pastor Lutherian j Walnut 

church, Walnut I Huliteld B. elk. 518 W. Row 

Jl 137 E. Front 

Hu'lph PMl'p, cab. mkr. 446 John. 

Hulsfe Eheneezer, 106 Everett 

Hulse Jesse N. landscape painter, 1<£ 

Hulse Stephen B. city elk. 66 Clinton 
Huiser Bernard, chair mkr. n.e.c. Long- 
worth and Mound 
Hulsman Barney, chair caner, 301 W. 

Hulsman liy. varnisher,535 Main 
Hulsmeir John, shoe mkr. s.s. Maple b. 

John and Linn 
Hulthouse Barnard, cof. h. 58 Hunt 
Hulthouse Hy. teams. 55 Plum 
Uultmeir Cri.-t, coop. Green b. Race and 

Hultzmyer Barney, 211 Freeman 
Hukavi Hy. shoe mkr. bds. 66 L. Market 
HumbatHy. lab. 380 ir way 
Humbert Herman, lab. 386 Race 
Humbert Jac. baker, bds. 17*' Sycamore 
Humble Jas. stone cutter, 122 E. Liberty 
Humble John, stone cutter, 14,-? £. Lib- 
Humble John, stone cutter and build. 288 


|1 brass found. &r. brass cockm.anuf. 
- tJ - 65 Lodge 

Humes ,huck. e.s. Sycamore b. 7th 

and 8th 
Hummel Anthony, tailor, 7 Je'J'crson 


Brighton House, 
_unc Harrison &: Colerain Pike 
Hummel Christian, mould. 138 Pleasant 
Hummel David, (Kitter cz. H.j Freeman 

nr. Dayton 
Hunittjel John, vinegar mkr. 100 Hop- 
! Hummel! Stephen, tailor, 12 Abigail 
; Humpkres Win. tobacconist, n si Living- 
ston i). Freeman and Piatt 
Humphrey Hugh, cab. mkr. bds. 293 

V.". 5th 
Kumphijies Geo. elk. Livingston b. Free- 

L.aij and Piatt 
HnmpiirsysJos. B. dept. auditor, h.597 
I Sycamore 
Hu iphreys Wm. tobacconist, Liviimston 
• n.s. b. Fiatt and Fre^uuin 
j Humpriss Thos. 541 W. ?th 
j Hunch David, moulti. 176 Webb 
| Hiinuerrian Fre 1. tuior, 4i') Sycamore 
Hundiroann Hennaitj lab. 290 L:j:o 
Hundonmurk Wm. shoe mkr. 16 Ham. 

Ilumlo Ai thony, mould. 59 Abigail 

Hnndolf A.lab. 384 Wrlnu: 

Htumet'eld Anna, miTuner, n.w.c. 5th and 

Hunekuhl Bernard, tailor, G8 W. Court. 

h. 9.' W. Court 
Iluneraan Sn phon, siajc.s & groc. 420 &: 
424 Walnut 
! Hunerinann Chris, elk. 422 Walnnt 
j Hunmn.ana G- 11. cigar and tobac. store, 
| 422 Walnut 
I Hunnemeyct Jos. oiiclothmkr. re:ir 9 E. 

j Hung'rr Michael, cooper, IS Cherry 
Huniruin Geo. lab. 7^ Hunt 
HUNNEWELL Dinl. (U., Hd! fc Co.) 
j res. Cummins', tile 

RUKXKWEI I- K1U & CO (Danl. 
II., Geo. II. it. & Jos.S.lC.)irapi 
china and earthen ware. f>7 ilain 

I IXunnewell Louis 
I Cumminsville 

fc7 Main, re?. 

Hunning liy. shoe mkr. 401 Sycamore 
Uunsche Free. lab. s.e.c. 5tli \n 1 Kace, 

h. l.'.thb. Khnand Canal 
Hunsegan John, lids. 502 Walnut 
Hunskuu Fred. port. i3 JeffeWOO 


JTiOOkins Glasses, 

Blakesley E., 229 Main. * 

Bovvh Thos. & Co., 18 e. 4th. 

Wiswell Wrn., 70 w. 4th. 

Bonle A. P. C. Gest J. C. Wis-well Eben. 

Burt Moses fiofublow Wni. 

Lumber Dealers, 

Kilbreth, DeCamp & Co., 95 12th. 

Kimball, Conway &, Co., w. s. Freeman b. 6th 

and 7th. 
Mitchell Jethro, 522 Vine. 
Morgan Hugh, s. s. W. W. Canal b. Smith and 

Peel Saml., n. e. e. Elm and Court. 

Baily & Brother, n.a. Front b. Mill and WoodJPierson Dan!. B., 381 Plum 

Ratterman & Miller, 567 Elm. 
YVeasner Thos. H., 371 Plum. 
Webb & Robinson, s. s. 6th nr. C. H. & D. 

Dexter H. & Co., 422 W. Row. 

Dunlap Jas. & Co., 534 Vine. 

Parnn Thos. W., 147 Carr. 

Fay Anthony, s. e. c. Broadway and Lebanon Depot 

Pike, , ' [Barr & Austin Green, John K. Sharp Isaac 

ti„ yh V r>« „ Va PfV, n»»r! CT J, T» B T? Blackburn Bonj. HintuJ. Shiugledecker I. & 

I razer &, Co., n. e. c, bth and H. & D. ix. K. CaTSOIl Ja3< & Co> Hjgbee & Co. CoT 

Depot. (Cook & Brother Highee Wrn. VY. Slough Martin 

Hinl-Ip f£nf1ri & Cn c: *v r Front nnrl Hill ■ Creighton K. Light foot J. S. Taft, Wise & Co. 

ttlVLk e, iiuiia cV to., S. W. C. rront ana tlill, Glen - u Lewis M«ier'Wro. Townley & Norris 

I'UitOIl. IGlenn, Milton & CoNorris& Townley Wright & Goke. 

ar. A.. iF'jgLTsr ^3 co E , 

Augusta St., First door west of John, 


"2 e-^y^^^^tST^ 

'■feast S^ifBl *»» *•;*» H tt>» 

Mams fact 3&rcrs of all kinds of 

1 VV/riniiiij Vl/M^J^R iU r K. ' 1 ?i::":V;HT'V^* 

«$"#£# >«■ DANIEL'S IMPRO YED 


"Silsa, feo«itt|, fclortising, goring, ©rafting 

Also, a New, Large and superior improved 


For Door, Sash, Blind and Car Work, together with a 
variety of other Machinery not mentioned. 



Pairing, ||[0r.tisimi, Cera 


mm fk 1 1 tfM 1 m K §5 



\J3t M 00^ 133? Hf t^t jra- 555 ^7* 

>^ a '"d^ 

i0 Between Flwm & Western Sc^ 

mxaaaxL e&s®. 






Hunster Alex. barber ,riding school build- 

V. 6th 
HBttSton Wm. bds. 203 W. 5th 
Hunt A'.a.brk. lay. 577 Sycamore 
j J UM' DATIS S. locksmith aad porta- 
I I ble forge depot, 45 Sycamore, h. 79 
iL v.'. 4th 

Hunt Fred. local editor Enquirer 
Hunt Fred. 320 Longworth 

arid retail hat. 

I! B.S..BU 

**• 131* Main 

Hunt Jesse, elk. n.e.c. 5th and Race 

Hunt John, apple butter and mince meat 

works, 504 W. Row 
Bun. Juo. butcher, 118 Bank 
Hunt Jno. W. dep. sheriff, res. "Walnut 

Hunt Lyman, lab. 31 Mohawk 
HUNT Marcus A. (IT. & Hopkins) 

HUXT& M'CAXE, (Thos. E. H. & 
Jno. £. McC. ford, and com. mers. 
• IS W. Front 
Hunt P. lab. 100 Pleasant 
Hunt Peter, porter, at P. 0. 
Hunt Teter, chair mkr. 32 Catherine 
Hunt Thos. lab. s.s. Phcebe b. Plum and 

W. Row 
HUNT Thos E. (IT. & McCane) 71 W, 

Hunt Win. tailor, 133 Poplar 
Hunter Adam, printer, bds 273 Walnut 

imps, and manuf. ox soldiery and 
coach hardvrare, car. trim, springs 
and axels, &c. 2 Church bldgs, 
Hunter Fred, moulder, 3-54 Walnut 
Hunter Gavin E. stair builder, 489 John 

h. w.s. Clinton, b. John & Cutter 
Hunter Harriet, laundress s.s. Cherry b. 

Elm and Plum 
Hunter Hy. S. carp. e.s. Liberty nr. 

Hunter Jas. elk. 30 W. 4th. h. 323 W. 

Hunter Jas. tradinar, 11 Pavid 
Hunter Jas. tin. 299 W. 3d 
Hunter J as. 424 W. 7th 
Hunter John, prop. Spencer Hous;, 
n.vr.c. Front and B Vay 

167 Walnut 
Hunter & Kendall (Wm. M. H. 6c Geo. 

W. K.) dentists, 206 Tine 
Hunter Mrs. Mary, 507 Vine 
Hanter Matthew F. moulder. 507 Tine 
Hunter Matthew 8. porter, 62G W\ 8th X.D. (IL Cob arn Sc Edmes- 

ton) res Covington 
Hunter Kobt. printer, bds. 192 Sycamore 
Hunter Wm. agt Union Tel. 5 E. 3d. bds 

44 Harrison 
Hunter W. H. printer, bds. 1*50 Syca- 
Hunter Wm.M.(H; & Ken !all) 201 Tine 
Hunter Wm. M, printer, 62 V. 3d bus 

160 Sycaumre 
Hunter Wm. T. toy mkr. s.w.c W. W- 

Canal and Park 
Hunterraann Conrad, moulder, 47 Pen- 

Hunlemann Hv. F- cab. mkr. 15 Abigail 
Hunting R.G. 29 Water 
iluntms Rich. G. liquor. 14 Perry 
HUNTINGTON Albert W (H. & Co.) 

21 E. -1th 

HU5Ii\GT0X & BROOKS, (B. P. H 
&r. Oliver A. E) deal, in china glass 
and quct;nsware 47 Pearl 

HmiNiJTOXJ.C. & CO. (J. C.& 
A. W. II.) imps. French, China, 
prlass. &c.21 E. 4th 
HUNTINGTON F. G. Uonea, Bros. & 

Co.) bds Burnet House 
HUNTINGTON Hy. D. (II. & Brooks) 

1Gb Race 
Huntington Horace, elk. bds. s..s 4th !>. 
„ BVay A. pike 

HUNTINGTON Jao. C (IT. -fc Cc.) 121 
W. Rth 

(Wm. C.H. &. Isaac N. L.) iuip;s. 
jewelry and fancy goods, 119 iiaia 


Huntinston Thos. S. elk. U. S. Ex. Co. 

11 E. 3d, h. 234 Linn 
HUNTINGTON Wm. C (H. &. Laboy- 

teaux) h. 178 Elm 
HttphoffLovey, rear of 18 Cherry 
Huop John, repairer, 396 Walnut 
Kurd Fdv,-. nicr. 81 Milton 
Kurd Ed'.r. carp. 56 Kemble 
Hurd. Sarah A. select seminary, 74 W. 

HurdiebrinkHy. lab. 384 Walnut 
HureleDanl. lab. rear 11 E. Liberty 
HURIN Jas. K. (Xibbitts & II.) res Jit. 

Hurlburt Saml. cooper. 486 Ehn 
Hurley Miss Catharine, dry goods, 377 

Hurley Dani. engine driver, 95 W. Canal 
Hurley Hani. lab. 27 Catharine 
Hurler John, lab. Front, b. Rice and 

Walnut F"n 
Ilurman II. cigar mkr. 420 Tiue 
Hurmann Hy. 131 Clay 
Hurm Wendel, stone mason 114 Bremen 
Hurner Ferdinand, cooper, bds 321 

Kurreh Wm. F. 13 AT. 4th 
Hurse Geo. lab. 307 La'nn 
Hurst Hy. stable, IB Locust 
Hurst Jacob, lard oil, 1G Locust 
Hurst Mrs. P. 322 l'inm 
Hurstinsc Hv. stone cutter, over 523 Main 
Hurth Jacob, wks. rolling mill 23 High 
Huscam Jos. lab. s.s. Liberty, b. Main &: 

Huse Miss M. miilinner 121 W. 5th 
Husenback Fred- shoe mkr. 30 E. 7th 
Huser Parney, lab. 22 Woodward 
Huv.tIMt. (F. tSarran &c Co.) s.w.c. 

13th and Vine 
Huser Henry, dray. 477BVay 
Husher Saml. collar mkr. 23 E. 5th 
Husing Wm. tanner, 420 Liberty 
Huikill Fred. 53 Cedar 
Husley Jacob. ,Hart & II.) 88 Wbbd- 

Andrew House 
185 Vine 
Husman Hy. blk. smith, Hanover, b. 

Woodward and Franklin 
Husmann Hy. cab. mkr. n.s. 6th b. Har- 
riet and Horn 
Finsmann Hy. woodsawyer, 24 Mercer 
Huss Karl, cab. mkr. 1118 Ham. road 
II ass David, cab. mkr. 31 Smith 
Hussey John 0. b.k. bds. s.e.c. Race 

and Gth 
Hussmah Anthony, cutter, 27 Pearl 
Hussman Hy. carp. 80 Wade 
Haster F. cigar mkr- 233 Main 
Hustlett Frank, hostler, s.e.c. 13tb and 

HUSTON A. B. (Podd & II.) 252 Wal- 
Huston Andrew J. b.k. 9 P. Landing res 

Huston Chas. elk. c. 8th and Tine 
HUSTON D A. (John II. Gerard &: Co.) 

bds. 84 W. 9th 
Huston Jas. A. elk. 30 W. Front 
Huston Jas. lab. P. &. Gambles factory • 
Huston J. M. house and sign painter, 67 

W. 3d, h. 120 Longworth 
Huston Mrs. Precilla, n.s. Front, b Par- 
sons and Whittaker 
nuston Saml. M. printer, 88 Main 
Hutching Jas. gen. agt. 141 W. Gth 
Hutchinson Edwin A. elk. s.w.c. 7th <fc 

Hutchinson Cleves K. elk, s.w.c. 7th & 

Hutchinson S. E- mach. s.s. Front b 
Smith and Rose 

nuxcinsox Wif.B- 
167 Walnut 
Hutchinson Wm. turner, 3. s. Fulton, :ir 

Harrison V 'n 
Huth'Jacob, brush mkr. 34 Dunlap 
lluth Jno. Cooper, b. Kim and Dunlap 
Qutmann Frank, lab. 'X> Abigail 
Tiutsteiner Edvrard, cigar store, 405 \ ine 
Hulstman Hcrmuu, boot mkr. 13 Buck- 

Huttan Martin, striker, 79 Commerce 
Hutton Mrs. Elbrabeth, 372W. Row 
Hutton John, (J. & R. II. ) 19 Bats 
Hutton J. II. elk. bds Evans Hotel 
Hutton J. & R. (John & Rub..'rt) wagon 

mkrs. 164 W. Front 
Hutton Robert, (J & R. Jl) 214 W Front 
Hutwebes Julius, painter, btb. 99 U. 2d 
Hutzen!)uhler Ab. lab, 17 E. Liberty 
Hutzler Fred. elk. bds. 118 E.5th 
Huver Anthony, cof.h.23 Water 
11 u vet fly. shoe mkr. 580 W. Row 
Huxel Harmon, lab. Walker's brewery 
Hyams Abraham, clothing store 120 W. 

Hyarns Isaac, elk. 113 Sycamore, h. 34 

E. 4th 
Hyam.s Nath. broker, 214 Walnnt, h. 199 

Hyatt Mrs. Elizabeth, G4 Beits 
IfTATT JUII'XT. collector, office 131 
( | Mam, at J. H. Peter's, h. 139 Hop- 

K kins 
Hyatt Milton M. brk. layer, 488 W. 7th 
Hyde Catharine Mrs. seams. 112 Cliutou 
HydeGeo. Isrfj. 17 Hickory 
Hyde Jas. elk, C II. & I). R.R. depot 
Hyde Jas. 266 Eerable 
Hyde Mrs. 45GE. Front 
Hyer John, mach. 70 12th 
TJ YM AN, iHluT II CR& CO. (Chas. H. 
Jl Martin H. & Leo. Frank) wh cloth- 
iers. 6 Main 
HYMAN Chas. (IL, Pro. & Co.) 7d W. 

HYMAN Martin, (IP, Pro. & Co.) 128 

Hymes Nathan. 199 Race 

Hyneback Samuel, printer,?-:! Madison 

Hyndman San. G.bellows mkr. 101 Mui- 

Hyndman W. G. belhws manuf. 46 E. 

2d. h. 101 Mulberry 
Hynes Thos. 2d haml store, s,w.c. Tra- 

ner's alley and 5th 
HyfchclMieh. gardner,-.w.s. Freeman, b. 

Liberty and Poplar 



Iaeger Conrad, (I &. I'nimn) 50H Elm 
Iaeger &. Gnium (Conrad I. Al Ciuas. U.) 

. print. 3D4 Race 
boots ami shoes,344 Main 

me mkr. 3.'.". B'way 

Ibond Amze 

Iehler David 

Idae John,? 

ldel Michael, ._ 

Iddinjjs Jas. C. elk. 110 i'earl, bds. s.e.c. 

Gth and Race 
Iferd Aug. cof. h. GO W. Court 
Iglauer Arnold, 178 W. 3d 
tgiehart A. R. b.h. G Harrison 
Ignace Jno. cab. mkr. 81 Sycamore, h. 

B01 Race 
Ihle A. cooper, c. 8ih and Canal 
Iiile Geo. blk. smith, bds. 5U7 Vine 
Ikcbush Hy. Ial>. 037 Elm 
Ikleman Ba^ist, lib Mohawk 
Her Hy. pap r carrier, 279 Richmond 
Ika Wm. lub. 22 Madison 
Hid A. M. currier, -:: Clinton 
Ililf ltobt. currier, l'iatt, b. Clinton and 

Iliff Wm. II. brk. layer, 130 Everett 
Huf Jas, hlk. smith, Landing, b. Ludlow 

and Lawrence 
111 Bernard, vinegar manuf. 183 W. 

Illuian II. bank note printer, 99 Jacksoa 
Iml usch Barnard, dray. 9fl Hunt 
Imbiish Gk:q. ciup. c Abigail and Tea- 

Imhoff Martin, dmv. 12 JelT.irson 
rmholt Dick, lab. \<\) Walnut 
Imra ('Has. cot h. 713 W. RoW 
1 • f* li v. (Gens &: I.) n b o Hickory 

and Dudley 
Imtnergron F. portrait painter, 70 13th 
tmthun lis. uilor,60 VV. Yr»nt 
tmwallt Geo. blk. smith. 87 High 
Imnalte \ly. yroc. b7 Morti n 
Inenott Adolph. comb mkr. i"-7 Bottl 
Iueriakr Antou cof. h. 9 IfrtukJia 


3F» ^l. "X 1 353 DKT 'X* 

Is adapted to every variety of Worlt, from the mortising of a 
Sash Stile to a Car Sill ; from a Buggy Hub, to the Hub of a 
Timber Wheel. 

Can use a 3-16, and is the only Mortising Machine in exist- 
ence that can use a2| and 3 inch chisel in hard -wood, without 
any inconvenience to the operator. 

They have received the highest enconiums from all parties 
who have used them, as the numerous certificates in our pos- 
session will show, and were awarded a Silver Medal at the Ohio 
Mechanics' Institute, in May last, and also a Special Premium 
of §50, as the best labor-saving invention on exhibition. They 
also received the highest award, a silver Medal, at the Ameri- 
can Institute, N. Y., in Nov., 1855, in direct competition with 
the best machines of the kind heretofore manufactured. 

Seven varieties manufactured and for sale at 

No. 08 Pearl Street, Cincinnati, 0. 



Blill f 0II1B11I MB 1MHI1IIII 

230 East Froett Street, ©pp. &. M. Railrcad Depot. 
Manufacturers of all kinds of 


Finished- Brass Works of all kinds; Gas Fittings, Cocks and Fixtures. Gas Fitters' Stocks, Pies 
and Taps, Ratchett, Wrenches and Light Machinery. Particular attention given to Screw Cutting, 
both large and small. 


Bonsall Franklin, 105 and 107 e. 3th. 

Fay J. A. & Co., w. s. John b, Front and Col- 

Greemvald Isaac, c. 5th and Lock. 

Greenwood Miles, c. Walnut and Canal. 

Griffey David, s. s. Congress b. Ludlow & Law- 

Krieger John, 825 W. Row c. York. 

Lane &, Bodley, 73 Pearl. 

Moore Richardson, Front bet. Lawrence and 

Niies &. Co,, Congress street and Miami Canal. 

Kiles Works, c. Font and Miami Canai. 

Powell D. A., 3C Butler. 

Reynolds, White & Tatum, 271 Water. 
Shield E. M., 75 e. Front. 
Steptoe & McFa'lan, k 212 w. 2d. 
Todd James & Co., 313 vv. 7th. 

Dunlap VV. R. Gould, Pearce &CoLyon & Bell 

Ewing IVI. B. & CoHolabird A.B.&Co.Mttrtin, Anshutz «& 
GoodloeJas. Latta A. B. & K. Pollock Jask S. [Co. 

Mahogany, Veneers, Arc. 

Albro Henry, n. s. Pearl b. Plum and W. Row. 
McAIpin A. 

Maps, Charts, &c« 

Merdenhall K., 3 College Building, Walnut b. 

4th and 5th. 
EldrioVe L. G., Apollo Building, n. w. c. 5th 

and Walnut. 


E. V. BB00KFIE1.0. 

II Alii Sib 








IMEI, Hill ill Illffit IKES HI BKRIK . 

South East Cor, Plum and 8th Sts., opp. St. Peter's Cathedral, Cinti. 

R^^Designs furnished to order and work, Sculptured ok Plain, executed in the neatest auj 
most approved style. 







*■ 125 Main 

Indiana House; 62G Main, Bernard Bas- 
chert. prop. 


159 W. 5th 
Wm. Dubois, prop. 

Sidney Bice, agt. 
* 31 Main w.s. • *- 

Insralley Achmson, servt. 112 BVay 
Ingals Wn . elk. 101 W. 3d 
Inger Christian C. lithograph, bds Levis 

Ingcrsoll Mrs. Fhebe, 133 Baymilier 

INGERSOLL VOL M. omnibus office, 
171 Walnut, 
h. 68 Catherine 
Ingham Thos. cutter. 174 W. Front 
Ingham Th ,s shoe mkr. 172 W. 5th 
Ing'ass Marsaret, w. s. Whktuker, b. 

Front and High 
Ingle Randolph? lab. n.s. Vanhoro, b. 

Freeman and Garr 
Ihgler John, cooper, 61 '8 Tine 
Inglert Jno. cooper, 589 Walnut 
Indies Al):n. grocer, 290 Piatt 
luglis Chas. tab. 212 Clinton 
Inglis Mrs. Marv,e.s Wh'.ttaker, b. Front 

and High 
Ingnartz Frederick, cooper, 48 Buckeye 
Ingram Jno. E. elk. n.e.c. Walnut and 

2d, res. Storrs tp. 
Tl\GiL\M & 10. 
I mill creek distillery", 

gtorrs ip. 
Ingram Wm. dray. 195 Barr 
Inklaeofer Edw. potter, .310 Plum 
Inloes Edw. coop. n.s. Canal, b. Dutiin 

and BVay 
Inmao Mrs. Helen, 104 E. Li 1 erty 
Inman Mr?. H R. elk. 70 W. 4tU 
IKNES B. K. [lla.n&, I: & WMtehonse,) 

189 Barr 
Innes Jas. J. elk. 17 6 Earr 
Times R. B. b. binder, 2C0 Barr 
Innes Wm. W. b. binder, 1*8 Barr 
Innis Philip, oil:, smith, 384 "Walnut 
Inott Win. grocery, 573 W. Row 
Inz Edw. finisher, 11 E. Liberty 
Ipehesser Pever, lab. 74 Moltawk 
Ire Ian Joseph, butcher, R6 Hopkins 
Ireland Alex, bk, mason, 229 Maple 
Ireland Mrs. Eliza, shoe, binder, 17 Me- 

Ireland Geo. bri- . layor ? 37 Everett 
Ireland Thos.'S. (liindSkoof, Bros. &. 

Co.) 156 Catherine 
Ireland Win. carp. 128 L'.nn 
Ireiin Isaac, printer, 4*3 Pearl 
Ireton Edw. L. elk. 168. \ ine 
Irion T. (Heckle <fc L (33-1 Vines 
Irish Mrs. 14 Richmond 
Irons Geo. stone cutter, 422 Sycamore 
Irv-iu Mrs. 2<H> Webb 
Irvin Stephen-, v. washer, 5C Lodge 
Irvine G eo. ham cuter, rear of Gray and 

Thomas, h. 18 Bctts 
TEW IN & CO, (Wm. F. I.) 
I steam boat aats- 

A 22 BVay 

Irwin Jas. F. elk. 0. L. J. &: T. Co. h. 

n.s. 5th, b. BVay and Pike 
Irwin Mrs- M. re-. 14U Sy 
Irwin R. R. life insurance agt. 35 W. 3d 

res. Covington 
Irwin Saml. W.^city civil engineer, h. 8S 

Iscehue Conrad, cooper. 170 Tine 
Ishara & Fisher, (John 6. 1. & James T. 

F.) boat store and ship chan. 47 P. 

I-'ham Jno.'G. (I. & Fisher,) 88 E. 3d 
I sp ho. -dim: Anton, shoe makers* tools, 

ti.ti.ti. Clav &: W. 13th 
Israel At m. lab. 137 Kemble 

] scouriiv-r and repairing, 

■ 202 Plum 

Israel Bernard, cooper, 'w.s. Avenue, b- 
Bank and Harrison road 

ISAACS L. manaf. and. wh. dealer in 
hats and caps, 64 Pearl) 
h. 366 W. 4th 

Isaac? Mark, clothing, <fec. 239 W 5th 
Itrnker Hy. cof. h. 586 Main 
Ives W. H, printer, bds. 22 W. 9th 
Ixley Jno. lab. h. n.e.c. Maple and Linn 


J brash manuf. 
x 45b Walnut 

Jack Thos. P. carp r»i Parsons 

JiACKfeON A. <}. wooiue-d. 
oihee river landing. 4 doors W. Race 
h. 31 Plum 

; Jackson Catherine, saundress, 60 Water 

.Jackson Chas, F. ifctwyex, n.s. 7th, b. 

I BVay mi ^orWi 

I Jackson Geo. po.ccr, 20 E. 2d. h. 53 Wa- 

I Jackson "Francis R. b.h. 19! Sycamore 

; Jackson H. carp. Landing, Iv Ludlow <?c 

{ Jackson Harriet, select school, 147 TIop- 

! Jackson Hugh, flat boat dealer, 43 Plum 
; Jackson Hugh, grocery, 42 Pike 
■■ Jackson James. Uk. smith, 43 E. 2d 

Jackson Jeremy Diddler 

Jackson John, driver. 275 W. 3d 
| jack<rm Jno.&tuward, 95 Front 

Jackson Jno. lab. 13 Accommodation 
. Jackson Jno. b.h. 21 George 
j Jackson Jno. P. (James & J.) 05 Con- 
! Jackson Jno. W. carp. 4')3 Vine 

Jackson Joseph, carp. s. ( -- 2d, b. Law- 
rence and Pike 

Jackson Levi, sexton, s. s. Front, b. 
■ Longworth and Broad 

: Jackson Margaret, seams'.er, 78 Bay- 
j . miller 

' Jackson Martha Ann, Ivaniress, Gl W. 
j Front 

! Jackson ?»Iatthew A. lab. '?■ Baymiller 
I Jackson Mrs. M. 33 Hickory 

Jackson M. M. confec. s.s. Front, nr. 
I Walnut. F'n 

I Jackson O. F. cof. h. 2 Commercial Row, 
I bfis. 50 W, Front 

Jackson Richard, caulker, s.s, Front, b. 

Longworth and Harrison. F"n 
'Jackson Robt. C caulker, e. s. Liberty, 
nr. Front 

Jacks >n Tims. mach. at Lyon and Betts | 

Jackson T. M. cashier, at (jroesbeci <sc i 

Jacob N. dag. 152 Clinton' "• | 

JACOB Cha^. (Ci L. L. J.) t'8 Sycamore : 
; Jacob C ha:-, b. k. 222 Walnut, bds. 24 • 


meat store, 
&i .^vcaiiiore 

Jacob E. (E. J. & Co.) res. Walnut hills 
Jacob F. clotin' store. 492 Vine 
Jacob Hy. tailor, 343 Main, h. 92 W. 

Jacob I^iutc, liquor store, 143 W. 3,1 
JACOB Louis. (C. & L. J.) C3 Sycamore 

. I merit c\uxr, l J"J2 Walnut 
° h. 24 Charies 

Jacob Peter, lab. 609 Main 
Jacob Philips, elk. G8 Sycamore 
Jacoba Peter, tailor, 14J Everett 
Jacober I'eter, shoe mkr. 50 Sycamore 
Jaco^i Maurice, cik. n. w. c Court and 

Jacobin Sevmour, tailor, 3G - J BVay 


j rope ir.aker, 
V Harriet, b. 8th and If. D. R. R. 

Jacobs Claudy, lab. n.s. Canal, b. Dublin 

and BVay 
Jacobs Chris, shoe mkr. a. s. Canal, b. 

Dublin and B'v ay 
Jacobs E. & Co. (E. J. & Geo. D. Fay.) 

u-<>n raili;:_" manuf. 116, lh g , \-20 and 

122 W. 2d 
Jacobs Mrs. Eliza. 3G! W. 5th 
Jacobs G- taiiOT) 4c3 \V. 3d 
Jacobs GustavuSj dry goods, Ms. 127 W. 


Jacobs Hy. cik. 2 15 Main 
Jacobs Jacob, chain gang supt. 13th, 
nr. Race (H,,, rl . road 

Jacobs Jno hlk. smith. Hamer, b. Vice & 
Jacobs Margaret, 14-2 Longworth 
Jacobs Peter, cof. h. 017 Vine 
Jacobs W. H. printer, 3 Sfew 
Jacobson Chas.bds. Gerson's hotel 
JACOBY David, (Richardson, J.fcfo) 
JACOBY Geo. (Richardsou, J. & Co.) 
Jaensch Rudolph, elk. 454 }i Main 
Jafenny Frank, carriage mkr, fi3 Green 
Jager Conrad, carp. 12 Jefferson 
Jail, Ham. Co. Thos. McLean, jailor, Sy- 
camore st. 
Jako'oshagen Ernst, carp. 10 Abigail 
Jalety John, lab. 137 W. Front = 
James A. mach.378 Elm 
James Mrs. A. C. 173 BVay 
James B. H. b. k. at Connelly's, c. Tront 

b- Ludlow and Lawrence 
James. (Ann &c Elizabeth) dealers in cor- 
sets, dress trimmings, <fce. ^ G W 
5th. h. 15 Home 
JAMES Chas. P. (J. & Jackson) bds. 

Spencer H. 
TAKES uiaS. W. 

.! collector, 2 Harrison, 
** h. Walnut hills 

James Br-vid A. glue manuf. h. 2C3 W. 

JAMES Davis S. (Ross fc Co.) res. New- 

James Fergus, tailor, 353 Tine 

James Geo. carp. w.s. BVay, b. 4th and 

James H. photographic artist, n.w.c. 4th 

TA3iW& JACKSOX, (Chaa. P. J. & 
I Jno. P. J.) law office, I and 2 Hart* 
v bid-. 4th, b. Main and Sycamore 

James Jno. bds. 203 W. 5th 
James John, moulder, 241 Kemble 
James Ji^s- carp. Landing, b. Ludlow & 

James Jos. 107 Court 
JAMES Jos. A. stereotyper, 1G Q Ti-e h. 

4^s W. 8th 
James L. A . ai. phys. s. w. c. Fth and 

James Mrs. Margaret, 21 Franklin 
James Mvy, s. s. Front, b. Washington 

and Liberty 
James Mrs. trimming store. G50 W. Row 
James Mrs. Mary, 41 Everett 
James Nathaniel T. brush mkr. 283 W. 


TAMr.s rnr^i.?- 

1 l;oe k selk-r He pub. 1G7. Wain at 
l/ i-s. PJ Arch 

j ladie- shoe mkr. 172 W. 5th 
fJ h. b7 L ui v worth 

James Siraon F. stewtu-d. s.e.c. New and 

Jamei Sirs. T. l.h. HOW 6th 
James Wm. Isib. 172 E. 5th 
Jmuison Albert, 12.1 W.Uh 
Jamison Geo. brk. layer, 427 W. 7th. 
JaiciounJ. milliner, l,'l W. 5th 
jAMlMjX ',( A ;;v, 

} wh. milli. <t artificial Hower making 
V 121 W. 5th 

Jamison Miss 3 n.i.iooT. EJ1 T .V. Sth 
Jamij.n Sarah 31. milliner, 274 W. 5h 
JanderGustavus, iiarness store, 62 Una. 

J;une^ Edward, carp. s. a. Water, b. Rice 

and Broad, K"n 
Janningd Jl. dry goods, 139 Laurel 
Jan voi A. cab. nikr. n.s. 6th b. Girrict .t 

Jaquis A. f nidier, 170 Emki^s 
Jaijuish Azro, team. 39 Plum 
Jam- 11 Christopher, groc. o.ev?. Pw! it 

Jarvis lb B. srle«-:-:-n, 134 "\ ! -':rnat 
JarvisJno. hat »ti»rc, 1x1 . IW \V. 3d 
Jarvis San.-iKl, E. K. agt. i •• ' rth 

Jasper JErnsr, mould< r. V > 5- ■ ■■■' 
JaynesEdw. carp. Front b. Rice aod 

Walnuc, V'n 
Jebele E- cab. n<kr. D.W.C. Ptl] an i P.V»y 
JefiTeries M.u-y, washer woman, 04 Com- 



X>^.,"v r ZX3 13. CSt-TTZOTT, 

■ m <&*? m m> ®> to 

f*> fr^n /7*9\ QTV£J» SK?f\ .*5*v <ffi»<K» <@» 

Yard for City Business, oti GraiKliu St., East of Western lEow, 


• — S^p-7? 


ee:aars;xi siioabwat & -gggggg stiiest, exxex^rsrATX. 
fj^emttmatts, ©flrabs £ (Stake Stunts, glatiik gfsrctte ft jitatwttf, 

y^rJB^T?? Baptismal Fonts, Mural Tablets, Urns, Vases, Garden Figures, Cabinet and g^v^Sfe $53 
1'.'^ .^{-^ "Counter Slabs. <s.e., &c, constantly on hand and furnished to order. ^/:v-'--7 > 

l ■-. --..' : o yjy The Ti'adc supplied Willi Marlilc in Block and S5af» ;"'.;vi^-; 
^''■■v- •-■.•& or SawiHi to order* 

B ^ j ^v 

Marl*le and. Stone Bealers a»d Workers, 

Rule Charles, s. e. c. 5th and Broadway. 
The Stone Co.. c. High and Miami Canal. 
White Thos., 392 W. Row. 
Williams 6l Johnson, 244 Court. 

Bolls David, w. s. Vine n. of Gth. 

Brookfldd Wm, & Son, s. e. c. Plum & 8th. 

Bobbeling Juo. F.,s. s. Court b. Vine and Race 

Foster Joseph, n. e. c. Elm and Canal. 

Goodall Wm., 244 w. Court. 

Guiou David B., n. s. 2d b. Elm and Race, andj Humble Job 

n. s. Court b. Plum and W. Row. 
IVlnlholland Henry, c. 4th and P(um. [Hand, limes & Whitchouse, 275 & 277 w. 5th. 

Robinson & Co., 144, 146 and 143 Sycamore. IHorton & Macy, s. w. c. Pearl and Elm. 

AhreusJ. G. Kelly Hugh Schneider Fred. 

Hlble & Scider Mullers & Lettefc en Woodruff ThoS. H. 
Gravcson Isaac Myers dcSniitU Zumbusch Anlbony 
Grind rod Hy. Keeves B. 

Eittel & Hummel 
Ufa rblejzed Iron, 

jT. F. MIJJQLFH 4 BHO-istlga 

19 . V7. Cor. 6th. & Walnut Sis., #fPf 



J jsurbcpor s Compasses, % \MXi\i$ 


Braftmg lastrrayarts, &c« ^as* 

Repairing done with neatness & dispatcli 

Assignees and -Manufacturers of 



UatncinnticuL, Optical A: FU.lo&oplUcal 

Ii^aumoai .fiuumutt urers, 


, r , .. . j „.,.. . . , 'Foster James, Jr., 137 w. 5th c. Race. 

Mathematical and I'iulosopincal Randolph T. F. & Brother, n. w, c. 5th ami 

rj'ivjr^-vrofi'iTr! ^-^i^ raAirrr^ro walnut. 

South West Cor. Fifth & Race streets. Cin, Ih.iU Fred.. 


! ! 






Jefiries Nath. salts, bds. Ill 6ch 

Jefiries Jas lab. 65 W. Front 

Jeffries Francis ii. bds. ii6 Lock (Everett 

Jefiries John H. brick layer, bds. 72 

Jeffries Mrs. K. 28 Lock 

Jefferson Titos, painter, 111 E. 3d 

Jelke Chris, cooper, e.s. Culvert, b. Gth 

ami 7th 
Jelke Ferd, b.k. 31 Sycamore, h. 151 Sy- 
Jelleff Benj. 410 Race 
Jelled Benj. jr. carriage smith,, s.w.c. 6th 

*nd Sycamore, fa. 410 Race 
Jelfeff Chas. S. draper and tailor, 323 

W. Row 
Jemisou Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, n.e.c 

Jones and Wade 
Jenifer Richd. shoe mkr. 418 W. Row 
Jenifer Beat, livery stable, s.w.c. 12th & 

Jenkins C. W. undertaker. 138 Svcamore 

h. 107 Hieb 
Jenkins Edw. boiler mkr. 83 E. 5th 
Jenkins E. P. undertaker, 13<"< Sycamore 
Jenkins Mrs. Harriet, dress mkr. 75 

Jenkins Hy. importer of jewelry, s.e.c 

Sycamore &. 2d, res. Ludlow,* Ky. 
Jenkins 1'. biv. layer, 19 E. 7th 
Jenkins duo. andertaker, 13^ Sycamore 
Jenkins J. S. finisher, Bay miller, b. Bare 

and George 
Jenkins Mrs. Marlmia, 3M Chestnut 
Jenkins Thos. cwf. bds. 2S1 W. Roar 
Jertks Liberty, carp. 27 High 
Jeasefer Wm. barber. 57 W. Front 
Jenner Peter, croc, 5 f 30 Eim 
Jennings Mrs. Alike, 110 W. Canal 
Jennings BntterfteJd & Clarke, (Edrd. 

Jennings, Jonas Bntterfield, & John 

CUrk) wh. grocers, 251 Main 
Jennings Edw. (J. Butterfield & Clark,) 

h. 327 Walnut 
Jennings Frank W. 1L b.k. bds. 110 W. 

Jennings Jno. lab. 19 Webb 
Jennings Robt. M cik. bds. Madison H. 
Jennings Thos. p >rk cutter, S5 Abigail 
Jennings Wm.'b, k. 5 P. Landing 
Jennings Wm, mould, bds. s.s. Front, nr 

Foster, i"n 
Jenny F.mould. 37 Pleasant 
Jephard F.~\w. bk. bind. 43 Main 
Jeroeackf Jno. cab. mkr. 49 l J Sycamore 
Jergens F. L. hatter, n.w.c. Pearl and 

Jestus Chas. elk. bds. 204 Sycamore 
Jesnp Chas. ebair painter, 17 Cedar 
Jewell Wm. I), cooper, 86 Milton 

riWJBTT phas. -a. 

,! n.w.c. 3d and Walnut, 
v h. 254 W. 3-d 

Jewett Wm. L. foreman at Childs & Co. 

,e. 8th and Canal, h. 86 Milton 
Jiianth BmanusK over 52# Main . . 
Joachim Wendell, elk. Bd. city improve- 
ment's, res. 6 5 Vine 
Jobe Hannah, ea^le dye house. 137 Wal- 

Jobe Dan!, painter. 137 Walnut 
Jobsoti B'rancis, salesman, 12 L. Market, 

h. 127 Loogworth 
Jockers J no. batch- 25 Burilap 
Johalel Jacob, lab. 678 Main 
Johannes J. P. barber, 63U W. Row 
Johanning Hy. groc. Observatory, Mt. 

John Ernst A. druggist, 590 Main 
John Davis Y. mould. 161 High 
John Geo. blk. smith. 56 Bank 
John Jos. marketman, 436 Walnut 


f I furniture dealer, 23 E. 4th 

v h.322W. 3d 

John Wm. lab. 529 Sycamore 

Johngen tfred. shoe mkr. iU.» W. 5th 

Johns Mrs. 241 Clark 

Johns David Y. mould. 161 High 

Johns Jus. carp. 666 E. Front 

Johns jaues c. 

J groc. and produce, 

s.s. 9th b. Main & Sycamore 
J<-hn« Saml. W. elk. 53l) W. 8th 
Johnson Alex. atty. 4, 5, 8, <Sc 9 law 

Johnson Alex, merch. 90 Milton 
Johnson Andrew, sales. 159 W. 8th 
Johnson Anthony, cigar mkr. 75 Abigail 
Johnson A. M. al. phys. n.w.c. W. Row 

and Clark, h. 20 Clark 
Johnson Benj. teams. 464 Freeman 
Johnson Benj. pat. mkr. 3*4 Walnut 
Johnson. Bros. & Co. (Fred. A. J. & 

Saml,. J.) brok. 6 W. 3d 
Johnson Caleb, 216 John 
Johnson Chas. blk. smith, 2 E. 7th 
Johnson Chas; mach. 384 Walnut 
Johnson Chas. rtverman, s s. New nr. 

Johnson David, bds. 137 Walnut 
Johnson David, brk. layer. 163 Smith 
Johnson D. B. messenger.Lafayette bank 
Johnson Edw. H. musician, 204 Broad- 
Johnson Edwin, feed store, 208 W« Row, 

h. 519 W. 5th 
Johnson Elijah C. printer, 157 Clark 
Johnson Eliza, seams. 85 W. Row 
Johnson Eliza S. 519 W. 5th 
Johnson Mrs. Elizabeth, seams. 75. Abi- 
Johnson Ellen, 30 W. 6th 
Johnson Emma, huind. 20 Union 
Johnson t. II. ai. phys. 139 W. 6th 
J atty. 17 Bank bldgs, 
bds; Whine House 
Johnson Frank, cigar store, 4^13 W. Row 
Johnson Francis, cik. n.w.c. Congress j 

and Ludlow 
Johnson Fred. A. (J. Bros. & Co.) h. j 

43!) W. 5th 
JOHN SON Geo. (J. A. Fay & Co.) 
Johnson Geo. mach, 302 Linn ; 

Johnson Geo. lab. Buchanan 2 doors be- 

low 5th 
Johnson Geo. lab. 299 W. 3d 
Johnson Mrs. Hannah, seams. 60 Catha- 
Johnson Earrard, vinegar mkr. 360 W. 

Johnson Hy.gardner, 629 Freeman 
Johnson Hy. foundrvman, bds. 85 12th 
Johnson Hy. b.h. 329 W, 6r,h 
Johnson Hy. plumb. 448 W. 4th 
Johnson Hy. 384 Walnut 
Johnson Hy. A. b.k. 87 Main 
Johnson Hy. W. overseer Franklin Fac- 
tory, h. 306 W. 3d 


j livery stable, 327 Walnut, 
w h. 322 Wain ut 

Johnson Jac. prov. store, 396 W« 5th 
Johnson Jas. 3r<4 Walnut 
Johnson Jas. dray. --04 Richmond 
Johnson Jm. coop. 1< V 3 Ge.orsre 
Johnson Jas. T. shoe mkr. 243 RVr.y , 
Johnson Jas. W. law stud. 2 Bank bldgs , 
JOHNSON Jerome B,. (Williams &c J.)i 

244 W. Court 
Johnson Jesse, elk. ?rw.c. 6th and Wal- 

Johnson Julia, 456 W. 5th 
Johnson John, lab, 693 Main 
Johnson John, lab. 60 Clay 
JOHNSON Jno. (J-, Morton & Co.) bds. ; 

Evans Hotel 
Johnson John, lab. 37 Mill 
JOHNSON Jno. EL Marvin <fc J.) 54 

Johnson Jno. H. porter, 115 Ii Main, h. 

96 Clay 
Johnson John R. teamster, 38 W. Row j 
Johnson John T. (Roberts <5c Johnson,) 

32 Richmond 
Johnson Jos. blk. smith, 93U Ham Road 
Johnson Jos. tailor, 343 Main, h. 75 Ab- 
Johnson J. A. bds. Walnut St. House 
Johnson J. H. 349W.8th 
John-ion J. W. atty. n.w.c Court and 


I coin. mer. 8 E. 2d, 
u h. 17 Cedar 

Johnson Marcus L. binder, 3G3 Catha- 
Johnson Mrs. Mary, 124 Pleasant 
Johnson Mrs. 249 Sycaraory 
Johnson Milly, washing, 71 Kemble 

T 0HKST0N, MORTON & CO. (Jno. J., 
j Danl. U. M. &l Saml Startsman,) 

saw miil and boat build, and joiners, 
--. 5--T) E. Front ami 465 E. Front 
Johnson Rufus 11. al. phys. s.w.c. 4th 

and Sycamore 
Johnson Saml J. (Johnson, Bro. &. Co.) 

bds. n.w c 7th and Vine 
Johnson Thos. 440 George 
Johnson Wm. boot mkr. 02 ilonkina 
Johnson Wm. barb. 253 W, 6th 
Johnson Wm. 8th b. Cutter and Linn 
J#hns m Wm. F. 139 W. 8th 

01INS0X WAL J..confec. and '-Day's 


I Saloon," s.w.c. 
" and Walnut 

Johnson W. H. elk. 51 L. Market 
Johnson Wm. H. elk. bds. Evens Hotel 
Johnson Wm. M. printer, G'-i W. 3d. h. 

154 Clark 
Johnson W. W. elk. Gibson Htrase 
Johnston Mrs. Anna D. 354 George 
Johnston B. F. printer, Gazette, h. 1C2 

I &J. A. J.) com dry goods, 70 & 

V 72 I'\-arl 

JOHNSTON"& CAltROLT., (Wm. J. & 

I Robt. W. C.J attys. 19 W. 3d. Seived 

V Uuiidings 

Johnsnm (.has. elk. 152 & 154 Main 

i 0HNST0N C. B. & CO. (CD.J.&J. 

| F. Meader,) chair inanuf. 41 and 43 
v W. 2d 

JOHNSTON Chas. D. (CD. J. 6: Co.) 

278 W. 4th 
Johnson David, carrUtge trim. , 139 W 5th 
JOHNSTON Francis. (Mullins, Shrock <5c 

J.) h s.s. New \V. of B'way 
Johnston Geo. ciear mer. bds. 47 E. 4th 

| OIINSTON 0.' W. C. 

J grocer, 

v 15 1'lum 

Johnston (ieo. W- bk. bind- 43 Main 

Johnston 11. foundrvman, 396 Walnut 

Johnston 11. & J. (Hugh Osburn J.& 
Jas. 1). J.) pumn mkis. river Land- 
in-, fo.t of Race 

Johnston II. Morris, b.k. 23 W. CI, bds. 
206 Vine 

Johnston Hugh O. (H. & J. J.) bds. 30 

Johnston Jac. elk. 55 Richmond 

Johnsion .bus. pilot, 108 Water 

John-ton Jas. city treasurer, 443 Wal- 

JOHNSTON Ja«. A. (J. Bros.) bds. Wal- 
nut 8't. House 

Johnston Jas. D. (R. & J.) bds. 30 Rice 

«' HINSTON Ja.-. M. (J. <Sc J.M. J.) 230 
W. 3d. 

JOHNSTON Joan, (J, & J. M. J.) 230 
W. 3d 

Johnstun John. sec. hand deal. 201 W.F.. 

Johnston Jno. R artist, U W. 4:h 

J. hnston John T. tobacconist, 32 B&hr 


U 40 K. 3d 

I WINSTON J.&J. M. (John & Ja?. 
M.) box &. hath tub manuf. 219 and 
u 221 W. 3d 

Johnston J. Randolph, bus. 127 W. 5th 
Johnston J. Wilson, b.k. 23 Peari, h. 

250 W. 7th 
John-ton Jo S . plast, 217 Cutter 
Johnston Jos. cook, 1 15 B'way 
J kliuston Jos. M. painrer, 222 W-iter 
Johnston L. W. brk. layer, M) Clark 
Johnston Martin, pro v. store, 15 .Mul^-rry 
JohliSt -ti MarLin, S'.:u. lo MuIN rry 

Johnston Robert, cooper, 16 Bremen 
John ao U boi.crt B. porter, 115 W. 3-1 
Johnston Thos. auctione r, b> ^ 1-0 

Slaiu, h. 176 Race 
Johnston Wm. blind mix. 59 E. 3d 
Johnston Wm. carp. bds. Evens 1I«M 
Johnston Wm.84 W. 7tb 
Johnston Wm. taU. s.s. I2tb »• Elm and 
JOHNSTON Wm. (J- & Carroll,) r<--* 

JOHNSTON Wm.B. (J. Brothers,, bds 

Burnet House 



! I 
: I 




No. 8 Fourth St., between Main and Sycamore Streets, 


W^Vl)^ V --^- 

DR. C 

Pi IP ife 

il f 

[»_C H fc jVi I C A 


9 fistfll ran 



ED i u I N- E S t ORE" 

: f) MB ilfft flfl © m gftgh 











'-> 4£P"^M* 


eo ? ooo 

Bilious Complaints, Fever & Ague, Spasms of the Stomach, 


(Incidents to a decline of the passions in the male or female.) 

A87H3SA mmB, MliS IS THE BE11ST, 


Tlie r*nri 3T.JL <© a? i si *^7V an»antecl, 

la all Gaae3 to cure the above and many other Diseases under a Forfeit of 

While a dozen or more medical stars have snot up, made a slight noise, a blaze, and been 
extinguished, (by their own effects.) DR. ROBACK'S .Medicines have been slowly but con- 
stantly acquiring a reputation, till now at the cud of 20 years their celebrity is without prece- 
dent, and remain as ever, on the solid and substantial foundation of long tried and severely 
tested merit and worth. 



Johnston Wm. S. BW. 4th 
Joice Let i, joiner, s.s. Front b. Harrison 
nnri Lon'gworth F'n 

toLLiri'K & orrcirLU, (Jno. j. & 

j Jas. M. G.) law oliice, 120 Main, up 
v stairs 
JOLLIFFE Jno. (J. & Gitchell,) 248 

Jolly Jno. 4G2 W. 3d 
Jolly P. (ttevore k. Co.) res. Ripley 
John Jno. Lb. h. 868 Elm 

Jordan .stone cutter, bds. 186 iU.ce 

J on as J. 4Qo W. 6th 

Jones , boot black. 24 W. 3d 

Jones Br. 3C6 Race 

Jones Mrs. widiyvr, 50 Harrison 

Jones Mrs. 62 Betts 

JONES A. (A. Jones & Son,) 107 W. 5th 

JONES A- & SOX, (A Jones & Jno 3E- 
Jones.) produce dealers, 
Id? W. 5th 
Jones A. E. al. phys. office s. s. Front, 

, nr- Market, F'n 
Jones Alex. carp. 592 E. Front 
Jones Andrew J. elk. bds. Black Bear 

Jones Ann, 5] 7 W. 3d 
Jones Benj. 390 W. 7th 

JONES, EROS. & CO. (Jno "D. J. Geo. 
W. J. C. Davis J. Jno. J. J. Caleb 
J. & F. G. Huntington?) vrh. dry 
goods 19 Pearl 
Jones B. V. m&ch. Cin. type foundry 
JONES Caleb, (J. Bros. & Co.) res. Phil. 
Jones Charity, laundress, 111 Sycamore 
Jones Chas. union exchange. 52 E. 2d 
Jones C'u-bridge. 116 Loagworth 
Jones Chas. H. painter, 123 Hopkins 
Jones Chas. T. printer. 62 W. 3d 
JONES Chas. T. (Gross & Detrich) 132 

W. Seventh 
JONES C Davis (J Bros. & Co.) 224 W. 

Jones C. M: grocer. 513 W. 5th 
Jone p s D. paver, 312 John 
Joiitk Danl. carp. n.w.c. Liberty and 

Jones David, box mkr. 517 W. 3d 
Jones D. II. cheese mer. 233 W. 6th 
Jones I).. 11 . 3-28. W. 6th 
Jones D. W. sales , 123Maindi.42lW.4th Hickory 
Jones Ed. lab. rear 315 John 
Jones Rev. Edward, e. ?, North, b. New 

and ?th 
JONES Sdw. G. (Pogue & Jones,) bds. 

TJ. S. hotel 
Jones .Mrs. Elizabeth, 416 John 
Jones Elizabeth Jane, 469. W. 4th 
JONES E. Penrose, (J. L. Hickman & 

Co.) SOW. 9th 
Jones Mrs. 3?. .286 W. 4th 
Jones Fred. C. elk. res. Walnut hills 
Jones F. E. engraver, 481 W. 7 th 
Jones Frank C tel. operator, 5 E. 3d, 

bds. 125 W. orb 


I engraver, 148 Main, 
v up-stairs. h. 431 WTth 

Jones George, brk. layer, 17 Mound 
Jones Geo. miller, s.s. New, nr. Culvert 
Jones Geo. carp, s.e.c. Front &. Walnut. 

Jones Geo work- rolling mill, 23 High 
Jones Geo. E. (Darling & J.) -181 W. 7th 
Jones Geo. F. b.k. bds. 100 Sycamore 

J 0XLS GEO. T. bank note engraver, 
14d Main, up-stairs, 
h. 56*J W. 5th 
Jones Geo. W. 353 W. 4th 
JONES Geo. W. (J- Bros, it Co.) s.e.c. 

4th and BVay 
Jones G. W. caulker, n. s. Front, nr. 

Stone, F'n 
Jones Harvey, architect, n.3.. Fuiton, nr. 
Harrison, F'n 


, ; president >. des works, 
v 32 Pike 

Jones Isaac, lab. 60 E. 7th 
Jones Israel, brk. layer. 204 George 
Jones Jacob, com. mer. M<. Gibson If. 
Jones Jackson, lab. 154 Ca.-r (and Ellen 
Jonea Ji3. painter, n. a. High, b. Lock 




Jones Jas. elk. 233 E. 5th 

Jones Jas. team. 279 W. Front 

Jones Jas. J. elk. 8 W. 5th 

Jones .Jas. W. elk. 30 Pearl, bds. n.e.c. 

31 and Parte 
Jones ilrs. Jane, n.e.c. 6th and Calvert 
Jones Mrs. Jane, ( J2 Everett 
Jones Jonathan, stove fitter, 4 15 W. 4th 
Jones John, bds. 95 E. 5th 
Jones Jno. plasterer, 73 14th 
Jon/. s Juo. carp. 64 Dudley 
Jones Jno. miiier 1 »43E.'5th 
Jones "Jno. 454 BVay 
Jones J no. lab. 65 E. Rth 
Jones Jno. paver, 255 Cutter 
Jones Jno. cof. h. 187 Vine 
Jones Jno. team. 29.-' Water 
Jones Jno. C- printer, 154 Carr 
JONES Jno. D. (J. Bros. & Co.) h. 224 

W. 4th 
Jones Jno. D. cook Farlow II. 
Jones Rev. Jno. E. 63 Webster 
Jones John E. 364 W. 7th 
JONES Jno.E. (A Jones & Son) 7th, b. 

Cutter and Linn 
JONES Jno. F. (Franke & J.) a. s. 

Syxnmes, b. Butter and Canal 


S elk. police court, 
v h. 296 W. 8th 

Jones John G. elk. h. 37 Harrison 
JONES Jno. J. (J. Bros. &. Co.,) 224 W. 

Jones Jno. B. miller at West &. Co. 
Jones Jno. S. elk. 52 E. 3d 
Jones Jno. W. boiler mkr. 437 W. 2d """ 
Jones Jos. 82 W. 3d.h. 129 Tike 
Jones Joseph, barber, s. e. c. Tine and 

Jones Joseph, grocery, s.e.c. John and 

Jones J shua, dep. elk. police court, 161 

W. 9th 
Jones Joshua, (Wiederecht k Jones) 197 

Jones J. Danl. elk. auditors' office, bds. 

252 Walnut 
Jones J. II. atry. 7 Manchester bldg. res. 

Jones Leroy, mould. 31 Hanibal 
Jones Mary J. printer, Gazette, h. c 

Bace and Water 
Jones Michael, real estate agency, 58 

Clinton, h. 1C5 Dayton 
Jones Morgan, boiler mkr. 30 Baum 
Jones M. P. II. Canal, b. 6th and 7th 
Jones N. L. elk. 21 W. 6th, bds. 63 Clin- 
Jones Paul, brk. layer, 13S Setts 
Jones Paul, lab. 3G0 Water 
Jones Randolph, lab. 116 Longvorth 
Jones Rli-.hd lab. n.w.c. CanaFandSth 
Jones Root, plasterer, 73 14ih 
Jones Robt. lab. &3 E. 8th 
JONES Rufas A. {Jas. D. Lchmer k. Co.) 

345 Race 
Jones Saml. elk. 89 E. 5th 
Jones Saml. W. elk. 190 Main, h. 89 E. 

Jones S. W. jobber of fancy goods, 53 

W. 3d 
Jones Sarah Jane, 113 W. 6th \ 
JONES Talbot, (.). & Ware.) bds. Burnet 


JONES THEODORE, engrav.on wood, 
s. e. c. 4th ami Walnut, 
h.. Jackson Hill 
Jones Theo. A. butter, 144 Main, h. 60 

Jones Thos. elk. 481 W. 7th 
Jones Thos. C chair factory, 219 W. 5th, 

h. 34 Ban- 
Jones Thos. C. joiner. 25 ni*h 
Jones W. carp- and fainer, li E. 3d r<M. 
n.s Mason, b. Auburn and Sycamore 
Jones Walter, paver, 126 Clinton 
T ONES & W \ !! h'. (TattnX J. & Thos. 
I Q. VV.) -'3 W. 3d 
" Wortidngton'9 bldgs. 

Jones Washington, blk. smith, bds. 477 

W. 4th 
Jones Wm. lab. E. 7th, b. BVay and Cul- 
vert, n.s. 
Jones Wm. 17 Kossuth (and 4th 

Jones Wm. lab. e.s. Ludlow, b. Bymmea 

Jones Wm. eng. Ludlow, b. Symnies and 

tones war. 

I box mkr. 
u c. 8th and Canal 

j carp. 

Ilopkiny, b. Piatt and Freeman 

5 painter, 

° 400 Race 

Jones. Wm. porter, 143 Main 

Jones W. A. bds. Bevis House 

Jones Wm. A. wire worker 209 Walnui 

Jones Win. B. sales. 12 P. Landing, u. 
122 Kembie 

Jones Wm. D. atty. 20 E. 3d, up-stairs. 
h. 51 George 

Jones Wm. II. carp- n.s. Front, nr. Tor- 
rence, F'n 

Jones Wm. P. 352 W. Gth 

Jones Wm. P. w.s. 6th, b. Lock and 

Jones Wm. V. works rolling mill, Whit- 
taker, b. Front and High 

Jones Wm. W. carp. 323 John 

Jones W. B. clk.Brigton H. 

Jonning lly lab. 18 Spring 

Jonte Alfred, cooper, 154 Popfer 

Jonte Hy rope mkr. 21 Sassafras* 

Jonte Peter, 21) E. 8th 

tonte mmi N. 

I cooper, 

° 4y4,Race 

Jonte Robt. coop. 494 Race 
■Jordan (Muss. II. imu-ble cutter, n. w. c. ' 

■ Smith and Longworth 
Jordan Charles H. prov. store, n.w.c. 
Smith and Longworth 

J'.GllDAN I)ANL H. paper box manuf. 
1 E. 5th, up-stairs, 
res. M"t. Adams 
Jordan Francis, (Schoenewald ic J.) 133 

W. Court 

1 pap. box manuf. n.e.c 5th & Walnut 
I *' re'. Mt. Adiuas 

I Jordan Nicholas, weaver, n.w.c. Cedar & 

I Jordan Philip, hatter, 25 Ham. road 
j Jordan Richard, lab. n.s. New, b. BVay 

and Culvert 
JORDAN Richd. (Phillips <Sc J.) rta. 
i Covirmton 

Jordan Rok. C. 32 Pearl 
! Jordan Weslev, mate, w.s. Harrison. F'n 
'.Jordan Wm. mould. 42 Barr 
j Jordan W ni. porter O. L. I. Sc T. Cob... 

64 Piersou 
Jbring Benj. tailor, 403 BVay 
Joris Jos. eng, bds. 125 W. 2d 
Joseph David, elk. 231 Main 
j Joseph Fran/; grin 1. 372 W. 5th 

j Joseph Levi, pedler, 456 John 

j Joseph Solomon, elk. 311 Main 

I JUS LIN L. i.I. A Fay &CQ.) 

j Jost Wia. scouring, i lo Vino 

! Jost Wm. tailor. (51 Nine 

j Jobett Jno. 11. agt. 5fi audSd W. 5-h 

Jouvet Thos. elk. 14 Slain, u. 7th, b. 
Mound and Cutter 

Jouvet Jno. H. 351 VV*. 7th 

Joy Mis. Julia, 154 Everett 
i Joyce Kdnioml, shoe mkr. 71 E, 8th 
j JOYCE Jacob O. (Latttrop & Joyce) 
: Joyce Jas. express, 22U Clinton 
i Joyce Jno. lab. 52 \ ine 
I grocery, 

U 5b Water 


I grocer, n.s. Front, 
I v b. Harrison and Market. F'n 

\ Joyce Timothy, lab. 3U1 W. Pth 
I Jutlah Jud ih, ban., shop, 4 K. 6th (AUej 
| Jud-'e Jno. dray. 51 Sycamore, h. Cherrj 
I Judi( aWm. at\lord*>n & Co. 
I Judkios Davkl, al. ( h> j. 'Ml ^■•'* 
: Judkins J. !'• al. ; hys. bt7 \^ . Cm 

Jndkins M. E.33yGe< rge 

Judkins Wm. al. |ibj*S. 3d Center 

,ir -i - Mich. tail. I2!> Plcfcumt 

Jongelitig Harmaa R. trim. 70 Main, bd4« 
157 Bycrmora 


No, 214 vine St., bet 5th and 6th, 

And G7 W. Fifth between Walnut and Vine St3. 

Mattress Sc Bedding iMunuffacturcrs. 

Dickinson W. S., 45 e. 3 J. 

Ellis R. & Co., J 36 Sycamore. 

Geis Adam, 214 Vine. 

Knight Edward, 23 e. Front. 

Morehouse Win. & Co., 134 Sycamore. 

Snowden & Otte, 21 w. 4th. 

HaH&Prather Orange Be nj. Suydam Geo. W. 

Hoffman Jacob Spring John Tompkins Jas. 

flricasurers (Brick and. Stone Work, an«l 

Moore Richard B., 263 Plum. 
Ridge way John N\, 521 Vine. 
Warren Geo., 139 w. 6th. 

Measurers (Carpenter Work.) 

Snyder Jno. 
Meat Stoves. 

Cook & Carr, 130 Fulton. 
Hopnerton Jno., 254 and 258 w. 6th. 
Jacob C. & L., 68 Sycamore. 
Jacob Louis, 222 Walnut. 

Armsted Michael Glazer Frederick 
Bardes Jacob flac'kaby Michael 

Bensero And. Hammcl Conrad 

BodeckerAntonioB Harman Bernard 

Bo lander John 
Brinkfield Chas. 
Bvrn John 
Collins & Baker 
Crerpel Fred. 

Hassel Fred. 
Hausz Chas. 
Heierway A. E. 
Hertle Lawrence 
Hiidenbrand Joh 

Dischingev Jno. J. Horntaorst Plaspoi: 
Dunning Saml. H.lvraff Albert 
Fearsrattel John H.Learmann Chas. 
Fenton Rosweli HLMelzer Jacob 
Freund Ernst Martin Hiram F. 

FuchsJorm Miller Cenrad 

Fuerlein Jrio. Miller Thos. 

Gieser Wm. Moran Thomas B, 

GJasson Jno. Morris John 

Ocden & Rayner 
Pike John 
Ponizius Franz 

Reisrenker John 
Keynolds Wm. 
Roach Henry 
Shies Jacub 
Simpson Wm. T. 
ISmitb Wm. 
Smith Wm. H. 
Brad John 
Yernilk Wm. 
Warner Goo. W. 
Weaver Israel 
West Noah W. 
W under E. & VV. 
& Co. 

pi $k£? i w :A'ih 1 1 I w 1 1 1 1 -' 

Chartered 1850 by the Legislature of Ohio. . 



* Wm. W. KARSHNER, } Attending Physicians. 

'• E.L. FATTER ) 


No. 84 Broadway, Blue Front, below Third Street, 

Medicines (Patent and Family.) 

Gri$th& Co., 51 Broadway. 
Harris .7. N. &. Co., 7 College Building. 
Hostetter, Smith fc Co., 54 Walnut. 
Hudson J. D. & Co.. 139 Walnut. 
Roback Dr. Chas. W., 6 e. 4th. 

Sheppard John W. (Agt. Dr. Jaynes), 20 w. 

White, Karshner & Pattee, 84 Broadway. 
Carter Dr. R- C. Piatt & Son Scovill A. L. & Co. 

Park John 1). Meny weather F. 

(See Piano Forte Dealers, %c.) 


i&e&iTtti ib mm mmei 



$MB AM ^M% %lMQra ilAVBIi 

0//fee, 73 IHesf 2%f**<i £'f. 3 Second Story. 

• I 






i Bruggist, 
«* n.w.c 3d and Mill 
Junk Cray to ag carp.,505 Sycamore 
Jvtppenlatz Ann Katherinc, 119 W- Row 
Juppejilatz Fred, type castor, Cin. type 

Justice Chas. If. elk. 140 Main 
Justice Wm. carp. 4.79 Keruble 
Justin Fred, porter, 57 Main 
Jufitis Jno. J. elk. M. B. Concern 
Justw Win. II. H. elk. 30 W. 4th 
Jm;tus Horace, elk. bds. 2U4 Sycamore 

Kaanan Lawrence, chair mkr. Augusta 

b. John and Smith 
Kaesser Christian, shoe njJrr, 527 Plum 
Kafer Jno- lab. Vice b. Buckeye and 

Kafer Jno. lab. 64 Mohawk 
Kaffman. Christopher, lab. 605 Tine 
Kagie Casper, butch. 99 Findlay 
Kalil Hugh, watchman, 209 W. 3d 
Kah Jacob, cof. h. Brown 
Kah Louis, cof. h. 68 13th 
liahl Hugh, watcbnian,s.s. 3d bv W. Row 

and Plum 
Kable Hy. lab. 9 Jefferson 
Kahler Francis, hatter, 609 Elm 
Kaltler Philip, barb. 2d W. Court 
Kah'lin Morris, lithographic printer, 59 

W. 6th 
Kahn Chis, butch. 75 Everett 
Kahn C'u^- butcher, 19 Mason 
Kahu Ily. butch. 46Q John 
Kaon John, groc.'.store. bds. Evens Ho- 
Kahn Julius, sec. hand furnp.are, 115 

W. 5th 
Eahn Michael, cigar mkr. 119 Bremen 
Kahn Mich. ex. and loan ofhee, 10 E. 

Front, res. 198 W. 'Front 
Kahn Moses, 25 W. 9th 
Kahn Sainson, 607 Vine 
KahoaJas. dray. 3*31 Walnnt 
Kahoa Ihos. lab. n.s. Front b. Foster & 

Kelly F'n 
Kahona Jas. wks-. roll, mill, rear 654 E. 

Kabx Mich, stonemason, 248 Harm Road 
Kahren Stephen, dray. Piatt b. Liberty 

an^l Hickory 
Kahtenbrink Hy. lab. 12 Orchard 
Kain ADthony,lab. s.s. W. W. Canal b. 

Rose and Park. 
Kain John, lab. s.s. W. W. Canal b. Rose 

and Park 
Kain J. W.(6sm-ge& Co.> 
Kain Mich. m'Ik-r, Cock and Syrumes 
Kaine Mrs. Ann, trim, store. 322 John 
Kaiser Conrad, stone saw. 36 Buckeye 
Kaiser Frank- J. mus. inst. mkr. Hunt b. 

Main and Sycamore 
Kaiser Win. clear rakr. 60 W. 6th 

coffee nouse, 
277 Broadway 
Kaisker Win tailor, 
Kain W. butch. 463 John 
Kaiahet Mrs. Ellen, 405 Vine 
K.aian Maurice, 560 Ka/?e 
Kale Jac. teams. 33 Dan lap 
Kalenfcamp H, L. foreman,396 Walnnt 
Kaler Jno.. mould. Viae b. Buckeye and 

Kaliah.ui M. 163 Hopkins 
Kallara Jan. mach. 207 Water 
Kalian Nick, 475 W. 8th 
Kaltarman Jno. Q. 605 Eton 
Kallofell Wm. foreman, German Pwepub. 

2 IE. 3d 
Kallmeyer Fre 1. harness, saddles, trunk* 

fee. 508 Main 
Kalineir Geo. H. sh icsaakcr, 2'7 Mala 
Kalmeir G. booty ami nit .cs. 2i«) Linn 
Kahneyer Louis, bout* &., 5S9 

Kalnar Harney, lab. 319 Main . 
Kalor Edward, tinner, s.s. Front nr. Toll 

Gate F'n 
Kara Darby, lab. 36 E. 8th 
Kame Mrs. Mary, 59 Pierson 

Kamer Michael, stone cutter, n.e.c. Wat- 
er and John 
Kanierer Jno. D. coppersmith, 508 Vine 
Kamm cab. mkr. 167 Clay 
Kamman Hy. W. ury goods store, 499 

Kammann H. stone mas. 4S4 Elm 
Kammer Jos. sheet iron work. bds. c. Elm 

and Front 
Kamp Clemence, shoe mkr. 193 Syca- 
Katnp Getrard H. shoe shop, 19S Syca- 
Kamp Jos. lab. 118 Abigail 
Kamp P. blk. smith, 152 Catherine 
Kamp Peter, blk. smith. 13 Kossuth 
Kamp Philip, carp. 512 "Walnut 
Kampe Fred. C. tailor, 67 Liberty 
Kamper Alfred, tail. 572 Race 
Kamper Hy. dray. 21 W. Canal, h. 8 \ 
Buckeye j 

Kamper Sampson, carp. 680 Main 
Kampmann Hy. carman, 67 W. 5th, h. • b. Clark aud Catherine j 
Kamp may er J. H. chair mkr. 175 Clin-- : 

- ton 
Kamrer Jos. stone mas. 473 Vine 
Kana Jno. lab. 132 W. 8th 
Kanady A.. G. auctioneer, n.s. Liberty b. 

Sycamore & Main 
Kauasur Etias; mail Wright, 443 W. 2d 
Kanavetre Fred. lab. 107 Carr 
Fume Franklin, lab. 684 W. 6th 
Kane Coo. lab. 564 E. Front 
Kane Taos, porter, 9 and. 11 W.2d 
Kane Thos. lab. 63 Vine 
Kane Wm. port. 54 Vine 
Kaney Chas, 47 14th. 
Kanike Hy. port. 3-3 Mercer 
Kanike Hy. cupping, 26 Tanner 
Kanney Catherine, washwoman, 69 Com- 
Kanney Jas. lab. 69 Commerce 
Kanta Wni. carp. n.s. Front, b. Rice and 
Walnnt F'n 

|\ Sixth St. House, 

s.w.c. 6th and Plum 

Kao John, lab. Front b. Rice and Wal- 
nut F'n 

Kaper Chas. cof. h. 711 W. Row 

Kaper Mich. lab. e.s. Brighton b. Harri- 
son Road and Bank 

Kapp Chas. bar kpr. c. Landing and 

Kapp Hy. blk. smith, 103 Hunt 

Kapps Jos. lab. 462 W. 5th 

Kaopen Hy. groc. 329 W. 5th 

Ka.nsch Hv. cigar mkr- 58 13th 

Kapsch H. cigar mkr. 233 Main 

Kara! Thos. carp. $05 Vine 

KarlHy. elk. 280 Main 

Karlbest Chas. shoeznkr. 543 Vine 

Karlie Martin, tailor, 670 Race 

Karll Hy. prov. store, 18 Ham. Road 

Karman Ily. carp. n.s. Burgoyneb. Main 
and Sycamore 

Karner C- cab. mkr. n.w.c. 3th and 

Karney Catherine, bk. fold. 167 Walnut 

Karney Bridget, bk. fold. .167 Walnut 

Karney John, lab. n.e.c. Freeman and 

Karnev John, waiter, Winne House 

Karney Mary, bk. fold. 167 Walnut 

Karr John, bds. c. Bayton and Linn 

Karrigan T. 5J Elizabeth 

Karrman Wm. dru^s, n.e.c. 5th & Smitli 

Karrinann Ferd. bk. bind. 112 Main,h. 
400 Sycamore 

KAKSHNER Wm- W. (J. White, K. Sc 

K<\ry VVm. <?hoe mkr. 114 W. Front 

Kasen Barney, lab. 102 Clay 

KaserChas. nail smith, 1034 Ham. Road 

Kaser Jac. lab. 340 John 

Kashan Catliei-ine, srroc. 140 Vine 

Kiisley Hy. barter, 7 Congress 

Ka?s Jos. 1. tb. n.>. 6t!i b. Harriet &. Horn 

Kassauer Fred. elk. 74 W. 5tli 

Kassel Fred. tail. 582 Elm 

Kasser Franz, shoe mkr. 61 Buckeye 

Kaiser J<s. shoe mkr. 67 Wade 

Raster Ily. mould. 127 Pleasant 

Kastine Anton, lab. 248 Ham. Road 

Easting & Kruse, (F. L., K. & K. K.) 

com. mors. 24 W. Front 
Easting F. L. (K. & Erase.) e.s. Young 

b. Kin-gold & Chenninjj 
Kastner Wm. stone cutter, 1-6 Linn 
Kastling Hy. tobaceo work. 17 E. Liberty 
I/ r ATL8JAW)ii, 
l\ al. physician, 

153 Sycamore 
Kates Mrs. Martha, 190 W. 7th 
Kates Valentine, butch. 278 Ham Boa/? 
Katctikamp Mrs. Margaret, 461 Syca- 
Kath Chas. tanner, b. Bank and Has. 

Kathman Clemence, clothing mcrch. 25 

Kathman Jos. carp. 25Mill 
Kathman J. C shoe mkr. 471 Plum 
Katon Mich. lab. 297 W. 3d 
KattuJohn, oil mkr. Spring b- Abigail 

aud Woodward 
Katten Lewis II. 18 Allison 
KATLEF, Win. (Tellhoster & K.) 484 

Kattes Conrad at West & Co.'s 

grucer, 381 Main 
h. 10 
Kattenhorn Christ, elk. 10 W. 9th 
Kattenhem Hy. H- W. 9:h 
Kattenbome Juhu H. groc Syrames 

and Lock 
Kattoff Ily. lab. Pleasant, b. Ham Road 

and Henry 
Kattleman Hy. dray. 6G9 Elm 
Kavtmann Wm. tailor, 146 Clinton 
Katzenbreger Laz (31. Sternherger 6c Co) 

Gt'i, b. Sycamore an J B'way 
Katzenb'crgcr Solomoff, wn. clothier 100 

Main, h. 319 Walnnt 
Kauflioid John, japanne r396 Walnut 
Kaufman Charles, lab. G26 Race 
Kaufman C- S. al. ph'ys, 347 Vine 
Kaufman E. tai!r»r,2,"»7 W. 6th 
Kaufmnn Ceo. lab. 677 Vine 
Kaufman Jacob, 219 Walnut 
Kaufman Jno. lab. 175 W. Liberty 
Kaufman Lewis, co»fec. 70 Sycamore 
Kaufman Mich, bds-20 Allison 
Kaufman Myer, elk. :;17 Main 
Kautmann Saml. (K. & Bro.) 83 12th 
Kaufmaan Sol. (K. & Bro. 10 i Court 
Kaufatann S. &. Bro. (Solomon & Saml. 

K.; wh. clothiers, 52 Main 
Kaufmann \\m. 453 Sycamore 
Kauflmau Chas. S. b.k.atCiucinti. Typo 

Kaun'mau Ed. chair mkr. 549 W Row 
KauiFroan Hy. b.k. pennison House 
KatuTman Jerome, -vpe caster, Cin Type 

Kauilman Jim. L. tailor, 83 Everet 
Kauffmann Mich, cuoper, bds. 512 Vine 
Kautlman Peter, cooper, 512 Vine 
Kautber, P. J- tailor, lOTJHigh 
Kaiit/. F. A. tolKlccohiat, 53 Clay' 

K A VAN Alt H DANIEL D. & ale bottler 
67 W. Front 
KaYanagh Mrs. Eleoora 113 George 

167 Walnut 
Kavanau,'h M. elk. bds. U. S. Hotel 
Kavanaugh Mich, I ib. 181 Sm : th 
Ka\-anaussdi Jas- 29 Webb 
Kavanaugh J. dm, -<tou^ cutter,"w.s. Mill 

b. 3.1 and, 
Kavtiy Pat. peddler, 188 W. R;>w 
Kavrend Jo-. 16 Abigail 
Kay John, cab. mkr. 14 Providence 
Kay lor X)on 1. carriage m ' <r - s. .»-.c. 6th &. 

Sycamore, h. 5' 2 W. Bow 
Kaylur Danl. lab. s.s. Front, nr. Lumber 
Ivaylor Geo- 648 Vine 
Kaylur TimoUiy, lab. s.s Front, nr- Luia 

iv an John, painter, 11 Richmond 
IvM-i John, tea iner. 3 North ■ • 

K..-ane John. cik. 325 W. Pth 
Kearns Thos. lab. 59 Water 
Kearuay Francis, shoo mkr. 221 George 
Kearney Thos. J. b-k. 1^5 iliun, h. 2^d 




8. M Cor, Third & W&lmti Streets, Cincmnatl, 



Mil, PIERCE, founder of the Mercantile Agencies in Cincinnati, Louisville and St. Louis, will 
hereafter be .associated with this Office. Mil. Cfl'fJffC'M, pioneer in the business, is now a 
General Traveling Agent, and reports for this Association only. He has an able corps of assistants. 
Tin-; Associated Offices are: — New York, Tappan & McKillop; Philadelphia, F. W. Tappan is 
Co.; Chicago, Wm. Jones, Jr. & Co.; Boston, James, Win. Kimball; Cincinnati, Tappan, McKillop 
& Co.; Baltimore, John McKillop & Co.; Detroit, Huntington. Lee & Co.; St. Louis, W. S. Swymmer 
& Co. JGS^Names of reliable Attorneys furnished free of charge. 

3. 23€>TTC^X^-auE3JS db CO- 5 
Mmik Muiidusg; €®r. Third and JtM&m Afreets. 

0' f.fiO 0i*-- Cu**; v >;> ^, oo»5c ovg-JC ^00^ oo co ^ %'*>.., c£>0£ (S-^7 Or*:; S:|Sj (Jo ^ DO 


Collections made aud legal business attended to throughout the United States and theCanadas 

Information furnished (to subscribers only) of the standing of all businessmen in the United States. Names of 

good cellectins lawyers furnished grataitousl\ 

ASSOCIATE OFFICES-.— E. Douglass & Co.. New York ; K. Russell & Co., Boston ; B. Doualass & Co., Phila.; 

J. D„ Pratt & Co., 'Baltimore ; H. Douslass & Co., Louisville ; B. Douglass & Co., St. Lotus ; B. Douglass & Co., 

New Orleans; H. Duudass & Co., Charleston; E. Douglass & Co., Pittsburgh; Pratt & Getty, Richmond ; E. 

Douglass & Co., Chicago. 

Manufacturers and Proprietors of 

Improved and Patent secured August, 1855, which combines all the good qualities of all the best 
mills in use, with essential improvements in. the crushing and other arrangements. Also, makers 
of models aLd every description of patterns. 


LATIIKOP & JOYCE, No, Sil East Columbia or Second St., <iu. 
Superior Scroll Sawing for Carvers. Cabinet, Chair and Carriage Makers, House an<l Steamboat 
Joiuers; also, custom rip-saAriiig and planing. 







Keating Jno. tauor,41 High 
Keating Mrs. Mary, b. h. 162 BV&y 
Keating Mike, bds Reading Koad, nr. 

Keating The?, lab. s.s New, nr. B'way 
K ■ ty Jas. lab. 71 Commerce 
KtJiLKK Jno. (Walker. K & Furce) 145 

Kebort Conrad, paver, 174 Maple 
Keck Adam, sub contractor Fulton car 

works, r^s Spencer township F'n'' 
Keck Geo. carp, s.s. Front, nr." Foster 

ft EC I GEORGE & P 0. (Geo. K. & Wm 
|\ Shaffer) pork and beef packers. 
J * 5. 7 & 9 E. Canal 
K ECK Geo. (G. K..& Co.) Gl W. 8th 
K"ck Herman, jeweler, s.wc 4th <fc Main 

Trj-GK& HtrjBBARD, (Geo. k. &l. 

\\ F. II.) Fulton car works s.s. Front 
■*■■*• b. Foster and corporation lineF*u 
Keck Josiah, elk. 61 W. Sth 

Keck Leonidas, b. h. s.s. Front, nr. Fos- 
ter F'n 
Keck Wm. B. S. sub contractor, Fulton 

car works F'n 
Keckeier Adoiph T. (K. <fc Bro.) h. 324 

W. 4th. 
Keckeier & Bro. (Adoiph T. E. & Theo. 

T. K.) fincv goods 33 W. 4th 
Keckeier Mrs. Marv. 412 W. 4th 
Keckeier Theo. K. (W, W. Lam&n & Co) 

290 W. : th 
Keckeier Theophilus T. elk. 82 W. 3d, 

h. 107 Park 
Keddies Sand. elk. 12 E. 4th 
Kedraan Jas. lab. s-s. 12th, b. Elm and 

Keeeh Orlander. painter, ICO Richmond 
Keefe Arthur, IS Patterson alley 
Keefer Augustus, hack driyer, 113 Syca- 
Keefe Carnin, porter, 54 Vine 
Kcefe Conn, lab. e.s. 6th, above Eauni 
Keefe D.-d. lab. 27 E. 8th 
Keefer Danl. cof.h. 70 W. Canal 
Keefer George. 6G6 W. Front 
Keefer Geo. blk. smith, 290 W. Front 
Keefer Ignatia,earp. 259 Carr 
Keefe Kysan, porter, 17 E. 2d 
Keefe Jno. moulder. 60 Bauin 
Kcefe Joseph,- exn. 9 David 
Keefe Miss M. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Keefe Mich. lab. 22 Dublin 
Keefe Pat. tailor, 256 Walnut bds. s.e.c. 

6th and Sycamore 
Keeferbaugh Fred, stone mason. 25 

Keeffe Danl. exp. driver, 64 E. Sth 
Keefle Jno. porter, 41 Wr. 'nut. h. 4 17 W. 

Keegan Mary, widow, 251 B'way 
Keegan Matthew, cof.h. 61 Water 
Keelan Rob. watchman, s.s. Front F'n 
Keelef Benj. carp. w.s. 6th, b. Lock and 

Keeler Isaac 31. stove dealer, 17 W. 5th, 

h. 21 Kemble 
Keelev Mich. 299 W. 5th 
Keeler Susan S.209 W. 5th 
Keeler Thos. carp. w.s. 6th, b. Lock and 

Realty Thos. e\-p. Ill Sycamore 
Keeler Wm. E. pilot. 212 Manle 
Keeler Wm. M. much. 3S4Walnnt 
Keeoff Hy. lab. 00 Woodward 
Keers Jno. G. b.k. 14 P. Landing bds 21 


Kees , tinman, 25 Main 

Keeshan Ed. 156 W. 9th 
Keeshan John, drugs, n.w.c 6th &. Wal- 
nut, h. 85 Lougworth 
Keeshan E. &■ Co. family grocery, 308 

Keesle Christ, moulder, 498 Tine 
KeesterChas. bar.k. bds. 620 Main 
K set A. lab. 85 Pleasant 
Ketch Harris, mould 'r, 11.7 K snble 
Keeth Isaac, stevvart on river, 2c5 Ketu- 

Keeting Mrs. Mary, 14H Wade 
K«n Mich, butter packer, n.w.c. 7th <&. 

Keenan Chaa,bk. binder, 36 E 7th 
Kscnan Jus. (K- &: Lynah,) 39 Dublin 

Keenan John, mail agt. bds. 125 W. 5t^ 

Keenan & Lvnah (Jas. K. &c Jno. F. L' 
pork house, 91 Sc 93 W. Canal 

Keenan Miry, seams. 36 E. 7th 

Keener Miry Ann, laund. 54 W. Front 

Keenan Thos. marble cutter, 251 Broad- 

Keever Julius, carp, 164 Vine 

Keever Lafayette C. 89 E. 3d 

Kefmaer Jos. lab. 374 B'way 

Ke.-an Mich. lab. 250 Freeman 

Keho Pat. plumber, 40 E. 6th 
i Keho Pat. tailor, bds. 162 W. 3d 
I Eeeass John H. finisher, 51 Allison 
! Keidei Wm. tailor, 360 B'way 
I Keier Phil. lab Buckeye 
j Keifer Satnl. lab. 73 Buckeye 
I Keii John, baker, s.w.c 7th and Culvert 
j Keil Jos. harbor, n.s. 6th. nr. Culvert 
| Keiie Frank, blk. smith, Woodward 
j Keiler John blk. smith, 5th, b. Lock and 

I Keilp John, shoe mkr. 527 Vine 
j Keim Pat. 1 ib. w.s. Rose, b. 2d & Front 
j Keh.e Hy. H. clothing store. 417 Main I 
{ Keipler John, Stonecutter, Buckeye 
j Keise J L. eng. 20 Providence 

Kedsker Wm. stone mason, 50 Webster 
I KeisFna Mrs. Catharine, bonnet store, 

518 Main 
I Keist John. carp. G9 Pieasant 
I Keith & Green (Thos. K. fc F. C. G.) 
j ' Racine House, 53 W. Sth 
| Keftz Jos. guilder. 55 Jackson 
j Keith Quincy A. s.w.c. Walnut & Water 

game, £>m and oyster depot 
81 W. 5th 
Keith Thos. (K. & Green). 53 W. 5th 
Keizer Gen. carp. 80 Dudley 
Kelch Simon, cab. mkr. lo'l nam Koad 
Keiemback Frank, stonemason, 19 Mul- 
Kelefcon Jno. lab. 42 Accommodation 
Keley John, polisher. 12 E. 8th 
E&lhhig Ify. lab. bds. 42 Elm 
Keliar Stephen, watch mkr. 43 W. Court 

h. 35 W. Court 
Keliar W. C. (Starr & K.) 104 Main 
Kellen Ambrose, bk. binder, 14 Jefferson 
Ksllehdorf Fred carp. Elm. b. Elder and 

j Green 

I Keller Andrew, lab. 99 Clay- 
Keller Rev. Edward, V. P. res. St. Xav- 

| ier College 

: Keller Francis, cab mkr. Smith, b. Au- 
gusta and Columbia 
Keller Frank, waggoner, 430 Plum 
Keiler Fred, cooper, Jones, b. Wade and 

! Liberty 

' Keller G . dyer, 8 Jackson 


j |\ watch and clock mkr. 

| x v 43 W. Court 

Kelley , seam. 177 Water 

Kelley •, elk. -bds. 192 Sycamore 

Kelley Anthony, dray. 72 Water 
Kellej Amos. 193 Barr 

; Kelley Bartholomew, lab. n.s. Front, nr. 

! Kelley, F'n 

Keliev Dennis, lab. n.s. Front, nr. Foster 

: Keilev Edw. lab. 26 Gest 

| Kelley Ellen, iaun. 36 E. 7th 
Keliev Ilv. confectionary, 170 E. Front 
Kelley Mrs. Is&hela,3l3 John 
Kelley James, blk. smith, n.e.c. 3d and 

i Kelley das. cook, 427 Sycamore 
Kelley Jas. lab. 400 Mum 
Kelley .lis. ty«e c ist9r, 168 Yine 
K.ihv .las. tob. 6 Ifttrn, 
Kolley Jm. lab. s. ?. Phebe, b. Hum and 

W. Row 
Kellv Jerry, scale sik-. b«b. s.w.c. Race 

and 2.1 
Kelley J. II. builder, 343 VT. "th 
Ketfey Jno. enjtraver, 72 Catjti rine 
Keliej J.,o. grocervjS. w. c John and 

Kelley Mrs. M. C. 57 Providence 
Kelley Mich. elk. bds. 1W >yc;uoore 

I Keiley Mich. 7th, b Freeman and Bay- 

| miller 

j Kelley Owen, porter, 99 \T. 2d 

Kelley Patrick, dray. 135 W. Front 
Kelley l\u. lab.3l Kembte 
Kelley Pat lab. n.s. Torrence, nr. Lum- 
ber, ir.'n 
Kelley Bichd. K. carp. 177 Water 
Kelley Saml. bis. 257 W. Row 
Kelley -Theresa, V>. sewer, 165 E. 5th 
Kelley Thos, confectionary, 2911 W. Row 
Kelley Thos. n.w.c. George &c W. Row 
Kelley Thos. tailor, 231 Sycamore 
Kelley Wm. carp- w.s. Vine, b. Front Sc 

Kelhutr Jno. stone cutter, m.s." Race, b. 
14th ami 15th 


l\ auction and ce-tamisaion, 
xx 22 te 24 E. 3d. h- 12 Kemble 
Kellogg Chas. F. elk. res. Ohio Avenue 
Kellosrs Chas. II. 308 W. 7th 

'»/ ELL0GG & F00TE, (Sheldon I. K. 

\\ &. Jno. T. F.) impt's wines & liq. 
tK 17 E. 2d 
Kellosg Loveli H. elk. 86 W. 7th 
KELLOGG Sheldon I. (H. & Foote) 
Kellsuli T. cub. mkr. n.w.c. 7th and Bay- 
Kelly Aitnes, elk. 132 W. 5th 
Kelly Chas. silversmith, 192 W. Front 
Kelly Chas. lab. 90 Hunt 
Kelly Danl. wines and, Imuors, 20 E. 2d 
Kelly Eii/a, cloaks, Everett, b. W. ll-.w 

and John 
Kelly Mrs. Elf* a, 21 E. 7th 
Kelly Edw. tailor, 94 Pendleton 
Kelly Mrs. Fanny, 11 E- 8th 
Kelly Francis, shoe mkr. 173 Water 
Kelly Frank, lab. Front, b. Rice and 

Walnut. F'n 
Kelly Gen. teacher, s.s. 7th, nr. Culvert 
Kelly Hart, caulker, Front-, b.- Rice and 

Walnut, l"n 
Kelly 11 y. shoe rnkr. 161 W. Row 
Kelly Hugh, stone yard, 2d, b. W. Row 

and John, h. 9 Park 
Kelly I. elk. s.e.c. Walnut and 2d, res. 

Kelly Jas. lab. h. -15 E. 8th 
Kelly Jas. boot mkr. e.s. Sycamore, b. 

otb. and 6th 
Kelly Jas. c<mk, 427 Sycamore 
Kelly Jno. painter, e.s. Ludlow, b. Con- 
gress ami 3d 
Kelly Jn<>. tailor, 10 Manchester bldg. h. 

45'J Pi am 
Kelly Jno. daguer. 28 W. 4th, h. 459 W. 

Kelly Jno. cab. mkr. 182 Richmond 
Kelly Jno- lab. 85 E. 5th 
Kelly Jno. lab. n.s. W. W. Canal, b. 

Park and Rose 
Kelly Jos. M. elk. 22 and 24 E, 3d, res. 

Kelly Mrs. Mary A. seam. 374 Sycamore 
Kelley Matthew, grocer, s.e.c. Smith and 

Kelly Mich. Freeman, b. 6th and George 
Kelly Mich. lab. 4 1 K. 8th 
Kelly Mich. blk. smith, bds. 162 W.3d 
Kelly Mich. J. lab. 23 12th . 

Kelly Nancy; 26 Perry 
Kelly porter. 62 K. 2d 
Kelly Pat. dray. '79 Water 
Kelly Pat. bos ss, IhIs. 161 W. 3d 
Kelly Pat. lab. 7 Accommodation 
Kelly I . J. clkiitf W.Sth 
Ke'K Mrs. Qj lite. 3 E. 7th 
Kelly S. P. elk. 70 W. 4th 
Kelly Thos. cartmsn, 363 W. 3<1 
Kelty'Tiii i. lab. 32" IV. 2d 
Kellj Thos. porter, 11 W, 5th ■ 
Kedly W. clonks, John, b. Elizabeth and 

K lly Wm. Ms. 25 Lodg« 
K-dv Wm. dray. :H5 W 2d 
Kelly Wm. F. dk. 21 P. Landing 
Kelpan Jno. lab. n.s. Vanhorn, b. Free- 
man and Cur 
Kelpun Th os. Lib. u.s Vanhorn, b. Free- 
man M.yl C ' r 

Kelp u, Thos. copper, n. B. Vanhorn, b- 

'.•':■ -i'.ian and Carr 
Kerpari Jas. trader, 26 Catherine 
Kelsh Frank, tonper-uiah, Ul* 33 W. 

Ketoey EU, lab. 49 12xh 


Mercantile and Commercial Agencies. 

Bradstreet Jno. M., (Lectorium Building) 173 

vv.. 3d. 
Douglass B. & Co.. " Bank Buildings," n. w. c. 

3d and Main. 
Tappan, McKillop &• Co., s. e. c 3d & Walnut. 

I»Ictals. I>ea*ers In. 
Lawson F. H. & Co., 173 Main. 
Sellew & Co., & Co., 214 Main. 
Wayne Jos. W., 19G Main. 

Military and Coacli Trimmings. 

Pohlman G. W., 63 w. 4th. 
Smith Peter. 

Millinery Goods (Wholesale.) 

(See Silk and Sraw Goods.) 
Millinery Stores, I>ress Makers, <&c. 

Gasten Miss Jane, 7 e. 4th. 
Haseltine S. W. & Co., 66 vv. 5th. 
Jamison Mrs. Mary, 121 vv. 5th. 
Marsh Mrs. S., 106 w. 5th. 
Muiliner Miss Adelaide, 106 w. 5th. 
Robertshaw Mrs. Mary, 24q. 4th. 
Rodefer E. J., 208 w. 5th. 
Wheatcroft Mrs, Mary, 271 Main. 
Whitcomb Elizabeth, n. \v. c. oth and Plum. 
Woods Hy. S., 264 w. 5th. 

RalrdM.W. Hudson Wm.L. Rose Mrs. A. 

iJarger M. J. Jamison Sarah M. Sattler Ernst F. T. 

Blong Susan EL. Keisling Mrs. Schulte Lorenz 

Bodenties & Hass-Knox El ward C. Shuraard Geo. D. 
aureck Kubr> Mrs. Catha. Simpson Emiiy 

Stebel Charlotte 

Bradbury Lavina Lucas Julia 
Carter Mrs. HarrietLynch Mi's. H. 
Covell Mrs. A. M. MeComas J. F. 
Cutter Sophia May Mrs, F. I). 

Dix Miry Ann Menken S- 

Dreifus Mrs. C. Nolan Jane 
Flesh Madame JR. Rasche H. 
Forles C. A. Renau Caroline 

Franklin Mux Rhodes Harriet 

Gaddum Madam I. Reid Win. 
Greevewar Mad. E.Rorie August 
Henderson J. A. 

Bradford Thos. & Co., 64 Walnut, office 5J 

Burrows J. H. & Co., n. s. 2d b. Elm and 

Plum, office 27 vv. Front. 
Cochran R. & Co., 44 vv. Front. 

Bonsall Franklin, 105 and 107 e. 8th. 
Greenwald Isaac, c. 5th and Lock. 

Mineral Water Manufacturers. 

Getker &Born, 56 13th. 
Owen C. B. & Co., 134 w. 2d. 

Alwes H. & J. 
Goosman Fred. 

Hart well & Baker Fitter A. 
Mulhauser G. 

Wilson Surah 
Wormley & Wil- 

Mouldings (Gilt) fmx»orters. 

Eggers & Co., 127 Walnut. 
Theobald & Theurkauf, 41 \v. Court. 

Mouldings (.tlanuliicinrers.) 

Holmes J. B., 7th b. Sycamore and Broadway. 
Holstein & Hammer, 150 w. Canal. 
\/ Music. 


American Cornet Band, (A. Menter, Leader,) 

206 Vine. 
Music (Slseet) Publishers and. Dealers. 

Berger Wm., 30 w, 4th. 
Colbaru Win. F., 78 w. 4th. 
Murch & White, 74 w. 4th. 
jTruax David A., 60 w. 4th. 
Heters & Sons. 

Music (Professors of.) 

. C. 28 w. 9th. 

Mill (Portable) Manufacturers. 
Burrows J. H. & Co., 23 w. Front. 
Cochran Robert & Co., 44 w. Front. 
Lathrop & Joyce, 121 e. 2d. 
Scott & Hedges, 9 Water. 
Straub Isaac & Co., n. vv. c. John and Front, 

store 19 vv. Front. 
Reed, Hollablrd & Co. 

Millstone (Burr) Manufacturers. 

Turney Mary 

Ward Hannah 

Washburn Mrs>A. 

Webb John, Jr. Miller & Bro. 

Weigler Mrs. W. 

Werining Jenny 

Westjohan There3 a j Gleip jj Mrs 

Aiken Chas. Hard way F. 

Atkins Baaj. Locke Eiisha 

Colliere L. ConradNourse Solan 
Geyer Jug. (and Sofge Henry 
dancing.) Smullhouse Chris. 

Spils Jno. C. (and 

Musical Instruments. 

Colburn Wm. F., 78 vv. 4th. 

Gliech John F., 28 vv. 9th. 

Kroll Albert, 193 Walnut. 

Wagner Fred & Kessler, 78 Msin. 

Boulanger Louis Dubois Peter Keckeler & Bro. 

Mustard Manufacturers. 
Dixon G. R. & Co., 243 and 245 Sycamore. 

Bradford Jas. & Co., 45 Plum, office 65 Wal- Harrison, Eaton & Co., 99 and 101 Walnut. 


IMohr A. & Co., (French) 17 Congress. 





IVo. 150 North East Corner Canal and V.ln\ Streets, 

Keep constantly on hand all kinds of Mouldings in Rose, Mahogany and other Wood for Cabinet 
Makers, at Eastern prices. 





Kennedy John, com. mer. 31 E 
re?. E. Walnut Hill 

I Kennedy Jno. elk. 17 E. 
b. Congress and 3d 

4th, h. Butler 

Ivelsh Geo. ccf. h. 33 W. Front 
Kelsh Mary, widow, 473 Walnut 
Kelsh F. 28*- Linn 
Kelso iBJtae, publisher, 11 W. 4th, res. 

Keii'5 4e Jos. finisher, 5th, b. Race and 

Kemeca Hy. lab. over 5-28 Stain 
Kemker lly. pork mer. 122 Abigail 
Keuimer Fred. coop. 457 Sycamore 
Kemmerling Fred, tailor, 62 Buckeye 
Kemmeter Geo. bar k. 381 "Main 
Kemna lly. sho&inkr. 4.09 W. 3d 
Kempman Frank, lab. 238 E. Front 
Kempe Bernard, lab. 60 Spring 
Kemper Barney, lard oil mkr. 12 Ham- j arid B'way 

mond • j Kennedy Pat. striker. 

Kemper Geo. team. w.s. Avenue,!;. York | Walnut F'n 

an J Bank Kennedy Put. marble cutter, bds. s.e.c 

Kemper lly. baker. 1-28 Pleasant j BVay andath 

Kemper Jno. coop. 36 Logan Kennedy Pat. bds. 99 E. 2d 

Kemper Philip, tailor, G Pleasant j Kenneday Pat. hostler, 198 Kemble 

Kemper Saml. coach painter, 108 E. Li- j Kennedy Reynold, elk. Go W. 5th 

berty Kennedy Robt. lab. 85 E. 5th 

Kemper Saml. lab. 84 Buckeye Kennedy Root. Bank Alley 

Kemph Mrs. Catherine, 43u Plum Kennedy R. porter, 111 Main 

Eempmgs Wau foreman, 64 Walnut, res. ! Kennedy Warren, elk. 160 Vine 


i J t print fcamer, 
! X3 014 W. Row 

i Kennedy Mrs. Martha, 19 Catherine 
j Kennedy .Mary, 108 Van Horn 

Kennedy Michael, Lib. 63 Water 
! Kennedy Mich, paver, 110 Moses 
| Kenneuay .Mich. Tailor, 18? Catharine 
j Kennedy Mich. lab. s.s. ISfew nr. B'way 

Kennedy Nicholas, 23 State 
I Kennedy Owen, lab- n.s. Canal b. Dublin 

•e.c. Front and 

GTS Main 

K : 

Kennedy J; 
Kennedy J* 
Kennedy Jaa. 

Kenneday Jas 
KenuedyJ as. 
Kennedy Jas. 

Kennedy John, lab. w.s 
gtess and SymEies 

Kennedy Wm. butch. 32 Bubiin 
Kennedy Wm. elk. Auditors office, bds. 

252 Walnut 
Kennedy_Mrs. W. 167 Laurel 
Kennell Alexander, (G. K. &z Co.) 18 

Kennell Geo. (G. K. & Co.) 153 Catha- 
Keimell G. & Co.) (Geo. &c Alex. K.) 

hose and belt manufs. 19 W. Front 
Kennell Jos. (G. K.ic Co.) e.s. Home b. 

4th and 5th 
Kenneu Nicholas, lab. 593 Plum 
Kenneston Jas. enein. 13 Race 

&l Jno. V\ . B.) com. mer. and to- 
bacco agts. 12 P. Landing 
Kennett Geo. cab. mkr. 52MeFarland 
Kennett Hy. G. elk. 12 P. Landing, h. 

94 E. 3d 
KENNETT Jno. (K., Dudley &, Co.) 94 
E. 3d 
! Kenny Deuiuis, lab. 53 Water 
I Kenny Francis, tailor, n.w.c. Sycamore 
i and 2d 

i Kenney John, printer. 6-t Pike 
J Kenney Jos. lab. 1.16 Betes 
i Kenney Pat. paint, bds. 192 Sycamore 
I Kenning Anthony, tail. 96 W. Court 
! Kenote H. cab. mkr. 95 Pleasant 
I Kenper Win. H. dep. city weigher, 459 

j Kent Asbury, druggist, 526 Elm, bds- 92 

W. 9th 
! Kent Jno. wks. on R.R. cars, 672 E. 
I Front 

j Kent John, port. 53 E. 2d 

ES'T l.EIE, 

clock and watch jnkr. 
234 Main, h. 207 Court 
Kent Mrs. Mary A. 672 E. Front 
Kent Xhos. carp. -285 Lougworth 
Kent T. H. sen., carp. h. 285 Lougworth 
Kentj'op Henry, shoe. mkr. 50 L. Market, 

res. Covington 
Keoehler John, cof. h.48 Sj-camore 
Keogel John, shoe mkr. 790 W. Row 
Keown Hugh, fruit deal, s.e.c. 5th and 

Keown Martin, lab. 300 E. Front 
Keown Mich. lab. s.s. Congress b. Canal 

and Kiigour ■ 
Keown Panel*, b.h. 50 W. Front 
Kepfer Fritz, currier. 349 Main 
Kepler Susan, 54 14th 
Kepler Susan, seams. 78 Bay miller 
Keppian Mich, finish. 591 Main 
Kerdolph John A. butch. 223 Clinton 
Kerkuer Geo. miller, Lock b. Symxues Si. 


Kern , n.e.c. Linn and Laurel 

Kern an Mich; slice mkr. d.s. High 
Kerney Haraioh, tail. 59 Clay 
Kerney lly. grocer, h.s,.6th nr. Culvert 
Front b. Rice and Kerney Josh. 116 Belts 

I Kerney ThosJ. . elk. 208 Lougworth 


Kempler Jno. lab. 685 Main 
Kemple Saml. carp. 117 Bremen 
Kemps Barny, groc; 144 Pleasant 
Kempter Richard, elk. 240 Main 
Kemptuer Jno. cab. ink. 373 Elm 
Kempton Geo. brk- la;, er, 330 George 
Kemp ton Jas. S. (Meri'itt &. K.) 107 Dud- 
Kenard Francis, iron rail maker, w. s. 

Mound, opp. Elizabeth 
Kendall Chas. F. mare, s, 3. Trent, rr. 

Broad, F'n 


ivincible saloon, 203 W. 5th 
h. n.e.c. Perry and W. Row 
Kendall Geo. W. (Hunter nfc K-) res. 

Kendall Jno. 51. D printer, 19 W. 4th 
Kendall Luke, 79 Pendleton 
Kendall M. W. S. dentist, 528 Elm 
Kendall Omer II . 93 Betts 
Kendall Dzziah, jr. blk. smith, 693 W. 

Row, h. 662 Freeman 
Kende'i Geo. hose mkr. 155 Catharine 
Kendriek Chas. S- 40 Catharine 
Keridriek J. T. 160 Sycamore 
Keueba Christopher, lab. 551 Sycamore 
Keney Mary, washwoman, 70 Vine 
Keney Mary E. seam. 70 Vine 
Keniele J no. lab. w.s. 6th b. Lock and 

Kenifeck Edward, b.k. 212 W. Court 
Kenipe*John, stone mas. 15 Mulberry 
Kemper Richard, cooper, n.w.c. Liberty 

and Walhnt 
Kenkel G. (K. & Brother,) 13th b. Main j j ' 

and Clav |\ 

Kenkel Df. (K. & Brother.) 13tb b. Main ! xx 

and Clav 
Kenkel H. & Brother, (H. K. <fc G. K-) 

jewellers, 41.1 Miin 
Kenly Martin. lab. 410 Walnut 
Kenna M. lab. n-s. Front nr. Fester F'n 
Kennady Andrew, porter, 53 E 3d 
Kennaway Fred, grocery, s.w c. Milton 

and Wilson 
Kennea.Hv Mary E. dr. mkr. 119 John 
Kenned Chas..29 W. Front 
Kennedy Chas. H. elk. 296 Main 
Kennedv D. 330 W. 6th 
Kennedy Danl. bout mkr. 24 E. 8th 
Kennedy Frank X. elk. 252 Longwcrth 
Kennedy Hugh, confec. 115 W. 3d 
Kennedy H. P- elk. 279 W; 7th 
Kennedy Jas. carp. Canal b. 6th and 7th 
lab. 28Gest 

saw. s.s. Front 17th Ward 
lab. 47 Dublin 
i. lab, 9 Kossuth 
cam. 150 W. 3d 
porter, 7S W. 4th 
Kennedy Jas. groc. 57 Catherine 
Kennedy J. C. cari 

Walnut V 

Butler b. Con- 

Kerniger Geo. 417 \ 

Kerning Peter, lab. 189 Congress 

Kerns W. B. carp, s.w.c. "ohn and Au- 
Keroell Fred. elk. 44 Lodge 
Kerr Geo. apprentice, 168 Vino 
Kerr Geo. hats, 127 W. 5th 
Kerr John, carriage mkr. 
Kerr Louis, stonecutter, W. Row 
Kerred .Tared, barb, shop, 107 Vino 
KerraanMieh. lab. 614 Vine 
Ker^iiior Adolphus, (Evans & K-) 608 

W. 8 th ' 

Kersner J. carp. 85 Pleasant 
Kerth John, frame mkr. Lock b. 5th and 

6th, h. 100 Hunt 
Kerth Jno. butch, n-s. Harrison Road b. 

Brighton <fc Avenue 
Kerth Thus, butch, n.s. Harrison Road b. 

Brighton and Avenue 
Kertzmar Aug. shoe mkr. 107 Bremen 
Kerwiek Pat. 330 W. 6th 
Reselling Martin, lab. 68 Bank 
Kesger Geo. driver. 15S Clay 
Keshan John. 136 Linn 
Keshner Fred, mould. Observatory, Mt. 

Kesler lly. mkr. 9 12th 
Kessing John, tailor, Observatory, Mt. 

Kessinger Antony, b.h. 20 Allison 
KesslerChas, 159 Baymiller 
KES8LKB C. August. (Fenl. Wagner & 

K.) bds. Watnur St. House 
Kessler Chas. H. b.!,-. 276 Main 

il leather .tore, 
■*'*■ 27.S Main 

Kessling lly. J. baker, 149 Clinton 
Kessler V. 406 W. 7th 
Kestner Augustus H. elk. 432 Main 
Kestner Edward. (K. & Co.) w.s. Bremen 
b. 13th and 14th 

boat stores, grocers andprov. 
432 Main 
Kestner Jno. P. 432 Main 
Kestner Peter, tobacco. 88 W. Court 
Ketcliam Jus. lab. 698 \V. Front 
Retchner Mich, canner, 21 Bank 
Ketchum Geo. finish, n.s. High nr. Wal- 
nut F"n 
KETCHUM Geo. H.(K. 6c Headlngton,) 
11] Smith 


ax actvs. Selves Bldg. 


|\ Kentucky Hotel, 

xx s.e.c. W. Row and Front 

Ketchum 8. dr. mkr. 199 Elm 

Kettler Win. elk. bds. 28Commercie 

Keitman Hy. tanner, P.'7 Pleasant 

Kettel lvr.>r, painter, 27 Mound 

Kettler Wm. b.k. 35 Sycamore, h. 23 

Kettey Richard, carp. 177 Water 
Kettschan ^\'m. bar kpr. 209 Vine (Row 
Key Cathcart, shoe mkr. bds. 281 W. 
Key Geo. watchman, 122 W. Row 
Keys, Makby A: Co. (Richard W. K. &. 

Layfayette M.) \vh. gfoc. 23 "W. 2d 
Keys Richard W. (K.,MaIthv 4: Co.) res. 

KEYS Samuel B. (Moore, Wilstach. K. 

<fc Co.) res. E. Walnut Hills 
KEVTh.H. M. (Taft, K. & Peay) bdi. 

Burnet H. 
Kevs Win. moulder, bds. 5S3 W. 5th 
Kher Antony, lab. 629 Elm 
Kiiber Jno. i45 Sruitli 
Kibner .\. tanner, 381 W. Loherty 
Kick Gustave, porter, 64 Main, h. 538 

Kidd E. T. b. k. n.e.c. 4th and Vine, h. 

s.v. .c. 7th and Race 
Kid 1 Geo. W. mess. tel. office, 7 E. 3.1, 

lx!s. 46 Mound 
Kidd lly. M.b.k. National Tel. 7 E. 3d, 

Kidd K )hi. canal boatman, 3T>5 BVay 
Kidd Roht. eh cutionist, 28 W. 4th, h. 17 

Kidd Wm. 46 Mound 
Kidder Jedadiah, pedler, w.Kiinble, 
Kidie Geo. tanner, s.s. CiarL, \j. Frccmaa ' 

and Caa- 



iGii ii 

rti\nlH § 1 I^Mol 

s OVJI4 § 1 LI s i 

v i S 




... ; ji ;;!ji| 

x — .-- .•- 

'::;" ~: j| 

>/ '•- ■ -. 

■ dr^r-,; 

i |S= ' '..•...;:,•;,:-:. /■ 

; .', i 


E.l'J 7 ..'- -: - ..' 

"""••• LCJir^iS 

Wood Mouldings from due t* tju tucikes *vauu, tium; i>j- g»at?»ted Tjlaciiinierr, 

twcarj'-li've percent, cheaper titan by Iia:i:'i. Flooring boards ifu rnisLicd ; 

Weafl««r*-boardin2T o» Imnd or made to order, a Bid re-»><* wjja«- 

done by I*. crosby-v* PatcutSaw Jlili, togetlier witlx 

all Circular Saw Work. 






y I 








V ; 


Flats and Gothic 
Pew Tops & Caps 

Hand Hails 
Pump Tubing See. 

Books of Patterns, containing the above styles, will be furnished gratis 

Four machines, patented by, and exclusively used and controlled by the subscriber, arc employed 
iu the construction cf this Board — inserting the zinc to double the deptht of any other process — 
precluding the possibility of its coming loose, every pan of the wood being thoroughly prepared for 
the reception of the ■ 3;un<\ An entirely new mode, pronounced by able mechanics to surpass any 
other Zinc Washboard now kmwu. Persons ordering, may rest assured that their Interest will be 
served as if they were present. The lowest possible freight procured in every instance. 

ar. 33. rioLiass, 

North Side Seventh, bet. Sycmore and Broadway, Cincinnati. 




Kieass Chas. W. mould. 51 Allison 
Kieasis Loins A. elk. 51 Allison 
Kieck Godfrey, r lilor, 36 Ham. road 
K if-el Fred.; tailor, 15 Mercer 
Kiefer Andrew, prow stor6,6C8 Vine 
KIEFER Chas. (A. & J. Frounstiae 

Co.) 218 Vine 
Briefer Chas. painter, 21 "W. 7th 
Kiefer Geo. painter, 230 Walnut - 
Kiefer Jacob, cof. h. 305 Syeamore 




613 T v 
Kiefer Jno. stone reason, 41 Ilisrh 
Kiefer Peter, stonemason, 43 High 
KieSing Jno. tanner. 613 W. Row 
Kieger M. cap thkr. 163 Maid 
Kiehbort'n Martin, hatter, 144 Main 
Kiensella Jos. P. elk. -J 10 W. Front 
Kienstner Nica. cab mkr. n.w.c. 8th and 

B'way • 
Kierhart Jno. team. 500 Elm (Symtnes 
Kiersted Hezekiall, (X. & Hof!'mun,)-127' 
Kiersted & Hpil'raan, (Hezekiah K. fc 

Lewis H.) copper-smiths, 89F1. Front 
KIERSTED Jer. city commissioner, 127 
Kies & Co. (Edw. K. ic Jno. C. Taylor, 

eating h. 74 W. 3d 
Kies Edw. (K, <fc Co.) 59 #. 3d "* 
Kies Lewis G.'cJk. n.\v.c ; 3d anJElro 
Kieser Hy. cab- mkr. 59 Allison 
Kieser Martin, la , lb7 W. Liberty 
Kiesew:l:er,Gr-r:./ : ed, (HofegreS; & Co.) 

hd3. 453 Main 
Kiesling Jacob, lock mkr. 30 W. 6ch, h. 

Vine epp. Mercer 

Kiethner . lab. 487 "Walnut 

Kievler Godlip, baker. 01 E. ^th 
Kiezer Casper, 'ah. 312 B'way 
Kiibert Mich. beiler mkr. 47 Censrress 

(Jas. P. R. Harvey De C. & Thos. 
Morsran) lumber mer. 95 12th 
KILBRETH Jas. P. (K. De Camp & Co.) 

4-22 W. 6th 
Eilday Jno. lab. n-s. 8th, b. Harriet and 

KildufF Peter, grocery, s.w.c. John and 

KildurT Thos. lab. s.s. Symmes,b. Kil- 

gour ami Lock 
Kile-- ,312 Piatt 

book store 42 E. 3d, 
h. s.s. 4th, below Mill 
KilfUHn Wa. 225 Ban- 
K-ilfoil Dant. lab. 17 Accommodation 
Kdfoil Jas. lab. 38 Dublin 
Kilfoy .Mike, lab. 221 W. F-ont 
Kilgeelicif W. dray. 491 Rf »e 
KILGOUE .Ino. (rtn.esbeck & Co.) s. s- 

Symrn js, E. of Kilgour 
Kiigour Jn->. sec'y. L. M. R. R: h. n.e-c. 

Congress and Kil-rour 
Kilgour Jaw. jr. elk. L. M. R. R. 
Kiluvn Andi ew sh< e mkr. 27 Ham road 
Elijah! Mich. cir. mkr. n.s. W. 6ch, b. 

Ereeman anil Harriet 
Kilkary Mrs. Maty, -.-roc. 33 Dublin 
KM lay Jas. lab. 59 Race 
KilJegtfn Mich. lab. 131 W. Front 
Killerdon Jno. mason, 164 Freeman 
Killersaazi Jos. team. 174 Freeman 
Kiilmaas Phins, lab. Pleasant, b. Find- 
It y and Ham. road 
Killpatrick Root. 123 Van Horn 
Kiloh Jno. b-k. n.e.c 4th and Walnut, 

Kilroe Pat. i»b. w.s. Sixth, above Baura 
Kilroy Jao. carp, s.e.c. Front and Lum- 
Kilyers Jacob, shoe mkr. 67 Wade 
KlMil VLL Abel, (J. H. Burrows & Co.) 

macJa. 508 W. 8th 
Kimball Augu itua A. u-s. Clark, b. free- 
man and Carr 
RlMBAfcL C. (K. Conw*y & Co.) 30 

KimbSFconway & co. 
■ • lumb< r dealers, 
w.s. Freeman,b. 6th and 7th 
Kimb.ill Frank, carp. n. a. Front, b. 
Longworth and Br., ad, V n (Hills 
Kimball Isaac (K. & WUtaee) re^. Wal. 


Kimball M. S. drv goods, 1G7 Court 
Kimball &. Wiltsee, (Is aac K". &. John W. 

W.) saw manuf. 35 \Y. Court 
Kimbevland Wm. atty. 35 W. 3d, bds. 

Merchants' Hotel 
Kimble Hiram, watchman, 114 Iflgh 
Kime lly. lab. Vine, b. Buckeye and 

Eimmich Xhos. carp. n.s. Bank, b. Free- 
man and Piatt 
Kincaid Mrs 3'J 12th 
Kinch Chas. market master, 206 Everett 
Kinch Jn >. butcher, 206 Everett 
Kind Wm. tailor, 260 Walnut, h. 234 

Kine Mich. lab. 2. Elm 
Eider Geo. scale mkr. fi.5 E. 3:1 

King -, saddler. 233 Front 

King ., river man. 59 Vine 

King . asst. local ed. Enonirer 

King A. L. sales. 8 and 10 Pearl, h. 30 


|\ K.Chas. A. tGeo. R. S-.) attys. 

J " 1 - Woithington bldgs. 

King Barreace, boot mkr. s. w. c Syca- 
more and 2d 

Kine Bernard A. marble cutter, 135 W. 

Eans Chas. C S4 Clinton 

T/lNtr, C0R\VJ\ & CO. (Jno. W. K. 

j\ I). Vr'. C. & T. C Shiplev,; wh. 

** dry goods, 8 and 10 Pearl 

KING& DALY, 0^)i.j. K.&Mich. 
V. J>.) wines, liquors, tobacco and 
groceries, &.c. 33 Sycamore 
Kin? Edward, cook, e.s. North, b. New 

and ?th 
King Mrs. Eliza, res. 138 Symmes 
King Geo- painter. 48 Pierson 
Kins Geo. gasfitter, 235 Elm 
King Geo. 14 W. Court 
King Geo. stone quarry, 157 Everett 
King Geo. harness mkr. n.s. Front, nr. 

'"Stone, P"n 
Kins Geo. lab. e.s. Anderson, b. W. W. 

Canal and 2d 
Kin ? Geo. P. asrt. 323 George 
Kine G. W. b.k. 112 W. 6th 
Kin- Hy. W, sales. 8 and 10 Pearl, h. 373 

W. 4th 
King Hy. W. 128 Clinton 
Kin^ Jas. J. prov. store, s.e.c. 6th and 

Freem an 
King Juo. grocer, n-w.c Kemper and 

King Jno. boot mkr. w.s. W\ Row, b. 

Front and 2d 
Kine Jno. carp. bds. 235 and 237 W. 6th 


]\ ec phys. 
Xj - 142 W. 7th 

Kin? Jno. II. grocery, 528 Freeman 

KING Jno. Wi (K. Corwin & Co.) res. 
New Haven, Conn. 

King Jos. ship carp, n.e.c. East and R.R 

KING Jos. (Barwise & K.) 257 Long- 

King Jos. ship carp. n. s. High, nr. 

King Jos. carp. Front, b. Rice and Wal- 
nut, F'n 

King Jos. coach painter, 235 Elm 

King Martin, elk. 235 and 237 V,*. 6th 

KING Michael J. (K. &. Daly) res. New- 

King Pat. lab. 59 Vine 

King Peter waegou manuf. 1032 Ham. 

KING Rufus, (K. Anderson <fc Sage,) h. 
95 E. 3d 

i Hamilton House, 
L 235 and 237 W. 6th 
Kine Thos. huckster, 131 E. 5th 
Kin : Thos. carp. bds. 477 W. 4J» 
J/lNti WM- U 
\\ boots and sh.>€S, 07 Vt . 6th 
- 1 L 472 W. 7d» 
Kins Wm. M. eng. 53 laurel 
King Waiiard C. b.k. 8 ^.nd 10 Pearl, h. 

30 McFarland 
Kingan, (K. &c Reid( (Sycamore 6c Main 
Kingan <fc Reid. pork mer. u.a. Canal, b. 



; Kinger Mat. tailor, Lurllow,nr. 2d 
Finger Michael, lab. 56 Ham. road 

i Kingsbury Chas. boot cutter, 67 W.Oth 

I Kingsbury Ghauncey, tel. operator. 7E- 

I 3d, bds. Wmoe House 

I Kingsbury Horace, km^U mkr. 6 W. 4th, 

| bds. Dennison House 

• Kinesbury Wm. bds. Win Tie Houae 

i Kingsley Jas lab. 542 E. Front 
Kingsnorth Jno. W. cab. u-kr. c. 8th and 

| Canal, h.272 Richmond 

. Kinit Mrs., n.w.c. Kiieour and Conaess 

! Kink-aid Alex. 225 Kemble 
Kinkaid Jas. cooper. 2:59 Kemble 
Kinker Frank, (K. &. Sasse) s.w.c. Clay 
and 12th J 

Kinker II. cooper, 20 Pleasant 
KINKMAD Jos. D. (Langley & K.) res. 

Covington, Ky. 
Kinker & Sasse, (Fiank K. Sc Frank S.) 

coach mkrs. 10 and 18 E. 8th 
Kinkead Thos. carp. 82 B.U-; 
Kinkier Chris- shoe mkr. 105 Providence 
Kinky Hy. river man; bds. 77 L. Market 
Kinky Jas. lab. n.s. Oliver, b. W. Row 

and John 
Kuiley John II. river man, 7? Milton 
Kinmont Mrs. Alex. 97 W. 7th 
Kinnan Jno. (hay. 15 Franklin 
Rinnan Wm. locksmith, 27 E. 4th. h. 29 

E. 7th 
Kinnard Hugh, carp, 123 Betta 
Kinnel Danl. dyer, 88 E. 6th 
Kinner !I. H. lumber met chant, bd3. 

Evens' hotel 
KINNEY- Eli, (K. E~ V y &c Co.) bds 

Spencer House 
Kinney Ellon, groc. 79 Phim 

KINNEY, ESPY & GO, (Eli K., j. 
Espy & M. W. L nhvick) bankers, 
23 W. 3d 

Kinney James, carp. bds. 49 Race 

Kinney Jas. buck. 14 Richmond 

Kinney John, 52 Barr 

Kinney John lab. 140 George 

Kinney Jo<. N. elk. 57 M.icon 

Kinney Michael* cof.h. 54 Water 

Kinney Mrs. Margaret, washing, 150 

Kinney Norman, 307 W. 3d 

Kinney Wm. moulder, 1 1 Dublin 

Kinsback Henry, 612 Vine 

Kinsela Jos. boiler mkr. 47 Congress res 

Kineell F. lab. 520 Elm 

KINSEY Cyrus, (P. &. C. K.) 148 Linn 

KINSKY David (Ik &. 1). K.) 21 V,'. 5th 

& David) 
miths24 W. 5th 

NSEY Ed-.vd, (E. &c D. K.) h. 24 WKI. 

Kinsey. IHnde Sc Co. (Thos. K. & John 
D. U.) com mer, 47 W.2d 

Kinsey Jas. Ub. s.s. Bedinger 

KINSEY Jx.s. (Tyler Davidson i Co.) 
372 W. 7th 

Kinsey Jos. bds. n.s. Bedinger 

Kinsey Nat. engraver, s.e.c. 3d and Wal- 
nut, h. 140 Linn 

KINSKY P. & C; (Pearson and Cyrus) 
decorative plasterers, 245 W. 

KINSEY Pearson (P.& C K) 208 Rich- 

Kinsey Thos. (K. Hinde &. Co.) 47 
W, 2d 

Kinsey Thos. 37-J W. 7th 

Kinsey Wm. taniwSAS W. Row 

Kinsley Mrs. 143 Clark 

Kinslier Jacob, safe mkr. 97 Hain Ro&d 

Kinus John. lal). 174 Liberty 

Klnzback ITerd. druggist, 515 Vine 

Kinrel Charlotte, widow, s.s. Allison b. 
Vine &. Walnut 

Kipin brock Bernard, varnisber, 70 Huct 

Kipp Ernst brk. layer i'.j I3;li 

Kipp .Mrs. S. 8. 57 1 Plum 

Kiny l'. c.irp. 17 I Fulton 

KIKBY Clin, (French A K.) 8<1 Mound 

Kirby Daniel, u-ains. Ludlow b. Coitgresi 
and 3d 

Kirby Jas. porter, a-s. Gano,b, Waiaut 
and Main 

Kirby Jas. butch. ICG I ulton 


I 1 

&^$ *#«« ^m&, «^-^ «%sr%, © : ! 


| f oanral of fammt, Js&Mitg, IBaimktos, bi& Sldisib. | 




.Associate Editors. 



The title at the head of .this paper expresses 
Oits plan and purpose. The Vallf.y of the 
H Mississippi is at this time engaged in works 
p of gigantic magnitude, involving immense in- 
||terests. Its Commerce has increased at a 
H rate heretofore unknown in history". Its 
p Navigation embraces thousands of vessels of 
II various kinds. Its financial engagements ex- 
U tend over the globe ; and its cities are rising 
to a population and wealth, commensurate 
with such a country and such a Commerce. 
J The object of the Record is to promulgate 
H authentic Statistics and reliable information 
*Ns of the, Banks, Manufactures, 
and Commerce of this great Valley, and thus, 
of course, aid the interests of that great body 
of the public engaged in them. 

In pursuance of this object, the Record 
has furnished, and will continue to furnish, in 
still larger proportion, a great amount of 
-Statistical Information on the Commerce, 
y Agricultural, and ^Mineral Resources of the 
H West. No other Journal has embraced so 
p much information on these subjects : and we 
jQ now add that it is our intention, in successive 
|i numbers during the year, to exhibit the entire 
i Development of the Agriculture, Mineralogy 
and Geology of the West, so far as they fur- 
nish materials for commerce. We have al- 
ready furnished views of the Vine and Indian 
Corn ; and we intend to bring out successive- 
ly similar articles on Wheat, Barley, Oats, 
Potatoes, Hops, Sugar Cane, Cotton, and 
Lumber. We shall accompany these with 
brief but complete views of the Coal, Iron, 
Lead, Copper, and Gypsum Regions of the 
West ; the demand for the productions, and 
the effects of these developments on the 
Railroad System. This, when done, will fur- 
nish information which cannot be found in 
any one work. 

The Stock Tables in the Record are 
made up from the actual sales in Cincinnati, 


New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and 
are corrected from the latest" information re- 
ceived up to Wednesday noon. The Stock 
Sales are from the reported public sales in 
Cincinnati and New York. 

The circulation of the Record has already 
extended to every State in the Union, and is 
becoming more and more extensive. Finding 
its way as it does into the hands of Railroad 
Directors, Engineers, Superintendents, and 
others interested in Railroads, Banking, and* 
Commerce, the Railroad Record as an 

Advertising Medium, 
offers superior facilities for bringing to the 
notice of the proper parties everything that 
has any connection with Railroads, Banking 
or Commerce. 

New Inventions, also, unknown to many, 
yet very useful, may be thus brought to the 
notice of those who would be most likely to 
adopt them. In no portion of the Union is 
the progress of improvement in Railroads, 
Machinery, etc., more rapid than throughout 
the West and South, and at no point is infor- 
mation upon all subjects connected with Rail- 
road progress more e.'.gerly sought for than in 
Cincinnati. The publishers do not hesitate 
to say that the circulation of the Record is 
very extensive throughout these sections, and 
presents a certain means of bringing all in- 
ventions, improvements, etc., in machinery 
directly before those interested in their use 


Subscriptions to the Record, $3 per an 
num, in advance. 

One Square, single insertion, $1 00 

" " per month, 3d) 

" " per annum, 20 00 

One column, single insertion, 4 00 

,' '■ per month, 10 00 

'* " per annum, 80 00 

One page, single insertion, - 10 80 

" •' per month, 25 00 

'• " per annum, soooo 

Cards not exceeding 4 lines, §"> per annum. 
All subscriptions and communications should 
be addressed to 

Publishers and Proprietors. 
167 Walnut St., Cincinnati 






•• 239 Main 

n.s, Oliyer, b. 

Kirbv Joel, moulder, 153 W. Front 
Kirbv Job-.:, butch. Sill W. Row 
KIBBY John, (M. Werk &Co.)s.w.e 

Clinton and VV. Row 
Kirbv J. If. 181 Laurel 
Kirhy Qscar, moulder, 153 W. Front 
Kirbv ftobt. butch. 162 Fulton 
KIKHY Thos (.M. Werk & Co.) v.s Tine 

b. 13th and 14th 
jTlK BY TIMOTHY, real estate Bacons 
l\ bidgs, n.w.e. 6th and Walnut, m 
!*?■ CiimmlnsvUle 
Khby Wm. batch. 501 W. Row 
Kircher Frauds, elk. 18 & 10 P. Land- 
ing, h. 165 Front 
Kirchner, Chris, blk. smith, 21 W. 7th 
Kircher Frank, porter, 105 W. Front 
Kirchhof Ludwijr, bakery, 642' Main 
Kirchner, Frank, bar k. s.w.c. 5th and 

Kirchner, Nicholas, lock smith, 550 Wal- 

Kirchtin Rd. lab. 112 Butler 

(Jno. W. K. &. J. H. C.) 
stock brokers, 3SW. 3d 
Kirk David, plumber, 206 Walnut 
Kirk L. river man, 82 Pleasant 
KIRK Jno. W. (K. &. Cheever.) 324 W. 


Kirker ,Ms. 79 W. 3d 

Kirker Dayid. printer, 206Geonre 
Kirker 1 ho's. printer, -;'6 George 
Kirker Wm. lAls. 70 W. 3d 
Kirkland John A. elk. 108 W. 5th, h. 101 

Kirkland Rich. shoe mkr. 210 Fulton 
Kirraan Edw.,shoe mkr 
Khkiuan Noble, 

Linn & Piatt 
KirkoiTKy. J. elk. in 1.0 
Kirkpairiek O. potter, s.s. Front nr. 

Jamesto T -vn ferry F'n 
Kirkup Jno, elk, 194 Main 
Kirkup John, finisher, 65 Lodee 
KIRKUP Jas. (Wm. K. & Son.) 15Kar- 

KIRKUP Wm. (Wm. K. & Son) 13 Har- 

ESSIP WM. & SOX, (Wm. & 
Joseph) bell and brass founders, 
machinists, &c.250 E. Front 
Kirshner Adolphus, 608 W. 8th 
Kirste Nicholas, lab. C5 Bremen 
Kirstein Ferdinand, printer. 99 W. 6th 
Kirman Mich, teams. 253 W. 3d 
Kisal Chris, chair mkr. 1 Baymilier 
Kiser F. cof.h. 390 Vine 
Kiser Geo. carp, s.s, York b. Linn and 

Kiser Jacob lab. n.w.c Findlay & Race 
Ktsker John, brk. layer, 18 Buckeye 
Kiskil ITy. lab. 13 hi. Liberty 
Kisler Jno. lab. 62 Malancthan 
Ki-:a;n Barnard, lab. 422 Sycamore 
Kisaick Jas. (K. & Teernoa) 64 Baurn 
Kiasiok & Teem on (Jas K. & Fat J.T.) 

auct. fc com. rner, 235 Slain 
Kisser Wm. tailor, 56 Boal 
Kissinger Wm.brk. layer, 676 Main 
Kissling Jacob, lab. 473 Vine 
Kissner Phillip, cooper, bds, 1G9 W. 2d 

KISTMll & CO. (Edward K. & Hy. 
Ficke ) china and glass ware store 
60 L. Market 

KISTNh' 11 EDWARD, china and glass 
and queensware, 341 Main ti. 53 
Kistuer Jno. carp. 134 Pleasant 
Kizer Andrew* J. elk. 192 Main, h. 14 

Kizer Anton, huck. 65 Wade 
Kizer Mrs. Caroline, tailoress. €3 Green 
Kizer Godlip. lab. Fulton car works Tf'a 
Kizer Hy. bds. 16 12 ch 
Kizer Jas. 14 Barr 
Kite Ji.. btoc. L29 Lark 
Kite Mrs. Mar«aret,4£9 W. ith 
KITE Thbs. t&eynoldd K. & XatUBs) 489 
tr W. 4th 

Kitchen Chas. lab. 105 Pendleton 
Kitchen I. M. bk. binder, o 8th and Main 
Kitchen Rich. agt. Cin. Bam.&D. R.K 

s.e.c. 4tnand Vine, h. 127 3-1 
Kitchen Rich. elk. 102 Race 

Kitner Danl. dray 140 Water 
KitQemann Uy. lab. 153 Clay 
Kittles Wm. porter, 3H Main, h. 70 Lock 
Kirtner Darid, elk. 186 Wain 
Ki:tred-/e Chas. elk. 134 Main 
Kittredsre B. & Co. (B cnj. K. & Oeorse 

Folson) imps. n f guns fee. 131 Main 
Kittred'/e B -nj. (B. K. & Co.) res Indian 


Kline Wilheim, cutter, 167 Ma ! n 
Kline Peter, ex. driv. 54 1 W. 5th 
Kline Peter, Ham. Itoadnr. Walnut 

It fad 1B]? - taII " r ' S ' W ''° Elm a: ' d IIuTn - 
Kline Valentine, butcher, Liberty b. Elm 

and Pleasant 
KLINE Wm. B. (Milhi &. K.) res. Mun- 

KitrsRo't F. b-k. 7 College Hall bldga ! Kling Geo. P. bakery, 74 Ham R n „i 

U !.. lf.ll W X-l. CI! T U t1F c r,-,. . . H'-.tlJ 

bds 16» W. 5th 


vppert 8 

. moulder Pendleton b. 
d Woodward 
Klappert 8acoh, tinner, 31 Wood'.s'ard 
! Klarenaur Tkh, J. elk. 382 B'way 

Klasmever John, tailor. 565 Main 
j KLAPIJRKCIiT Emil, ed. G-rman Re- 
publican, 21 E. 3d,h. 477 Elm 

KJarenaar John F. elk. c. Woodwarfl tc 

Klausing Clements, jewelry. 440 Main 

Eiaverkamp Geo. lab. 384 WaTftut 

Klaw M. (Heldelback, Wertheimei & K ) 
197 B'way 

Klayer Hy. groc, 137 Everet 

Slayer Howell. 666 Vine 

Kleanow " shoe mkr e.s Lock b Svmmes 
and 4th 

Kleb Christian, blk. smith, 104 13th 

Klebahn Franz C: cigar rakr. rear 24 

Klee Wni. wire worker, 8th and Canal 

K leery Frederick, carp. 541 Sycamore 

Klepot Fred, cof.h. 402 Sycamore 

KleierCplasteter, 187 Linu 

Kleiman "ohn. shoe mkr. 9? Clay 

Klein Fred, cof.h. s.w.c Kiddle &.' Har- 
rison Road - 

Kleine F. ic Co. (Fred. K.^& >o. B. 
Ennekinsr) mer tailors, 7 K'way 

Kleine Fred. (F. K. &. Co.) red Walnut 

Kleine Fred, barber. 575 Main 


|\ Rainbow Restanrstit 

11 490 Main 

Kleine H. H. 71 Clay 

Kleine Jacob, pro v. stove. 63 Ham Road 

Kieine Jac. elk. n.s. Fulton, b. Market <L j 1 
Harrison F'n j 

Kleine Jno. G. cab. mkr Chiney Court b j 
Elm and Plum and Adams and Jef- 

KLEINE Jos. (J. K. & Co.) res E. Wal- 


Kling Jacob, (K. & Theis.) 4!o V'n ^" 
i K ling Phillip, lithographer, 519 Kim 
I Kling Sc Theis, (Jac. K. & Jac. T.) hat 
and can manuf. 169 Main 
Klin<>:e Chas. 13 Woodward 
KHngenberg Geo. -tailor, 360 B' 
Klinke F. letter carrier 
Klinker Hy. penny post, 112 Lo-'aa 
Klob.'a Geo.prov. store. 660 Vine° 
K LOCKE Jno. H. (Varwig & K.) 16 

Kloep W. shoe mkr. 664 W. Row 
Kloeteer Iiy. tailor. 158 Clay 
Kloke Peter, cigar nikr. 584 Plnm 
Rloky Peter, clg. mkr. 224 W. 5th 
Ktonna Barney H. Uth- 52 MeFarland 
Klonne A. K. aw. tail or, n.e-c. Laurel 

and Linn 
Klopp J<,hn P. tailor, GO Buckeye 
Klopp Jos. lab. 554 Race 

Klorn John, lab. i 1 Plum 
Klost.-rman Fr;i 
Klostermahn Ji 

Ctj tar mkr. 2^ Orch^.- ; ( 
lioemkr. JOOHudt 
ler, 63 Woodward 
if. h. 26 W. Court 
ikr. c 9 W. Rq W 
•p. i-a Bremen 
*c Co.) res. 322 Ham. Hy. 1 
Klossmau T. sho 
Kloth Theodore, 
Kiotter Geo. (Q. 

Kiotter Geo. tc C 

Ham. Road 
Klousiena Uy. moulder, y^ B:iwjx 
Klrouk Hy. mason, 134 Butler 
Klub^rJoh.^irroc. ISMereer 
Kluken Andrew, clothing, 16 Merci 
Klump Anth.o'iy, cab. mkr- 217 W; 

Ham. Brewery, 33>> 


T I.EI^E JOSEPH & CO. (Jos. K. Jno. 

II. Pa 

:k, & Juo. B. Ei 

h M;. 

er. tailors, 40 E. 5th 
Kieine Phillip, groe. n.s. Fuko 

ket and Harrison F'n 
Kleine Victor, cooper, Ms. 43 Kami. 



imper Fred, 
imper H<»rin 
smann (}ott 
smann Ey. 

finish. 73 Pendleton 
in, 402 W. Front 
ieh, shoe mkr. 532 M sin 
G. boots and shoes, 544 

Klusmann Lew 

?, lab. 19 E. Liberty 


te John 11. shoe mkr. 435 Wabant 

ng J^s. harness mkr. 23 E. 5th 
pg ^s'ai. bar. mkr. 23 E. 5ih 

Knaebel Geo. L 
KnaggeJno. T 

cijrar mkr. 656 Vine — 
530 Main 


tp B. C car 

ton and Lil 

aimer, n.e.c. 3d and Pftrk 
'• ms. Front b. Wasiiing- 


Kleinecke August W 

h. 549 Main 
Kleiner M. & F. Jackson brevrery, 284 

Ham. Road 
Klein? Ludwig, lab. 522 Race 
Kleinmann Abram, elk. 411 Elm 
Klemtuck John, shoe mkr. &>$ W. Fron 
Klemann John, shoe mkr. 61 Clay 
Klenney Thos. bds. 143 W. 4th 
Klenney Wm. 143 W. 4th 
Kientank Antonio, shoe store, s.s. 6th b. 
Carr and Harriet 

Klepfer , piano mkr. bds.66 13th 

KltsterHerm, boot mkr. 131 Slain 
Kleverkamp Hy. lab. s.s. Cherry b. Elm 

and Race ' 
Klieger Frank, lab. 21 Mulberry 
Klien A. tailor. 163 
Klien Mich, gas Miter, s.s. Alliaoab. Wal- 
nut send Vine 
Klien Jos. bar kpr. 68 13th 
Klier Hy. bar kpr. 89 L. Market 
Kliester John, shoe mkr. 360 B'way 
Kliman Mrs. Magdalena, 124 Pleasant 
Klimer Thos. cart. }33 Clark 
Kimperlly. elk 161 Main 
Kl ■ ■ Anthonv, musician, 544 W. 5th 
Kline Benj. b."k. bds. V. 8. Hotel 
Kline Mrs. Catharine, 544 W. 5th 
Kline Chris, bsvr kpr. Gait House 
Kline Francis, boatman, 594 Elrt 
Kline John, sr. musician. 544 W. 5th 
Kline Louis, trimmer, CG Peiu - ! 

Ve I. proc, 333 W. 5th 
b.k. 15 W. Canal I KntiTuutnn T. H. taller, 499 Walnut 

Knanp Casper, cart. Cedar b. Pine and 

j Knapp C. P. 4.1> W. , r >th 

Knapp Elizabeth, widnw, 61 Allisou 
j Knapp (ieo. lab. no Clinton 
j Knapp iiy. lab. 104 Clinton 
I Kliapp Jac. tobac. bds. 55 \Y. Front 
j Knapp John, cart. David b. Cutter and 
j J q n es 

; Knapp Wm. J. shoe mkr. 134 B-.-tta 
j Knaub Adam, tailor, 6M Vine 

• Knauf Chris:ena,91 Clay 

i Knash John, carp. 37 :• B'way 

• Kneadse'U Geo. groc. 14^ E. Front 

j Knecht Anthony, finisher, !4 Abigail 

j KnechtMich. cab. mkr. 14 Milton 

! Kriees Barney, lab. 3f'4 Walnut 

I Kneeper Andrew, cof. h. c. John »,-id 

l Kr;^f Hy. tinman, 25 Main 
; KueherOeo. lab. ,"><?6 Elm 
' Kueiael Frank, lab. tiO Bunlap 
j KnelJ Andrew, teacher. 170 W. 3d 
; Kuemetcr Hy. pror- stores 54 »"-'. 
: Kui i>|»op J. T. shoe nAr. U7 \v.<; l i 
| Knevim L .ui>, workman, 39 IV. •« h, b. 

s.w.c. Oth and Walnut 
i Knicfcei Frank, elk. 32 Pe.ul, h. MM 

Knidler Prane, lab. '.W Ham. Road 
Kuieas Mary, i09 Ererett 
Kuieas Mrs. X? A. 209 iiveoeti 





Office and Residence,. 5. E. Cor. Twelfth and Stevens Sts., 



[OTA NEWS AND BUSINESS PAPER,— furnished to Mail 
Subscribers at FIVE DOLLARS, in advance, and delivered by- 
Carrier at TWELVE "CENTS per Week, in 

All important Towns and Villages of 


The circulation of the Daily Columbian ie already upwards of 
FIVE^ THOUSAND, and Las been increasing steadily at the rate 
of more than ore hmidred copies perweek, for several months. 
This fact, particularly when the character and extent of its 
circulation are taken into consideration, renders it decidedly 
the best Advertising Medium of the West, published in the 
Columbian Buildings, on the Nortl? side cit Tliird St., 
bei, Walnut and Vine. 


mm whey nil 

':. -'i,';~ A Mammoth Weekly of the Largest Class, containing a vast 

' •' ; 1 amount of Heading Matter, arranged with great cary, expressly 

T T" for the Country, and circulating among Regular Subscribers, in 

p i ] every State and Territory of the Union, and" every county iu the 

■] South and West. 

Fnrnished to Mail Subscribers at ONE DOLLAR per annum, 
" -- invariable- in advance. Liberal deductions to Clubs. 

| m mmm s. mm s Prop'r. w. b. mm m, Editor, 

w m' o >at &uA a 

The Proprietor of the Columbian has established, in connection with his Newspaper Department, a BOOK & JOB 
PKl.N HNu OFFICE of the first order, complete in all its arrangements, and of an extent that will enable the Office 
to meet all requisitions that may be made upon it, with the utmost dispatch. The Materials are entirely new ! 
and were selected with great care. The styles of Job, Card and Ornamental Types, Borders, Ornaments, &c', are of 
the most tnsteful and pleasing character, from the Foundries of New York, Philadelphia and. Boston, many of them 
are from English, French and German Establishments. The best Workmen are empl -yed. and the Office is prepared 
to earecQte,,in the most. beautiful manner, 

£befcjj Wr|3 of £\^ m$ QHtfmM 2H$k§, ori %tfpih Sfcqh) 2H$$e$. 

Such as Circulars, Bill Heads. Bills of Lading, Letter Headings, Dray Receipts, Envelopes, Checks, Notes, Drafts' 
Business Cards, Insurance Policies, Books. Pamphlets, Biank Work and Railroad Printing generally. 


And comprises a full assortment of the latest specimens ol large. Plain and Ornamental Wood Type. The Office 
is therefore prepared to print every description of Posting Bills, for Circuses. Menageries. Country Mer- 
chants, Steamboats, Auction Stores., &c, at the shortest notice, and at Lowest Piuces for 
Cash! navingin use the iLztiest B ni]»ro\"e<l and mostl'iapid Steam 
Presses, we can complete the largest Orders in a few hours, with 
aa assurance that the execution will be satisfactory to all 
who may favor us with their printing. 


«am .<Yfv? «S^?1^ 


: ■ 


*imm%, tare »ouuii ib Aranv, vfe astoess. 





Kniesman John, blk. smith, 12 W. 7th ! Koch Wm. grocer, J9C Clinton 
Knight Alfred, paper hanger, bis. s.s. ' Koch Wm. lab. 08 Ham Road 

'Everett b. John and Cutter Koch Wm. & Co. (Win, K. dc ±vigmt 

Knight Alpha, (K. & Smith.) 142 W. Eino) machine shop. 546- Vine 

Court Kock Ernst, workman, 28 Bremen 

KNIGHT EDWARD, upholster and Rooks Hy. confec. 163 Vine 
steam boat-furnisher, :*3 E- Front, Koek Hy. lab. n.s. Front nr. Kelley F'u 
bds. 110 W. 6th j Kochler Fred, barber, 7 Congress 

17 S1GHI G EORGE H. ! Koeble Pancratius. sboe store, n.e.c Vine 

(\ pat-nt :■•— ?-^, i .11 Maio, j and 12th 

J- 1 - j&£ m. -Auburn j Koegel A. J. pork paoker, 24 Ketnble 

Knisrht IJ- J. bds; s.w.e. Front and iBroad • Koegle Chris, ice dealer. 80 Laurel 

-F*n i Koehker Joseph. lab. 0th b. garr & Har- 

Enigh-t Jae, cof. h. 4&Q Front riet, n-s. 

Knight Octavius, cash. 60 W. 4th ; Koehier Fred, bar k, s.s. Hugnb Liberty 

Knight Jas. porter, 17 Sycamore, h. 190 j and Schuyler 

Smith [ Koehler Christ, shoe.mkr. 175 Main h. 


paper hangings, 24.") W. 5th ! Koehne Chas, b.k, 207 Main. h. 47 14th 

h. 81 Everett j Koehnken John II. organ takr. IS Mil- 
Knight & Smith, (Alpha K. Sc Jno. S.) j ■ ton. 

Farmers Hotel, 142 W. Court Koen Cormack, street broker. 65 Vine 
KnipseMld Jno. cigarnikr. rear 415 Syc- t Koeniger Philip, 'tailor, 323 W. Row 

amore j Koeningsiein Daniel, cof.h. S5G W. 5th 

Enipper Chas. porter, 126 W.-t-ch ! Koem; cr E. H. painter. 69 W. Court 

Knipper Herman, lab. 61 Abigail j Koerbitz Emit, druggist, s-w.c. Green & 

Snipping Lewis, elk. 144 W. 5th i Tine " 
Knise Fred, salesman, Wj W. Canal, h. 27 Koerhlein C. engraver, 79 Laurel 
" Jackson 

Knirs touts, ci^-ar mkr. 11 W. 6ih 
Knofee Benj', cof, h. « L. Market 
EnobelC. F. W. tobkG.53E.5th 

KnobbogG Fred.'caK mkr. 232 W. 3d 

Knoblauch Fred. 11- furn. manuf. n.s..2d 
b. Ear, and Plum, h. 145 W. 3d 

KpobToeh Frank, barb. 516 Vine 

Knod ■: Mrs. Emma., s.e.c Maple & Linn 

KnodelJSrnst, dyer, 479 Vine 

Knoriel Fred, batch, n.s. Brown b. Ham. 
Road and Mohawk 

Knodlaugh Herman* teams, e-?. Ander- 
son b. W. W. Canal and 2d 

Knoetgen Frank, lab. 155 Everett 

Enwff John, carter. 371 B'wa-y 

Knolman Goo., lab. 14S Pleaeant 

Knopke J. An: dd. brewer, 11 Abigail 

Knurr Adam*-mould> 3 i; i Walnut 

Knostman C. shoo shop, 26 P. Landing 

KnowTden Mrs. Catherine, 136 Linn 

Knov.iden Barney, finisher, 253 Clark 

Koester Chas. elk. 567 Main 
Koettelvifce Fred. drav. M Hunt 
Kygelman Edward, lab. 25 Bnekve 
Kefnfes Ignats, lab. E. Front, nr. Wash- 
jan Chas, porter, 5S Pear! 
1 John, lab. 5M Sycamore 
LlerHy. shoe mkr. 18 Cherry 
a Bernard, lab. C. H. tc Dayton R 



KoheLer Mich, lab. Bremen, b. 14th and 

Kohl Anthony, dry goods. SOW. Court 
Kohi Chas C elk. '33 W. 4th, h, 218 

Kohl Jh-ft. S. bather shop. 316 Main 
Kohi M. M. elk. 100 W. 4th 
Kohibrand I), shoe mkr. 41S Vine 
Koblhraad Fred. G. hats & caps, 406 

Maid and 5t;2 Vine 
Kohler Christ, blk. smith 522 Main 
Keillor Gottfried? brewer, 95 Buckeye 
Kohlir Crist, tailor, 147 Pleasant 

Knowles II. F.'supt. city Tract dlstribu- , Kohknan Eli,-.a. widow, 498 Vine 

tion, 163 Walnut 
Knowles Jac. C. dry goods, 73 Center 
Knowltdn Geo. chandler, bds. 50 W. 

KnovkonH. (Ware & K.) 
Knowlton H. (H. K. '& Bro.) bds. Mrs. 

KNOWLTOX 11. Sr Bro. (Hiram & Geo. ' Eohone ^<-:ry, kundres 

W.) soap, candles, and lard oil, 33 j Plum and W. Bow 

Water j Ivoka Hy.Blk. smith 52 Elm 
Krowlton P. dent! it. 324 W. 4th i Koke Jas. wh. clothier 10 P. Landing b. 
Enow-lden MLrs. 4? Chestnut BVay •& Ludlow, h.76 L. Market 
KnosEdWard C. bonnet store, 68 VT.'ifth Kokender •. cigar mkr. 55 W. Front 

li. 117 .h-hn ! Kelt) Benj. moulder, e.a. alley b..l3th & 

14th and Walnut & Vine 
Kelt -1 G, watch mkr. s.e.c Sycamore and 

Kolilman John, t-M 683 Main 
Ki.himever H. <.?roc 141 Clark 
Ki.hlme.vcr Mrs. J. H. 489 W. 5th 
Kohls Barney, varnisher. 5;i5 Main 
Kohmescher John B. watchman 62 Hunt 
Kohne Conrad, teams. 98 Hunt 
Kohn'leJ. G. carriage mkr. 51 J W. Sth 
s.s phqpbe b, 

Kolb Wm. bk. binder, 72 Fuckeye 
Kolbo August, carp, alley, b. Parsons <fc 

Whittaker, and Front <fc Hiirh ■ - 

Knox SIrsi Ja^ie^ peams.56 William 
Hn :i Melyina, teach.36 William 
KnufT Barney, lab. 384 Walnut > 
Knupfer I/y. cab. mkr. 553 Errh 

Koahn Saml. dry geods, 2 s Perry 

Knap , chair mkr. 484 W. 5th 

Koch Adam, lab. n.w.e. Findlay and | Kolbe Benj. ciorar mkr. 224 W. 5 f .h 

Race I Kolbe John, cigar mkr. 2\.'4 W. 5'h 

Koch Bernard* carp. 96 Hunt i Kold .Michael, cooper, IS Commerce 

Koch Chas. stonecutter, 19 Mercer Koleick Franz, 507 Main 

Koch Frank, barber. 672 W. Row ! Koler Fred, lab. w.s. W. Bow b. Maple 

KOCH Hy. (FI. & J. K0 l"r2 W. Court, j and i"or 

, Kolfch Aug. shoe mkr. 6S II im Road 
j Kolhmeier Francis, tanner. Welter 
i Kxdhoff Jos. clothin- 165 W. 5:h 
KOLKEB.Inhn, (McCimmcn & K.) 
Rolkraayer Fred J. porter, l'J E. 2d h. 
| 93 Spring 

KDliefrath Jacob* nail mkr. 13 High 
; K,->11. nberger Jacob, whittfrirasUerj 480 

Koch H,/. plasterer, 582 Main 

Koch fly. lab, 10 Plesisant 

Koch.Hv. cigarmkr. 76 Buckeye 

"1/CCIiH. &J- 

\\ (Henry & John,) mer. tailors 

** 178 Walnut 

Koch J. H groc. 152 C'ark 

KOCH John,(H. ic J. K ) SO W. 9th 

K'.i.:a J.iha. hib. 19 Mercei 

Koch Jno. -roc. s-w.c. Ehn and Ham. | Kollemlorf Fred, carp. 63 Gi-een 

Road I K..!i :t Frank, camaire smith, 511 Main 

Koch Leonard, baker, ->."l Sycamore j Rolling Fred, cof.h. 566 Race 

Koch Leon. lab. 40 Ham R ad I Korp Adam, lab. 175 Ganal 

Koch Louis, bar. k. n.w.c' Vine and i K >lp Jacob. ei!-.:e tool uanttf. w.s. 6th 

r jr'j*n I above Baum 

Koch M. jewelry. 572 W. P,ow | Kolk Mrs. Sarah A. 227 Everet 

Koch Wlo. (Wm. K. &. Co.) 546 Vine Komle Mri. Elisabeth, 63 Richmond 

Kommalind Barney, shoe mkr. 450 W. 

Konerman Anth. carp. Elm b. Elder and 



r \ erocer 
x - v ^ 2(12 W. Front 
Konig Hern\an H. prov. store, 27 Buck- 
Konk Frank, lab. 670 -E. Front 
Konk Geo. porter, 61 Main 
Koarade Nicholas, tailor, bds. 611 -Main 
Kontsman L. wood sawyer, 17u Everet 
Kontz Adam, lab- 62 Bank 
Kontz Crist, lab'. 50 Bunlap 
Konzamiller Wm. moulder, 14 Mulberry 
Koojal A. II. tailor, 556 Walnut 
Kooiman Fred. lab. w.s. 6th b. Harriet 

and Carr 
Koon Anthony, iab. 43 Woodward 
Kouns Mich, lab. 78 Buckeye 
Koop Henry, tailor, 343 Main, h. 373 W. 

Koop Herman, groc, n.w.c. Piatt and 

Koop Herman, tinner. 213 W. 6th bds- 

272 W. 6th 
Koop Wm. tailor. 507 Main 
Koote Chas. eitj eo! !'-'■ Hunt k > 61 W. 5th 
Koj.p An.hans. cof.h. ;« E. Front 
Knpp John, butch. 479 Race 
Kops Wm. Gab. mfcr. 3711 Walnut 
KoptJro.lab.h. 12] Pleasant 
Korlirenk Bernard, lab. 405 B'way 
Hordes John F. blk. smith, Coo \ ino 
Korf II v, w itch mkr. 369 Main 
Korin^ Christ. 61 Buckeye 
Kark!:r)i.:r Fraak, cooner, 6D5 Main 
KOENBLITH Jacob. (J. & M. K.) h. 

113 Elm 
IT 0»\iU. I IK J. & 31. (Jacob & Mor- 
[\ ris K j wholesale, clothiers. 13-3 
X - V Main 

K0RNBLIT1I Morris, (.7. & M. K.) 13.? 

Ebrner Mrs. Augusta, tailoress, 562 Elm 
Eornik Raymoud, la'o. S3 Ham Road 
Kort Wm. stone c^tt"r, 21 Gano 
EoTtaHy, lab. 93 Clay 
K arte Alfred W. elk. 231 Sycamore 
Korte Fred, cof.h. 44 E. 5th h. 36J 

Korte Fran. II. shoe mkr. s.s. Burgoyne 

b. Main and Sycamore 
Korte Jno. i\ . fumly groc. 231 Syca- 
Kort:< Christ, painter, 613 Vine 
Kdrwaldt Hy. tanner, 578 Elm 
Kor? Hibom Chas. cutter, 92-J Ham Road 
Ror-/ mbom Fred, cof.h. 963 Ham Road 
Kost Jas. elk- 222 Miin 
Koster'Fred, tailor, 155 Everet 
Kostsrman Hy. lab. 4^9 Walnut 
Kosterman Lena, washwoman, 493Wal- 

Kosiermac Wm. cigar mkr. 4 ( .^3 Walnut 
Kottenbrock Hera-,-, 2?5 Main 
Kotter 1-rn.i. carj>. 3d4 Wain at 
Koufman Dnas. shoe mkr. 521 Walnut 
Kould Herman, brk. Inver. C2W. 13th 
Kounth Leopold, jeweler, 141 Miiu h. 

Koants Jos. brk. layer, 253 Carr 
Kountz John, pilot, Wd. 28 Commerce 
K.nintz Mrs. Rebecca, 323 W- 4th 
Kmisman Jn r «. lab. 562 Llm 
Kral;s Won tailor 23 Chant 
Kracht Theodore, cof. h. 679 W. Front 
Kraeke Detrich, lab. bds. n.w.c. Syca- 
more and Liberty 
Kraeke Hy. dray, n.w.c Sycamore and 

Kuacke Jno. dray. bds. n.w.c. Sycamow 

and Liberty 
Kraegt* Ry. tailors 99 W. 2d 
Kraeimbaeck Uy. lob. 75 Abighll 
Kraerubori; duo. blk. f»mith, ■"'' ; - Syc*. 
Krafcldt Flerman, (Armstrong K. A C .<■) 

63 Bremen 
KrntT Albert, meat rtore, 152 B. Promt 
Kraft" Ferdinand, lab. 23 15th 
Krai's Casper, cutter, 123 Clay 
Krager Jacob, butcher, e.a. Ihvirieii,b. 
"Htu-risou road and Bank 

y ; \ 






1^3 e 

s^t^ es a 






iisititiiia sfifiiiiiiii iiiiii in 

gigfyanoy Book and Job Printing neatly executed. 

f|r^iraittmti <$s$8e Cmnptiji 




ITcrih Sasi Ccmer of jFowrtK and Vina streets. 


The Largest and best Daily & Weekly Paper printed in the West, 

Commenced the first Weekly in Cincinnati! Commenced the first Daily in tk Northwest! 

Weekly Commenced 1793 Daily* Commenced June 25, IS27. 

The Gazette is of an EXTRA MAMMOTH SIZE. The aim is to give more and better reading 
than any other, and to is>ue the cheapest Paper. The Company say, unhesitatingly, that a3 thoir 
Papers are the oldest, so they are determined they shall he the largest, best ami cheapest. 

Eight Fewer Passes are kept running day and night on NEWSPAPER, BOOK AND JOB 
tBiNTING. They have every facility for doing all kinds of BOOK & JOB PRINTING, 
in the quickest time and on the most reasonable terms. 





Kramer Jno. groc. 86 Clinton 
Kr.t'.'er Jo.-;, finisher, has. -12 E.iu, 
Kr.-un'vn Geo- carp. 1S7 W. Front 
Kramer A- (K. & Kroger) New 
Kramer Adam, liquor. J 47 Race 

| Kridcr Hy. carp. 144 Pleasant 
J Krieger Fred, foreman, 825 W. Row 
j Krieger Mrs. Catharine, vest mkr. 35 Ca- 
Krieger Crist, elk- 825 W. Row 

Gaao, b. ! Krieger Geo. cab. mkr. 168 Vine 

KZWim J -NO. 
machine shop, 
825 W. Row, c.Y< 

i Krieger Jno. If. prov. store, n.w.c. L 
berty ami Walnut 
Kriekenmyer if. lab. 484 Elm 

Kruuplebeck Ily. tailor, CG3 Race 
KrimpsGii Phillip, cab mkr. 5U7 K!m 
Krimpson Val. cat) mkr, rear of 50? Ebn [ 

Krinkemeyer Wm. lab "Jo Franklin 

! Krumpelraan Geo. carp. 13 Woodward 
Kramtick Hy. elk. 408 Main 
Kruner Wm. shoe mkr. u.s. 7th, b. North 

and 15 "way 
Krusa Fred, shoe riikr. 66 Ilickory 
Knvs:i Hy. lab. 11 Pendleton 
Krusa Hy. groc. 97 Woodwar3 
Kruse Bernard, 506 ft alnnt 
KRT7SK C. (C K. & Co.) 57 Pleasant 
(.' lU'Si-J C. & CO. (Christopher & 
|\ Henry,) grocers, 
1 s. v. c Pleasant and 15th 

Kramer Barney, hatter, s. 

Main sSnd Walnut 
Kramer C. groc. s.w.c. Linn 
Kramer Chas. shoe store, G^i 
Kramer Dahl. failor,419 Sycamore 
Kramer F. s,.w.c. Linn and Laurel 
Kramer Fran*, lab. 480 W.Sth 
Kramer Fred, lab bds. 42 Elm 
Kramer Fred, groc 83 W. Front 
Kramer Fred, baker, s.s, JBurgoyne, b 

Main and Sycamore 
Kramer George, chair mkr. 450 W. 5th j Krist Hv. stone cutter, Race, b. 14th and j KRUSE Hy. (O.K. & Co.) 57 Pleasant 
Kramer H. moul. 30(5 Walnut j 15th | Kruse Hy. (Easting & K.j 10 Orchard 

Kramer Hy. cig. mkr, n-S. Gch, b. Carr &. Kristman Philip, baker, bds. 615 Main Kruse Hy. cab. mkr. n.w.c Find'ay and 

KritzerF. tailor, 32 12th __ Lace 

Kminaghan August, painter, over 520 j Kruse Hy. 27 Gano 

Main J Erase Hy. G. elk. 506 Walnut 

Krobs Casper, cutter. 6G Main, b. 121 l Kruse , (no. L. groc. 216 Walnut 
Clay ' i i/KUSE J INT). E. 

Krockmann Mrs. Gertrude, ever 522 ! |\ dry goods. 

Kruse E. carp. 95 Pleasant 

Kruse Fred, tanner, n.s. Piatt, b. Bank 

and Dayton 
Kruse Fred. H. srroc 511 Main 

Kramer Ily. tailor, 10 E. M. Canal 
Kramer Hy. striker, 530 Walnut 
Kramer Hy. 69 Clay 
Kramer Ily. cooper, 678 Main 
Kramer Herman, lab. 676 Main 

]/]LpiER il h. & a 

furniture we 

535 Main, h. 537 Main 
Kramer J no. lab. 140 Ham. road 


md Gano 

Main j 506 Walnut 

Kroder Fred. (A. Hofiman ic Co.) rear 30 Kruse Jos. lab. 394 BVay 

Webster j Kruse Louis, hardware and eutlerj 

Kroelt Rev. Aug. 44 Lodge Main 

Kramer Joseph, prov. store, 133 Ham.R. j Krcf Enoch, tailor, 612 Kim ' j Krusemeir II. slios mkr. 1 1 (Jest . 

Kramer Jos. 90 Main | Kroger Anton,groc. n.w.c. Pine and "} Eraser Hjv cab mkr. '■■ \ I reeman 

Kramer & Kroger, (A. K. & Beoj. K.) ! Cedar Krusling Albert 

clothing store, 252 Main i Kroger Behj. (Kramer & K.) Mound \ \/ lll'THAlP J. 11- II Y 

Kramer Peter, stone cutter, Ms. 636 Tine 
Kramer Theodore, tailor. 147 W. 5ti 

Kramer & Kroger, (Adolphus, K. & j Kroger J, H. dry good's,, &C.548W. Ro<sr | Ruball Adoiph. b. binder, 25 W. 4th } h. 
B. Kroger.) mcr. tailors, 62 B r ^ay Kroghman Andrew, chair mkr. bds. 42 | w.B. Clay, b. 12th and 13th 

Ekn I Kuch Jno. A. 96 Abigail 

Kroghmann Josephine, cap mkr. 64 Kuchler Caspuf, cof. h. 33 Smith 
Pearl ; Kucfcl Chas. paint. 458 Walnut 

Krogmann Anton, cig. mkr 12th, b. Race j Kuer Ily. carp. 118 Clay 

! Kroger Benj. (Kramer & K.) Mound 1 / KLIliAl r* .1. ii- lil. 

i.Kroger Frank, blk. smith, (W9 W. Row [\ grocery, 

i Kroser Fred, moulder, 384 Walnut j x ^ n.e.c. Congress and But! 

Kramer Sampson, lab. 140 Ham. Road 
Kramer Sain!, lab. 614 Vine 
Krata uer Barniej B. primer. '.5 ; 
Kranaf&ld sly. tailor. Do Hum 

Krandz Jac. carp. Front, 
Walnut, F'H 

b. Rice and and Elm j Kuetters Barney, stone setter, 4SB Syca- 

i Krokamp Barney, lard oil mkr. 12 IV-vro- ! more 

Krantwasser Jno. barter, 45 E. Front | mond, 316 W. Row 

Krapes Mich, wood saw- Chir.ey Cour, ; Kroker Jno. b. binder, 40 Pearl 

b. Elm and Flurn and Adams and ' Krolage Barney, harness mkr. 373 Vine 

Jefferson ! Krolage Hy. mould. 401 Sycamore 

Erapi E. (Milliolland K. & Co.) 81 L. j Krolm Frto, tailor, 75 Pendleton 

Market ! Kxote Isaac, mould. Mt. Adams • 

Kraps Ed. cooper, e.s. Culvert, b. 6th & j Kromker Jos. dray. 22 Logan 

7r.h | Krommer Jno. lab. 105 W. Liberty 

KlTiDS Wru. tailor, 1 Munroe '. Kronann Jno. cie\ mkr. 18 Woodward 

Krap* Hy. mould. Green, b. Lace and & ■' Krondon France, bar. k. 49 E. 3d 


! Kuh Adorph. carp. 420 Clay 
i Kuh! Adam. cab. mkr. bds. 20 Allison 
. Km!.; Barsev, lab. 512 Walnut 
i Kuhl Conrad, tailor, 112 Clay 
j Kuhl Hy. plast. (55 Green 
j Kuhlmari Benj. >!k. 8 Main 
I Kuh'maii Cornelius, basket mkr. n. a. 
Front, b. Harrison and Market. F'rt. 
1 Kuhiman Fred W. sloe mkr. 420 Walnu 
r Ku-'dmim Geo, fiirrier, 44 E. 6zh 
Krone Herman If. clothing store. 628 Kuhloian IlarmKnn, shoe mkr. 35 E. 5th 


n ware, 

Kratx Conrad, umbrella and naper store, I Main |7 UHLMAN JO 

35-1 Main j Kronlage Bernard, tailor, 60 W. Front ! |\ stoves and tii 

Krai: Peter, cab mkr. 619 Race Kronlage Hy. groc. 384 Sycamore ! JX 463 Mam 

Krauiser Jno. cot. h- 53! Vine Kronlage Jho. IL elk. 246 Main, bds 13£ Kulilman Mrs. Mary, boots and shoes, 35 

&r»us Hy. lab. bds. 66 i3th j E. 4th i E. 5th 

Kraus Jacob, ah«e mkr. G66 Eim J Kroos I. wood saw. 301 B'way ■ Kuhlman T. II. shoe mkr. 431 W. 2d 

Kraus Wm.. (g-UKl!er y Brother*: Co..) 30 j Kropff August, elk. 415 Walnut j Kuhineier Wm. shoe mkr. 18 Woodward 

Centre i Kross Fraru:.; . keeper at BVay Ex. j KUHN Abraham, (K. Netter & Co.) 323 

Krause Wm. al phys. 18 W. 9th i Erota Jo sepli. lab. 52 McFarland j W. 4th 

Krauteer Fannj', cap mkr. 64 Pearl Krote ($am:tt, brass found. 120 E. Front, ' Kuhn August, apothecary, 915 Hux. 

Kra^ifjf Olive P. 34 est \ bds. e.s. Pike, nr. 2d ! Road' 

Krealer Barney, lab. W. Row.b. Maple | Krote Ily. "sh?11 caster, 120 E. 2d ! Kuhn A.dam t 550 Race 

; Kroth Frank- lab. c s. Sycamore, 17th Kuhn Mrs. Catharine, millinery store, 
i Ward | 409 Vine 

! Krouder Jno. plow smith, 17 W. 7th j Kuhn Frank, c lb. mkr. 610 W. Sth 

! Knmfy Jos. wag. mkr. 118 Abigail Kuhn .iac-.b, coop. 445 Main 

KROUSE Jacob, (Stix, K. &. Co.) 29 Kuhn Jno. lab. 140 Hain. Road 
I Centre Kuhn Jno. lab. G.-'l Main 

I Krover Barney, tailor, 71 Spring | Kuhn Michael, butcher, 354 Ham. E.oad 

j Krow Julius, lab. 541 Sycamore • Kuhn Mich. elk. bds 4t>9 Vine 

i Kroyunnn Herman 11. prov. store, 668 Kuhn Mich. lab. 614 Vine 

Main. ! 1, I'll N, NETTBK & CO. (Abraham R. 

KlH-XiKKTCKK « »'0. (Abraham I 
.i;tc. N. Saml. Kuhn& Solo.Loer 
wh. clothiers, furnishing goo< 


a-,d York 
Kreamei' Wst. painter, 145 Walnut 
Krease Herrman. porter. 10 Madison 
Erease Jos. porter} 16 Madison 
Kregger Hy. trunk mkr. 540 Walnut 
Kreiser Adam, luo. 49 Dsnlap 
Erelaus Ferd. wag. mka-. 24 Abigail 

KmiL ALBKliT, 
manuf. ami repau 1 . of mns. insta. 
i'.iS Walnut, up-stairs 
Ereli Robe. coop, e.s Anderson, b. W. W. ; Krucker Mrs. Louisa. 2<MJ George 

Cu:>m ami 2d i Krudaub Jos, lab. 22 W. 13th 

Kremer V. i o. mould. 25 Franklin ' Krueas Sarah. 209 Fv ei ett and notions, 34 Pearl 

KreniLfielsmaun Hy. painter, 52S Syca. Krueskamp Fred. W. liq. store, 135 W. Euhn Wm. constable, 66 Allison 

Krttza- Jno. t;VJ»r, 61 1 Main ; Court, res. Covington , Kl'HN Saml. (Kuhn, Nttter St Co.) 28 

K; z L. cig. irk--. 24 Hatha ray ! Krager J. lab. 172 E- 5th Perry 

Kreutz Mich*, tailor, 148 Liberty I Kruger Rirhd. nlk. smith, bds. c. Maio Kulm Simon, caqi. ft^H Main 

Kii! !";-;;;[ !;if & Nt'UUK, [Petes- M, ' andl3th Ku-hner Chas. carp. 3T5 W. Sth 

K. &c J .>.-. N.) bonk >••!;• rs, station- Kruick A. mer. 325 Walnut j Kuhuer Hy. shoe mkr. s.w c. Allison and 

era and pub. 395 Main. Krulon Hy. cutter, 590 Main ' Main 

Kl'.ur/.PL'RG Peter M. (K. & Nune) 21 Krum Uy*. lin- -viu. u s. fc'roUt, b. Par- Kuk Barticy. brk. l.iyef, 165 Clay 

<,r.::") s ms m«l Wr ; r. •'*••!■ Kuk Juo. D. bib. 556 Walnut 

Kreyenha.'en Aug. paint shop, 27 13ch ' Ernman (.'. 192 Clint»n Kukharmer H.\ . in" Clay 

Louis, paint. S28 Evei-ett | Kruj i' • rg rheodore (K. *. Voght) h. 489 Kulenl erg Hy. lab. Canal, nr. M ihawk 

KRrlVKNliA.OFN Wm. (W. K. ^ Co.) | .Main 1/ LLLNt'A.Mr CHAS. 

12- Fv,-rett Krumburu' ^ Voght, (The-.. K. «k Henry |\ bakery, 

IT J i ongress 
Eulkar tly. tall r. 540 Syc:unore 

i, printer, s.w.c. Vine dtCen. Kullmanu Eliz. 99 Clay 

- Co.) : Main 1/ 

Krumburg & Voght, (Then, K. «fc Henry IV 
TTMA tXHAO-EN" WM- & CO.. (W. ; V.; dry goods, «f W. Court and 4.-U 1V 
lY K. & J3dw. Tsclunu) painters and Main 

glass staiuers, G;) & 61 E. 3d j Krumm V>'ji 





l ' WO. S3 S£AIN STiffiS'I?. 





Daily Paper by Mail, 1 year, «G 00 

" " " " 6 m'ths G 00 

" » 3 " 1 50 

By the Week 12 cts. 

Weekly Paper, per year $ 1 00 

Eleven Copies, per year 10 00 

Twenty-five Copies, mailed 
to one address, per year... 20 CO 


<U :.... 


Hal? Square 
One Square 














^fV">:-~;J"-^ Tiio Enquirer as a medium for advertising has no superior, and 
| I §3 is highly recommended to the community. Our terms are quite 

-. ; '.ffij^i moder ate when compared with the advantages to be derived from 
•jp jjiiL. . , '*••'"• ~ i'i % , If the immense circulation of the combined papers. 



5 lines Agate...... $Q SSI One Square, eleven months 27 00 

10 do. do 0.30; Do. twelve mouths 30 00 

each additional insertion 2 V Standing: Card, four lines or less , per annum. 10 00 

one week 175: One Square, changeable weekly, per annum 40 0O 

two weeks............. 3 00, Do. do. two times per week, per annum, f>0 00 

three weeks ...400; Do. do. three do. do 90 00 

one month 500! l)o. do. four do. do 120 00 

two months ,. 750! Do. do. five do. do 150 00 

three months 10 00 Do. do. six do. do iSO 00 

four months P2 C0I 

six months 1500' Discount on long- Advertisements.— For 

seven months 17 50; Advertisements over ten lines, after the first insertion, a 

eight months 20 00 reasonable discount will be made— on such additional 

nine months 22 50 number of squares, all over one and to five squares, 33 per 

ten months ...25 00; cent., and over five squares, 50 per cent. 






I* supplied with everv rr terial necessary for the pro 
PRINT J.NG. such as Fancy Bills, for Dry Goods and Gi 
style of Borders /PRINTED IN EVERY COLOR. 

For which a preat number of appropriate engravings are provided, and an unsurpassed assortment of Types, will be 
printed with the utmost dispatch an 3 on the most favorable terms. 

mpt, neat 
oeery Stor 

id economical execution of LETTER PRESS 
.-, Country Merchants, plain, or with the richest 

3mS and. SBto^2XL"fc>o^i.-t lOillsi 


0¥ BILLS, 

For Concerts, Theaters, Menageries, Circuses^ Travelling Exhibitions of every kind, or anv other 
place where the largest description of printing is required. The facilities for this kind of work cannot be surpassed 
by any office in the United States; for. beside the immense assortment of Plain, Ornamental, Small, Medium and 
MAMMOTH TYPE.we have SIX STEAM JOI5 PRESSES, of various sizes, on which work can be 
doue in au incredible short time. Great pains Lave been taken to provide every Material that can possibly be of ser- 
vice; ,-;nd therefore Managers and others having occasion for SHOW BILLS, will find it greatly to their advantage to 
patronize this establishment. Any size or form of Bill, from one to twenty sheets, in as many colors, can be" fur- 
nished at a very short notice. That those interested may understand we make no vain boast, we would stale that 
the fine Decorative and Pictorial Posters required for the Travelling Exhibitions and Concerts of 
Bandore's Ad.ria.tic Circus, Whitbeclfs Crenel* equestrian Tronn«», Rofeinsoia'S 
Atl»en;euni, JHarsU's Cncle Tom Troupe, i»an it ice's Hippodrome, Stone's 
Railroad Circus, Kunkel's Kig'lrttnjgatle Oj*era Troupe, Campbell Wttoa- - 
strels, Townsend's P nil liar nionic Troupe, Madame Henrietta 
Sontag, ftlons. Julien, Kate IlayeSj iuud. K«sa tie Vrie.x, 
And other3 not known in this section of the countrv. and Indeed for nearly n\\ the Concerts and Public Entertain- 
ments that have been given in Cincinnati for the past leu years, HAVE II !KN RXECUTED AT THIS OFFICE. 

3VZ o x* o & x-L-t ilo :F*x-±xx.tAxxSj 

Circulars, BUT Heads, Commercial Blanks; in fact, every description of Blanks printed in the 

most expeditions manner, and with a vanet; of Typo hy which nny pattern may he strictly followed. 

Car*** .—Priii ted in FLOCK, UKONZE, GOLD AND SILVER, or any style designated b> the customer. 

EOr"OUR TERMS will be found satisfactory, while the quality of the work will bear favorable comparison with 
any in the Union. 

JO 3 All wdersfor any kind of Job Printing will be received at. the EmquiRhr Counting Room, 88 Wain Street, be- 
tween Lower Market and Third Streets. 

OS-Orders by mail will receive prompt attention. II. II. ROBINSON A; CO. 

'> I 





Eumler N. W. elk. 41 Walnut, h. 84 

Kutnmel Saml. lab. 31 Buckeye 
Rummer Mrs. Catharine, 14 Orchard 
Kummer Jacob, cig. nikr. 17 Poplar 
Rummer Yal. ciu:. mkr. 17 Poplar 
Katfart Atex. bds. til Clay 
Kunckel 1». n.s. Front, nr. Green, F*n 
Knnekel K. shoe nikr. 100 Ham. Road 
Knuckle Herr J. music teach. 4ti3 Elm 
Runes Jno. dray. 39 -W. Canal 
Kunk Geo. lab. 31 Abisrail 
Kttakter Edmund P. elk; 2(9 Walnut 
Kantz Hy dray. bds. Jackson IT. 
Hunts Jno. elk.- 110 W. 5th 
Kurfink Fred. W. dray. 14 Main 
Kurney Win. lab. 521 Sycamore 
Kurr Herman, lab. 28 W. 13th 
Kurtz Hannann, dry goods, 473 Walnut 
Kurtz Jacob, butcher, 6 Brown 
Kurtz Jno. A. shoe mkr. 100 W. Court 
Kuse A. wine mkr. 40 12th 
KUSGOERD Antonio, (K. & Co.) 410 

W. 3d - 

KUSGOETU) H. & CO. (Hy. K. & An- 
tonio K-) prov. store. 
410 W. 3d 
KT7SG0EB.B Hv. (II. K. & Co.) 410 W. 

Kuss Barney, lab. 50 Pendleton 
Kuttcer Rodolph, carp. 18 Madison 
Eager Anthony, car smith, 21 W. 7:h 
Kvles Geo. II. brft. 'aver, 20 Hathawav 
Kyle Hi . T. (K. & Snyder) res. Mount 

Kyle & Snyder, (Hy. T. K. & Morel S.) 

law office, 252 Main 
Kyser Ily. 5 New 
Kyte Jos. huckster, n. 3. 6th, b. B'way 

and Culvert 

Labber Hy. carp. 161 Clay 

Lftber John, dray. 40*2 Yine 

LaberJos. carp. 492 Tine 

Lab) Id Harmon, giu.cer, n.w.c. Everett 

and John 
LaBoiteaux L. starch manuf. office 40 

Walnut, fa. 269 W. 7th 
Lahore J ac. mould, h. Smith b. Augusta 

and Columbia 
Labovteaux Isaac N. (Huntington & L.) 

brig. 107 Pike 
LABKOT A. A. (Adae & L.) res. Cov- j 

Lace Wm. tinner, 8'Clinton Court 
Lacey Edward, finisher, bds. S2 W. 2d 

LACEY J. H.& W. I. 
(Jesse H. ■&: Wm. .) srocers, 
n.e.c. B'wav and 5th 
LACEY Jesse H. (J. H. & W. B. L.) n. j 

e.c. B*way and 5th 
Lacey Martin, bds. 172 W. Row I 

Lacey Nieolas. bd«. 172 W. Bow 
Lac^y Thos. elk. 58 W. dip. 
LACEY Wm. B. (J. H. is. W. B. L-) n.e. j 

c B'way and 5th 
Lachner Frank, finisher, 47 W. Liberty ! 
iaehtrup Hv. lab. 20 Webster | 

Lack Anthony, look mkr. 28 W. 3d 
Lack J-!C tail. 110 Bremen 
Lackey Bridget, s.s. Front b. Lnngworth j 

and Harrison F'n | Frank," cigar -inkr. 17 Main I 

Laconnt Fred, painter, 107 getta 
LADB G. F. (O. E. Noorse & Co.) bds. , 

Broadwav Hotel j 

LVld J. B. b.'k. at W. E. Clulds & Co. 
LADB P. B.(Lynn & L.)hd*. 127 W. 5th 
Lsdderk otter Jos. groc. lf<Q Abigail i 

Ladenbursrer Chris, cik. 3y \Y, 3d 
Ladley S. W. earn. 519 W. 7th 
Ladly S. H. pattern mkr. 3W4 Walnut i 
Laecht Mich, waggoner, Chiae-ji Courtb. 

Adams and Jefferson an-! Elm and 

LaFavette Louis, bds. Evens Hotel 
Lafferty Archie B. elk. C II. <^B. Bepot 
Lafferty Bernard, painter, Ids. s.w.c. 

Pace and 2(1 
Lafferty Richard, lab. 15 Catherine ! 

Lafontaine Selim, chair manuf. 322 Elm 
LagB Jos. teams. 3(37 Lynn 

Lage'.y Elizabeth, 146* Clay 
Lagenian Jno. J. shoe mkr. 8 V,. Canal 
Lagemnnn Ily. finisher, 1H Mulberry 
Labia Lewis, finisher, 396 Walnut 
Laseley Jos. boil nikr- 47 Congress 
Lake Ben}. (Brokamp & L.) 33 Abigail 
LAKE Geo. G. (U. P. &. Lake.) res. New 

Lakeman Alice, n.w.c. 4th and Walnut 
Lakeman Hani. 13li John 
Lakin John S- elk. 157aoha 
Lalaus Mich. lab. s.s. W. W. Canal b. 

Rose & Park 
Lalehi Thos. lab. n.s. Sew b. B'way and 

Lalley Jno. lab. 22 Bank 
Lalky Mich- tin man. 29 Yine 
Laraan W. W. (W. W. L. &. Co.) bds. 

Walnut St. Hottse 
Laman W. W. &. Co. (W. W. L. & Theo. 

K. K.) manuf. pumps, 38 W. 4th 


, ayt. forN. Longworth, 
u h. 129 Butler 

Lamb B. porter, 18 Pearl, n.-*. Newport 
Lamb G. W. Piatt b. Hopkins and Clark 
Lamb Ily. porter, n.e.c. 5th. and Race 
Lamb Jno. W. boots and shoes, 222^ 

Lamb Leon, cloth, store, 1?H W. Court 
Lamb R. meat store, 17 David 
Lamb Wm. 236 John 
Larab Wm. t;ulor. 573 Plam 
Lamber B;irney, blk. smith, 22 Wood- 
Larnber II. groc. 200 Catharine 
Latnher John, lab. fSOMain 
Lambert Anton, groc n.w.c. Smith and 

Lambert Jas. sboemkr. 55(3 Sycamore 
Lambert Westerman,cab. mkr. 480 ~\V T .5th 
Lambm John, cooper, 277 Broadway 
Lambro Houst. meat store, c. Sycamore 

and Abigail 
Lamer Feed, mould. 50 Milton 
Lamm & Bro. (Saml. & Leju,)cloth. 2G7 

Lamm Leon, (L & Bro.) 188 W. Court 
Lamm Saml. (L. k. Bro.) W. Row b. 4th 

and 5th 
Lammas Hv. fur. car, 65 Pendleton 
Lcimmer John IT. coop. 77 Abi-ail 
Lamraers Hy. furniture, 517 .*M;>.in 
Lammera Ily. wag: mkr. 5. Elm 
Lammers Jos. (Surmann &. L.) 32 W. 

LammLs Fred. carp. Beits b. Piatt and 

Lammis Wm. carp.Befcts b. Piatt It Free- 
Lamp Christian, 15 E. 8th 
Lami;e Fred, boots & shoes, 519 Main 
Laoipe fieo.' H. lab. k .'8 W. 5th 
Lampe Hv. cigar st ire, 4-1 1 Vine 
Lampe John, lab. 28 W, 13th 
Lamp-' Jno. B. boots and 9 hoes,6 E. Ca- 
nal, h. Hunt b. Main and Sycaiu >r ? : 
Lamtier Frank, stone mason, Cedar b 

Pine and Freeman 
Lanrpert Mrs. 3.> Providence 
Lamphear Jn$. real est. brok. 150 Walnut j 

h. 123 Cutter 
Lamping Anton, plumber, It! Woodward j 
Lamping Barney II. tarn. groc. 19 Frank- ! 

Lamping Bernard, cof. h. 193 W. 6th 
Lamping J. H. shoes, 191 W. 6th 
Lamping Jos. torn, car, 17 E. Libettj 
Lampini; Wm. 52 Rittenliouse 
Lanvpmyer II. lab. 1"> Pleasant 
Lanirahe iCasper,642 Vin j 
Lamunt Buckeya 
Lamus Fran!;, lab. 572 Ilatre 
Lamut Fred. coop. 1> Clay 
Lanauillv cinarmanuf. n.e.c. Ludlow 

•mmI- 1 :!. nr.H W«ln:linnl 
Lancaster Jos. barb* 32 w . lt->w 
L iticoolf [I. turm r, -' I Li«n 
Lauikunan Freil. lab"-" »' ; ' 
Laud«n\an David, culler, I.W W. Bth 
Laadenwicb Anthony, c»f. b- 87 \\ . Lib- 
Lander Wm. lab. 142 Spring 
Lauderman David, harr. insr. 76 W. 3d 
Landes Saml. hatter, PJ7 Eveit-U 

Landt>eit Adam, cof. h. n.w.c. Yine aad 

Landherr It. l^er house, 52 W. 2d 
Landman Jno. porter, 12 E. 2d. h. 201 

Lindner Jac. jeweler, 40 p. Landing 
Landower Aaron, clothing store, 471 

Landie Ernst, ciirar mkr. bds. 22 Orchard 
Landre Ily. cigar store, 22 Orchard 
Landry Alexand.-r, 188 Lon r v, eith 
Landsberg Gerson, 52 George 
Landware Wm. paver. 26 Tanner 

Lane , tailor. 148 Walnut 

T ANE&'BOD.rST, (Philander P. L. 
| , 6c Jos. T. B.) manuf. power mortia- 

ing machines, 9b Pearl 
Lane Chas. dentist, bds. 101 W. 3d 
Lane Conrad, foreman, hinge found. 284 

LANE Geo. (Jas. Magill &. Co.) 123 

Lane Jas. lab. 79 W.Row 
Lane Jas. printer, 141 Main, res. Cov- 
Lane John, lab. 249 W. Front 
Lane John, lab. Morgan b. 3d and 4th 
Lane Jno. jr. (Sweetzer L. &l Co.) 
Lane Jno. II. ec. phys. 313 Elm 
Lane Mary, 101 W. 3d ■ - 
Lane Moms. lab. e.s. Anderson b. W. 

W. Canal and 2d 
Lane Murray, b.h. 101 W.3d 
Lane P. J. type castor, Cin. Type Foun- 
LANE Philander P. (L. & Bodky,) 75 

Lanv; Saml. groc. 6^ Gano 
Lane Wm. boot mkr. bds. n.e.c. 7th and 

Laner Andrew, 51 High 
Lang Andrew, lab. Adams nr. Plum 
Lang Chas. nrinter, n.e.c. 8m and Main, 

h. 1 U0 13th 
Lang Crist, dray. W. Row b. Maple and 

Lang Geo. artist, 32 W. Cou.t, h. 3 Ham. 

Lang 31 artiu, lab. w.s. 6th b. Lock and 

Lang Kobt. grocer, n.e.c. 7th and Linu 
Lang 3c Wanner, tanners. 3S Dunlap 
Langdon Elam P. 14 E. 6th 
Langdon Emma, bk. fold. 167 Walnut 
Langdon John, lab. '25 Catherine 
Lansrdou * liver C. 107 Longwortfa 
Langdon 0. M. al. phys. 137 W.6th, bda. 

Farlow House 
LANGD'JN Sol. (Hatch & L.) 00 W. 7th 
Lange Albert, se^ar mkr. n.s. 6th b. Har- 
riet and. Horn 
Lan<re Anton J. boot and shoe mkr. 400 

W. 8th 
Lange C. shoe mkr. 21 Jackson 
Lange Chas-. W. paper carrier, n.?. 6th 

b. Harried and Horn 
Lange L. jeweler, hd<. s.w.c. Yine &: 3d 
LAM.E P. F. (F. X. Wiedemer &. Co.) 

133 Symmea 
Langenbeck A. drags and medicines, 479 

Langer Fred, engineer, e.3. Anderson b. 

W. W. CanalandSd 
Langer Thos. dray. 142 Clay 
Lanecrmann Crht. cigar mkr. 59-2 Elm 
Langhor^t Wm. II. elk. 510 Main 
Langler Hv. lab. 680 Main 
1 A.N'.I.KV & KiNKe'An, (Lewis W. 
1 . L. & Jno. D. ii.) com. n:er. and 
lJ net. for Burrowca <fc Co. i-at. mills, 

25 and -7 W. Front 
LAN.: f.i:\ Lewis W. (L. Sc KinUead,) 

45 Ge..rge 
1. 1: ." ■ ; i John, -hoc nkr. 44 liarr 
I. u .'statV Jas. 417 Fn 
L.utgstjiffJ .hn, carp. 415 \T. 7th 
LaiiL'tVv Jas. SV. entry elk. 9 Pear!, h 

234 Kemble 
Lauetry Wm. (Marshall A; L.) 234 Kem- 

i -r Rich, teams. 19 Tanner 

Lai,;.tru> Wra. J. porter. 14 K 4th 
I. uineo John, Pfl Catharine 
Livnuey .!..-■. lab. 38 Longwortha bldga 
Lanniu Strpben, stone cutter, 51 13tn 

JIUIUll km I iillsiil WMlii LisIMMiblii 



OFFICE, COMMERCIAL BUILDIK& N. E. Comer Third £b*I Sycamore Sis, 

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION?— Daily Paper, $5.00"; by the week, payable to the carriers, 
12 cents. Weekly Paper, one copy, S'1,00 ; six copies, $5 ; thirteen copies, $10,00 ; twenty 
copies, .$15, 00. 

By a little exertion on the part of neighbors, each can secure the lamest, cheapest, and 
handsomest weekly paper in the world, at only SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS 'PER YEAR. 

Executed with neatness and dispatch. 

ittaimstt fflaiinano fflnMg .pin 

Vol. VIII.— EstaWished^Apiil 24, 1852] 


"THE SUN" is published every morning, (Sundays excepted.) 

TERMS OF SUBSCR J EX-ION:— -The Sun" will' be regularly served at the residences of sub- 
scribers, for 6\ cents p<;r week, payable to the carriers. It will also be mailed three months for $1; 
six months for $2 ; and one year for $3 — payable invariably in advance. 

The Paper t& advertise in Is tire SUN, which, from its cheapness, is read by 
thousands. It is extensively circulated by newsboys and carriers in every part of the city ; in the 
various markets, at the hotels, railroad stations, steamboat landing, and all the places in the vici- 
nity; Fulton, Newport, Covington, Walira! Hills, &c„ besides having a general country circulation. 

. "S?i-a:33 *\?^7*3s}iaE3 23LXji"!e- fSiXT-TSTm 


TERMS TO CLUBS:-— Two copies, $1, 75 ; four copies. |3; ten copies, $7; twenty copies. $13 5 
fifty copies, $30: one hundred copies, fpo. 

@^^ §MM IU^) rllllMi'liliw 1 ^ tar HwSHiii lll^feMIr I iwPJj^ 
Executed Xea%, G?iea,j>Ty ivid teklf, 

OHA.HLLSS 3F» - ® C3 I3E BJI X 33 *3? , 



!£¥ & 1FMSS&1" 








lanpnearEd-. P. (L. & Haddock) h. s.a 

Catharine b, Freeman. & Baymiller 
Lanphear & Meddock (Edward P. L. iz 

John W. M.) real estate brokers, 3 

Mechanics' Institute 
Lansing- David F. pattern mkr. 209 

Lantzius Chris, tailor, 11 15th 
J.-my Mist Jane, 44 Accommodation 
Lany John, blk smith, s.e.c. Front and 

Walnut F'n 
Laon Jos. gardna, n-s Hopkins w. of 

LapdorP. 141 Clay 
LapeChas. porter, 31 P. Landing 
Lane Geo. cooper, 4 Hamburg 

LAPE WILLIAM H. tin, copper, and 
sheet iron worker, 11 E. Front res 
Lapham Peter F. elk. n.e.c 9th and Wal- 

LAPHA1T WILLIA3L Tea dealer, 
n.e.c Walnut and 9th. res Mt. Au- 
Lapier Mrs. Julia, over 518 Main 
Lapker Clemehce, tailor, 95 "Woodward 
Lapp John, lab. 168 j£ Vine 
Larakl Edward, stock broker 4? Walnut 

h. 67 E. 3d • - 

Large Saail. 21 Melancthon 
L-irke G-errard, tailor, 16 Buckeye 
Larker Herman, tailor, 3.55 Main 
Larkin Jos. F. eich. broker, 59 W. 3d, h 

2? Ellen 
Lanuan Lewis, wagon mkr. n.w.c Kem- 

ble and John 
Laniard Chad. F. bar k. 35 W. 5th, his 

2U6 W 5th 
Larrison Enoch, carp. n.s. Front bW?ih- 

ihgto'n and Liberty 
Larry iVm. lab. v..s. Broad, nr. Water 

Lasance August, tailor, 120 W. Front 
Lasance Barney, brk. layer, s.s. Bur- 

goyneb. Main and Sycamore 
Lasance Christ, tailor, 120 W. Front 
Lasance Frank, tailor, 120 W. Front 
Lasance Fred, brk mason, 570 Elm 
Lasance John, tailor, 120 W. Front Henry, cab. mkr. bds. 106 Ham 

Laseki Henry ,-parter, 13 and 15 W. 5th 

h. 165 14th 
Larley Mary, seams. 10 Smith 
Lasser Win. lumber dealer, 40 1 W. 3d 
Lassing Theo. cik. 180 W. Court 
Lath Chas, U<ilor, 550 Walnut 
Lath Eli* ibeth, 550 Walnut 
Lath Jane, 550 Walnut 
1 ATIi A 31 A. & U0- offiee for Brighton 
I j and Cumminsviile omnibus s.w.c 

Coleman and iiam. Road 
LATHAM Rich. C. A. (McKee & Lath- 
am) bds. Madison House 
1A'UL\S\ WILLIAM A- gen tick agt 
j Cin. Ham. & D- B..B. s.e.c 4th &. 
Tine, bds. B'vrsy Hotel 
L4THR0P Gardner, (L. <fe Joyce) 194 


LATHR0P& JOYCE, (Gardner L. & 
Jacob 0. J.) can>. 4: builder and 
manuf. of corn mills 121 E. 2<1 
Lathrop Wm. H. atty. 6 E. 5th. bds. 77 

W. 4th 
LATIMER Rich. J. (L. Cqlburn & Lap- 
ten.) res Boone Co Ky 

(Richard J. L., Chas. L. C. <fc .las. 
L) wh. hardware met. 74 Main 
Latfa Alex. B. (A. B. & E. L.) 179 Race 
Latta A. B. <5c E. engine builders, e.3 

Race b, 4th and 5tli 
Latta E Imiston, (A. B. & R. L) 179 Race 
•Latta F-.ndley. 117 W. 6th 
Lafta M.'s. Jane, 16!) BawuHltr 
Latta R ; tca q ,.215Eu-hmo»d 
iraua t\m. S. a!, phys. c. Laymiber and 

Iphus, porter, n.w.c. Stb and 

Laube Rodolph, ate-he cutter, 482 Kim 
Lao) Us Henry, 6Co«e mason, Pleasant b. 

Fimliuy arm Uam B, oa d 
L'ftttday (j<j. finish?!*. 'Mi h'aut 

Laudenback Herman, wagon mkr. s.s 
Orchard, b. Main and Sycamore 

Lauer Brothers, Jancy &.■? goods and no- 
tions 59 Pearl 

Lauer Hy. I. (L. Bros.) bds 64 Center 

Lauer Emanuel (L. Pro.-;.) 

Laufar Mic-h. burner, 8 W. Court 

Laughfing Marks, 70 Laurel 

Laughlan David, scale mkr, 6-1 Orchard 

Laughlan Pat. cof.h. 41 E. FWffifc 

Laughlin Daniel, lab. s.s. Harriet 

Laughlin Joanna, seam.-;. s.s. Yeatruan 
b. Sycamore and BVay 

Laughlin Patrick, lab. n.s. Fremont b. 
Freeman and Carr 

Laughlin T.N. bds. Farlow House 

Lau_'bnan John, lab. bds. Lauding b. 
Walnut & Main 

Laumferseig Adam, stone mason 54 Kit- 

Laupus , cigar mkr. 233 Main 

Laurie Jas. lab. Cin. type foundry 

Laury Jas. lab. n.s. Bank, b. Freeman &. 

Laut Christian, grocer 569 Main 

Lauter Adam, bakery 62 Kith 

Lauth Jaob. cof. h. 630 Vine 

Lauthers Ger. cab. mkr. n.w.c. £t,b_ & 

Lauthers G. linker 05 w.s. Court 

Lau.x Jos. cof. h. 00G Vice 

Laux Val. hardware 63S W. Row 

Lavan J. lab. 384 Walnut 

Lav&n Mrs. Margaret, e. s. Cth, above 

Lave Mrs. B. 104 Breman 

Lave Christo]Jier, shoe mkr. 104 Bremen 

Laven John, 1&2 W. 3d 

Laven John, lab. IGHanihul 

Laven Sarah, b. h. 10 J W. 3d. 

Lavender Mich, porter 335 Main. h. 132 
W. 8th. 

Lavender Thomas, elk. 57 Main, h. 19 

Lavery D. 383 W. 8th 

liavin Peter, groceries «J-2,> W. 2d. 

Lavison Sam. brush mkr. Hogarth's alley 
b. Richmond & Catharine 

Law Buildings s.s. 3d, b. Main A: Syca- 
LAW DR. JOHN S. (Agent RuyalFira 
& Life Ins. Co. Livenmol & Lon- 
don,) 9 Manchester Bid-, h. 377 W. 

Law Jobn II. Secy. Ins. Co. 9 Man- 
chester's buildings 

Law Thomas, cIk. bds. s.w.c. Front &; 

Lawder Jno, B.(surveyor Eagle Ins. Co.) 
Van n<;me n. Cutter 

Lawvelir H. (Sannin-r & L.) 

Lawentlial Simon, 323 W. 4th 

La finley Thomas, elk. bis. n.w.c. Wal- 
nut & W;iter 

Lawlar John, 83 Barr 

Lawiard James, tailor 03 Vine 

Lavrler Jaimjs, 131 E. Front 

Lawler Jno. dray Walker's brewery 

Lawler Michael, shoemaker 146 Vine 

Lawless J is. watchman, n. s. Front n. I 
c^r. line F. n. 

Lawler Prof. .Michael, res, St. Xavier's I 

Lawrence Alfred A. h. k. 20G Richmond ! 

Lawrence C'h'as. b. k.i-5 Pike 


j , Car;. enter &l Rudder, 

XJ 147 George 

Lawrence Edtog. fi.nisherh.175 Raymiller : 

Lawry Edward, trunk mkr. bds. .'to W. , 

Lawrence E.D. finisher, 3 i 4 Wainut 

Lawrence (ieu. carp- 19*5 Rarr 

Lawrence Hiram B. plasterer, 4")4 Kim- 

Lawrence Jac. cajp. s-e.c. Pfont & Wal- 
nut, F'n 

Lawrence John, batcher, 67 Woodward i 

Lawrence John, feed store, 168a Ham. 

Lawrence Jno. lab. (foully L. E!u!-& Ca- 

Lawrence John II. elk. s. s. Front b. 
Washington & Liberty 

Lawrence L. L. messenger, 52 E. 3d 

Lawrence It. B. messenger. 52 E. 3d 

43 Public Landimr. 
Lawrence Theoidi. E. (T. M. L. A- Co.) 

res. Preble Co 
Lawrence Thos. bds. s.s. Front n. Stone, 

Lawrence Thos. M. (T. M. L. & Co,) 147 

Lawre ce T. M. & Co. (Thos. M. L. A. 

Theophilus E. L.) butter & eggs, &. 

e.c. W. Row &. Perry 
Lawrence Wm. G. elk. li:9 Clinton 
Lawrie Alex, machinist, Cin type foun- 

Laws Alex. 11. elk. 56 Franklin 
Laws Dan I. elk. 140 Main, bds. Gibson 

Laws Jas. II. (G. Brashears & Co.1 133 

W. 6ch. 
Lavrson Benj. S. ahphysician, 154 Smuh 
* i dealers in copper &.tin plate, 
XJ 178 Main 
LAW SON Franklin II. (F. -II. L- & Co.) 

2>»6 V» r . 6th 
LAWSON Geo. V. 328 W. 7th 
I.av.-.son John, gardener, 5&1 FreemaB 
Law .-on .Tub.n. plane mkr. n.s. Oregon C. 

Baum ; 
Lawson Mrs. Mary, 593 Freeman 
Lawson Wm. carp. 158 Spring 
Laws.m Wm. O. 341) Elm 
Lawtou John, hardware & cutlery, 220 

Main, h. 93 W. 8th 
I i manuf. of printing presses. 
XJ h.791L>i kins 
T AY & BROTHER, (Chas.n,,Wm.L. 

I . & .John R.Cami>i)ell,) manuf. prin- 
• iJ ters inks, Baum alley, ». Main & 

Sycamore, below 2d 
LAY Wm. L. (Lay & Brother) 90 BVay 
Layman Edward, 403 W. 3d 
Layman R. lit. grocery, s.e.c Ful&m & 

Layman Henry, lab. cor. Sycamore Ss. 

Layman Jas. wood en graver ,22 W. 4th 
Layman Jobn, i^0 Main, h. 313' Gecge 
Layman a Anton- saddler 556 Vine 
Layma.m Fred, shoemaker. 52b' Sycamore 
Lavmann Wm. Cooper, 356 B'way 
LAY MUX David A. (D. A. L. be Co.) h. 

340 Race 
T AYM0N' I). A. ev. CO. CBavid A. L.& 
j , Th.^. C. Stebens) com. & prod. 
XJ mera. 56 \7alnnt c 2d 
Laywood.l ilm. caruiun. 41 Ritteuhouso 
LaasamsM. peddler* 28"? ^ c >^ 
Laxtec Fred, taiitvr Ou Mohawk 
LEA Edward T. 1 iluckner &z Hall.) h. n. 

e.c. Vine and 3d 
LEA J. M. C. fWood, L. &. Co.) h. 237 

W. 4th 
Leach Andrew, porter, at P. 0. 
Leach Louis, bar. 4 P.urnet House 
Leach Mary, press fe< d r. 167 Watout 
Leachter Jo3. coop. lU Abigail 
Leatler Chas. earn. 69 Clay 
Leaf J;is. finish, s.s. Front nr. Vine F'n 
Leafantall Solomon, pedlar, c.3. E!m b» 

2d and Pearl 
Leahy Be, mis. dray. 40 Sycamore 
Leahy Patrick, Bhoe mkr.320 Jobn 
LEAEEJ.B. (atallo 6l L.) jSS Long- 

Leaker Hy. W. blk. smith. 536 R:ice 
Leakey <ie<). lab. n.s. llieii nr. \ nie F'n 
Lealau J. H. carp. 246 Keiuble 
Leaaard John, brk. lay. Corporation al. 

b. Wilson ami Yoang 
L"anis Hcnnan, carp. 81) Pendleton 
Leanard Rama-d, lab. e. 1ii< tnnond ar.J 

15 rniiller , , 

Leanord Hy. It. cist, build. 1">* I • L.b- 

Leap . lab. s.s. Yeatmaa ... v 

and D'way 
Learman Chas. meat store. 84 il 

Leary Mrs. Joani a. nui 

. Al- 

Leary C "melius, mould. G»*J VV. • 
Leason Pat. tab. 59 Pii Mel »n 
Leaaon TLm. carp. 57 Pendleton 


TIMES BUILDING, N o. 48 PEAUL ST., 2d House West of Walnut, 

Tlie Job Department is under the superintendence of experienced and competent workmen ; it 19 
supplied with the latest styles of Metal and Wood Type— plain and fancy; Large and Small Borders; 
Wood Cuts for Show Bills; and, in fact, all the appliances for Plain and Ornamental Job Work, 
Which is executed in the best style done in the West and with quickness and dispatch. 

33 o€> :bl :e* 3Sl x '3Kr"p aiasr o- - 

Selections of large and beautiful founts of TrFEfrom the best foundries in the country, have been 
made with special reference to this department of fcbc business, and there is no undertaking in 
Book Printing that will not be executed in a satisfactory manner. The Presses and Machinery 
fere all new and of superior workmanship. 


Great attention is given to this branch, and no pains are spared to give entire satisfaction. 







This branch of Printing, so long sadly neglected in the West, is, in this establishment receiving 
great care. 

S? BL jEO S £5$ 3E2 ^ * 

Seven Power Presses of the best patents, and having all the late improvements, are now in suc- 
cessful operation. 


By the late addition of an entire new Bindery outfit, and the employ: lent of the best workmen in 
the city, the proprietors are prepared to contract for, and are now engaged on every description of 



Is published Daily and Weekly, on the following terms — Cash invariably in advance. Complete 
and extensive Telegraph arrangements have been entered into for the reception of important news 
from all parts of the Union : 
• * 

' DAILY, per annum, S3.O0 


As a medium of advertising, the Daily Times, from its extensive circulation in Cincinnati, and 
the neighboring states of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky, as well as all the principal cities of the 
Union, stands without a rival in the West. 


H?s been recently enlarged and improve. 1, and is now the cheapest and '<>c-;:. weekly paper pub- 
lished in the Western country, if not in the United States. Since its iirst enlargement in July, 1852, 
. when it was comparatively but little known throughout the West, its circulation has grown to be the 
greatest west of the Alleghanies, and bids fair to outnumber any in the East. 

It is especially devoted to the advocacy of the great cause of F&EE Speech and Free Thought, 
and should receive the patronage of every lover of his country, friendly to the great and glorious 
Tkikciples 0? '76. 




Leathern Alex, com.mer. 11 W. 2d 
Leatherhetry Chafe, n.s. Water nr. R. R. 

Grossing F'n 
Leathers & McPaddins (fn. M. L. -fc 5- 

J. Met'.) deal, in notions and fancy 

goods, 73 Pearl 
Atefb^a Win. ft. (.L. & McFaddiu,) 30 

Le;.vkt H. n^U, 6- disk judge, Ms. Mrs. 

LEAVili 1 Jos. D. (Orane fe !•••) 138 

teavitt Kiehard II. sash inter. 11 William 
LEAVITT Wm. D. (Lecfc L.) re* Ham- 
Lehan Jac mould. 141 Clay 
Lebbers Albert, bite, smith, til Abigail 
Lebeomet Hy. lab. 384 Walnut 
Lebe Adolph, shoe mkr. bds. 401 Walnut 
Lebben stein A. butch. 661 W. Row 
LEBETTER Daniel, (Dickson 6c LeB.) 

bds. Mrs. Swans, Elm above 9th 
LeboM Jno. dairv man, 34 "Mohawk 

LI'i^orTILLTER & BROS. (J*». LeB., 
Thos. LeB. & Chas. LeB.) fancy 
dry jroods, 30 W. 4tii -' 
fceBOUTILLLKR Chas. (LeB. & Bro.) 

res. Philadelphia 
. Ee90tTTILEX£R Geo. 113 W. Court 
LcBOUTILLIER J&s. (LeB. & Bro ) 174 

W. 4th 
LeBOUTILLTER Thos. (LeB. & Bros.) 

res. New York 
Lebron Frank, bds. 203 W. 5th 
Lechner Simon, eof. h. 442 Main 
Lecquire Fred. elk. 87 Main, h.e.s.BVay 

5th and 6th 
Leddy Daniel, grocer, s s. 6th b B'vvay 

and Calvert 
Leddy Hugh, brush mkr. 211 Walnut 
Lederle Lesefcte, elk. 438 Walnut 
Ledger Benj. candy store, 205 Elm 
Ledbe Geo. b.k. 12 E. 4th, h. 16 MeFar- 

Ledo::ar Jos. lab. n.s. 6th b. Haniet and 

Lee Ad-dine, s-S. 4th b. Race and Elm 
Lee Buries, driv. 212 W. bow 

LEE Wlf. & CO. (Win. L-, Wm. Ger- 
man &. Henry Thomas,) jobbers &. 
retailers of dress goods, silk laces, 
mantillas, shawls &.c. 74 W. 4th 

10 Manchester bldg. 
Lee Hiram, s.s. 4th b. Race and Elm 
LeerJas, R. b.k. Ill Main 
Lee John, notary pub. '122 Vine 
Lee John, paint. 292 W. Front 

Hour store, 
128 W. 4 th 


I , (Kufus S. L. & Wm. D. L.) 

saw manuf. 15 Walnut 
Lee Martin, elk. 74 W. 4th 
Lee Michael, laL>. n.s. Front rr. Foster 

Lee Prior P. enefneer, 403 Race 
Lee Rensselear W. 94 E. 4tb 
Lee Richard, lab. 131 Poplar 
LEE Rofua S. (L. & Leavitt,) 81 W. 

Front ' 
Lee Simon E. sales- 31 L. Market 
Lee W. bds. 47 E. 4th 
LEE Wm. (L. 6c Co.) res. Avondale 
Leech Andrew, elk. P. O- 135 Rem Me 
Leech John, shoe mkr. 98 Clinton 
Leecli S. gard. n.s. Hopkins near Free- 
Leech Ramuel,6Q Clinton 
Leech Thos. engineer, n.s. 2d b. Rose & 
Lced.-m Thos. L. elk. 12 E. 4th [Park 
Leeds [folly R. carp. Fulton car works F'n 
Leeds J. J. sub contractor^ Fulton car 

&eek Jos. mach, 234 Richmond 
Let ke Richard, co lltctor, 144 Lorcwo •;••, 
Leemann C. lab. 03 Woodward 
Leemos John, .-hoe mkr. s.s- 6th b. Free- 
man and Harriet 
Leer. Brajant. iRb. s.s. Front nr. Lumber 
Leen John, bib. s.s. Front nr. Lumber 
Leerburger Benedict, huckster, 53 George 

Lees Buildings, n. 3. Couitb. Main and, 

Leeser Lewis, elk. 00 Main 
Lefkftr John, dk. 120 W. 5th 
Lefkin .!os. bar kpr, Fulton House F'n j 
betlar Wm. elk. 232 Walnut, h. IS Clark 
Lefier John, c!k. n.s. 6th below Horn 
Leflar Jc 3, lab. n.s. 6th !••■!.. w Horn 
Leforce Alfred, butch. 141 Maple 
Lefsel Peter, pottery, 99 Hunt 
LegerHy. shoe mkr. 427 E. Front 
Legg Jos. H. coop. 82 Laurel ' 
Leggett Chas. butch, 237 Everett 
Lehbeck Sebo itian,gardner, 455 Freeman 
Lebeney Barney, lab. 25.4 Water 
Lehfeld Jno. lab. 25 Abigail 
Lehman &c Bro. (Jacob &, Herman,) 

cloth. 253 Main 
Lehman &c Bro. (Jos. L. &. L. L.) imps. 

liq. 31 W. 6th 
Lehman Hy. porter, bds. s.s. Commerce 

b. Walnut and Vine 
Lehman Herman, (L. & Bro.) res. Quin- 

cy 111. 
Lehmaw Jac (L. & Bro.) -289 Elm 
Lehman Jos. (L- &. Bro.) 31 W. 0th 
Lehman L. (L. & Bro.) 31 W. 6th 
Lehman Nathan, shoe mkr. 108 13th 
Lehmann Fred, shoe mkr. 478 Main 
i.Kimann Harts, ped. SJ0 Walnut 
Lehmann Moses, lock smith, 538 -Tirnie 
Lehmann Herman, carp. 465 Walnut 
Learner Hy. 5^5 Bremen 
LBIIMERJas D- (J. P I- & Co.) 101 

T liHJfiER JAMES D. & CO. (Jas. D. 

I . L. & Rufus A. Jones.) com. mors. 

-*- J s. w.c. Walnut & 2d 

Lehfflkuhl Barney, porter, d.w.c Main 

and 2d 
Lebmkukier H. H.fatn. groc 491 Main 
Lehrman Henry, carp, n.e.c. 15th and 

Leiberger John, lab. 384 Walnut 
Leibler Thos. cab. mkr. 79 Spring 
Leibrand M. cap-i»kr. 169 Main 
Leicecan Hy. lab. 1(35 Fulton 
Leifienk Hv. huckster, 63 Abigail 
Leisr'hton Cha-s. H. carp. 138 E. Li!x;rty 
J , pork hodse, 2?*.' Sycamore, 
■" h. 1.53 E. Liberty 
Leiirht .u Geo. E. law student, 138 E 

be ty 
Leile li.'.-. mach. Cin. type Foundry 
Leimann Hy. carj>. 5i>2 Vine 
Leinhart Samh lab; 686 Main 
Leininprer Jno. G- tailor, 322 Vine, h 

Leinnian Christian, lib. 496 Race ' 

Leins Wm. cab. mkr. Chiney Court b. 

E!in & Plum & Adams & Jefferson 
Leinskentine' Jac. lab/03 Ham. Road 
Leinwelier Hy. prov. store, 612 W. 8th 
Leisenan Hy. elk. 21 David 
Leisenbach Mich.ia':-. res. Hamilton Road 
Leist Geo, matchman, 480 Vine 

T BIST Mm i 

I , leather aad findings, 313 Main, 

■M h. 86 Woodward 

Leisure Confrad, c6nstable, n.s. High b. 

Washington 6c Liberty 
Leisure Con*ad, shoe mkr. n.s. Hi^h 
Leitch ¥r<?-\. tin store, 928 Ham Road i 
Leitman Juh-vi, dray. 124 Clark 
LeierGeo, eiparstore, 14 Ham. Road 
Lelsan Hy. wood saw. 4«9 Kim 
Lemanski Mrs. El;>:a, 2? 14th 
Lenmoie Hy. porter. 32 V.. ?th 
teim>rt Andrew, carp, M"> Pnplar 
! cmiiig P ml. groc. 139 and 1 11 Court 
Lftmker Bernard II. tailor, H"> W.5th 
Lcacakahler Freti. carman. ti!3 W. Row 
Lemnvm Abraham, candle nukr. 1^ J Ma- 
ple . 
Lemmon Amy, searos.427 Freeman 
Lemj i m Jno. lab. 69 Al i^ail 
Leaanl a ■'■ -• mould. '<■< ■■ 12 Elm 
L:;. ■• U-..i'.d. 50 McFiirkind . , 

Lender Aus. shoe mkr. 527 Vine . 
Lon dgrjfrwi. (L. & Lohr) 3IU Main 
Lendei- A. L »hr. (Fred. L. ik Jno. H. L.) 

hiu-dware, 376 5l:un 
l.»<:A<ivm\> Frtvnk II. ilme mkr. 242 W. 




Lendrnan Jno. porter, 2C2 Carr 

Lenebac M. 205 Linn 

Leneu C. finish. 189 Linn 

Lenen Matthevr, stone cut. 106 Cutter 

Ljuci'oerter R. lab. 469 George 

Lenhait, Barney, lab. 18 Ham. road 

Leuimau Peter, lab. h. 37 Mohawk 

Ler.n Jno. S. groc. 462 Elm 

Leunok Andrew, painter, n.s. Cherry, b. 

Race and Elm 
Lennocks Andrew, ptunter, 12 Cherry 
Lennon Franci3, variety store, 130 W. 

Lennon Jefferson, cook, 130 W. Front 
Lease Peter, shoe mkr. bds. 4C1 Walnut 
Lent Jno. moulder, e. s. Sycamore, 17th 

Lentz Geo. mould. 396 Walnut 
Lentz Julius, chair mkr. 416 Sycamore 
Lehtz R. mould. 396 Walnut 
Lenz Leopold, cigars, 223 Walnut 
Loon Wm. jr. b.k. 243 Main, bis. 250 

Leonard And. lab. h. W. Row, b. York 

iind Paytou 
Leonard Bernard, coop. 550 Race 
Leonard Miss E. milli. "121 W. 5th 
Leonard Edw. lab. W. Row, b. York and 

Leonard Jiiiza, n.s. Front, nr. tollgate, 

Leonard Francis, lab. Ham. road 
Leonard Geo. elk. 6 Landing, b. BVay 

and Ludlow, h. 552 Sycamore 
Leonard George, dray. 7 W. Canal 
Leonard Geo. L. (Horton 6c Co.) 417 W. 

Leonard Hy. pork packer, 468 Eim 
Leonard Jas- 1 Longworth^s bldg. 
Leonard Jno. carp. 5-52 Sycamore 
Leonard .Ino. dray. 268 Congress 
Leonard Jno. lab. 473 Kemble 
Leonard Lewis, trunk mkr. 74 W. 3d 
Leonard Mrs. groc. 518 E. Front 
Leonard Mrs. Mary, Augusta, fc. John &z 

Leonard Pat. dray. W. Row, b. York and 

Leonard Richd. H. elk. 24 E. 2d : h. 322 

Leonard S. J. 70 Oentre 
Leonard Mrs. 24 E. 8th 
Leonard Win. (Burs &: Co.) 556 Syca- 
Leon-hard P. prof, music, 510 Walnut 
Leonhauser Danl. bds. 55 W. Front 
Leopold &: Goodheart, (Maurice L. 6c 

Wm. G.,) wh. clothing, 159 Main 
Leopold 31. L. (L. &c Goodheart) h. 107 

Leopo'd Mich. lab. 159 Clay 
Leopi Id Samuel, elk. 159 Main, h. 107 

Leopold Wm. musician, Jefferson Hall, 

s.w.c. Main and 12th 
Lepeau Mrs. Christiene, 529 Sycamore 
Leppert Cha.4. mould. 12U E. Iront, h. 

58 Morton 
Lcpold Hy. carp. 529 Sycamore 
Leprant Benj. lab. s.w.c Mound and 

Len'.f Saml. elk. 21 Melancthon 
Led. Aaron B. (L. 6c Brothers) bds. Gait 

tosh & Brother, (Louis & Aaron B. L.) 

grocers and com. mer. 49 W. 2d 
Leah Lewis, (Lesh 6c Bro.,) bds. Bevis 

Leaner And. lab. s.e.c. Harrison read 6c 

Le-li t Margaret, s- e. c. Hiurison road 6c 

T LSI. IK A. ]f. 
| dentist, 

n.e.c. John and 7rh 
Leslie Barean.rd J. elk. bds. 103 Vine 
LeShe tii'i>. lab. 226 Lo'wtrworth 
L • J iiuea, foil and gold leaf, b-l Wal- 
Leslie .Jno. (RahdleJfcL.) 80 Clark • 

I , bosiery and (rents' furnish, store, 
lJ 14 W. 5th 

Leslie Wm. shoe mkr. 650 W. Front 
Lesuil 31athiaa, tsulor, 150 Pleasant 

■37 IOC thts 


JOSEPH A. HEMANN, Editor and Proprietor. 


Js published every morning (Monday excepted) at $5,00 a year, payable in advance, or at 10 
cents per veck, payable to the carrier. 

3PlS£ Y'OlSfresiiidU as an Independent Paper in Politics, and having the largest circulation 
of any German .Daily Paper in the city, affords the best medium for advertising. 

'Jtlae %%' ee&ty VoIlLSfrcwud is published every Thursday, at $'^,00, in advance. 

3"OB "TR? O 3=5. T3L , 

In English and German of all kinds, executed in the neatest style according to order, at reason- 
able terms. 


b£W*£? «£&ma^ ^S^Jfr' Natws^cui^Ss.BfS'Jba ^1^-3*^ «&w»*^ ^4»^ » 


pi Hi ; f ■/ I ( l ii( 


|j \ 

r^'Wvf##I N Ft.-, 

IflBlt aiii |olf Iprinling, 


4£ efts QffLics of the 


*T#. 4S 12«sf Third street,, Corner of ®gcmnore, Cincinnati. 


i4 il JJ X u Alia Xc) XI h Xt dj 

M 4 111 f f, 

No, 188 1-2 Vine Street, between Fourth and Fifth, Cin'-ti. 

Of every I>escrJ2»tiou. 


Amonsr their Publications are the following 


[ft/ feb 


A semi-monthly Journal of the writing and Spelling Reform, of 16' large octavo pages, 
printed in the new, or phonetic orthography. Terms, one dollar a year. 

An illustrated monthly paper lor children, partly in the new orthography. K ght large <j 
pages. Fifty 'cents a year. Three copies for one dollar, ten for tiiree dollars, twenty for five 

PHONETIC BOOKS :— Primer, First Render, Transition Reader, New Testament, Medi- 
cal Lexicon, large Pronouncing and Defining Dictionary, Manual of Phonography. Also, vari- 
ous works in the usual orthography. 





Lesta Fred. lab. 384 Walnut 
LeaUSifek Jacob, lab. 70 Brown 
Lester H. finisher, 76 E. Front 
Letter Mark, eng. 142& Everett 
Leleb Bernard, saddler? GG5 W. Front 
Leteler Jacob, cof. h. 21 Ham. road 
L -ill Jno. ci;r. mkr. 522 VVal tut 
Letherburrv J no. s.s. Sy mines, b. Butler. 

and Pike 
Letmer Casper, 65 Hunt 
hetoakm Lwtis, stone cutter, 518 Walnut 
Lettel Herman II. lab. 21 Abigail ■ t 
Letter Jno. P. 01k. 406 
Lettmann II. cab. mkr. 

' -and Elm 
Lettoti Mrs. Hester, '353 John 
Lets Jno. saddler, 17 Hickory 
Leuba Ik. b.k. 62 W. 4th 

j , book keeper, 

-*- 1 62 W. 4ce, res. Covington. 

Leuefctenburg J. F. cigars, &c. 626 W. 

.' Row 
Lsuchtwefs Aug. brass found. 46 12ch 
Leuchtweis Mrs. Minna, 405 Vine 
Leukeriirz Hy. H, fireman, 17 Tanner 

LEUTHSTR03f WlL agt. House of 
Refuse. 2 College Hall, h. 356 W. 
Levens Mrs. Bl&ry, sear 653 E. Front 
Levers Enoj, 7 Richmond 
Leverton Isaac, 28 Richmond 


.{Matthew II, 
wines, liq 
is Mr». F,- b. 
is K. L. birls. 
is Frank, 325 

L. & Wm. V. I)) wh. 
ir?r?i and cigars, 22 B'w 

i,*.J2. 7th" 
Gibson House 
W. 7th 

Lewis Frank, lab. 11 Hannibal 

LEWIS Franklin, salesman, 5 P. Land- 
in^, bds. B'wav Hotel 

Lewis Fountafoe, barber, 4 W. 4th 

Levis (lea. M. (3. W. Pease & Co.) bds. 
7 th, b. Main and Walnut 

George i Y EWIS GEO. 

s.s. 15th, b. Race S, cloak and mantillas. " 
|-~ b. 273 Longworth 



9 W. 4th 

smith. E. 6th, neai 
Bullock & Co.) 6t 

j Lewis "Hanson 
LEWIS By. (A. D 
W. 9th 

EWIS HENRY, c. Syca. & Canal, 
pork merchant, 
h- 4 Webster 
Lewis Jacob, bakery. 420 W. 4th 
Lewis John T boiler maker, 98 E. 6th 
I Lewis John, bar. 4 Burnet h 
! Lewis John, fancy store, 24 BVny 
, Lewis John C.bill poster, 256 Hopkins 
■ Lewis John II. Vine above Mulberry 
j Lewis John L. cof. h. Front n Lawrence 
I Lev,-:? Joseph, rdasterer, lf'6 Smith 
j Lewis Joseph M. boiler mkr. 40 W. Row 
! Lewis Rev. Lloyd g. 14 E.Tth 

Levey & Block, (S. L. & Aaron B.) fur- 
niture, 131 au'il 13.1 W. 5th 
Levev Isaac W. 45 Ellen 
Levey S. (L. & Block.) 131 W.5th 

Levi , cig mkr. 233 Main 

Levi Danl. elk. 177 Main 

Levi David, 474 Race 

Levi Denis, carp. 33 Webb 

Levi Isaac, cutter, 69 Main, h. 237 Main 

Levi Isaac, pedlar, 211 W. 6th 

Levi Jacob, b.k. 257 Plum 

Levi Jas. cab. mkr. 249 W. Front 

LEVI Leopold, (S. L. & Bro.) 22 Gaao 

Levi'Lewis, pedler, 156 John 

Levi May, sexton, Synagogue, 3- e. c. 

B'way and 6th 
Levi Nathan, butcher, 711 W. Row 
LEVI Salomon, (S. L. & Bros.) n.e.c 

9th and Vine 
Levi Sand, groc. n.s. Front, nr. Karri- 
son, F'n 
T EVI S. & EROS. (Sigmund L. Leo. 

I L. & Solomon L ) wines & liquors, j 
xx 223 Mam 

LEVI Sigmund, (S. L. <fc Bros.) 4 E. 7th 
Levi Solomon, pedlar, ?3 William 
Levi's Hotel, n-e.c. Syeamore and 5th 
Levihgston Nathan, cof. h. 544 Race 
Levinson Saml. tailor, 306 W. 5sh 
Levitt Richard 11. sash mkr. res. Mt. 

L^vij Hy. cutter,54 Main. h. 666 W. Row 
Levoa Geo. plow smith, 17 W. 7th 
Lsvoy Win. carp. FttltOD car works, F'n 
Levoy Wm. elk. S3 Peari 
Levy Jacoh, b.k. w.s. Plum, b. 6th and 

Levy Lipman, b.k. 42 Main, h. 156 John 
Lewin Rev. Jos. 413 Elm 
Lewis Adolph, Liquor store, 525 W. 5th 

Lewis Lavina, M Centre 

Lewis Mrs. , 27 Cedar 

Lewis Mary, washerwoman, n.s. 7th, b. 
B'way & Culvert 

LEWIS Matthew H. (L. &: Depuy) res. 

Lewis Michael, n.s. 6th, b. Canal & Cul- 
EWIS & MORE, (B. F.L. & 0. M. M.) 
4th & Syca- 

I . dry goods, n.e. 
J ~ J more 

Lewis Peter, carsmith.21 W. 7th 
Lewis Philiin, carp. Deer Creek 
Lewis Richard, 40 W. Front 
Lewis Richard, broker, 304 W 8th 
j Lewis Robt. lab. 130 Butler 
' Lewis Reuben, mill, Hunt b. Main & 

Sycamore, h. 18 E- 8th 
Lewis Samuel, pork j>acker, s.e-c Canal 

& Sycamore 
Lewis Sanford, barb,c. John &. Elizabeth 
Lewis Sarah, tailoress.lo2 Race 
Lewis Wni. Lock, b.5th «fc 6th 
Lewis Wm. elk. 64 L. market 
Lewis Wm. cooper, at West & Co. 
I , ladies shoe store, 
1 J SI W. 4th 

Lewis Wm. machinist. 75 E. Front 
Lewis Rev.. Win. G- Prof. W. F. College, 

434 B'way 
Lewis W. F. salesman, 51 Pearl, h. 6 F. 

Lewlor Timothy, cartman. 520 John ■ 
Leyders If v, cooper, Culvert b. 6th & 7th, 

h.374 B'way 
L'Hommedieu L. L. President C- II. & 

D. R. R. 
Libald Peter, cof. h. 20 E- Front 
Libbe Rudolph, blksmith, 50 McFarland 

Lewis Albert, povk mer. c. Webster and Libeau V. 215 Cutter 

wis A. W. elk. 5 

E. 7th 
f EWIS ASAHEL II. atty.-at-law, 
J i 148 Main, up-stairs, 
XJ h. 379 W. 8ta 

LEWIS B. F. (L. &More.) 1P6 Race 
Lewis Benj. W. elk. bib. 3i) Perry 
Lewis Ch'ia. elk. 79 W. 4th 
LEWIS Chas. (C L. & Co.) 222 W. Row 

LEWIS CKAS. produce store, 
64 Lower Market, 
h. 5.5 Lower Market 
Lewla Chas. butter qeal. 5! L. Market ' 
Lewis Cea.. U "o k. 16! Race 
I EWLS C &C0. (Cliaa. L. & Lewis 

Libman Anton, (L. Horetzki 6c Co.) 236 

W. 6th 
Licen Stephen, lab. 7F Dudley 
Lechner Fred. cof. h. 72 E. Front 
Lichner Fred, moulder. 120 E. Front 
Licbt nv, 120Clay 
L'cht Jacob H. turner. 435 Main 

| Lichtendahl B. H. carriage mkr. 43-1 Syc- 

| Lichtendahl Matthias, la'o. 572 Race 
Lick Jacob, teacher, 41 Hathaway 
Lickens 0. T. B. teacher n. s. 7th b. 
B'way & Culvert 

! Lickran Mrs. ^ Hi-'h 

I Lilian John, bds. n.w.c. Congress and 

i LrnUow 

>okiii-i;se.) deals, in new and 2d I Liddell Andrew, 189 Barr 
hand furniture, 222 \Y. Row | Li<ldell Robt. type firnsher, Cin. type 

Lewta our ad, stove mkr. 15 Bremen j foundry' 

Lewis Mrs. Daphney R., dress mkr. 266 j Liddy Anna, bk. folder, 167 Walnut 
^ Longworth j Lieheman Frank, tinner, 397 Vine 

j wijj Denis, lab. 4C5 Vine J Liebenber;,' Bernd, fauc> ate-re 351 Vine 

Liebenstein Isaac, clothing s.e.c. L. 
Market ami Sycamoro, h. ^57 W. 
Lielienstein Isadora, 35 Gnno 
tieber 11. blk. smith, 71 Clay 
Liebermnhn F. b.k. 409 Race 
| , leei:bi:i_', hieeding k. tooth draw 
*-* 221 W. 6th 
Liefiitner 3!. chair mkr. 112 Hunt 
1/ Peter, porter, 196 Main 
Lions Jacob; gla/k-r.54 Providence 
Li.')>er M^r^aret- miiimer, 603 Main 
Lieval Mich, tailor, 622 Vine 
I/urioan Henry, cof. h. n.e.c. 5th and 

Ligbt Amos, tanner, 75 Bank 
Light Geo. S. druggist, 37 and 39 Syca- 
Light House Tavern, M. Peter, prop, s.s 

E. Front b. Butler and Canal 
Light Jacob, sadler, bds, 14 Commerce 
Lightfoot Jas. S. lumber dealer, 46o W. 

Lightner Jas. 125 W. 5th 
Likeley Wm. cik. 53 Pearl 
Lilvehthal Rev Dr. 262 Race 
Liller Mieh. tin. & stove store 525 Vine 
Liiiey Mrs. Matilda. 507 Vine 
Lilies Pat lab. 72 Ri.-hmond & - 

Lillie Wm. blk. siaith 160 Cutter 
Limbert C. lab. Price b. Boal arid Kin- 
Limbert Dedrick, lab. h. Price b. Boal St 

Limus Fred, porter, 31 W. 3d 
Linamau Jno. carriage mkr. 21 W.Tth 
Liubarger Jno. H. cutter, 10 E. 4th, h. 

231 Lomrworth 
Linbrook John, e s Park, b. 2d & W. W 

Linch Jas. lab. 55 E. 8th 
Linch Lawrence, tailor, w.s. Freeman b. 

Liberty and Poplar 
Linch Mieh. lab. 13 Catharine 
Linck F. & J. A. brewers. Ham Road w 

of Walnut 
Lincke C G. bar k. Spencer House 
Lincoln John F. conductor, C. H. 6c D. 

R It 


j , (Tim D. L.. Fayette S. &. Jas. YV.) 
*-* law omceSE.2d upstairs 
LINCOLN Tim, D. (L., Smith & War- 
nock) -.'53 V> . 7th 
T ENi'OLX E. I). 

XJ 59 Main 

Lindaivr F. printer, s.w.c. Vine and 

L'radeblail P. G. printer, 109 Longworth 
Lindeiuari Chas. lab. GO Buckeve 
Lindemau Fred, shoe mkr. 70 !2th 
Linueman Hy. shoe mkr. bds 70 12th 
Lindeman Fty. lab- 88 Brawn 
LindKinan Jly. mould. 384 Walnut 
Limbuuau Wm, mould. 3?4 Widnut 
Lir.demann Mrs. D- 27 Franklin 
Limit-maim Jno. H. carp. Vine St UUl 
Lindeman Wiu. carp. 88 Bremen 
Lmder Mrs. B. mUliner, 121 W. 5th 
LinderOeo. lab. 94 Abirail 
Limlermann J. elk. 560 and 562 Walnut 

j Lin.derman H'm. moulder. 135 Clinton 
Linden: -Hrs. Wertwe, 514 Main 
Lindiaau Leivi.s. butch. 193 Implar 
Liud-ey Andrew J. moulder, rear i55 

Sye. nuore 
Lindsay Thos. hatter, 328 W. Row 
Lindas Alfred, currier, 39 Main 
Liudwhare Crist, stone mason, »-,r r,r,^n 
Line Alex E. elk. Ms. Walnut St House 

j Line Mike, lab. n.s. 6th, b. Culvert and 

I B'v/.'.y 

Linet«ck Mm. R. 427 W.7th 

1 Linebausrh Sarul. blk. smith, 129 Water 

I h. e.;j \\- ;;: ,. r 

' Liner'ot Wm. tailor, 615 Race 

i Lai,,'' mi t\, -. •;.] Riclimoml 

I Lineman Hy. blk. smith. 211 W. ft-oat 
Lincnhtrg Hy. Itib3t*4 Walnut 
I.itu-enN ck Wm. cab. mkr. 164 Clark 
LingerbeltJohn, finisher, 118 Laurel 
Linigar Hy. caqi. Front b. Rive it Wal- 


IK filing mi ni&wroi.f 

iitg iitik # §Mitess flirrar; 




The Directory has now been published six years, its support having greatly increased 
from year to year, until for two years past, it has met the expense of publication, and 
now begins to furnish a small return for the continual labor which necessarily attends the 
preparation of such a work ; from which it may be fairly inferred that it will, as here- 
tofore, continue to receive, annually, an additional support, and may now be said to be 

rmanently established, although it has been done at a heavy expense to the publisher. 

While an adequate support will enable us from year to year to improve it very materi- 
ally, we now unhesitatinly invite a comparison with those published in other cities — it can 
lose nothing from it, as no city which at this time contains a population of 100,000 or 
more is furnished with a Directory as full in proportion or equal in many other important 

As Directories consist almost entirely of Cards of Address and Business — properly 
termed advertisements— each of which should be paid for as such by those represented, 
their support should be derived from that source, and this one in particular does rely upon 
that alone and not upon its sale, and it will be seen that it is not in any case sold, by refe- 
rence to the following : 


Tee Directory is not Solp. — For the gen--; only received when paid in advance. 
era] purpose of benefitting the business of the! 3d. From Subscribers, who wish the work 
City, and more perticularlv to increase the value; for family use, bound in an extra style, par- 
ol' the publication to those who support it, orie-j ticuiarly adapted for the centre table— such 
fourth or more of each issue is distributed where j will, pay two dollars and fifty cents, when 
no direct support is expected in return; these | the work is distributed, if the subscription is an 
are sent to Post Offices, Public Institutions, the I annual one, if not, in advance. 
Principal Holds, the most important offices of 4th. From citizens who do not wish to re- 
the Principal Express Lims, and many other 'ceive the work, but simply to pay as every indi- 
piaces of business and general resort through- yoidual whose name is inserted should do. The 
out the country, particularly the West; as well; names of such will be inserted in Capitals in 
as exchanged for similar works published in j the alphabetical arrangement, by paying twenty 
other places, which are kept at the Directory j five ests, and an additional twenty-five, for 
Office for the use of such as have occasion to each insertion (if any) which is requisite to be 
refer to them. The suppott which it does re- made in the business arrangement — thus dis- 
ceive is, \tinguishinq them from others who (by their acts) 

1st. From Annual Subscriber?, who have* represent themselves to be unwilling to pay for that 
been and must necessarily continue to consti- ■ichich their own individual interest and the public 
tute its principal support. ' These pay two DOL- good requires. And, 

lars per year, for which thsir names and! 5th. From SPECIAL Advertisements, the 
card of address receive a conspicuous and; value of which in this work has become ?o een- 
very particular insertion, much more valu- orally known, that nothing need be said, except 
able to men of business than any other which that special pains will be taken to make them 
they can have distributed for the same amount.! still more valuable than heretofore. These are 
With each of these in the distribution of the; collected each and every year, and specimens 

work, a copy of each issue is left, and their sub- 
scription is payable when it is delivered. 

2d. From Subscriptions for a single? ear, 

of sizes, styles, prices &.c, exhibited in orper to 
meet the wishes of all. 






Little St. Geo. sales. 24 W. 2d, b. 64 

Little Tb.os.eng. w.s. 6th, above Baum 

Little Wo. M. elk. 19 Pearl, h. 73 Kem- 

Littlebury Tbos. confec. 2G4 W. Gth 

Littlefteld Albert H. music teacher, 280 

Littieiord Jno. (Bennett & L.) res. New- I 

Litzelberger Jacob, eof. h. 578 Walnut 

Litzler Nich. weav. 271 W. 3d 

Livtr Bernard, tailor, Clark, b. Piatt and 

Liver man Baray, tailor, 142 Pleasant 

Livermnnn Hy. lab. 27 13th 

Liverrnore Rev. A. A. minister, 59 Rich- 

Liverpool "Francis, 46 Race 

Liverpool Jno. barber, 5 Walnut, h. 48 

Liverpool Mary, 140 Pearl 
Livilnri Catharine, elk. 70 W. 3d 
Livilari Jno. B. confec- 70 W. 3d 
Livingston Edw. daguer. 517 V,". 3d 
Livingston J. J. bds. Bevis House 
Livinsrston Maria, painter, 2i<<» Webb 
Livingston Thos. elk. 12 E. 4th 
Lloyd Albert T. elk. 53 E. 3d 
Lloyd David, carp. 249 B'way, h. s. s. 

New, nr. Culvert 
Lloyd Jno. cigar inkr. 107 W. 5th 
Llovd Jno. -watchman, Canal, b. Elm & 

Lloyd. Mrs. Louisa, 110 Hopkins 
Liovd Mary, 116 Hopkins 
Lloyd Richd. b.k. 100 Baum 
Lloyd Wm. mould, s.s. Front, nr. Tine, 

Lontmann Frank, lab. Boal 

Lobe . s. i.e. Elm and 3d 

Lobec Barney, tailor, 203 W. Front 
Lobec Hy. tailor, 293 W. Front 
Lober Jno. lab. 54 Baum 
Lober Jno. lab. 35 Mohawk 
Lobert Christian, cooper. 676 Main 
Lobker Gerrard Hy. shoe mkr. 295 W. j 

Lock Elisha. mas. teach. 144 George 
Lock Jno. M. cof. h. 563 Vine 
Lockard Chas. O. (Rindskopf, Bros. & ! 

Co.) bds. Gibson H. N j 

Lockard 0. wh. dry goods, bds. Gibson 

J.I "Use 
Loekhart Eliz. b. folder, 167 Walnut 

T CCivH JOS. M. 

I , aunty i. chemist, 
-" 128 Walnut 

Lockley Jno. dray. 29 Poplar 
Loekman Harmon, lab. 58 Mohawk 
Locktuan Wm. S. mould. 14 William 
Lockner Fred. cof. b. 72 Mohawk 
Lockwood Alex. (L. Bros.) 15] John 
Lockwood Aug. hatter, 6? Pearl 
Lockwood Bros. (Lewis Daniel, Alex. & 
E?.ek. L.) auc. and com. mers. 25 

Lockwood Chasi elk. 25 Main 
Lockwood Danl. (L. Bros.) 87 E. 5th 
LOCKWOOD D. II. (Hy. Marks & Co.) 

h. Vine St. Hill, Clifton Avenue 
Lockwood Ezekl. S. (L. Bros.) res. New I 

LOCKWOOD Franklin T. (C. B. Gamp 

Ac Co.) twla. C. B. Camp 
Lockwood. Lewis, (L Bros.) Mt. Auburn j 
Lockweod T. hatter, bus. 79 W. 3d 
Lockwook Thos, finisher,bd3. 79 V.'. 3.1 
Lockwood Walter, salesiua», 12 Pearl, b. [ 

n.w.c. 4th and John 
Lockwood Wm. picture frame mkr. bds. \ 

.79 W. 3d 
Lockwood Wm. K. gold beater, 181 Wal- 1 

nut | 

Loder Benj. (W. <fc B. L.) 7th 
I L<hI..t Win. (W. & B. L.) 55 W 7th 
Loder W. & B. (Wm. ic Benj.) liquor i 

mm/.', 270 Main 
Lodge Ann M. 77 V,'. 4th 

Linit'ian Jer.lab. 72 Abigail 
Lintneohl Wm. wagon mkr. 691 W. Row 
Lining Hy. porter, 36 L. Market 
Lini'm'/i" Hy. lab. n.s, Front nr. Harri- 

s->n F'n 
Link Barbary, cap, mkr. 54 Pearl 
Wok C. sawyer, 515 E. Front 
Link Chas. printer, 100 J3tTs 
Link John, lab. 630 Race 
Linke Chas. bar. k- bds. s.w.c Vine and 

3d . . 

Linke Frank, cof h. 109 E. 2d 
Liukenst-.i'er John, lab. 566 Race 
Linn Fl -renee N*. b.k. e.s. Pike b 2d 

and 3d 
Linn Fat. wks. rolling mill 542 E. Front 
Linn Wm. 16 Hanibal 
Linnehold Wm. wagon mkr. 203 W. Lib- 
Linnen Jas. engineer, Augusta b. John 

and Smith 
Linnert John, boots and shoes, 201 Plum 
Linsenmeyer Christiana. H-i6 Walnut 
Lint John, tailor, 57 High 
LinterGeo. lab. 384 Walnut 
Lintner Fred, tailor, 638 Main 
Lintner Mich. lab. 99 Findlay. 
Linvihe Kinsman, teams. 125 Water 
Lion. Abram, Wots and shoes 259 W. 6th 
Lion Max. (I... Marks & Cm) 
Lipcott By. chair mkr. 37c- Sycamore 
Lipison Fred. lab. 63 Green 
Lipker Ilerirv, lab. 543 Svcamore 
Lipke.v Mrs. Caroline. 680 Main 
Lipkon Hannah, moulder, 526 Sycamore 
Lippencoti Edwin, pavmaster 0. & M. 

E.R. 65 \V.4th 
Lippert Jno. shoe mkr. 562 Race 
Lippn-:- PbMi;>, stone mason, 149 Everett 
1 iPOTt £DW8- 
I < teacher of <e!ect sumo', 
Xi aes.364W. Seventh 
Lippltt L- lab. 458 E. Front 
LippiiKUi B. tailor, 72 W. G'h 
Lipps Geo. coop. bds. 790 W. Row 
Lips Jno. machinist, bds. £25 W. Row 
Lipscomb Allen, porter, n.s. 7th, b. B'way 

and Culvert 
Lischerdno. lab. Walkers' brewery 
Lishawa Philip N. painter, 1006 Ham. 

Lishont g. Jab. 491 Race 
List Jos. river mev'. 298 W 6th 
Lister JnO. L.b. 24 Logan 
Listerson J. W. printer, bds. 38 E. 4th 
Lit Jacob J. pediar, 97 Longwomn 
Lite P., dray. s.s. York, b. Linn &. Piatt 
Litel France, lab. 6d Water 
L'telang Fred, lab. 709 W. Row 
Litchorshe Julius, carp. Fulton car w'ks. 

Lithurbury Jno. saw mill, s.e.c. Front &. 

Lomj-worth, h., b. Congress 

and Ludlow, F'n 
Lithurbo.ry Jno folk, smith shop, s. s. 

Front, b. Longworth and Broad, F'n 
Litmau Hy. oil mkr. 55 Woodward 
Littell Jl N. turner, 221 Fulton 
L'stHl Saml, S. elk. 18 and 19 P. Land- 

Ln<;. h. 403 John 
Littell Wm. 51. elk. 73 Kembie 
Litterding II. shoe mkr. 95 Pleasant 
Little Absalom, painter, 57 Observatory 

Little Ms. Catharine, 53 Mill 
Little Geo. 337 George 
Little Geo carp. n. s. Front, nr. Vine, 

Little Hy. blk. smith, 55 E. 5th 
Little Hy. dairy- man, 94 Mohawk 
Little Jas. dray. Sxi'S W. Row 
Little Jno. carp. n.s. 7th, b. North and 

Lit;!- Jno. elk. 20 W. 5th. h. 12 Mason 
Little Jno. (L. &. Schodel) Freeman 
Little Joseph, foreman foundry, Fulton 

car R-orlts, F'n i 

Little Miami It. 11. depot, s. s. Front, b. 

Lock and Ki'trour 
■"tt!e Otis B. elk. n.e.c. Elm and Court, Lodv ick '.; i '..•', paying teller, 23 W. 3d, j 



_ h. 33 Clark 
L'Ule .Perry, much. 31 Ellen 
Little 11 ,))(»rt, dray. 7 Stone 
Little & Schrode!, (Jno. L. &; Thco. S.) 
turners, 58 George 

res. Stbrra tp 
LODWICK M. W. (Kinney, Etipy &j 

Co.) b<ls. Spencer II. 
Loeb Jacob, printer, I OH Elm 

Locb L. mcr. tailor, 81 W. ?d, h. 208 Elro 

Loeb Mrs. 108 Mm 

Loeb Morita, groc. 180 W. Cent 

LOEB Sol, (kuhii, Netter & Co.) 72 

Lobenstein Sam. cloth storeroom, n w o 

Court and Maiu 
Locbniiz Ferdinand, cab. mkr. 2-.19 Free* 

Loebnitz Herman, cab. mkr. 229 Freeman 
Loeb Chas. butcher, 90 Findlay 
Loehling Jno. lab. 3J0 Race 
Loehi Chris. II. elk. 364 Main 
Lpelite Anthony, cof. h. 432 Sycamore 
Loep Solomon, 72 Centre 
Loer Matthias, tailor, 32 W. Court 
Loerciier J. F. tailor, 45r> Ehn 
Loesch Jno. bar k. 20 Allison 
Loesche Wm. elk. 501 Vine 
Loewenstine Jacob H. (M. L. & Son) 391 

Loewenstine Maurice, elk. 391 Main 
Loewenstien Moses, (M. L. & Son) 3!ll 

Loewenstien Moses & Son, (Moses L. & 

Jacob H. L.) clothiers, 391 Main 
Loewemstln Simon, exchaii^e ofhee 142 

Loewenstein Victor H. fGoldber<* 

32 K. 6th ' " 

Loftis Martin, lab. 223.W. Front 
Logan Hy. pedlar, 76 High 
Logan Mrs. Jane, Hopkins, b. Pis 

Logan Jno. tailor, 207 W. Row 
Logan Peter, cigars, 3S1 Vine 
T OliAX T'lilS. A. atty. 
I ; 7 law bldg. 3d E.. Main, 
-^ h. 323 Longworth 
Loge Jno. mould. 9 E. Liberty 
Logering Hy. inarh. 52Elm 
Logne Jno. dray. 25 Dublin 
LoUder A. jeweler, s.vr.c. 4th and Main 
Loheyde It. groc. 619 W. Row 
Loinnan C. II. (L. & Cordes) 297 Main 
Lobmau £z Gardes, clothier.-, 2.-9 Main 
Lohn.a.n Gerrard, cig. mkr. 7o Commerce 
Lohman Hy. cof. h. n.s. 6fch below Horn 
Lohman Jno. G. groc. 125 W. 2d 
Lohman Richd, p..rter,215 W. Front 
Lohman Anton, tailor, 4S4 Main 
Lohmatte Hy. cof. h. c. 8tli and Canal 
LohH Jno. tinner. 533 W. 5th 
Lohn Wm. tinner, 533 W. 5th 
Lohr Jno. If. (Lender & L.) 376 Main 
Lohrar Kasimir, cof. h. n. s. Front, nr. 

Lohrar Roman, elk. n.s. Front, r.i Mar- 
Lohreng Jos. plumber, 13 Hanover 
Loinsburgh Jno. coon. e.s. Culvert, h. 

5.">i i Main 
LolerJno. dray. Hi) Spring 
Loman Jno- La!a. Observatory, Mt. Adam.3 
Loman Kichd. porter, 215 W. Front 
Lomann Barnard, h\h. 526 Sycamore 
Bombers Bernaid, striker, 8 ila-iov-_r 
Lohby It. stone cuttei-,462 Klin 
Lomlwar Barimnl, L-J-. 11 Pendlet«»n 
L >ndv. e; Q araid, stone cutter, 55 Wood- 
Long Abhy,226 Longwortb 
| . (Ferguson & L.) 
iJ 387 J>.hn 
Long A. A. l>oat joiner, n.e.c. East and 

R. R. F'n 
Long Chas. baker, 28 W. 5th 
Loner Chas. lab. s. s. Maple, b. John and 

Lous Christian, cof h. 633 Race 
Long Christopher, tinner, 1 Monroe 
Long Clay burn, team. bds. 300 W. Pront 
Long Ktlwin, paii ter, 415 Lil erty 
Long Klizabeth Vr :\-2 W>4th 
Long Frank, cooper, 'i'*> Spring 
Longileo. ctxvp. 3. s. Brighton, b. Har- 
rison road and Bank 
Long (Jeo. groc. 67 A . kil 
Long Geo. teach. 251 Catharine 
Long Gibson, draj . 26 Orchard 
Long II.v. L J7 W. 7th 
Long Hy. flnish. -Ji Observatory road 
Long Jno. cof. h. 7-J4 W. Kow 
Long Jno. cof. h. fl.e.C Walnui and 



jDovotocl to -£lxo 

Jmi| %i z liutal BMm, fitemtaa, Jhjrralhm nn'tr @mnl intelligence. 



No. 78 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

!y Sun, J. S. McCormick, pub., 19 

ft e \v •» p a p c r A g e si c y . 

Parvin Sylvester H., 80 w. 4th. 

Newspapers ;».«& Periotllcrtis. 


Cincinnati Daily Columbian, S. S. Rowe, prop., 

Dollar Wee) 
w. 4th. 

Dollar Times, C. W. Starbuck & Co., publish- 
ers, 46 Pearl. 

Rome Journal, Alf. Burnet, ed., C. F. High- 

W. B. Shattuek ed.,3d, b. Walnut and Viue.l Merger, publisher, 164 w. 5th. 

Cincinnati Daily Enquirer. H. H. Robinson &jl&faehte, Isaac M. Wise, eel., Block & Co, 
Co., publishers, 88 Slain. I publishers, 43 e. 3d, c. Sycamore. 

Cincinnati Daily Times, Calvin W. Starbuck &:Jotirnal and Messenger, J. L. Batchelder, pub- 
Co., publishers, 40 Pearl. I llsher > c - Yine and Centre. 

Daily Cincinnati Commercial, M. D. Potter &jteter Sheet Price Current, Wm. Smith, pub- 
Co., publishers, n. w. c. 3d and Sycamore. | llsher ' College Hail. 

Daily Cincinnati Gazette, Cincinnati Gazette| L!bert y Holland Gazette, Cincinnati Gazette 
Co., publishers, n. e. c. 4th and Vine. | Co -> P^bhsliers, n. e. c. 4th and Vine. 

Daily Sun, J. S. McCormick, publisher, 19 w „Presbytenan o{ the West, Rev. J. E. Monfort, 
4th, | ed. and publisher, 74 w. 4th. 


'Railroad Record, E. I>. Mansfield, *f 

Wrightson & Co., publishers, 167 Walnut. 
German Republican, Charles F. Schmidt, pub-jStar in the West. Rev. Geo. W. Quinby, ed. 

hsher, 21 e. 3d. and publisher, 76 w. 4th. 

The Volksblatt, Stephen Molhtor, publisheraWeekly Enquirer, II. PI. Robinson & Co., pub- 

Laale buildings. | ij gherSj 83 Main. 

The Volksfreund, Jos. A. Heman, publisher, c. Western Christian Advocate, Methodist Book 

Vme 8 m ! Concern, publishers, s. w. c. Main and 8th. 



Cincinnati Gazette, Cin. Gazette Co., publish-', 
ers, n. e. c. 4th and Vine. 


Christian Apologist, Methodist Book Concern, 
publishers, s. w. c. Main and 8th. Rev. Wm. 
Nast, D. D., ed. 

^Cincinnati Volksfreund. J. A. Hemann,pub!isl 
er, c. Centre and Vine. 

Shattuek ed., Columbian buildings, n. 

b. Walnut and Vine. Deborah, Block & Co., publishers, 43 e. 3d, c. 

WEEKLY (English.) Sycamore. 

American Nation, P. C. Brown & Co., publish-jGerman Republican, Charles F. Schmidt, pub- 

ers, s. e. c. 3d and Sycamore. I Usher, 21 e. 3d. 

Catholic Telegraph and Advocate, John P. Hoehwaechter, F. Hasaurek, ed., 4 w. Court. 

Walsh, publisher, 170 Sycamore. jVolksblatt, S. Molitor, publisher, Eagle build- 

Central Christian Herald, Rev. C. E. Babb, ings. 

editor, 2S w. 4th. Wabreits Freund, Anthony Bockling. ed., J. 

Christian Age, f I . S. Bosworth &. Co.. publish-] A. Hemann, publisher, c." Vine and Centre. 

ers, s. \v. c. 8th and Walnut. Zeitblaetter, published by the Protestant Wid- 

Cincinnati Price Current, Wm. Smith, pub- 
lisher, College Hal!, (Merchant's Exchange) 
Walnut b. 4th and 5th. 

Dollar Weekly Columbian, S. S. Rowe, prop.. 

ow s Association, n. e. c. 8th and Main. 


Christian Sunday School Journal, fl S. Boo- 
W. B. Shattuek ed., Columbian buildings, worth & Co.," publishers e. w. c. 8th and 

3d b. Walnut and Viae. j Walnut. 

Doliar Weekly Commercial, M. D. Potter ^'.'.Lord's Counterfeit Detector, T. W. Lord, pub- 
lisher, 17 w. 3d. 

Co.) pun., c. 3d and Sycamore, 



; k 


Long Jno. shoe mkr. bd3. 41 





Long Jno. shoe mkr. n. s. Front, b. 

Washington and Liberty 
Long Jps, porter, 69 YV. 5th 
Long J- P. lab. 9 Pleasant 
Long J. W- lo2 Congress 
Lonsr Louis, cab mkr. 12 Gano, h. 4<°6 


Long Lou in, watch mkr. 53 P. Landing 

Long Peter, lab. 418 Linn 

ton :' Pat, 293 John 

Long Richard, teacher, 113 W. 3d 

Long Eobt. dray. 493 Sycamore 

Long Root, blk. smith, res. Rockland 

Long Trios bar k. 5- Findlay 

Long Wm. bds. 455 W. 5th 

Longe M. lab. 537 E. Front 

Longe Wm. II. tailor, 52b' Sycamore 

Longenatti Anthony, confec. 317 Vine 

Langenet , carp. 15 Catharine 

Longenohl Aug. carp. bis. 1:25 W. 2d 
Longer Fred. bk. layer, 18 Madison 
Longer Fred, tanner, Pleasant, b. Find- 
Lay arid Elder 
Longeseh Louts, jewlr, bds. Evens* Hotel 
Loii<rt>iiovvvSam!, A. belt mkr. 9o Clinton 
Longhelnger Ernst, lab. 520 Elm 
Lone lot Dan I. finish. 592 Main 
LONG LEY Alex. (L. Bros.) 341 George 
LONG LEV Elias, 341 George 
I 0>. :, iLE\", BROS. (Elias, Septimus 
| i 11- Survetus. Oyrenius &z Alexand.) 
J -* editor? and pub. 168 b. Vine 
LQNOLEY Cyrenius, «.e.c. 5th & Stone 
TaYNGL.K-Y Septimus il. 143 George 
LONGLEY Snrrttu-:;, IQ6}£ Vine ' 
-Longueeker Abrahfom, earp. 174 Longr 

Lbngre Earliart, stone mason, 367 Linn 
Longshore Abaer, mail a-jt. 1.S3 W. 2d 
Longshore Eiienor, 159 W. Front 
Longshore Jas. carp. 267 Poplar 
Longshore Jas. dep. sheriff, s.s. Front, b. 

Elm and Plum 
Longshore Mary A. b.h. 183 W. 2d 
Longstreet Ey. cab. mkr. 20 Clinton 
Longstreet S. 11. cab. mkr. 466 John, h. 

20 Clinton 
Longstreet Wm. 263 Cutter 


I . Pike,. 

b. Symmes and 5th 
Lonkerhein Fred. bras3 finisher. 

Lontzer Hy. cof. h- 804 W. Front 
Looker Hy. car. mkr. 30 Elizabeth 
Looker Wm. R. paint. 195 W. 3d, h. 283 

Lookhouse Lewis, (Lewis & Co.) bds. 

s.w.c. Linn and Laurel 
Loomis Barney, carp. e.s. Park, b. 2d <fc 

W. W. Canal 
1 G0MIS & fiAMPBELL, (Moses I). 
I i V. , L. & Wm. II. C.) gun powder 

Lorenze Ily. lab. 20 Dunlap 
Lorenz Jos. carp. 115 W. Liberty 
Lorentz Jos. cab mkr. 81 Sycamore, h. 

115 Liberty 
LoriUy. lab. s.s. Harrison road,b. Riddle 

and Division 
Loring A. T. carp. 150 W. 3d 
Lbrifig David, 133 W. 4th 
Loring L. Palet, 133 W. 4th 
Loring Jno. tinner,h. 30 Mohnwk 
Loring Mich, tailor, 179 Bay miller 
Loring W. J. bark. 6ti Laurel 
Lorinze Matline, tailorcss, 709 W. Row 
Lorman Gerrard. carp. 40 Webb 
La-tie Erlw. coufec. 402 Main 
Lorton Jno. bds. s.w.c. Vine and 3d 
Lonvig Frank, lab. n.w.c. Kiigotir 

Losakaiap Geo. lab. 33 Buckeye 
Losekarup liy. bds. s.e-c. B'vvay 

Losekamp Thos. stonecutter, 497 R-nce 
Loskehine Jno. w.s. Butler, b- Congress 

and Syinmes 
Loth Geo. cof. h. n.s. 6th, b. Harriet and 

| Loth Ily. tailor, 126 Ham road 

i Loth Mich. cof. h. 79 Dudley 

i Loth Philip, cutter, 69 Main 

i Lotman Francis, 56 Boal 

; Lots Otto, cof. h. s.s. 6th, nr. Freeman 

: Lottier S. S. tobacconist, bds. Madison h. 

j Lots Ervest, brk. mkr. 195 Everett 

i Lotz Hy. whitewasher, 25 Mercer 


j, hot air furnaces, 219 Walnut, 



r fu 
h. 5 Jackson 
| Lotzman David, Pine, b Cedar and Clark 
; Louber Jno. D. dray. 37 Cedar 
! Loucke Frank., harness mkr. 89 Main 
Louderback M. J. confec. 59 E. 4th 
; I , confectionery, 

I XJ 332 W. 5th 

j Louder Jno. baker, n.s. Front, b. Market 
and Harrison, Fhi 
Louderman L. 47 Congress 
LOUCHE AD Edw. R. (Hiukle, Guild & 

Co.) 301 Richmond 
Loughry Jno. printer, Columbia office 
Lougle Jos. lab. Front, b. Rice and Wal- 
nut. F'n 
334 | Lougnbaen Chas. cof. h. 34 E. Front 
iLouinstan 11. M. 32 E. 6th 

j Louis , elk. 263 Main 

Louis Adolph. (wines, liquors and cigars, 

22 E. 2d. h. 525 W. 5th 
Louis Jacob, pedler, 91 George 
Louis Sam!, teacher, 216 Plum 
Louk Mrs. Mary, shoe binder, 129 Everet 
Louman Lizzie, 571 Main 
Loundsbick Gustar, elk. 117W. 5th 
Louusbury G. II. elk. 62 VV 4th 
Lounsbury Jus. mate, 1HG Laurel 


agts and native wines and liquors Loup Chas. stone cutter, 198 Linn 
23 Main _ ; Laurie Glo. pattern finisher. 3H4 W 

Loomis Frank, paint. 137 Avenue 
Loomis Geo. carp. 70 12th 
Loomis Harris, stitcher, 33 W. 7th 
LOOMIS Moses D. VV.'(L. £c Campbell,) 

4-9 W. 5th 
LoomLs Samuel, stone cutter, bds. 614 

Loon Hy. tailor, Observatory, Mt. Adams 
Loon Wm. tailor, Observatory, Mt., Adams 
| 0OS GiU 
] i clothing store, 
JJ 601 Vine 

Loose Jno. tab. w.s. 6th, above Baum 
Lootz A. tinner. 5 Jackson 
Loper Pat lali. w.s. Sixth, above Baum 
Lord Ami, cik. n'.w'.q. 5ch and Vine 
Lord Catharine, 94 Ketta 

LORD & CO. (Tims. W. L. &Thos. K. 
Police,', bonkers and ex;, brokers, 17 
W. 3d 
LORD liy. € . (L. & Wright) 142 Lhn 
Lord Thoa. agtrVS? W. 5ch 
LORD I h 03. W. pub. counterfeit detector 
17 VV. 3d, h. 178 W. Row 

LOUD & WRIGHT. (Hy- C. L. & 
Dan!. T. Wright,) attys- Columb- 
ian bidgs, 3d, b. Walnut & Vine 


Love David, elk. 8 Walnnt, bds. 28 Com- 
Love David, dray. 13 Pearl, h. 154 E. 

Loveley James, trimmer, bds. 194 Syca- 
Lovell John D. (O. L- &. Co.) 64 W. 9th 
Lovell Oliver, (O. L. <fc Co ) res Clifton 
Lovell O. &. Co. (Oliver L. & John D. L-) 

painters, 43 E. 2d 
Lovell O. S. (Gordon & Co.) res Glendale 
Lovell Thos. elk. 136 W. 5th. bds 553 5th 
Lovell Thos. jeweler, n.w.c 5th it Race 
j Lovett Thos lab,22 Dublin 

f OViE & BAUL'iti.E (Hy- L. &c chas. 

i I . B.) wood engravers, designers aud 
-"-* draughtsmen, 15 W. 3d 

Lorenze Chas. tailor, n.vy.c. Ficdlay and 



! LOVIK Ily. (L. &. B;uierle) res. Clinton 
j Loving Lucy, washerwoman Stone alley 
j b7 Webb and 4th 
j Lovin- William, waiter, Stone alley b 

WVbband 4th 
I Lowa Herman, lab. 6th b. Harriet and 
j C:irr 

" Lowd.-n Jno. paver, Mt. Adams 

Lowe Conrad, foreman in hinge foundry 

n.w.c Canal am! VValmit 

Lowe David P. (Bateman is. L.) 71 IL 
kin 3 

Lowe Jas. foreman 14 1 Waluat, h. 393 

Lowell Hy. 64 Cei.ter 
Lowell Mary, seams. 72 W. 2d 
Lowen L. cap. mkr. 169 Main 
Lower Abr. 45 Clinton 
Lower Lorenz, carp. 276 Ham Road 
Lowery Margaret, cdf.h. 77 W 
Lowtry Munroe, 72 Clark 
Lowman Abrm. (J. L. &. Bros.) H8 Afaiu 
Lowman Isaac, (J. L. & Bros.) re-. Si. 

Lowman Jas. (J. I,. & Bros.) 174 W Id 
Lowrnau J. fc Bros. (Jas., Abram & 

Isaac L,) furnishiug goods,) 108 

Mam " 

Lowner S. D. mach. 76 E. Front 
Lowrey Mrs. Ellen, 3.3 Dublin 
Lowrey W r m. J. mer. 354 VV. 7th 
Lowry A. 129 Loitgworth 

I , not. pub. 31 VV. 3d 

■" h. 19 George 

Lowry Saml. jr. b,k. 24 W. 2d h 10 

George ' 

Lowry Virginia, b.h. 143 Long worth 
Lowry Mm. J. elk. 140 Main 
Lowth Hy. 04Betts 
Lowt!) John, c.u-p. 94 Betts 
Lowtb Phillip, tailor, 94 B^tta 
LoyUl II. b.k. I,b2 Baum 
Loyier David, fitiisber, lr<l W °d 
LozSsha.IL tailor, 36 Pleasant' * 
LubbaM. VV. rear 9 F. Libertw 
Lubbermann Gregory, groe. 430 Watairt 
Lucan Ily. tailor, 28 I Linn 
Lucus.J Hlja, dress mkr. 158 r^arl 
Lucliell Mich, locksmith, 110 w. 5th 
Luchcr Jos. cutter, 347 Main 
LuchtcA. shoe mkr. 245 Clark 
Luce John, moulder, o! Liberty 
Luck Thos. tanner, w.s. Avenue b Bank 

and Harrison Road 
Luck Wm. 31 U W. 6th 
Ltecfcmg Joseph, engineer, 401 W 7th 
I UCh,MA.\XPiIiJJJ]', 
I , mer. tailor 

n.e.c W. Ro w . nn< \ p ront 
Lucky N. F. brk layer, 121 Laurel 
Luco Wm. barber Farlow House 
Lucre Ira, 167 Walnnt 
Lucamber Jos. !al>. 934 Ham Road 
Luddecke Chas. cab mkr. 31 Welter 
Ludden Wm. 439 W.gth 
Ludica Chris, >-tl Hunt 
Ludlow B.-nj. brk. mason 18 Grant 
Ludlow Ellen, wld ,<w, 97 E. 3d , 
Ludlow Stephen C. 3,-6 VV. 7th 
Ludlow Wm. D. (Wm. D. L. & Cc.) bd? 

Walnut gt Home ' 

Luda Ily. b.k. 35 !Vw f <y 
Ludwig Chas. brush mkr. 456 Walrat 
Ludwick John, 27 W. K'.th 
Ludwick John, irarr'.ner, s.s. Liberty 
Ludwsg Chas F. carp. 137 Hopkins 
Luclwig Mrs. 5I:iria,64 Run Road 
Ludwig Phillip, tmlor.359 Ham Road 

L *$$S225 

Luetticke litnrjvconltec, 26S If .in 
Lubmann Geo. II. carp, 12 Mercer 
LI.HN Jno. II. (j. |I. L. L. Bro.) res Mt 


T UilN J. H. &. r.RO 

J, (Jno. II. & Jno, vv. L.) 

mer. tailors, ti B. 5th 
LUSNJno. VV, (J. H. L . ic Bro.) res 

Mi. A.' 
Luhribg Wm. shoe shop. 242 W. 3-1 
Lnhrnann Ily. W. shoe store, u.e.c 15Lb 

and Race 
Luken Barney, carp. 179 Hopkins 
Lukon Barney, shoe mkr. 135 \Y. Froal 
Luken Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Abigail 
Luker Fred, wagon mkr. a a. ^tb b 
Bbvay and Sycinu re 
| Luken Geo. lah. 179 Hopkh I 
| Luken Geo. lab. Front, b. ttice x-.J Wal- 
nut Vn 

] UKJsN-JN'0. II. 

I I mer. tab »r --5 Usia 
| 1J h. 32 Mlier 

LUKEN Jno, Q. (L, &. RikbcUi m Z. 
Walnut lldis 



Sabbath School Missionary, Union Chapel Sab 
bath School, 7th street. 

Presbyterian Witness, Samuel Findley, pub- 
lisher, 119 w. 5th. 

Sunday School Advocate, Methodist Book Con- 
cern, s. vv. c. Main and 8th. 

Type of the Times, (n. journal of writing end 
BpeiHog reform) Longley Bros., publishers, 
168J Vine. 

United States Ban£ Mirror, Paddock & Co., s. 
e. c. 3d and Walnut. 


American Christian Review, Rev. Benj. Frank- 
lin, ed. and publisher, 60 w. 4th. 

American Medical and Surgical Journal, Drs. 
S. H. Potter, E. H. Stockwell and J. E. 
Kent, editors and publishers, c. 4fh and Vine. 

Buchanan's Journal of Man, Dr. J. R. Buchan- 
an, n. w. c. 4th and Sycamore. 

United States Bank Mirror, Paddock & Co., 
publishers, s. e. c. 3d and Walnut. 

Cincinnati Medical Observer, Drs G. Menden- 
hall,J. A- Murphy and E. B. Stevens, eds., 
E. B. Stevens, publisher, 130 Richmond. 

Eclectic Medical Journal, R. S. Newton, ed. 
and publisher, 90 w. 7th. 

Ladies Repository, Methodist Book C 

Western Lancet, T. Wood, M. D., editor and 
proprietor, Ohio Medical College, e. s. Cth, 
b. Vine and Race. 

Youth's Friend, Longley Brothers, publishers, 
168J- Vine. 


Quarterly Review, Methodist Eook Concern, 
.. biishers, s. w. c. Main and 8th. 

Dental Register, James Taylor, M. D., D. D. 
S., editor and publisher, 59 w. 4th. 

Western Medical News, Drs. R. S. and O. E. 
Newton, editors and publishers, 87 vv. 7th. 


Cincinnati Directory, C. S. Williams, publish- 
er, 194 Walnut. 


Birney Jas., Manchester Building. 

Carpenter Samuel S., WortUington's Building. 

Clemmer Jacob H., c. Main and 7th. 

Dengler Francis X., 4 Lee's Building, Court. 

b. Main and Walnut. 
Dickson Win. M., Chase's Building. 
Douglass Jno. G., n. e. e. 4th and Main. 
Empson Dan'l R., 6 Meline Building, 99 w. 3d. 
Freon J., n. w. c. 8th and Main. 

■ijUtiico Avt'pusi Lui-y , jicim/uioi juu»js\ v>011.Cem, ;» •■ — ■•■ - •» **• — — - 

lord's Counterfeit Detector, T. W. Lord, pub- Gibbons Jos. G., 35 w. 3d. 

lisher, 17 w. 3d. iGitchell Jas. M., 120 Main. 

ifatonic Review, Cornelius Moore, editor and^Iilts Chas., 22 w. Court. 

publisher, 117 Walnut. |Hor*on Benj.. 123 Main. 

Missionary Advocate, Methodist Book Concern, Jackson J. P., Hart's Building, 4th, b. Main 

publishers, s. w.c. 8th and Main. and Sycamore. 

Moore's Western Ladies Book, Mr. A. and Mrs. Jones & Ware, 23 w. 3d. 

H. G. Moore, 319 w. 3d. \Long Alexander, Bank Buildings. 

National Magazine, Methodist Bouk Concern^Lynn & Ladd, 2 Mechanics Institute. 

publishers, s. w. c. 8th and Main. iMcDougal Jos., Jr., 20 w. 3d. 

Newton & Sanders Journal of Progressive Med-jMi Her Francis W. 35 w. 3d. 

icine, Science and Invention, Drs. R. S.jMoormann J. B., 20 w. 9th. 

Newton and J. Milton Sanders, 90 w. 7th. jSkinner Ralston, Chase's Building. 
Odd Fellows Literary Casket, Turner & Gray,VViiliams Wm. G., 8th, b. W. Row and Plum. 

(Columbian Building) 62 W. 3d. |Avery Jno. L. Crane Thurston Sullivan P. J. 

iBensori J. S. 
! Coles Stephen 
iCouktii) Truman 

Darr Jos., Jr. 
Graves T. H. 
Lea J oh i 

Stuart Jno. M. 
Van II am in Alex. 

No. 21?. Sixth Street MaTket Space, Cincinnati, 0., 



From Cheviot Gardens, Harrison Eoad. 


Nurseries, Seedsmen audi Florists. 

Craicr Kdmond, 212 w. 6th. 

Pair Jno ; P. & Co., 40 and 42 L. Market. 

Evans Wm., 3 vv. 4th. 

McCullnuah Jas. M*. 162 Main. 

McAvoy Daniel 

Oil Cloth manufacturers. 

Sawyer M. & Co., 312 Cutter, store 8 College 

Kchwenker F. W., 579 Walnut. 
Bnowdeo & Otte, 21 w. 4th. 

Oil (Castor) manufacturers. 

Wood Win. & Co., n. s. Court, e. of Broadway. 
Oils aud Turpentine. Dealers. 

(See also Druggists.) 

Bartlett B. 2S w. Front. 

Oil (Lubricating; or Engineer's.) 

Chappell Wm. P. & Co., 15 e. Front. 
Luiiluw Wm. D. 

Oil (!Von Gelatinous Lard.) 

Fee Wm. R. & Bro., 19 e. Front. 





Luken Jr;o. J, elk. 263 Main 

Lnken Joseph, lab. w.s. W: Bow b Maple 

and York 
Luken Jos. (Brans & L.) 66 L. Market 
I , (Jno. Q. L. & Jno. G. R.) 
-* J tailors 363 Main 
Lumens Chas. furniture car, 162 Oliver 
Lukena John. elk. 89 W. Court 
Lull Jno. B brk. mason, h. 150 Livings- 

Lalruan Hy. 
Lulman Reb 
Lumu'een K 
Luxnhas ITy. 
Luii: ley Mr: 

elk. 522 W. 13th 
;eca,dry <ioods. 22 13th 
ite,7D9 \V. Row 

wiiion mkr. 28 Cherry 
Mary Ann, talloreas 65 


Lurnley Robt. 287 Longivorth 
Lurnley Win. brk. layer, 58 14th 
Lummis John, cooper 91 Spring 
LUMSDEN Saml. (S. & W. L-)451W, 


learner and findings 
216 Main 

LUMSBEN Wm. (S. &: W. L.) 451 W. 

7 th 
LuD'iv P. carp. 90 W. Row 
T l r NDY WILLIAM, gold pen mkr. 
! , n.w.c. 5ch and Walnut b.2±2 Long- 
1J Worth 

Lunebrink Fi el- cooper. 33 Webster 
Lunir.a-& Co. (Frank L. & Fred. L.) 

10th ward house, 497 Main 
Lnning Frank, 'L. <fc Co.) 497 Main 
Luniug Hv. (J. <fc II. L.) 4«9 Main 
Lutiuig J.'s. (J. 3c H. L.) 499 Main 
Laning J. 6c II. nier taitera 499 Main 
tuning J. <k II. (Jos. &. Henry L.) tail- 
ors, 110 E. 2-1 
Lanmg ?. clothing, 159 Hopkins 
Lacing Miss T. milliner, 121 W. 5th 
Lujkenheimer Fred, brass moulder 453 

LUPTON David B. Sec. Cin. &. Chicago 

R.R. 1'. 6 W. 4th, h. 178 W. 4th 
LUPTOX Jas. (Latimer, Coiburn & L.) 

bds. 17* W. 4th 
Larck Bernard, n. s. Front nr, Keiley 

Lnren Fred, brush' mkr. 211 Walnut 
Lurin^Hy. musician over 538 Main 
Lujbv & Co. (Wm. L. & Wm Hill) cof.h 

21 W. Court 
Lusby Wm. (L. & Co.) 21 W. Court 
Luschuert Jacob, lab. 586 Elm 
Lu3h John, caulker, s.s. Front nr. Mar- 
ket F'n 
Lush Matildas, lab. 61 Buckeye 
Lusher Hy. lab. n.e-c. Elm &. Find'nv 
Lusk Rob. carp. 'Front b Rice and Wal- 
nut Fn 
Lnsker John, tirzy. 678 Main 
Luster Chas. engineer, s.w.c Race and 

Luster Leftis, 44 L : nn 
lathenhiEeLl lab. 3d? W. Liberty 


LYTF, CHAS. steward Commercial 
Hospital, n.s. 12ih b. W. Row and 
Plum pital 

Lyls John M. brk layer, hds. Com. Hos- 
, Lyman G. W. architect, 36J W, Bib. 
j Lyman Hy. lab 40 Logan 
i Lynah Jno. F. (Reman & L.) 

Lynan John, carp. 67 Richmond 
; Lynch C has. brass fin. n.s. 5th. b. John 
! and Smith 

■ Lynch Mrs. Harriet, dross mkr. w.s. 
North b. New 5c 6th 
Lynch Jeremiah, millrighfc, n.w.c Dudley 
and Poplar 
i Lynch Jno. A. lavr studt. 14 Selves' blcg 

h. 240 Richmond 
j Lynch J„c ] ^, lab. 20 Commerce 

Lynch M. pedlar, s.s. 15:h, b. Race and 
i Elm 

j Lynch Mich. D. groc. n.e.c W. Row & 
Lynch Mich. lab. 327 BVay 
Lynch Mich. lab. 592 E. Front 
Lynch Mich, shoe mkr. n.s. Front, b 

Washington &. Liberty 
Lynch M ; ch. lab. Ilicrh b Washington & 

Lynch Peter, lab. 374 Sycamore. 
! Lynch Thos. lab. s.s. 7th ar. Culvert 
| Lynch Thos. printer. 29 W. 5th 

McAroy Geo. elk. n.w.c. Walnut and 4tb 
MeArthur Andrew, 2d hand lx<ok Stow. 

100 W. 6th " 

Mc Arthur Andrew J. elk. 100 W. 6th 
McAitiiur Paul. 4:7!) W. 7th 
McArthur J. M. prop. Bank bldg. u.e.C. 

3d and Main, res. Jamestown 
McARTHUR Pat. (P. McA. ic Co.) 16* 

W. 4 th 

M'ARTffUBP, & CO. (Pat. McA, & 
IS Thos. Mack) wh. silk & fan. goods 
^ - 20 Pearl 

McArthur Peter R. M. elk. 124 Main 
McAteer Jno. dray. Sycamore Hill 
McAuhifJno. baiter, 12'< Main, bus. fti 

McAuhiTWm. elk. 185 Main, bis. Mrs. 

McA voy Bernard, packer, 12 W. 8th, h. 

290 John 
McAvoy Frank, lab. 221 Everett 
McAroy Dar.l. seedsman.) 11 E. 5th 
McAvoy Peter T. bk. b. 25 W. 4th 
MeBlRNEY Hugh, (War.n & McB.) 119 

Si mines 
Mc 1 S ir n ey T . h . 1 1 9 Sym m es 

litho-r.-iph.-r, 14 W. 4th 
h. 15S ^v. 8m 

M^-Bridti Art! 

la'.. 411 W. 2;1 

LYND Staughton, (Snow & L.) 181 W. | BfoBrkto & Bench. (II. R. McB. Sc Thos. 

D'.h j B.) land .agency, n. v..c Cth and 

Lynen John, carp. 137 Cutter i Walnut 

Lynn A. E. bds. Walnut St H-mse | McRride Dr.vid, pilot, 2 F6 Water 

LYNN Jas. E. ( L. k Ladd,) res Coving- ' ]| T ' j ; ! 1 1 ! * K & } I A MM A It, I Wn. . D. 

to?) j jv'I 5icb. & Francis Ilatnmar,) com. 

T YiS T N & LADP, -Bttya. at law, not?, i X ' K merchant^ 52 Walnut 
j , public and brokers. 2 Mechanics" : McRrido il. It. (McB. & Beach.) 135 W. 
x - 1 Institute I 0th 

Lyon & BfcU, (Hamilton L- & Jas. Beil.) : MeBride J. mould. 384 Walnut 

steam engine builders, n-w.c. Lock : McBride Jas. pilot, 138 Bare 

and3d " j Tl,f 'MtlM bAAll'EL, 

Lvon Mrs. E. D. 92 W. 9th I |1 jdlot, 

Lyon Hamilton (L- & Bell,) Symmss X. i XJL 2)6 Water 

| McBRTBE Wm. D. (McB. & Hamnar^ 
I 4\"i th-'cman 

McBurnie Thos. com. mer. 54 P. Land- 
ing, h. 168 BVav 


U lecher store, 
Jjt 359 -Main 

McCabe Barney, n.e.c John and Elisa- 
McCabe Ellen, IxJs. 181 Plum 

. e.s. Sycamore, b. 7tb 

cutler and tailors' shears manuf. 

m e. 5th 

LuUey Saml. candy mkr. 40 Main 
fcutkenhotr Jno. drv coods. 24- W.Gtb 
Lutreken Lewis, (Mueller &L.j Walnut 

b. Liberty ic Allison 
Luttmar Jo<. Ri Madison 
Lutton Rob. stove moulder. 3 5 4 Walnut 
Lutwig Mrs. Louisa, 29 Eani-ilin 
Lutz Fred- printer, n.e.c. 6th and Main 
Lata Henry, b.k. B'-ay Hotel 
Lntz Hy. bar. !:. 453 Main 
Lutas Jly. stone cutter, 54 1 .' Plum 
Lata John, shoe mkr. 2D3 Liberty 

Jj cof. house 

*-* 453 Main 

fcutj! Jn,,. ccuper, 175 W. Liberty 

l.utz V ;. T , groc. 40 Find^y 

Lata Phillip. 621 -Race 

Luxenbirrg t Peter, lab. 3.S- Gib b. lit.-- 

rietand H^rn 
Lnytilaar John, seston. 548 Walnut 
Luxins I'hilb'p, barber. 63 Court 
Lyden M. B.jrroc. 376 W. Front 
Lyena Mrs. Jeaneth, 107 S.a-unore 
ty«a8 JL elk. 29 B'way 

of M. Canal 
1 Lyon Jas. confec. 364 Walnut 
Lyon Jas. J. constable. 211 W. 7th 
Lyon Jno. shoe store, 175 W. 9th 
Lyon John, shoe mkr. 2C5 W. Row 
Lyons Abrm. ice dealer, 29 P. Landing 

bds.' Spencer House 
Lyons El.v. watchman', 178 High 
Lyons John, boatman, 85 W. Row 
Lyons Jas. tailor, Manchester's bldg 
Lyons John, carp. 323 Kemble 6th : MeCab* Felix, 

Lyons J. M. elk. 28 W. 3d, bds. 296 W. \ <5c 8th 

Lyons Mich. Lab. 427 W. 2d | McCa'>c Francis, porter, n.w.c. Vine k 

Lyons Mich, iron worker, b is. S2-caniore ' S jcond 

2<i dooa- beloiv- 6rh ! McCalie IluRh, lab. 30 Dublin 

Lyons Pat. dray. 312 Congress j MeCnix; J. 860 W. Row 

Lyons Pat. mach. bis. 192 Svcamore ' McChIvq J. C.- salcgraaa, 9 L. Market 
Lyeu.s Simon, (J. II. Herashainer & C'O Mcl^tl^J Jno. W. b.V. g . w . C . 7th and 

7 E. 7-ch M iir\ McCabe Mary, 144 W. 3d Wm. lab. s.s. 8th b. Svcamcreand McCabe «>.ven, envtman, 336 John 
Lyons M, teams. 1 14 Mrt'abe Peter, .'river, 144 W. 3d 

Lvps Valdelin. tailor, 542 E. Front i SlcCiitferty Mathew, blk. smith, 81 Co:o- 

Lvsle Jas. R. sren. b.k. 0. L. I. & T. Co. nicrce 

re<3 Alt. M< r -' ^ry Owen. bib. 143 Clark 

Lytle And. D. daguerreotypes, 83 W.4th McCain Malvina, s.s. Frent, b. Washing* 

h. 268 Eemble ; r ,n :,ri ' ) liilierty 

LYTIJS Wm. H. (Haines, T, d 1 & L.) b. McCail A h 

e.s. Lawrence, b. 3d and 4ch 

: mm 

•\ w. 

McAllister Chas. Bhce mkr. bds. 

McAllister Jas. 343 Elm Elm 

McAllister Jno. s.s. George, b. Race and 
McAllister Jno, white urasher, Io> : W.Pth 
McAOist'jr Mich. sroc. store, 72 W. L»«l 
McMHster IM. 371 W. 2d 

jp. Front, b. Rice, and 
V, nhuit, F'n 

McCalii.e Pan), gas mkr. s.e.c. Smith Ac' 
Se.-„ui (J/'n 

Mcf all Davbl, ran 1 - n.s. Front, r.r. Ea>< 
McCatl Jas. K. elk. 222 Sycamore 
McCALL Jno. (Pollock <t McC) 12 

McCallJno. E. b.k.' 88 Main, bds. 22S 
Xycain ore 

McCull Jno. \\'. Lab. Cm. tvpc f,.und. 
MrCall Oliver C. elk. 2 J 2 Sycamore 
McQall Thos. lab. B5 Water 

McAllister Wm. tailor, s.s. Front, near McCallWm. cli». 222 Sy«iamore (4th 

Lun g worth, F'n • M^Call Win. A. dk. 93 Ma.n, Mi 01 *. 

MeAlphi, fireman, 29 Ff^hawaj : McCammal G.«o. elk. Sj CongcoM, bd*. 

McAly/in .\ndr--:. malwg. d\der, Rirt 398 W. 6th m , 

,W dnnt, h. fill W.8tb Mcfl UIMM, Urn. (O^o. M : v ft < >•) 

MeALPING.W. (Jno. >V. EU|4| 4. C i.) ItcCamon Juo- e vrp.^w-c.Cliiit a *-*-l 
h. 304 Vine Cutter, h. 131 ifopkitu 

McAlpinWm. 149 W. U->w McC a-mon Jno. elk. iM'J > I ^ t '« h - ■ r -*' 

McAmot Jos. pilot, 147 W. Front W. 6th 

McAudrew Thos. porter, M Walnut, h. 
127 W. Front 

McArotlc Edw. tailor, SC5 Walnut 

IT 'C \ M M0Y ft KOI K'I'>- (•'"°- Mc0 - 
|l ftjlao, K.) atairlimWcrt, 
^' 1 g.w.c. Cutter and Clinton 


WJI. n. VKE. 

F W. FKE. 


S3 0a BP,Q^ 

la* 19 last Fro&t Street, SoutJx sidfe* aear Broadway, 

Prom the Report of the Committee of the Chio Mechanics' Institute Pair, held in CincinDati, Hay, 1355 

NON-GELATINOUS LARD OIL, exhibited by Messrs. Wm. K. Fee & Bro., we consider a very 
good article, not only as a burning fluid, but it is also well adapted for oiling Machinery of all 
kinds, and especially that of a light character and fine finish. In this opinion, your committee are 
supported by the practical knowledge of many of the mechanics of the city, and also in its effects 
on some of the machinery running in the Institute during the exhibition. We therefore believe 
that the exhibitors have succeeded, to a great extent, in producing a substitute for Sperm Oil. The 
Gluten extracted from this Oil, during the process of manufacture, answers a good purpose for cut- 
ting screws and for oiling rough and heavy machinery. The Committee, therefore, recommend the 
Oil and Gluten to your consideration. 



Wm. R. Fee & Brother, Non-gelatinous Lard Oil, 1st Class Diploma. 

T "R P A T MPP ! Cin '' Ham " & Dayton R. R.,Jno, Glazier, Agt.. 

O. JA. i .rl.l.ullI_JIA; 5 n. w. c. Broadway and Front. 

fiM#TR'inR £ QpmiOT WAC^W Gin " Ham - & Da ) 7ton R - R -> w - L - Mitchell, 

'WIK vv nivf'i ri a rrr Cincinnati & St. Louis R. R,, Win. S. Bab- 

§P a It U Id I X U i jJ f coc k, Agt., 2 Burnet House. 

SllE 8*., SIM WMf MM 10Wig in -. & St - ^°« is R - R " Kidri€ T Rice > 31 Main. 
' . _ _ . jCovington & Lexington It. It., A. Hamilton, 

Cincinnati, Oaio. | A gL, 177 Walnut! 

Omnibus Manufacturers. 

Bruce I. & B. & Co., s. p. c. Vine and 3d. 
Palmer James R., 56 Bank. 

Omnibus Offices. 

Indianapolis & Cincinnati R. R., A. Hamilton, 

Agt., 177 Walnut. 
Indianapolis & Cincinnati R. R., Sidney Rice, 

31 Main. 
Little Miami R R., A. Hamilton, Agt., 177 

Little Miami R. R., W. L. O'Brien, Agent, 2 
Cumminsville & Cincinnati, Herman RempleJ Burnet House. 

Agent, Brighton House. Little Miami R. R., P. W. Strader, General 

Fifth street & Fairmount, Herman Remple, Agt., s. e. c. Front and Broadway. 
Agent, Brighton House. general omnibus and stage office. 


Maii; street, W. Row and Brighton House, Her- 
man Remple, Agent. Brighton House. 

Pendleton & Cincinnati, c. Broadway and Con- 

Sedamsvilie & Cincinnati, c. Broadway and 

Walnut Hills & Cincinnati, 13S Sycamore. 

Bail Koad Omuibus Offices, ,. 

Organ Ilui liters 

Cincinnaii, Hamilton &. Dayton R. R., W. A. q-t .....v. \T.,* t i:.. . ^r « 

T iL * A __ t _ ,^,_ J , TT . joenwao iuattnias, oo bycamcre. 

HuUei>kamp Wm. 

Latham, Agt., s. e. c. 4th and Vine, 

Western Stage Co., (general office) Wm. 31. 
Ingersoll, Agt. 171 Walnut. 
Bliss Henry, 157 Main. 
jFoster Ins., Jr., 137 w. 5th, c. Race. 
(Palmer & Owen, 135 Main. 

'Closs John 


PLftia mi iHMiimi ruiianfc 

Office, South side of Third Street, East oi Western Eow, Cin., 0, 

M3TLime, Cement, Plaster of Paris, Laths and Mortar for sale. 


. 1 



McCamraon Wm. 398 W. fich 
McC andva Ellen, 129 W.5th 
McCandrey M. huckster-, 136 George 
McCANE Jno. E. (Hunt & McC-) res. 

Covington, Ky. 
McCanlas Margaret, n.s. Front, b. Wash- 
ington and Liberty 
McCann & Buckingham. (Win. McCann 

& E. G. B.) shoe store. 2U2, W. 5th 
McCann Jag- dray- 516 W. 3d 
McCann Jaa, type finisher, Cincin. type 

f oundry 
MeCanu Jas. 14 W. Court 
McCanu Mary, washerwoman, n.s. Bed- 

McCann Thos. type finisher, Cin. type 

McCann Wm. (McC & Buckingham.) 

418 John 
McCnnagh Wm. lab. bds. Landing, b. 

Main and Walnut 
MeCanuon Ed. 451 Plum 
McC an -non Mich, shoe mkr. n.s. High, b. 

Washington and Liberty 
McCanciss Sarah, n.w.c. 4th and B'way 
MeCardie Mrs. Rossahna, 546 W. 5th 
McC are Patrick, bib. 97 Sycamore 
McCarl Arthur, dray. S5 E. 5th 
McCarmv Michael, groc.-, e. s. 6th. above 

McCarn Peter, lab. 21 Accommodation 
McCarral Edw. tailor. 32(3 W. 6th 
MeCanruj Peter, Lab. 384 Walnut 
McCarthny. Florence, porter, 5 E. Front 
McCarthy Amos, boatman, 4G8: W. 4th 
McCarthy Danl. wag. 13 Abigail 
McCarthy Jno. lab. s.e.c. 5:h and B'way 
McCarthy Mrs. cof. h. 546 W. 5th 
McCarthy Tim. cutter, 63 Front 
McCartney Jus. lab. 4L'2 W. 3d 
McCartney Jane, cutter, h. 7th, b. Syca- 
more and BVay 
McCartney Jno. lab. 51 Mil! 
McCartney Mich. lab. 51 Mill 
McCartin Bart ley, lab. W. Row, b. York 

and Dayton 
MeCarty, lab. n.s. 6th, b. Culvert and 

McCarty Chas. cof. h. 136 W. 3d 
McCarty Corneilus, lab. rear 4U3 Syca- 
McCarty Dennis, lab. 327 BVay 
McCarty Dennis, rase dealer, 234 Water 
McCarty Mrs. E. 216 Cutter 
McCarty Florence, lab. Culvert 
McCarty Fred. lab. 158 Cutter 
McCarty Hugh J. lab. 142 Spring 
McCarty Jas. lab. 'n.s- Slew, b. BVay & 

McCarty Jas. lab. 337 W. 2d 
McCarty Jno. confec 444 W. 5th 
McCarty Jno. lab. h. 49 E. 8th 
McCarty Jno. lab. s.s. 7th. nr. Culvert 
McCarty Jno. porter, 17 E. 2,1 
McCarty Jno. watchman, s.s. Fulton, b. 

Harrison and Market, F'n 
McCarty Josiah, carp. 140 Clark 
McCarty Mrs. Margaret, s.s. 6th above 

McCarty Martin, car er, 344 W. 8th 
McCarty Martin, prov- store, n.s. 6th, b. 

Harriet and Horn 
McCarty Michael, lab. 307 W. 3d 
McCarty Patrick, lab. 82 John 
McCarty Peter, mould. 239 Cutter 
McCarty Randall, lab. 78 Hunt 
McCarty Thos. cutler. 163 W. 5th 
McCarty Timothy, cutter, 63 W. Front 
McCarty Tim. 49 Lodge 
McCarty Walter, shoe mkr. c s. Front, 

nr. Vine, F'n 
McCarty Wm. lab. 176 Catharine 
3ieCaslin Christopher, team. e. s. North, 

b. New and 7th 
MoCasSia Pat. team. e.s. North, b. Now 

and ?th 
McCau'fey Jas. lab. 40 E. 6:h 
McCav ThMs.b.h. 137 W. 3d 
McChesnev Margaret, 315 W. fith 
Mcdauffh Pat. lah. M Commerce 
McCLKLLAN Jas. (Spears & McC) res. 

M'cClintic Geo. watchman, b.j*. Fulton, b. 

Harrison and Market, F'n 
McCiintick Saml. elk. bis. Gibson II 


J McCloray Jos. porter, 10 P. Landing 

McCloskey Pat. pedlar, 3j Smith 
I McCloud Hugh, stone cutter, Hogarth 
: Aliey,h. Richmond and Catharine 

; McClure Alex. elk. Broadway hotel 
•\i 'CLURE JAS- architect, 
if J ollice rt.'e.c. 8th and W. Row, 
I ±SX h. 189 Richmond 
| McClure W. W. elk. bds. Dennison n. 
j McChisky, groc 251 W. 3d 
I McClusky Geo. eng. 203 Water 
j McClymon Jas. B. atty. 47 buk LlJg. 
| Walnut 

! McCollof Dennis, lah. 72 W. 2d 
I McCollof Wm. elk. bds. 101 VV. 3d 
McCOLLUM Hugh, (II. McC & Co) 413 


t'l plumbers, pump & hydrant mkrs, 
UA - 101 W. 6th 
McColm .J+JL b.k. Ill Main 
McColm J. Q. elk. Ill Main 
McCOMAS Harry G. (H. C McC & Co.) 

h. 119 W. 7th 
IT'CO^AS H. G. & CO. (Harry G. 
ill McC & Frank M. White,) com. & 
ford. mer. and steam boat agents, 
3 Sycamore 
McCoraas J. F. millinery, 97W. 5th 
McComas R. P. dry goods, fcc. IftZ W. 

McConkey Benj. M. 261 Vine 
McConkey Geo. coach mkr. 347 W. Row 
McConnell Cloy, washerwoman, 127 Mo- 



McConnell Jas. dray. bds. 321 BVay 
McConnell Thos. S. carp. 478 VY. 8th 
MeConvilie Jno. grocer, n.s. Front, b. 

Washington and Liberty 
McCord David A. carp. 261 Catharine 
McCord Jackson, carp. 188 S.nith 
McCord Jas. blind mkr. 182 Catherine 
McCord Jos. S. carp. 255 Catherine 
McCord Wm- tailor, n.w.c. 6-th and John, 

h. 249 Catherine 

McCormaek , carp. bis. 183 Race 

MeCORMICK Andrew, (McC, Gibson k. 

Co-) res. Mt. Auburn 
McCormickBe::]'. real est stock and note 

brok.160 Walnut, Ixl*. Spencer II. 
McCormick Cha^. mould. Augusta b. 

John and Smith 
McCormick Edward, teams, e.s. Ludlow 

b. Svinmes Ic 4th 
McCormick Mrs. Elizabeth, 31 Mound 
U "CO I! MICK, GIBS0X& CO. (Andrew 
ji| McC, Wan G. 8c Jno. McC) had 
i,X pipe works, s.s. 9th b. Svc;unore<5c 

McCormick Hickman, elk. 60 W. 4th, h. 

21)7 Elm 
McCormick Jas. elk. 11 P. Landing 
McCormick Jas. lab. Findiay b. Elta and 

MeCORMICK Jas. blk. smith) n.s. W. 

W, Canal basin, b. W. Row and John 

h. Webb b. Smith and Park 

MTOinLICK.UjIS.S.prop. daily and 
dollar weekly Sun, bds. Gibson 
MeCORMICK Jno.(McC,Gibson& Co.) 

res. Mt. Auburn 
McCormick John, elk. s.e.c. Mound 

and 6th 
McCormick Jno. lab. 184 W. 7th 
McCormick John. 396 Walnut 
Cormick Jno, 395 W. 2d 
McCormick John, teams. Augusta b. 
Jon and Smith 


189 Svcamore 
M'Cormiek Jos. lab. 31 Mound 
MTormick Mary, bk. folder, 167 Walnut 
McCormick Mrs". .Mary. 1)0' Cutter" 
McCormick Pat. blk.' smith, w.s. North 

b. Nov and 7th 
M'Cormiek Thos. elk. 72 W. 5th 
McCormick Thos. tailor. !•"> Catherine 
McCormick TliOts t id -r. 1H7 Catharine 
M'Coriiiiok \>'r.i. 75 Centre 
MH'ormiek W. &. bds: Gibson Knnse 
McCorry Uy, tail, in Manchester bldg. 
M'Courtney J. Li. bdis. 123 W. 5ch 
McCoy Dennis, lab. 175 Water 

McCoy Jas. painter, 74 Hopkins 
McCoy Jnd.fBaton, WcC. ^ Co.) 
McCracken Mrs. L. 298 W. Hth 
McCracken John, 1 tb. 51 Water 
McCracken Ralpli C shirt manuf. 120 

McCracken Mrs. S. 100 Qeorge 

I M'Craith Mich. elk. 51 W. 5th 

| McCreaJno. lab. 72 High 
McCristal Caroline C n.s. Kemrer ac 

Front F'n 
MeCron John, lab. 416 Sycamore 
McCrystal Frankhn, blk. smith, 2CJ 

! Water 

MeCuddea Pat. lab. 254 Water 
M'Cue John, cof. h. Augusta b. John *: 

| M'Cue Jno. lab. w.s. 6th b. Lock and 

jMcCullaT. (H. , Babbitt «fc Co.) Bonita 

I below Freeman 

! MeCuilen B:irn:u-d, bar kpr. 30 E. Front 
McCuIlen O. M. cof. h. 30 £. Front 
McCuliy Jas. A. marble cut.s.w.c. B'tfay 

and 5th 
McCuIIion Jas. carp. 61 E. 8th 

]if'Cl"Lf.0CH GEO. 

! ill ah physician and surgeon, 
X,JL 11)3 Eon-worth, e. John 
McCullough , elk. 275 W. 3d 

| McCu'loo'zh Alexander, stove- moulder, 

I 401 Vv'.5:h 


I % j carpenter, J75 Plum, 

^ TX h. 241 Longworth 
! McCullough E<hrard,clk.217 B'way 
I McCulloucrh Eli>:a. bk. fold. 43 Main 

McCullough Ellen Maria, 491 W. 5th 
( McCullough G. 13 W. 3d, res. Mt- Au- 
I burn 

MeCullou-h Hugh, shoe store, 26 B'waj 
. McCullough Jas. hostler, 15 W. 6th 


t| nurstry &. svedsman, 162 Main, 
j x A res. Pl.ea.sant Ridge 

■"jjfClTL LOUGH J. S. 

1.1 prop. Evens Hotel, 
; xi - s.w.c. L. Market and B'way 
McCullough M. elk. on river, PJ1 Kem- 

McCullou-hMrs. Margaret, R-7 W. Canal 
I McCullough Thos. s.s. Clua-k b. Freeman 
and Carr 
McCullough Roht. carp. 190 Fukon - 
MeCulIonzh Robt. elk. 102 Main 
Met.ulloin.'h R .be elk. 3^1 Plum 
McCuiWouh liubt. elk. Hopkins b. Piatt 
and Freeman 
, McCullough Wm. blk. smith, 138 W.2d, 
l l>ds. n.s. r^'.U b. Elm and IMurn 

McCu!lMU-h W R. elk. s.w.c. BVay and 
! L. Market 

HcCurae Mrs. M. cof. h. 61 E. Front 
McCuneJno. sales. 8 W. 5th 
! MeCurdv Sam), b.h. 130 Mam 
M'Dude Jas. elk- lUOW.Sth 
McDalaush, John, luickman, f J Raea 
M'Daniel Wm. earn. d.s. fcVoat b. Harri- 
son and Longworth K'n 
McDavid Wm. dray. 544 Sycamore 
McDermott Jno. Lib. 24 b'niut 
■ McDermott John, shn,r mkr. 412 Syca- 
McDermott Lawrence, tinner, 160 Water 
1 M'Oerniutt Mary, 150 W. 3d 
j McDtrmotc Mrs. Mary, s.s. 4cJi b. Wood 
and Stone 
McDermott Miss Mary, dr. mkr. 48 Ch- 
an ne 
j McDermott Mich. groc. s.s. 4th b. Wood 
' and Stone 

; McDermott Pat- hack man, 5 J Cattar 
i fine 
M'Dcrui att Pat. undertaker, 1 2 -? Long- 
M'Dnnott Pat. bib. river Lamling t>. 
Vine and Walnut 
' McDerm >ttTh.> s . hack ilrir. I '■ u ■ ■ • 
McDeritt Ohas. ilraj • -J and '- 1 Main, h. 
, i.w.c. Milton »ndM4U»fi< I 
M'DevittWiu. bds. Covington 

1 McI»i.Lrmid ■, printer, 11)1 V ■ 31 

McDillman Mr*. Ift! Fult-.-n 
! JlcDivitt Jos. b w>t mkr. u.d. Gth b. Lock 
and Baum 



E. T. DALE. 



JcJ a "JL". JOJ3LSI&M3 &&2 BOM, 

m> S3 |i I! S) &&&&&$ 

_*ft*o. 4*1 iMan&iieUl Street, Cineimmmii* 

gS^Flnin and Ornamental Work satisfactorily and expeditiously executed. Special attention 
given to Center Pieces, Cornice and other Enrichments of every style and size. Modeling done 
to order. 


oiiiiiifffl umm mmm won, 

:'. : CALL ON 

No. 130 Yine Street, opposite Burnet House. 

H^ s PaHienlar attention given to Sketching and Modeling, Center-Pieces, Cornice and Ceiling 
Ornaments of all descriptions. 

By rum John 
l>ieei;e David 

Heckle <fe Ition Price Geo. H. 
Owing Jito. B. ToJd J..s. 

Ornamental Plastering, or Stucco Worfc.j S5mmg Robert? AgL> g26 W Rqw 

Dale B. T. & Son, 43 Mansfield. [Stiles Henry L., 226 Walnut. 

Kinsey P. & C, 245 w 3d. 
Taylor J. F., 130 Vine. 
West Cyrus, 3 30 Vine. 
Marks Urn. 

Oyster Uepots. 

jCIark James L., 77 vv. 5th 
Orr Robert, (Agt. Maltby Depot) 11 vv. 5th. [Keith Robt., 81 w. 5th. 

Oysters, Tresis. Fish and Gauxe, 


wMu^md mm mmmkm flL rlli I Hi 


Painters— Spouse, Sign and Ornamental 

Alian Geo., 201 Plum. 
Berne Win. J., 126 Walnut. 
Clark Chester ML, 65 w. 3d. 
Cumraings Hamilton, 126 Walnut. 
Estes Holmes G., 354 W. Row. 
HammeJI A. H., 67 vv. 3d. 
Kreyenhagen Wm. & Co., 59 & 61 e. 3d. 
Thorpe Brothers, 120 Vine. 
Trener & Misener, 145 Walnut. 
Worthington Jos. C, 150 vv. 8th. 

Kean & Kucr'.Uh Handle Sz Leslie 

BalCftm C. L. 
Dickson Wm. 15. 
Distil Wm. [.. 
Harrison 0. S. 
H»s!<ett Wm. 
Hon Lott 
Huston J. ft' 

KreyiMiha^en A 
Lovell o. & Co. 

MiKitrick Jno. 
Mttora Jaa. M. 
>' :-;it Richard 
}'iice J no, 

juer John 
SU'jilieiiscii & Dt'a 
Rwwal Ji.ltn 
Williams David 
Wninimslmcier & 

Painters, Portrait, Historical, miniature 

Beard J. H. Po^chmrekler 3. Kossi S. 

Duncjinson K, B. Prior J<i3. Winter Wm. 

l*ng Geo. 

Paints, Oil, Glass, A:c. 

(See also UrUgjrists) 
Harrison Wm. H. & Co. .Hoffniuii & MosheT 

Paper, Stealers, IY3a»> ufaciurers, drc. 
C!aflin& Ells, 142 Walnut. 
Nixon & Goodman. 77 and 79 Walnut 
Pollock & McCall, 232 Walnut. 
Richardson, Jacobv & Co., 25 vv. 2d 
Ross J. L„ 45 w. 2d. 
Speer & Stephens, 158 Slain. 
Aihearu V. W. Hariweil J. VV. 

Paper ffJnn-riu^s. 

Andrews F. & C, 179 Main. 

IFraier & Myers, 161 Walnut. 

Gottmann ['hi lip, 455 Main. 

Sharpies* & Bijsley, entrance Smith Cc Nixoi 

I Hall, 2-i w. 4th. 

j Williams C. Curry, 85 3Iain. 
[Andres* Clias. Q. Hum John Pmlth D. W. C. 

Paper Itoefing* 

[Barrett S. M.. 27 Walnut. 





McDonald- , (McD. <fc Rinebold,) 

McDonald , teams. 82 John 

McDonald , teach, bds. 192 Sycamore 

McDonald , elk. bds. Revere House 

McDonald , river man, bds. 50 W. 

McDonald Alex. b.k. 0. L. I. £c T. Co. h. 

404 V. 7th 
McDonald Alex, elk- 2b E. 3d 
McDonald Alfred, brk. layer, 462 W. 6th 
McDonald Mrs. Ann, 224 Bette 
McDonald Chas. b.k. 55 B'way 
McDonald Geo. furniture store, 300 TV. 

McDonald Hugh, elk. 275 W. 3d 
McDonald Hugh. elk. 409 W.5ta 
M'Donald Jaa. bds. 181 Plum 
M'Donald Jas. lab. 297 W. 2d 
McDonald Jas. candy mkr. 40 Main 
McDonald Juo. coop, w.s, 6th b. Lock &. 

McDonald John, teams. 307 W. 2d 
McDonald John, teach- bds. Sycamore 

below 6th 
McDonald John, trader, 169 Laurel 
McDonald John, trunk mkr. 271 John 
McDonald John, shoe mkr. 255 John 
M'Donald John 0. gas fitting, 171 y 2 W. 

5th, h. 27 College 
McDonald Jos. elk. 51 E. 2d 
McDonald Jos. elk. bds. 87 E. 4th 
McDonald Jo;;, shoe mkr. 87 Eemble 
McDonald J. S- elk. bds. Evens Hotel 
McDonald Mrs. 31 Parsons 
McDonald Matthew, cutter, n.w.c Main 

and 5th 
McDonald Mich- blk. smith, bds. 49 Race 
McDonald &c Riheboldi metropolitan dan- 
cing hall, n.e c 9th and Walnut 
McDonald Mrs. Susan, 24G W. 6th 
McDonald Mrs. Susan, 103 George 
McDonald Thos. c»ok, Buttemillers hotel 
M'Donald Thos. W. shoe mkr. n.s Front 

b. Washington and Liberty 
McDonald Win chair mkr. 230 Water 
McDonnell , finisher, bds. 192 Syca- 
M'Donuell Chas. bib. 49 Water 
McDonnell Chas. lab. 54 Ban- 
McDonnell John, hackman, 58 Catherine 
M'Donnell Mick, carp. 15:i W. 3d 
McDonnell 'Peter, lab. 161 W. 2d 
McDouogh Thos. wh. grocer. 172 and 174 

TV. 6th 
McDanoha Wm. elk. 133 Main 
M-Donnough Jas. stone cutter, Augusta 

b. John and Smith 
McDonnough John, porter, 32 Com- 
McDonnough Pat. rdoier, 58 E'm 
McDonnough Phillip, pro v. store, s.s. 

Clark b. Freeman and Carr 
McDougal A. B. elk. Auditors ofiice, 473 

McDougal Chas. H. (West &: McD.) 257 

■' George 
McDouiral Clinton, elk. 267 George 
M'Dougal DeWict C. elk. 112 W. 5th, h. 

267 George 
McDougal Elias, staple <fr. fan. dry goods, 

112 W. 5th, h. 267 George 
MT)ougal Hugh, 415 B'way 

M'BOUGAL J0.SEPH, JR. atty. and 
com. of deeds, 2U E. 3d up stairs, 
&. 267 George 
McDougal W. R. 40 Kemble 

McDowell , agt. 48 P. Landing 

M'Dowell H. bk. binder, 167 Walnut 
McDowell Jas. S. tinman ,4<% P. Landing 
McDowell Jas. a.s. Front, nr. Jamestown 

McDowell Jno. collector, rear 21 Wood- 
McDowell Jno. S. sheet iron worker, 40i 

P. Landing 
McDowell Jos. J. elk. com. bank, 
McDowell M. R. K. furnishing store, 48 

P. Landing 
McDowell Bob. bds. s.w.c Front and L'.- I 

McDowell Virginia, n.s. Front, nr. Vine, 

IjcDowell Wm. type caster, 168 Vine 
jjcDowell Wm. S. carp. Front, b. Bice ic 

Walnut, F'n 

McDOWELL W. C (Mailon & McD.) 6 

Law bldg. 
McDyers Mich, cook, 49 Race 


[II merchant tailor, 12 B'way, 
x,x h. 163 Race 

McElroy Chas. 451 Plum 

MeElroy Geo. b.k. 327 George 

McElroy Mikl. lab. bds. s.w.c, B'way and 

McElroy Mich, lab. n.s. Front, b. Wash- 
ington and Liberty 
McElroy Miles, dray. 108 John 
McElroy Pat. J. finisher, 181 Race 
McElroy Ro'ot. works rolling mill, rear 

614 E. Front 
McElroy S. elk. 479 W. 7th 
MeElroy Solon, b.k. 117 Walnut 
McElroy Wm. huckster, 164 W. 8th 
McELWAlN Jno. (E. C. Cole & Co.) 

392 W. 3d 
McElwaino Saml. H. guilder, bds. 21 

McEvay Mich, porter, e.s. Race,b. Front 

and 2d 
McEvoy Ejiza, bk. sewer, 221 Everett 
McEwen Duncan, b.k. 23 and 25 Syca- 
McEwen Kate, bk. fold., e.s. Race, b. 4th 

and 5th 
McEwen Mary, bk. fold. e.s. Race, b. 4th 

and 5th 
McFadden S. J. (Leathers <fc McF.) 12 

McFali Edw. pilot, bds. 50 W. Front 
McFall Jno. river pilot, 113 Dudley 
McFall R. B. b.k. 78 W. 3d, h. 18 Plum 
McFall Robt. B. tin roofer, 18 Plum 
McFarland, upholsterer, 57 B'way 
McFarland Juo. lab. w.s 6th above Baum 
McFarland Jno. mould. 211 Poplar 
McFarland Jno. J. printer, bds. Globe 

McFarland Jos. E. watchman, 63 George 
McFarland Mathew, lab. h. Poplar, b. 

Dudley and Freeman 
McFarland Mrs. Rebecca, 663 W. Front 
McFarland Thos. (Steptoe & McF.) res. 

McFarland W T m. A. salesman, 95 <fc 97 

McFarland Wm. Y. elk. chamber cf com- 
McFarland W. W. elk. s.e.c. Pearl and 

McFarland Mrs. Margaret, 8 Cedar 
McF.iy Peter, lab. 173 W. Front 
McFeather Mrs. Mary, w.s. 6th, above j 

B mm 
McFeehy Eliza, 104 W. 4th 
McGarahan Jno. dray. 196 Water 
McGear Jno. cigar mkr. 516 Race 

McG. Harvey H-) wh. grocers, 
248 Main • 
McGECHIN Thos. (McG. & Hamilton), 

res. Lebanon PiKe 
McGee Key. Ed. 15 David 
McGee Robt. porter, 23 Pearl, bds. Home 
McGee Wm. pilot, 106 Water 
McGehan Pat. tanner, 14 Dunlap 
McGeorge Gotham, carp. 19 Kossuth 
McGibbons Saml. S. bds. 138 W. 8th 
McGill Hy. M. elk- 60 W. 4th 
McGill Margaret, seam 52 Vine 
McGill Matthew, b.k. 60 W. 4th 
McGill Robt. H. elk. 60 W. 4th 
McGinn Mrs. laund. 331 John 
McGinn Sarah, b. fold- 87 Mill 
McGinn Mrs. C. seam. 87 Mill 
McGinnis Mich. n.s. Front, b. Parsons ic 

McG i vera David, hackman, 126 Water 
McGivern Jno. hackman, Ms. !•-' Race 
gJeGivnitf Michael huckster, 26 George 
McG ladery Samlji pork cutwr, rear 371 

MeGleeMich. fruit deal. 11 Rumble 
McGlincey Hy. builder, 61 MiKarland 
McGh'ncy Hugh, lime and cement, 356 

W. Row 
McGlinn das. lab. 544 W. 5th 
Mcdlinn Mr.s. Mary, 514 W. 5th 
McGlinn Pat. lab. 544 W. 5th 
McGloen .Mich. 14 Biclunond 

McGlough Wm. Lab. n.s. FroDt, nr. Ke> 

ley, F'n 
McGonegilMiss Mary, teach. 156 Rich- 
McGovern Danl. collar manuf. 149 W. 

• 5th 
McGovern Daniel T. car. trim, s.w.c. Sy- 
camore and 6th, Ms. 149 W. 5th 
McGovern Jno. tailor, 10 Manchester 

McGovern Pat. porter, 46 P. Landing 
McGowan Alex, lamp mkr. 72 W. Cth, h 

07 Spring 
McGowan Andrew, b.k. 15 P. Landing 
McGowan Anthony , lab. 65 Water 
McGowan Jno. H. mould. 120 Betts 
McGown Juo. tanner, 461 Plum 

McGrath , stone mason, 31 Mound 

McGrath Ellen, type setter, 168 Vine 
McGrath Jno. shoe mkr. 43 Sycamore 
McGrath Jno. shoe mkr. 237 B'way 
McGrath Roger, lab. n. w. c. Front and 

Long worth, F'n 
McGRAW David, (T. Bradford & Co.) 

146 Richmond 
McGRAW David, (T. Bradford &. Co.) 

431 W. 7th 
McGraw Mrs. Ellen, s.s. Harrison Road, 

b. Avenue and Riddle 
McGraw Jas. groc. W.s. 6th, above Baum 
McGrea Pat. nailer, rear 371 Sycamore 
McGregor Elizabeth, grocs. 358 W. 2d 
McGregor Jas. 60 E. 3d 
McGregor Jas. shoe mkr. 622 Main 
McGregor Robt. B. Selves bldg. 
McGren Jno. S. al. phys. 408 W. 7th 
McGrew Marshall, salesman, s.w.c- 4th 

and Main, h. 144 W. 4th 
McGrew Rebecca, press feeder, 167 Wal- 
McGrew Robt 29 W. 7th 
McGrew Robt. penny pe^t, 38 Grant 
McGrew Robt. saddler, 17 W. Court, h. 

324 W. 6th 
McGrew Saml. compositor, 168 Vine 
McGrew Saml. P. b.k. 3d W. 5th, h. 55 

McGrew Thos. B. 60 Kemble 
McGrew Tiios.O. b.k. 60 Kemble 
McGrew Wm. C. brk layer, 53 Laurel 
McGKHW Wm W. (Wilson McG. &. Son) 

144 W. 4th 
McGREW Wilson, (W. McG.fc Son) 144 

f'GREW WILSON & SON, (Wilson 

& Wm. W. McG.) importeri 
watches, jewel. xy ii. stiver ware, 
s.w.c. 4th and Main 
McGroarty Stephen J. dry goods* 154 W 

McGoarty Jno. J. clk.a.e.e. 4th £. Ma - _a 
McG uil Danl. tailor, n.e. Front, nr. Kel- 

'UL'FPEY AT.EX. H. ahy 

120 Main, up -stairs, 
h. lb-' W. 4th 
McGuire Barney, hostlt r, 15 W. 6th 
McGuire Fran'";, porter, 06 L. Market 
McGuire George, 35 Mill 
McGuire Jno. washboard mkr, 6-s. Front 

nr. Jamestown ferry 
McGuire Miss Julia, 15 Dublin 
McGuire Pat. elk. 112 W. 5th, h. 60 Sy- 
McGuire Pat. hostW, 15 W. 6lh 
McGuire Pat. lab. e.s- 0th, above Baum 
McGuire Richard, washlioard maker, *■+. 

Front, in-. Jamestown ferry 
McGuire Sarah, b. h. 28 Commerce 
McGuire Tlo.s. (Krinl McG. &. Co.) bdJ. 

s.e.c. dil\ and Sycamore 
McGuire Vm. blk. smith. 239 B'way 
McGurk Mich. J. elk. 144 Main,b. Sm.ih 

b. 3d and 4th 
HeGurthy David, painter, V 4 8y.-an.ore 
McGiirtbe. M.C. painter, 55 K. ■>"> 
Mellale 51arihneonfec.21t> Walnut 
McIIenryJas. cof. h. 241 W.IWi 
Mclleury Jno. elk. €2 W. »th 
Mcllenry Win. mute, c*. IUC«, « 

KeHown Juo. D. carp, n.i 


McIIu.h , lab. 16 Commerce 

MeUugh Frank, elk. Co Ueor b '0 



2.! &. 

Knir.t, nr. 





& %& $BM i&M & m) @ & 4y ^SI 3&fiA eS9 ^S^ ^ «3^& €££ *&u 6bi^ 



No. 142 Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 

Agents for the DAYTON MILLS' Premium Book Papers. 

I 1 1 

'Iff' -SB 


ij^S 3 S±3 l iii? 'mr 

IP igl !|i ||i 

It a m i 


fSajt ■San? lies? *■ 

^^4 Pw^astrf Clifton ft Ciitrimmti f apr jplli 

Ifiii pj if pppltl 



o2» ^.XiXj mEscaiyrxosrs 




Bl.cae-Iu.a^ Forwtws, 


77 ami 7® Walnut Street, 


;, ?f,VV 

5P A- 89 W f! YQ WCf A 83? ^P 8&IHS8? <3 8P 

<§* Alfe «tet <H& W ells to jra Sm w 1J H «3 




IB fit&Wo Fj^iMl lifer 

8 &1 

No. 232 Walnut St.. between Fifth and Sixth. 





KcHugh Francis, 523 W. 8th 
McHugh F. J. cik. 174 W. 5th 
McHu_'ii Jas. batcher, 80 Pleasant 
McHuirh J. H. bOota and shoes, 297 W. 

McHugh Mich, tailor, Manchester bldg. 

h. W. Row, h. 2d and Front " 
McHugh Wm. driver, bds. 15 Water 
Mcllrov Pat. lab. 361 W. 2d 
Mclntire Jno. elk. 70 E. 4th 
Mel a tire Jno. o^ Catharine 
Mclntire .Mich. mach. 201 W. Liberty 
Mcintosh Geo. lab. 37 Mill 
Mcintosh Wm. ytV.iar, 186 Carr 
Mclntyre Alex, 89 Walnut 
Mclntyre Danl.- dray. 540 Sycamore 
Mclntyre Jas. C. carp. n.s. Front nr 

Jlarrison F'n 
McKay Mrs. Eliza, seams. 488 BVay 
McKay Geo. lab. 155 Carr 
McKay Mich. lab. e.s. 6th above Eaum 
McKauney Mich. hack, driver, 125 W. 

McKeag Mi-s. 182 Everet 
McKee Jno. carp. 649 Elm 
McKee J. C. (E. S. Carter & Co.) 76 L 

McKEE Jas. M. (McKee & Latham) res 

- Covington 
|f'KEJS.& LAT}L\M\(.Tns. M. McK. 
fit & Kich(i - °- A - L -) wil - ? roc - £irid 

com mer. It) Main 
McKee Latvia, .earns, lt>l Pearl 
McREEHAN Jas. (McK. & Evans) 65 

vr. 8th 

fc Seth E-) pork packers and com 
mer. n.e.c. Sycamore and 9th 
KcKeerer John, pump mkr. s.s, 2d E of 

McKemie Peter, shoe. mkr. 615 W. Row 
McKenna & Dorr, (S. McK. & M. D.) 

iron notchers, 99 W. 3d 
McKenna S. (McK. <5c Dorr,) res Louis- 

McKenney John, steward, n.s. 6th b 

BVay and Culvert 
McKenzie Alex. (McK., Stcrrett &: Co.) 

169 Elm 
McKenzie Allison B, elk. 5 Aft Union 

bldgs res Covington 
McKenzie Chas. scale mkr. 124 Catha- 
McKenzie Jas. 147 Smith 
McKenzie Jas. watchman. 299 John 
McKenzie Stephen M. elk. 7 Col. Hall 

h. 124 Catharine 

:£Ritni & co. 


McKenzie T. carp. 203 Fulton 
McKeppen Chas. painter. 47 B.eftS 
McKeon And. paver, 49 Kemble 
MeKeown Jas. porter, 217 Main 
MeKeown Lames, dray. 27 Cedar 
MeKeown Miss Mary. bk. folder, 33S W 

McKewn Pat. dray. 243 Kemble 

M'KIL'LVAN MICHAEL, «h. shoes 
and boots, n.s. Front b Washing- 
ton & Liberty 
McKim Chas. papar box mkr. n.e.c 5th 

and Walnut, n. 130 Clark 
McKinimil Wm. shoe mkr. 214 Beits 
McKinley Jas- moulder, 384 Walnut 
McKinuey John, carp, 3.3. Water, e. of 

McKinney Mrs. R. J. 127 W. 7th 
M'Kinsey L. H.353 W. S-th 
McKjnstty Jas. 112 13. h 
M'Kitrick Danl. foreman at BeGraws, s.s 

Front rr. toll sate 
McKittrick Jas. painter. 20 Hannibal 
McKittrick John, painter, 522 W. 5th 
MeKilrick John. lab. 1^5 IV. Front 
M'Kittnck Noah, carp, Water, nr Broad 

M'Knight John, b-h 214 Plan Win. (Seamans, Hainer &. 

McK.) re^ Putnam O 
McKone Jas. lab. 17 Catharine 
McKone Mich, rive ma an, bds 8 Cherry 
McKone Mich, pediar, 14 Richmond 
McKue John, carp. 4ti7 Kemble 
McLaid John, d.ay. 363 W. 2d 

McLaid Mary, seams. 305 W. 2d 
McLaid Mich. dray. 365 W. 2d 

McLain , carp. bus. Cutter 

McLain Wm. lab. n.s Clark b Freeman 

and Carr 
M'Lamare Phillip, lab. 384 Walnut 
McLane D. upholsterer, 330 Sycamore 
McLane Eilw. A. plasterer, 178 York 
McLane Wm. groc. 36 E. Front 
McLaren Danl. mach. 224 Kemble 

McLaaghW — , '/iv*. 136 W. Front 

McLaughlin A. J. printer, £8 Main 
McLauglin Barney, lab. n.s. 6th b. Har- 
riet and Horn 
McLaughlin Chas. cof.h. 51 E. 8th 
McLaughlin C. A. elk. 57 Main 
McLaughlin Dennis, lab. e.s. Freeman b 

Bank and Ham Road 
McLaughlin Elijah, paver, 1C6 Hopkins 
McLaughlin Geo. stud, at law, 14 Selves' 

bldgs, h. 123 W. Row 
McLaughlin Hy. carriage mkr. 50 Dank 
M'Lauirhlin Jas. W. architect Reedera 

bldgs 57 W, 3d, h. 123 W. Row 
McLaughlin Jas. butch. 228 Clinton 
McLaughlin Jas. dray, c Pearl & Main 
McLaughlin Jas. dray, e.s 6th above 

McLaughlin Jas. finisher, 39 E. 7th 
McLaughlin Jas. lab- 580 E. Front 
McLaughlin John, 134 Longworth 
McLaughlin Jno. dray , 40 Walnut 
McLaughlin John, lab. n.s W. W. Canal 

b. Park and Rose 
McLaughlin Jno. stone cutter, 25 Madi- 
McLaughlin Lewis W. elk. com bank 127 

W. 8th 
McLaughlin Margaret, cof.h" 4G0 W. 

McLaughlin Margt. teacher, 88 Hopkins 
McLaughlin Mich, pedlar, e.s Cth above 

McLaughlin Saml. brk. mkr. e.s Har- 
McLaughlin Titos, finisher, 88 Hopkins 
M'Laughhn Thos. hostler. 175 W. Orb 
McLaughlin Thos. oil mkr. llOBetts 
M'Laughiin Wm b.k. 123 W. Row 
McLaughlin Wm, stone mason, 113 Rich- 
McLean Hannah, tailoress, e.s. North b 

New and 7th 
McLean Jno. tailor, n.w.c Sycamore and 

McLean Joseph, elk. 140 Hopkins 
M Lean Jos. A. elk. 148 W. 5th 
McLean Mrs. L. 140 Hopkins 
McLean Matilda, e.s. North b. New and 


iff atty. 8 Han's bldgs 
^ ,J " h. 163 W 4th 
McLean Robt. L. river engineer, 1G3 W. 

McLean &c Shaduintrer, (W. McL. & Jas 

S.) boiler manuf. c Ludlow &. Con- 

gr. ss 

M'EEAX S. R W. surveyor of the port 
U, S. Custom House, Selves' bldgs 
h. '131 Race 
McLean Thos. jailor Ham Co. w.s. Syca- 
more, b. Abigail and Hunt 

N WASKlNCrTliN & CO., 

er manuf. of 47 Congress h. 3o9 
Race, b.Stli and 8th 
McLean Wm. cof.h. s.w.c Butler and 

McLenan Dowling, elk 475 W,5th 
M( Lenan Wm. elk. P. <>. 126 Kemble 
M'Lenuon Danl. elk. 50 & 58 W. 5ih 
M'Lennan John, elk. 144 W. 5ih 
M'Lenuan M. A. stocking manuf. 198 

W. 5th 
"McLeod Alex, driver, 52 F. H.l 
M'LEOD David, (.Smith <fc ML,) 43*3 \V. 

M'Mahon Rev. A. n.s Fulton b. Marke' 

and Harrison F'n 
M'Mahon Abrm. carp. n.s. Fulton b Mar* 

kit and Harrison F'n 
M'Mahon Jas. carp, n s. Fulton b Market 

and Fulton F'n 

M'Mahon Jol 

smp carp 

(Is. n.s. 

Front nr. Market 
McMamers John, cooper, 34 F. 7th 
MeManaxpjr Ed. tailor,2l3 W. 3d 
McManis Thos. tobacconist, Joins b Ev- 
eret and Wade 
McMannus Barnard, lab. 130 Clark 
McMannus Jas. shoe mkr, 4H pike 
M'Maunus Rosanna, milliner 545 .Main 
M'Mannus Terry, lab. n.s. Hi^h nrStoa* 

McManusJos. clothing, ren. 4 E. 3.1 
MeManus Pat. soap manuf. 4D Logan 
McManus Pat. soap manuf. 103 W. Lib- 
McMartin Pat. lab. w.s. 6th above Baton 
|-| 'ifASTEilSJAiltSSr. 

Ill cik C'«urt Com Pleas 

ATX h. 40G Sycamore 
M'Masters Blargt. ixls. 181 Plum 
McMeekin Chas. tin store, 70 W. 3d 
McMeekin Chas. B. s.s. 3d b Vv shiut and 

McMFKKINL S. (Stall & McM)s.s2d 

b. Walnut ami Vine 
McMeekin Wm. bds. 70 W. 31 

McM-rane M. Irk. layer, 101 Laurel 
McMickea Chas. banker. g'5S litun Road 
McMicker John, lab. 0? Pfcrsou 
McMillan A.'lx, engineer, s.s. 0:h abora 

J&jMilkui W. T. bh.73 E. 3d 
M'Millen Isaac, bds. s.s. Front nr Mar- 

ket F'n 
McMilltu J.eng. 448 John 
BicMtillun Bernard, porter, 251 Main It 

. 36*5 B'way 
McMnllen Dennis, dray. 44:! W. 3d 

ill b0 ^ 

M< Mull 

•n Isaac, drav. h. 4'.;d Sycamore 

n J. : clk.25W. 4th 

mi Jas. cik. in Main, bd*. ^W 


,ifj,v.s.c'k. 120 John 
..n Jfft». dt«*- SO On-hanl 
a .Inn. ia ; >. 371 Flam 

•:. J-!..., |'i litem «ukr. ?.s Con- 


i Vni! «*!»• bd>.33f B'lraj 

m Venice. 'dray. 443 !V.3d 

.liv Mary. \'J3 I. ;i ;v >rth 

ay Thoj». li« CMftiU-th* 

A!c\. ew»c. aud seed Etort 3C\> 


1-0 Walnut h. 

McLeod J. A. C 

tio E. 2d 
M'Leod Wm. lab. 3-4 Walnut 
MeLevry Margaret, drean mkr. 4AE.5 
M'Lhauey Hy. lab. Ids. n.s. Front 

Broad and Loneworth F'n 
McLilla Saml. upholsterer, S3 Letts 
McLin Isaac B- sales. 131 Walnut 

Main, h. 40 Mtti»fi«ld 
McNair Arch, cik. IXu M dn 
M'Nair Jas. carp, n.s Frwnt nr. Broad 

McNeiley Fnujcis, blk. smith, u.aCt-'i b 

dvy and" Freeman 
M' Jas- printer, Colum office 
McNamara — ■ , groc. s.vr*c. L'uion ii 

Mc.NamarraTho^. lab. n.s C:h b IIarr;it 

and Horn 
McKarma Fat. tailor, w.s Culvert to. lib 

and 0th 
MeNnrlTvevJolm, lab. •>. T .vb-r 
McNeil Jas. mach. n.s. V . V. . Canal b 

Park and Rose 
McNeill John, b.k. n.e.c Walnut and 2d 

bds, s.e-c tith and Itace 
McNeily Marv. (rroc. IH7 Water 
McNeilv Fat.* lab. 1-7 Water 
McN-,ov Jas. lab. 431 Gc »/-•«; 
McNickol KUen, senms. C3 W.w-lward 
KcNjckoI Hv. Walnut S« i: 
McNichalas Jas. bucks. H Kichmund 
McNulty Joliii, dray. P7W l> : 
McNuU? Joseph, Hi«M*Wer, I" I v ' ; '; 
McNulty L'eier, c.'.h. ri» • 

Vine & Water 
MrNultv Sarah, scams. 1« ' w « » " M 
McXutt Saml. trunk mki. I- - '• 
McNutt Wm. bk. binder, » ■ •' 


.. 1 

IfcPariand Law. i.iib r, LU V . . rr 
Mci'AKl.lN M. (WoodfjUtfh ^ MCTJ 

'• • 

C.^ Wiili;»m 



j 1 £ 

T ..^ .. 


No. 141 Main Street, Cincinnati, OMo. 


Judge McLe&», U. S. S. C, Prof. John Locke, Cincinnati, Ohio, Niles &, Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, W. E. 
Chapmon, President Pharm. Society, Gen. James Semple, Illinois, Judge Walker, Cincinnati, Ohic. 
Elijah Coffin, Richmond, Ind , Col. S. H. Long, U. S. Top. Eug. 







H. R Cor. Walnut and Ninth Streets, • 










^ j ^«$i 




^ ijN^f 



Patent Agents. 

Knight George H., 141 Main. 

Barry & Hill Bensou Martin 

Pattern and I»IodleI Makers. 

Hurris & Zoiner, n. w. c. Walnut and Canal. 
Heller & Young, 228 Eim. 
Lathrop & Joyce, 121 e. 2d. 
Wright Tilmun, 209 Plum. 
Adams & Peckover Berger it Hablin 

Penman's Institute. 
Thompson Win., Metropolitan Building, n. e. 
c. Walflut and 9th. 

Pension Agents, 
Tuttle E. W., n. \y. c. 3d and Sycamore. 

Barry & Hill Green Joel U. 

Perf eimcry, Manufacturers ajicl Dealers. 

(See also Druggists.) 

Betz Chas., 121 Main. 

Hall E. II., Wetherill'3 Perfumery, w. s. Ham- 
mond, nr. 3d. 

Hudson J. D. & Co., 189 Walnut. 

Moody John B., 282 Main. 

Palmer Solon, 36 \v. 4th. 

David Henry I J irk Jho. 1). 

Periodical and. Newspaper Pepots. 

Bogley Aaron C, 1 Art Union Building c. 4th 
and Sycamore. 

Harding N. S.& Co., 165 Vine. 

Pearson H. B., 34 w 4th. 

Pease S. W. & Co., 28 W. 6th. 

Duncaa Richard A. Maylc Ehcu 






M'Peake Sarnl. foundryman 39(3 Walnut 
HcPherson Alex, plow mkr. 9 W. 7th 

bds. 3:59 Main 
McPhersou Robt. c'u-p. 317 Eemfcte 
KcPherson Sarafc,-h.h. 158 W; 3d 
tTPherson Sarah, 236 Race 
Jg'QttadeJohn, sales. 121 Walnut, bds 

Ma lison House 
WcQuaid -, eng. 56 Bank h. 73 

lleQ'J-ud Pat. carriage infer. Ms- Court b 

Walnut ai id Vine 
M'Queen Pet at . pres-men. 62 W 3d 
M'Queety John, elk. 135 VV. 4th 

M'UliiUEN J, C. 
printer, at T. Wrigbtson & Co 's, 
176 Walnut, bds. 20 Center «__ 
McQuire Mrs. Mary Ann, seaons. 4-il 

McReady John, elk, 64 L. Market 
M'Ree John, lab. s.e.e- Elm aud Centor 
McRqberte VVm. dray. 13 David 
McSarley Miss Eliza, b.h. 141 Sycamore 

McSoule . cooper 239 B'way 

KcSteepIeton Mich. lab. 7". <j Freeman 
licSweeny Morgan, lab. 135 Poplar 
McSweney Xerreuce. shoe mk.'SO W. 2d 
KeTaggert Israel, pork packer, 293 Elm 
McTeeke. Mat. tab. 63 E. 8th Peter, studt. bad- 215 Elm 


]|! , agt, f >r Londou print & pub Co 

232 Water 
McVeigh Pat. rag dealer 11 W. Row 
McVita Robt. Carp. 74 Hi^h 
Maag Frank, bk. bind. 25 W. 4th, h. 5-15 


Maag Fred, lab. rear 542 Main 

Haahan Hugh, lab. n.s. 6tl\ b. Freeman 

aud Harriet 
l!aas Gerard VV. cab. mkr. 593 Elm 
MabisC. rivennan, 40 Jackson 
Macands-a Mrs. Bridget, Augusta b. John 

and Smith 
Mauarty Bryan, \a'\ 397 W. 2d 
Maccraeken Jno. 3 Sycamore 
Maedonald Thos; L. elk. 1^:2 Kerable 
Mack A. b.k. 30 Peari,bds.n.e.c. 9th and 

Mack Alex. (Harmon, M. «fc Co.) 166 

MACK Abraham, (M. & Brothers,) s.w.c. 

Pike ando:;} 
Mack Barney, tailor, 44 W. Front 
Mack Ben,} W. tailor, w.s. Vine b. 2d & 

MAC'k' & BROTHERS, (Herman, My., 
!}| Abraham <fc Simon M.) manuf. of 
a ' x Clothing, 61 Pearl 
Mack Edward, lab. 544 W. 5th 
Mack Farley, };tb. 24 Dublin 
MACK Harmon, (Mack & Bro.) 335 

MACK lly. (Mack & Bro.) 22 W. 7th 
Mack Jacob. L. (Thumaur &. M.) 151 

Mack Jas. (Miiton &. M.) n.s. Front 17th 

Mack L- W. (Stadter, Brother &. Co.) 62 

Mack Max 3. (Harmon, M <fc Co.) h. g.s. 

7th b. Walnui and Vine 

ins. a-rent, 35 W. 3d, 
res. E. Walnut Hills 
MACK Simon, (M. & Brothers,) 216 

HACK Thos. (P., McArthur & Co.) h. 

168 W. 4 tb 
Hicke D. cisfiirmkr. 100 Abigail 
Mocka It. II. Farmers Hotel, n.s- Front 
nr Tollgate F"n 

M ACKU i-M^H CHARLES V,'. tin- 
i\^r ami house furaialtiug goods, 
_ 294 W. 5th 
Mockelwee Was. foreman foundry, 40 

grocery an t liquor store, . 
n.v.v. Vine aud 2.1 
Mackenzie Dr. J. M. s.s. 6th W. of Park 
Mackenzie Robe. Ji. wines <fc liquors, 3J5 

Main, h. 3...-: W. 8th 
Mackenzie VVm. B. dcp. sheriff, bds. 271 

Mackey C c:g. mkr. 11 W. 6Lh 
Mackey John, sr. dray. Wood b. 4th 
and 5th 

Mackey John, jr. dray. Wood b. 4th 

and 5th 
Mackey Wm. shoe mkr. 50 Hunt 
Mack ley A trunk mkr. 473 liace 
Mackintosh D. b.k. n.w;c. 9th and B'way 

bds. Dennison House 
Macintosh Jno. b.k. 0, h. I. & T. Co. h. 

s.w.c. fthand B'way 
Macintosh Wm. wagon driver, 10 Main, 

h.Carrb. 7th and 8th 
Macleod Don aid, elocutionist, 101 W. 7th 
Macnamee L. 1U0 Butler 
y ACUUEEX PETER, hcef and pork 
i|{ packer, s.w.c. Sycamore and Canal 
jJX res. 51 W. 9th 
Macqueen Wm. elk. s.w.c. Canal and 

1 f AGREADY EGBERT wholesale drug. 

II J s.w.c. Front and Walnut, h. 247 

1IJ - W. 7th 

MACY John C.(Horton &M.) 311 Long- 

Macy John M. elk. 311 Longworth 

Macy Thos. 191 W. 4th 

.Madden Mrs Ann, washing, 154 Everett 

Maiden John, cutter, w.s. North b. New 

Madden John, lab. 229 Sycamore 

Mad Jin Jno. lab. 50 E. 8th 

Maddack Jas. 167 Fulton 

Maddock Thus. 167 Fulton 

Haddox Jas. lab. n.s. Front b. Harrison 
and Market F'n 

Kadeker Henry, stone mason, 40 Mo^ 

Made! Mary A. seamstress, 87 W. Row 

Mader Louis, bk. bind. 25 W. 4th, h. w.s. 
Race b. I3th aud 14th 

Madison Geo. elk. 189 J oka 


M 21 Main - 

*' ■*- J . ■ VV . G -m- i a vn , prop . 

Madison Jas. cook, 345 Elm 

Madison Jas. H. pilot, 240 W. 3d 

Madgea John, 113 E. 3d 

Maehof John D. tailor, 525 Sycamore 

Maeners Geo. stone mason, Pleasaut b. 
Findlay and Ham. Road 

Mac-Cher Jno.V.groo. 78 W. Court 

MaiLey Louise, elk. 61 W. 4th 

Mady Louis, coibnmkr. 143 Sycamore 

Magary Bridget Mrs. Augusta b. John 
aud Smith 

Magary Jacob, cooper, e.s. Avenue b. 
' "Bank & Harrison Road 

Magdalen a Mrs. Koope, s.s. 6th b. Har- 
riet and Horn 

Margee Thos. J. carp. 204 Poplar 

Magern Pat. lab. 45 12. 31 

Magha Saral, hostler, 10 Patterson al. 

Mairzini Jos. A. fancy store, 246 W. 6th, 
bds. 307 W. 6th 

Madll Chas. W. carp. 292 W. 8th 

MAG ILL Jas. (M. &c L